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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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members are having a meeting and they are promising swift and direct action. pennsylvania's governor who is also the former attorney general plans to attend a trustee meeting on friday. >> he who preys on a child is the worst person in the world. >> reporter: two school administrators have already resigned and are facing criminal charges. joe paterno's last home game is scheduled nor here at beaver stadium on saturday against nebraska. derek? >> drew, we are already seeing calls from columnists and others in the paper saying joe paterno should go right now. do you hear anything from students there as to that sentiment? >> reporter: you are hearing it here. more from the students, alumni, more mature people who saying think about what has happened here and he should not be able to go out on his terms, instead it is time for him to leave now. >> all right. but you say the board of trustees will be making that
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decision in the coming days, correct? >> right. it is up to the board of trustees. yes, joe paterno said today he is retiring at the end of the season but simply it is not that easy. it is not his decision to make. it is the board of trustees who will make it and they very well could say no, you must go now. >> all right. drew levinson in pennsylvania. thank you, sir. a short time ago i discussed the penn state scanned balwith dr. phil and i started by asking him what the alleged -- penn state scandal with dr. mil and i asked him what they are feeling all these years later. >> part of their consciousness, persona, self-esteem, self- concept every single day since this took place. this is not something that you just get over. this is something that changes who these young men are. and it is a terrible, terrible violation and it causes them to devalue themselves. it causes them to feel used.
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it causes their self-esteem to be eroded. so this is a serious, serious thing. and it doesn't matter if it happened one year ago, five years ago or 15 years ago it has been part of their reality all along. >> this particular incident we are talking about involves penn state, joe paterno. this is an institution that has for years talked about doing the right thing. and now it is facing questions about their legal responsibility, their moral responsibility. can you talk about the alleged bystanding behavior that we are hearing about? >> well, lesli, that's the real problem, isn't it? because the number 1 tool of the abuser is isolation and that's why they choose children so often because they have a power differential. and if you come with as a coach at penn state and you're in a position of authority, you're held up as someone bigger than
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life, and you use that to gain an advantage on a child to take advantage of them, that's the worst possible violation you can imagine. the typical child molester has an average of 40 to 50 victims throughout their life. so if you are aware of someone impacting one child in a negative way you've got to assume there might be 40 or 50 more that have happened or are yet to come. it is our job to step up and speak with a voice to stop this when it happens. >> is that really the teachable moment here, whether you are penn state or a reveered coach or somebody just in the neighborhood that you have to keep your eyes open and do the right thing? >> that is the teachable moment. and, listen, you think i don't want to be wrong. i don't want to embarrass myself. this has to be what we call a false positive system meaning that i would rather investigate 1000 cases that i suspect something is going on and find
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out it wasn't than fail to investigate one where it was going on and no one came to the aid of that child. >> coming up at 6 p.m. we will sit down with someone who says joe paterno should step down right now. peaking news from wall street where stocks sank as much as 400 points today amid concerns italy's current debt levels are unsustainable. italy's borrowing costs sored overnight despite promises from italy's premier that he will pass financial reforms before he resigns. the dow closed down 389 points to close at 11,780 for the day of trading. nasdaq drop 105 and s&p fell 46 for the day. prince george's county system, are they lowering their ac -- lowering their academic standards? a new policy going into effect
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next week making it easeiour for kids to stay on school teams even if they fail a class. andrea mccarren is joining us live with an explanation of what really is going on. >> reporter: well, anita, talk about striking a nerve. some are calling this the dumbing down of america. others say that sports are an essential element of a child's education. >> when i went to school if i didn't have a good gpa i wasn't playing. they sat me down. >> reporter: starting november 15th prince george's county student athletes will be allowed to fail one class and still stay on their sports team as long as they maintain a 2.0 grade point average. >> if they fail the class why should they play on a team if they fail the class? >> reporter: maryland's board of education is considering a state wide minimum academic standard of a 2.0 grade point average for students who want to play sports. prince george's county already had that policy in place and it was even tougher if an athlete
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failed a class, they didn't play. that's all about to change. >> i don't think their schoolwork and their education should suffer for the sake of being on a sports team. >> i have a grandson and he loves to play sports but i always tell him you need to study because you're going to need your education in case something goes wrong. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> education is not just in the classroom. it is also out here on the athletic field, your self- esteem, discipline, time management. >> reporter: kicking an athlete off a team has not worked as an academic incentive. >> we have students who take advance placement courses. if they were to fail one course, which has happened, they could have a 5.5 -- they could have a 3.5 and still couldn't play. >> reporter: many coaches serve as mentors in study halls. >> this issue has people really fired up on our wusa9 facebook page but the reality is that
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prince george's county has had one of the strictest policies about grading in our area and now will be in line with montgomery county and others that have simply mandated a 2.0 gpa and no more than one failing class. >> andrea mccarren, thank you, live from the newsroom. breaking news from eastern turkey where there has been another earthquake. state run television says some buildings that were damaged in last month's deadly quake have collapsed from the 5.7 magnitude quake they just had. the six-story hotel was among the buildings brought down. that hotel reported hurricane being used by journalists and aide workers in the proven i believe shall capitol of vaughn. police responded to reports of gunfire today outside the russian consumate here in washington. around upper georgetown and northwest. the secret service says a handgun accidentally fired inside one of its officer's cars. nobody hurt. but the vehicle's window was
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shattered. the secret service is investigating. the republicans went big in virginia, or at least it appears that way. just 86 votes have apparently handed the g.o.p. a tie in the senate which would give them control. but a recount is likely in that very close race. peggy fox is here to explain. i mean, it is close. >> very close. now, republicans appear to have picked up two seats in the senate which gives them the 20/20 tie. republican lieutenant-governor breaks the tie to give the party the edge. but even as the g.o.p. is claiming victory in fredricksburg over a senator republican bryce refuges -- bryce reeves. could take weeks for a recount recount. direct control of public policy for the next two years and green light to republican bob mcdonell's agenda. >> they will be held accountable if there is not a good transportation plan put
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forward. republicans can say there is a bottleneck in the senate and blame it ob the democrats because now the republicans have control of both chambers. so they have full responsibility what happens over the next couple years and they get the credit or blame depending upon how things go. >> public policy professor at george mason said the conservative wing could hit the governor's prospects for the future if they push the state too far to the right on issues such as personhood, same-sex marriage or prayer in schools. he says the governor needs to have a more mainstream policy agenda for the national stage. now, coming up at 6 p.m. we will look at a surprise winner in the fairfax county school board race, the youngest and most poorly funded candidate pulls out a win. why voters backed him. a very interesting story, lesli. >> that's a big deal there. all right, peggy, thank you. derek? >> it is derek and topper because we are on the terrace and the weather is pretty good right now but the changes they
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are a coming. >> we can't keep this going. it has been perfect really since saturday. here is the three-day. slow change tomorrow. showers. significant signature is not so much the moisture but cooler and colder air tomorrow. 57 tomorrow. but then 50 for veteran's day. back up to 59 on saturday which is pretty nice. headed for another nice weekend looks like. right now 58 downtown. 57 in gaithersburg. and 57 also in manassas. temps are pretty uniform and for tonight clouds on the increase. just cools. low temps in the 40s, winds south-southwest at 10. it will stray dry. prospects of a wet morning commute tomorrow? >> anita? tonight's health alert kind of a whammy on our conventional wisdom about salt. cutting back on salt can lower blood pressure. but new research out today says going low sodium can also have an initial boomerang effect. >> staying away from really salty foods but saying it isn't
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easy. >> i was in penn station last night and i really wanted popcorn with salt on it. and i just had to say no to myself. >> reporter: josh sticks to a low sodium diet to keep his blood pressure in check but a new study out today in the american journal of hyper tension questions whether reducing sodium radically actually leads to a healthier heart. researchers reviewed more than 160 studies and found that while lowering salt intake did bring down blood pressure it also raised cholesterol and more moan levels that can be harmful to the heart. >> there is an increase in lemon and triglycerides which can actually increase your risk of heart disease ultimately. >> reporter: the study saying it might be time for doctors to rethink recommending a low sodium diet but many other experts disagree. >> my biggest concern is that people will think that it is okay to use salt now. i think we still have a lot to learn. >> reporter: josh orr lean says he won't give up his low salt routine phone it is a little bland. >> it wouldn't be the same if i
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was just pouring salt the way i like to pour salt but i would rather be safe. >> here is another caveat to this new research which is confusing. it pooled a bunch of smaller studies, some less than 30 days long, and some experts believe it takes time for the body to aclamate to a low sodium diet and that cholesterol levels might level out over time. the american diet is packed with sodium is the bottom line. for most of us cutting back will not be detrimental. coming up. hundreds of police officers try to keep the peace as student protestors take over the streets of london. plus, a d.c. firefighter seriously injured. this year called into action on his very first day back on the job. how did he do? >> i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. coming up. when the republican presidential candidates' debate. will the economy be the focus or will herman cain?
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herman cain may be ready to move past all the allegations of improper behavior but the debate tonight between all the republicans could have him answering more questions about it. he and his fellow g.o.p. presidential hopefuls will meet in michigan for a session and a conversation about the economy. >> hard hit state there.
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but with cain's trouble dominating the headlines his opponents could bring up those accusations. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: all eyes will be on herman cain when the g.o.p. field squares off in a prime time debate. cain will have to brace for more questions about the sexual harassment allegations that have dogged his campaign for more than a week. he tried to put the issue to rest tuesday. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone period. >> reporter: on stage in rochester, michigan, the other republican candidates are hoping to get back some of the spotlight. cain has been occupying the headlines and they are ready to spar over the economy and their plans to get americans back to work. when the allegations first surfaced some of cain's opponents steered clear but now that the story isn't going away, cain's rivals are starting to say he owes voters
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a better explanation of what happened. >> reporter: and republicans strategists predict that shaking the controversy will only get more difficult in the days to come. sharon bialek and karen kraushaar, the two accusers who have identified themselves, are planning a joint news conference to detail cain's alleged inappropriate behavior when he ran the national restaurant association in the 1990s. >> this absolute denial. no grey area, never met her, never saw her, never did it. if there is a receipt anywhere, if someone saw them together it casts additional doubt. >> reporter: despite the allegations cain is still performing well in the polls at this point. danielle nottingham, cbs news the white house. a new poll out from south carolina shows cain in second place trailing leader mitt romney by only two points. and that state will hold 2012 first primary in the south. at least ten people facing charges after a crackdown on the occupy houston movement. police say they moved in last
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night after a demonstrator wouldn't take his tent down from a public sidewalk. authorities say they issued four warnings before moving in. the demonstrators say ten people were arrested for interfering with police and jaywalking. 4000 police officers called in to corolla large uprising today in london. students took to the streets to protest higher tuition fees and cuts to their education funding. british police arrested 20. in the latest display of anger against the conservative-led government's austerity measures. one person was killed when two tanker trucks collided today in arizona. it happened at the height of the morning rush in phoenix. the driver of the milk truck drank. the crash also created smoke and flames reaching into the sky. nearby homes and businesses had to be evacuated just as a precaution. it is being called the storm of the century in alaska. snow and hurricane-force winds are sweeping across the state's
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western coastline. a city opened an evacuation. schools and businesses closed early. they seem to be weathering the storm pretty well so far. roof damage to be reported along with isolated power and communication outages. this sounds like a superduper uber bring out beyond the bredometer. >> massive flooding. >> is that storm going to come south? >> i have been looking on the maps. not anytime soon. by the time it drops down to the pacific northwest it will be strong but not crazy strong. so i think we will be okay. now we do have a storm approaching tomorrow, a cold front. here is what it did to des moines. turned the rain to heavy wet snow and actually they had 3.7 inches which is their fifth heaviest earliest snowfall on record. they average an inch of snow by december 1st. they are getting it a little bit earlier. >> topper, are you jealous?
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>> we already had a big nor'easter. i'm okay with that. guys got the plows outline a little built. kind of a burst of snow. snow is now out of iowa but now into the great lakes and some of the snow is falling in the upper peninsula of michigan and back into wisconsin. this will continue through much of the night and into tomorrow morning. but this same trailing front which is producing some showers to the ohio valley will roll through here tomorrow and, again, it is just the moisture is shrinking and shrinking. not a lot of moisture with it. the signature will be some wind and the signature will be much colder air as we get into veteran's day. clouds on the increase tonight. showers will hold off and just be primarily west of the divide. we should be dry tonight. temps not too bad. 55 in arlington. really another fantastic day. 55 in gaithersburg. 58 in great falls. with the clouds coming in and winds out of the south- southwest temps will not fall like a rock like they have done over the past night. so a cold front comes in
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tomorrow. just cool tonight. a few showers on thursday. morning commute possibly wet especially south of town and just downright blustery for veteran's day. we will be lucky to get out of the 40s on veteran's day. 10 p.m. tonight our futurecast. 5 a.m. in the morning showers to the south of fredricksburg and showers between cumberland and hagerstown with clouds rolling in. by late morning, early afternoon a little skinny line of showers developing. notice it is all green so it is all light. nothing crazy heavy. this is just before lunchtime. with some showers up 270 through gaithersburg and frederick. and also out route 7, out 66. they go through pretty fast. clouds kind of break up by tomorrow evening and the rain showers go to snow showers west of the divide and that will continue into tomorrow night and early on friday. so for tonight, increasing cloudiness, just cool. one blanket night. low temps in the 40s. winds south-southwest at 10. tomorrow morning you might want
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to grab an umbrella. just a few showers. winds start to kick northwest 10 to 15 and by afternoon high temperatures mid to upper 50s but temps will fall late in the afternoon with showers ending and winds increasing. next seven days. blustery on veteran's day. 50. another nice november weekend though. upper 50s on saturday. mid-60s by sunday. some showers possible by monday. maybe some storms possible next tuesday. but we are flirting with 70 next tuesday and still at 60 next wednesday. >> very nice. >> pretty nice. >> let's keep it going. coming up, a sneak peek at the now nearly completed icc. plus, if you are fed up with your bank and you're ready for a clean break we will tell you how to make the process as easy as possible.
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breaking news. coming out of arlington right now. the fbi and arlington police are surrounding an office building in crystal city where a short time ago a bomb sniffing dog had a positive hit on what is being described as a suspicious package. this is at 212 street south in
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arlington. the bomb squad has been called to the scene. the building has opinion evacuated. we are told this building contains a number of military- related offices and we will continue to keep an eye on the scene and bring you more information as it comes in. again, a live look there in crystal city a suspicious package being investigated. a potential power steering problem has prompted toyota to recall more than half a million vehicles around the world. the affected models include 2004 and 2005 avalons, camries and some election discuss sedans and suvs. toyota says the problem could make it difficult for the driver to steer but there have been no reports of accidents or injuries. big banks haven't done so well in the last month. nearly 650,000 fed up customers let them know. they closed their accounts and transferred money to credit unions in the weeks leading up to national bank transfer day. if you're contemplating a move we have got some steps you can
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take to make it a seamless switch. >> reporter: you're not alone when it comes to the frustration of banking fees. bank transfer day's social media movement encouraged fed up customers to move their money to smaller banks and credit unions. if you're ready to break up with your bank, these steps can make that process more bearable. first, get a switch kit. these marketing kits help you collect the data for your deposits and withdrawals so that your new bank can continue those transactions. some kits include form letters you can send to make sure your auto payments and direct deposits continue uninterrupted. you can get these kits from your local branch or go online to their website to download the forms. minimize the headaches. don't close the account before the new one is up and running. clear all outstanding checks but leave some extra money in the old account to cover any old automatic payments in case the changeover takes more than one billing cycle.
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finally, choose a banking institution that will cover all your needs. credit unions and online banks often offer better rates and fewer fees than the big institutions. check out and the national credit union administration website at ncua >> if you are not happy with your bank call their customer service. they may make some concessions to keep your business. certainly this is the sound of the season but there is a local man taking it to a whole new level. coming up, a salvation army officer tries to break a world record and it is all about that bell. and i'm scott broom live in montgomery county. overtop the latest section of the icc that is about to open. when i come back, we are going to take you for a tour. firefighter chuck ryan is back at work after being burned seven months ago.
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i'm lindsey mastis. that story is coming up. çñ
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take a look at this dramatic rescue. it happened late this afternoon over in southeast. a man fell 20 feet into that construction hole right at the st. elizabeth hospital and d.c. firefighters had to rush in there and they spent 30 minutes pulling the poor guy out of there. one of the firefighters in that
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hole rescuing that man his name is chuck ryan and today was ryan's first day back on the job after spending the past seven months recovering from the burns he received while fighting an arson fire. now, let me tell you, it has been a long road to recovery for mr. ryan and lindsey mastis takes a look at that journey. >> may day, may day, may day. >> i remember everything that happened. >> reporter: april 8th chuck ryan and his fellow firefighters were battling intense flames inside a vacant house when the roof collapsed. >> the fire department. >> took us less than 3 minutes from the time it went over for us to get over. >> reporter: ryan had burns all over his body and doctors thought they would have to remove four of his fingers. >> it was rough for a while. >> reporter: when he was released for hospital he didn't go home he came back to the fire station. it was a way to end the call.
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>> the call was never ended until the last one of us came home from the hospital. >> reporter: he was in pressure garments and his hands wrapped. today he has full use of his fingers and is he back in person and in spirit going on calls and performing rescues. >> there is nothing else i want to do. i don't know anything else about than being a fireman. >> reporter: i'm lindsey mastis in anacostia, 9news now. >> just this week the man pled guilty to setting several fires including the one that injured ryan and four other firefighters. ryan said is he agreed is off the street. we got a chance to see the next 11 miles of the new toll road before it opened on november 22nd. >> and that will be the first time drivers will be able to ride the entire 18-mile highway from i-370 in gaithersburg to i-95 in laurel. it has been a day that has been
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four decades in the making and scott broom got to drive the road today and joins us now live with an up close look. >> reporter: this is phase ii, okay. the big phase. the big link. georgia avenue is up there. that's where it links in and you swing all the way over this pristine pavement all the way to prince george's county. ask one 1.5 billion and four decades of planning and construction can buy you and here it is. the icc. that's the project director for construction conducting a bus tour of the latest 10.3-mile section of the road. the critical link that will correct gaithersburg to i-95 north of the beltway in prince george's county. >> we are very proud of what we accomplished and we are looking forward to opening it to traffic. >> do you have to have an easy pass to ride the highway?
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yes, we are encouraging everyone to get one. >> reporter: reminding everyone this is maryland's first all electronic cash free toll road. >> the time savings will be very significant cutting the travel time, for example, from gaithersburg to vwi airport from 71 minutes to 37 minutes. >> reporter: collecting 25 cents per mile rush hour toll regardless of your speed. and the engineers talk about all kinds of complications you never would expect. >> having problem with the geese. >> reporter: there are these grass ramps every mile or so designed to let deer camp here and escape over the fence. a golf course forced to locate its 14th hole. everywhere there are sound walls and anxious neighbors. >> in my case it will probably be a little bit noisy. >> reporter: wondering what the opening of the road will
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finally bring. >> i prefer to go through the regular roads. can i afford to pay? >> reporter: i've got to tell you i love the deer escape ramps today. i guess they won't pay the toll. the toll on this road will be $4 end-to-end during the peak rush hour. if you've got to use this road you've got to get an easy pass. it will be opened november 22nd and it is kind of try before you buy. they won't start charging tolls until december 5. reporting live over the icc scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you, scott. an attempt to break a world record now underway in bethesda. salvation arm officer kurt fair attempting to set the record for longest amount of time continuously ringing a hand bell. now, he is doing his thing outside the giant store on old
5:36 pm
georgetown road. how is it going so far? >> so far so good. >> you've got to keep ringing it. obviously if you need to use the facility you can stop for that. >> can you switch hands? can you keep yourself hydrated in case you get a cramp? i don't know what the rules. the current record for continuously ringing a hand bell 34 hours. this major says his target is 36 maybe more. he is also accepting salvation army donations by the way in that red settle while continuously ringing a bell so he might have a chance to set a record there as well in terms of how much money he makes. >> that would be point. coming up, the story of operation wedding gown at one area bridal store. but first, don't stand in the way of a deer and his lunch. an unlikely customer turns up
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in the drive-threwthru. >> maybe too many deer. just maybe. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh.
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caught on tape. a deer apparently hungry down in atlanta near a restaurant. the top portion of your screen the deer comes right through that glass window into the restaurant. comes in, looks around. startling an unsuspecting employee. the deer does manage to slip through the door right behind him. i'm out too. apparently he is just looking for the drive-thru or in his case the run through. >> listen this was a peaceful afternoon by the river in florida until it turned into high drama. a 2-year-old boy walking along a pier with his mom in ft. myers. a man, a 54-year-old man jumps into action and grabs the boy then he needed help. at that point another man jumps in, grabs the man and the boy. everybody gets out safe but what an afternoon. >> what a rescue.
5:41 pm
>> meantime, a minnesota woman was sentenced to two years in prison. last new year's eve surveillance video caught stephanie moreland stealing a mink coat. the worker becomes suspicious and calls police. officers don't find the coat but they arrest the woman anyway. she is in custody for three days. i don't know how this is possible. but finally pulls the coat from her skirt and confesses to the detective how she was able to hide it. >> i didn't really hear exactly what she said. >> something about did you have on underwear? >> i did note that. >> she was able to hide the coat in part because she is a larger woman and the male detectives didn't feel
5:42 pm
comfortable doing a search. three days in custody is what i'm not get. >> a lot of things could be said. >> he will say this. in the off season mike shanahan had staked his reputation. >> today the redskins head coach is singing a different tune. >> has he lost faith in john beck? you're going to hear him with his story. coming up in 9sports. topper? >> almost another perfect day. we will take you out with temperatures. pretty nice evening. 58 downtown. 55 in gaithersburg. we have got some big changes on the way. we will tell you when they are going to roll in. i'm kristin fisher in manassas. brides across america. over the next two days they are going to be giving away 50 different wedding dresses to military wives. i'll introduce you to one of them coming up.
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the first memorial on the mall is reopening tomorrow. the d.c. war memorial. the trust for the national mall along with the national park service will be hosting a ceremony for this event. it was built in 1931 and recognizes local heros who served in world war i. the grounds under renovation since august of last year. >> veterans day is this friday. to celebrate brides across america is giving away hundreds of free wedding gowns to military brides. >> that's right, kristin fisher caught up with one of the lucky brides to be in manassas walking away with a $2000 gown for free. >> reporter: the 27-year-old wants the same thing that all brides want in a wedding dress. >> i want something that makes me look beautiful. make kind of like a fairy tale. >> reporter: but it is foreign territory for a bride to be
5:47 pm
that spends her days as a lieutenant in the navy. >> by trait we are the ones that drive the ships out there on the sea. >> i like this one. this one seems really pretty. >> perfect. >> reporter: her fiance of four months is now serving in afghanistan. >> we met when i was stationed down in guantanamo bay, cuba. >> reporter: they give away wedding gowns to military brides. the only place in the d.c. area that is part of the program is this bride boutique in manassas. >> it is a very good experience. can put a smile on their faces for a free dress, you know. who doesn't want a free dress. >> reporter: over the next few days they will be giving away 50 different wedding dresses. and these dresses range in price from $700 to $3000. >> i think this is the one. this is definitely the dress.
5:48 pm
>> it is nice to know there are still people out there that not only care but want to show that they appreciate what we are doing and how we are serving for our country. >> i am just really happy. i can't believe that i found something. >> i feel like i'm going to look like a princess. >> reporter: in manassas, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> okay, she is glowing. in total brides across america will be giving away 600 dresses nationwide. guys? >> that's a great story. like that very much. topper, what's going on? >> do you like the weather too? >> i do. >> it can't continue forever. as you may as well know. i would be bored out of my mind. the good news is looking at a weak cold front tomorrow. in terms of showers. but a much stronger wind and much colder air by veterans day. temperatures not bad. 58 downtown. pretty nice. 56 in bethesda. 56 in rockville. and we are looking at mid-50s out in fairfax county. 54 in reston. 54 also in college park. and 58 up in rockville.
5:49 pm
so here is the deal. got a cold front tomorrow. just cool tonight. the cold front will generate just a few showers tomorrow. not a big rain maker. morning commute could be wet in some spots. it will be blustery. i mean blustery for veteran's day. here is our futurecast. put this into motion now. by tomorrow morning a couple of showers possible east of town and south of town. a lot of clouds in place. could see showers between cumberland and hagerstown. that line of showers marches eastward getting here just before noon. notice it is all green so it is all light activity but some showers from frederick down through leesburg and also into manassas. the showers move out very quickly in the early afternoon. clouds kind of linger then the rain showers turn to snow showers west of the divide and that will continue into early friday morning. so for us tonight just increasing clouds and cool. temps in the 40s. i think the showers rolled off until tomorrow morning for us. showers do get into the mountains tonight. partly sunny, breezy, cool. a few showers in the morning.
5:50 pm
40s and 50s. winds southwest but then they turn northwest at 10 to 15 and that is key. by afternoon partly sunny, breezy and cooler. showers ending. highs 55 to 59 but temps will fall in the mid-afternoon and winds increasing northwest at 10 to 15 ushering in the chilly air. the next seven days we will struggle to get to 50s for veterans day. windy on friday too. another nice november weekend. upper 50s on saturday. 65 on sunday. okay, a few clouds will come in but it will stay dry. showers possible monday. maybe some storms tuesday and we are still 60 as we get into wednesday. reminder we are less than three weeks away from thanksgiving but already local food banks are worried more families than ever could be left in need. we want to remind you here at 9news now we are sponsoring food driving 9 looking for your donations of nonperrishable foods and other items like the ones you see on our set. right now you can go to and find the link to the capital area food banks as well as others in our area.
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9news now is teaming up with boy scouts to make donating foods as easy as possible. this past saturday they dropped off bags and november 12th they will return to pick up bags that are hopefully full of food. drop off your donations at area safeways stores around the d.c. area. again, it is time and we know there is a big need out there. >> absolutely. the redskins back at work today. hard at work preparing for their trip to miami. >> the dolphins really aren't very good either but wouldn't you know it, just when the redskins get ready to play them they win a game so now they have got the momentum. >> kristin berset is joining us with more on the showdown in the sunshine state. >> past the halfway point in the season. the redskins have found themselves in a must win situation. losers of four straight and they have their best opportunity this weekend to turn things around. they face a miami team with just one victory all season but
5:52 pm
it is still not a reason to overlook the dolphins. >> reporter: sunday's game against the dolphins is one the redskins should win but if the past few weeks are any indicator a victory isn't a given. the skins already lost to philadelphia and carolina this season to start their four-game skid. >> it is tough when you are lose four games. but everyone is positive and focusing on what we can do to be a better team and help us turn this around. >> deposit to be motivated and try to get back going in the right direction. i know we are feeling motivated. >> each one of us has to look each other individually and say what can i do to improve, make plays? >> john beck still looking for his first win as the starting quarterback. the dolphins selected beck in the second round of the 2007 draft but he never had much
5:53 pm
success in miami. >> for me right now i'm just trying to do the best i can so we can win a football game. you know. i did play there when i first came into the league but other than that i was just kind of a guy there. >> reporter: mike shanahan is sticking with his golden boy at least for one more week. but the futures of both coach and qb could be determined by beck's performance on sunday. >> if you believe in people you put your reputation on people. and i understand there is going to be some growing pains as i told you from the beginning but i've got to get the right supporting cast and when we do that i feel very good about our guys. >> coming up a little later in sports we will hear from the rest of the players and what they feel needs to be fixed which is probably quite a lot. plus a disappointing performance last night caused one washington capital to go off. i'm kristin berset for 9sports now. remember that january storm that brought the area to a halt? cars abandoned on the sides of road. still to come, what local leaders are doing to make sure there is no sequel to
5:54 pm
carmageddon. in this economy do we need a tax to promote fresh christmas trees? and up next, they may make your life easier but at what cost? we take a look at the price we pay for privacy with things like our gps. [ screaming ]
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big brother could be riding with you on the next trip to the store or the office. and that's because gadgets designed to make the drive easier like gps can also track where you've been. we take a look at how we may be sacrificing our privacy on the road. >> reporter: somebody is tracking this medical student on his commute to arlington's virginia hospital center. >> they know what time i drive, what time of day. they know how much i drive. and they know if i brake and when i brake and how often. >> reporter: they are the agents at progressive insurance. this device hooked into his honda accord let's progressive keep tabs on him. >> after four weeks of kind of watching how safe a driver i am i got a reduction in my driving premiums. >> reporter: sacrificing privacy for technology that
5:58 pm
brings cost savings and convenience. that includes gps navigation devices. services like gm's on star. so-called black boxes now in most new cars. and electronic toll collectors like easy pass. while the technology brings benefits on the road it is also collecting driver information that can be shared, stored and sold. and that has privacy experts worried. >> the bright line for me is when this information is used for marketing or for other purposes other than for safety or what the consumer has been told it will be used for. >> reporter: consumer advocate wanting federal laws restricting what corporations do with data they collect. until then she says drivers beware. >> consumers should read the contract before they purchase a product or shine up for a service. >> reporter: he read the fine print and says is he comfortable with what his insurance company knows and the discount is worth it.
5:59 pm
in arlington, virginia, cbs news. >> they are likely to know even more about us. engineers at ford say they are working at safety features that would provide health alerts. they are even hoping to be able to warn of an impending heart attack when behind the wheel. this is 9news now. tonight penn state's legendary football coach is being forced out by a sex abuse scandal involving his former top assistant coach and we are also hearing the college's own president may be on his way out as well. talk about fallout. our bruce johnson has been falling the developments today that have been happening very rapidly. >> still standing by expecting something to happen later tonight. thus far no press conference though. the coach did meet with players in private today. we are told there were tears. the legendary coach saying he will resign at the end of the season but tonight some people are saying that won't be soon enough. coach joe paterno


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