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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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on a suspect's vehicle without a warrant. the feds say they were able to follow this man, antoine jans, who led police to a stash of drugs and weapons. yesterday, justices heard the argument from both sides on whether or not police violated his constitutional guarantee against unreasonable search and seizure. >> police, without his knowledge and without his consent, installed a device on his car, which would an criminal trespass if any of his neighbors did it. >> we're not saying don't use a gps. we're saying if you're going to use it, get a warrant. >> now, attorneys for the justice department say antwan jones was using public streets and therefore had no expectation of privacy. they say they could have gotten the same results just by merely watching and following him. the air force has disciplined three officials after an investigation into the handling of remains at dover air force base in delaware. >> the punishment doesn't go
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far enough. shaban has the story. the air force is facing charges of mishandling of members. >> the air force has refused to admit culpability. >> dover air force base in dover misplaced body parts of soldier remains from iraq and afghanistan. the air force disciplined three officials for gross mismanagement but didn't fire anyone. >> while their performance did not reach standards, this was not a deliberate act. >> during the investigation, the military did not inform the four families of the service members whose remains were allegedly mishandled. the military reached out to the families over the weekend. >> it was in the better interest of the families to
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have the definitive position on this. not an interim call, not a we'll get back to you with more. >> as far back as march, we were encourage the air force to inform the families about what happened. they could have informed the families from the beginning when they knew what had happened be. they chose not to. >> the office of special counsel says the air force tried to fire two whistle- blowers but they've been given their jobs back. >> reporter: the white house is said to be reviewing the report by the office of special counsel. one of the teenagers shot in d.c. on halloween night has died. this was the case on m street in georgetown. investigators say this teenager is one of six people shot in the district on october 31st. police are not releasing this victim's name but they will say the 17-year-old died from his injuries on monday. police have a man in custody in connection with this shooting. he's likely going to face
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additional charges. d.c. police are stepping up patrols to avoid a repeat of friday's confrontation with some occupy d.c. protestors. yesterday, the department increased the number of officers and cruisers and on horseback. last week, things spiraled out of controller in front of the convention center when some demonstrators tried to block people from leaving the building. protestors released this video showing a police officer allegedly retaliating. we're not stepping up our game. i think police are stepping up their game. the police are showing their true colors. they didn't know what to do with us at first. now they're bringing out the horses. pretty soon, they'll bring out the water holes. >> police will not tell us exactly what their plan is. we're told tactics have changed and there will be a stricter adherence to rules since people have been injured. well, after yesterday's election, virginia republicans are very close to taking control of the state senate. right now, the g.o.p. is within one seat of a 20/20 split in the 40-member senate. if a split happens, republicans
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would essentially control the senate because the lieutenant- governor, bill bowling, would hold the vote to break any ties. in the deciding race, ed hock trails republican bryce reeves by 86 votes out of nearly 45,000 cast. if the lead stands, the g.o.p. will have a working majority on the senate floor but that narrow margin likely will lead to a recount. >> when it comes to the race for the white house, republican herman cain continues to deny any sexual harassment allegations against him. at a news conference tuesday, he flatly denied any inappropriate behavior and said he will not be distracted from his bid to become the republican nominee for president. one of the women who accused cain of sexual harassment is now hoping to arrange a news conference with all of his accusers. here's a look at some other things making news now. coming up on 4:35, voters in ohio have turned aside a law which would have limited the ability of 350,000 unionized government workers to engage in collective bargaining. the effort to veto the
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bargaining law had unions facing off against republicans at the state house who want to reduce government costs. the law allows bargaining on wages, work conditions and some equipment but it outlaws public worker strikes, scraps, binding arbitration and prevents promotions based solely on seniority. voters in mississippi rejected a state amend smed which would have defined a person as being a human being from the moment of fertilization. opponents say the measure could have deterred physicians from performing in vitro fertilization because they would fear criminal charges if an embryo doesn't survive. one worker is dead and four others injured after a building collapses at a construction site in brooklyn, new york. the images from over the scene in brighton beach show rescuers scrambling through to claw their way through a pile of rubble in that building which is mostly crumbled to the ground. one trapped worker was pulled on to a stretcher and lowered to the ground. building inspectors are now trying to determine if improper procedures played a role in
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this collapse. dwight arrington meyers, the rapper better known as heavy d has died. police in beverly hills say he died after collapsing outside his home. he had no sort of medical problem and they say no foul play is suspected. his hits included now that we found love, who's the man and in the mid '90s, he became the president of uptown labels home to mary j. blige. the jamaican born entertainer was 44. coming up at 4:40, another european country could soon default on its debt. at 4:48, u.s. veterans talk to us about the challenges of civilian life after the military. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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4:39 on this wednesday morning. another good-looking day. sunshine today. a couple of patches of fog early. we'll be in the mid-50s by 11:00 by 1:00, back in the 60s. mid to upper 60s to near 70 this afternoon. by 5:00 p.m., 61 degrees. we've got some changes coming by tomorrow. your seven-day forecast in the next five minutes. right now, over to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> happy to say the roads are incident free right now. we'll take a live look at the wilson bridge on the southside of town leaving alexandria or oxon hill. you're good over the bridge span. no problems on 95 or 395 as well. coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland at 4:47. andrea and mike? >> thanks, monika. >> time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> here's jessica doyle with your headlines. >> good morning, everybody. we're seeing world markets heading higher this morning after and a nice pop on wall street yesterday. investors are getting a boost from signs of progress in europe over the region's debt
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crisis. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 12,170. rose 101 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq up by 32 and the s&p 500 was better by almost 15 points. italy may soon have a new prime minister. sylvio berlusconi has told italy's president he will resign after the country's new budget is approved. berlusconi lost majority support in parliament during a routine vote. italy needs a pass a new budget and austerity measures to avoid defaulting on its massive debt. a vote on the measure is planned for next week. now, back here in the u.s., a hopeful sign that the job market is slowly improving. employers advertised more jobs in september than at any point in the past three years. the labor department says companies posted 3.3 million job openings, a 7% increase from august and the most since the summer of 2008 just before the financial crisis hits. wall street bonuses set to shrink by an average of 20% to
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30% from a year ago. it would be the weakest bonus season since the financial crisis of 2008. now, the sluggish economy and uncertainty over the debt crisis in europe is hurting business at many wall street firms. bond traders expected to get hit the hardest. bonus payments could plunge as much as 45%. interesting trend to see there. >> these things are looking up jobwise around here. >> thanks, jess. this is a test of the emergency alert system. we'll let you know when you can expect to hear that on your tv and radio coming up this afternoon. >> don't bother trying to change the channel because it is everywhere. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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[ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at good morning and welcome back to 9news now this wednesday morning. 4:43. what a glorious day we had yesterday. i looked at the car thermometer. it was in the 70s. >> it was great, wasn't it? >> crystal clear, beautiful. >> low 60s this time of year. we'll take that. even though we're going to see the cold air coming, the first week that is, it will be short- lived. we'll get back in the 60s. it is for next week.
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let's get you going with your bus stop forecast. going to need to bundle up. 30s and 40s out there. the patchy fog this morning over on the eastern shore down toward southern maryland and northern neck where some of the visibilities are less than one half-mile. sunrise at 6:44. the day planner once you get rid of the early fog, looking good once again. winds south to southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. 4:00, 63. highs maybe just a smidge cooler than yesterday but still mid to upper 60s to near 70 i think west of town. by 8:00, a couple of clouds start showing up. 56. clouds will thicken overnight. we could see showers by tomorrow with a front coming through. gorgeous again today on the weather headlines. cooler showers tomorrow. we'll stay in the 50s tomorrow and even chillier on veterans day. we'll be lucky to get to 50 as we head toward the friday. but after the cold shot on friday, another nice weekend. we moderate pretty quickly to the upper 50s saturday and back in the 60s by sunday.
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our fog situation, down south and east. tappahannock toward richmond to pax river over to salisbury, the eastern shore, many areas, a quarter mile or less. here in the metro, 8 to 10 mile visibility. temps, 44. in town. mid-30s in the shenandoah valley. 32 now in culpepper. richmond with the fog. salisbury with the fog. 38. up in gaithersburg this morning, it is 37. so, we've got frost in spots and we've got fog in spots. 44 officially with clear skies. by the way, that's jupiter near the moon. last night, early this morning. so, if you wonder what that was, jupiter kind of cool. winds are calm and the barometer holding steady at 30.20. it will be falling as high pressure falls away. out to the west, we see rain and even some snow now across parts of iowa and the colder air. the rain, same system that brought the severe weather a couple of days ago into oklahoma and yesterday, the mississippi valley. moving toward the tennessee, the ohio valley, great lakes area. for us, high pressure which was on top of us, now north and
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east of us. winds will be southeasterly. that may cool us down a couple of degrees coming in off the cooler waters of the bay and the potomac. we've got the system out to the west. still in pretty good shape today. maybe a patch of clouds out to the south during the afternoon but for the most part, we look good this afternoon with sunshine, winds out of the south/southeast 5 to 10. any showers later this afternoon, ohio down through eastern kentucky might sneak into far southwestern virginia. as we go through tonight and the front approaches, clouds will thicken up. we could get a couple of showers. that will be with us for thursday. look at the colder air comes in thursday afternoon. we'll clear out friday night into friday. could be a few snow showers in higher elevations of western maryland and pennsylvania. but friday looks to be a rather chilly day with temperatures holding for the most part in the 40s to near 50. that will be out of there. this, by the way, is sean. upgraded from a subtropical to a tropical storm.
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the forecast track of sean takes it close to bermuda. it has winds of 50 miles per hour. might get a little bit stronger before becoming a nontropical storm. it gets out of here by the time it gets into saturday morning now with the area of low pressure there and 50. nontropical low by then. that may be the last gas for the tropical season. today, 67 will be a beauty. tonight, 40s and low 50s. not nearly as chilly. tomorrow, 57. winds pick up out of the northwest 10 to 15 with showers. a blustery friday. veterans day. only around 50. your weekend, good news here. saturday, 59. sunday, 64. warmer again next week by tuesday, we could be back near 70 with a late shower possible. monika samtani, you've got a lot to do. >> i've enjoyed the weather. played tennis outside. alfresco dining. what could be better in november? the beltway looks good as well. we'll head over to 270. show.
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>> live look at route 221 in clarksburg. no problems from frederick down to 121. we'll take a live look heading down from this point to the point where the lanes divide and over to the america legion bridge. light volumes at this point in the morning. back over to the maps, this time it will be the beltway north of town. a little bit of volume through that earlier construction in silver spring. no big deal here. we'll wind a live look on the beltway south of route 50. no problems as you leave new carrollton down toward oxon hill, the wilson bridge and into alexandria. coming up, we'll go into the district at 4:55. mike, back to you. all week long, we've been saluting our veterans for the service they do for our country. many leave the service with some pretty valuable skills. manassas woman took what she learned in the military and became a small business owner and she can be a ray of sunshine for people considering doing the same thing. this is joy mccain from manassas. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we were talking about what you did in the military.
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help people understand some of the skills you were able to learn and how did they translate as far as being a small business owner. >> the first thing i went to the naiferl academy, i graduated from there and was aircraft maintenance officer and the very first thing i learned is surround yourself with the right team and get a support network around you to help you get through any challenge which is no different than owning a business like mr. handyman, you surround yourself with a franchise. you surround yourself with a support network, get the right team together and don't have an issue to ask for help. >> oftentimes, the skills can transfer because some people -- we've interviewed many veterans over the years, getting out of the military, can be a little bit daunting. wham i going to do? i've had this structure my whole l.i.e. talk about the emotional challenge when you step into the real world and say i really have to be without the structure for the first time in a long time. >> it is challenge but again,
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if you surround yourself with a structure, which is what i did with a company like mr. handyman, it is a franchise, there is a specific network in place and a system that you can follow. so somebody like me that likes system and likes -- is used to standard operating procedures in the military, you can follow those same things with a franchise. >> as far as your support system, you have somebody who's actually pretty close to you when you started this business, isn't that the case? >> yes, my brother and i started it together. we are co-owners of the business. >> so, if you were to give advice to somebody who is getting ready to leave the military and we're doing several draw jeans in afghanistan and other places around the world, what do you think the first step is to get out there in the real world? look for something that aligns with your skills? >> absolutely and don't be afraid to ask for help. in the military, you surround yourself with a team. you have a support network. when you get out, don't be afraid to ask for help. there are plenty of other people who have been in that
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same situation that can reach out and help you and get the transition -- make the transition a lot easier. >> congratulations on the franchise and thank you for what you've done for our country. >> very good. more research suggests children with autism have early brain overgrowth. a study in the journal of the american medical association finds autistic children have bigger, heavier brains and that there's rapid overgrowth in some sections. researchers only looked at 13 boys and found those with autism had 67% more neurons in their brains. doctors say they found that the first proof that brain overgrowth in autistic children begins before birth. primary care physicians may be overlooking numerous cases of child abuse. researchers at boston university medical school found that primary care physicians failed to report 21% of child abuse cases. the study is the first to evaluate the way doctors report suspicious injuries to child protective services.
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and older americans often turn to alcohol and cigarettes to cope with hard economic times. new york researchers found that men who had financial problems late in life were 30% more likely to take up heavy drinking than men who remain financially stable. older women on the other hand seem to cut down on drinking when times got rough. >> we are less than three weeks away from thanksgiving and many food banks in our area need your help. they need food and other items like you've seen behind our anchor desk all week. we're teaming up with the boy scouts to make donates as easy as possible. last week, they handed out more than 800,000 bags just in maryland and virginia alone. filled them with nonperishable food and paper and hygiene products to help people in need, the scouts will be back this saturday, november 12th, to pick them up. people in d.c. didn't get bags on their doorstep because of the bag tax. however, if you live in d.c., you can make your donations at 15 area safeway stores and we encourage you to do that. >> it is 4:53 as we go to
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break, time to take a look at the first question of the morning. >> we sent jessica doyle out to get their response. >> what were animal crackers originally made for? >> what were animal crackers originally made for? >> is it a, to eat, b, christmas ornaments or c, arts and crafts. >> arts and crafts. >> again, the question is... >> i think i know the answer but i won't leak it. go to our facebook page at and we'll reveal the right answer within the next hour.
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welcome back. 4:56. howard here with your weather first. we have another good day ahead. fog across southern maryland, the eastern shore, the northern neck. sunshine-filled day. winds out of the south- southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. by 3:00, 65. highs well up in the 60s once again. the clouds start moving in tonight. changes for tomorrow and friday. more on that coming up during 9news now at 5:00 a.m. monika has a look at timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. live look on pennsylvania avenue across the sousa bridge coming through southeast, you will be fine over the anacostia river crossing. no problems in from southern maryland on route four, five,
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or 301. we'll go into virginia at 5:00. back to you, andrea and mike. >> this is a test. today, the government is running the first ever nationwide test of its emergency alert system. eas, it will be on every tv station, radio outlet, satellite service and cable system. >> you can turn anywhere and you will find it. fema and the fcc will use the system to inform americans in the event of a national emergency. randall pinkston is in new york with more on what viewers and listeners can expect today. >> talk shows, soap operas and every other tv and radio program across the nation will all be interrupted at exactly 2:00 p.m. eastern time wednesday. for 30 seconds, fema and the fcc will conduct the first nationwide test of the emergency alert system, also known as eas. >> in the past, if you heard it on one station, you could change the channel and listen to something else. now, if you change the channel, it will be on that channel as
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well. >> eas is designed to quickly alert americans about a national emergency like a nuclear attack, a major power grid failure or a catastrophic storm. >> this is to look at the one backbone system to go can we move a warning message from the white house all the way out through the relay stations to the general public? >> local stations like wfax a.m. in falls church, virginia, have always been required to run test individually. now, broadcasters must coordinate with other nearby stations for emergency notifications. >> we monitor wmal, wtop and we also monitor the national weather service. the eas is a modern day version of the old emergency broadcast system. designed to protect americans from missile strikes during the cold war. the system has never been used on a national scale. the government says this test is important to ensure it will work in the event of an emergency. randall pinkston, cbs news, new
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york. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. this is not a test. this is the real deal. we're here for you. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. a reminder, the emergency test will happen at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. it is just a test. here's monika samtani. >> good morning. >> she'll have our roads in a minute. that was lame. here's howard with your weather first. >> nothing lame about the weather the last few days. front comes through tomorrow with some showers on friday. it will be chilly. it is november. you'll need the jackets and sweaters on friday. the day planner this morning, we like it. sunshine. 60 degrees by noon. we'll warm up nicely. low 60s still at 5:00 with highs between 64 and 69. southeast wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. clear skies overhead. the longer nights, you get a little bit of moisture thrown into low levels like near bodies of water. south and east of town, we've got fog down in the richmond area. paxe


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