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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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scene photos. some were so disturbing the victim was unrecognizable. >> it definitely gave us a good picture of how long and how brutal the attack was. >> reporter: according to juror 15 athe most emotional part of the trial was when the victim's mother gave her testimony. >> when jayna's mother took the stand yesterday, that makes it real to think of somebody's 30-year-old daughter, dying. >> reporter: it was the evidence and strong prosecution jurors say that offered the debate over brittany norwood's fate. >> we discussed possible scenarios and people tried to play devil's advocate. we couldn't think of any scenario where it wasn't true. >> there were a number of injuries that were sustained
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while she was alive. >> reporter: brittany norwood could spend the rest of her life behind bars. her sentencing date is scheduled for late january. fire and rescue are telling us they are on the scene of a house fire in kensington, maryland in the 4700 iris street. one person has been transported to the hospital. we'll bring you the latest updates on this fire ongoing in the kensington area. a man police say killed a woman and her 11-year-old son is back in maryland. montgomery county police gave us this video of curtis lopez after he was extradited from north carolina. officers say he murdered 51-year-old jane mcquain in her apartment last month and is charged with homicide in her death. days later they found the body of her son, william, who died
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of blunt force trauma to the head. president obama and other world leaders are gathering in france today for the opening of the g20 summit. >> greece's crisis is expected to dominate the meeting. greek citizens will vote against the european bailout package. president obama has a plan to repair the aging roads and bridges coast to coast. the white house said it would put hundreds of thousands of people back to work. most republicans and even some democrats have hesitations about the plan, especially the president's proposal to pay for it with a new tax on people that make more than $1 million a year. later today the house energy and commerce committee is set to vote on a plan to subpoena white house documents related to failed solar panel maker
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solyndra. the white house says it is cooperating with the committee, and has already provided more than 80,000 pages of documents. solyndra received a $528 million federal bailout loan just months before filing for bankruptcy protection and laying off 1100 workers. the obama administration is considering an early shift in the united states military role in afghanistan. the move would change the role of troops serving in the country from primarily combat to one of advisory and training. it would lead to a reduction in combat duties in afghanistan much sooner than the administration had planned, but it would not mean an early end to the war. more allegations of sexual aha raskinment for herman cain. a third allegation surfaced yesterday. all three of these date back to the 1990s when cain was head of the national restaurant
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association. the gop presidential candidate insists he never sexually harassed anyone. he is accusing one of his reprovals rick perry, of being behind all these allegations that are now surfacing. 4:34. here's a look at other things making news now. wikileaks leader julian assange says both encounters were consensual. he now has 14 days to appeal to britain's supreme court to avoid extradition to sweden. some believe the ultimate goal is to get him sent to the united states where he could be prosecuted for leaking information. in oakland a march through the streets now. this comes a week after police raided the occupy oakland camp and a violent scuffle ensued.
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police estimate the number of protesters gathered last night was about 3000. the trial of michael jackson's former doctor is wrapping up in a los angeles courtroom. closing arguments in the case against dr. conrad murray begin today. murray faces four years in jail and the loss of his medical license if he is convicted of involuntary manslaughter. the next couple of weeks, you'll notice behind us all of the food and supplies on the back of our set now. it is to remind you of food drive 9. they leave bags on your doorstep and we are asking you please fill up the bags with items like these behind us and they'll pick them up next saturday, november 12th. the food bank will get the den nations and you won't see any of the plastic bags hanging on your doorknobs in the district, but district residents
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can visit any safeway store next saturday, november 12th, and donate to the scouts in person. the issue of people going hungry is not just limited to the poor any more. many middle class families are struggling to put food on the table as well. check out the food drive 9 story right on our front page. coming up at 4:40. a clothing store chain made famous for the running of the brides will be closing its doors for the last time. annual visits to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizard dry have been a financial windfall for one movie studio. we are back with your weather. keep it here.
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43:00. a chilly start once again. a few high clouds, temperatures in the 30s and 40s out there. 50s by noon. south winds at 5 to 10. this afternoon, look at that. 3:00, 63. that will be close to the high for the day. still comfortable at 6:00 p.m. with a temperature of 60. looking ahead toward the weekend, a chill headed this way. right now monday -- monika has your timesaver traffic. >> reporter: just a construction spot in dale city. other than that looking good up past the beltway toward duke street and the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report looking at virginia roads at 4:47. andrea -- andrea and mike? jessica doyle is here. >> reporter: we have had bad days, we are creeping back to the plus side.
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we had a big federal reserve announcement. ben bernancke admits the pace of economic growth will likely be frustratingly slow for some time. yesterday the fed downgraded its economic forecast for the next two years. but here's the good news. it promises to use more to stimulate the economy if needed. the fed pledged to keep interest rates low for the next two years. ben bernancke predicts unemployment will stay at 9% through the end of the year. stocks had a two day losing streak after reports private companies hired more employees than expected. the g20 meets in france. the dow is 11836. a pop of 178 points. we'll take it. the s&p 500 better than 19. two well-known retailers
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going belly-up. discounter sims and identify leans basement are going out of business by the weekend of january. the stores closing result in 2500 job cuts. harry potter has been good for business. at time warner quarterly earnings were up 57%. nice pop there. >> that is huge. >> and more than a billion dollars in ticket revenues from harry potter and the deathly hallows part two gave a big boost. >> what other company can say we are up 57% in the quarter? >> harry potter is like a recipe for printing money. >> it is. apparently there is a new trend starting to gain popularity among pediatricians around the country. >> a number of them are refusing to treat children who have not been vaccinated. that story and more, when we return in two minutes.
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you know we have started the annual food drive 9 campaign. this saturday the scouts will be dropping off more than 800,000 empty bags to area homes. they will return next saturday,
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the 12th to collect the bags, which will hopefully be filled with donations. last year we clothed more than 850,000 pounds of food thanks to your generosity. you can find out more on food drive 9 on our website. and we want to remind district residents we need you to make those donations in person next saturday, november 12th, at any safeway store. right now howard is here, he as our weather first. >> reporter: looking a little chilly once again. by the way this saturday greater dc heart walk. hope you can come and join me as well. the weather looks chilly on saturday morning. a saturday in november, what do you expect right? >> the bus stop forecast, a chill in the air. jackets, gloves, maybe 30s and 40s. high clouds and a touch of fog over toward cambridge. sunrise 7:37. by monday that sunrise will be
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6:40 standard time as we turn the clocks back this weekend. winds out of the south all day, between 5 and 10 miles per hour with a 4:00 temperature of 62. we will be 63, 64 for the high today, which is just about average. average temperatures are 63 and 45. and by 8:00 p.m. 56. there will be high clouds and more clouds will be moving in overnight. 41 for the east and mid-30s areas to the west areas like winchester & co.ber land at 36. gaithersburg, upper 40s right on the bay there. let's show you what is going on at reagan national. 46. high, thin thousand dollars we are talking about. you can see through that south winds at 6. do you points in the low 40s. the wind chill makes it feel like 43. high clouds are showing up on
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the satellite. across west virginia and virginia. out to the west this area of low pressure coming through missouri this got denver with ten inches of snow. we have high pressure near us and that is giving the wind, pushing more out of the south and southwest. as this storm system moves through the east. still not a bad day from high clouds. generally partly to mostly sunny. as we go through the night the clouds are going to thicken up. however tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. we've got showers getting in toward areas in calvert and st. mary's county. going to stay generally south of dc. here in fredericksburg a much better chance for showers than say north of dc. i don't think you have any rain chances. then as we go into the afternoon the front is going to push this area of low pressure out of here. saturday morning northeasterly winds, there is a chill in the
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air. we will be down to 30s and low 40s. the northeasterly wind will keep things on the chilly side for the weekend. today low to mid-60s. clouds thicken up tonight. could be a shower early, especially south of dc. winds will be northerly tomorrow, 10 to 20 miles per hour. saturday highs only in the low 50s. by sunday upper 50s. the terrapins game skins game, good fall, football weather for that. then we warm up and stay dry with highs in the mid-60s. maybe by next thursday a chance for decent rain around. >> reporter: thank you howard. there are no problems to report on the beltway, here are all your main areas. things are looking great. maybe a tiny bit of traffic any tyson's area. as you head from this point all
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the way over to fairfax where construction is being cleared up. no problems on the dulles toll road as well. a live look on the 14th street bridge. looking nice into the district. we'll go to 270 right now looking good from urbana at route 80. coming up in my next report we'll go into dc at 4:55. thank you monika. by now most of us have heard about the financial problems of the united states postal service. a senator says they have a plan to keep the postal service from going broke. under a new bill a refund of nearly $7 billion it overpaid into the federal employee retirement system and some of that would fund buyouts to cut 100,000 jobs. it would allow six day mail service to con for at least
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another two years. dc residents make up more than half of the riders on metro buses. the number is much lower during a news conference at the dc employment office. metro officials said dc residents make up only 4 to 5%. the mayor said he didn't know that and was disappointed to learn it. later in the day we were told the percentage is actually closer to 14%. lisa mallory says that is still way too slow. >> >> reporter: we sent over over 90 candidates, we are not doing that any more. we are trying to help them behind the scenes doing whatever it takes to prepare our residents. >> reporter: dc will now pre scene applicants for metro and metro will do more to reach out for city residents. prince georges county is focusing on creating jobs.
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the group plans to set up a $50 million fund to attract new business. the money would be provided as loans to encourage business on his open in prince georges county. it plans to start accepting applications by january. as many expected, the number of people affected by the listeria outbreak when it comes to cantaloupe continues to climb. federal officials now say 2 people have died in this outbreak. the cdc say there have been 139 illnesses in 28 states. some pediatricians now are refusing to treat young patients whose parents do not follow the recommended vacs are vaccinations schedules -- vaccinations schedules. >> reporter: 11-year-old chris barnes and getting his latest round of vaccinations for
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measles and tetanus. >> it doesn't scare me. it is just shots. >> reporter: without regular immunizations, chris would be turned away at his pediatrician's office. dr. wayne yank us refuses to see patients unless they follow the recommended immunization schedule. he says he is among the growing number of pediatricians who don't give parents the options of delaying vaccines. the cdc recommends 27 immunizations by a child's second birthday. >> reporter: but some parents think that is too frequent, and want the option to spread them out. >> reporter: jasmine chose her pediatrician because she was allowed to slow down the schedule. >> although parents have a right to their children's
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immunization as they see -t they don't have a right to endanger school children. >> to know if you are in the waiting room, the other children adjacent to yours or sitting near yours are healthy to the best of their capacity as well. >> reporter: she feels safer knowing everyone here is right on schedule. cbs news, new york. the cdc recommends an additional six vaccines by the time a child turns 18. >> our doctors used to see well babies at one time and sick babies at another to keep them separated. >> i never heard that have. great idea. 95% of women say they hate this when their significant other does this, leave the toilet seat up, look at other women, or leave the cap off the toothpaste he. what do you think it is? we'll read some of your comments and reveal the survey answer in a little bit.
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welcome back. 4:55 on this thursday morning. you'll need a jacket once again but we have another nice day out there. we start with 30s and 40s a touch of fog in cambridge this morning. as we head toward noon, still looking good. 57 degrees, winds out of the south today 5 to 10 miles per hour. low even to mid-60s for highs this afternoon.
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clouds thicken up tonight. >> reporter: we are going to take a live look at the steuben parkway. no problems as you leave the silver hill area. everything is doing fine this morning. coming up in my next report we'll go into maryland. american soldiers of japanese descent are finally being honored for their service in world war ii. yesterday they received the highest civilian honor being given by congress, the congressional gold medal. roughly 19,000 japanese americans served in three units which were among the most decorated in the war. they all served their country despite members of their families being forced into interment camp in the war. janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction remember that back in 2004? yesterday a federal appeals
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court ruled cbs should not have been fined half a million dollars by the fcc. the fcc says it is disappointed. the same panel initially sided with the network back in 2008 as well. more jail time for lindsey lohan. the actress was sentenced to 30 days behind bars. lohan has until november 9th. she acknowledged violating her probation by missing community service. because of jail overcrowding it is unlikely lohan will spend the whole 3 days in jail. observers say it would probably be more like six days. alan al qaeda da alda is back -- alan
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alda is back on the big screen. >> reporter: ben stiller plays a building manager whose employees lose everything to a wall street swindler. now, they want to steal it back. >> no guns. end of story. trust me, there won't be any surprises. >> reporter: co-star matthew broderick says he might do the same in their situation. >> i think everybody sort of wants to steal stuff, a little bit. these people get pushed to the brink and they get going. >> reporter: the group is convinced the madoff-inspired bad guy, played by alan alda, has a stash of cash in his apartment. the problem is he is being guarded by an fbi agent. >> he is a do gooder. he is helping people. >> he is a method actor. >> this man deserves everybody's thanks. he helped them out. >> reporter: the disorder criminals, led by eddie murphy,
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would be lucky to get away with anything. the cast and crew just hope to be entertaining during these tough economic times. >> i think it results to what's going on. it is sort of i think a wish fulfillment sort of movie in the way a depression era comedy might have been in the 30s. >> reporter: manuel gallegos, cbs news, new york. >> that looked like it could be a hit finally for eddie murphy. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein has your weather first. >> reporter: once again no surprise. we can handle that. 30s and 40s. yesterday afternoon you would be, if you liked it, you will be just as happy today. here we go with a look at the day planner. we started in the 30s and 40s.


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