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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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fine. joey's games just kept getting bigger and bigger. cheating was the only way i could afford to stay in them. wolfe: so you had to win to keep playing. caine: by marking the face cards. wolfe: and those contacts allowed you to see the marks. evelyn: i didn't know what else to do. the man who ruined my son's life was out there walking free. he had to pay. okay, but that's not up to you. i can't sleep at night. i have these nightmares about what this man did to my baby. i just want the nightmares to end.
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okay, so contact the hotel manager and find out why an armed man had access to those vents. yeah. excuse me. yes, sir. can i help you? um... i'm here, um, to post bail for my mom. okay, your mom's name is? evelyn bowers. i-i would've been here earlier, but i had to bum a ride. okay. all right, um, have a seat. i'll be right back. all right? okay. all right. (clears throat) mrs. bowers, your son is here to post bail. kevin? that's impossible. why do you say that? i told him to stay home. (sighs) he's a kid; he doesn't have any money. i mean, he just, he gets confused a lot after his injury. okay. what are you planning to do? i don't know. i'll figure something out. but in the meantime, he needs to get home till i can get out of here.
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what if i were to give him a ride? you would do that? sure. sit tight. thanks. it's locked. you got a key? yeah, yeah, i think, i think so. sometimes sequences get out of order and, you know... gets all jumbled up in my head. thanks. you know, it's just hard to keep track. notes help. my mom. she's good to me. kevin, where's the furniture?
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my mom sold it. well, most of it. she's in trouble, isn't she? i hope not. i got your text. what's up? okay, i've been going over these photos that ryan took in the air vent at the hotel. mm-hmm. that's where the second shooter was, yeah. you got anything? well, you see that imprint of the triangle? it turns out, it's blood. that's great. we get a dna hit? no, so i sent it over to trace and it popped positive for titanium. that's weird, right? maybe not, right? the naturally occurring oxide from titanium is titanium dioxide, which, when it's in pigment form, is titanium... titanium white. which is used in the application of tattoos. are you thinking this is from a freshly-inked tattoo? i'm thinking that when our shooter might have pressed up against the vent, it left an imprint.
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who gets a tattoo of a triangle? people are getting tattoos altered and added to all the time these days. so you're thinking the triangle could have been added to a preexisting tat? yeah, or around an old one. it would explain the void that's there. we got to figure out what the original image is. that looks like an h. or some symbol. we've been adding tattoos to booking photos. let me input this and see if something comes up. okay, this guy is in jail, but that's the gang tattoo of the hialeah kings. yeah, well, i think i know someone that knows a bit about that
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and could possibly help us with the second shooter. thanks. hmm. each triangle represents a job done-- robbery, arson, you name it. far as i'm concerned, they can tattoo "born to lose" on their forehead. (chuckles) have you arrested any of them recently? uh, yeah. a few last month for a home invasion-- petty stuff. anybody in there sophisticated enough to pull off this morning's job? (sighs) maybe. there is a guy that specializes in high-end jobs. we've watched him once before. his name's carl raines. carl raines? yeah. all right, thanks. this is carl raine'' last known address. (dog barking nearby) wait a minute. hey, got a visual on our suspect.
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that's him. got a visual on our suspect. he's headed for that truck. he's headed for that truck. (gunfire) you got him? where's your partner? where's your partner?! why'd you kill benjamin paxton? was... was paid. paid by who? hey! hey! hey! he's gone. damn it! you heard him. hired to kill ben paxton. for febreze fabric refresher.
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get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale. (garbled radio transmissions) maybe we'll find something in here that'll tell us what carl couldn't while he was still breathing. i got a bunch of trash, a bunch of fast food wrappers. you? yeah, i got something right here, actually.
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in the crack of the seat. it's a thumb drive. let's see what we've got. okay, looks like we got about a dozen files, all audio tracks. (hip-hop music playing over speakers) uh. wait, how come no lyrics? oh, wow, these must be the raw instrumentals. these are never released to the public. usually only the artists have access to these. isaiah stiles just got released on bail; he's our rapper. can we link him to this? maybe so. let me pull up a music recognition database. i'll have the computer run it against its own catalog, see if we get anything that pops. turn it up a little bit. (music playing louder) ah! (laughs) we got an exact match to stiles' latest album. we just linked him to our shooter, carl raines. time to bring stiles back in.
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the only people with access to these instrumentals are you and carl raines. why'd you hire raines to kill paxton? you got me sitting here 'cause of carl? really? we know he was involved in that robbery this morning. so give it up, stiles. how you know him? he used to work for me. a'ight, he was my bodyguard up until a couple weeks ago. why? why'd he used to work for you? why'd you get rid of him? he jacked those tracks from my house, so i fired his ass. then he goes, he tries to blackmail me. you believe it? he tries to blackmail me. ♪ why am i here, carl? i want 500k or i sell these beats before your album drops. (chuckles) i ain't paying you a nickel, you pathetic little bitch. see, i've got friends that'll put you six feet under if i say go. are you threatening me? not if you send some cash my way. i think i got a better idea, carl.
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a better idea. so you know what i do? i leaked the album on the internet the next day. simmons: making his tracks worthless. that's pretty clever. maybe not. all i know is that if carl was involved, that explains this bullet in my arm. no. our evidence indicates he was there to kill benjamin paxton, not you. really? how you know he wasn't aiming for me and just missed? how... how you know that for sure? i know that it doesn't matter. because carl's dead. i shot him. you wanted to see me? i heard one of the thieves got killed. was it him? was it the man who hurt my son? we believe it was his partner. so this guy's still out there? i noticed you haven't posted bail yet.
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well, i tried. all my bank accounts have been cleared out. who else had access to that account? ten k. just like you said. kev, buddy, we've been over this. it's 50k, not ten. i'm so-- i'm sorry. i-i thought you said ten. you want to get in next week, you better bring me another envelope. but i cleared my mom's bank accounts. that's the last of her money. that's my problem how? charming. caine: joseph ranzone. we've been looking for you, joey. turn around. aw, what the hell is this? illegal card games, stealing money from a kid-- does that ring a bell? go inside, kevin. so, you're taking advantage of the kid, letting him back in games. he's in no condition to be gambling. you're going to give him back every dime today.
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i was just messing with him. i wasn't going to keep it. (chuckles) you ever been to jail? hey, no sweat, all right? pump the brakes. what if i told you something about this morning's game? i think you better. there was another player at the game that wanted paxton there. and who was that? the rapper, isaiah stiles. he called me nonstop for two weeks about making sure paxton was at the game. i got a question. why would a rapper want to kill a movie producer? how should i know? i was just trying to get him to the game. fold. my man. you came through for me. (chuckles) favors aren't free, all right?
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here. does that clear my balance? i take cash only, hip-hop. what'd you get for it? he offered a diamond. a real flashy piece. you got it on you? do i look like a pawn shop? cash only. you can prove this, of course? yeah, i got half a dozen rants on my voice mail. check it, frank. it's all here. the guy was relentless. joseph, you don't know relentless.
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stiles: this is harassment. you have absolutely no right to drag me back in here. boa vista: okay, why don't you have a seat? my man stiles. hey, listen to this. yo, joey, it's stiles again. listen, i know you've been ducking my calls, so let me remind you. work your magic. make sure paxton's at that game and i'll make it worth your while, okay? was that you? boa vista: kind of proves that you made sure paxton was at a game where he was murdered. all it proves is that i wanted him at the game. simmons: ooh-wee, you are shining, stiles. man, ooh, need some shades. you mind if we take a look at your rings? why? it's the same rings i had on earlier. all day? all day.
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you know what, just-just let her have a look then. just a look. just a little peek. thank you. hey. oh, what, y'all do appraisals now? you got jokes. this one's clean. like me. well, see, now that's weird. this one's not. this one has glass particles all over it. which proves that you scored the glass at the hotel to help the robber. you lied to me. you organized that robbery. you ordered the murder of benjamin paxton, didn't you? didn't you?! you know what? what?! you set up the robbery and the murder. no, you know what? paxton got exactly what he deserved after what he did to me. okay? the man hires me as the lead role
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in his movie, city streets. i made the soundtrack off my own dime-- my own dime! and then out of the blue, out of nowhere, he goes and fires me right before filming. hey, hey, hey. hey! my agent called me, said you replaced me with some british actor or something? what's up, man? yeah, i'm going in a different direction. different... this was my movie, my franchise. your franchise? yeah, i already blew half a mil of my own cash prepping a soundtrack, doing... hey, whose fault is that? you want the truth? huh? you never had the real edge i was looking for. stiles: word got out about what he said. doors started shutting. my label dropped me. fans turned on me. all you got in this town is your rep. that's it.
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and paxton took mine from me. so you wanted to take everything from him. what the hell you think? i called some old friends, yeah. they pointed me to the guy that was hitting those poker games around town, so i told him about today's poker game. i told him about the pot. he says he wants in, i said i wanted a cut. and you helped him by scoring the glass. that way he could come in shooting, distract everyone and then his partner carl raines could shoot paxton. (automatic gunfire) (gunshot) now see, you got it all wrong, sweetheart. i thought you were smart cops. you see, he never even knew my boy carl was in the vent. they weren't partners? no. you double-crossed the robber. you set the robber up to take the fall for paxton's murder.
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ta-da. it's like they do it in the movies. you set somebody else up to take the fall. you know, paxton would have appreciated the irony. yeah, well, this isn't a movie. so give it up, snitch. i want a name right now for the robber. or else what? or else i'll damage more than your little reputation. you got it? caine: alonzo santoya. put your hands where i can see them, brother. get 'em up. turn around slowly. you got to be kidding me. horatio, he was at the crime scene this morning. turn around. all right, everybody back off. you're interfering with an investigation. somebody die?
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hey, i said back off. yo, that's isaiah stiles, the rapper. best place to hide-- in plain sight. caine: apparently not, alonzo. stiles set me up. made it look like i hit that producer. i didn't hurt anyone; i never have. kevin bowers. what, am i supposed to know that name? you should know his name because you took his whole life from him. take him, frank. let's go. (siren wailing)
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you are pathetic! i hope you... tripp: we got it from here, all right? we'll take care of it. go home, mrs. bowers. go home. is this where you rough me up, chief? you know, that's really going to be up to you. i want you to give that kid back every dime. i don't do business that way. you heard what i said. every dime.
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(banging) kevin, baby, is that you? i told you not to slam the door. it's all here. what is all this? it's all the money i lost-- your money. second mortgage. how did you do this? i'm sorry for all this, mom. i just hope that this can make it right. oh, god, baby.
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you don't have to apologize. i love you, no matter what. you always remember that, okay? captioning sponsored by cbs c.s.i. productions and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is 9news now.
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>> intelligent, promising future. just taken away too soon. >> nobody deserves to die like that. shocked, sad and hurt. reacting to the killing of a co-ed. another student charged with her murder. >> i'm bruce johnson. thank you for staying with us. a female college student is stabbed to death, a second female was charge with the sleigh slaying tonight. they were at an off-campus party before the attack. >> reporter: you can see and hear the sorrow in the united voices under god's dominion course. >> it is undescribable. you never imagine that you'll be in college and you have to
11:34 pm
bury a friend. >> reporter: the state university community was grieving on sunday. no longer would 19-year-old courtenay mccoy lift her voice to heaven with her fellow student. >> simply put faith in god that even in circumstances such as these we believe that he does all things well. >> reporter: the sophomore would no longer counsel freshmen at the dorm where she was a resident assistant. >> she e joyed life. she danced. she sang. >> reporter: police arrested another student. 23 years old. charged her with first and second-degree murder. police say mccoy and liggins were at a party and then both women got into an argument and stepped outside the home and they say liggins


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