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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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chasing a guy. they say he was a drunk driver and he had sideswiped all of the cars and the car went airborne. >> most of the people ran. so originally they were behind the gate seeing if they could see somebody. it is a miracle she is still walking. >> reporter: in fact, not only was that passenger able to walk, police say the driver actually ran from the scene. >> i hope they get whoever he is. i don't know who he is either but i hope they get them. >> it is completely totalled. even the wheel is coming up. >> reporter: but one of the few cars able to drive away parked on the street in one piece. >> i was lucky that i didn't get hit. so i'm good. >> reporter: and he is good. one of the few. we have been seeing cars being towed away after a full day of sitting on the street completely destroyed and damaged. you can't really walk too far without seeing pieces of car
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literally scattered everywhere. now, we talked to police sever times. they can't confirm if it was a police chase or if the driver was drunk but we can tell you tonight they are working hard to identify the driver and hope to have an arrest warrant very soon. back to you. >> what a mess. >> never seen anything like it. delia gonclaves, thank you. sky 9 was over a post office in west virginia today where an emergency call came in about a possible anthrax scare. >> everybody was okay. it happened in jefferson county. peggy fox is joining us from the scene. what was going on there, peggy? >> reporter: it turned out to be a false alarm but what the employees thought they saw was enough to scare anyone. >> crazy to think something like that were to happen in here in the little town of
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ranson. >> reporter: firefighters, police cruisers. lots of yellow tape surrounding the post office and next door in a strip mall parking lot. >> then i pull in here and i'm like what's going on? >> reporter: it appeared to be something extremely serious. possibly deadly. employees at a post office thought they heard an explosion and saw what they thought was white powder in the air. >> when you hear white powder you think anthrax. did that cross your mind. >> definitely. >> what do you do in that case? >> you try get the possible people on scene. >> set up a command, perimeter, got anthrax specialists involved. >> reporter: it turns out they did hear a pop on the school puss but it was on a ballast, the high voltage connection to
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a fluorescent light that burned. >> nothing that would cause any issue. >> reporter: that haze. well, the employees thought it was smoke and they thought it was coming from a package but now we know inside the package was only some cookies. by early afternoon the workers were back sorting out and sending mail. >> they were good cookies. >> reporter: so was the response overblown? folks around here say no, better safe than sorry. and the first responders they got a realle love practice drill. peggy fox. back to you. >> thank you, peggy. one of the republican front runners accuses a lawyer that a series of inappropriate behaviors went on for months and that's a quote. but it may not matter to the republican faithful. bruce leshan was at the convention center this afternoon where you describe
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his reception as wildly enthusiastic. >> far more than mitt romney who was speaking at this convention as well. people were screaming and standing up and applauding and herman cain seemed to be loving it. there is a new washington post poll taken after the allegations that has cain's numbers continuing to rise with the g.o.p. base. seven in ten republicans say they don't give a darn about reports that cain offered unwanted advances for two women employees back in the 1990s. they say it makes no difference when it comes to picking a candidate for them. the only danger sign for cain, republican women were far more likely than man to say the scandal could push them to another candidate. that was a bit of a homecoming today for herman cain speaking to the hard core conservatives the political group funded by the billionaire coke brothers where he used to work and cain
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doubled down. >> just so i can clarify this for the media. this may be a breaking news announcement for the media. i am the coke brother's brother from another mother. yes. i'm their brother from another mother. >> every single person, male and female that we talked to at the american's for progress convention said the allegations had zero impact on their views. a whole lot of them see this as a big liberal media conspiracy and more than one mentioned bill clinton and monica lewinsky and they say that is the kind of proof that would be required to change their mind. we heard today the woman is not coming forward. she doesn't think that's good for her or her career some she is letting her lawyer do the talking.
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that might be the kind of thing that changes people's minds. derek? >> i'm sitting in the weather center with topper shutt. glad it is friday. if i have to get up early tomorrow i'm going to need a coat, right. >> yes. going to bike ride tomorrow. >> i was thinking. >> get ready for low 30s. temperatures right now. it is cool outside. the real cold air is not in here just yet. temperatures primarily in the 50s. 57 downtown. mid-50s in the suburbs. this is just a shade below average. 57 culpeper. 54 frederick. 55 out to the west in leesburg. but again, upper 50s downtown. so for tonight, clear and breezy and cold. two blanket night. lows in the 30s. wind north-northeast at 10 to 15. terps game. sunny and chilly tomorrow. cavaliers versus the terps. 50 to 55. high school football game tonight dress for the 40s and prepare for windchills in the 30s. the rest of the weekend coming up when we come back.
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a fairfax man was sentenced to prison today. he lured women into the horrific world of child prostitution. this is one of five gang related sex trafficking cases brought to justice in the last few months. andrea mccarren has more from the courtroom. >> reporter: this case and another last week in which a gang member was sentenced to life in prison for prostituting a 12-year-old girl have both shed new light on a dark issue right in our area. and we do want to warn you, some of the details are both graphic and disturbing. >> these young girls were forced to have sex in the back of gas stations. at construction sites. at motels across the area. >> reporter: in northern virginia motel rooms in false church, woodbridge and
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alexandria, girls as young as 12 years old. shopped around as section slaves in 7-eleven parking lots. men like these preyed on the vulnerability of the girls many run aways and applied them with alcohol and drugs. >> the damage that can be done to a young person is both physical and psychological and can take years to overcome. >> reporter: not an ms13 member but an associate who offered the girls free of changes to full fledged gang members to improve his standing. >> they take advantage of victims. anything a gang member can do to raise a dollar they are going to do because they are predatory in nature. >> reporter: some of the local ring leaders are now behind bars but it may be their young victims who are getting a life sentence of dispair. gang-related sex trafficking is on the rise and federal law
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enforcement is focused on prosecuting the ring leaders and taking care of the young girls who have been preyed upon. they would like any victim to come forward regardless of her immigration status a hot line number is on our website at an update in the case of a mt. vernon girl who says she was grabbed while walking to school. police released a sketch of what he may look like. believed to be 30, 35 years old, hispanic and 5'10". she says the man had offered her a ride to school and then lunch for her when she wouldn't take it. the man was standing by an older model grey or black four- door vehicle. for the mother of an 8-year- old autistic boy the worst six days of her life. her son was found last weekend
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after getting lost and simply vanishing. the virginia mother joined thousands of volunteers to search for her child and after days of looking for him she lost hope. >> i just dropped to my knees and said i give up, i give in because i knew he wasn't going to survive another night. >> robert will be coming home soon and he will be plenty of cards and banners waiting for him. a high profile arson case. started fires in the city over a three and a half city. one of the fires newsnet a vacant house northeast left four firefighters seriously injured. the plea agreement calls for 25 years in prison. that's when he is sentenced in february. and a landmark capitol hill bar reopened today four months after a terrible kitchen fire. for decades hill staffers and
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other folks have packed into the tune in restaurant and bar on pennsylvania avenue and the fire last june caused major damage throughout the restaurant and the customers actually bandied together to raise 40 grand to help the staff who didn't have any place to work while restaurant was being fixed. still ahead tonight. rescuing addicts on the brink of self-destruction. later, how a woman who has been there herself is getting others the help they need. dr. conrad murray's jury finally gets a chance to talk about the case but can they come to a unanimous decision. i'm karen brown in los angeles. coming up, we will have the latest. up next, good news for commuters who drive the beltway through tyson's corner, and that's a lot of you. 9news now continues after the break.
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some relief for drivers around tyson corner. v dot with major traffic patterns improvements today. by monday rush hour the plan is for all four lanes of i-94 north to shift over route 123 allowing for the reopening of route 123 north, the on-ramp there going onto i-494 and 5 north. >> also, a heads up for metro riders. major track work. the plan there is for buses to
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replace trains. five stations will be shut down for all this work and they are takoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmonte. a push to lower the residential speed limit in the district to just 15 miles an hour is causing problems. d.c. council members wanting to change the speed limit from 25 miles an hour to 15 miles an hour in residential neighborhoods. saying it will help protect pedestrians there. some say it is not realistic. one saying he doesn't think it is humanly possible to drive 15 miles an hour. you have to "tap your brakes repeatedly." a deadly car crash. the car slammed into the rear of a tractor trailer early this morning on the inner loop. the truck driver slowed down in the work zone and that's when police say the car plowed into the back at high speed. the driver of the car was
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killed. jurors are now behind closed doors deliberating the fate of michael jackson's personal doctor. >> dr. conrad murray is accused much causing the singer's death. karen brown is live at the courthouse in los angeles with the latest. >> reporter: the latest is we have yet to hear a peep from these jurors. some of the folks got here in the early morning hours just to try to get one of the eight public seats that are available. i spoke to one woman who came all the way from memphis. today, after spending the last six weeks not being able to speak about this case, today the jurors have a lot to talk about. jurors have over 300 pieces of evidence and the testimony of 49 witnesses to consider as they deliberate the fate of dr. conrad murray. seven men and five women must decide who is responsible for michael jackson's death.
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his personal physician or the singer himself. prosecutors say the choice is clear. >> this is criminal negligence. criminal gross negligence. >> reporter: they accuse dr. murray of giving jackson too much of the anaesthetic propofol failing to properly monitor him and then waiting too long before calling 911. >> if you're going to hold dr. murray responsible -- >> reporter: the defense blames jackson for giving himself the lethal dose saying dr. murray is only on trial because jackson was a superstar. >> this is not a reality show, it is realty. >> reporter: jurors listened to an interview that dr. murray gave police but they never heard directly from the defendant because he chose not to take the stand. some legal experts believe that can have an impact. >> the truthful answer is yes. >> wow. >> it shouldn't but it does. so many people and jurors particularly, one, have in their mind, women, if he was innocent he would have explained what happened. >> reporter: the judge gave
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jurors lengthy instructions about how to interpret the law and advised them to use their common sense when dieting if murray is innocent or guilty of manslaughter. the judge told the jurors if they find there are two reasonable scenarios of michael jackson's death they must choose the one that points to innocence and we will get a two- hour notice if and when there is a verdict. reporting live in downtown los angeles, i'm karen brown. back to you, lesli. >> a lot to consider there. karen, thank you. three weeks away from thanksgiving. already local food banks are worried though more families than ever could be left in need. though they got a little more help today, check this out. united food and commercial union workers union delivered 30,000 pounds of high protein foods. the food bank will deliver those to homeless veterans and military families. we want to remind you, we are part of food drive 9 yet again
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this year. >> yes, we are looking for your donations. right now, you can go to and find donation links to the capital area food bank as well as other food charities all across our area. now, we also want to mention that 9news now is teaming up with the boy scouts to make the donating of the food as easy as possible. on saturday, tomorrow, scouts will drop off empty bags at homes all across the region and then one week later those scouts will be back to pick up the bag hopefully full of food. >> that's the idea. >> a little breezy right now. it would be nice out here right now. >> if you're in the district you will not get the bag. there is a bag tax. 15 safeways you can go to to donate. >> thank you, topper. >> i need a hat. >> if you're going to high school football tonight bundle up. when the sun goes down it is
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going to tank. temperatures now. 55 in bethesda right now. temperatures generally in the 50s. isn't just a little bit below average. 53 great falls and rockville. temperatures still in the mid- 70s. breeze picking up. keep it in mind. 56 in laurel. 52 out toward leightonsville. here is the deal. a great fall weekend. cold for high school football. saturday kind of a cold start. chilly for the terps game and cool for the skins game but barely a cloud in the sky all weekend. for tonight, clear skies, breezy and cold. a two blanket night. lows in the 30s and winds north- northeast at 10 to 15. low temperatures even inside the beltway tonight. upper 30s and plenty of low 30s in the burbs.
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32 in gaithersburg. 33 in rockville. 34 in college park and bowie. no frost advisories or freeze warnings because the growing season is over even though temps will be 31 again in leesburg. for tomorrow morning sunny with a cold start. you need a jacket in the shade. 30s and 40s. winds calm down north easterly at 10. then by afternoon sunny and chilly. you still need that light jacket in shade. 50 and 55. winds nearly at 10. 30s at 7 a.m. 45 to 50 at noon. pure sun. let's talk about the redskins game. mostly sunny. cool a bit. warm in the sun. 55 to 60 for temperatures. next three days. sunday at 58. remember turn your clocks back one more on saturday night. 64. milder on monday. in fact, next week looks great.
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next seven days. we are talking upper 60s by tuesday. partly cloudy skies. i'm a crazy guy. i'm going to put 70 on there for wednesday. couple of showers possible late or at night. then a much better chance of showers and light rain on thursday. a little temperature correction as we get into friday but temperatures in the upper 50s. and of course you've got to change the batteries in the smoke detectors. >> that's a big reminder. >> it is. so don't forget. >> topper's favorite toy. >> yes, it is. is that so wrong? fed up with bank fees? you're not alone. the social media movement that has declared tomorrow bank transfer today. up next in today's cool schools report. something to sing about. we check out the music lab in this middle school when 9news now continues. ñññ
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this week's cool schools takes us to silver spring, maryland. >> mike hydek off to one of the coolest music labs you'll ever see. >> reporter: the key to success.
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>> down to the beat. >> reporter: practice, practice, practice. bethany knows that from her family. >> my dad plays the piano. my grandpa sings. >> reporter: so she decided it was time for her to learn too. >> count 4 more. push return. you had an extra one to begin with. >> reporter: keys. quarter notes. and computers. all coming together. liz carson in her lab has things like youtube at her disposal. 32 computers connected to professional keyboards and the whole room is networked together. >> a third of you have it open. >> reporter: she can see every student's work station from her desk. >> if i double click i can see what they are actual hurricane doing. i can actually control their computer and do things for them. if i want to show them how to do something. >> you need to add your measures. >> reporter: which means if
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you're a beginner like bethany or have been playing for years like elija cole miss carson can follow your every note. >> you want to connect through all the way to the bottom. >> reporter: using programs like rock band students get a chance to compose their own music and then play it too. >> hold that one. >> reporter: which can be a little intimidating at first according to bethany, but with practice, practice, practice -- >> good job. nice. >> reporter: it really comes together for her. and for elija. >> it is a great way to express yourself in an artistic way. >> reporter: now that's cool. >> that is really, really cool. in my day we just had a
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trumpet. if you've got a cool school e- mail mike hydek. >> what about the flute? i played the flute a long time ago. coming up. president obama and his international counterparts wrap up the g20 summit consumed with the debt drama in greece. ia your facebook comment could end up as a result of a google search. coming up. how a case is fueling new controversial efforts to keep illegal immigrants out of frederick county. çñ
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illegal immigration has been a hot button issue in frederick county, maryland, for years now but it just got a lot hotter after an arrest in the murder at a burger king there. >> that's right. scott broom reports how the surprising turn in that case has county leaders looking for ways to keep illegal immigrants out. >> reporter: this is the 21 year old deported once back to el salvador back in 2009 after being convicted for armed robbery here. now he snuck back into the country and is now the suspect in a murder. >> he came back to frederick county. >> reporter: the county council president cites the burger king case as evidence for a renewed
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effort to make frederick county offlimits to illegal immigrants bypassing controversial and tough local laws. >> so we feel that there is an issue. these are just the ones that hit the radar screen because they have committed some type of crime. >> reporter: among the proposals now under consideration a local law to force employers and landlords to background check employees and renters in the federal e verify database and face local sanctions for hiring or renting to illegals. it is an idea that worries some business owners. >> shouldn't be something you've got to spend thousands of dollars each time you want to search. >> we are open for business but we want to be the most unfriendliest county in the state of maryland when it comes to illegal ailens. >> reporter: already required to check immigration status on everyone in arrests. already that has resulted in
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nearly 1000 deportations since 2007. g.o.p. presidential candidate herman cain is back in washington today trying to spend his day campaigning as usual but very tough for him to get away from the firestorm surrounding those allegations of sexual harassment. cain spent most of this week answering questions about the sexual harassment allegations from his years when he was head of the national restaurant association. and tonight a lawyer from one of cain's accusers said she complained about a series of inappropriate behavior and accepted a financial agreement. so even though his client doesn't want to divulge specifics she stands by that complaint. joining us live from right here in washington, cbs chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation." we may think cain is in trouble but they were showing him love
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today. >> the washington post ran a poll that i think completing it yesterday so it includes all of this week and it showed that all of this hasn't hurt him. but i'm going to tell you, derek, this is some pretty serious stuff that is coming along and just over and over and over. it is not so much the charges themselves because it is still kind of fuzzy about what actually happened but the fact that he keeps changing his answers to all. this first he said he didn't know anything about it. then he said he did. then he wasn't aware of financial settlements and so on. to me in the long run i think that's what will hurt him. so while he hasn't been damaged in the polls yet i think if this continues to go on and especially if there are any any revelations i think it will in the end hurt him. >> his main competition right now, mitt romney, has not gotten a bump from any of this. if it hurt cain it certainly hasn't helped mitt romney. >> it hasn't helped him but it
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also hasn't hurt him. i think the romney people are being very careful not to engage in any of this. when the perry campaign denied charges that they had leaked all this information and then the perry campaign said, no, no, no, we didn't do it, it is probably the romney people. you know, the romney people didn't pick the bait at all. they just said not true. because they want to let this happen. and so while he hasn't gone up in the polls as yet he hasn't gone down. so i think in the end it probably does help. >> is he quickly, bob, who are you talking to on sunday? >> we have got everybody in the republican party coming in. kevin madden who is an advisor to mitt romney. liz cheney, the republican activist. ed rollins. lead of the michele bachmann campaign. former chairman of the national black committee. and blackwell as well. we have got them all tomorrow.
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we will talk about just what we are talking about tonight. >> all right. a distinct shade of red on face the nation, bob. thank you so much. we appreciate it. on to international politics where the g20 summit came to a close today with no firm agreements on how to help the big countries still struggling with all that debt. most of the two-day meeting in france centered around the financial crisis in greece. president obama says such a deal is critical to the united states economy and job growth here. >> it is harder for us to do what we need to do for the american people, creating jobs, lifting up the middle class. >> greece is poised to get a $178 billion bailout from other european nations but the greek prime minister through it into jeopardy when he tried to put it up for a popular vote.
5:36 pm
the greeks are calling for his regulation and tonight members of parliament will hold a crucial vote on whether he will still lead the country. emotional reunions today at andrew's air force base. sailors came home today after completing an 85-day combat deployment. the star warriors in support of operation enduring freedom in afghanistan. the navy says 179 officers and sailors accomplished 193 combats with a 100% success rate on that mission. u.s. arabways says it will increase the fares on round trip flights. insiders say other airlines will probably do it too. it is their attempt to increase revenue during the slow travel
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season. the backlash against big banks continues. a facebook group is encouraging you to move your money this saturday and put it into smaller banks or credit unions. they are calling the movement bank transfer day and so far more than 76,000 people have pledged to ditch their bank. a new survey by credit union national association shows at least 650,000 people have made the switch after big banks announced they would charge customers new debit card fees. and if you use facebook, watch your mouth. you're comments will soon show up in search results. that's right. google plans to expand its search index made on facebook and other public network sites. if you've got a profile you won't be affected. the life of an addict. dr. phil's intervention. expert, an addict herself, goes to the streets and we will show
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you what she discovered. wanting to get an upclose peek at those mammals on kayaks. stay with us. we will be right back.
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caught on tape. unsuspecting surfer and a couple of kayakers get huge surprise. look there in that box. hump back whales shot out of the water. they were hungry trying to catch some fish and it is not uncommon for them to do that. and whale watchers are warned to stay about 100 yards away from them so that they don't end up getting too close to the food source. >> look at how far out of the water. wow. in miami dash cam video of a chase. a patrol trooper clocked lopez going up to 120-mile-an-hour while off duty in his police car. it took the trooper 5 minutes to pull the other officer over. he told the trooper he was late for another job. lopez is still on active duty but he is set to go before a judge next month for that excessive speed.
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let's go to brazil. police chasing down and ramming a plane as it was trying to take off. they had smuggled electronic goods inside. left wing of the plane badly damaged. that's how topper got his big t.v. back. >> we are looking at a very nice evening. we will show you temperatures but notice i've got a jacket on already. they will fall fast. 57 downtown. we will tell you just how cold it will be tonight. look ahead to the weekend. a maryland mom who rescued local teens addicted to drugs and spiraling out of control. her unusual method and personal story of battling those demons. my special report "hooked" is next. state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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23 million. that's how many people in the united states are addicted to drugs or alcohol according to a recent estimate. nearly the population of texas.
5:46 pm
tonight in a 9news now special health alert we sit down with an interventionist. she helps families confront family members addicted to drugs or alcohol. >> reporter: as the sun sets a darker side to life in maryland's capital city emerges. drug dealers, many selling crack cocaine, come out on street corners. it is where this interventionist and her hill dog lucy have rescued addicts on the brink of self- destruction. one was stephanie who kept coming back to these streets even when her life was clearly in danger. >> one time in particular i got jump and all my clothes came off and i took off running naked with crack in my hand. i got away with it. they didn't get my drugs. >> reporter: stephanie was heavily addicted to crack and
5:47 pm
heroin when a friend brought joanny into handle. gammle is a former addict herself. more on that later. she videotapes them and gets them on to dr. phil and that gets them to rehab. >> hard at home? >> nothing is harder than the drugs, than to be in active addiction and not want to use. it is a nightmare. >> reporter: a nightmare gammel knows well. the child of addicts she started abusing alcohol and marijuana in her early teens. as an adult she became a registered nurse and then diverted or stole prescription drugs from hospitals. >> i did it as a young nurse. my first percocet was stolen my first job as an r.n. my god, i just loved it. it was just like nirvana. >> reporter: gammel continued abusing prescription drugs even
5:48 pm
after her children were born. she remembers driving them years ago in their baby car seats heavily under the influence. >> i did not feel i was putting my children at risk at the time. and that's the addict part of the brain that is hijacked. your sense of responsibility is gone. >> i was on amphetamines and opiates. kind of like the valley of the dolls all day long. >> all day long? >> all day long. >> that's the way she ended up on the dr. phil show, a desperate mom drowning in addiction. she has brought 12 others on the show. stephanie is one of them. she relapsed once since that intervention but she is clean again and has no desire to go back to those streets. >> i'm sober, happy, free. i don't ever want to be anywhere that is like that place back there. >> gammel still does several interventions across the week across the d.c. area and up and
5:49 pm
down the east coast. if you need her there is a link on the health page of our website getting breezy out there. >> it is. because of that it will feel cooler than the temperature might indicate. so just remember that if you're going to go to high school football tonight. of course, all the highlights on in 9news now at 11 p.m. let's start with temperatures because primarily in the 50s. falling into the 40s very quickly. 57 downtown. but 53 in arlington. 53 bethesda. 54 rockville. and already 52 in gaithersburg. get ready a great fall weekend. cold for high school football. saturday we will have a cold start. chilly for the terps game and cool for the skins game. but really, lots and lots of sunshine. almost pure sun all weekend. for tonight, clear, breezy and cold. two blanket night. lows in the 30s. winds factor north-northeast at 10 to 15. next seven days. we keep it going tomorrow. 53 on saturday. 58 on sunday. and then look what happens next
5:50 pm
week. we are into the 60s. 64 monday. upper 60s tuesday. because it is friday i went crazy. i put 70 on for wednesday. showers and some rain on thursday. cooler on friday. remember this weekend it is 49 hours long. turn your clocks back one hour saturday night. >> will at least be rested. sleep. still ahead. you may have heard all about the woman behind the man. but what about the mom behind the teen. then a little later those girl scout cookies so tempting. they bring in lots of money. doesn't seem to be the only temptation from the sales. virginia may be for lovers. but is it for oprah? that's up next.
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>> we paid a fee every time and my impression was that -- you know, i want to get you to some video here because we have got a really interesting segment to tell you about. and you haven't been transported back in time to the 1950s we promise you but a 21st century dating game could be
5:54 pm
coming to virginia. >> the brain child of oprah winfrey. >> here is lindsey mastis. it is the talk of the town. >> reporter: it is culpeper. now oprah has taken notice. culpeper's director of tourism says a producer called to let them know they are in the running. >> they will be narrowing the field from 40 cities down to 15. at that point the producers will be hitting the roads and actual hurricane making a personal visit to each of those 15 cities. >> reporter: to prepare the casting department is asking singles to fill out this questionnaire. the application is 20 pages long. they say you can add extra pages if necessary. they want to know everything including your dating motto. >> my favorite foods. i wanted to put all. i thought it was interesting they ask who the town gossip was. >> wow. are there any nude or revealing
5:55 pm
compromising images of you through internet? i hope not. >> do you think people would answer this truthfully? >> probably not because if they have them they tonight want anybody searching for them. >> reporter: some questions seem intrusive? >> they asked if i was willing to have them contact my exes. i said no. >> i truly believe being on the show, i think i will definitely find one, if not a couple. >> reporter: in culpepper, i'm lindsey mastis. 9news now. >> culpepper certainly has a lot of eligible bachelorettes. if it is chosen production crews are expected to film for 30 straight days. >> wow you can take part in the greater washington region heart walk tomorrow. we already raised 1.5 million
5:56 pm
for the event. and our howard bernstein talked to someone that raised lots of money. >> the employees like when you get out and walk around and meet with each other. it helps with a sense of community. >> i'll going to be joining, howard, bruce johnson and all the otherwalkers at nationals park. you can still register at kicks off at 8:30. hope to see threw. not often the men and women who run washington t.v. newsrooms come together in a unified voice but it happened today down at the d.c. city council. at issue, d.c. police scanners and our ability in the journallism world to bring you timely information about public safety. you see, we listen to those scanners so we can know where the police and fire departments are going. but recently the scanners were encrypted, or at least their signals were and that makes it
5:57 pm
impossible for us to hear anything. the police chief says her department has other methods to get us the information in the media. local newsroom leaders including our own boss disagree. >> the more crucial scanners are to the process. police and first responders are less likely to have time to communicate with the media. if the public has to be evacuated or warned second count. >> for the encrypting we can help deter crimes. this is easy to do now with smartphone technology. >> in ten days newsroom leaders are scheduled to meet with the deputy mayor to talk about those concerns for the future. when we talk high school sports each week we usuallyly tell you about the players. >> that's right. but tonight someone else is grabbing the headlines.
5:58 pm
>> dave owens with the story. >> any time battlefield high school plays lorraine smith is there which in itself is pretty astonishing. kristin berset travels to prince william county this week nor a story about a proud mom cheering despite what's going on inside her body. >> reporter: lorraine smith is a proud member of the bobcat moms at battlefield high school making sure their sons are well fed before each football game. >> you're having breakfast or dinner? >> reporter: her son andrew is a senior running back and the team's second leading rusher. but before the season even started for the defending state champs andrew and his family faced their toughest thing yet. lorraine was diagnosed with stage ii breast cancer. >> it changes everything. it makes you a different person. >> andrew was very emotional. he looked it up on internet you're going to be fine. i'm okay now. >> reporter: but moving forward meant intense chemo therapy. >> the chemo didn't work. >> reporter: so now lorraine is
5:59 pm
undergoing radiation treatment. this is where the smiths sit for every one of andrew's games. right in the middle of the stands. right on the 50-yard line. now, mrs. smith said no matter how bad she feels she has never missed one of andrew's games. >> it made me happy that every week i had something wonderful to look forward. >> you see that white face in the stands. >> yes. >> reporter: but it is what the rest of the bobcats did that proved family really does extend beyond bloodlines. >> hi guys. >> reporter: they all showed up one day and all had signed a really beautiful card and a big fruit basket. >> reporter: and team support and his mom's strength taught andrew the biggest lesson of all. >> whether you have breast cancer, you're down 20 points, you have to stay strong and have to keep fighting. >> reporter: kristin berset, 9news now. >> she is awfully tough. lorraine continues to go


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