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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. jurors in the michael jackson manslaughter trial begin deliberating the fate of dr. conregard murray after both sides wrapped up their cases with emotional closing arguments. >> herman cain faces another critical day as one of his accusers may come forward to discuss her sexual harassment claim as spoureupporters releas new ad saying racism is behind it. we will tell you if unemployment is expected to rise and what that could mean to the markets. and look out below. there she blows. surfers and kayakers can't get a whale of a surprise off this california coast and it's all caught on tape. we will tell you all about the
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close encounter "early" this friday morning, november 4th, 2011. good morning. welcome back to "the early show" on a friday morning. it's november 4th. i'm chris wragge. >> looks like nighttime out there still in new york city. i'm rebecca jarvis. erica hill is on assignment this morning. >> how about that whale picture? >> incredible stuff. when you see that kind of thing, you think, what would it be like to be nearby? these people are so close when they are looking at it. >> i love the water but if that happened when i was there, it would scare the bejesus out of me. ebegin with the los angeles jury. who is responsible for michael jackson's death? a negligent doctor or the singer himself? on thursday, attorneys gave emotional closing arguments in the trial and now the fate of
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dr. murray is in the hands of the jury. cbs news correspondent ben tracy has the story. >> this is bizarre, unedgeable, unconscionable behavior? in his final closing arguments to the jury. >> michael jackson trusted conrad murray. he trusted him with his life. he paid with his life. >> reporter: jackson was said to be in good health the day before he died. rehearsing for his upcoming world tour. he wanted his children to see him perform. >> for michael's children, this case will be on forever because they do not have a father. they do not have a father because of the actions of conrad murray. >> reporter: the prosecution says murray failed as a doctor,
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distracted by phone calls and text messages while jackson was hooked up to a propofol i.v. he also failed to tell emergency responders about the drug as they tried to revive the singer. >> this is not a reality show. it's reality. >> reporter: yet, the defense stuck with their argument that jackson was a likely drug addict injecting himself with a fatal dose of propofol and taking other sedatives. >> michael jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed lorazepam and dr. murray did not know it. they want you to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. they just don't want to tell you that. >> reporter: the prosecution dismissed the defense's self-injection theory, but dr. murray's attorney said his client was simply the victim of michael jackson's odd life. >> he was just a little fish in a big dirty pond. >> reporter: ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. joining us from los angeles
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again is jean casarez who has been covering the jackson trial and is a correspondent for trutv's "insession." you have been there since day one. in your estimation who gave the best close yesterday and why? >> they were both very, very strong! it became like a credibility contest yesterday on the character of conrad murray because the prosecution really argued that conrad murray was such a selfish person, only in this forum himself. he wanted to make the $150,000 a month off of michael jackson and when it got to be an emergency in that bedroom, he pocketed all of the vials. it wasn't a doctor/patient relationship, it was an employer/employee relationship and that is why he violated that legal standard of care. brought out so many lies in the statement of conrad murray that conrad murray said that michael jackson is a saying i can't sleep i to go to rehearsal but
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the records show he was on the phone all morning. michael jackson wasn't talking at all because he was asleep on propofol drip. the defense argued that that murray wanted to good and he came on board to try to help michael jackson sleep and he realized he had to wean him off of that propofol and he made a lot of bad mistakes but they weren't criminal mistakes. >> when dr. conrad murray didn't call 911 first. do you think that deviates in the standard of care? >> it is locked all around and nobody can come into the premises of that home. if you called 911, he would still have to call security to get somebody to be able to come into the gate and so to save time, call security, like he did, security should have gone and gotten an ambulance. they should have done something rather than just send somebody upstairs. >> how long do you think the jury is going to have to deliberate with this? >> well, this is friday. jurors love fridays.
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this jury is tired. i see that. i think they want to get back to their lives. there is a lot of evidence. it's been a long trial. i think we could have a verdict today. i think it could go into next week. >> in the jury decide to acquit dr. murray what would they have to find to justify doing so? >> they will have believe that michael jackson injected shimself and swallowed pills but more than that. that this event, this intervening event wasn't foreseeable and that is where the prosecution has strength because they brought out that conrad murray knew that michael jackson had a propensity for pills and also that he loved to reach for that syringe. it's in conrad murray's statement so makes it not unforeseeable act which even more he violated the standard of care by turning his back even in that bedroom. >> any surprises during the closes on either side? anybody could catch anybody offguard potentially? >> on the prosecution side, they have such strong evidence. i counted six times they brought
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up michael jackson's children in the first two minutes which emotionally brings so much to the closing arguments but it was obviously, they wanted to bring in that emotional aspect. it's true the children don't have a father but this is a standard of care. this is violation of a legal duty. this is criminal negligence. that is the legal standard that they have to drive home and prove that beyond a reasonable doubt. >> jean casarez, thank you, as always, and talk to you later. >> you're welcome. we turn to the latest on herman cain and the sexual harassment controversy that swirls around him. >> he is letting others speak up for him as he tries to keep his campaign on track. political correspondent jan crawford in washington with the latest on this. >> reporter: cain advisers are telling me he is done talking about these allegations and back to talking about policy, economy, things they say that matter to the american people. but that might be a challenge for him today. >> excuse me! >> reporter: staying away from the media frenzy, herman cain thursday talked policy.
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meeting henry kissinger at his home in new york. the long plan, the meeting comes as cain is trying to refocus on the issues, instead of the allegations of sexual harassment. but, at the same time, cain refused to back away from saying the story was part of a dirty tricks campaign by texas governor rick perry. >> i don't see any other way it could have come out. let's just say there aren't enough bread crumbs that we can lay down and connect that leads us anywhere else at this particular point in time. >> reporter: perry forcefully denied the allegations last night saying he would fire anyone who leaks such a story. >> if you're passing on rumors that are that heinous, that bad, you don't need to be working with me. gone. >> reporter: cain's campaign is reaching out to rally conservatives around him. the campaign said he has raised $1.2 million since sunday night. cain sat down for a interview with jenny thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence
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thomas. she asked cain if he was being set up by the media. >> that is the d.c. culture. guilty until proven innocence. >> reporter: this morning, a procain political action committee is saying the controversy is motivated by race. the ad refers to the clarence thomas hearings more than two decades ago. >> it is a high tech lynching for uppety blacks. >> reporter: supporters in iowa say they aren't disturbed by the accusations and standing by cain two months before the caucus. >> i don't think it's going anywhere. i think the national news has pushed it but from everyone i've talked to it is a nonissue. >> reporter: to could become an issuer today and find if one of cain's accusers is releasing a statement and could release details and keep the story going. >> jan crawford, thanks. we bring in host of "face the nation" bob schieffer.
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good to have you with us. >> thanks, rebecca. >> you see the information out of jan crawford's report the cain campaign is saying it is something getting their supporters riled up. do you think that could continue and, in particular, can that support continue if this individual comes forward? >> i think it's going to be very, very difficult, rebecca. it's interesting. when these kinds of things happen in campaigns, the first thing the person is being accused of something does is announce that their fund-raising has gone up and sometimes that does happen, but this story, i mean, it changes by the minute. the day before yesterday, as herman cain was making his way through washington, it was almost like stay tuned for the next chapter, because the next chapter may be absolutely contradictory of what the previous stop disclosed. so i think the cain campaign is in real trouble, frankly. >> these chapters that you mentioned, they have a lot of infighting going on. you have perry saying now he is
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going to fire a staffer if they were the one who leaked the story. you have cain threatening the perry camp saying basically they are the ones who put me in this comras and now racism put him in this place. what does this do to the gop contenders for the 2012 election? >> i think that is one of the most interesting parts of all of this. we have had more debates than ever early on. i think they have been terrific. i mean, they have been attracting large audiences. i think we are finding out a lot about these candidates. but this -- this stuff, it's hard to see -- well, i think it does help some of the candidates. i mean, i've had several people who know a lot more about republican politics than i i do tell me they think that in the end, that newt gingrich may actually emerge as the alternative to mitt romney. we have had these various candidates that have come and gone that have sort of been the challenging for that role. first, it was going to be michele bachmann and then rick perry.
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newt gingrich is sort of still standing. so as long as he stays out of the line of fire, it may well be him. but there is another thing to notice here. mitt romney is staying well away from this. you know, there is this old saying in politics, don't get between a man and a firing squad. let the firing squad do its work. you haven't heard a word out of mitt romney. and when the perry campaign tried to blame this on the romney campaign, the romney campaign, they didn't try to engage on that. they just came back with two orders, "not true." you're going to see that stance by romney throughout all of this. they want to see this play itself out. so is it helping anybody? i think, yeah, it probably is helping mitt romney to some extent and whoever the next alternative to romney is going to be and a lot of republicans that think mae well be newt gingrich. >> newt gingrich's name is coming up more and more in all of this. bob schieffer, thanks. >> you bet. >> you can see bob this this
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morning on "face the nation" on cbs. latest from wall street where investors have a lot to watch this morning, including a very important jobs report. >> alexis christoforous of cbs "moneywatch" is at the new york stock exchange with more on that. good morning. >> that's right, rebecca. in less than an hour and a half the labor department will release the latest jobs report for october. forecasters expect the economy added 90,000 just nobs laew job month. if that holds true, it would keep the unemployment rate stuck at 9.1%. while the unemployment rate is expected to remain unchanged, the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits fell below 400,000 in october for only the third time since april. >> when you look at the unemployment figures historically, we haven't seen unemployment numbers like this since the 1980s. >> reporter: floor trade doreen mogavero says continue uncertainty about jobs and the
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housing market and, of course, europe is keeping the money needed to give the economy a real boost on the sidelines. all that uncertainty is making shoppers cautious. sales at big chains like macy's, costco and target fell short last month. not what retailers want to hear heading into the crucial holiday shopping season. and with the biggest u.s. companies getting 25% of their profits from the europeans, all eyes will remain overseas as an indicator of our own economic fortunes. >> people here have to care about the european economy. they are an enormous consumer for us, for our products here in the united states. >> reporter: and that fact is not lost on investors. european stocks gave back early gains and they are mixed ahead of this morning's jobs reports. and stock futures here are near the flat line. >> alexis christoforous on wall street, thank you. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. good friday to you. >> good friday to you and good
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color combination as well. >> primary colors. in our news this morning, new survey finds there are more dangerousy drivers on the road. a aa says 32% of drivers admitted the last 30 days driving while they were, quote, so sleepy they had a hard time keeping their eyes open. study last year found 1 in 6 fatal crashes involves a drowsy driver. in brazil a dramatic police take-down. officers were driving at a small runway at a smaller airport to prevent a smuggler from taking off. officers rammed the plane's wing. the plane was severely damaged, as you can see. five suspects were arrested. more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of electronics was
7:16 am
confiscated. air fares are on the rise again. us airways and delta are raising prices on most domestic flights by ten bucks per round trip. other carriers will likely match that hike. and "wall street journal" reports a growing trend charging more for aisle and window seats than for those in the middle. moscow this morning, the conclusion of a simulated mission to mars. six crewmen emerged from a mock spacecraft and spent a year and a half together with little else simulating the isolation of a potential flight to mars. one crew member is saying he is looking forward to seeing his
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still ahead this morning, president obama facing tough questions overseas having to do with the economy and what is being done to prevent a financial meltdown in europe. also off the california coast, a humpback almost handed on the backs of some kayakers and surfers. we will have their whale tale in a little bit. this is "the early show" on cbs. like kenmore, craftsman, nordictrack, die hard, samsung... and our gifts will be top notch. our wrapping? that's another story. only sears has this collection of leading brands you can't find anywhere else. now that's real joy, guaranteed. sears.
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♪ feed the senses prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. ♪ does it get any better than this? >> does not. lose like a rolltide alabama sky. >> college football. lsu is playing alabama tomorrow night. the people of tuscaloosa,
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alabama. many of them are still rebuilding after a tornado there killed 41 people in april. >> they are still others, many are still in mourning including some of the alabama players. coming up, we will you to tuscaloosa between the special bond between the tornado victims and the athletes who pitched in to help. following the hours of the tornado nick saban led a number of alabama players that got into the community and have continued to stay in the community and we will talk about that when we come back. announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by be smart. book smart. not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? fret not ma'lady, i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played sir. download the free app and get exclusive mobile deals. be smart. book smart.
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♪ remember those images six month. much of tuscaloosa was in ruins after a ted he deadly tornado killed 41 people there. the city is still recovering as you can imagine. tomorrow night is an important moment as alabama plays host to lsu to see who is number wrun in college football. this is a mass jif matchup, number one, versus number two. you've seen this video. we showed it to you at the beginning of the program. a surfer and two kayakers. they are in california. they are getting a huge surprise off of santa cruz. there is a pot of humpback whales. they decided to join them. they are this close to the disaster. we will show you more of that amazing video in a bit. i can't imagine getting that close.
7:31 am
first, the final day of the g-20 economic summit in france where world leaders including president obama are focused on the financial crisis and the ongoing turmoil in greece. chief white house accordance norah o'donnell is there travel with the president. good morning. this summit is largely overshadowed what is prapg in greece. how is it having an impact on the meetings there? >> reporter: it's interesting. we have the world's most powerful leaders gathered here in the south of france representing the largest economies. in fact, they make up 85% of the world's gdp. yet they are all waiting and watching to see what happens in greece. and, of course, that no confidence vote tonight that may happen with the prime minister, mr. papandreou. a wait and see approach. but certainly a view on the part of the white house that this euro zone debt crisis is something that europe must solve. >> with all of the uncertainty there, i'm sure workable solutions are hard to come by. what can president obama bring
7:32 am
to these talks? >> it's funny. when the president arrived in cannes the place known for the international film festival, he joked he wanted to see some movies. there has been a lot of drama here. it was the french and german leaders who threatened the greeks, that they would kick them out of the euro zone, they would cut off financial aid and then we had that flip by greece. so there has been a great deal of drama but i think the president can do very little. this is different than past history because of the economic struggles we have at home, so the president can only offer words and talk and consultations. not a bailout -- the u.s. to bail out europe. again, europe will have to solve this problem, but i think the point that the white house officials make is that they have got to do this sooner, rather than later, to contain a contagion that could spread to the rest of the world. >> norah o'donnell, thanks. as norah just said, greece is at the center of europe's economic troubles. tonight, greece's prime minister
7:33 am
faces vote that is going to determine whether or not he keeps his job. correspondent allen pizzey is in athens with more. >> reporter: as much as the g-20 leaders want and need to focus on the multitude of problems facing the euro zone, their attention is still being diverted by greek prime minister george papandreou's refusal to accept any agenda but his own. he backed off on the referendum call that set the g-20 meeting on its head but publicly rejected demands he step aside for a caretaker government that would force the bailout plan through and lead to new elections. instead he insisted on going through a no confidence vote in parliament tonight. the scant support he had from greek's already reeling under austerity measures is all but gone. >> i think the better solution for the greek people is the prime minister to decide to
7:34 am
leave the system. >> reporter: a pro government newspaper carried the headline a balancing act on the edge of a cliff and even mps from his own party are turning against him. so it's time to move on for papandreou? >> yeah. i think it is better for the government than for the -- >> reporter: patala can relate to that. two years ago she realized her dream of opening her own restaurant. today it's closed and she works as a waitress for someone else. >> now i don't have a dream. i don't. i'm just going to work every day and wait to see what is going to happen. >> reporter: on the positive side, european stock markets jumped on the news that the greek referendum was officially off the table but the final word won't come until u.s. markets are closed. the no confidence vote is scheduled for midnight local time tonight. genuine cliff hanger for where the outcome really does matter to the audience. allen pizzey, cbs news, athens.
7:35 am
here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. jury deliberations begin in the trial of dr. can rad murray. if convicted for the manslaughter of michael jackson's death he could get four years in pretty much. closing arguments wrapped up yesterday. prosecutors charge murray killed jackson by giving him propofol. the white house is subpoenaed by a house committee for documents in the solyndra investigation. before it filed for bankruptcy, the solar energy company was awarded $500,000 federal loan. some in congress want to know how much federal officials knew about solyndra's finances. a crack is 18 miles long and 260 feet wide and growing. it may break off by the end of the year producing an iceberg the size of new york city.
7:36 am
coming up next, tuscaloosa, alabama is back in the spotlight. >> as alabama gets ready to take a lsu we will tell you why tomorrow night's college football game means more than who is number one in the nation. this is "the early show" on cbs. e plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin.
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way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. ♪ sweet home alabama >> those in sweet home alabama will be excited tomorrow night as we see one of the most eagerly awaited college football games in years. number one playing number two,
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alabama and siouu lsu. this game means more than just a shot at a national title. correspondent cynthia bowers is in tuscaloosa, alabama, with more on this. >> reporter: crimson and white is going up everywhere. the excitement is building. over a hundred thousand people will gather inside the stadium as to watch what some are calling the game of the century. for peopletuscaloosa, a special respond was formed because of that killer storm that blew through here in april. >> my god. look at that. >> this is a very, very drou dangerous city. it is churning through the city of tuscaloosa. this is really violate. >> it was something i'll never forget and a day i'll never forget. >> reporter: the impact was staggering. the storm, as bad as it gets.
7:41 am
an f-5 tornadoes with winds of 200 miles an hour. 41 people died in tuscaloosa. hundreds more were injured. and in the shadow of the university, thousands of homes were completely destroyed. alabama football player carson tinker barely survived. his girlfriend, ashley harrison, was killed. >> i don't want anybody to think i'm the only person that is struggling because there's a lot of have been struggling in tuscaloosa. >> reporter: like their fans, alabama student athletes were hurting and faced with an unlikely challenge. to rebuild the community that has been so supportive of them. >> longest lines in the day after the tornado weren't people waiting on line to find a home, it was people waiting in line to volunteer. >> reporter: barrett jones is one of alabama's top offensive linemen. for months, football took a back seat as he worked to make repairs. he was often surprised when fans took notice. >> people walk up to me and they are like, are you on the alabama
7:42 am
football team? and i was like, yeah, i am. and, you know, just to see the look on their face. >> reporter: a middle waste land where a neighborhood once thrived, homes are rising again. charles and felicia taylor and their four children will soon move into their rebuilt home. they are still maesamazed so maf their heroes came in to help. >> the whole team was out volunteering and cleaning. it really gave us some hope over in this neighborhood. it really made a difference. >> how cool was it that i can use being a football player to make somebody who is hurting so bad to smile? and by something as simple as giving them water and shaking their hands and give them a hug. >> reporter: the efforts is inspiring but as tomorrow's big football game approaches against top ranked lsu, the city of tuscaloosa faces a sobering reality. >> people are in need and this is an opportunity to remind a
7:43 am
lot of people across the country what happened here was devastating. >> we are still rebuilding, but do not give up on us. don't forget us, because we not where we need to be. >> reporter: even as alabama's carson tinker deals with his personal grief, he says the focus is on something much bigger. do you think you take a piece of the community with you? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: there is a sense you're still playing for tuscaloosa, as well as the title? >> yes, ma'am. i mean, we have -- we have put the city on our back this year. >> reporter: and in a city filled with heavy hearts, spirits are soaring. on saturday night, the taylor family, like so many others in tuscaloosa, will turn on the tv. >> to watch our tide roll over those bengal tigers! >> reporter: you know, it could be a tall task as you two mentioned. lsu is number one and alabama is number two and the buildup of this game has just been incredible. it truly could be one for the ages, but certainly one for this
7:44 am
town. it's something to cheer about and folks here will be cheering not just for the players when they give it their all on the field, but for those same people who gave so much off the field to help them recover. >> cbs' cynthia bowers in tuscaloosa for us, thank you. great story. not like a football game can erase all of the memories. the players, like one lost his girlfriend. it will take years to recover from. this one period of time this will bring smiles to the area. if you're looking for an emotional boost for a team you probably couldn't find a bigger boost than this for alabama. >> do you want to wager a bet on this one? >> if you'd like, sure. >> i'm with alabama. >> you're wearing bengal colors. you should be for lsu. i got the red on. >> a dollar. >> catch the game at 8:00 p.m., eastern, 7:00 central on cbs tomorrow night. when the whales went up for a snack, these people many were on the menu. too close for comfort there.
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a few days ago in santa cruz, california, a surfer and two kayakers were having a good time and camera on hand. then something pretty i credible happened. take a look at this. >> never traveled out this far out here before. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, my! >> so close. can you imagine being that close, really? >> no! >> what i think is most interesting about this story, though, is the coast guard has now come out and said, by the way, you have to stay at least a hundred yards away from whales. otherwise, it's whale harassment. literally. you'll be fined. >> you can only imagine the life. we showed video not too long ago, i want to say the last two or three weeks some other people were on kayaks and they had
7:49 am
cameras and they got this close as well. one of the guys jumped in the water to swim with the whales! you got to be kidding me! >> the moral of this story, hop in a kayak if you want some incredible footage. >> that is great but like i said earlier you would have had to resuscitate me. i would need the paddles and everything. >> just passed out in water. still ahead a great guest. the great bill cosby is here telling stories of his first date and much more from his latest book which we have in our hands. this is "the early show" on cbs. there he is! you are a little biscuit. i'm carol. uh, we should skedaddle 'cause it's girls' night. so...okay. oh, wow. you got a skinny-dipping scene after the duel, right? well, i -- shh, shh, shh. show. don't tell. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. just a little -- okay. oh, wow. [ male announcer ] watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through your game console or other devices, all for only 8 bucks a month from netflix.
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♪ a nice fall friday morning, november 4th, here in new york city. good morning, nation. welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge, along with rebecca jarvis. erica hill is on assignment. when you talk about comedy legends, one name always pops up. the man, bill cosby, he has been making us laugh and think for nearly 50 years now. and a lot of laughs in his new book, "i didn't ask to be born, but i'm glad i was." bill cosby with us to talk about his new book. >> one of the most beloved "survivor" champions is with us. we know about his brave battle with cancer. now is he back in remission and he and his girlfriend are
8:01 am
telling us how how they are dealing with the news. he is still planning on running the new york marathon on sunday. herman cain supporters are out with a new web ad this morning. a racist attack by the liberals and the press. political correspondent jan crawford joins us now from washington with more. how is this playing out, jan? >> reporter: herman cain is trying to stay above all of this personally and is back to focusing on policy and his campaign. supporters are defending him. we do have the web out today and also we are going to hear possibly today from one or more of the women who are said to have accused cain of sexual harassment during the time he was heading up the national restaurant association. it may decide whether or not they are going to release them from their confidentiality agreements today. >> the impact, i guess, that is the big question. what type of impact is this having on his campaign now this has gone on all week? >> reporter: chris, i mean, so far people are really sticking behind herman cain, his
8:02 am
supporters are. a new "the washington post" poll shows out nationally he is still a front-runner, tied for first place with mitt romney and that is reflected in a lot of the reporting that we have been doing, talking to voters, particularly out in iowa, where supporters of cain say they think this is going to fade away. they think the charges are, quote, sketchy, one person told us, and it's not that pertinent. interestingly, the campaign is still, still raising lots of money. they have raised more money this week, $1.2 million since this story broke on sunday night than they have a few months combined. and finally, i think look at talk radio. you know that is very important with conservative voters. the conservative talk radio hosts like rush limbaugh, they are really rallying to his defense and could end up being a huge help to him if they stay with him. >> bob sheafer said one of the first bits of damage control is saying we are raising more money. he wants this to be an issue
8:03 am
that is behind him but now racism is brought into question here and now we may potentially get a statement from one of the women. how does he stay on point with all of this going on and with so many people following him and badgering him with questions? >> that is a great question and i think the campaign advisers are asking how do they put this behind him. we are talking about it every day and new details seem to emerge and anonymous at this point and thin hi sourced. one anonymous source here and there. if that continues, obviously, he is going to start saying, look, the media is out to get me conservative voters are respond to that because they don't trust the media and think bias in the press. the problem if these women come forward with details, their faces put to some of these allegations, that is when it's going to be especially hard to put it behind him. >> cbs' jan crawford in washington, thank you.
8:04 am
>> thanks, chris. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. >> i like it when you make that return. >> we are here with you and got to check in with you again. >> appreciate that. good morning. the fate of michael jackson's doctor is now had the hands of the jury. deliberations in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray begin this morning in los angeles. in thursday's closing arguments the defense and prosecution told the jurors sharply different stories about what happened the day jackson died in 2009. >> because of the bizarre, grossly negligent, criminally negligent actions of conrad murray that caused the death of michael jackson. >> they want you to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. they just don't want to tell you that. >> murray's lawyers have said jackson gave himself that fitle overdose of propofol. if convicted murray could get four years in prison and lose his medical license. the head of the bankrupt securities firm mf global jon
8:05 am
corzine has resigned turning down a $12 million golden parachute, he says. the former governor of new jersey and former ceo of goldman sachs has been under fire for weeks now. his firm filed for bankruptcy on monday. more than $600 million in customer money is missing. rescue crews in china are trying to reach up to 50 trapped coal miners after an explosion in rah coal mine in central china. this morning, seven injured miners were rescued using the mine elevator. three four miners, though, were killed in that blast. we have a follow-up now on texas judge william adams who was seen in a recording beating his daughter. police said yesterday they will not charge adams a family court, with any crime because the statute of limitations has passed. the video shows adams hitting his teenager daughter repeatedly with a belt. his daughter secretly recorded it and put it on youtube last week and it became a viral
8:06 am
sensation. adams says he was disciplining her for stealing. in a timely reminder. now it's time to fall back. daylight saving time ends early sunday, so remember to set your clocks back one hour announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by macy's. up next, a survivor in more ways unone. >> east with edgean zohn beat cancer once and ready now to do
8:07 am
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♪ in this morning's "healthwatch," a "survivor" champion battles carnes again. we learned from ethan zohn the winner of "survivor" africa a few years ago has found out he has cancer again. >> reporter: he was the survivor who not only triumphed in the network series of the same name. >> the winner of "survivor" africa. >> reporter: he beat hodgkin's lymphoma and he was diagnosed with in 2009. >> hey. i'm at the hospital right now. >> reporter: ethan underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiation keeping this video diary and shaving off his trademark curls before the chemo
8:11 am
caused too much of it to fall out. after receiving a stem cell transplant and more radiation, the soccer player learned his cancer was in remission. >> so far, so good. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend of eight years and jenna morasca signed up for "the amazing race" which oiked okick in september. he learned his cancer has come back localized in the lung area. >> knowing i have the best doctors in the world and incredibly supportive family and girlfriend jenna. >> reporter: he is now receiving a new chemotherapy treatment which only targets the areas affected and still moving forward with his plans to run in the new york city marathon on sunday, refusing to let cancer sideline him. >> it's for fighting cancer. it's for everything. are we ready? key o! all right, let's go win the race! >> ethan zohn and jenna morasca are with us this morning.
8:12 am
thank you for being with us. you find out that you're back and how did you find out that you have cancer again? >> well, i was having some like presenting symptoms which, for me was just itchy skin. i went back for one of my routine checkups and my scans and they found -- >> itchy skin? >> yeah, one of the symptoms of hodgkin's lymphoma is itchy skin with fever and night sweats and loss of weight which i didn't have. i felt completely healthy and normal and our life was going great and then, bang. slapped in the face. >> you've gone through the two of you because you can go through it together one time already. was there that how could this happen again? to fight through this once is one thing but now to have to deal with it another time. >> i think the first time we were, okay, we are going to do this. clear our deck. we are going to make everything available. then when you go into remission, you get your life back and you make plans and we have things we wanted to do and, all of a sudden, it's threatened to be taken away from you again. you're just -- there is the
8:13 am
flurry of emotions. almost more devastating. >> angry and sad and scared. >> everything. >> but you're not going to let them take the new york marathon away from you. >> no way. >> you're still running on sunday? >> of course. i've been training for months. we have 70 runners this year and raise $200 for hiv aids and amazing race is on there too. >> how difficult was it? training for that is not easy with what you've had to go through. >> the chemotherapy i'm on right now is pretty good. it's called sgn-35 and side effects aren't that bad and it's targeted and smart therapy and i've been training through it and feeling strong and healthy. >> can i ask how much different it is? the treatment this time around it is localized and a little bit different. is it more painful, less painful? do you have as many bad days as you did the first time around? >> so far, it's good. but, you know, it's called smart therapy because it only targets the cancer cells. >> it's confusing, though, because it only targets the
8:14 am
cancer cells so it doesn't destroy your body you don't lose your hair so he doesn't look sick but inside there is this epic battle going on, so it's really confusing because he looks you know, fine but you have this kind of war going on inside so it's really hard to kind of manage these two worlds. >> ethan, clearly, you are a fighter and so are you, jenna. been there by his side. what advice do you have for partners who are going through this in their lives with people that he they love. >>? every fighting there is someone helping out a caretaker and for me it's able to have a good support system and someone you can really break down to scream at, do whatever you need to do that you don't feel comfortable doing in front of the person you're taking care of. i think we all need that outlet and we need good friends and keeping your activities and keeping the things you love to do. don't let cancer take anything away from you, you know? kick it out the door. >> ethan, a lot of people show you and know you from "survivor" and the shot of "the amazing
8:15 am
race." and now you're running in the marathon and probably think you're a super hero in some sorts. some people think he can do anything and beat anything. at some point, like you've mentioned you get it once, it's bad but you you get it twice, it's a whole different ball game. >> i'm scared. every day you wake up and you have the worst fears going through your head. but for me you got to take that crisis, you got to take that moment, that negativity and turn it into something positive and for me, you know, doing what i'm doing, going public, it's just, you know, sending a message of hope to everyone out there. the perception of cancer in the world there is winners and losers. you either win and you beat cancer or you lose and you die. there are millions of people who are living with cancer and that is okay, too. i'm not a failure. >> you're living proof. what amount of time do you run to run the race? >> i'm guiding a blind runner this year. >> but he's a fast runner!
8:16 am
>> but no excuse! >> i think longs you finias lonh it. >> we are thrilled to have you with us here again. wish you the best. thank you both. good luck in the marathon this sunday. up next, about anything you can buy is reviewed online. >> when it stays four stars or thumb's up, how do you know that is a legitimate appraisal? we will help you separate fact from fiction here on "the early show" on cbs. announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by osteobilist osteobi-flex. helps improve joint movement in seven days. osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand.
8:17 am
actually... that way i could split my payments up into, like, little bite-size chunks. yeah, i mean you feel me right? i mean... yeah. uh, sir... ah... [ male announcer ] layaway's back for christmas in our electronics, toys, and jewelry departments.
8:18 am
the leaves in central park are turning and the holidays are around the corner. when they arrive you got to decide what gifts to buy, which restaurant to take the visiting family members to and you sometimes go online to look for help in the reviews online.
8:19 am
>> exactly. you want to believe them but the truth is some companies may be playing around with the system. here to tell us what they do it and what to do about it is cbs contributor regina lewis. we have seen this and previewed it before the commercial. you see three stars, four stars, thu thumb's up, thumb's down but inflex of fake reviews. how do you tell which are the good ones and bad ones and what to believe? >> it has a lot to do with influence. the back story. people don't want to waste their hard-earned money. did you buy the item or just go to restaurant or stay at the hotel? the better the reviews the better the sales and there is not marketing plan how do we increase our favorable reviews. the question is what tactics are you employing and what transparent are they. are you giving away free samples with the promise more free samples behind if you write favorable reviews? are you paying people $5 for favorable review?
8:20 am
people aren't aware that is happening. >> do you pay attention to the reviews a lot when you look at things? >> i do. >> do you? >> i do actually. i do a lot of online research before i go to restaurants especially and i'm always look at the reviews but sometimes you can kind of see something that is a trend and i feel if you see a trend and people are saying exactly the same thing then maybe not the one you trust. >> a great point. the major review signs have automated tools where they are scanning for that so they will look for influx of reviews from the same computer and look for inordinate amount of four star ratings coming in at a rapid pace. there are other things you can look for. >> like? >> we have a great sample. for instance something that is really over the top that has language we are going to call this out. you know, it was the most unbelievable thing ever! the exclamation point is a bit of a give-away there. it was the absolute worst. way too long. really over the top language is a red flag. direct mentions also a red flag.
8:21 am
this one is interesting. so here they are naming the store, electronic warehouse. you wouldn't really do that because keep in mind when you're writing the review the store is a above it and probably a picket. you wouldn't name the picture and the model. the reason is you're trying to get the search engines. if it's a deliberate campaign you will name the product and hoping when people search for it will turn up. that is a red flag. cornell university did a first study the use of first person is actually a little bit defensive so they reviewed fake reviews and the real deal. people that wrote the fake reviews tended to say things like my parents. i. my husband and i. almost as if they are trying to overcompensate, really, really, this is real. they are trying too hard. >> interesting. >> those are the red flags. what are the signs you can read a review and say it's genuine? >> did the person purchase the item. this is cute, i like the color. about you buy it or not? amazon has a head start here and
8:22 am
verify whether someone purchased the item or not. they have credit cards on file so any kind of fraud is more traceable on their end so a key one. is it balanced? most people, take hotels, he will, people say it was great, we loved the view, the food was great but the bathrooms were small or construction next door was loud. last thing was it soused? you can click on the name of the reviewer and see if they wrote other reviews. if they are the most prolific reviewer on earth, maybe they are getting paid. >> like taking a test. to see if you are cheating or not. >> that was not the moral of the story. comedy legend bill cosby is with us coming up on "the early show." stay with us.
8:23 am
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8:30 am
♪ i should have been a cowboy i should have learned to ride ♪ >> i've been saying that for years, i should have been a cowboy. welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge along with rebecca jarvis. erica hill is on assignment on this friday. coming up, time to put on your cowboy boots because we have country music for you. superstar tobey keith was in town to promote his new album, ninth number one album and we will hear from him at the intrepid sea and air space mutual you don't want to miss. toby is real country. >> real country. the one and only bill cosby is here. he has been everywhere, done everything. he has some very sharp opinions on everything from the bible to romance and even kim kardashian and put the best of those observations into his new book.
8:31 am
"i didn't ask to be born but i'm glad i was." looks like he is excited to tell us about it too. >> resting comfortable up on our set over there. first, the macey's believe campaign benefiting the make a wish foundation. last year, we helped two special kids see their wishes come true. a young boy from georgia maim a meteorologist for the day. while aspiring dancer from new jersey got to take dance classes at an elite performing center. >> joining us is martine reardon and david williams and georgianna hull. >> nice to see you all. >> when we see you, it's like the holidays are here all over again. you've been doing this the fourth consecutive year. what can people expect this year? >> we like to add a new element to the campaign this year. this year, we have two exciting elements. we are bringing technology into
8:32 am
the campaign. it allows you to see the characters fr characters in your iphone and ipad and android phone. it's a fun way for you to interact with the animated characters when they come to life. can you take a photo of them, play with them. it's a new engaging way for kids and adults alike to play with them. >> at home for people who aren't familiar with this, what is it about? >> the macy's campaign starrted this is our fourth year. the make a wish foundation is such an important foundation to to us. what we are asking people to do children of all ages come to the believe mailbox at any macy's store and bring your stamped letter to santa talking about why you believe and for every letter we receive we donate a dollar to the make a wish foundation up to a million
8:33 am
dollars. >> i have worked with make a wish for years now. it seems you are able to provide the kids with life-threatening diseases with moments they never will forget. what is the statistic? one every 30 minutes a wish is granted. >> we are able to do do it with great friends like macy's and their customers who do so much in terms of dote natiknow daton through the believe campaign. we are very blessed to have over 25,000 volunteers throughout the country grant these wishes and so if it wasn't for great corporations like macy's and volunteers like georgianna, we wouldn't be able to do what we are able to do. >> here you are! >> here i am. >> how wonderful is it to be involved in this? >> it is beyond words. it become the center of my life, my passion. i would do anything for these
8:34 am
children. i had a own personal loss in my life, my husband, and i needed to pay back the love and support given to me and what better way when i saw an article in the local paper looking for wish granters. >> what do you do as a wish granter? >> i'm a meadary. we coordinate are the office back and forth with the child for whatever the wish might be and prepare a wish celebration and we provide the itinerary. >> being outside from the business standpoint, can you describe the reaction of the kids and the families? >> the reaction is amazing. i don't think there is enough words in the dictionary to describe how the children feel. the joy on their faces and their smiles. i recently spoke to some of my wish children, isabella who had a wish granted six years ago. she had a bedroom makeover. she was moving to her grandmother's house and and six
8:35 am
years later she has the exact same bedroom and the pink is still there and to see the face describes everything. >> the fourth year now. the rise in popularity, have you seen the type of growth that you thought you'd see when you first started, embarked on this whole mission? >> it's amazing to me. we add some new elements each year so there is more engagement and participation. we see people want to flock to the stores and bring in their letters. i get phone calls and david gets phone calls from our customers who say they want to be volunteers. just the awareness the program is creating, i think, has been amazing. >> we appreciate the three of you being here and wish you the best of luck this holiday season. thank you all very much. for more on the macy's believe campaign go to and you can get involved. >> here is jeff glor with one more check of the headlines. latest unemployment numbers
8:36 am
are just out this morning. labor department reports that 80,000 jobs were added to the economy in october. that is the fewest in four months. the unemployment rate fell to 9%. almost a week after that freak snowstorm hit the northeast, power outages continue today. nearly 600,000 customers still without power. more than half in connecticut. utility crews from as far away as mississippi are working to repair the lines right now. in thailand this morning, record flooding is getting worse. water is quickly approaching the center of the capital. a major intersection leading into bangkok is under nearly two feet of water. a playpen is getting attention here. meet 2-year-old matie robinson and 3-week-old sassy, her pet lion cub. they live near brisbane, australia. she has joined the robinson family. matty has been officially
8:37 am
designated the cuddler. ti bill cosby is an entertainment legend. >> yes! >> he takes cues very well. >> he is great. actor, comedian, producer, he made us laugh just now. >> he is out with a wonderful new book "i didn't ask to be born but i'm glad i was." bill cosby, welcome. >> you cannot say that. >> no? >> if you are in trouble with
8:38 am
your mother, standing in your room and you're 11 years old and your mother is saying, this room is a pig sty and i want it cleaned up now. >> here is a taste of the book right here, bill. stories like this throughout the entire book. >> lots of anecdotes and stories about love. your first love, bernadette. >> she was not my first! >> you devoted all this time to the book to her. >> did you read the book? >> i did. a whole chapter on bernadette johnson. >> we were 16! so you go through love as a male, you go through love, they call it crushes. i mean, there was doris mann when i was 12. >> but not bernadette, though. >> but bernadette is when i'm 16. but then i went to fell mars and
8:39 am
then i went to muriel gray. i mean, i was there! >> was there anyone you didn't love? >> now, i'm telling you, after my big dream. >> yeah? >> at age 12. >> yeah. >> i went to the elementary school that i'm attending and i'm in sixth grade and i went around to every girl in the schoolyard and apologized to each and every one for my previous behavior. >> is that right? >> that was a good move. i like the dance moves that you paint or not dance moves that you paint in the book. the boys and the girls going to separate sides of the gymnasium waiting for something to happen. >> i thought that that might be a little -- because i'm 74 years old. i thought 60 years ago, maybe some people wouldn't be able to identify with that.
8:40 am
>> you couldn't? >> and you stand there and i don't know who the first guy was. i think it might have been some spirit from karma or something that they planted in the line that walked across and then the rest of us went. but we didn't need him any more. >> that was the same thing. when i was younger a homecoming dance i remember going to a homecoming dance and not dancing for one second. it was women on one side, while the guys on the other. forget about it. you couldn't get them together. it happens, generation-to-generation. >> how old were you to have a homecoming? >> i'm talking back in high school. >> weren't you the king too, chris? >> no. >> i mean, to have a homecoming. see, we lived in the projects and the school was two blocks away. >> yeah. >> everybody is lower, lower economic. >> uh-huh. >> i don't know what a homecoming is. >> a homecoming is a thing they had for the upper classmen who graduated but they didn't come to the dance but that is another
8:41 am
story. >> it is. bill, i want to get to the point about the qr codes in your book. >> yes. >> because you have these -- if we could show them. throughout the book, you have qr codes and what was the thinking behind putting these things in the book? >> to sell the book. today, we are moving quickly. >> yes. >> and we have to pay attention to things that will give access to draw people in so that it's easier for a person with a smart phone, to sit at home and then bill, you cue in and, boop, on your picture screen, you can get all of those pickets of what he has drawn and he is -- he is a genius. >> great pictures. >> and then you can, bop, you can get bill cosby describing
8:42 am
why he wrote. >> how about that sound effect? can you get that too? >> which one. >> the boop! >> no, you you can't get the boop but i can do it for you twice. i can give you on your phone, you know, when you do your voice, say, hi, i'm not in right now. i could do boop! >> bill, thank you very much for being here. >> is it time to go? >> this is a sitcom waiting to happen. networks
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ ♪ i love this world >> tobey keith is at the top of the "forbes" list of highest earning country performers and has 29 number one hits and tons of industry awards in his long career. >> not long ago, keith came to new york to perform for servicemen and women on the deck of the intrepid sea and air space mutual and that is where
8:45 am
russ mitchell caught up with him. >> reporter: tobey keith always brings a little bit of oklahoma when he comes to town. ♪ >> reporter: and in new york city, he came with more songs inspired by his life. including the title track from his new album "clancy's tavern." >> teal me about clancy's tavern. >> my grandmother had a bar in ft. smith, arkansas and she owned the hottest night spot so i took all of the people that were in there and i just brought clancy's, my grandmother's hot tavern back to life again. ♪ ♪ how do you like me now now that i'm on my way ♪ >> reporter: if it seems he is feeling nostalgic, perhaps he is. he left home for country music's capital, nashville. that first trip was a short one. >> playing those bars and just writing songs and taking them in
8:46 am
and getting rejected and saying, you know, there's a thousand just like you here in nashville. fortunately, they came to oklahoma and found me. it takes finding somebody who thinks the same way you do to open that first door. ♪ >> reporter: the a few years later, that door finally opened. and in 1993, tobey keith got his first taste of success with "should of been a cowboy." ♪ i should of been a cowboy i should have learned to rope and ride ♪ >> reporter: he covers the country music theme. beers, bars, horses and smoking ♪ smoking through the front door puts a big smile on my face ♪ >> reporter: but it's the political anthems. ♪ i'm an american soldier >> reporter: rallying for the stars and stripes. ♪ this nation i love is falling under attack ♪
8:47 am
>> reporter: and concerts for soldiers that have brought him into the political crossfire. did you have any idea when you started in this business, that, at some point, you would be seen as political as some people have seen you? >> no, but it's not nothing i painted myself. i didn't hang that shingle up, you know? ♪ and eagle will fly >> i wrote a song called "courtesy red, white and blue." i had extreme support from the right. yeah, that's the way to do it. and then i had extreme anger from the left and it was like i was caught in the middle. ♪ ♪ courtesy of the red white and blue ♪ >> reporter: despite the political wrangling keith has supported the american troops and visited them in every corner of the globe playing more than 180 shows with the uso. >> i went for the first time ten years ago to honor my father who was a vet and then you get to meet all of these true american
8:48 am
heroes that get out and walk the beat every day. i said -- that's my calling and i'm going to do it. there is a first responder right there, by god. >> reporter: last week, when keith came to the site of the 9/11 memorial, he reached out. take a look at this over here. it's pretty cool. the names here. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: he had been to ground zero before. >> i love this down here. that's unbelievable. >> reporter: but had not seen it like this. >> this is remarkable. they have done a heck of a job, man. the families can always come here and remember their loved ones. welcome to the intrepid bar. >> reporter: keith gave a small group of veterans on board new york's air and space mutual a taste of the new album. ♪ singing here is to you
8:49 am
clancy in your neighborhood tavern ♪ >> reporter: which is praised by critics as one of its best. the album's first single is the number one "made in america." ♪ my old man spent his life living off the land ♪ >> reporter: is it your dad in the song? >> it was a different time when you could go in the bank, shake hands with your banker. he would have your back if you wanted a new car. you had to buy a load of cattle or whatever, a new home. and now it's so globalized that you don't have that one-on-one. ♪ singing here is to you clancy and your neighborhood tavern ♪ >> reporter: at 50, tobey keith continues to be a powerful voice for his fans who, this week, made "clancy's tavern" his ninth number one album. ♪ we will see you tomorrow
8:50 am
my girl ♪ >> reporter: russ mitchell, cbs news, new york. >> thank you! >> good to hear from toby what was an amazing artist and great american. you know the phrase. if you take them off, he'll stick his boot -- >> he will. what a great way as a celebrity visiting the troops in the far corners of the earth. >> they love him. the guy bleeds red, white and blue. we leave you with another number one hit song from tobey keith. >> and while we do that, we bring you the names of our hard workers here at "the early show." ♪ we got losers winners chain smokers and boozers we got thirsty hitchhikers ♪ ♪ and the girls next door dressed up like movie stars ♪
8:51 am
♪ hum hum hum i love this bar ♪ ♪ we got cowboys we got truckers and broken hearted fools and suckers ♪ ♪ we got hustlers and we got fighters early birds and all-nighters ♪ ♪ and veterans talk about their battle scar hum hum hum i love this bar ♪ ♪ i love this bar my kind of place ♪ ♪ just walking through the front door it puts a big smile on my face ♪
8:52 am
♪ it ain't too far to come as you are ♪ ♪ hum hum hum i love this bar ♪ ♪ i've seen short skirts high tail blue collared boys and rednecks ♪ ♪ and we got lovers and lots of lookers dancing girls and hookers like to drink from an amazing jar ♪ >> you got that right. ♪ ♪ hey hey hey i love this bar ♪ >> we are going pick now. ♪
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