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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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early to middle afternoon this stuff is going to move east of us. sun is going to return. we'll finish the day far better than we will start. our day planner this friday morning still calling for more showers and storms at times through mid-afternoon. by 5:00 though, i expect partly to mostly sunny skies, breezy this afternoon as winds will turn to the west, sometimes gusting over 20 miles per hour. right now 66, and mostly cloudy. but there is rain not that far away. give it a couple of hours. looks like it is over toward charlottesville, approaching richmond. parts of western maryland, and all of this is going to rotate right toward us as we get later on this morning into the early afternoon. once it passes, again we are going to be in good shape. we have fog north and west. coastal flood warnings through noon. locally here along the potomac, arlington, alexandria, calvert county and the west side of the bay, you have to watch out for that. temperatures in the mid-60s here. upper 50s north and he is
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with. i talked about the fog. less than a mile, petersburg, three quarters. our highs this afternoon 71 in town. 60s north and west. low 70s south and east. >> not that one problem is cleared up. what else is going on? >> reporter: right now the only thing going on is i have the yellow light because of the wet road conditions. i wanted you to take it nice and easy. the beltway, as you can see all the green cars. everything is fine right now. heading to the south side of town, 95 no problems coming in up toward springfield and on to 35. we'll take a live look where again, you have all your lanes open and traffic is moving at a good speed. here's what it looks like on 66 inside the beltway. no problems outside the beltway on 66 as you head for the roosevelt bridge you are okay and the gw parkway and route 7 all fines through tyson's corner. trains this morning everything is running on time.
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coming up in my next report, we'll look into maryland. back to you guys. police are taken one person into custody in connection with the death of a germantown woman but this morning they have not found her 11-year-old son. >> investigators fear the more time elapses, the less chance there is that the child is still alive. 9news reporter kristen fisher is live at montgomery county police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: good morning andrea. right now this investigation is entirely focused on finding this little boy. his mother's alleged killer, her estranged husband and the boy's stepfather was arrested yesterday and charged with first degree murder. 11-year-old william mcqueen was not with him. he is described as a biracial
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male. his mother's body was found in her germantown apartment wednesday night with evidence of trauma to her upper body. she had likely been dead for 10 to 12 days. mont gmail.comry county police believe the man responsible is 45-year-old curtis lopez. now that he is in custody, this investigation is all about finding his stepson. >> our priority and focus right now is to locate william mcqueen. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez, and we did not. so we were asking for the public's help. >> lopez was arrested at 9:30 yesterday morning while leaving a hotel in charlotte, north carolina. he is now being charged with first degree murder, and hopefully, that will be the only murder charge that he is facing if this little boy is found alive and well.
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surae, andrea? the worst of last night's storm was an apparent tornado that hit in louisa county, virginia and yes that is the same place where the august earthquake did the most dang. parts of this house have stood since 1746, before the american revolution. instead of the surrounding pasture and woods, the wind zeroed right in on the roof of this historic home, leaving a lot to clean up. >> damage at the sylvania house is estimated at half a million dollars. last night a louisa county sheriff's deputy told us the storm hit right after fema denied them additional clean up costs from the earthquake. a house in northwest washington is core donned off after the building collapsed. it is located near third and hampton avenue northwest. k-9s were brought in, to make sure no one was inside.
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the house is unoccupied and currently under renovation. metro has unveiled a plan that could make your ride smoother. the system realigning next year to see six additional orange line trains each hour in both directions and six blue line trains to are his lynn will be shifted and become yellow line trains. critics say the move max out capacity at rosalyn and plaza, meaning small incidents could cause major back-ups. it is time for your latest money report of the morning. >> reporter: jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. a rock n roller yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, yeah we are hoping for things to be a little bit quieter today, but we have lots of earnings to plow through, so that certainly makes things a little busy. wall street focusing in on the earnings picture. j.p. morgue than chase, a 33% drop in profit certainly did
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not impress investors. but google sure did after the bell and it will likely affect trading today. check the numbers. here's where we stand this friday morning. the dow is at 11478. not so bad considering it was down in triple-digits earlier in the session. the nasdaq rose 15 and the s&p 500 down by 3.5. shares of google up 6% or $35. profits beat expectations. so much for fears a recession hurt the internet search advertising leader. google also went on a hiring spree in the quarter, hiring a record breaking 2600 employees to bring its global work force to over 31,000. if you took your sweet time to jump in on the latest mortgage rates in history, under 4% on the 30 year fixed, you waited too long. 3.9, 4%, gone. rates are really, really low.
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freddiemac say the jump to 4.2% this week, optimism about the economy is picking up. that is raising rates. still one of the lowest mortgage rates on record and we certainly like when optimism is climbing. >> yeah, that is a good thing. >> even if it means increase in the mortgage rates. it is a positive sign. what do you have for us in the next half hour. >> iphone 4. >> is that it? >> no but it looks the same. >> okay. >> maybe i should just plunk down the money for a new phone. >> depends on which version you have. >> talk me through that upgrade. thanks jess. one facet of the european economic crisis sparks riot demonstrations, coming up. president obama treats his european counterparts to an elaborate state dinner. the game with the old nemesis the penguins.
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we'll see how it turns out.
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we are looking at the rain returning over the next few hours. look at this on the composite doppler, you'll see the lightning over toward harrisburg and challengesville and richmond. agree fredericksburg over by you by midday. showers and storms through early afternoon but a better finish to the day as the sun will return, breezy at times with highs around the 70-degree mark. looking at the weekend in a few minutes. >> reporter: we are going to take a look at a map here where authorities are looking for an accident on both loops of the
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beltway between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue. as soon as we get more information on that we'll let you know. and coming up we'll talk about maryland roadways as well. back to you. surae. hundreds of people attended a vigil for the victims of wednesday's hair salon shooting in southern california. eight people were killed, including the suspect's ex- wife, who was a stylist at the salon. friends of the couple say they were in a bitter custody dispute. thousands of workers marched on greece's parliament and other government ministry buildings. protesting against wage cuts and layoffs. those are some of the us state measures the government is proposing to ease the debt crisis. president obama and his wife hosted the fifth state dinner of the obama presidency. a very public outing in contrast to wednesday night's dinner, when president obama took his guests to an upscale korean restaurant.
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wonder which one? student filmmakers are wrapping up the awards. we'll show you their work in today's cool schools at 5:56. 5:39. police could arrest protesters at the original occupy wall street demonstration and howard bernstein says one more round of rain and then a fantastic weekend ahead. we'll be right back. monica for a great vacaou can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf, you'll have a great time. great seafood, beautiful beaches and fun for the whole family. we've got intimate bed and breakfast right on the water. cafe's with views of the gulf. go blue water fishing, ride a kayak,
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 5:14 this friday morning. howard is here. we have rain showers but a really good looking weekend. >> reporter: more rain on the way, even though you can see the moon out and some stars, the clouds clear a little bit but the rain is coming back. it will be here probably it is 5:14 now. 7:00, or 8:00 i think it will be raining again in much of the metro. especially west of town. lit's get you going with a look at a picture from yesterday. this is something andrea. we looked at this earlier. this is around 5:30 and we had several confirmations of this tornado near the triangle quantico area. earlier damage in other spots and really it was a rough afternoon. the sun came out south of town.
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temperatures shot up into the mid and upper 70s and that was enough fuel for the fire so to speak. showers are turning over the next couple of hours. the temperatures are running in the upper 50s to upper 60s. sunrise this morning not until 7:16. it sets until about 63:00. we are going to see the sunset. not the sunrise, but the sunset. maybe thunder through noon. 68. as we go through 4:00, look partly sunny. becoming breezy. westerly winds gusting over 20. temperature of 69 degrees. by 8:00 a west wind at 16. temperatures down to 62 with partly cloudy skies, this is the last batch of rain to see for several days. this morning we are watching it across west virginia. some of the moisture coming out of north carolina, watch here toward roanoke and raleigh. all moving north and east.
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fred ricksburg, culpepper the rain will return to you in the next hour. the water has been piling up on the west side of the bay and the tidal potomac. good warnings for dc, arlington and the areas along the potomac. the water could be two, two and a half feet. same story around annapolis. those are coastal flood advisories. tides maybe a foot and a half above normal. it is going to be a problem like it has been a lot this year. 66 right now in town. also down south and east at 66. 50s winchester and that is where we are seeing some of the fog. 64 on the dew point. 66 on the temperature. humidity 93%. southerly wind at 8 miles per hour. for us the middle of the country, nothing happening kansas city to st. louis. once we can get rid of the moisture that is going to come
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through this morning, this is our weekend back here. we are going to be looking at this to come through between oh now and 2:00 or 3:00. after that the winds turn to the west and we clear out rather nicely. here's a look at the next three days. today 71. tonight we are back in the 40s and 50s. it is going to get chilly tonight. 67 tomorrow with a brisk wind at times gusting over 20 miles per hour. but a nice sunday. there is so much going on this weekend with all the walks and festivals. monday looking okay too. a slight chance of a shower and a better chance late tuesday would wednesday. monika. >> reporter: we have had several incidents with wet road conditions. here we go at the beltway and zooming into the north side of town, there is an incident here on the outer loop. a live look where traffic has stopped basically heading from connecticut avenue. the incidents along the left side of the road. be aware this is what it looks like on the beltway leaving silver spring into bethesda at
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this point. back over to the maps and this time zoom into southern maryland. no problems on 4, 5, route 301 heading for the beltway. a live look leaving route 4, pennsylvania avenue as you head down from this point at route 50, past route 4 all the way to forestville and the lanes are open on the south side of town. if you are planning to take trains this morning i just checked, everything is running on time. coming up in my next report we'll take another look north of town at 5:24. andrea and surae. we still don't have any teams in the world series yet. plus the caps push another game into the overtime. but this one was against their biggest rival. stay tuned for sports. and let's take another look at the question of the morning. >> reporter: along all canned fruit and vegetables what is considered to be the best source of vitamin a? carrots, pumpkins or asparagus.
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>> this is one of the responses posted on the facebook fan page from kathy. she wrote has to be pumpkin because it is that time of year. >> why not? have. >> log on to this wusa 9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll read your answer later this morning.
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5:21. quiet now in town over the next
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for you hours look out to the west and southwest how the rain is going to approach us. 8:45, west and southwest of town, even a few thunderstorms potentially toward fred ricksburg with temperatures in the 60s. we go through the noon hour, still with rain. we are starting to see the clearing toward culpepper, toward fred ricksburg. this will sweep through here. the sun is returning. east of town a few showers. but the afternoon looks better. i think we are going to see the sunset. surae, over to you. >> reporter: in sports this morning the national league championship series is all tied-up two games apiece. >> game four in st. louis last night matt holliday got the crowd excited. it was the game tied at two in the top of the fifth. the brewers went on to beat the cardinals. game five is tonight. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. here's your first look at
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sports. there has been some concern lately about the lack of production coming from alex but he has yet to score. so what better time for him to quiet the critics than against his biggest rivals, 40 seabeds into the third period, mike green with the slap shot. redirected. this match up went to overtime on a power play. dennis wideman scores the game winning goal. the georgetown warriors returned to the basketball court yesterday for media today. it is the first since the trip to china. remember the brawl? john thompson the third witness to figure out who can fill the void left by freeman and wright. two baseball teams on the verge of elimination say not just yet. a two run homer seals the deal for the tigers.
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they win 7-5 over the rangers. it is going to game six. that do -- will do it for morning sports. you might be heading out today trying to get the new iphone 4. we'll look at that next. plus large chunks are removed from the national cathedral. >> reporter: the outer loop no traffic is getting by. i'll have more on this and other maryland roadways. you are watching 9news now. we'll be right back. state farm. this is jessica.
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good morning, and welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane i don't and i'm surae chinn. we are so glad you joined us this friday morning. but we have some troubles early
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on in the road. >> reporter: yeah it is bethesda and the beltway. i'll get to that in my traffic report. >> reporter: not expecting tornadoes. yesterday when the sun came out down south that gave extra energy to the atmosphere and that is why we were going to tip the balance so to speak toward the severe category for the afternoon. and had a few isolated tornadoes. let's show you the day planner for today. we have showers and storms around this morning. they are going to return in the next company of hours. three hours or so. by noon still looking at showers and storms. but 5:00, hey, we'll finish the day bright and sunny. so grab the umbrella, grab the sunglasses as well. you are going to need both during the course of this friday. we will continue to look ahead. let's just i have got to get to the right spot here. 66 this morning in ash ash. we are looking again at the threat for showers and storms. this is doppler 9000. culpepper, look at this just down the road from you and even
5:29 am
in fredericksburg you may see the first sprinkles. mid-60s in town. still 50s north and west. we are looking at a high temperature today still holding in the 60s north and west around 71 here in washington. monica san, it is not going well this friday? >> reporter: it is not going well, normally we call it friday morning light, but this morning it is the yellow light. that is because of an incident on the beltway. righter loop westbound just past connecticut avenue. i have been on the phone with maryland state police. all they can tell me is there are a few cars involved. let's go to the live picture on connecticut avenue on the outer loop. you can see the ambulance on the scene. this is just past the accident where now traffic is getting by. but the back-up in our next camera shot as you come around on the beltway westbound here's what it looks like at connecticut avenue barely moving if at all. follow police directions to get
5:30 am
around the accident, okay at the merge allegiance bridge no problems on 270 heading down to where the lanes divide and onto the beltway. coming up in our next report i'll update you on that accident. back to you andrea and surae. president obama is taking a road trip with south korea's president. >> the two will tour a general motors plant in michigan. today's visit comes a couple of days after congress passed new free trade agreements with several countries, including south korea. >> we are happy to work with republicans where they are willing to put politics behind the interests of the american people. >> the president's plan does nothing new. ours is the way to go. >> republicans counter that president obama's jobs proposal does nothing. they are countering with a bill that would require a balanced budget, and repeal the
5:31 am
president's healthcare reform law. >> this morning montgomery county police are hoping to find a missing 11-year-old boy alive. officers are found the body of william mcqueen's mother in their germantown home. 9news now reporter kristen fisher is live at montgomery police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: you know this time yesterday morning police hadn't found the suspect or the victim's missing car. the hope was this little boy would be with either the car or the suspect. but now today, both the car has been found, the suspect is now in custody, and an 11-year-old, william mcqueen, is still missing. i want to you take a very close look at his picture. montgomery county police say they need the public's help finding this boy. he is biracial, five feet tall,
5:32 am
85 pounds. his stepfather, 45-year-old curtis lopez is in custody, charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing the boy's mother, his estranged wife. he was arrested thursday morning while leaving a hotel in charlotte, north carolina. at a press conference yesterday montgomery county police chief talked about their chances of now finding this by alive. >> the hope is that he may be with a family member or friend that perhaps has no idea that, what has occurred with his mother. but as time goes on, it becomes, i guess, more and more of a long shot that that is the case. >> the boy's mother, 51 -- mcqueen, was found dead in her germantown apartment wednesday night. we don't know how she was killed, but police say she had likely been dead for 10 to 12 days. as for motive that is part of an ongoing investigation which police say is now entirely
5:33 am
focused on finding this little boy. andrea. >> today the family of a man who died outside dc 9 club plans to file a civil suit against the club. 27-year-old ali mohammed died last october. at first they said he had been betten by club employees who thought he broke a window. but prosecutors dropped criminal charges after the medical examiner found mohammed had an underlying heart condition even though the death was still ruled a homicide. engineers are repairing the damage at the national cathedral caused by the august earthquake. crews removed two tons of stone work. a crane helped get the debris down from the tower. some of the stone work dates back to 1963. the cathedral is scheduled to reopen for the first time on november 12th. it was hurricane irene that
5:34 am
postponed the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. it is now happening this sunday and 9news now will bring you live coverage of the event right here. it begins sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. if you normally watch this week in defense news or the mcglove lynn group they will be broadcast at 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. on sunday. jessica doyle is back with a question on a the lot of folks's minds. do you stick with it or buy the new iphone 4 f? >> it is a big day. the new iphone 4 fhits stores today. if you are excited about this, you may be asking should i buy it? apple is expected to sell as many as 4 million of these babies. it is available this time with at&t verizon and nextel. while the latest is greatest smart phones in general can be tempting, what is hot is not always necessarily the best way
5:35 am
for you. if you are thinking about upgrading, ask yourself real questions about your real life needs. >> what do i want to do online? do i want to check my e-mail? or stream or listen to music with it? do i want facebook? do i want to navigate? and do i travel? >> all of those awesome features mean you are going to use a lot of data and that means data costs. evaluate how big of a data plan you are going to need. >> reporter: streaming or any kind of downloading does take a lot of data. and if you are not in an unlimited plan you will get overcharged and those can be really expensive. >> overcharges. bad. bad. bad. here are other costs to keep in mind. activation fees for your new iphone. early cancellation fees if you are switching carriers. you have to buy new accessories. you have the bedazzled phone cases. that stuff costs a lot of money.
5:36 am
you have to keep these things in mind. andrea, i know you had trouble upgrading. >> i didn't know whether i needed to upgrade. >> there is the new iphone operating system that is out. 50. -- five. some people had trouble getting to i-tunes at all. it took four hours for people to actually download. so keep plugging if you want to do it. if you are going to stick with your phone, maybe wait a week. >> what are we now push it go to the iphone 10. >> we are going to see those lines outside of the stores. >> absolutely, they are saying it will be a sellout. potentially the biggest launch ever for an apple product. coming up, most of us don't want anything to do with viruses. now scientists have found one unlikely thing than they have ever seen before. >> plus this morning there could be clashes between police and the original occupy wall street demonstrators. we'll be back
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5:38. mostly cloudy skies out here. moon dimly visible. more rain is getting ready to move in over the next hours. i expect the showers and storms to be here through the middle part of the day. during the afternoon we are going to clear out west to east. temperatures around 70, 71. by 6:00 sunny, breezy and 66. monika. a live look at the beltway near connecticut avenue where an accident was just moved to the left shoulder. i would proceed 15 to 20 minutes to your ride, it was closed for awhile. coming up, we'll look at virginia roads. andrea, back to you. thank you monday carr. making news now at 5:39. one person died when a huge hailstorm hit brisbane, australia. forecasters there are predicting
5:40 am
more severe weather for the weekend. and scientists in france have found a virus 15 times larger than any other virus ever discovered. the virus also impresses researchers because of its very complex dna. this may help scientists translate the genetic codes needed to create a protein. in new york city they plan to start a clean up of the area where occupy wall street protesters have been camping out for nearly a month. >> the city priss commissioner says officers will now enforce rules against sleeping in parks. time to take another look at the question of the morning. among all canned fruit and vegetables, what is considered to be the best source of vitamin a? carrots? pumpkin or asparagus? >> here's a look at the responses posted. lynn wrote i have never seen a rabbit with glasses so i say a.
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log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page and leave your answer. find out how you can get involved fighting parkinson's disease. plus we'll run down the new movies in theaters this weekend. if it is your birthday you share it with former james bond actor sir roger moore is 84. a key figure in watergate president nixon's aide, john dean is 73. designer ralph lauren is 72. singer usher is 32 and madonna's daughter, a fashion designer in her own right turns 15 today. happy birthday if it is your day, as well.
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good morning, welcome back to 9 news now on our way to
5:45 am
5:45 this friday morning. rain today. sunshine tomorrow. >> got the als walk going on this weekend. a dog walk in potomac. >> skins are playing. >> going to be a good weekend. breezy, especially saturday. but the sun is going to return. we will be dry both saturday and sunday. i cannot say that about today though. more rain is moving in south and west of town. your bus stop forecast calling for the rain to return. showers a little bit of fog, north and west of town in the mountains, even that is getting a little bit better. 58 to 68. sunrise not until 7:16. here's a look at the day planner. showers and storms around this morning into the early part of the afternoon as winds go south to southwest .10 to 15. they are going to clear out by mid-afternoon. the winds could be gusting at times over 20 miles per hour. satellite and radar, we'll put it together.
5:46 am
look to the south and west here. even virginia a twirl here coming out of the south central west virginia and north carolina. that low is providing the lift for the showers and storms returning on live doppler 9 hd. starting to pick this up just west of fredericksburg. light sprinkles culpepper down into the shenandoah valley. when you get south of interstate 64, that is where the rain has been picking up. showers and storms and heavier rains there. coastal flooding concern continuing through noon today. the persistent east and southeast winds the last few days have piled up the water. flood warnings that means tides could be two, two and a half feet above normal. alexandria, washington channel. mason park. same story in annapolis up toward baltimore. 63 here this morning in vienna
5:47 am
and rockville. mason neck and alexandria, 64. popular number. sterling, leesburg, as well. national 66. mostly cloudy skies. winds currently south, dew point 64. once those winds change from the west and the dew point is going to drop and the drier air moves in, the middle of country is nice and quiet, once you get past western kentucky. this is what we'll be dealing with over the next six to eight hours, but then we see the clearing moving in for the afternoon. the later part of the afternoon tonight, tomorrow, sunday, looks like we are going to be in fine shape here right through early next week before the next system heads this way. today 71, showers and storms through early afternoon. mid-afternoon east. tomorrow 67. but we start in the 40s and 50s. winds could gust over 20 miles per hour later again today on saturday. sunday, nice lighter winds 72.
5:48 am
should be near perfect for the skins in the afternoon. monday not bad, 72 slight chance of a shower. warmer tuesday. monika stepping in now. >> it is not friday light by any stretch? >> reporter: it is not. all those people that head out early friday to get home early, you have a huge delay on the beltway. look at the red cars. if you are planning to head over to the beltway in bethesda, give yourself 15 to 20 extra minutes. the accident was just ahead at this point, outer loop after connecticut avenue. everything was moved to the shoulder. i just took a look at it. everything is fine there. just the delay trying to get past there. everything is looking at what happened there on the outer loop after connecticut. back over to the map this time let's zoom in to the west side of town. no problems here on georgetown pike. route 7 at tyson, the toll road, everything is fine heading to the beltway. route 7 and international drive
5:49 am
again no problems here as you head through the tyson's corner area and on route 79 as well. heading north on 295 to the 11th street bridge the outer loop 95 to 270. 29 minutes. right now. and 66 coming in from 7100. , 11 minutes. moving day often refers to a golfer climbing up the leaderboard in the third round of play on saturday. but there will be a moving day sunday this weekend at nationals park and this is focused on fighting parkinson's disease. lou nistler is with the area of the national parkinson's foundation. you heard howard's forecast, a great one. what time? >> registration starts at 8:30 at nationals park. the walk will start at 10:00. we'll have a closing ceremony at 11:30. >> how long is the walk?
5:50 am
>> 2.5 miles. we are going to walk through the mezzanine level of nationals park, walk down to the new yards park, which is connected to nationals park and then along the what you are front to the navy yard, down to a commemorative pt, boat, and then back to nationals park for our final gathering. >> with parkinson's disease, a lot of people don't understand what it is. they have seen maybe the actor, michael j fox and his symptoms. what is happening in someone with parkinson's? >> parkinson's is a degenerative neurological disease. it is caused by the lack of dopamine, and shows up differently in everybody. it is often referred to as the cocktail disease. there is a lot of different things that go into the process. and the diagnosis. >> the thousands of dollars you hope to raise on moving day
5:51 am
sunday, how will that money be used? >> well the national parkinson's foundation and our chapter the national capital area, created this as a joint effort to advance our programs. locally, we will use the funds to create additional programs of exercise and wellness. we currently do about 80 events a month here in the national capital area to support the 30,000 people here in washington with the disease. any new research out there that you really see this could be the thing that gets us the break through? >> great medication but the solution is not there yet. >> not there yet? but you can help get them there by taking day in moving day sunday at nationals park? >> we have more information on our wide at wusa surae? >> thank you andrea. let's look at the new movies in theaters. first to the remake. in the thing, researchers unearth a strange creature.
5:52 am
a paranoia spreads as the creature seems to inhabit the teen's bodies and kills them off one at a time. it's been 27 years since kevin bacon rocketed to stardom in "foot loose ." dennis quaid takes on the role of his father. it is rated pg 13. a comic trio co-stars in the big year. steve martin, jack black and owen wilson their characters are experiencing a mid life crisis. a late life crass sis and a no life crisis. the three dedicate a year of their lives to a bird watching competition. the rating is pg. if you want to get your cause noticed a catch which i ad sure helps. coming up in today's cool
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schools, we are introduce today students with their winning awards. jessica? >> bacon. we are cooking up tons of bacon this morning. before we get to that we love bacon so much. we are even wearing it. coming up at 6:07. you are watching 9news now.
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5:56 on this friday morning. we have clouds here in the metro. the rain is returning rapidly to the south and west. by 9:00, and this may be a little slow, this rain is going to return. could be thunderstorms with it as well. temperatures here in the low to mid-60s as we head toward the noon hour, looking at showers around here. south and west of town, culpepper, fredericksburg starteding to clear out. look the sun is returning. 70 west we finish the day much, much better than we start. friday is here, that means it is time for this week's cool schools. the world of media is about to get a big boost from high school students in arlington. >> wait until you see the cutting edge technology they are using to get ready for a real
5:57 am
job right now. mike has more. >> reporter: telling stories, mastering media like they are pros in production. story boarding, script writing, video editing. >> i want to make animated movies and stuff. i would like to work with them and make stuff like that. >> reporter: students from three area high schools can choose to spend part of that day in hands on courses like this one in digital media. >> this class really prepared me for that technically and getting you to think creatively and how to tell them professionally. >> reporter: the work they turn out is amazing. charla pens was part of the team that created this award winning public service announcement
5:58 am
about recycling plastic bags. >> two years ago acc students won the best anchor team in the nation for high school students at a competition in kansas city. now that is cool. ready or not, here they come.
5:59 am
>> this is what i want to do. it is great that i have the ton to start doing that now. >> if you have a cool school, e-mail mike at cool schools at wusa maybe we'll see your school on next friday. what a great program. >> they are taking over our jobs, right? in high school. >> that is terrific. i'm ready we begin 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. with a storm alert and a morning of clean up in some parts of our region. the national weather service is working to confirm if a tornado did hit in the louisa county, virginia area. high winds damaged a 250-year-old home on sylvania farms. fortunately, no one was hurt. the same twister was caught on tape miles away. this is charles city, county in virginia. there was some damage to


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