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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 5, 2011 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning, today a mourn a legend. andy rooney has died, he was 92 years old and today we will look back at his life and extraordinary career. it is "the early show" live from 5th avenue. >> it is a sad morning for the "early show". >> we received word this morning that andy ruiny h yi ruy rooney
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complications from surgery. he has followed unimaginable subjects. he told a viewer, he had a knack for getting on paper what people thought and what they didn't think. during world war ii he was a correspondent for stars and stripes and covered the allied invasion of europe. in 1949 he joined cbs. in 1978 he began writing for himself, on "60 minutes". >> if i had ny life to live over again, i would be on 60 minutes
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again and write it and say it. that is what i do. >> he wrote 1097 commentaries the last airing on october 2nd. >> i have done a lot of complaining here, but of all the things i have complained about, i can't complain about my life. >> he wrote 16 books and many newspaper columns. he is survived by four children, five grandchildren. his wife died on 2004. long time cbs correspondent andy ro rooney died today. not only is he a legend, what a great guy. >> this is what we were thinking a couple of weeks ago. talking about how great it is to
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run into him in the hallway. it was the first call i made to my family. he will be missed. the sexual harassment controversy surrounding herman cain, one of the women who claims he behaved in appropriately is speaking out, but only through her attorney. saying she does not want to revisit the case in a public forum. good morning to you whitt. >> good morning to you. president obama who got home late, late last night will have a quiet weekend fighting for his job. current allegations will reshape the republican field. one of the women who complained of sexual harassment is standing
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by her complaint. >> the fact that there are multiple complaints tells me that there was sexual harassment activity at that time. >> while head of the national association in 1999, his client received a settlement of in appropriate behavior although did not give the details. >> if he chooses not to acknowledge those that is his choice. >> his campaign refuses to give the issues. >> attempting to do just that, cane said nothing of the controversy on friday while addressing a crowd of conservative activists. >> whose tell promters are
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these? because i don't need them? >> mitt romney is in a dead heat with him. he said the allegations will make no difference in their decisions. i have been in washington all week and i have attracted a little bit of attention. >> all week he has denied sexualsexual ly harassing anyone. still, there is at least one woman out there alleging this type of behavior. still no one has come forward. >> thank you very much. >> for a closer look at the allegations and how it could change the campaign in 2012, we are joins by strategists good morning to both of you. the look at the poll numbers, and they haven't changed a bit.
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ed, what does this say to you? >> it takes two weeks after the polls to shape up. herman is a non traditional candidate. a lot of people like them and some may not see this as a big deal. it takes all of the energy away from everyone else. this is not a week for it. >> when you look at those polls it says how soft the support is. 27% of herman cain supporters say they are committed to voting for him. >> same thing with mitt romney, 28% say they are committed to voting for him. no other candidate quotes the pokemon theme song. >> do you believe this takes away from the entire republican
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field? >> look, the field is like the bar scene at star wars. it is just, it has failed to really articulate a vision and message for the future and the fig fighting that they are engaging in. that was winning 49 states guess him. >> the president is still darth vadar though, still the subject that in 60 days voters can start picking and the field will narrow down. >> i heard experts saying that newt gingrich has gained from the attention. he has done well on the base. the poll says he has been the best debater even debating for 40 years. someone is going to be the challenger to romney. >> i think the republican party wants to define itself as the
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family values party. newt gingrich who said that he sheet e cheated on his wife because of love of country is not it either. when you get into the major stream of voters, these candidates do not hold up. >> nice try. i don't want to remind you of the last president, but that is okay. or the last democrat president. >> if you are the white house right now. are you sitting back with a bucket of popcorn and saying yeah, bring it on? >> the answer is, they are not sitting back, but they have the popcorn out. the challenge for the democrats right now is to move this campaign to a choice, an alternative and to generate democr democratic interest. >> that is a sad commentary. the best that you can do is say
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we may be bad but they are worse. our slogan is things may have been bad when we took over, but they are worse today. >> after 20 months of job growth, the country is back and engaged. >> you can try to make that case. >> election day is one year from tomorrow. who is going to be the nominee? >> i think probably rom knee. >> i think probably romney, and it is probably a 50-50 race. >> thank you for coming in. >> at the heart of that race people are going to be talking about the economy. the job market improved slightly last month. unemployment dipped 80%. but it continued to be a trend of slightly more positive gains in the job market.
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here with what they think needs to be done, frank soratino, and katia beachum. it is great to have all of you with us. i want to start with you, because you work with temporary staffing. you place a lot of people with jobs. are you betting the impression from the companies that you work with that the demand could be rising in the future for you're employment? they are needing to add resources. and we saw that in the report yesterday. it is a leading indicator to the overall job market. companies are hiring but they are only doing it when they have to. they don't want to go through
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lie off layoffs from the past. >> i want to talk to you, you run a very consumer dry ven business, are they willing to spend more on health and beauty products? >> we are seeing that they are willing, but we are helping them discover the newest and best and it is a cust effective way toe do that. so we are seeing demand and growing demand and which is why we have been able to hire. >> we are adding many jobs. where would you say their biggest concerns are right now and is there an interest in growing. >> we find that when we speak to our clients and customers, that they seem to be hemmed in with this crisis of confidence. everyone is well versed in what
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is happening in greece and they are not making decisions on what is happening in the market. i'll tell you over the last couple of months, people are starting to become more interested in taking additional risks in the market. some of the companies have paired back to the bone. they will start to hire. we are finding an interesting environment where companies are looking to grow a little bit because they are feeling more confident and they are starting to understand that the things that are start ago cross the ocean are important but thnot necessarily to them. construction companies are some of the ones coming to you? >> that is driven by a bunch of different metrics right now. land prices are down.
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interest rates are down at the lowest levels. no one has bought a home for a while. for professional skills, it, engineer engineers, finance and accounting the market is strong and the supply of candidates is low. companies are more likely to hire on a permanent bases than those candidates. in the broughter market, there is more competition. there are three million job openings right now but there are 14 million people looking to fill the openings. and there is an education gap. >> there is a miss match between the skills and the demand. >> what can washington do to help? >> i think one of the hardest thing s when you are leaving school and making the decision to create a company and create
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jobs. it is easier to go for something that is secure. something that would incentivize people to take time and try your idea and create jobs. that would have made my skridecn easier. >> that is a hot topic right now with college debt outweighing everything right now. thank you for being here. thank you, have a great weekend. >> and now for the rest of the he headlines we turn to betty nguyen. >> good morning to you. >> there is good news from greece this morning. george popadraos survived.
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good morning allen. >> reporter: good morning, betty. prime minister met the greek president today in an effort to avoid early elections that would keep the country from bankruptcy and save its membership in the european currencesy. it was the first step to save greece from it's crippling debt. the man who set the country's teeth on edge entered parliament last night and stole silence from the opposition. a pledge to step aside if necessary managed to quell a revolt in his own ranks and i won the no confidence vote by a meer three votes. but the public has reacted with
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an air of be aware of no gifts. >> we have no trust in him. >> none of them have any idea of what they are doing. they should all be hun. >> reporter: he tried to calm the nervous banks and stock markets. i want to tell them to have faith in the greek people. he also said the process of bringing the country back, could only be carried out by a coalition government. what he didn't do was offer to step down. the opposition says they will work to help save the bail out plan. but that leaves the country not much better off than it was yesterday. >> in other news, jury deliblations in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's
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doctor resumes on monday. at issue is whether conrad murray contributed to jackson's death. >> at the end of the day, it is not that complicated. >> reporter: the jury is holding the freedom and livelihood of dr. murray in their hands. >> it takes a while to find a process that works for all the jurors. while a crowd starts to grow outside the courthouse, inside the jury is considering the testimony of 49 witnesses and 4900 pieces of evidence. will they believe the defense argument that jackson was a drug addict and that he injects
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himself? >> he was a little fish in a big dirty pond. or will the jury side with the prosecutor who argued murray was in it for the money willing to give jackson the drug that killed him. >> that was unacceptable behavior. >> they believe the doctor left the room and didn't monitor jackson and he is liable. >> the jury will begin the second day of deliberations at the courthouse on monday. >> three moderate earthquakes shook oklahoma on monday. the quakes struck 50 miles east of oklahoma city. the strongest was a 4.7. no reports of injuries or significant damage. a grass roots movement that is
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fed up with rising bank fees has designated today as bank transfer day. it is urge iing consumers to transfer their accounts today. >> the community of abilene, texas is mourning the death of a student killed in a bus crash. the driver lost control and rolled over and was ripped apart. several of the passengers were ejected at least four injured. the earth is on a close encounter with an asteriod. it is expected to pass the earth on tuesday evening. scientists say there is nothing
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to worry about. it will pass within 200 2,000 mimes of earth. >> let's get to your weather headlines. the set up right now, it is simple, we have a low pressure system in the best. a high pressure system in the east and in between the two it is windy out there. i talk about a low pressure system out west. it will bring about unsettled weather. right there is the mississippi river. west of it you find some rain as well. the eastern half look at that beautiful outside. high pressure has a rotation around it that goes in a clockwise rotation. so in between, how it gets windy, it is like a wind tunnel. shooting the baseball out, that is what you get in between here. places like sa nxtsante fe, you
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have wind gusts up there. that is a quick look at a portion of the country. here is a closer look at the weather for your weekend. well, we get a kick around here that somehow this responsibility falls on the weather man's shoulders that we are falling back. you put your clock back by one hour. it takes place at 2:00 in the morning on sunday morning. we are going to be in bed at 11:00 p.m. that is going to do it for weather. are you okay with this? >> i'm fine with this. it is interesting how this is the weather man's job. local weather all over the
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country. it is our responsibility to change the batteries in yourtec. >> i hold down the fort. >> we appreciate it. >> fine job. >> don't you guys have storyies to read. >> we do. >> he's helping us again. >> coming up. the goes are back. >> the latest on a startling cencus report. >> the latest on kim kardashian's life. she was being mobbed. >> and the latest on justin bieber's baby drama.
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in college football, the number one and number two ranked teams are going to play. we are going to talk to gary
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danielleson about the game being called the game of the century. number one and number two playin
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the fountain right across the street from us. >> welcome to "the early show" coming up we are going to talk to cbs sports announcers the game of the country. >> should be a fantastic game. why young men moving back in with their parents. >> and the latest buzz on kim kardashians after just 72 days of marriage and the behaaby dad charges against justin bieber.
8:31 am
joof a >> and the city is hosting the game between the top two teams in college football. >> reporter: six months ago a monster storm roared through tuscaloosa. ripping the towns to shreds. >> the roof was ripped off. we were being pelted with debris and it was gone. >> reporter: wesley brit, a former alabama and nfl star joined an army of athletes volunteering for weeks and months to rebuild their city. >> you guys have been through so much. >> it is the thing you know you try to keep going. it gives you motivation to work harder for somebody else. >> as you can see there is debris everywhere. but the crimson tide football
8:32 am
team is giving the city a welcome distraction. a win over lsu could help get alabama into january's championship game. and they are competing for a higher purpose. >> it is. and it would be great to bring that title back to the town. >> cbs news, tuscaloosa. >> joining us now to offer in sight on the game of the century, gary danielson, good morning. >> i'm doing great. this game probably going to be an amazing one. the number one and stwo go two going at it. what do you think? >> sometimes these games don't live up to it.
8:33 am
there are two many good players on the field. these are the real deal and if you are not a real man, don't go on the field. it will be love. i do indeed. i believe they are the two best teams in the country. they have proven it on the field. i'm like gary. so often the games do not live up to the hype. i want to talk about tuscaloosa itself. on the grounds, can you feel a sense of the community feeling positive going into it. >> well, i think the fact that they are playing the game six months after the tornado came through is a sign of the
8:34 am
community coming together. we have been here twice now. it was six miles long and two miles wide. you get a sense of the community responding in a positive way. >> this community loves alabama football and they have rallied together and it gives them time to enjoy different parts. >> it is unbelievable. >> what do you think about the fact that they have the home-court advantage? >> in this series, sometimes it has worked and sometimes not. when each team won the championship, they won the road game at the other spot. i don't think there will be excuses after this game. i think both teams are used to playing on the road. most of these guys are used to playing in these games. >> does lsu have their number?
8:35 am
>> they one last year's game. less miles has a hat full of tricks and he uses them and did last year. >> who are the key players in all of this? >> well, you know, you have to close your eyes and pick one. the guy goes up to the phone book and picks a name and there is a story about that one. there are some great ones. >> his defense at lsu is tough. they played oregon and west virginia was another tough road game. i think as good as the players are, there are guys on the other side just as good. got to make a pick though. i know it is not to say which one you are going for, but anyone want to say anything
8:36 am
right now? >> that is taboo. have you ever been to a south eastern conference football game? >> don't want to maken m enemie around here. >> this picket fence on which we sit each week gets testy. i don't think either one of us wa wants to deef jat from that. >> that is a good prediction. thank you for being with us. and by the way, you can watch number one lsu take on alabama take on lsu tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> i love the alabama story. i love the fact that they are coming back after a tough year and a wagered a dollar in i bet with chris. if you want to wager a bet with
8:37 am
me i would be more than happy to do so. >> sounds good. >> i can't wait. >> it is now 23 minutes before the hour. loni quinn is here with a check on the weather. >> what do you think with nick savin going against his own team? >> i think that is an important point. >> you are a trooper. let's get to the weather headlines. in alabama, the site of the game tonight, you have a high temperature of 67 degrees at kick off. the closest clouds will be in the rockies. look at this from north dakota. which weather alerts are put up. this will drop down to the bases
8:38 am
where you could be sees two to six inches of snow. that is the only weather system in town. high pressure in control for a good portion in the eastern half. that is a quick look. here is a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >> make it a great saturday. it was fascinating. incredible. up next, the empty nest syndrome in reverse. why more men are moving back in with mommy and daddy.
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you must be melody. >> it is melissa.
8:42 am
>> oh, okay. all right. you all have a good time. >> you live with your parents? >> is that a problem? >> that is happening a lot of late. although guessing not to matthew mcconaughey. >> young men are moving back in with their parents. >> good morning to you. >> i'm looking at the numbers here. 19% of men 25 to 34 are living at home. first, why more men than women? >> i would like to think it is because women are more independent than men. one is that the unemployment situation has affected men more than women. a lot of job losses in male dominated sectors like manufacturing and construction.
8:43 am
more women are getting their bachelors and masters degrees. >> you said because women are more organized. thank you. >> are we done? >> not quite yet. >> looking for a practical standpoint? >> i think so. but it is definitely a cramp on your style. but fingly it can be a huge step in the right direction. >> will it change? >> i think so. i think it is something to fall back on if you don't have a job. but right now it is heightened because of the job market. you have advice for parents and kids. >> i think you need to have an exit strategy before you move in. you want to have an end game and
8:44 am
don't want to wake up at 11:00 every day and eat cereal because that is what i would do if i didn't have an exit strategy. you want to earn your keep. maybe you are paying rent. maybe you have a bartering system. >> and your parents will appreciate that. >> what about parents? >> you want to make sure that you are not giving a paycheck to your kids. that you are also giving advise. you are giving a roof over their head, that is plenty, but make sure you are an asset to them for financial help. if your child has student loans, here is a great time to share stories, go to the bank together and be a resource and don't co sign on credit with your child.
8:45 am
you may want to get a credit card, but that is dangerous. so get a secured card instead. >> parents are taking a big hit as well. does this put a burden on the parents? >> i like to look at the positives. it can be a great way to share the costs or barter for things. and you know, parents at the end of the day, they love having the kids at home. they know they are going to leave the nest. >> thank you so much. up next. is it true that kim kardashian and soon to be exnever slept in the same bed? the latest. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] dulera is for patients 12 and older whose asthma is not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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reiality star, kim kardashian is back from australia. she filed for divorce. and now questions about whether the whole thing was a made for tv scam. and now questions about justin
8:50 am
bieber. separate fact from fiction for us. >> the fact is, she got divorced and then she flew to australia. was it flan planned? >> i just think she didn't know when to pull the plug. she didn't want to be a run away bribe. when is a good time? there wouldn't have been a good time and she didn't want to keep going with it. we hear she had cold feet. but she felt like she was on a run away train. they told the world. she had convinced everybody that this was a fairy tail and she felt she had to go through with it. we wonder, couldn't she have given it another chance. and chris humphreys saying he was willing to do whatever it takes. >> that is an indication that this was not planned. >> i don't think so. he was still wearing the wedding ring. we had interviewed kim nights before the filing. and she said he was in minnesota unpacking. >> but playing devil's advocate.
8:51 am
we learned that they had separate bedrooms at the hotel where they were staying for almost two months where they were shooting their recent show. if you were in separate bedrooms and you were newleweds, how could you be blindsided? >> we have to get to justin bieber. >> i keep calling it bieber's billy jean. yeah, i don't believe this at all. being on the road with him myself. there is no way this could have happened. her story is not plausible. she said this happened in a bathroom after the show. he leaves in a car right after the show.
8:52 am
>> she alleged it happened when she was 19. could the table be turned where this goes to rape charges on her pa part? >> yes, it could happen. when there is more than a two-year difference, however, we hear from our sources absolutely didn't happen and her credibility is so flawed, it turns out, she accused an ex-boyfriend of fathering the baby first. that is why she went out about it. >> and she has been tweeting about it as well. >> but he could forced to take paternity test. >> that is the sad thing. anyone could file anything in
8:53 am
the country. it is a co vvocal world. >> and by the way. happy 75th birthday. coming up, we are going to look at the best pictures published in half a century and some that you have probably never seen before. this is the "early show" on cbs. separated from your own life... when the only thing you can be sure of is migraines with 15 or more headache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and you may be living with chronic migraine. but knowing that this thing you're going through has a name, means knowing you can find treatments that are right for you. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh,
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♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. as we've been reporting this mo morning, cbs news is mourning the passing of andy rooney. >> his commentary has covered various subjects and we are going to take a look back at his tremendous body of work. his last one was october 2nd. he passed away at the age of 82. more on the life and times of
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
welcome back to the "early show." on this saturday morning folks are out and about at the rink in central park. >> good morning. >> this is a sad morning for those of us at cbs. we have been telling you that long time journalist, andy rooney has died. he was 92 years old. here is a look back at this career. >> i don't know anything that mistifies americans more than the cotton they put in pill bottles. why do they do it? is any adult going to eat this accidently? something i have been meaning to talk to you about for a long time now is faucets. this will be another chapter in
9:01 am
our continuing story on fake stuff. i wondered how mixed the mixed nuts were. land of a chaenchanted new mexi. ran out of gas there, that was some enchanted afternoon. nothing seems funny this week. how could anyone smart enough to make a bomb smart enough to do this be so evil to plant it under a daycare center, i could kill them. >> no such day in the history of the world the terrorist attack on the world trade center, i wish my america had never gotten into this war, but now that we are in it, i want us to win it.
9:02 am
people say i truck too loud. i try to look nice, i comb my hair and tie my tie, but i grown a lot when it comes to trimming my eye brows, you go with what you got, you know what i mean? >> i try to correct what is wrong over the years and it is discouraging to note what little affect i've had they are still putting cotton in pill bottles. >> i look at him, and i would say, why can't i do that? why can't i write like that? why can't i have that kind of talent? >> his observation,'m not correlating him to twitter or facebook, but his observations with random topics, it reminds me to sort of a precursor to saying what is on your mind.
9:03 am
a great example of that. >> i know, he did so much for this industry as well as cbs news and a great member of our family and we will miss him so dearly. >> dead this morning at the age of 92. stay with us for coverage throughout the weekend of his life and extraordinary career. >> let's head over to beddy ngyugen at the news desk. good morning to you. several people are dead after a terrible pileup on a major highway in southwest england. some catching fire and exploding. about 40 people were injured now the cause of the crash has not been determined, but bad weather may have been a factor. in china, 45 coal minors trapped for 46 hours were pulled to safety this morning.
9:04 am
officials blame the accident on a mild earthquake which caused the walls inside the mine to collapse. china has one of the worsest safety records for collapses. >> crowds began the five day pilgrimage, where the prophet is believed to have delivered the final sermon. >> and lines are being drawn on the hard-wood floor in the labor dispute. the talks are expected to resume this afternoon, but factions on both sides are expektcted to increase. owners are holding firm at 50%. and the sky is expected to be clear in phoenix today after a
9:05 am
huge dust storm. a gray haze hung over the city today forcing drivers to use caution. there were no reports of major accidents or injuries. what they need is a good rain shower to clean everything off of that dust. >> i don't see that in the forecast. quick question though, with that dust storm, if there was thunder and lightening involved, it is a haboob. >> i love saying that. it is unsettled out west. it is quiet and dry in the east. what a difference in the east. totally different that what you had last weekend. picking up to a foot and a half of snow. we are clean and green out there. talk about unsettled out west. some upper rock y mountain snow. you get a beautiful fall weekend day with plenty of sunshine
9:06 am
temperatures in the 40s and 50s. light winds. further south into the carolinas. that is a quick look at the national picture and here is a closer look at the local weather for your weekend. >> this weather segment sponsored by m axtmacy's. >> it is that time when the weather man reminds you to turn your clocks back. we fall back and that takes place tonight. who is counting? we are splitting hairs there. put the clock back by one hour and you will be in line with the majority of the world.
9:07 am
all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords has made remarkable progress since being shot in the head by january. by her side the whole time, her husband former astronaut marketly. he has written the book about her fight back and lee cow aand looks inside. >> reporter: it is the last chapter of the book that gabrielle giffords wrote herself. it may be only one page long, but she writes, "i will get stronger and i will return". >> the rest of the book was wring by her husband, marketly. >> she says she was surprised at how frank she was. >> she actually apologizes and says she is sorry she can't be there and wanted to get back.
9:08 am
>> it is the tale about after the shooting. >> he writes she couldn't comprehend what happened to her until after months after the huting and didn't know how many people had been hurt or killed. her reply came in three words, shocked, shocked, scared. months later kelly told her who the victims were. >> she realized that friends and citizens had been killed and that the anguish that that caused her. >> reporter: but perhaps the most personal revelation of all, is about her wanting to be a mom. her doctor's appointment was scheduled two days after the shooting. >> it is hard to believe that was almost a year ago that happened. >> it feels so fresh and an
9:09 am
interesting point that they were trying to have a baby and trying to bring new life into the world when this happened. >> her recovery is amazing. >> remember when she went to congress on the vote on the budget. >> when you have the ugly moments in congress it is nice to see one like that? >> coming up, celebrating 75 years of photos from life magazine with never before published shots. what makes a dollop of daisy so creamy and delicious?
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with golden-brown, breadcrumbs. you know you love it. this morning we celebrate some of the most treasured photos of "life magazine" since 1936.
9:14 am
and now life is celebrating with a new book. the very best of life. joining us with a look inside is robert sullivan. good morning. 75 years, you have created and built these iconic pictures throughout history. what do you think it is about the pictures and life that have brought to life so much history. i think it is about the photographers that it was the right time for a photo magazine and a journal to tell the truth in pictures about what was going on in the world around us.
9:15 am
later it was said it wasn't intended that life was going to be a war magazine but that is what happened. that story could be told in pictures in a way that nobody had seen before and life built its legacy then and it came out of world war two. the strongest magazine in the world. it was called the great american magazine for good reason. speaking of those pictures, racey photo, it ran on the cover of the magazine, but there were other pictures as well. this is the one that ran on the cover. >> we brought along photographs for your viewers that haven't been seen before. the off images of loren, that was taken by the original four. he was a great friend of hers. and you can imagine when that cover hit the table in the
9:16 am
dentist office, the letters poured in or on grad ma's table, and little johnny sees this thing. but we have had a lot of covers where the letters poured in. >> gary cooper. brute force guy and then you get this look with his daughter. >> a different set of pictures from the loren ones. loren was a friend of eisenstat's and then these were shot on a sky vacation years ago. maria cooper janice remains a great friend and comes by the office. and this kind of access is what you really don't get a lot of today. the stars go on vacation today and they don't ask a magazine
9:17 am
along. >> sometimes the might. but this is cool. i want to see a piccasso picture. you took something that no one has seen before. everyone sees the min tore picture. what is not known is when mealey was shooting him at that pottery works, he drew a lot of things. with the pen light, he made a lot of different shapes and, animals and he did it in a second. genius that he was. and a lot of these haven't been seen before. in the book, of course we run the minator and these are others that are beautiful. >> the kiss, and then there is the kiss that people haven't seen. >> there are the off images. it is rumored, that "the kiss" is such a perfect photograph was set up. because it is so perfect.
9:18 am
but the near frames show that it was spontaneous. he was chasing this randy sailor who was an excitable boy. and he got the one great image and the others are really good but not perfect. >> a real-life moment. thank you so much for sharing this with us. we appreciate it. >> you can get the book now. up next, a unique marriage proposal that hit all the right notes. we'll tell you why. this is the "early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] now at subway, get a free 6-inch sandwich of your choice when you buy a 6-inch sandwich before 9am. that's right, buy one, get one free! it's everything you'd expect from the sandwich experts! hurry in before 9am to get your free sandwich!
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9:22 am
a dance floor. cbs correspondent has at story. >> reporter: the train home from london isn't the most romantic of settings which made this more magic magical. ♪ and something without warning leaves heavy on my mind ♪ >> loan voices pierced the strict silence of a train. ♪ and the world's all right with me ♪ >> before you know it most of the carriage breaks out in the classic lovely day. ♪ and i know its gonna be a lovely day ♪ ♪ lovely day, lovely day >> not everyone was in on it, but it was clear the performance was planned. when adam king went down on one knee in front of lucy rogers.
9:23 am
♪ a lovely day >> adam sings in the choir that only had a three minute window to board the train without being recognized by lucy. he said he has a hard act to follow for the wedding. and says it is guaranteed to be a lovely day. >> reporter: cbs news, london. >> and joining us from london are the two lucky people. adam king and lucy rogers. >> welcome and congratulations to both of you. >> thank you. >> so what do you think is going on? >> well, i thought at first it was crazy which is quite normal for a london tube. i thought it was a set up and i
9:24 am
had no idea it had any relation to me, i thought i was on the most amazing journey. i thought let's film it, it is incredible. when he got down on one knee, i made the link that it was my favorite song and the proposal was happening. that is why my reaction was so extreme. >> tell me, what is going through your mind. the guy next to you gets down on one knee. i have never felt so surprised. so many emotions that just made me want to collapse on the fl r floor. it was incredible. one of the best moments of my entire life. >> you have made it difficult for men all over the world. >> i'm really sorry about that.
9:25 am
i would like to asoljazz to any one planning an engagement in the next few day. >> how did you come up with the idea? >> i knew i wanted it to be special and different. and, um, being a member of the choir, i knew that they were a talented bunch and embrace the idea. and then i had to find the venue. >> you said you had to move the event up a week and disconnect her car battery when she went to drive. >> that shows how difficulty am. >> it was as if she was going out of her way to make it hard for this to succeed. >> it all came together and i'm absolutely delighted with what happened. >> yeah, now, so we heard in the story, there were some people on the train who weren't in on the train. what reaction did you get from them? >> on the tubes, it is probably
9:26 am
the same, most people ignore each other. so, some -- even when this was going on, some of them carried on reading their newspapers. were sometimes annoyed that we were creating annoyed. others joined in, started singing, complete mix of reactions. >> very much like that in new york. you have the wedding coming up, what grand plans do you have for that? >> i don't know. for one thing, we haven't had a single second to thing. >> also, i think, unless it is in space, i'm not really sure how i'm supposed to up this. >> we didn't think that through actually. >> so, you have done just fine. adam, and lucy, congratulations to both of you. hope it goes well.
9:27 am
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were you crying? music that foreshadows what is to come. welcome back to the early so sh show. >> that is the theme from "sanford and son". there is the junkyard there. the star, red fox. we are going to talk about fox's successful and controversial life. >> and he was born in st. louis. yes, he was. >> speaking of foxes. jared miller has brought a number of animals with him. a number who are on the endangered species list. we are told they will behave themselves around us today.
9:31 am
and todd english is going to prepare his one dish for us. >> how you doing? >> hungry. >> i got lots of food for you here. >> that is coming up. >> but first, mr. lonnie quinn is here for you. >> pleasant in the east, unsettled in the west. but good or bad, clocks go back. arizona, you guys are doing your own thing. you start to run into some clouds once you get west of the mississippi. some of that is snow. eastern half of the country, wow. talk about a strong high pressure system. speaking of the eastern half of the country, let me give us towns out there. clockville, new york. 56 dwgs with 56 degrees with the
9:32 am
sunshine. minnesota, 53 degrees with the sun. there is a quick look at the national picture. here is a closer look at the weather for your weekend. >> all right don't want to forget about time, illinois. 64, partly sunny skies tomorrow. over tow. >> back in the 1970s. one of the popular sitcoms was "sanford and son". red fox starred in it. >> i came over to help you stay awake, you old fish-eyed fool.
9:33 am
>> that was sweet of you to deliver such a lovely message. >> really? >> it reminded me of something from western union, an ugly gram. >> red foxx died in 1991. he is the subject of a new biography. michael, good morning. >> great to be here. >> great book enjoyed reading it. >> he was, i feel a guy who just deserves his due. he was such a ground breaker, grew up on the streets of chicago didn't graduate from high school and here he was in 1972 one of the top-rated stars on television. he was a ground breaker in stand up comedy and television. his act was pretty blue. he was raunchy.
9:34 am
how did he wind up on a network tv sitcom. >> he complained that he never got his fair shake on television. but he made a movie called, "cotton comes to harlem" in 1961. he played a junk man called uncle bud. somebody mentioned him and they said he is perfect. even this name. they said let's call it sanford. >> fred sanford was his brother. that is right. he had an older brother who he idolized and passed away in the 1960s. >> he had a major drug issue going on. it was something everybody knew about. he had a cocaine habit and was very open about it.
9:35 am
he wore a spoon around his neck and would take the spoon and snort it. he was open about it. but at that time in hollywood, drugs were rampid. it never affected his work. >> he was making tremendous amounts of money. he ran into problems with the irs. he never believed in paying this taxes and it caught up to him at the end. there had been hiccups and in 1989 before he died. the irs came and raided his house. took about everything he owned including a watch that elvis gave him. he lhad worked out a payment agreement with rushed him across the street and
9:36 am
died later that night. >> we talked about sanford and son. many people remember him from that. how would you describe that show at the time? how mercury received it? >> it was controversial at the time because there had never been an african-american who had head lined a network show. this was built around an african-american cast shot one or two at soon as it premiered and even some people in the african-american community felt it wasn't a fair portrayal. red felt the opposite. basically about a father who loves his son and doesn't want his son to leave the house.
9:37 am
>> michael, fascinating book. thank you for coming in. >> up next, cute, cuddly and dangerous, we have a tiger, and three other animals that are on the endangered species list. stay with us. extra things for the baby. oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay downalance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. chase slate with blueprint helps you save money on life's little surprises. trip...lets... start your path to saving today, call 855-get-slate. i can go back and do gardening with comfort. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days.
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9:40 am
welcome back. jared miller is here with us this morning. >> and he has brought three animals all on the endangered-species list. good morning. >> we are going to be meeting animals all on the brink of extinction but are iconic when it comes to representing countries of origin. this guy is a ring-tailed lemur. that is right. feed him. that is the best way. look how he leans back. he doesn't want to miss a drop of that grfruit. what family of animal do you think this is? >> a lot of people think cat. they are native only to
9:41 am
madagasguer. they are losing their home and mostly they are endangered. we have a bengal tiger? >> we do. this is where we back up and allow jared to take over. >> beautiful. they you are considering endanger eed species. >> how old is this one? >> that is chufing. that is a good sound. that is like puring with a small cat. when emma here is full grown she will be almost 500 pounds. around 3,000 left in the wild. they are the largest cat in the world. we are losing these guys rapidly. >> we are in new jersey right now. >> she is beautiful.
9:42 am
>> i love this. you have to see this one. when people see this. >> wait until the tiger leaves. five months old, 65 pounds and look at this. >> this beautiful animal, again, you think of asia and the rain forests, you never think of australia and kangaroos, but this is the parma walabee. animals with big feet. this one is three years old and he is full grown. do you want to hold him? >> i'm going to leave that up to you. >> does it have a pouch? >> yes. what makes this guy endangered is agriculture in that part of the world. the scrub land.
9:43 am
>> rebecca's favorite is next. >> you want to meet a monster? >> i love this guy. >> this is a threatened creature. >> get closer. look at how awesome he is. he is called a helimonster. he is one of two venomous lizards. but they have saliva that if you don't get it treated it could send you to the hospital or be fatal. >> all right. thank you so much. and thank you to your friends. >> thank you. to an exotic dish. >> it is the dish that reminds him of his childhood. stick around. of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from.
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9:47 am
he is here to talk about his one dish it is the ultimate comfort food lasa ggnga with a twist. good morning. >> pleasure amazing. >> tell us about the dish. >> this is a dish that i have been doing this for 25 years or so. i just got the inspiration fall pumpkin, harvest and it is a pumpkin lasagna, and it has white truffle and marscapone and i haven't put it on. you have to bring that plate over here. i was talking to my purveyor and she said they are going for $3,000 a pound. >> that is good. this is this. but these are all the recipes
9:48 am
from my book, "cooking in every day english". it is about getting back in the kitchen. fearless cooking. ten ingredients or less. this is the old school dish that was resurrected that i brought back. it was before tomatoes arrived in italy. we made it with chicken and mushrooms and slow cooked. it is wonderful. the tomatoes incident show up in italy until the 17th century. this is again, vegetarian simple, it is made with beet juice, and spanish bleu cheese and roasted beets.
9:49 am
so instead of using stocks, use fresh vegetable juice. fennel, i love it. in my heritage we ate it all the time. >> if you could share these meals with anyone in the world who would it be? >> i would love to meet the great american pioneers who brought food to the united states. it would be thomas jefferson. i would bring this part. >> you have fig? >> cocktails are in fashion. we did a cocktail section, this is the notorious fig. this is rum, little bit of figure ppuree and rosemary. all you have to do is drink it.
9:50 am
>> i want to ask you about this dish. >> part of my life i grew up in the south. this is a spoonbread with maple and butter glaze. you have to try that. that is delicious. really good. get all of these simple. >> we have a dish for you now. to commemorate our segment. >> go to our website, thank you. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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as we've been reporting this morning, cbs news has been reporting the passing of and yi r ruin andy rooney. >> not many people in this world are as lucky as i've been. when i was in high school, i had an english teacher who told me i
9:54 am
was a good writer. i've made my living as a writer for 70 years now. been pretty good. during world war ii i wrote for the army newspaper, the stars and stripes. after the war i went to work in radio and television. because i didn't think anyone was paying enough attention to the written word. i worked with a lot of great people who had the voice for radio or looked good on television. but someone had to write what they said and that was me. when i went on television it was as a writer. i don't think of myself as a television personality. i'm a writer who reads what he has written. people have told me i said the things that they are thinking themselves. i probably haven't said anything that you haven't known or thought. there aren't too many original
9:55 am
thoughts in the world. a writer's job is to tell the truth. i believe that if all the truth were known about everything in the world it would be a better place to live. i know i have been wrong so sometimes but i believe i have been right more than i have been wrong. i give the impression that i don't care what anyone else thinks but i do care. being liked is nice. but is not my in tent. i spent my first 50 years trying to become well-known as a writer. and the next 30 trying to avoid being famous. i walk down the street now or go to a football game and people shout hey andy and i hate that. i've done a lot of complaining here, but of all the things i've complained about, i can't complain about my life. my wife and i had four good kids
9:56 am
now there are grandchildren. i have two great grandchildren although they are young for me to know how great they are. and all this time, i have been paid to say what is on my mind on television. you don't get any luckier in life than that. this is a moment i've dreaded. i wish i could do this forever, i can't though. but i'm not retiring, writers don't retire and i will always be a writer. i lot of you have sent me wonderful letters and said good things to me when you meet me in the street. i wasn't always gracious about it. i don't say this often but thank you although if you do see me in a restaurant, please just let me eat my dinner.
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