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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we do not know if those two events caused the tractor- trailer to slow down. we do know as you mentioned that the driver of the car has died and so the medical examiner is here. they said that they're trying to wrap up before 5:00 but again we'll see. all this is going to affect people trying to get to silver spring, connecticut avenue as a detour obviously as monika has been saying and georgia avenue getting on to the inner loop is just shut down right now. so a lot of problems at this point. we'll keep monitoring and seeing if they do get it wrapped up in time for rush hour but it doesn't look likely at this point. back to you. >> all right, reporting live from alongside the beltway. the g-20 summit wraps up today in france. president obama and other leaders have spent much of the time trying to resolve europe's debt crisis. >> greece added to the turmoil when it considered putting the bailout package up for a national vote but now the prime
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minister says the referendum is off the table. he is facing a crucial confidence vote in parliament today and if it goes poorly it could end his political career. herman cain is not letting the controversy over sexual harassment accusations derail his bid for the white house. on thursday the republican candidate continued to deny the allegations. so far, three women have accused cain of inappropriate behavior back in the 1990s. cain is accuse his gop rival rick perry of being behind a smear campaign. glen ivy made it official, he's file today run against donna edwards for the seat. it represents most of prince george's county and because of new boundaries also includes part of anne arundel county. he considered running for congress in 2009 but backed off. maryland senator ben cardin will announce his plans to run this sunday. his six year term is up next
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year. he has served the free state in congress since 1986 including ten terms in the house. he could face a challenge for the prince george's county nomination. state senator rather anthony muse announced in september he might take on cardin in the primaries. prosecutors in montgomery county called curtis lopez a cold premeditated killer. >> now prosecutors say the killings were part of a plan for mcquain to steal -- for lopez to steal mcquain's car for his new girlfriend. they claim after lopez murdered jane mcquain inside her home, he pecked up william from a sleepover. police say surveillance video from a gas station in clarksburg showed the final moments before the little boy was killed. police found a bloody bag just few feet away from where lopez allegedly used it to beat his stepson to death. fire investigators are trying the figure out what
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caused the deadly blaze as a home in aspen hill. 67-year-old sandra vidas died in the fire. her husband survived with serious injuries. it took more than 50 montgomery county firefighters to put out the blaze. fire investigators say the family had no working fire alarms. two firefighters were also hurt and are expected to be okay. well, by now you've heard about it and most likely even felt some of the aftershocks that hit our area since that big quake in august. but would you believe there has been more than 600 aftershocks at all? >> that's incredible. but it is the total number researchers at the u.s. geological survey say they have detected. the number of aftershocks has the scientists wondering if there might be a new fault line or previously un discovered one in our area. here's a look at other things making news now. rocks, hammers and fire bombs are just some of the things which were hurled at police in oakland, california during one
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of the occupy protests wednesday night. the city says that during the day it's peaceful but after nightfall a small group of rogue protestors turned violent. cameras were rolling as the mayhem broke out. a group ended up taking over a building and set fires the barriers. more than 80 people were arrested. the jury gets the case now of dr. conrad murray. he is of course michael jackson's personal doctor accused of manslaughter. during closing arguments thursday, prosecutors charged murray killed jackson they say. the defense blames jackson for his own death saying the singer injected himself with the fatal dose of the drug. education officials in the northeast say they may be forced to shorten holiday vacations to make up for the days they used during last weekend's snowstorm and hurricane irene. many schools have been closed all week as crews worked to restore power to homes and businesses in several states.
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as of yesterday, many school districts had already lost five to 10 days and used upmost snow days they set aside as a cushion. for the next couple of weeks you will notice a lot of food behind us here on the railing behind the anchor desk. food drive 9 is underway right now. we're teaming up once again with the boy scouts for the annual scouting for food campaign and they coming up this saturday, tomorrow will be leaving bags at your homes on your doorstep on the doorknob in maryland and virginia and asking that you fig up the bags with items like the things you see behind us. cleaning supplies and nonperishable foods and things that can help people in need. they'll be back on november 12th to pick up the donations. >> it will go straight to the capital area food bank. there is a bag tax in the district but district residents, leave your filled the bags at any safeway store on the 12th and donate to the scouts there in person. >> it's not just limited to the poorest sections of the region anymore.
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many middle class families are struggling as well and they can definitely use some help. >> to learn how to help, head to and check out the food drive 9 story on the front page. 4:36. at 4:30, if you plan on flying to your holiday destination this year, be prepared to pay a little bit more. be prepared the see some new names on several popular stations in our area. we are back in two minutes with your weather first, keep it here. ♪
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it is 4:38 on this friday morning. loving that. we got clouds out there this morning. if you're well south, south of fredericksburg even or going that way, you may run into a few sprinkles in southern maryland in the next couple of hours, mid 50s through noon and the sun returns this afternoon. it will be breezy at times winds guesting over 20 miles per hour. we'll talk about the weekend forecast when i return.
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right now monika's got the timesaver traffic. thank you howard, good morning everybody. a look live at a fatal accident scene on the inner loop of the beltway at georgia avenue. you can go no further than connecticut avenue on the inner loop with detours there in place. i'll have more on this coming up in my next report at 4:47. 4:39. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> money time now here's jessica doyle. we're swinging up for a change and then maybe today? >> seriously it has been a little crazy but today being the thing we have going on this morning is the unemployment report. that's right, all eyes on the government's report. wall street is expecting the unemployment rate to hold steady at 9.1% in october and that about 100,000 jobs were created by no job creation at advanced microdevices, the company cutting 10% of its work force because of the weak pc market, investors are also going to continue monitoring developments in greece and the
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g-20 summit of the world leaders. that is of course going on in france. as for wall street -- shopping with is going to cost a little bit more. the online retailer will start collecting sales tax starting in february. this is a major ability-face for the company which has previously fought efforts to face consumers to pay the tax. experts say the move means other internet retailers will eventually have to abide by the same laws a brick and mortar store does. u.s. airways is raising airfares by up to $10 on domestic trips. it's the latest attempt to increase revenue during a normally slow time of travel. they succeeded in raising prices two weeks ago but
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another fare hike just last week fizzled and was eventually canceled. you may have the compete with slightly fewer people getting to the airport this thanksgiving. an industry association predicts air travel over the thanksgiving holiday will be down about 2% compared to last year. but the airlines are flying fewer planes to save money and match demand and that means fewer empty seats. still have to jockey for the overhead bins when you put the duffel bag up. >> works really well for you. thanks jess. >> that's the ticket. all right. federal government is announcing a new snow closing policy. it's all in an effort to prevent another armageddon catastrophe. that and more when we return in two minutes.
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welcome back to 9news now, if you've been watching us you know we've begun the annual food drive 9 campaign. 9news now has teamed one the boy scouts to collect food for low cool families in need. tomorrow scouts will drop off more than 800,000 empty bags the area homes and return a week later on november 12th to collect the bags which will hopefully be filled with donations. last year we collected more
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than 850,000 pounds of food. you can find more information about food drive 9 on our website at it will also tell district residents where they can go on november 12th to drop off the foods since the bags won't be left on dc doorsteps. it would cost the scouts money to do that. and howard is here and who's our friend? >> you know, every six months or so i get a box from the international fire chiefs' association and energizer. battery -- public service announcement people. you got smoke detectors with batteries that don't tell you when the batteries are going down. you need to check them out. the weather radios, the carbon monoxide detectors, do it now because this is the weekend -- >> fall back. switch the clocks back. >> one more reminder in case you missed the 45,000 previous reminders. let me tell you right now. this is the weekend we go back to standard time. we fall back. >> avoid another deadly fire as we had in aspen hill yesterday. not a single working smoke
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detector in the house. >> the sad part is smoke detectors, these are relatively cheap. if you can't afford one, call the fire department, them you to have one -- they want you to have one. change the batteries as well and sunset is going to be a lot earlier. an hour earlier to be specific as we head toward sunday. along with sunrise. in fact this morning, our bus stop forecast cloudy and cool. isolated showers well south. i mean st. mary's county, fredericksburg, south of there even is where the rain seems to be holding on right now. temperatures are in the low 40s and low 50s. the sunrise will be about 6:40 or so on monday morning standard time. winds northeast 10 to 20 and gust over 20 at times. sun returns this afternoon and mid 50s for the drive home with highs today mid- to upper 50s maybe even 60 in a few spots. salisbury is 39 on the eastern shore and while easton is 45. with the clouds around both d.
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c. and baltimore 50 degrees while it's in the mid 50s in the shenandoah valley. again the showers are well south ofd. c. at this time. the dew point at 46 and the barometer the really high yesterday so it could be a little achy out there for those of you that are sensitive to the big pressure changes. two storms across the country. the middle is all quiet. the one on the west coast is going to bring rain and mountain snows to a good chunk of the west. california today then the rockies as with go through the weekend. again beautiful in the middle of the country and then this storm system pushing through southern virginia. the carolinas and back in to parts of kentucky and southwestern virginia. that slides south of us. so we'll continue to see this pull away. this front's coming through kind of the kicker to get this system out of here for the weekend. but behind it winds really pick up out of the north today. again 20, 25 on the gusts maybe even close to 30. tonight a breezy night and then towards saturday morning. it is going to be brisk around here, less wind of temperatures
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down in the -- temperatures down in the 30s. we've got the heart walk and alzheimer's walk tomorrow morning. both events need jackets, gloves and maybe ear muffs. but a chilly day on saturday and then for the weekend, high pulls away and sunday looks a little bit better. you can see the mild out there in western kentucky? that moves in for early next week. if you can get monday and tuesday and even wednesday off next week, i invite you to do so. today, upper 50s, sunshine returns this afternoon. we will see a breeze as well. tomorrow, chilly, we start in the 30s and get 54. clocks back saturday night. sunday, 58. looking pretty good weather- wise actually for the skins game on sunday. then next week temperatures which will will warming into the -- be warming into the 60s once again. do the clocks this weekend. monika? a very serious accident on the inner loop of the beltway. let's take a live look at the scene. this shot is coming in from the photographer mark boss. on the inner loop of the
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beltway at 1:40 this morning, a tractor-trailer slowed down at georgia avenue. the car behind it slammed into it and it was a fatal accident. that's why it's taking so long to investigate and clean-up at the scene. in the meantime you will be detoured through the area. now there are two good things if i can say that on the -- one thing is it's against the rush hour flow and the second thing is it's very early. you can either get off ott route 355 heading eastbound on the beltway or take connecticut avenue, like i said it's very early and you won't find any delays right now. southbound to east-west highway and over the route 29 or northbound to university boulevard and make your way around that way as well. i'll keep you posted on the scene and our surae chinn is on the scene as well. in the meantime, there's another accident. this one is also on the inner loop of the beltway at kenilworth avenue. this one is blocking the two right leans, i know -- lanes, i
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know authorities are on the scene. southbound to the vw parkway. at kenilworth avenue stay to the left to get around that accident. i'll keep you posted on both of the beltway accidents at 4:55. back to you. thank you monika. if you leave the car at home and take metro, know this. the board approved self-name changes for many of its subway stations. in 2012 the navy yard stop becomes navy yard ballpark and -- metro says because of customers' familiarity, some station names will remain the same. and metro riders will have an extra hour to catch a train
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this sad. that's -- saturday. that's because metro rail is staying open one hour later because of daylight saving time. still close at 3:00 a.m. despite the time change. daylight saving time -- standard time kicks in at 2:00 a.m. meaning clocks move back one hour. >> this saturday. >> that's saturday. office of personnel management is revising its snow policy. hopefully to keep carmageddon from happening again like it did last winter. ops will decide earlier in the day on whether or not the government will close. if it does it would be told whether or not to leave -- employees would be told whether or not to leave by a certain time or even shelter in place. stay at work. that's a change from last january when employees were told they could leave two hours earlier than normal which as you remember created an absolute nightmare on the roads. cars getting stuck and people walking through -- just awful. montgomery county officials are also preparing for snow. yesterday, they hauled out and
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enforced all the snow fighting equipment from rockville. the day long exercise simulated how crews would get to clear a 6-inch snowfall. operators drilled on nearly 5,000 miles of county main paved road yesterday. new research is linking lack of physical activity to nearly 100,000 cases of cancer each year. >> bigad shaban has more on what it means for and you your loved ones. >> reporter: attorney linda works long hours sitting behind a desk. exercise wasn't a priority until she found out she had had breast cancer. >> the diagnosis was a wakeup call. >> reporter: new research suggests getting more active could help keep cancer away. cancer experts say as many as 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 colon cancer cases every year in the u.s. could be due to a lack of physical activity and long periods of sitting down. >> sitting is bad for you and
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sitting does trigger some of those biological mechanisms that are important in cancer risk. >> reporter: factors like hormone levels, insulin resistance, and inflammation can increase if someone sits too long and that's a big concern since only 31% of americans say they get regular physical activity. >> between work, driving and relaxing at home, some people can spend most of the day sitting. but doctors recommend getting up every hour for at least a minute or two to move arnold. >> this is something that is modifiable and absolutely within the reach of every individual patient to make even minor adjustments in their lifestyle. >> reporter: linda made changes after her diagnosis and now walks more than 10,000 steps daily. >> i was hoping when i started the exercise regime to maintain my health and hopefully not get cancer again. hat this stage though. i like it. >> reporter: it has kept her
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cancer free for over a decade. bigad shaban. cbs news, new york. 4:53. >> time to take a look at the question of the morning right now. >> it is -- put your answer on our wusa9 facebook fan page and we'll share some of the responses later on. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope, just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me yup. out?
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welcome back. 4:56 on this friday morning. your weather first and we've got clouds around here, showerswell south of town may sneak into st. mary's county over the next few hours, stay mostly cloudy this morning. some 40s north and west. by noon though starting to see clearing moving in from the northwest as temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s and sunshine returns this afternoon. and high temperatures don't get very warm between 55 and 60 degrees. so grab a jacket and grab the shades. you're going to need them later on. monika? we're going to take a live look at the beltway. inner loop side of the beltway at georgia avenue. fatal accident happened around 1:40 this morning. right now all traffic is being detoured at connecticut avenue. keep this in mind if your travel plans, more coming up at 5:00. a ceremony has been announced for the reopening of the national cathedral. on saturday, november 12th. a new episcopal bishop of washington will be installed. it will be the first event at
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the cathedral since august 23rd and the earthquake. stone work fell off the towers and other areas were severely cracked. the cathedral reopened on monday, november 14th. toys "r" us stores are kicking off their annual toy drive today. benefits the marine toys for tots foundation. goal is to provide children in need with gifts on christmas day. this is the eighth year the toy company has partnered with the marines foundation and this year shaquille o'neal is lending his big person to the campaign in his role as shaq o clause. i love everything he adds to the end of shaq. >> you don't want the make shaq mad. another campaign helps to reach out to the u.s. troops. home and abroad. the red cross is hosting the holiday mail for the heroes program. people sent messages encouragement and appreciation to the troops and in five years, more than 3.5 million cards have been sent to american servicemen and women
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around the globe. >> i've done that. it's a small thing but you know they appreciate it. >> you know when you see them out in public, just say thunk. if you don't know them. just say thank you. an all-star lineup turns out for the new james bond movie. >> pink floyd fans gear up for a historic reissue. those stories and more in entertainment. >> reporter: that classic theme can only mean one thing. james bond is back. and now fans are getting a look at the cast of "sky fall" the long awaited fallow up to 2008's movie. daniel craig playing 007 for the third time with a cast that includes judi dench and ralph fiennes. >> i'd rather be on set now than doing this, let's put it that way. >> reporter: it drops into theaters next november. 50 years after the first james bond movie "doctor no."
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♪ the band that's famous for its mind blowing elaborately produced albums is set to rerelease all 14 of them. pink floyd has gone back into the studio to digitally remaster their entire catalog from the last 40 years. members of the band are glad they aren't trying to make it in today's music market. >> i don't think we would have made it. first of all, we wouldn't have even been allowed on "the x- factor." ♪ >> the reissue of "wish you were here" will be released next week. the release of two new comedies this week. >> i taught you all how to pick a lock with a bobby pins. >> they team up in "tower heist." >> put something in here. >> that's your eye on entertainment. karen brown, cbs news, hollywood. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. it is friday we're happy to say and happy to be th


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