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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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5:00. looking for highs between 59 and 53. a really fine start to november like yesterday. yesterday we hit 51. clear skies this morning. temperatures are down in the upper 30s in arlington. 37, laurel is 34 this morning. some of the chillier spots like sterling down to 32 and manassas is 30. down south, 36 in alexandria and also in bethesda. this afternoon, high temperatures will range from 61 in leesburg and sterling at 52 and brandywine. 54 in manassas. monika samtani, timesaver traffic. >> we're keeping you posted on this beltway accident. actually on the southbound side of route 29. right here on the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway. as you can see, everything has been moved to the right shoulder. with the flashing lights early in the morning, everyone is stopping to take a look. expect delays from college park. let's take a look at a map so i can show you exactly where it is. right on the outer loop of the beltway, here at route 29. again, delays begin right at
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about this point leaving college park into silver spring. your main lines are open. let's take a live look outside right now. if you're planning to head to the beltway, south of that point near route 50 and new carrollton, toward alexandria. i'll update you on area road conditions again at 6:12. back to you guys. >> sounds good, monika. >> traffic relief is coming to two bad spots in our region. >> roads in fort belvoir and bethesda were made worse when the government moved thousands of jobs to those spots. now the military is giving $250 million to help keep you moving. >> surae chinn is live with one of the routes that is expected to get help hopefully soon. >> improvements are coming but they aren't going to be in time for today's traffic or tomorrow or the months to come but nonetheless, the lawmakers are saying that this is a win for improvement down the road and that's because the department of defense has awarded nearly
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$270 million for two top military hospitals. they are walter reed national military medical center where we are. that's now in bethesda here on the naval medical center campus. they moved out of the district all for the base realignment project. the second fort belvoir community hospital. here is the breakdown of improvements. in fairfax county, near fort belvoir, $180 million will go toward widening route one. around walter reed and montgomery county, $89 million worth of improvements here. nearly half of which will go toward building a metro access tunnel. under route 355. there are four additional intersections around the hospital here at jones bridge road and 185, 355 and cedar lane and jones bridge and also west theatre lane. lawmakers in both virginia and maryland including congressman jim moran and chris van holland have been fighting for the improvements and finally,
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they're getting them but it might take a couple of years if not longer for all of the improvements to be completed, mike. >> thank you, surae chinn live in bethesda this morning with that story. she'll have an update coming up later. president obama is going to head to the key bridge between georgetown and rosslyn. he will be using that as a background to urge congress to pass his american jobs act. the president says his plan would boost some spending on the aging infrastructure like that bridge which is ranked deficient in recent studies by the group transportation for america. police in prince george's county are looking for a killer this morning. they want to find the man who killed one person and wounded another. the shootings happened just after 8:00 last night. the scene is at the penn forest shopping center at pennsylvania avenue and walters lane in forestville. police found 27-year-old anthony washington shot. witnesses say he lived in the area. a woman was also shot. she is expected to survive though. police do not know what prompted the shooting.
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one of the women accused -- who is accused, presidential candidate herman cain of sexual harassment wants to tell her side of the story. her attorney says she's upset about the publicity the case is getting. >> mr. cain has been giving the impression that she's someone who came out and made false allegations and she is still deciding once we hear from the restaurant association what she'll do, if they'll waive the confidentiality. until they do that, she's not going to speak out. >> cain has denied any sexual harassment took place back then. he has a campaign event later this morning coming up in tysons corner. >> montgomery county leaders held a hearing on whether to make big box stores like walmart and costco adhere to special guidelines. one county proposal would dictate a store's size, design, hours of operation and local hiring practices. opponents fear too many restrictions could drive away developers. however, supporters say big box
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stores shouldn't destroy a neighborhood's character. >> the aspect of this bill is to give a voice to those communities and neighborhoods that will be potentially impacted by large, big, mega, big box businesses coming into their community. >> the county proposal would apply to stores that are at least 75,000 square feet and that's larger than a football field. at 6:06, jessica doyle and i'm watching your money. this saturday, there is a free event to get your financial life in order. it is hosted by the capital area builders or cab. joining us this morning with a preview is marita and kelvin boston. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> we'll do ladies first here. we'll start with marina. tell us about the free financial advice that will be available on saturday. >> well, we have speakers all day speaking on a variety of
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topics on anything from homeownership, saving your home, protecting your home. personal finance. we have free credit coaches. you get a free credit report if you sign up for free credit coaching and a whole array of things that people i think will enjoy that will help through this economic crisis we're going through. >> this is a really terrific program. we can't stress this enough. this is free advice. kelvin, advice to save your house, how to get a job, some of the resources. saving money is incredibly difficult to do at any time, especially right now. we'll also have advice on that as well, right? >> yes, talking to kids about starting their own businesses. but we think every american needs to have a life plan, a financial plan and a business plan to get through these uncertain economic times and more importantly, to understand we're talking about a three to five year horizon before the recession is really over and people really see and feel that it is over. >> in the meantime, they have to do for themselves and that means trying harder to put
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money away. also, home modification programs are out there. >> we'll talk about how to help people secure their homes, meaning getting a modification, even buying a home in their neighborhood or the right type of rental situation that's important for them. we need to talk about the whole hope process of becoming financially secure. we'll also talk about how to become debt free and how to increase your savings. if this makes our seminar different -- this makes our seminar different. >> there is one on one advice available. there is free lunch available, marina. in terms of registering for this program, anybody can go. how do you actually register? >> you can register online at you can call 202-419-140 and register on the phone. we ask that you register because we do have free food. >> and free parking. >> we love those things. this is just focused on washington, d.c. this particular event. >> metro area.
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part of the 26-city tour that moneywise is doing. we're happy to glom on for the local part of the tour. it has been exciting working with moneywise. >> we're so happy you guys were able to come in and tell us about the programs. we want to let folks know once again, the moneywise financial empowerment tour is this saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. being held at the metropolitan ame church. it is right near the mcpherson square and farragut north metro stations. remember, there is free lunch so be sure to register. mike and andrea, over to you. >> all right, thank you, jess. good advice that you can get for free. don't turn it down. people need a lot of things. not only good financial advice. they need food. families in our community are in desperate need. that's why we're here with the food drive nine. >> you'll see a lot of the food. day to day supplies. it is a reminder to let you
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know we're partnering with the boy scouts once again. paper towels, ketchup, cleaning supplies, canned goods, even things like an oven mitt. we would like you to help us donate and help us help people in need. >> what's going to happen this saturday, the boy scouts will be dropping off empty shopping bags right at your front door. again, you can put in things like cute little oven mitts that will be used when you cook all of the food that you put in those bags. and then they'll return the following saturday, that's november 12th to pick up the bags which we know will be just chock-full of good items that people can use. >> last year, we were able to come up with a combination of donations of food and cash for up to $850,000 everything from chips to ketchup to other items we have here. we would like to try to best that total. we had $850,000 last year. we would like to shoot for
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$950,000 or maybe even a million. >> if you can help us out or more important, if are you are in desperate need, we do have a phone number you can call, the capital area food bank will answer to help you get the food you need for your family. the hunger lifeline. this information is on our web site. 202-639-9770 if you desperately need food right away. >> we'll have more information on our web site as well. go to
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it is cold out there this morning. we've got 30s, even 20s. low 40s in town. 50 by 11:00. lots of shine. winds this afternoon, south to southeast, 5 miles per hour. highs in the low 60s. monika? >> take a live look at the american legion bridge. outer loop, southbound 495 toward tysons corner, an incident at route 123 along the right side with crews on the scene. watch out and stay to the left. i'll have more on that and other area roadways coming up in my next report. back to you, howard. >> all this week, we've been talking about heart health leading up to saturday's heart walk at nationals park. this is an issue that's not just affecting adults but children as well. this is maggie love next to me. she's a 12-year-old but she suffered a congenital heart defect at birth. her mother christie love joins
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us as well. you had heart surgery when you were how old? your first one? >> four days old. >> you don't remember that but what was your condition that you were born with? >> i had -- my veins were switched to my heart, the ones with the blood were pumping backwards. >> christie love joins us. we were talking, i saw the movie something the lord made. you may have seen that. johns hopkins back in the '40s where they figured out how to fix the blue babies. >> they had -- her arteries were switched so the oxygenated blood was going back into her lungs instead of throughout her body. >> christie is here. she's 12 years old, vibrant young lady thanks in part to the other procedures, she's been fortunate enough to get and a lot of that stems from the research coming from the funds raised by the heart association, right? >> exactly. i can't thank them enough for all of the technology that's
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come through to help maggie live a normal life because the first thing the doctor told me was that she is not a heart condition. she is a girl. we have been able to keep her doing all of the things she loves to do as a normal kid. >> i understand you've had other procedures, you may need some more but the procedures, they're getting more sophisticated and a lot less invasive on maggie. >> yeah. >> i'm not even nervous when they say oh, you're going to have a procedure. i'm like whatever. >> christie, this must have scared the living daylights out of you. >> it did. we had no idea that maggie had a heart condition. when she was born, she was blue, they took her away. the doctor came in and told us, you could have knocked me over with a feather. i had no idea that kids had heart defects then to find out it is the number one birth defect among infants. >> i'm going to hold this up to the camera. >> what is this? >> that's my play i designed
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for the american heart association. >> these will be given out as part of the awards this saturday at the heart walk. we would love if you can join us this saturday at nationals park. events begin at 8:30 with the walk starting at 10:00. if you can't make it, easy way to contribute. text the phrases gwr walk to the number 50555 and a $10 donation will be made and it goes right on your cell phone bill. maggie, a pleasure to meet you. i'll look forward to seeing you this saturday. >> thank you very much. >> good luck. you're going to be all grown and healthy. you are now. fantastic. let's get going this morning. a look at the bus stop forecast. go out to sterling middle school, hi to the kids out there. a chilly start to weather on this wednesday morning. with temperatures which are running generally in the 30s and low 40s. we've got some areas in the upper 20s. as we look at the day planner,
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sunshine. by noon, we'll recover nicely. 54 degrees. as we head toward the 4:00 hour, 60, a very comfortable, delightful afternoon. southeast to southwest winds 5 miles per hour. by 8:00, back down in the low 50s. we get cold at night. this morning, evidence of that with lots of readings in the 30s. 32 for winchester. pax river is 39. we had 34 up in steven city. 36 in bowie and 38 down in prince frederick. reagan national, a warmer relatively warmer 42 with calm winds and strong barometer. 30.39 keeps rising. you may be achy from the high pressure. look at the storm system, another one. another snowstorm. not just a snowstorm. blizzard warnings for parts of the rockies in and around denver. second storm in a week. between that and us, there's no weather to speak of other than sunshine and clear skies.
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that will be the case for the next few days with high pressure in control. the storm system that's in colorado, that will move east. we'll be all quiet today, tonight, into tomorrow as well. but as we head into friday morning, this system will be passing mainly south of us. i think fredericksburg, southern maryland, you may see a couple of showers. around here, probably just holding on to the clouds more so than the sun. 61 today. 30 tonight and low 40s in town. 64 tomorrow. friday, upper 50s with clouds and the showers possible south as we head toward the weekend, that looks good. maryland, uva, college park on saturday, upper 50s. clocks go back saturday night. a 25-hour sunday with a high temperature around 60. i could use an extra hour a day, monika. >> absolutely. we're going to take a live look from sky 9. this time around, an incident in virginia. you're looking at it now on the outer loop at route 123 in tysons. it looks like it is a disabled vehicle but an arrow board has
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been set up. it may be there for a bit. as you head south from the dulles toll road toward 123, stay to the left. expect early days this morning through the tysons area. let's take a look at a map. again, southbound, you can see all of the red here. that's because it is already slowing down past the toll road to get by the incident at 123. let's take a live look in springfield. on the northbound side of i-95, delays from dale city, it is off and on. no big problems to report along the way. 395, brake lights. you're good to go to the 14th street bridge. i'll update you on all of the incidents. let me give you a heads up. if we can go back to the graphic. on metro, delays as well on the blue and yellow lines from largo town center because of technical problems out of crystal city. coming up, i'll update you on the incident in tysons. >> next in sports, the capitals need to head to overtime
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against the ducks. wait until you see what might be the closest photo finish ever. >> but right now, another check on our question of the morning. ladies, what's the number one way we let a man know he needs to get in shape? is it a, buy him a gym membership. b, poke his little belly or c, just tell him he's fat. and we're assuming this is a man you know. >> our facebook friend, alaina is sweet. she says none of the above. i tell him his excess weight would affect his health negatively. i want him healthy for both of us. i'm thankful that my hubby does take good care of his health. >> keep your comments coming on our facebook fan page. we'll have the answer at 6:53.
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your weather first. grab a jarkts maybe some gloves. we've got a cold start this morning. it will be a real pleasant,
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comfortable afternoon. november, we're enjoying it. we're enjoying it today and probably much of the rest of the week. 54 by noon. we'll warm up nicely southeast winds at about 5 miles per hour. 3:00 temperature, 60 with a high around 61. andrea and mike? >> make it six wins in a row at home for the washington capitals. >> why don't they play the rest of their games at verizon center, the caps, because no one can beat them there. >> it was a close call last night. d.c. trailed anaheim. part way through the period, caps scored twice tieing it up on the goal. that sent the game to overtime and in ot, it was backs trum again with the assist from alexander ovechkin and jeff schulz. caps top the ducks 5-4. they visit the hurricanes friday. >> welcome back! >> nba lockout heads to court. they'll argue the complaint
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should be tossed out. the lockout is entering its fourth month and games have been canceled through thanksgiving and it looks like maybe more weeks will be going by the wayside. check this out! wow! how can you tell with a millimeter on that. australia's biggest horse race. two mile race won by the horse on the top. slimmest margin ever it seems. french horse named dunn aidan. its owners won $3.4 million for that whisker of a win. >> that's why they tell you hold your head up. >> so you can finish first. >> still to come, a 12-year-old prince george's county girl is honored as a hero. we'll hear straight from her about what she did. >> the financial mess greece is having is having a global ripple effect this morning. up next, a look at the problems and how it is going to impact you. >> right now, monika has a quick check on our traffic. >> we've got early morning delays on the beltway past the american legion bridge as you approach tysons corner at 123,
6:26 am
a shuttle van lost its tire. crews are on the scene. more on that. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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most areas are in the 30s. 42, that's reagan national. right along the bay, down on the river there, that's where we're seeing the isolated 40 degree readings. let's show you the day planner. another very nice day. yesterday we managed to get to 61. we'll be in that neighborhood. midday temperature of 54. drive home temp about 59 degrees. got outdoor plans this afternoon and this evening, it will be cool but dry and rather pleasant with lighter winds. satellite and radar, all quiet. high pressure is really taking over. we're down to 30 degrees in manassas. cumberland, petersburg, 30. fog in the mountains in grand county. frederick down to 28. la plata, 33 degrees. some upper 30s, pax river naval air station. sunshine, light southeast winds today. very comfortable. as highs will range from 59 in annapolis to 54 in manassas.
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let's go inside, monika samtani, how is our commute looking? >> it is getting really busy especially in virginia. i've been telling you about an incident on the beltway. right here at route 123 in tysons, a shuttle van that lost its tire. crews are on the scene in the right lane trying to fix it quickly. we also have an accident in the oakton area, route 29. we'll go to a live picture from sky 9. fairfax authorities are on the scene. you can see the entire intersection is blocked here. again, it is route 29 at blake lane in the merrifield oakton area. i'll keep you posted on this situation and plan federal you're planning to head through the area. 66 by the way is absolutely fine. we'll go back over to the maps. this time, a medical emergency all the way on the bw parkway at route 450, crews are on the scene dealing with that as well. no problems inside the beltway as you head over into cheverly and into northeast. there have been problems on the blue and yellow lines on metro. everything has been fixed up.
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you should be good to go. coming up, i'll update you on the incident in virginia at 6:45. andrea, back to you. some good financial news from overseas this morning. we could sure use it after the last two days. stocks in tokyo are down about 2%. in hong kong and early on in europe, all of the arrows are pointing up this morning, this follows a nearly 300 point loss on the dow yesterday. all of it, reacting to the bad situation growing worse in greece. jessica doyle is here to tell us what's going thereon. jess, what is going on? >> you'll think back a couple of days ago. everybody was celebrating, the markets were celebrating this deal by greece, by france, by the eu partners to save greece from defaulting on its debts, a default that could potentially wreck the country's entire financial system. the markets soared. out of the blue this week, the greek prime minister throws a monkey wrench. he says we're going to put this eu deal and the austerity deal
6:33 am
to a vote with our people. now it could potentially be history. >> we understand this is the cradle of democracy but why would he do something like this knowing what's at stake? >> politics mostly. he's growing unpopular because of three years of recession in greece. he doesn't want all of the political pain falling on his shoulders. the cabinet joined in today to back his referendum plans. he's heading to the eu summit for a dinner with angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy. they were blind-sided by this referendum deal. they're publicly calling on him to stick with the plan. our president, of course is flying out today to join the leaders of the group of the 20 summit tomorrow. you know this will be topic number one on the table. >> why does it matter? great britain is looking at maybe we don't want to be in this eu anymore. if he threatens to pull out of the eu, what does that mean? >> it matters to us here in the united states because the eu is our biggest trading partner.
6:34 am
if gest defaulting on its debt, it can drop out of the eu then the entire european union financial system could start to unwind. gotta remember ireland is part of the problem. italy is part of this problem. spain, portugal, a lot of problems. we're also already seeing the poison fruits of this uncertainty at work in our own financial system on our own shores. on monday, the bank, mf global filed for bankruptcy. this is the bank headed by jon corzine, former governor of new jersey. now, he was betting with their financial calls that there was going to be a bailout in europe. he was heavily in debt. they were buying bonds from the eu with the debt. hasn't happened. the company went belly up. as a result, we've seen bank stocks take it on the chin this week because of the investments overseas. the market doesn't know if there are other investments out there. we don't have a sense of whether the banks here in the u.s. have been betting that
6:35 am
this bailout would happen overseas. >> there's no real leader that can step in and say ok, enough bickering. this is what we do. not the u.s., not china. >> the eu itself, they base this entire financial situation on we'll all work together. there's nobody in charge. they have to work together for the system to work. there's no president of their financial system. so, you're right. it is all about being able to make compromises. >> unfortunately from the protests we've seen, we know how the voters in greece are likely to vote on this. thank you, jess. >> we sure have some financial problems of our own here in the united states. so the called subcommittee of six republicans and six democrats says three more weeks to cut $1.2 trillion from the budget. so far, no deal. a panel of experts met with a committee tuesday. they recommended restructuring health programs, medicare and of course, the massive tax code restructuring as well they recommend. the group says that it will cut the deficit by $4 trillion over
6:36 am
ten years. former new mexico senator pete domenici is on the panel. he has some harsh words for the subcommittee members who only want to do one of those things, not all of them. >> they're both complicity in letting america destroy itself because we don't. to make tough decisions. if the subcommittee does not reach an agreement on the cuts, they'll automatically go into effect. they'll splash funding for programs like defense and medicare if that ends up being the case. it has been six weeks since the predicted traffic nightmare from the military job relocation became a reality. now, the government is kicking in some money to make road improvements to make things easier on commuters. more than a quarter billion dollars will go toward easing the commute near the naval medical center. surae chinn is live to tell us exactly where some of the money is going to go. surae, good morning. >> good morning. traffic isn't too bad here on
6:37 am
center drive at this hour. we have seen some traffic building. some folks lining up trying to get into walter reed medical center here in bethesda. now, that's on the naval medical center campus. here in bethesda. that's what's going on, you see more traffic building, too. it is all because of the base realignment project. finally, federal funding will be coming to improve the roads to ease the traffic. but of course, you know these improvements will be going on while there's gridlock or creating more of it. but lawmakers are calling this a huge win for the area in terms of getting funding, the department of defense awarded nearly $270 million for the two military hospitals where we are, walter reed national medical center will get $90 million. fort bell voish receives $180 million to widen route one. in bethesda around the hospital, four intersections will get improvements.
6:38 am
an entire metro access tunnel will be built under route 355. lawmakers in both virginia and maryland have been fighting against the base realignment project from the beginning. but they've also been leading the fight to get funding since they've been overruled. finally, they will get it. but you know, all of the projects will take time, especially the metro tunnel here under 355. they won't start building or constructing until 2013 and that will take another couple of years for completion, mike. >> take a deep breath and pack your patience. thanks, surae live in bethesda this morning. >> the medical examiner who performed jayna murphy's autopsy is expected to take the stand later this morning. prosecutors in the lululemon trial are expected to rest their case after that. yesterday, the lead homicide detective took the stand. jim drewery told jurors how quickly brittany norwood's story began to fall apart. she is accused of killing jayna murray and creating an
6:39 am
elaborate crime scene to cover it up. a prince george's county girl was honored for her heroism when a fire broke out had her apartment. we first told you about it last thursday in district heights. china campbell saw smoke and heard neighbors screaming for help. she called 911. she saved the lives of three people. we caught up with china yesterday after she received an award from the prince george's county fire department. >> i'm thrilled. words can't even explain what i feel right now. i'm so proud of her. >> i'm very proud of myself. this is the biggest thing i ever did in my life. >> congratulations, chynna. her father is a police officer and they often talk about what to do in case of an emergency. boy, did it pay off. >> that's an important conversation to have with young people because they can understand, 911, just those three digits make a difference. >> howard says it will be another cool, dry day around with highs around 60 degrees. he'll give us a sneak peek of
6:40 am
the weekend forecast. >> route 29, blake lane, right near fairfax circle. first responders are on the scene of a crash there. monika is going to tell you about this and how to get around it. >> here's what's on channel 9 tonight. ♪
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. coming up on 6:45 this wednesday morning, howard is here. you will need a jacket and you might want to put gloves on. >> it is cold out there. if you parked outside, a little extra time to scrape the frost off the windshield from prince frederick, lots of frost out there. doesn't matter if you're virginia, maryland, it is cold out there this morning. bus stop forecast, you'll need
6:45 am
the jacket. at least as andrea is talking about. we'll go to monika. lovely women. i get them confused. 30s and low 40s out there this morning with the frost in spots. clear and cold. we'll have a lot of sunshine today. still, awhile until we get the sunrise. 7:36. the day planner, sunny. 42 degrees at 9:00. by 11:00, we're up to 50. winds will turn to the south and southeast. upper 50s to about 1:00. a few of us will make it into the lower 60s. still nice at 59. sunny and light south winds. some outdoor plans today. a-ok. it will be nice today and thursday. some showers south. looks like that storm will be far enough south, here in d.c., probably won't see the showers. our friends in calvert, st. mary, maybe charles county. especially the carolinas, they'll see the rain. weekend is looking good. cool but good and sunny.
6:46 am
this is the weekend, we get a 25-hour sunday as we turn the clocks back. returning to standard time from daylight saving time. 34 degrees in easton this morning. 32 in winchester. 28 last time i checked in frederick along with york. in the mountains of west virginia, a little bit of fog reported. those temperatures also running around freezing with the 42 at national. calm winds, a high barometer rising. dew points in the upper 30s. the dry air cools off quickly. heats up quickly. high pressure overhead. that's one reason the winds are so nice and light and comfortable. we'll watch that high sort of be with us today, tonight, tomorrow. chilly night. a fine day tomorrow. storm system coming out of the rockies will cross the plains and then it will track east and southeast of us. south of us as it goes toward i-40 by friday morning. we'll get clouds here friday night and showers staying south but the cloud cover probably shaving off a few degrees.
6:47 am
30s to around 40 or so tonight. friday, 58. the showers possible south of washington. by saturday and sunday, sunshine. cool, a nice weekend and then back in the mid-60s mood and tuesday. >> we'll take a live look from sky 9. we've been telling you about an accident in fairfax. you're looking at it live right now. northbound route 29 at blake lane. this is two cars wbt into a pole. three people were transported to the hospital and they're going to be ok. in the meantime, you're still being diverted through the area. some traffic is getting through. i'll show you a map. if you want to avoid this activity altogether, go ahead and use route 50 to nutley street to get around it. that will get you back on to 66. let's take a live look at 66 on the inbound side. overall delays from manassas into route 29. again from nutley street as you head toward the beltway. 66 is incident free. we'll wind a live look on 95
6:48 am
northbound. overall delays beginning in dale city heading right up here into springfield on to 395, a little bit heavy and slow at duke street. nothing out of the ordinary. coming up, another look around the area at 6:58. mike and andrea? >> you probably noticed all of the food that's been around us all morning long, a reminder that we're in the food drive 9 campaign underway. >> with the economy the way it is, unemployment, hunger is a growing problem in the d.c. area. so, we want to partner like we did last year with the boy scouts to try to help people in need this year. a lot of the supplies you see here will go to the capital area food bank and they'll give our neighbors a happy thanksgiving. >> it shows you the array of goodes we have but that we need more of. the capital area food bank is one of the biggest. it supplies food to charities and griewns which then gives that food to its needy members. last night on 9st in now at 5:00 p.m., food bank organizers say the face of those who need our help is changing
6:49 am
dramatically. >> not only the unemployed and the homeless, it is the underemployed. the working wage is no longer a living wage. there are people working without benefits, moms struggling to feed their kids. >> crystal added among those, the need, an increased number of college area students. so, it is across the board. >> you can help. what can you do? this saturday, it all gets underway. boy scouts will begin food drive 9 with the scouts, they'll come to your house and drop bags off on your front door and that's going to happen in homes in maryland and virginia. you can fill them up with nonperishable food items including cleaning supplies, diapers, a lot of the stuff you see here this morning, they'll come back saturday, november 12th to pick it up. >> people who live in the district will say saturday nobody dropped a bag off at my house because of the d.c. bag tax. scouts will be at all area safeways on the 12th to take
6:50 am
your donations. all of the foods go to the capital area food bank. the money helps, too. they really appreciate having financial donations. for more information, go to and look under local news. it is now 6:50. we'll be right back with a check of the news before you go after this.
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6:53. 42 degrees right now. we'll be 54 by noon. lots of areas in the 30s. grab a scwact. sunglasses, too. this afternoon highs, 59 to 63. another beautiful day across the region. mike? >> thanks, howard. here's a check of the news before you go. prince george's county police are looking for a killer this morning. they're trying to find the person who killed a 27-year-old man and also shot a woman at the shopping center. investigators do not know what led to the shooting. >> the democrat will run against vincent orange for the council's at-large seat. the democratic primary is scheduled for april 3rd. >> animal rights activists will didn't to capitol hill. they're calling for a law banning the use of exotic animals in traveling circuses. virginia democrat jim moran will lead the call joined by
6:54 am
former game show host bob barker and csi actress jorja fox. the question was to the ladies, what's the number one way you let your man know he needs to get in shape. is it a, buy him a gym membership, poke his belly or c, tell him he's fat. it is poke his little belly. >> why do you say that so funny? >> it is like the little pillsbury doughboy. we'll have one last check on traffic and weather when we come back.
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welcome back. 6:5on this frosty, wednesday
6:58 am
morning. we're 42 at reagan national. many areas down in the mid to low 30s. it is going to be nice. tomorrow, 64. showers. south of d.c., friday. a few more clouds. keeps us in the upper 50s. it is clock back weekend. monika? >> we'll take a live look from sky 9. good news in fairfax where a serious accident this morning at route 29 here at blake lane. looks like it has been cleared up. you should be good to go through the intersection. we'll take you to the outer loop north of town. it is slow from kenilworth avenue all the way to georgia avenue. the accident early this morning at route 29 was cleared and a last look at 270 off and on delays, father hurley down toward montrose road. >> as for wall street, we're look flat. market is watching europe as well as it has a fed meeting this afternoon. >> a quick reminder if you're peeking at our newscast, you can see tons of food behind us on the anchor desk. cleaning supplies and toiletries and things. we're doing food drive 9 this
6:59 am
year with the boy scouts. this weekend, they'll be dropping off plastics bags. fill them with nonperishables and things that can help out our neighbors. our goal is to be in excess of 850,000 bags filled. >> if you need food, we have on our web site, a line for you to call to reach the capital area food bank. "the early show" is next. they'll have more on the g20 summit in france. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> while you're at work or anywhere, get updates on news, traffic and weather by visiting >> if you saw something you like, make sure you tell your friends you saw it here on 9 news now. we'll see you all tomorrow.


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