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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the clouds now. we'll get sunshine this afternoon. highs today 55 to 60. yesterday, we got to 64 so yeah you'll notice a difference and a chill moving in tonight as we drop into the 30s. there's the rain south of us though. couple of sprinkles still might happen here over the next few hours. in fact down south, from fredericksburg down to thornburg but especially ashland and richlands may just get clipped by this. over to monika samtani with up late on the friday morning commute. it's been a tough one especially on the north side of town. good morning everybody. look at the icons i put up. first of all there's an accident on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue and another one at old georgetown road where there was a deer struck. and the one we've been talking about all morning long is the inner loop of the beltway at georgia avenue. a fatal early morning crash. we're going to go to our surae chinn live at the vane with more details -- scene with more details. surae? >> reporter: monika, things have definitely improved traffic wise. we are on the outer loop
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looking across to the accident scene. the tractor-trailer still here getting inspected. making sure all the mechanics are working, the brakes, to the. we don't know how long the tractor-trailer will be here for inspection but it's off to the side not really affecting traffic at this point because all lanes are open. what happened was the tractor- trailer slowed down because of a construction work zone and the driver behind it full force we're talking about speeds possibly 60 and higher, definitely a factor in this accident slammed into the back of this semi. we're also being told that again, speed was a factor. the person in that -- driving the car was fatally injured. we don't have any identity orage or anything like that -- or age or anything like that. but again this happened around 1:30 this morning. hopefully they'll get that
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cleared out shortly but this tractor-trailer but some of the video you saw of the car definitely smashed. almost nearly in half. definitely a very bad tragic scene here. obviously as we get more information about the identity of the driver we'll pass that on to you. right now, the tractor-trailer getting inspected. back to you monika. >> thank you so much for that information. surae and as he said on the inner loop of the beltway that's eastbound 495 at georgia avenue, all traffic is now getting through. here's what it looks like on the beltway at 66 and gallows road heading for the beltway. an accident blocks the two right lanes and causing the heavy backup trying to get past the accident scene. over to springfield on the northbound side of i-95. where if you're planning to head over to springfield you have that delay at the occoquan river and beyond that it's okay on to 395 and the 14th street bridge. no issues to report right now. coming up in my next report, update on area roadways again at 6:12. back to you guys.
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its is 6:303. the latest look at unemployment. >> comes out in about two hours, jessica doyle joins us with a preview. >> that's right. we're at the point where the job market, we're not bad. is considered good. >> yeah. right. right. >> it really is the case. and this report is expected to be not all that bad because we are likely to see a lot of jobs created last month. about 100,000. just not enough to do much about that pesky unemployment rate. it remains stuck at 9.1%. for the fourth month in a row. going inside the numbers, the private sector likely added 120 125,000 jobs. where the -- 125,000 jobs. the really good part about this report at least for wall street is that traders are spending a little less time angsting about jobs lately. that's because fears of the double dip recession have eased in the last few weeks as economic reports have been more upbeat and the financial markets have been more stable.
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>> and we have the g-20 that's wrapping up in france today and a change in what greece may be doing? >> another change. yeah. >> we're definitely seeing some easing of worries at the g-20 about greece at least for the moment. leaders of the g-20 essentially told greece take the new bailout plan and austerity measures or else we won't help you anymore. you're going to go bankrupt within weeks. that was enough pressure for greece's prime minister to scrub his plan to put the bailout to a vote within his own country. president obama is keeping eclose yay on the situation at the meeting -- close eye on the situation. a government collapse in greece could trigger a global recession. now greece's prime minister george papandreou faces a critical confidence vote this morning. he could very well lose his job. the stakes are incredibly high for greece at this time. the ue leaders have been discussing out to kick greece out of the economic union. that would have dire consequences for the country and of course very well impact
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the euro itself. >> we've been talk, about this, ireland was considering getting out and great britain doesn't want to be a part of this. boy the dominoes could fall then. >> isn't greece the country where it's culturally acceptable to skip out on the taxes? >> i wouldn't say that it would be culturally acceptable but it definitely happens. >> thanks jess. 6:05. we turn now to the presidential campaign and a big day in the controversy surrounding republican herman cain. one of the women who has accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s may decided to to break her silence. she reportedly signed an agreement to stay quiet as part of a settlement deal. cain has said the allegations were leaked by his campaign rival texas governor rick perry. sunday, maryland senator ben cardin will announce officially his plans to run again next november. the democrat won the election in 2006 beating then lieutenant
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governor michael steele. before the senate cardin served ten terms in the u.s. house. he could wind up facing a challenge in the democratic primary from state senator anthony muse of prince george's county. we have a call now into howard county, maryland, and state police. more about a crash on interstate 95. here's what we know so far. police pursuit started last night in howard county and it ended just before 10:00 when the suspect's car crashed into two other vehicles on southbound 95 near the icc construction. we're told at least one woman was hurt and taken to the hospital and again we're trying to get more information on this. update now to a house fire story we brought you yesterday as breaking news during the morning show. 67-year-old sandra vidas died from her injuries she suffered in the fire. it happened in aspen hill, maryland. neighbors tell us the two may have been hoarders. her husband is in the hospital with serious injuries.
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one of the most popular dive bars on capitol hill will reopen today and it's open for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. the tune in closed four months ago. the kitchen fire destroyed part of the historic pennsylvania avenue restaurant. the spot first opened in 1947. it holds the second oldest liquor license in the city. veterans' day is a week from today. our region home to thousand of veterans of world war ii, korea, vietnam all the way up to iran and afghanistan. >> that's why all next week we're focusing on veterans' issues to help those who've defended our country. >> we'll be talking about upcoming jobs fairs for veterans in the area and learn what's being done to give vets some new opportunities. >> and also be talking about the reopening of the district's world war i memorial. the marine corps birthday and a ceremony honoring the veterans of world war ii. >> join us next week here on 9news now in the mornings, we'll be focusing on the nation's veterans, it is now 6:07. your weather first is coming up
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-- captions by vitac -- it is 6:10 on this friday morning. oh i love saying friday morning. 50 degrees at 9:00. cloudy the start but sunny to finish, the winds are going to kick up today too with highs between 55 and 60. we'll be talking about the weekend and there's a chill headed this way. monika? a live look in silver spring at georgia avenue.
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early morning fatal crash being vented on the shoulder, coming up in my next report, update you on this and another accident in virginia at 6:17. andrea and mike? honest monika. for the first time more than 30,000 documents about people persecuted by the nazis during world war ii are being made available. >> at 6:11 this morning the holocaust museum here in washington teamed up with it's part of the world memory project launched in may. more than 700,000 documents are already available online. fewer of us will fly this thanksgiving holiday but don't expect more elbow room. airlines have kept the number of seats on planes an estimated 23 million travelers will fly for the week around thanksgiving. now the calendar says november 4th but already some school districts in new england are running low on snow days. they were slammed by last week's storm. and you know there's more snow ahead this winter. we're not even in the heavy part of it yet. howard. over to you. thanks mike, you know we've
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been talking about it all week. tomorrow the greater washington region heart walk starting at 8:30. the walk starts at 10:00, events starts a 8:30 down at nationals park. so far $1.7 million, the goal is $2 million. we really need a push today. our next guest has raised more than $3,000 on his own and he's really a big leader there over lockheed martin. and you do a lot for the heart walk in general. eric san check is here, eric, welcome. >> thank you howard, appreciate the good weather that you're setting up for us tomorrow morning. >> it looks sunny but a little chilly though. you do a lot for the heart walk and 18,000 steps a day? that's what you do? >> i tend to be active. i think part of what lockheed martin promotes and its employees is healthy lifestyle. we take in activities and get out and workout and do things that keep the lifestyle energy. >> what is so important about walking? that people may have more of a desk job? i love to get up and get outside the building and walk around the building a little
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bit. i'm rest lest. >> well, it's not just walking, it's heart healthy activits. if you can get out and run and walk and help get the heart beating a little bit and by the way the employees like it when you get out and walk around. and meet with each other and helps them a sense of community. >> that's social aspect of work. >> yes. >> so why dill you decide to get involved with the heart walk? what's the motivation for you personally? >> well, linda gooden the executive sponsor for the heart walk helping the american heart association. the opportunity to be a part of her team is just inspiring for me. the other element of it is that when you can get out and help create awareness, imagine for the people -- the 36,000 babies that are born each year with a heart illness. the parents and that child, what they must go through, and the creating awareness for that. another element that i
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discovered as i participating in this is that women have a harder time getting diagnosed when they're having their heart illness. >> we talked about that earlier in the week. the symptoms are so different from the men that a lot of times they're not recognized immediately and they really have to step up and -- stepup and say test me. >> the sense of the community is an important part of the return and reward for what we invest in this. >> 15 seconds left. you guys tomorrow if you go down to nationals park, lockheed martin is giving these away. >> i picked one at random. it's called follow the leader. it's comment for the family to get engaged and you pull out a card each week and do one of the activities, the one i picked out follow the leader, take turns in leading an exercise among the family who whether it's just jumping packs or smiling. >> it's a lifelong endeavor. we hope it's one that you are
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participating in as well. and you can join us tomorrow at nationals park. events begin at 8:30. the walk itself is at 10:00. still register, just show up in the morning and we'll get you all set there and also go do and make your donations online. i mean lot of ways to do that. reach out to me. i'll tell you exactly what to do. eric thank you for coming in. see you tomorrow morning at nationals park. big weekend too. not just for the heart walk but this is the weekend saturday night into sunday morning. where we go from daylight saving time to standard time. set the clocks back one hour as we fall back which means sunrise and sunset will be oh an hour earlier and that's pretty good considering how later this getting. our bus stop forecast, we had a sunrise today. this thing happened -- sunrise that is at 7:38. it will be about 6:40 standard time on monday. cloudy and cool this morning with isolated showers well south of washington. parts of the northern neck and maybe even southern maryland
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over the next couple of hours, you have a chance to see some of the isolated showers, sunshine will filter in north to south here through midday. temperatures in the moving much into the mid 350s and then 4:00, 57. only about 58 maybe, 60 in a few spots for the high today. and clear and 50 with a north wind at 15. it is going to be brisk tonight. in fact tomorrow morning, walkers are going to start in the 30s and low 40s. so i think gloves and maybe a hat or ear muffs will be necessary. showers this morning well south of washington. richmond and especially at norfolk and williamsburg but fredericksburg down 95 to ash land, getting close to colonial beach and new land and this may get into st. mary's cointy. loudoun and montgomery county, upper 40s from mesa neck at 48. it's 46 in college park. and 47 now in crofton in anne arundel county. national airport, 50, cloudy, calm winds and the dew point at
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46. storm system in the east will come through and pass us there morning. the one out west is just coming on shore and with nothing in- between, that means we're going to have days of nice weather to follow. including the weekend. i think actually after today, next wednesday, thursday, that's our next chance of rain. there's some clouds in morning. breezy can cooler, 58. chilly tomorrow 54 and it will be pretty nice football weather for maryland and uva in college park. clocks back saturday night. skins are home on sunday. good football weather for that. 58. and then next week, looking good, monday, tuesday and wednesday, those temperatures climbing well up in the 60s. isn't that going to feel good monika? you know it's been a tough morning. i think we deserve. >> friday heavy. >> on the inner loop of the beltway. a live picture at georgia avenue where this tractor- trailer was involved in a fatal accident. it's just the investigation right now on the side of the roadway, all lanes are open getting by and you should be okay without a delay. now over to 270 and check out
6:18 am
all the cameras and really it's okay out of urbanna and clarksburg. incident free down to the beltway and the american hee john bridge. now a map on the northbound side of i-95 here in quantico. an overturned vehicle on the right side. several cars stopped on the side of the roadway as well. what's happening is it's now beginning to slow out of stafford trying to get by that and then again up here at the occoquan river to springfield, you will be okay. this is happening in the quantico region of northbound i- 95. 66 on the inbound side. it's been heavy and slow trying to get to the beltway because of an accident along the right side of the roadway. and back to the maps if you're planning to take trains this morning, the good news is metro, m. a. r. c., vre, everything is on time. coming up in my next report, 6:25. eric from lockheed martin told howard even smiling is good heart healthy activity. up next, what to do when the boy scouts drop off empty grocery bags on your door this
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weekend. it's a good activity. good for your heart and the community. >> that's right. and so is smiling too. right now another check of the question of the morning -- thanksgiving less than three weeks away -- >> our facebook friends get the first crack at this question every day. ed weighs in on everything and he writes -- >> and i love it. it's fantastic. i love green bean casserole. keep the guesses coming, we will have the answer coming up at 6:53. >> i think the onions you can get them light now too. >> i just eat them without the creamy stuff.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first. on this friday morning. and we've got some showers well shutoff washington eight now down to fredericksburg and southern maryland. let's get you going with a look at the day planner today. we got temperatures which will be approaching the mid 50s by noon. clouds, giving way to sunshine with highs today 55 to 60. you're also going to notice the winds today. they'll be out of the north from 10 to 20 miles an hour. and this weekend, we're going to be chilly with temperatures starting in the 30s tomorrow morning. low to mid-50s on saturday. and then in the upper 50s on sunday. plenty of sunshine both days. mike and andrea? thank you howard. by now uh-uh noticed all the food that surrounds the back of the news set here. everything from paper plates to disposable -- items. we have ketchup and food. this is all a part of food drive 9. that's when we're trying to help the boy scouts to try to help people who are
6:24 am
struggling and try to make ends meet as far as food and supplies. last year the boy scouts collected thanks to you over 800,000 pounds of food and supplies. >> the things in the bag right now are the staples that you expect. the brown sugar and beans and macaroni and pasta but again it's all about what the families will need. we even have lotion, we have hand sanitizers. shampoo. dishwasher liquid. and maybe even food for the babies you want to remember. even food for the dogs, families still have pets. and -- >> wipes, diapers. >> all of those things still in the bags. in the district, in maryland, about 800,000 of these they'll be empty. fill them up by the time they go back and collect them on november 12th. we have a website where you can go and find out how you can help. it's at also where district resident can drop off their filled bags of groceries on saturday, november 12th. >> and also remember it's not
6:25 am
just the poor that are having struggles and making ends meet. a lot of middle class families are having issues with jobs. you can really help out and we want the get over 850,000. 900,000 or even 1 million pounds. coming up in 10 minutes, how about some pizza for breakfast? a local pizza chain that this weekend has weathered the economy and has some tasty fall ideas coming up. >> success of 20 years. we have a big closure on metro's red line this weekend. we'll have what you node to know. monika? >> live look leer at 66 on the inbound side. solid from route 50 to the beltway. accident on the right side. more on that and an accident on95 in virginia coming up in my next report,. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, 6:29 this friday morning. howard here with your weather first. outside on the weather terrace and i have the jacket on but gloveless, actually pretty comfortable out here. cool and it will not be this comfortable later on as the winds kick up this afternoon. cloudy skies prevail the morning. a look at the day planner, been expecting sunshine to be moving in this afternoon. temperatures though won't be
6:30 am
moving much. 552060. sunrise still a while from now account 7:38. daylight saving time that will change this weekend. some rain to the south making a little push now from richmond to fredericksburg and as we look at it on live doppler 9000 hd. colonial beach,al again, st. mary's and central and southern cal vet as well as the southern -- calvert as well as the southern neck. 40s and 0s for us this morning, we'll clear out later on with highs from 55 to 60. we node clearing out on the roads monika samtani. it's been awful this morning especially because we started off with fatal accident on the north side of town. the good news is from lanes have been reopened but still investigating what happened. our surae chinn is on the scene with more. surae? >> reporter: well, monika we're on the outer loop looking across to the inner loop. the tractor-trailer still here on the scene. they are inspecting it seeing the they have to tow it away.
6:31 am
at this point they will have actually because the cab has been driven away but this was involved in a fatal car accident. the truck driver was slowing down because of a work zone around 1:30 this morning. here on the inner loop at georgia avenue. a driver at a high rate of speed slammed into the back of the semi, and died. some of the video we're showing here right now, we can see the car is just smashed and flattened and reduced in half. just a pile of metal that you can see here. just a terrible, terrible accident. and very tragic. we don't have any information as to who this driver was and any identity and so forth. still too early in the investigation. but still right here back out here at the scene, the tractor is still being investigated. trying to figure out if it's okay. any problems or mechanics that kind of thing. it's not affecting traffic and all lens are open -- lanes are
6:32 am
open at this point. back to you monika. >> as you said that all lanes have been reopened on the inner loop at the beltway at georgia avenue. in fact you can get by in both directions but 66 here, it is solid from route 50 to the beltway. where accident clean-up continues along the right side and be aware of that and plan early for your delays on 66. we're going to over to a map on the northbound side of i-935 in virginia down in quantico, an overturned vehicle. heading northbound past the scene here, stay to the left and then a live picture in springfield. you've got delays beginning in newington up to this point. just heavy and steady on to 395 normal slow traffic there as well. in landmark. coming up in my next report, another look around the area at 6:45. mike? back to you. thank you monika. just about 6:33 now. if you ride the red line on metro, we have a commuter alert for think morning. starting tonight no service between glen mont and fort
6:33 am
totten. that affecting wheaton or forest glen or silver spring and tacoma. the free shuttle buses will get you around the closure. it begins at 10:00 tonight and goes through sunday night. and by this time monday morning there will be a change on the inner loop at route 123 teashop's corner, all four lanes on the highway will shift over and there'll be a new ramp from 123 north to the inner loop. it will be on the right side instead of the left. to prepare for these changes expect delays and detours in that area beginning tonight and then lasting all weekend long. this is all for that ongoing hot lanes project of course. and the man accused of killing is montgomery county woman and her son is being held behind bars without bail. >> prosecutors say the reason the two were killed was so the suspect could get the victim's car to impress his new girlfriend. >> jane mcquain was founded inside her -- found dead inside her home last month. she was beaten and stabbed while she slept. prosecutors add her husband, curtis lopez then picked up his
6:34 am
stepson, william mcquain at a friend's house and later beat him to death. williams' body was found in a field in clarksburg, maryland. again, prosecutors say this was all so lopez could impress his new girlfriend. >> the defendant was texting photographs of the vehicle in advance of miss mcquain going -- going missing. >> prosecutors could seek the death penalty. lopez's attorney says all the evidence is just circumstantial. the fbi has a tennessee man in custody accused of threatening the life of virginia congressman eric cantor. glenden swift is accused of leaving two voice mails at his office. both use profanity and antisemitic language. the federal government is trying the avoid another carmageddon during a snow day. you remember that night don't you?
6:35 am
you probably can't figure it. it happened last january and it took some people six hours or more to get home. because the federal government released thousands of workers during a snowstorm at the same time. a new policy would require feds to leave by a certain time or to shelter in place. it's a first chance for the federal workers' snow policy in 14 years. and it's time for another your money report. surviving 20 years in recession maritimes, starting during a recession, well, that's exactly what pizza pa rad iso did. joining us now is bruce grasser from the restaurant. you started during a recession, we're in a recession now. we're not in a recession, but you know some people say that it feels that way. how have things been for you? >> we've been very fortunate over the years. we had a product that people
6:36 am
were interested in and we opened the doors and started serving customers and haven't stopped in 20 years. >> speaking of the products, this is one of the anniversary pies that you're working on. >> right. right. >> and it has a pesto that you're going to build for us right now. >> yes, next week we have celebration of our 20th anniversary because we opened on november -- november 8th. and we'll have three different special anniversary pies that we're serving all next week. one at each restaurant and i'm going to make the garlic pesto that goes on this red pepper and garlic pesto pie. so i've just put two cups of elephant garlic in the machine and some parmesan cheese. and i'm going to add parsley. and oregano. and salt and pepper. and then we're going to turn it on. and let it -- let it go for just a little bit. >> okay. that's going. you were doing some special pizzas this week and there's some great value on thursday
6:37 am
because you're also doing beer with those pies. >> right, what we did was we created these three pies and we paired them with three different beers, so each location is going to have a special beer on tap. on next thursday, that goes particularly with these three pizzas. and then that's going to be a special price for that night. it's going to be $20. >> all for your 20th anniversary. now this is the pine nut pizza. there's one here with mushrooms and ham -- >> parma ham. exactly. >> this is the bad boy. >> arugula and goat cheese. >> that looks fantastic. how's business been lately? >> you know, we are in a good place because what we give is a good value for our customers. and because we're sort of higher end pizza place, people who want to sort of cut back and not go to the fine dinning restaurants can come to us. and people who want to do something a little special and spend a little bit more money than their normal pizza place
6:38 am
maybe would come to us as well as just our everyday customer who's been coming to us for 20 years. >> well, ruth you've been in a sweet spot. we're in a sweet spot in morning and we're going to try these pies. back to you at the news desk. >> 6:38. >> i can't wait for that. coming up next, howard is going to have the weekend forecast and monika will check on the commute. in about nine minutes, a special musical guest in studio. we're talking live with kindred family soul about its new album and get a sample of some new songs, take a listen. ♪ good morning d. c., how you all feeling, are you all ready more me? ♪ state farm. this is jessica.
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welcome back. 6:43. we have a fantastic show this morning. first we have pizza. then we have kindred -- >> and beer. >> pizza and beer. kindred family soul is going to perform in a few minutes. we're heading into the weekend. a bump of great things in the d. c. area. >> the walks tomorrow or the heart walk, i hope to see you there or maybe the maryland uva game. the since game. >> all of it. >> weather is going to be good. just bundle up in the mornings. some chilly days but it's november after all. here's the bus stop forecast. one other thing this weekend. this is the weekend, saturday night sunday morning. we got a 49 hour weekend. >> oh, yeah. >> longest day of the year. is sunday. it's 25 hours. >> love it. going to fall back. >> we'll gain one more hour of sleep on saturday night although the sunset and sunrise are going to be a lot earlier
6:44 am
by about 60 minutes coincidentally? down to fredericksburg and the northern neck, southern maryland get ready. that's coming up on doppler in a moment. sunrise 7:38. today we start with clouds and the showers south. sun returns though this afternoon. temps will be 55 to 60 with a brisk north and northeast wind in the 10 to 20 range. might even gust to 30. this showers this morning been moving across southern virginia for the most part especially richmond though. the yellows in richmond up to fredericksburg, we're seeing that rain really pick up on live doppler 9000 hd done 95 and spotsylvania. the northern neck and the rain crossing the potomac just about the get into st. mary's county. this will track to central and
6:45 am
southern cal vet southern calvert as well. downstate 48 pax river. 50 in fredericksburg. we have 49 from reidville with a 47 in new lynn. but in town, we sit at 50 with cloudy skies. light wind and the dew point at 46. lot of cold air out to the west and northwest. this is headed our way, we expect a nice chilly weekend but there's nothing until you get to the west coast after this morning. the three day forecast, we'll be in the upper 50s today with sun returning this afternoon. breezy too. 30s tonight and 54 tomorrow. a chilly start for the hearth walk. chocks back saturday night. sunday up 50s and if you have a couple of days the burn, do it early next week. mid- to upper 60s through wednesday. monika? we're going to first of all tell you that on the inner loop at the beltway at georgia avenue. all lanes have been oh repped. that accident from -- reopened.
6:46 am
that accident from this morning was cleared up but take a look at 66. we have two accidents right now. one at route 123. that's where the backup begins for an accident near the beltway. this is blocking the right lane and be aware of that heading inbound on i-66. in fact let's take a live look outside inbound delays again begin at route 123. back to the maps this time it's northbound i-95. an accident in quantico. past the overturned vehicle alistening the right side then planning to head beyond that, slow basically from newington to springfield. we'll take a live look at 395 where it's been normal slow traffic at duke street but beyond that you will be okay to the 14th streit bridge. no problems on 395. i want to welcome our next guest, they're well-known musical act here in washington. and around the nation. kindred the family soul is here to promote its new album "love has no recession." good morning. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having us.
6:47 am
>> you guys are a successful award-winning married duo and i want to take a look at the album cover. it is hot and you guys have six kids? are you kidding me? the album cover, the one i'm talking about is the one where you're not pool. >> right. >> and he's hugging you, it's great. magic deft happens between these two. so great to have you here. you know you guys exude cool. it's a great mix in your music of soulful r&b hip hop and you've got that classic philly sound right? tell me a little bit about that. >> well -- >> go ahead. >> i'm from philadelphia, she's from washington, d.c. and we do draw a lot of inspiration from the sound of philadelphia. kenny gamble and leon huff. tom bell and all of the great music, the patti labelle and o jays and stuff like. that we just try to do the best that we can. good authentic soul music. >> you definitely do. i listened to you guys all day yesterday. and i know that on this album, you have original songs including snoop dogg and chuck
6:48 am
brown right from here, the godfather of go go and you're from here and you also not only -- i think were inspired by chuck brown, but our photographer, kevin king is filming you right now. you grew up with him too. who influences you more? kevin or chuck brown? >> mmm. >> he's standing right here. >> that's a really hard decision to make. i'm going to have to go with -- chuck. >> chuck. >> oh. >> i kind of knew that was going to be the answer. you know, what i really like about your music, it's very relatable. you talk about the challenges of life, career and you also insert social messages into your music, talk about that a little bit. >> we felt there was so much going on in the world and we just didn't feel it would be a smart thing to not address it. you know we are a family and we were affected by the recession and things have been have beenhappenning in our country and the world. definitely give people what they're used to getting from us but definitely more.
6:49 am
>> i think you guys do a great job. thank you so much for being with us, you're going to be glue's alley tonight and you are going to sing a song from your album "magic happens." >> that's right. >> great. take it away. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ kind of early in the morning, but we going to get it out to you all d. c. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, yeah. ♪ baby girl ♪ no matter what we drive, the neighborhood where we live ♪ it don't matter what kind of ring you give ♪ ♪ just don't take me for granted. let me know every day ♪ ♪ that a love unconditionally is coming my way ♪ ♪ because even if the world is falling apart, all around us ♪
6:50 am
♪ let my love be a shelter baby, come in out of the rain ♪ ♪ because i know one thing about us, that our love is forever baby ♪ ♪ you know i love you the same ♪ ♪ i ain't even got to tell you, you should already know ♪ ♪ just in case you need to hear it. here it goes ♪ ♪ i love you more, than you could ever imagine ♪ ♪ you make magic happen, you make magic happen ♪ ♪ don't ever think --
6:51 am
-- captions by vitac --
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today is friday, november 4th. here's a check on the news before you go. the inner loop is finally back open this morning in sill vir
6:54 am
spring. it was closed after a car slammed into a tractor-trailer near georgia avenue this morning. police are still investigating the crash. about a dozen people forced out of their apartmented in landover, maryland by this fire here. the scene is along hubbard road and dodge park road. good news is doesn't appear that anyone was hurt. and secretary of the interior ken salazar will join local leaders today to talk about the anacostia river and celebrate the completion of 13 more miles of the riverwalk t rail. they hope to expand access to the waterfront. okay, time to answer the question of morning now. thanksgiving less than three weeks away right? >> make sure you have plenty of gravy because the answer is b., dry turkey. >> one more check of traffic and weather and a little more music too when 9news now returns.
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welcome back. 6:58. we are looking at some showers down to our south this morning. we'll see sunshine returning later on. highs in the upper 50s and please. cool this morning -- breezy. cool this weekend and nice monday, tuesday and wednesday back in the 60s. just a quick look at 66 only only the inbound side solid from route 50 to the beltway because of an earlier accident. jessica? >> our thanks to pizza paradios and celebrating the 20th anniversary. thanks for feeding us this morning. >> "the early show" is coming up next, they are going to have monika and howard will be back in 25 minutes with more weather and traffic. >> right now more music from kindred and the family soul.
6:59 am
have a great weekend everybody. >> enjoy. ♪ [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]


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