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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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dropped a half-mile. we're seeing dense fog out toward salisbury. easton, just reported a big jump up to 10 miles there. patchy dense fog on the eastern shore. temps running mainly in the 30s with some exceptions like annapolis at 45. from lou ann. 42 up in hagerstown. highs today 65 to 70. monika? >> you're talking about the fog and now we have an accident out there as well on the east side of town. good morning, everybody. the beltway looks fine. there is an accident way out here coming westbound on route 50 right at the chesapeake bay bridge. only the right lane is getting by on the east side of the bridge span. let's take a look live. if you're coming across from here over to the bay bridge, you're going to need to scoot over to the left -- i'm sorry, to the right to get around it. only the right lane is going to
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get you around the accident. northside of town. closer in at university boulevard. typical slow traffic for 6:01 in the morning leaving 95, no problems on 270 coming in from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. more on the accident out at the bay bridge at 6:12. mike and andrea? >> thank you, monika. at the at the top of the hour, let's get to the stories happening today. it is election day in maryland and virginia. the polls in virginia opened just two minutes ago and they stay open in the commonwealth until 7:00 tonight. in maryland, the polls will open at 7:00 a.m. and close tonight at 8:00 p.m. they're celebrating the sun today at the nasa catholic high school in high yathsville. they'll have plenty to celebrate. the school installed 550 solar panels generating power for the main building as well as the basketball arena. hollywood comes to washington for the d.c. premiere of j. edgar about j. edgar hoover.
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director clint eastwood, screenwriter lance black as well as lawmakers will be at the premiere tonight at the newseum. herman cain says he will clear the air will the sexual harassment charges against him. >> another woman has stepped forward and accused the former restaurant boss but so far, these accusations aren't slowing him down in the polls. >> check out this poll just in from our partners at "usa today." nationwide, herman cain is tied with mitt romney among republicans in the g.o.p. leading independents. both getting 21%, the same amount as those undecided. surae chinn joins us now with new allegations on cain. >> good morning to you, mike. all of the allegations, if true, surround the time period when g.o.p. front-runner herman cain was head of the national restaurant association back in the 1990s here in northwest. there were the two women who came forward initially and that ended in a financial settlement according to political.
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then there is a fourth woman and latest. 50-year-old sharon bealik who was looking for a job and approached herman cain for help. according to her, she had gone to dinner with cain, 14 years ago and drove by and parked outside of the restaurant association. she describes an explicit detail what happened next during a new york press conference with high profile attorney gloria allred by her side. >> he put his hands on my legs, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it toward his crotch. i said what are you doing? mr. cain said you want a job, right? i asked him to stop and he did. >> the cain campaign released a statement saying all of the allegations against mr. cain are completely false. mr. cain has never harassed anyone and again, he will be addressing the public officially later on this afternoon in phoenix. before that though, he went on
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jimmy kimmel live and we'll hear what he had to say coming up in the next half hour at 6:30. back to you, mike. >> surae is live this morning in northwest washington. >> president obama is on the campaign trail here in washington at a fund-raiser monday night, he says he still wants to change the culture of washington. the fund-raiser was hosted by a financial executive dwight bush. tickets started at $18,000 a person. d.c. council member marion barry hopes politics can be a family business. "the washington post" reports barry is grooming his son, christopher to one day take his council seat. the post reports barry will run for re-election for his ward eight council seat but he only wants to serve part of the term. he will try to get his son christopher to fill out the term. christopher berry pleaded guilty to felony drug charges in july but avoided prison time. d.c. police chief cathy lanier says the occupy d.c. movement is starting to get increasingly confrontational and violent. she says this has been happening over the past month.
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according to the "washington post," this is where the quote came from. this is footage between occupy d.c. members and a group trying to leave a conservative banquet convention at the convention center. one woman who was seen using her children to block the doors. two elderly women were knocked to the ground. one protestor told the group it is not a violent group. >> there is no intention for any kind of aggressive behavior. we're a nonviolent movement. >> five protestors blocking the road near the banquet were struck. they were not seriously hurt and the drivers were not cited. chief lanier was said out how police will adjust -- they will adjust but she's not saying how they're going to adjust when it comes to handling the group. i'm jessica doyle and just about 6:06, the latest in our series aimed at helping you get hired. this morning, we're focusing on a group called year up. it is a year-long job training course aimed at giving young
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adults computer and technical skills. joining us to talk about the great program is executive director rhonda thompson harris plus a student, owen. thank you both for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> owen, i love your story. we're going to get to rhonda first. i want to hear about this fantastic program. i don't know what i'm more excited about. the skills that you're giving the young adults so they can find jobs or the price tag. you tell me what you want to talk about first. >> let's talk about the price tag. it is an earn while you learn program. it cost our participants absolutely nothing. they're going through six months of intensive i. t. training, communication skills, they're also earning college credits while they're going through the program and after the six months of training, our students who earn it are placed in internships, corporations and government agencies around the region.
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>> tell us about your experience. >> i first start off at prince george's community college. while i was in prince george's community college, i was working at the same time. and you know, just like any other youth growing up in this area, sometimes it is hard to gain focus on whether i should be working and saving up for my future or should i go to school and finish up now. so, sometimes it is a struggle. so, you know, once i actually entered into europe, they really helped us to focus and to get to that next level. >> i'm excited for you to tell folks what you're working on right now. >> i'm working for arrow tech scientific. i got the opportunity through the program because of what i was able to show them while i was there. >> what are you doing there? >> i'm recruiting, i'm interviewing scientist and engineers and helping to put them to work. >> that's amazing. >> we only have a couple
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seconds left. tell us how folks can apply for the program. >> they can visit they can find out about opportunities. we're still looking for internship opportunities. we're looking for employers to hire young adults like owen. >> we're so excited you were able to come in and share your stories. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thanks so much for having us. >> we have a link to the program on our web site at andrea and sneak. >> thank you, jessica. can you hear that? >> in four minutes, we continue our week-long focus on veterans issues with a look at the marine corps, the biggest issues facing veterans plus this week's anniversary celebration of the corps, no ordinary celebration. >> up next, howard takes a look at our tuesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns. [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community.
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we're following some breaking news out of montgomery county. this is a live look at franklin street and summit avenue in kensington. we told you about this a little while ago. a house fire there is waking up neighbors. now, the good news is the house that caught fire was under construction so no one was living inside. and also, no one has been hurt. people were originally forced from two neighboring homes but they have since been allowed back in. howard? >> good-looking day today. got a little fog in spots this morning. a chilly one but by the time we get toward noon, look how nice,
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sunny and 63. 65 to 70. i'll come back with some changes in our seven-day forecast. monika? >> we'll take a live look at the 14th street bridge. on the northbound side, an accident in the left center lane. delays are at the boundary channel and growing quickly trying to get across the bridge span. coming up in my next report, we'll have more on this and an accident in northeast in my next report. back to you, andrea. >> two people are out of their homes after an overnight fire in fairfax county. that's one of the stories making news now at 6:12. this was the scene overnight along indian run parkway off edsall road in the landmark area. it took at least an hour to get the flames under control. the blaze may have been fueled by a gas line. luckily no one was hurt. part of the new jersey turnpike is closed this morning because of this tanker truck fire. it happened last night around 9:00 near the meadowlands and both sides of the highway are still closed. one person was hurt. dr. conrad murray will be
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sentenced november 29th. a jury convicted him yesterday of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. he faces up to four years in prison. mike? veterans day is coming up this friday. that music you hear right now, searcher fidelis, the official march of the marine corps. the anniversary is thursday. lieutenant colonel robert rice joins us to explain why this is not just an average anniversary. >> thank you for having me. it is a special time for marines. retired, reserve, anyone who has worn the uniform, it is a chance for us to reconnect and focus on the legacy that those who have gone before us have set for us. >> there is plenty to celebrate. what are some of the celebrations taking place? >> in the d.c. area, we'll have the traditional birthday ball celebration. not just about the d.c. area. the celebrations occur across the nation, wherever there are marine corps leagues as well as
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across the globe where marines are stationed at american embassies, aboard our naval warships. most importantly, in afghanistan, remote outpost to continue to take the fight to our nation's enemies. >> what can the general public do? first of all, thank you for your service and the service of all of the branches of the u.s. military. what can the general public do to say thank you and help celebrate the anniversary? >> the fact that the american public cares about the marine corps and has shown support throughout the many years in afghanistan and iraq, that is significant. there are many different organizations, u.s.o., injured marine fund where they can contribute but i think having the public support is what's important for us. >> as the levels start to change around the world, many of the u.s. military are coming home. what are some the issues facing troops around the world headed home and of course, marines in specific? >> it is a very important issue. keeping faith with marines.
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as the marine corps will downsize after we pull out of afghanistan, make sure the marines coming back properly transition back into society. whether it is using the g.i. bill or those that are injured making sure they get the proper treatment and support to make sure they can reintegrate into society. >> lieutenant colonel robert rice, we appreciate your time this morning. we look forward to the anniversary and helping you celebrate and again, thank you for your service. howard, over to you. >> thanks, mike. bus stop forecast this morning, a little bit of fog in spots but other than that, you'll need a jacket. it is chilly. 30s and 40s. sunrise, 6:43 standard time. a minute after 5:00 this afternoon. winds light yesterday, will be rather calm. south-southeast, 5 miles per hour or less. as we have a noontime temp of 63. highs 65 to 70. another gorgeous afternoon.
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this morning, the fog has been a problem in parts of the eastern shore. easton has improved considerably. cambridge look at one half- mile. queen anne county, a 90-minute delay due to the fog there. tappahannock to newland. fog out west. petersburg at 3/4. we're down below 2 miles in frederick. you may get some fog over the next couple of hours. 39 at pax river. 34 frederickburg and tappahannock. getting reports of frost in many areas from calvert county into fauquier county where culpepper is 30. officially, 43. clear skies. calm winds and the humidity at 86%. high pressure is in control of our weather. with that, the winds are light. we do have the cloudiness coming off of subtropical storm sean. the front coming for thursday will kick sean away from us. milder conditions will be with us today and tomorrow. in fact, that front gets here thursday. until then, with high pressure
6:17 am
nearby and in control, light south-southwesterly winds, we're really going to be in good shape except for late night early morning fog. models overdoing the coastal precipitation. i think this is some early morning fog here on wednesday. we'll watch this front come out of the ohio valley as we head into thursday morning now at 6:00 a.m. across west virginia and into western maryland with some showers. thursday features a threat of showers and then the chilly that you see to our west, that comes for friday. only really cold for one day. really chilly for one day. upper 60s to near 70 today and tomorrow with more 30s and 40s tonight. great day. by thursday, more clouds and a few showers, upper 50s. a blustery veterans day. it is going to be chilly and windy. highs near 50. we're back near 60 on saturday and low 60s on sunday. let's toss it over to monika samtani with the latest on your morning commute here at 6:18. >> it is getting busy around town. good morning, everybody. here's what it looks like on the beltway.
6:18 am
we'll zoom in to the 14th street bridge. an accident on the inbound span right now blocking the left side of the roadway. you can see crews arriving on the scene right now. the accident actually happened right here in the left center lane. delays are growing quickly heading northbound on 395 to get by the accident. use an alternate route or shift over to the right if you're going to head that way right now. let's go back to the maps. an accident downtown on new york avenue at fenwick street. we'll take a live look at this one as well on the inbound side as you pass down dakota avenue. follow police direction to get by. a tractor trailer is involved. we're told only minor injuries right now. hopefully they should have that cleared up shortly. we'll go back over to the map. this accident is on the westbound side of the bay bridge. right now, only the left lane is blocked. they're making progress there. do expect delays as you leave the bridge heading for the bridge span there. we'll update you coming up next at 6:25. andrea and sneak.
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>> thanks, monika. >> next in sports, remembering the life of boxing great joe frazier. plus which former redskin makes the list of the most hated players in the nfl? >> right now, we want to show some love to our question of the morning. what inanimate object do most of us wind up talking to? is it a, the television. b, the scale. or c, an atm. >> our facebook friends are weighing in a big way. >> it is always a, the television. i'm not proud of the foul language i bestow upon the producers of lame content. our producer says he still loves you, ara. >> we'll have the answer at 6:48.
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but have fun, bob and weave once you're in there. and right now, when you apply... you'll receive $300 bonus cash back after you spend $500 in the first three months. can i change my mind? i was hoping you would plus, chase freedom gives you a total of 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 worth of purchases in new categories every three months, like gas stations, movie theaters, restaurants and grocery stores when i say cash you say back... cash... okay! even better... with chase freedom, there's no annual fee. so remember if you apply now... you'll receive $300 bonus cash back after you spend $500 in the first three months. get your cash back. call or visit our website to apply. welcome back. 6:22. your weather first on this chilly tuesday morning. touch of fog in spots on the eastern shore. southern maryland, northern neck. even in the mountains of west virginia. but overall, this is going to be one very nice day. much like yesterday when we had the sunshine and light winds. that's what our day planner has
6:23 am
in store for us today. we'll be in the low 60s by lunchtime. highs today, 65 to 70 with a temperature by 6:00 p.m. under clear skies, dark skies, 59 degrees. mike and andrea? >> this morning the sports world is remembering joe frazier, muhammad ali says he'll always remember him with admiration and respect. >> smokin' joe died monday night, days after it was announced he was in hospice care for liver cancer. they're linked together forever with three championship bouts including the thrilla in manila in 1975. the two men had a contentious relationship but later buried the ax. frazier retired in 1981 and served as a boxing coach and owned a gym in philadelphia. joe frazier was 67. i guess you could look at this as good news for redskins fans after monday night football. we're not in last place alone. there's company! the eagles hosted the bears last night. philly had the lead until the fourth quarter when chicago's jay cutler hit bennett with a
6:24 am
touchdown pass. bears win 30-24. even though the eagles and 'skins are both 3-5, philly has the better division record. both quarterbacks from last night's game make the list of the most disliked players in the nfl. michael vick ranks as the most disliked. jay cutler was fifth. number two, the jets plaxico burress. best known for shooting himself in the leg and spending time incarcerated. the steelers ben roethlisberger is number three. albert haynesworth is the fourth most disliked in the nfl. it is 6:24. in ten minutes, one of our favorite stories of the day. learn just how much money we waste each year waiting for the cable guy. >> c'mon, man! an asteroid is making a close flight toward earth. not that close. you'll still have to head to work. >> it has been a busy day on the roadways. monika has a quick check on traffic. >> very tough for virginia commuters. live look at an accident
6:25 am
northbound 395 at the 14th street bridge. only the light rain is getting by with delays. i'll have more on this and other area road conditions coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. çñ
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we're back at 6:29 with some traffic alerts. a live look at inbound 14th street bridge heading into the district. first responders are -- have just cleared away the scene of this crash, as you can see. the lanes are getting by. but slowly. monika will tell us about any lingering back-ups but the accident scene has been cleared up. >> hopefully by the time the later morning commute, it will ease up. i'm glad you're here. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. do you have gloves on? >> oh, yeah. temperatures are in the 40 degree range here. maybe low 40s in town. 30s in the suburbs. thankfully, the winds are rather light to calm. we don't have a wind chill factor to talk about. we do have sunshine. once we get rid of a little bit of early morning fog. a beautiful morning here in northwest. by noon, great weather for an outdoor lunch. 63. this afternoon, still 62 at
6:30 am
5:00. highs 65 to 70. the average high is 61. clear skies overhead. we do have a little bit of fog especially on the eastern shore where visibilities at cambridge down to one half-mile. tappahannock in leonardtown below a mile. gotta watch out for the isolated, dense, patchy fog. morning temps running down to 30 in culpepper and manassas. a beautiful afternoon. monika samtani? >> we'll take a live look at the 14th street bridge on the inbound side. crews were just on the scene of an accident blocking the left center lane and most of the left side of the roadway. they just cleared out of the roadway, lanes are finally getting by. let's take a look at the delay on the inbound side of 395 northbound on the traffic land camera where it will be jammed for you from at least the pentagon heading up to the 14th street bridge. good news is the lanes are open. let's now take a live look at the inbound side of new york avenue just at south dakota avenue at kenwood street.
6:31 am
watch out for this. a tractor trailer and a minivan involved. because of that, you cannot get through as you come in on route 50. let's take a look at a map coming in on route 50, all lanes will be blocked at fenwick street, inbound on new york avenue. go ahead and use rhode island avenue as your alternate or 295 as your alternate. those two will work for you right now. it looks like they've asked for a second rescue squad to come in and help with the situation there, inbound on new york avenue right at the south dakota avenue as you head inbound into the northeast area. before i go, i do have a commuter alert for you. work to ensure your safety is going to slow you down. this will affect people driving along the northbound side of the gw parkway. the national park service is doing work to stabilize the rocks just past the key bridge. so, that means that left most lane that comes from the onramp to the key bridge and to exit on to the spout run parkway just up ahead that, will be closed and the work will last
6:32 am
through december. are you ready for this? the spot, of course, remains jammed during morning and afternoon rush hours. but the entire road northbound parkway from spout run to route 123 will be closed this weekend. that closure saturday morning begins at 6:00 a.m. and will go through sunday night. they're definitely suggest you use right 50. i looked at maps for you. i think canal road will work. maybe 66 will work and route 29. you remember what happened on canal road awhile ago where the rocks came down on to the road because of the rains. we definitely don't want that to happen. >> no. we don't want an accident on the parkway when the rocks have come down. you want them to stabilize. you wish it wasn't the weekend you needed to travel. >> but then when winter comes along, you'll be happy they did it. >> an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier is giving us a fly by. it will zip past about 200,000 miles away from us tonight just before 6:30. now, we haven't had an
6:33 am
encounter this close since 1976. the asteroid is known as 2005yu55, rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? lance bener explains what will happen. >> it will be moving straight at us from one direction and then whizzing by and straightaway from us in the other direction. so, it is motion across the sky will be close to 180 degrees over the course of less than two days. >> basically, don't plan a watch party for this asteroid. it will be too dim to see with the naked eye and it is moving too fast even for the hubble telescope to capture an image. mike? >> just know it is happening. >> know it is happening. there it is. know it is not hitting. >> today's election day. a lot of local races in both virginia and maryland. here is a quick look at what's going on. we start in virginia. the polls are already open. they close at 7:00 tonight. at stake, control of the delegates. republicans are trying to win a majority in both houses.
6:34 am
there are also county council and school board races as well. in maryland, the polls open at the top of the hour and close at 78:00 tonight. -- at 8:00 tonight. also election day in baltimore. mayor stephanie rawlings blake is expected to win another term. we'll have all of the results as they come in. check in with later in the day. to the national campaign scene where later today, republican presidential candidate herman cain will address the newest sexual harassment allegations made against him. the accuser says the harassment happened outside the national restaurant association headquarters in northwest washington and that's where surae chinn is live this morning. surae? >> well, andrea, remember g.o.p. front-runner herman cain says he wasn't going to talk about this anymore. that was until the fourth accuser came forward. well, here's herman cain on the late talk show jimmy kimmel live last night. >> there's not an ounce of truth in all of these
6:35 am
accusations. >> here's one thing people don't know about herman cain. i'm in it to win it. i won't be discouraged. [ cheering ] >> reporter: well, 50-year-old sharon bialek, the fourth woman to accuse cain of sexual harassment but the first to go public in detail of what allegedly happened 14 years ago when she asked cain for help in securing a job at the national restaurant association. here's a new "usa today" gallup poll taken after the first accusations but before the latest accusation shows herman cain now tied with mitt romney in the g.o.p. run. the scandal does appear to be having some type of negative impact at least anecdotally for the cain campaign. it says that 35% of republican voters now have a negative feeling about cain and that is up from 18% a month ago. some political analysts really wondering if he can bounce back from the scandal. back to you, andrea and mike. >> thank you, surae. of course, "the early show"
6:36 am
will have much more on the controversy coming up at the top of the hour. the student accused of killing a fellow classmate denies the charge. court records show 23-year-old liggins of waldorf, maryland, told investigators someone else did it. however, four witnesses say they saw liggins with a knife in her hand. documents say liggins followed 19-year-old courtney mccoy of baltimore from the off-campus house party sunday morning. mccoy died from stab wounds shortly after that. liggins is being held without bond. mobile homes destroyed when tropical storm lee flooded a trailer park in woodbridge, virginia, have been moved. however, there is still plenty of debris that needs to be hauled away there. sky 9 flew over the park. dozens of residents are still without a place to live after the september storm. jessica doyle is here with another "your money" report. >> she'll be here to talk about -- >> jess? >> you guys are waiting for me?
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speaking of waiting, gamers have been waiting for months to get their hands on a new game that hits the stores at midnight. call of duty modern warfare 3. this is expected to become the biggest video game of all time! the last one in the series did more than a third of a billion dollars in sales in just one day. game stop and best buy were open late for the crowds. walmart hosted tournaments centered around the game at more than 2700 stores. it is a big deal. for the super fans of call of duty, you can even buy a signature vehicle. jeep has a collector's version of its wrangler suv inspired by modern warfare 3. it goes on sale next month starting at about $36,000 for the two-door, $40,000 for the four door. it is tricked out with call of duty graphics. this is jeep's second tie-in with the call of duty franchise and the first one sold out! >> get out of here! >> this is huge! >> this is a big video game. if you can tie a car sale to
6:39 am
it. >> a successful car sale. >> i've never heard of this game. >> the video game sales topped harry potter. >> wow. >> in terms of box office return. >> wow. >> i guess i've seen it. i didn't know what the call of duty was. >> time to get gamer. >> we're missing out, andrea. >> we don't want you to miss out on this. food drive 9 is underway. if you live in maryland and virginia, the boy scouts dropped plastic bags off at your door this weekend. howard has his. we need you to fill it up with nonperishable food items just like howard has. >> that's right. >> leave them on your doorstep this saturday morning and the scouts will be back to pick them up. >> because of the bag tax in the district, the scouts did not leave bags there however at every safeway in the city, they'll be there on saturdays to take your donations. everything you give goes to the capital area food bank. to learn more about the program, go to and we thank you in advance for
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your contributions. >> 6:40. howard says this may be the pick day of the week. sunny skies. just how long this great weather will last. >> we have a live look south of the springfield interchange. not too bad for this time of the morning. monika's timesaver traffic. 7 minutes away. and now a look at what's on channel 9 tonight... ♪
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what's in your wallet? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. a tornado caught on tape monday afternoon and if you needed more proof that storm chasing is dangerous, the car flipped over, landing in a ditch, shattering the windshield but the people inside were ok.
6:45 am
like the movie "twister," huh? >> these guys were not paying attention if they flipped their car. >> something to gain their attention though. >> when i was in oklahoma, i work at koc. we never flipped our cars. we were close but we were always cautiously close as i like to say. the worst part about storm chasing was driving around and whether or not you were going to get involved in other -- >> you put yourself in the situation. the debris is not an issue because you are where you should be. let's talk about our weather today. we've got bus stop forecast. which has a chill in it. 30s and 40s. sun came up a couple of minutes ago. it was cool video. bad driving. 6:43. some patchy fog around. we will have sunshine today. a lot like yesterday as we quickly warm into the low 60s for lunch. if you can eat lunch outside, take advantage of it.
6:46 am
highs today 65 to 70. definitely grab a jacket. we'll be back in the mid-50s by 8:00. the winds are relatively light. leonardtown, 3/4 mile visibility. half-mile in cambridge. queen anne's county, 90-minute delay due to the fog this morning. out west, a little bit of fog in petersburg. locally, temperatures range from 30 in manassas to 32 in lovettsville. 39 for bethesda and laytonsville. 37 in andrews. upper marlboro, 36. in alexandria, 37. reagan national, 43 degrees with the sunshine. calm winds and a dew point at 39. cold out west. warmth in the middle of the country. the front producing the showers and storms here. that arrives thursday bringing us some showers but a chill as we head toward friday. today, 68. 30s and 40s. could be another patch of fog. another warm day tomorrow in the upper 60s. cool on thursday with a couple
6:47 am
of showers. chilly, blustery friday only 49 on veterans day. the weekend turns milder and looking nice again. let's go over to monika samtani with issues to share with you. >> you know how we were calling it terrific tuesday. i'm changing that. i'm sorry. terrible traffic tuesday. the second accident of the morning. northbound on 395. this time at washington boulevard and the pentagon, as you can see, crews have arrived on the scene. northbound side of 395. and if you're heading north right now, delays begin at the beltway. it is solid trying to get to the 14th street bridge. let's go there live right now. the earlier accident was cleared. lanes were open. once you're beyond the pentagon, this is what it will look like heading across the river. inbound side of new york avenue. if you're traveling inbound right now, after south dakota avenue, major accident involving a tractor trailer and a minivan, all inbound lanes are blocked, new york avenue after south dakota avenue at kendall so you're going to be diverted on to west virginia,
6:48 am
montana. plan early as you come in on route 50 causing delays right now at the anacostia river trying to get past the accident and again, because they're diverting traffic, you're not seeing anything getting by the accident from up above. now, let's go over to the beltway. at route one, college park, you're looking ok. outer loop delays begin over to georgia avenue. the inner loop at central avenue, maryland state police are looking for an accident. coming up in my next report, a look at the big picture at 6:58. andrea and mike. >> people living near the path of airplanes that head into the international airport will be meeting to talk about the noise from all of the planes. brass from the federal aviation administration will brief residents on new technology to help keep the noise down. people living in mclean and arlington have complained about the noise for years. the meeting at 7:00 at mclean old firehouse team center on cambridge road. travel leisure magazine is out with its best and worth airports for flight delays.
6:49 am
two of our three airports make the good list. one makes the bad list. let's start with the good news. dulles airport ranks as the fifth best airport for delays. only 16% of flights there are not on schedule. the best times to fly at dulles before 9:00 a.m., the worst time between 8:00 and 9:00 at night. national airport fares better. number three on the list. just 13% of flights are delayed there. the best time to fly out of national is before 11:00 a.m. the worst between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. on the bad list, bwi. >> no way! >> i like bwi. the second worst airport for delays with over 23% of flights running late. the best time to fly out of bwi is before 8:00 a.m. the worst time, any time between 3:00 and 11:00 p.m. how about that. only chicago midway ranked worst. seattle was the least delayed airport. >> i want to know the traffic, the number of customers that goes through there.
6:50 am
i'll bet less people go to dulles. >> i think less people go to seattle than the other spots, too. >> time to answer our question of the morning. we caught up with a you haver for the question and the answer. >> what inanimate object do most of us wind up talking to? a, tv. b, scale or c, atm. >> just so you know, the correct answer is c, atm. >> atm? i don't ever talk to the atm. who talks to the atm! at least the tv, you're in your own private home. >> i go along with that! football, the reality shows, the game shows. >> i completely agree. >> the survey is wrong. >> that's really funny. >> who talks to an atm. >> a check on the news before you go is up next.
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6:54 am
chilly out there this morning. touch of fog eastern shore. southern maryland, northern neck. beautiful day. by noon, 63. highs, 65 to 70. jackets early, you won't need them later. >> love it. >> 6:54. today is tuesday, november 8th. there's people suffered -- three people suffered minor injuries when a metrobus collided with a fire engine along wheeler road at valley avenue southeast. police are now investigating who was at fault in this. >> derek leon davis will be sworn in as the newest member of the prince george's county council. the democrat will represent district six. he replaces leslie johnson who resigned after pleading guilty to corruption charges. the old post office in the district could become a new waldorf astoria hotel. hilton worldwide wants to transform the landmark into a 235 room hotel along with stores and restaurants. six other companies including one run by donald trump have submitted other proposals for it. it is 6:54. >> we'll have one more check of
6:55 am
weather and traffic when 9news now returns.
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6:58 am
a reminder of something that's just a good thing to do. earlier on the newscast, we had a marine on. the marine anniversary is coming up. the marine corps anniversary. veterans day is friday. make it a habbity to say thank you to service members you see in the grocery store or the airport or walk down the street. it may be a little awkward at first but they really do appreciate it if you talk to them and of course they're protecting our freedom and our future and our families. >> if they're there with their family, thank them, too, because they put up with a lot so their servicemen relations can protect all of us. >> that's right. howard, quick check of the weather. >> beautiful this afternoon after the start, upper 60s. by thursday, a few showers.
6:59 am
chilly friday but a nice weekend. monika? >> we'll take a live look at the northbound side of i-395 at the pentagon where crews are on the scene of an accident, only the left lane is getting by. let's go to inbound new york avenue at kendall street. accident activity, you'll be diverted at west virginia montana. jessica? >> as for wall street, we're looking higher. wall street is watching europe with a competence vote for the prime minister of italy. >> join us tomorrow morning at 4:25. we'll tell you about a special local jobs fairs for our nation's veterans. >> "the early show" begins next with more on herman cain. >> howard and i will be back with a live traffic on weather and traffic. >> get your live update throughout the day by visiting we'll see you tomorrow!


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