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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we begin with breaking news from wall street. we're going to take a live look at the dow. it is down more than 226 points at 11,943. it sank nearly 300 points after this morning's opening bell. the nasdaq is down more than 61 points at 2660 and the s&p is also taking a beating down nearly 25 points at 1251. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for joining us this afternoon. we're also following breaking news from pennsylvania. we have just learned that penn state head football coach joe paterno will retire at the end
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of the season. the announcement is the latest twist surrounding sex abuse allegations against the former assistant coach. drew levinson has more. >> reporter: penn state football coach joe paterno is retiring at the end of the season. in a statement, the legendary coach addresses the sex scandal engulfing the university saying this is a tragedy. it is one of the great sorrows of my life. with the benefit of hindsight, i wish i had done more. >> the news raced across campus. >> i'm sad but i'm just glad that he can do it on his own terms and finish out the season. >> for all of the good he's done for the university, after all of the years, it is a shame he has to end on a note like this. >> last night, students rallied behind the man who made theit inly lions a powerhouse. but many question why paterno did not go straight to police in 2002 when a student assistant told him he saw former assistant coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a
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boy in a campus shower. paterno passed the information to hire ups as the law requires. school's board of trustees is expected to appoint a special committee to find out who's responsible for not calling police immediately after the allegations surfaced. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period before and after he retired in 1999. some former penn state players say the scandal tarnishes paterno's legacy. >> i would rather we have ncaa rules violations, tattoos hanging out with a booster, than something like this. this is absolutely appalling what's happened at our university. >> the pressure is now on university president graham spaniard to spent down. drew levinson, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. "the associated press" reports that jerry sandusky was on penn state's campus as recently as a week ago. he was given an office, a park pass and other amenities as part of the retirement package
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that he received in 1999. g.o.p. presidential hopeful herman cain will show up to tonight's republican debate. he's hoping to keep the focus on the economy and his tax plan. but he will likely face more questions about sexual harassment allegations. an accuser who was anonymous has now identified herself. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate herman cain is ready to move on after forcefully denying all allegations of improper behavior. >> the charges and the accusations are absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen. >> reporter: as cain held a news conference, a once anonymous accuser went on the record. her name is karen kraushaar, she filed a complaint with the national restaurant association in 1999, claiming cain harassed
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her. the candidate acknowledged he was aware of that complaint and insisted it wasn't true. >> when she made her accusations, they were found to be baseless and she could not find anyone to corroborate her story. >> republican strategists say cain's news conference may not have been the best idea. it has opened him up to more questions before tonight's g.o.p. debate. >> in the republican debate, all eyes will be on him looking for any policy stumbles, more scrutiny. >> cain's accusers face scrutiny of their own. "the associated press" looks into kraushaar's background and found she claimed unfair treatment. her attorney says she plans to hold a news conference of her own. she's invited sharon bialek and the other women who have made anonymous allegations against cain. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. can herman cain move past
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the allegations and still remain a viable candidate? we posed that question to "washington post" political reporter perry bacon this morning. >> as the story continues to go on, it hurts him because voters are no longer hearing his ideas about tax policy or anything else. >> cain's troubles will likely come up again tonight when the candidates debate for the first time since the scandal broke. a federal jury has found maryland state senator ulysses kurri not guilty of all charges in a cor corruption case. prosecutors accuse the democrat of using his influence to benefit shoppers food warehouse while he worked for the grocery store chain but his lawyers argued it was consultant work and it was not illegal because others knew about it. two construction workers were rushed to the hospital after they were caught in the middle a two-car crash on their worksite. this happened on 13th street
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and pennsylvania avenue southeast. authorities tell us that the workers suffered serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. the two drivers involved in that crash were treated at the scene. next week, the d.c. council will start debating a bill aimed at stopping gas price gouging in washington, d.c. it would require all gas stations to be operated independently of each other. it also would allow station operators to buy from whomever has the best price. the bill comes after a city investigation into capital petroleum group. the springfield, virginia, based company owns or operates more than 40% of gas stations in the district, including all of the exxon stations. the company is being sued by some of its station owners who say it overcharges them for gasoline. emergency responders trying to save a frostburg state university student feared for their lives at an off-campus party on sunday.
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frostburg police chief royce dowdy told the cumberland times that the angry crowd made verbal threats to responders, saying they didn't get to the scene quick enough. 19-year-old courtney mccoy of baltimore died from her injuries during an off-campus party. dowdy says most of the calls his department gets are linked to college students. however, campus police paint a more subdued picture. >> frostburg state university police and the entire administration and all of the personnel here are active partners in dealing with student conduct whether it occurs on or off-campus. >> 23-year-old shanay liggins of waldorf, maryland, has been charged with killing mccoy. she's being held without bond. still to come when 9news now continues, find out why fema is conductening its first nationwide test of the emergency alert system later
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today. plus, find out what has thousands of students so outraged that they're taking to the streets of london. we'll be back.
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well, the folks over at occupy d.c. are about to get some company. well, today, some occupy wall street activists are planning to set out on a 240 mile march from new york to washington.
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about a dozen are leaving manhattan today and they plan to arrive in washington by the november 23rd deadline for congressional committee to decide whether to keep president obama's extension of bush era tax cuts. a large student protest is underway in london, england. police are controlling the crowds unlike past demonstrations. but here, there has not been any violence we hear so far. tina kraus reports from london. a massive crowd of students marched through the streets of central london to protest higher tuition fees and cuts to education funding. >> police surrounded the crowd and kept them moving along a route to the city's financial district. >> you can see forces. >> about 4,000 police officers are on duty for the march. they have warned they'll use rubber bullets if violence
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erupts like it did last year. last november, about 55,000 students took part in a demonstration that turned violent. that protest was also about education costs. a small group attacked a headquarters of the conservative party, shattering glass windows and starting fires. >> a month later, demonstrators battled with riot police. and attacked a car carrying prince charles. at today's protest, police made several arrests at an encampment but so far, the demonstration has remained peaceful. tina kraus, cbs news, london. howard will be up next with our forecast. >> j.c., after another cold, foggy start in spots, it is a beautiful afternoon. we've been doing this quite a bit lately, unfortunately. it will be coming to an end rather soon. look at the numbers as we go to break. temperatures range from the low 50s with still some clouds
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around tappahannock to the upper 60s in salisbury. 63 in leesburg. rest of the afternoon forecast along with a look toward the weekend when 9news now at noon returns.
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fire crews were busy near phoenix, arizona, following this two tanker crash this morning. authorities say that two tanker trucks crashed, exploded and caught fire. sending huge clouds of smoke
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across the region. one person was killed. nearby residents and students have been evacuated from that area. well, this afternoon at 2:00, don't be surprised when your favorite television show or radio station gets interrupted for an emergency test. at 2:00, fema will conduct the first nationwide test of the emergency alert system. the test will last about 30 seconds. it will interrupt every television station at exactly 2:00 and you will be reminded that it is only a test. ♪ veterans day is friday and the popular band, daughtry, is performing in a concert saturday night at the patriot's center in fairfax, virginia. it is part of the annual american freedom festival. channel 9 is a sponsor. the concert benefits military veterans and active duty. tickets are still available through ticketmaster and military can get them at the
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itt and itr offices, at the anacostia annex, fort belvoir and the pentagon. before that concert, there is going to be a big job fair for veterans and active duty military being sponsored in part by our partners at career builder. the american freedom festival veterans jobs fair again is being held this saturday. it starts at 9:00 a.m., continues until 3:00 p.m. at the patriot center. on the campus of george mason university in fairfax. the concert again begins at 7:30. if you would like more information, you can go to our web site at putting a traditional meal on the table for thanksgiving is easier said than done. for many households. that is why we're proud to be teaming up with the boy scouts again this year for our food
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drive 9. you may have received a bag last weekend. if so, please fill that bag up with nonperishable items, canned goods because the scouts will pick up the bags this saturday. by the way, in washington, d.c., you can make a donation at your local safeway store. go to and we'll give you all of the locations. boy, it is nice outside. we've been on such a roll. gave the lawn the last hair cost the season, i hope. nice and low. >> now, it is leaf time. >> chance to mulch them up. mulch them and use them over the bushes. anyway, warm weather we've been having. enjoy it. i urge you to get out and take advantage of it as soon as you can because it is not going to be this warm tomorrow or friday, especially it will be chilly. weekend doesn't look bad but it is going away soon. here's a look at the day planner for the afternoon. we've got sunshine. we may see a few clouds later
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on this afternoon. more toward this evening likely with highs mid to upper 60s. some areas will flirt with 70 again. advertised around 60, 61. this evening, the clouds start to roll in. temperatures in the mid-50s. with the winds not going dead calm and some cloud cover, we're not going to be nearly as cold tonight as we have been the last few nights when we have lots of 30s and frost. our weather headlines, gorgeous again this afternoon. third, fourth, fifth day in a row. cool showers tomorrow. more so in the morning will be the shower. we could see some late clearing, winds will kick out of the northwest with some mountain snow showers by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. chilly for veterans day. i think we'll be lucky to get toward the 50 degree mark, jackets and gloves and sweaters on friday. it will be pretty short-lived as we moderate beginning on saturday. upper 50s saturday and back in the 60s to finish out the weekend. this is kind of cool on the satellite and radar. south, very dense fog forms. you can see how it shows up
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once we get the visible imagery. the sunlight shows up. it is just starting to burn off slowly here at calvert, st. mary's, down to the northern neck. we had quite a few school delays. north and west of there, the sun is out. clouds only in the 50s in richmond. lower 50s in the areas north and east of richmond. we're seeing 60s from charlottesville to d.c. to pittsburgh. charleston in west virginia, 72 degrees. some nice, mild air. locally, we've got 60 in town. 63 for manassas. 61 coming in from andrews. cool spot right on the bay, annapolis. 54 degrees with low 60s in rockville and gaithersburg, sterling at 63. vienna, that's our warm reading at 65. at national though, mostly sunny. south wind at 7. dew points in the low 40s. air is still kind of dry. very, very comfortable. why is everything going to change? the storm system right here bringing some moderate to heavy snow across parts of wisconsin
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and the u.p. there could be totals approaching ten inches in the highest areas here. ahead of it, we're warm. looking at the showers coming through ohio and the tennessee valley down to the deep south. there is a front here. that will be pushing toward us tomorrow. out ahead of it, we're mild. we're sunny. but that front will make progress toward the east later this afternoon and tonight, increasing clouds and the shower threat tonight and tomorrow. so, isolated showers tomorrow. for tonight and tomorrow through midday. in the afternoon, we start to clear it out with the mountain snow showers. we bring in the chilly air for friday but only for friday. then we're back to the cool and mild stuff over the weekend. warm today. 67. tonight, 40s and 50s. isolated shower. tomorrow, 57 with showers possible through midday. the winds start to kick out of the northwest in the afternoon. a blustery veterans day. only around 50 on friday. there is your weekend. looking much better. near 60 on saturday. 60 sunday, monday and maybe back to 70 by next tuesday. don't go anywhere. 9news now at noon will return
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right after this.
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it is such an honor to introduce my guest today. gloria started a very small travel agency almost 40 years ago. with one person in the office, she grew that business. they have more than 200 offices around the world. she is one of the most successful female business owners in the country and she's getting ready to be inducted into the washington business hall of fame!
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>> i would have never dreamed it. >> i'm so proud of you. you deserve it. >> thank you. >> was it difficult when you started 40 years ago with that travel agency? you were such an inspiration to women. how hard was it for you? >> well, it was just an uphill battle but i enjoyed every minute of it because i really loved what i was doing. never thought it would get big. never thought it would grow. but you know, it is one of those things where you get on the treadmill, you enjoy something and you keep trying to keep it going. >> we're talking about a megaworld travel, one of the largest. it is the largest cruise travel agency. you do so many cruises a year. that's a big thing. >> well, you know, i got into the business because i had a great honeymoon and wedding reception on the queen elizabeth and then when the internet came around, my husband and i thought wow, that's an area for us to pursue, putting all of our knowledge on the internet and starting
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so, that's what happened. we're now really doing a lot of cruises and selling a lot of cruises on the internet. but also in our offices, too. so, it is a great, great beginning and really, i see great future. >> well, you know, there are going to be women who will watch this interview who are trying to start a business. what words of confidence and inspiration can you give them? >> well, you know, go for your dreams. that's true of everyone but for women, i think it is important to know that particularly in certain businesses and industries, they really have a tremendous role to play. you know, we're multitaskers, we're used to juggling a lot of things and we know that. and that's really important for getting a business started. where you don't mind doing a little bit of everything that needs to be done. so, women should go full force. be good communicators, get out there and meet people and that's really important. >> have a passion. love what you do like you did.
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>> tap into other resources, the financial community can help, the bankers, the other business leaders and network a lot and today, you know, networking is what it is all about. it is a lot ease than ever before. relationship building is extremely important. women do it very well. >> as i said, you're being inducted into the business hall of fame at the marriott wardman on november 29th. you invited me to be with you and i'm so delighted i'll get an opportunity to introduce you to everyone. there will be others that will be honored there that night. >> there will be. there will be four other, they are gentlemen. they have wonderful backgrounds so i'm in very, very fabulous company. and i'm extremely honored. i love the washington area. i've been very happy here since i came here in 1972. >> the same time i came. we have something in common. congratulations to you, gloria bohan. megaworld travel is the west.
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>> thank you. >> i'll see you on the 29th. come back and visit us at 5:00 p.m. have a great day!
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