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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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medical examiner detailed the 331 injuries murray suffered, including more than 100 defensive wounds and how the autopsy revealed she was alive through all of them. she had a pulse. she had a blood pressure. she bled into those wounds. she was alive, said dr. ripple. ripple further testified, five weapons were used, possibly more, and the fatal blow was likely a stab wound to the base of her brain. she just wouldn't have lived long after that. probably less than a minute, she said. the defense tried to imply murray had suffered enough blows to lose consciousness. dr. ripple, autopsy alone, i can't tell if she was conscious or not. when the defense pressed her, she said unconscious people don't defend themselves usually. the prosecution rested its case. the defense chose not to call any witnesses. now critical to this case has been the notion of
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premeditation. joining me live now, our legal analyst, how do you think the prosecution did? how did the defense do here? >> hit it on the head. he said time may be brief and he used each instrument of death to show standing alone, each instrument would have been sufficient. the defense is using the exact  same autopsy photos to show this had to be an insane person who committed this unbelievable act within minutes. not 16 to 20 to 25 minutes as john mccarthy would have you believe, but within minutes. timing, time line, who does the jury believe? the emotions, certainly are with the prosecution at this moment. >> very quickly, if norwood simply lost her mind, why didn't he go with the insanity defense? >> not on the table. if you are able to concoct and stage the aftermath, it wouldn't fly. they thought about it. i know they tried. >> jeani e cho, we'll have
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much more tonight at 6:00. >> andrea, thank you so much. we should mention andrea has been updating the latest throughout the day on facebook and twitter. you can follow her and all the developments in the lumulemon murder trial by logging on to our website, an update on the man suspected of killing his estranged wife and stepson. curtis lopez was extradited from north carolina. he's in the custody of police in montgomery county. this is video of lopez provided to us by the police department. jane mcquain was found murdered in her germantown, maryland apartment last month. the body of her 11-year-old son, william, was found days later in a wooded area in clarksburg. >> tonight, police need your help tracking down a man who tried to abduct a young girl steps away from her own front door. it happened in the mt. vernon section of alexandria.
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delia is live there with an alert for the entire community. delia. >> reporter: you know, there have been a string of these attempted abductions in the region lately and while police don't believe this one is linked to the others, they are warning folks tonight that this type of crime is on the rise. >> i don't want to lose her, you know, it's kind of scary. >> fear has set in now that kelsey shaw realizes she was this close to losing her friend who ran from a would be abductor waiting for her just a couple of doors down from her home. >> she is very worried. she was wondering what her mom would say, but she's okay. >> it was early friday morning in this quiet alexandria community. a high school student was walking to school. it was 6:55 and the neighborhood was still dark. >> there was a guy smoking on the sidewalk and he started talking to her. >> the girl was walking down the drive here heading to school when she passed a man
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leaning on a car. he asked her several times if she wanted a ride to school. she ignored him, but then he snatched her, tried to drag her in the car. but that's when she kicked him and took off running. >> we never know when it's going to happen or if it's going to happen to you. >> the principal e-mailed parents and police blanketed the area saturday, but never found the suspect. >> the quicker we know, the quicker we can verify a story and do something about it. >> it's scary for me, because i was at the game. it can happen to anyone. >> my parents, i walk to school. so they would say, be careful about it. i never had any problems. >> i think we are all walking with our headphones, walking for anything suspicious. we want this guy caught. >> and they all do. unfortunately, police don't have a whole lot of information to go on. they describe the suspect as a
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hispanic man. 5/10. at the time he was wearing a puffy, dark colored coat leaning against an older model four-door car. gray or black. that's all we have. anita, back to you. >> there's more awareness out there and that's a good thing. delia, thank you. breaking news now tonight. a third former employee of herman cain says she considered filing a workplace complaint over what she said was aggressive and unwanted behavior by the presidential candidate. when she worked for him in the 1990s. the woman told the associated press that cain made sexually suggested gestures during the time they filed separate harassment complaints. the woman spoke on the condition her name not be released. cain's campaign declined the comment. president obama is vigorously pressing lawmakers to pass the jobs plan. the president spoke this morning in the shadow of the key bridge. one of the bridges that could
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be eligible for repairs under the plan. the commander in chief's mere presence caused gridlock in and around georgetown and as danielle nottingham reports, the bill could hit some gridlock as well in congress. all the industries hammered by the economic downturn. construction has been among the hardest hit. >> the white house wants to pay for the plan with a new tax on individuals and couples making more than a million dollars a year. that idea is not sitting well with some lawmakers who say the president is more focused on winning votes than creating jobs. >> what he could do is come to washington and be focused on trying to help pass bills that would create a better environment for job creation and help put the american people back to work. >> it's not just republicans standing in the way of getting the bill passed, the white house will have to win over democrats who share those
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conditions about new taxes. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. senate democrats plan to bring the infrastructure plan up for a test vote later this week. all right, matt. more than half of metro's bus riders are dc residents. guess how many dc residents the system employs? let's just say the numbers are not impressive. bruce johnson has been working this story. >> this is supposed to be a good news press conference, but they are going to hire dc residents. the bad news is how few dc residents have gone in the past. >> i was working for six years. >> and layed out a month ago. >> the good news from the city's employment services office was that 26 unemployed people were ready to take the test to become metro bus operators. >> i have been presently unemployed for two years. >> we're talking jobs that start at $40 to $50,000 per year. >> my company closed down
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after 42 years. >> disappointing, if not shocking news gave a percentage for the number of dc residents already employed by metro in any jobs. >> 4 to 5 percent of our employees come out of the district. we would like to see an increase. >> did you know that? >> no, i did not. overall, it's been such a small percentage of jobs filled by people who live in the district of columbia. >> by mid afternoon, metro was adjusting the percentage, saying 1500 actually live in the city. that is 14%. still, way too low for dc employment services director, lisa mallory. >> we sent over 4,000 candidates. only 90 got hired. and the problem was that individuals from the district of columbia were not clear about what the requirements are. so we were sending people in droves. we're not doing that anymore. we're trying to help them behind the scenes doing whatever it takes. >> consider this, metro
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officials told us right now they have 400 to 600 vacant positions. these are funded jobs. half don't even need college degrees. dc will now prescreen its applicants to metro and other agencies. metro says it will do more to reach out to dc residents. >> metro's gm said another reason for the low numbers is that once people get these jobs, they move out of the city. lesli. >> how many jobs are we talking about at this point? the mayor has been able to fill? >> absolutely. the mayor says he will put people to work, 330 jobs. but we should point out, 35,000 people in the city are out of work right now. it's a big mountain. >> it's a big mountain, absolutely. a lot of work to be done. thanks so much. >> back to you in the studio. >> if you think you and your friends are the only ones that know where you are at any given time, think again. an alarming number of would be
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burglars are turning to social networking sites to target victims. almost 80%, lindsey mastis explains what they are looking for and how you can protect yourself. >> social networking is making life a little easier for burglars. a survey conducted by credit sesame and trending shows that 15% of americans use twitter, facebook, and four square to tell everyone when they are not home. last year, i blame a burglar for a day and tracked down the surprised homeowners in the mall and at work. >> this is crazy. >> data shows that more criminals are using this method. 78% are using facebook, twitter and four square to target properties. 74% use google street view. >> burglars can take your street without ever stepping food in your neighborhood. and remember, the photos you posted to your facebook, they are taking a close look at the ones that show the inside of your house. >> if you have a brand-new
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sports car or amazing media system, do you really need to tell everyone you have that? >> some victims are using social networking to their advantage, too. in september, a homeowner caught two thieves on surveillance. he created this facebook page with the images. within 36 hours, the burglars were identified and arrested. and here in the district, police used an iphone feature called find my phone to track down robbers and recover the items they stole. >> we love when we have social media, kept the bad guys. >> the study highlights ways it keep safe. don't announce you'll be out of town. >> maybe post those pictures when i get back home. >> keep your home address private and only friend friends. in washington and on twitter, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> this study was conducted through a vary of 50 excriminals in the uk along with statistics from other sources, including the fbi. credited with helping force
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bank of america to drop that $5 monthly charge for debit card use. molly collected 306,000 signatures protesting that fee. she appeared on the early show this morning. >> i pretty much live paycheck to paycheck right now. so another fee added on, just, it really bothered me. i know other people would feel the same way. i went to i started the petition and i knew it would catch fire and it did. >> it really did. the debit card fee may be gone, but experts say you can expect your bank to look for other ways to charge you more in the future. matt. lesli, still ahead tonight, a judge is sending lindsay lohan back to jail after the trouble actress admitted she violated her probation. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. very nice right now. we'll take you out with temperatures, just about average. we'll come back and show you snow in denver and tell you
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what that means for our friday morning. stocks rally after two days of steep losses. i'm alexis with what is behind the latest bounce. thursday morning we are cooking up heart healthy food in the kitchen. >> and what one group is helping get foster children out and into homes. [ screaming ] [ zapping ]
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there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. on wall street today, stocks rebounded om300 point dr the dow finished the day up 176
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points. the nasdaq climbed 33 points. and the s and p rose 19. today's gain came after members of the federal reserve voted to hold off on any new actions to help the economy because they say the economy is growing. >> but the real worry for wall street is still that financial crisis in europe. alexis reports from the new york stock exchange. >> lesli, stocks bounced back after two days of steep losses after some encouraging news on the job market and comments from federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke. any gains were held back by continued worries over europe's deepening debt crisis. >> federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke says the path to economic recovery is longer than expected. >> the pace of progress is likely to be frustratingly slow. >> federal policymakers lowered their forecast at the end of the two-day meeting. predicting economic growth for the entire year will be just 1.6%.
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growth next year is predicted to be about double that. both forecasts are lower than what the fed predicted in june. the central bank predicts unemployment will hold steady at 9.1% for the rest of the year. >> we have already taken quite a bit of action. we are prepared to do more and have the tools to do more. if that's appropriate. >> that promise to do more combined with a better than expected jobs report gave stocks a lift. that's after the dow fell more than 500 points in two dais over worries about europe. >> greece's prime minister made the surprise announcement that he wants the greek public to vote on whether to -- most greek voters don't like the austerity measures in the package. >> greeks had to take a 30% cut in their salaries. absolutely unacceptable when it's the thought of the banks and financial sector that got us into this program. >> leaders of france and germany have requested an emergency meeting with greece's prime minister prior to the start of the summit in france.
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they fear if voters ject the bailout package, greece will go into default, sending shock waves across europe. >> and since our economy is closely entwined with europe, experts say the u.s. is sure to feel the fallout. lesli. >> all right alexis, thanks so much. matt. >> another courtroom defeat for julian. two judges ruled today that the founder should be extradited to sweeden to face questions about alleged sexual attacks on two volunteers for his website. claims the sex was consensual and takes today's ruling in stride. >> i have not been charged with any crime in any country. we will be considering our next step in the days ahead. >> 14 days to appeal to britain supreme court to avoid extradition to sweeden. his supporters believe the ultimate goal is to get him to the u.s. where he could be prosecuted for leaking thousands of sensitive
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diplomatic cables. >> blaming pilot error for a plane crash that killed 44 people, including an entire professional russian hockey team. the investigators say the pilot put on the brakes during takeoff. poor crew training and lacks oversight are being blamed. the 42 plane crashed into the banks. a flight engineer was the only person to survive the crash. >> heavy fog is causing big headaches for airline passengers in poland tonight. a boeing landed on its belly in warsaw. tonight, that pilot is being hailed as a hero. none of the 230 people on board got hurt in this. it turns out the planes landing gear failed to open up. the airport was closed right after that. it's expected to close until early tomorrow morning. four days after they were plunged into darkness by a freak october snowstorm, more than half a million people
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still without power in connecticut. the head of the state's largest utility says more than 100 new power crews are coming to join the effort to get power back on. utility officials predict thousands more customers will get their electricity tomorrow. lesli, let's take it over to you and top. >> we would be watching the snow in connecticut, but i guess we need to be watching what's in denver, because last week they had snow and then we had snow and now they've got snow and we're going to get -- >> we might get some rain from this system. let's take you out to denver. they were under blizzard warnings at one time. the wind wasn't quite as strong as they thought. not quite as intense as it was last monday, but still a pretty big storm. did disrupt travel a little bit at denver's airport. no reports of power outages with this storm. two big storms in a week for them. could be a good ski season. all right, let's talk about our
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snow and i'm going to start with doppler radar. we have a will the of microclimates in the metro area. they are small climates. it changed pretty dramatically over a relatively short distance. we're going to zoom up to a place called -- it's just east of hagerstown. that's where we're talking about. just to the east of hagerstown. not that far away. and certainly as a crow flies from downtown. so, what does it look like? well, our friend out there, bill wolf just got power back yesterday. just got his phone back today and this is what it looked like on sunday. only about 35 miles as the crow flies from d.c. that's incredible. check out this picture. look at the lines down. so again, bill sent those in, we appreciate that. gives you an idea how different the climate can be from 10, 20, 30 miles outside the beltway. all right, temperatures pretty nice. 58 bethesda. 58 in arlington. 58 in springfield.
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and even some 60s toward beltville. here's the deal. tracking the denver storm. we're going to watch it. not quite as cold. we're going to see afternoon clouds and that will be in relation to that denver snow and showers are possible thursday night because of that storm. so for tonight, clear to partly cloudy and chilly. one blanket night again. winds turn south, southwest at 10. all right, next seven days. we're going to keep the chance for showers in thursday night and some clouds friday morning and clear us out friday. 58, we have not changed the seven-day. lower temperatures, a hair on sunday. 55. very nice for the heart walk at nats park. that takes place at 10:00. you can still sign up to sponsor or run on our website. terps in town on saturday. saturday is 25 hours old, and more sunshine on sunday with temperatures around 60 for the redskin game. >> we're going to like that. >> a nice long weekend.
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>> thanks. are you looking for some brand- new headphones or a fancy new ereader for the holidays? we're going to have the best of the best according to a popular electronic rating website. >> why is the need at a historic high at this food bank in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation? i'm anny hong in montgomery county with that story. a billion dollars in $1 coins that we aren't using. why? if we aren't using them, why is the government still making them? the billion dollar bust tonight at 11:00.
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we are weeks away from thanksgiving, but local families are worried more families than ever would go hungry. >> sponsoring food drive 9 and looking for your donations of nonparishable foods like the ones you see there and other household items. >> hahnny hong went to the food center where one of the nation's wealthiest counties have a historic level of need. >> staff and volunteers at mana food center in gaithersburg, maryland, prepare boxes of food to go home to people who have fallen on tough times. >> i like to give back. >> they are filled with fresh produce, canned food, and baked goods. >> the need is really growing
5:26 pm
here in montgomery county. it's one of the wealthiest communities in our country. we have poverty here. it's a hidden problem. >> an estimated 200 to 300 families a day will receive a box once a month. many of them line up for the extra handout, including beverly. >> i've had six surgeries in five years and that took me down in income. >> the mana food center relies on food drives and donations from local grocers. which are trucked to the food center every morning. this year, supplies are falling short. as a number of households in need has more than doubled in the last three years. shelf after shelf, no food. because of major federal subsidy cutbacks. inside the freezer is no better. >> it is teaming with hams and turkey rolls so we can pass out with the residents coming here and our soup kitchen that can rely on us.
5:27 pm
it's empty. we need help. >> that help, which will have to come from the community may prevent people like pervely from from skipping a meal. >> alarming how empty their shelves are. any parishable items like turkey or ham, but not like cans of soup should be brought to the food center in gaithersburg. >> you can go to our website. we have a lot of other ways you can donate as well. >> we also want to mention, 9news now is teaming up with the boy scouts. this saturday, scouts will drop off empty bags at homes across the region and one week later, they'll come back and pick up a bag that is hopefully full to the brim of food. in the district, boy scouts will be at area safeway stores on november 126789 the 12. coming up on 9news now, lindsay lohan is going to jail for a fifth time after a judge
5:28 pm
rules she violated her probation. also ahead, should pediatricians refuse to see young patients who don't have all their shots? the debate over the vaccine timetable is next in our health alert. scott broom in frederick, maryland. coming up, the bitter end of life dispute that ended this morning with the patient's death just hours before the courts were set to decide.
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[ female announcer ] new iams naturals. you'll like what's in them and love what's not. [ dog ] i am an iams dog. [ girls ] he's so cute! [ dog ] groupies! when terri died, her family was sharply divided over what families have the choice. not much has changed since then. today, a similar end of life
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dispute came to a close with daniel who passed away hours before his bitterly divided family was scheduled to be in court to argue whether he should be kept alive with a feeding tube. scott broom is here with reactions to this. this is such a tough issue. >> it is, and today the foundation that carries terri shaivo's name, excuse me, issued a statement saying what happened to daniel are inhumane and accused his wife of withholding treatment and hastening his death. >> heart attack in july left him severely damaged. october 16, his wife consented to have the tube removed. sparking a bitter court fight in maryland, remarkably similar to the terri shaivo case in 2005. courts ordered the fooding tube be put back in after her brother and mother questioned the wife's decision. but sanger died this morning,
5:32 pm
just hours before the two sides were set to square off yet again before a judge. the reactions from the life and hope network were immediate. in a statement, shaivo's brother called the death unfortunate and inhumane. in a telephone interview, he pointed a finger squarely at sanger's wife. >> if you deliberately withhold treatment that can help the individual and improve and get better, then you're issuing that person a death sentence. >> while the feeding tubes were reinserted, she is accused of withholding treatment. he says speeded up sanger's death. an official cause of death has not been revealed. frederick memorial hospital issued a statement saying maryland state law gives the responsibility in a case like this to the spouse. quote, that's why it's so important for everyone to have a living will or an advanced directive, said spokesman, harry grand. >> the lawyer from ms. sanger
5:33 pm
said she had no comment and she didn't return a phone call i made to her today and clearly a very upsetting situation for everybody on both sides of this family. tough for them to talk to us today. >> and tough for all of us to talk about these directives ahead of time. nobody wants to think about it. this is a perfect example why it's important to figure out what your wishes are. >> that's the message the hospital wanted out because they were the middlemen in this and they had to do what the court said and they didn't have a directive. >> scott broom, thank you. thanks. >> new information this evening regarding the controversial halloween picture that was e-mailed to loudoun county republicans. the man behind the image resigned today. he e-mailed depicted president obama as a zombie with part of his skull missing and a gaping bullet hole. it was strongly condemned to republican leaders. more jail time for lindsay lohan. a los angeles judge sentenced
5:34 pm
the actress to 30 days behind bars and warned there could be more. lohan has until november 9 to report to jail. she acknowledges violated her probation by missing community service assignments and failing to appear for therapy sessions. because of jail overcrowding, it's unlikely lohan will spend 30 days in jail. it will be more like six. the brides won't be running anymore. the legendary discount clothing chain is going out of business for good after the holiday season. similars corporation have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. in a statement, sim's chief executive blames -- the demise of filing means the end of its running of the brides wedding dress sale. but you can still look forward to a big holiday shopping crush at other stores and if you have been thinking
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about headphones that bring you clear intense sound or an e read or to take you away. our partners at have ideas that make the mark and make their best of the best list. >> the right headphones can take you on a powerful journey and with a pair of these, you will be able to pump up the volume. >> they are a big pair of headphones, but these are great. they cost $300. but they sound really good. >> big sound may not be what you want for the commute. so for a better value,, which is owned by our parent company, gwinnett, picks this remix remote pair for $80. >> these have good, clear sound. they are a lot cheaper. >> in the ever expanding ereader market, there are all sorts of ways to turn a digital page. but this year's best of the best is the original with a twist. the amazon kindle keyboard 3g. >> there's a screen which is really good no matter what light you are in. it is nice and sharp and clear.
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>> says look no further than the ipad 2. apple has had some stiff competition this year, but it is still the one to beat. >> ipad is a better device overall. it's simple to use. they have a great way of approaching, making it simple and easy to down load apps. >> we made is easier for you to get going on that shopping. may just keep you from having to stand in long lines a few weeks from now. and also rates other large household goods, too. to see the best of the best from that group of items, go to our website, matt. >> don't be surprised if you run into long lines at area convenience stores today. the jackpot for tonight's power ball drawing is up to $245 million. power ball is played in 42 states, including maryland and virginia. and also of course here in d.c.
5:37 pm
virginia lottery officials say they expect to sell about 1200 power ball tickets per minute today. power ball jackpot has not been this high since june of last year. the odds of winning are $175 million to one. >> coming up, it's not exactly a high speed chase, but police in utah are taken for a wild ride. also, reality star kim kardashian speaks out for the first time about her impending divorce. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape. not your typical police chase. officers in clearfield, utah, were in pursuit of a stolen front loader. someone lifted it from a construction site. the chase lasted about 15 minutes. at one point, it went off road through the woods and over railroad tracks. the front end loader went off an embankment and got stuck. police arrested the driver who is facing several charges. including felony auto theft. feeling down under. kim kardashian talking in australia about her failed 72 day marriage. >> okay. so the 31-year-old reality star says she married for love, but
5:41 pm
she got caught up in the hoopla and the glitz surrounding her televised marriage. the kardashian maintains her wedding was not a hoax. >> anyone that would, you know, get married for a tv show, it's just ridiculous and it's sad that i have to defend that. i guess that's the kind of scrutiny you get when you live your life on a reality show. >> yup. kim kardashian is in australia promoting a line of handbags. >> justin bieber is denying claims he fathered a child. a fan says she had sex with the teen idol a year ago and her three month old baby is his. the woman was 19 at the time of the alleged encounter. bieber, 16. he's demanding a paternity test. a court hearing is set for next month. topper. >> we aught to track that denver snowstorm. we'll let you know if that
5:42 pm
means rain or snow for us thursday. and we'll talk about all this in our health alert. in federal reserve, sits a billion dollars in $1 coins that we aren't using. why? and if we aren't using them, why is the government still making them? the billion dollar bust tonight at 11:00.
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topping tonight's health alert, a new high-tech tool is healthing dermatologists. the fda approved a first of it kind. it makes detailed digital images. looks for signs of cancer. the device offers doctors a second opinion when mold doesn't have obvious signs of cancer, but worry. the hope is to find more melanoma sooner and avoid unnecessary biopsies. >> more and more parents are choosing to spread out childhood vaccines. leaving kids unprotected from diseases. for a period of time, doctors are giving those children the cold cold shoulder. >> measles and tetanus. >> it doesn't scare me as much
5:46 pm
as other people. it's just a shot. >> without regular shots, chris would be turned away at his pediatrician's office. >> big breath. blow it out. >> dr. wayne refuses to see patients unless they follow the government recommended immunization schedule. he's among a growing number of pediatricians who don't give parents the option of delaying childhood vaccines. >> these things prevent diseases that we don't have to see anymore. >> the centers for disease control recommends 27 immunizations by a child's second birthday. some parents believe that's too many too soon and want the option to spread them out. she asked her daughter's pediatrician to show down her child's shot schedule. >> it just felt right to us, given she's young and her immune system is developing. >> but the doctor argues timing impacts effectiveness. >> though the parents have a right for their children's
5:47 pm
immunizations as they see it, they don't have a right to endanger school children. >> chris' mom feels better in the waiting room. >> other children, you know, adjacent to yours or sitting near yours are healthy to the best of their capacity. >> the cdc recommends an additional six vaccines by the time they are 16. let's take it out to you on the weather terrace. >> it's feeling okay. >> for early november, it is nice. this is the way they draw it up on the weather board. perfect weather as far as i'm concerned. >> let's start with temperatures. if you're headed out, temperatures in the upper 50s. 57 arlington and 57 also in bethesda. a little warmer up to the north of 270. primarily temperatures in the upper 50s. light winds, it feels pretty comfortable out. here's the deal. we're going to watch that denver storm. remember what happened on the last denver storm. not quite as cold tonight.
5:48 pm
a little milder tomorrow. afternoon clouds will come in tomorrow. generally high and mid level clouds and showers are possible thursday night. even into friday morning south and east of town. toward st. mary's county. tonight, clear and partly cloudy. a one blanket night. lows 38 to 46. by morning, partly cloudy, breezy and chilly. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds southwest 10 to 15 in the morning, but die out in the afternoon. in the afternoon, partly cloudy. a little bit milder than today. increasing high clouds. high temperatures, low 60s. winds out of the southwest at 10. really all in all, a nice day. now we'll break it down for you. 48 to 46 to start. by noon, pretty nice. 57 to 62 and by evening, the high clouds coming in. temperatures 59 to 64. next three dais, we're going to keep the chance of showers in thursday night into early on friday. we feel the storm will pass to our south. back temperatures down to 58 on
5:49 pm
friday and saturday kind of chilly, but pretty nice. 25 hours long. we have the heart walk and we have the terps playing. next seven days. we'll keep it going on sunday. sunshine back up to 60. milder weather rolls in here next week. we're looking at mid 60s on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. some showers and clouds possible late on wednesday in the afternoon or evening. reminder, the food drive is going. here's what happened. this saturday, the boy scouts will drop off the bags. except in the district. then they'll pick them up next saturday. pretty easy. drop off 100,000 bags. >> unbelievable. >> still to come, rain, sleet, and snow may not stop the post office, but finances could. i'm standing on the top deck of this sea voyager. it's a cruise ship that has been turned into a floating
5:50 pm
dormitory. i'll take you on a tour coming up. but up next, the debate over big box stores is getting heated in montgomery county. we'll dip into it up next.
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a prospect of wal-mart and costco building new stores is causing quite a bit of controversy. at a hearing last night, both sides weighed in on the issue and on the legislation that would require those stores to provide certain public benefits, like affordable housing and a living wage. if the county council approves, new wal-marts would be built in aspen hill and in rockville. there would be a new costco in wheaten and wal-mart and costco are promising new jobs and low prices. but some small businesses don't buy that. they say it would drive them to the brink. so, should montgomery county welcome more big box stores? with me now is chris. he's a wtop commentator and columnist for the washington examiner and we have stephanie. she's the operations manager at the bagel city on rockville pike and she spoke last night at the public hearing that we just showed you. thanks so much for joining us. chris, let's get right into this. at the heart of this debate is this question about whether or
5:54 pm
not wal-mart would put small mom and pops out of business. what would you say? >> probably. i mean probably. this is evolution. this is survival of the fittest. this is a few economy. retail changes over times, businesses have to evolve or they are going to die. wal-mart is going to require small businesses to do something different to be more competitive. small businesses probably can't beat wal-mart on price. maybe they can beat them on service. maybe they can beat them on selection. but on price, yeah, they're going to lose out. that's just natural. that's the way it's always been. >> we're going to come back to that price thing in a moment. you are one of those small businesses that is concerned. >> yes, actually my family owns bagel city on rockville pike. our shopping center would get torn down to put this megawal- mart. our concern is as a small business, there are many small
5:55 pm
businesses on rock field pike. from the numbers brought into us. up to 3 to 5 miles of rockville pike could have small businesses become bankrupt because they cannot compete up against a megawal-mart. >> we are talking about an 80,000 square foot store. >> this will pretty much make you end up closing doors? >> we would have to close doors and relocation is not easy. many of our customers and residents are very scared that there's going to be so much traffic coming in. already we have gridlock. it's a big concern for all of us. >> obviously, wal-mart says it offers low prices. but people who are antiwal-mart would say those low prices come at a price to the people that work there. that they don't have a livable wage. >> nobody forces them to work there. wal-mart is the largest employer in the world. the largest private employer in the world. you have to look at the army of
5:56 pm
china. people choose to work at wal- mart. nobody is making them do that. after the issue of whether or not it's going to affect her bagel shop, yes. you aren't going to do business the same way you did before. a company that charges a lot more and does well, that's nordstrom. >> we are running out of time. the issue here is competition. whether you're going to compete. what do you say to that? >> i know a bagel shop going up against a wal-mart. they would squash us, of course, but to get back to -- >> maybe not. depends on what you do. if you do a different business model, you won't get squashed. competition is always good. it makes you tougher and meaner and come up with a new innovative idea and good for us consumers because there are more places we can shop. >> but also sounds like if those businesses in that particular shopping center go, you go with it.
5:57 pm
it's going to be hard to start up. unfortunately, we don't have enough time to settle this and the debate goes on and on. hopefully you will come back a little later as this progresses. thank you for joining us. anita. >> lots to talk about. the redskins back to work today preparing for the 49ers coming to town. >> and trying to forget about the results of the last few weeks. kristen back with how the fans are reacting. i think i know. kristen. >> you think you have a good geez. they have gone from the top to the seller. my how the redskins have fallen. they haven't won a game since the bye week. for the first time in mike shanahan's career. familiar story for redskins fans and they are starting to sound off. now that the smoke screen has cleared, the bad redskins team is emerging. the fans are losing their patience. listen to what frustrated callers had to say this week
5:58 pm
after the redskins were shut out by a buffalo. >> they are at the highest level of their sport. they should be able to go out there and whatever situation thrown at them, they should be able to respond. as a coach, it all goes down to put your players in a position and what they were obviously incapable of doing, which was going toe to toe with different teams. >> the redskins haven't won a game since the bye week, but the players claim this team is different from years past. they have better character guys that will help pull them out of the basement. just like the fans, the frustration is mounting in ash burn. >> we're going to be the only ones that can fix it. we need to go out there and win a football game. it's disappointing to us. it's our job. >> we got away from the little things. it's not guys being prepared, but at the same time, we are just lacking, you know, the belief that we have.
5:59 pm
>> somebody is going to be accountable. at the end of the day, we are all accountable. and when you have a game like that, hey, you look at what you did poorly and try to rectify those mistakes, make sure they don't happen again. >> and they have another tough test this sunday. the san francisco 49ers have given up the fewest points of the nfl and when you can put up a big fat zero, it might be time for concern. we'll preview this sunday's matchup coming up in sports. this is 9news now. >> i want to put people back to work, get this economy growing again and remind the entire world just why it is that america is the greatest country on earth. >> president obama points to the key bridge as he blames congressional gridlock for the country's weak economy. there is some evidence the president's continuing campaign against the congress is swaying voters. a new poll out today boosts his approval rating


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