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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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devastated about the case when jerry sandusky was charged. this a tragedy joe paterno said in a statement. one of the great sorrows of my life. with the benefit of hindsight i wish i would have done more. >> you've got to go sit down with your parents and go over some things. >> reporter: a former redskins star, all american linebacker at penn state on his radio show at 106.7 he says joe paterno and others should resign immediately to spare the university further humiliation. >> if that attention has joe paterno on the practice field then that's where it is going to be. if he is on the sideline then that's where it is going to be. >> he added he is not ready to blame joe paterno for not alerting police when he was made aware of an alleged attack on a boy in the football shower. joe paterno contacted university officials. >> as things unfold we will find out what joe indeed knew
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and what he didn't know. >> the co-host chad dukes disagrees. >> you go to the authorities, you don't go to a school official. >> it appears coach joe paterno will be on the field saturday when penn state plays at home against nebraska. >> a penn grad and her dad will be in the stands. it will be anything but a happy day. >> i think it is sad after everything joe paterno has done to the school, donating a library and all the money he has donated and how much of an idol he is to the school it is ending on such bad terms. >> gives you an idea why students continue to support the head coach. word is the president may have to step down or take a demotion. an athletic director and another have been charged with helping cover up the sexual assaults. they are already stepped down. >> i imagine things got pretty heated. >> a lot taking him to task because he was insisting that
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the coach did follow protocol. he did notify his supervisor. but when you get information that he apparently was given that somebody actually witnessed this assault take place, he should have gone to police and should have followed up to make sure that your supervisors did the right thing. at least that's what they are saying. >> all right, bruce johnson, thank you. >> 36 states including virginia require people in certain professions to report crimes of sexual abuse. 15 other states including maryland are stricter than that requiring anybody regardless of profession to report child abuse to the authorities. the republican presidential candidates are all due to get together tonight for a debate that is supposed to talk economy in their first conversation together in three weeks but you've got to think that the situation with herman cain and those allegations of sexual harassment will almost certainly be part of the topic and cain could be on the hot seat. >> in the republican debate all eyes will be on him looking for
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any kind of policy stumbles now, even more scrutiny. >> the focus of the michigan debate as i mentioned was supposed to be fixing the economy. we will have a look at exactly what happens tonight at 11 p.m. lesli? new at 6 p.m. tonight. outrage over the release of a virginia man charged with killing a man in hawaii. it happened saturday night. anny hong is following this story from our satellite center. anny, i understand the suspect in this case is a state department federal agent? >> reporter: yes, he is, lesli. in fact, his name is christopher dedee from arlington, virginia, but now protests are heating up after he was released from jail following the shooting and killing of a man over the weekend. >> you've got to be infuriated by this. >> reporter: nearly 70 people protested in honolulu late tuesday remembering the 23-year- old man shot to death inside this mcdonald's in waikiki
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early saturday morning. state department special agent chris dede is accused of fatally shooting him during a confrontation in a famous tourist district. dedee was in waikiki to provide protection for dignitaries. >> reporter: an attorney for the family said monday that he was unarmed and questions whether or not the shooting was a random act. >> if you have a group of people including this agent at a bar or a club, what's the likelihood of all of them winding up at this mcdonald's shortly after that before the club is closed? someone apparently followed someone. >> reporter: police say four men were involved in an argument at the restaurant when the shooting occurred. >> we are already in the process to find out what video surveillance may have been at
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mcdonald's or surrounding stores. >> reporter: the state department has been in contact with the agent whose next court appearance is november 17th. meanwhile, dedehas been put on paid administrative leave. >> thank you for that report. the man considered the master mind of the attack on the uss cole was in public for the first time nine years ago today. he did not enter a plea when he was arraigned before a military tribunal this morning. a trial date of november 2012. 17 sailors died in that attack on the cole. the odds are perhaps you or somebody you know has a story about that snow back in january. many of us had a terrible commute if you got home at all because there were a lot of abandoned cars out on the road that night. the storm has come to be known as carmageddon. now some local leaders wants to make sure we don't see traffic like that again ever.
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>> here is delia gonclaves with more on what the government has in mind. >> reporter: derek, we are here at 14th and pennsylvania avenue. take a look. traffic as you know is a nightmare. just getting out of the city is a headache but imagine january 26th, many of the 300,000 federal workers who helped cause the gridlock left the downtown area. now a plan that is smarter and a little safer. who could forget this? heavy snow and ice blanketed the region january 26th causing massive gridlock from northern virginia. >> how long did it take you from mclean? >> three hours. >> reporter: to d.c. and maryland. >> reporter: now a plan to help the region better respond to major events like carmageddon. >> yes, snow. earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks. >> reporter: they looked at the failures starting with the
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decision to allow workers to leave two hours early sending hundreds of thousands much employees out on the roads in the height of the storm. >> leave two hours earlier but no later than, for instance, 3 p.m., and if you don't leave by 3 p.m. be prepared to stay a few extra hours. >> reporter: shelter in place is the new policy until plows clear the roads. >> making sure there is a plan in place with the government. >> reporter: a new regional website is in the works to get information out to the public faster too. but critics say their plan fails to address the real problem. there is no one person or agency responsible for getting that information out to all 17 jurisdictions. >> the committee was not persuaded that one person make a decision, it would be better than a well coordinated regional approach. >> coming from massachusetts, i don't think -- no matter what happens here, everyone is in a
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panic. >> reporter: the theory is folks won't panic if they have a plan. so check out our website we put a couple of tips, some advice on there for you so you can prepare for the next dig one. derek if. >> all right, delia, thank you. we are hopeful this plan will work. >> yes. folks, the snow is long gone up in conneticut but tonight, can you believe this, 3500 residents are still in the dark. that storm was days and days ago and now the parent company of the state's biggest electric utility has put up $10 million to establish a fund to help the customers who lost power. 830,000 customers did lose power after that storm october 30th. >> my goodness. >> yes. tonight at 7 p.m. a bicyclist caught riding 57 miles an hour. wow. well, that speed camera ticket led to some big changes for one city speed camera program. we will tell you about on 9news now at 7 p.m. >> see you then, d. but still to come in this half hour, the votes are in, the ballots are counted.
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a look at one of the surprises from our local election. topper? another perfect day comes to a close. not as mild as tuesday but pretty nice. 64 and 42 go in the books. records on this date 79. record low 26. a cold front is on the way. we will tell what you that means for your morning commute and the rest of your week and the weekend. up next, a warning so you don't get caught in the dark on a major potomac river crossing tonight.
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the 14th street bridge. tonight pepco is doing work that could result in power being cut to the streetlights and sign lights and traffic signals on or near the bridge. backup generators are in place but you should stay alert if
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you cross the bridge between 10 p.m. tonight and 6 a.m. in the morning. kind of a light moment today in the midst of a very serious discussion on capitol hill. >> i just got one of these new phones. that's all you have to do. even i can figure that one out. >> i know cindy and i think she would like to get a note from you. >> a handwritten note. >> the senate is discussing how to relieve the financial woes. accordaccording to a blog constituents were sent an e- mail last night saying the post office will close at the end of this year again to save money. still ahead. claims the white house is playing the part of the grinch headed into the holidays. find out why. that's up next.
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>> a rough day on wall street as investors focused on the financial troubles in italy. the dow down nearly 390 points. the nasdaq down 106. and s&p 500 fell 47. >> day after the elections and tonight we are waiting to hear if there will be a recount in virginia's 17th district. that is where just 86 votes separate republican bryce reeves and ed howke. if reeves is declared the winner this would be an even split of 20 democrats and 20 republicans in the strat in virginia. fairfax county voters made history in last night's election voted in the youngest member ever to serve on the school board. also the most underfunded. this young guy has a few other unique characteristics.
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>> ryan lost his hair in high school due to a condition sparked by stress. but he graduated from high school only seven years ago and now at 25 is the youngest person ever elected to the fairfax county school board. >> i came into the race as the underrerrest of underdogs. the least amount of money and endorsements. >> reporter: he believes vote, like his pitch but most of all he credits support from the democratic party. >> what yesterday showed is voters appreciate the fact that democrats have been good stewards of our education in fair fairfax county. the bulk of voters rejected the idea. all four of the incumbents won. george mason public policy professor saying he is not
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surprised. >> the g.o.p. message followed by a number of the candidates running for the school board position that we are doing enough for the public schools we don't need to fund more didn't resonate with the people in fairfax county that say we can do a lot more. >> reporter: a product of the fairfax county high school then the university of virginia where he learned chinese. in mandarin that means thank you for choosing me yesterday. peggy fox, 9news now. first it was peanut butter, now it is pecan. so if pecan pie is in your this thanksgiving, just know the price of those nuts is going up 22%, topper. so, you know, do a thin sliver of that pie. crops damaged in the south this summer. increased demand from china. as the holiday season closes in we are happy to help the boy scouts again this year
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with food drive 9. please fill the bag up with nonperrishable food items like the ones you see on the set. the scouts will pick them up on saturday. if you live in d.c. or other parts of the area you can still make donations at safeway stores and we have got a list at so there is late word tonight the white house is going to take another look at what is being called the christmas tree tax. president obama was set to unveil a new 15 cents tax on fresh cut christmas trees today. the money would go to the department of agriculture to promote the christmas tree industry. but an outcry on the internet today has the white house putting the idea on hold for the moment. can i just clarify one thing? i may have misspoken. so if you live in the district, obviously they don't give those bags out because of the bag tax so you can give groceries at select safeway stores. >> in the district. >> in the district. >> that's where they will be picking them up. >> that's where you can drop off food if you didn't get a
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bag and you live in d.c. >> also a good point. if you didn't get a bag and live outside of d.c. you can still donate. go to our website. >> that's right. we have a website. what a day. 64 and 42. you can't diagram any better than that. a cold front on the map. it will bring some changes. let's start with the satellite picture, radar combined. we are still looking at a massive storm up in alaska. it will kind of sit there for the next four days and just pound the west coast of alaska and eventually north western alaska. we also have a tropical storm off the southeast coast moving north eastward to the west of bermuda. we also have another storm. this was a pretty power packed storm earlier in the day. brought pretty good snows to the midwest now the snows are up into the great lakes. i've got to tell you by the time the cold front goes through it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. its signature will be much colder air on veterans day and pretty good wins by veterans
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day. 56 in arlington. 54 in bethesda. and also great falls. 52 reston. 54 in springfield. here is the deal. cold front tomorrow. just cool tonight. a few showers tomorrow. morning commute could be wet especially east and south of town. just downright blustery for veterans day. temps probably falling in the afternoon on veterans day on friday. by 6 p.m. in the morning some showers south of town. notice everything is green. not heavy. we see a skinny line of showers developing right around lunchtime. frederick, gaithersburg. take your umbrella if you're watching to lunch. showers get out quickly. clouds lingering. snow showers late tomorrow night and continue tomorrow night and into friday morning. so for tonight increasing clouds just cool. low temps in the 40s. by tomorrow morning a few showers possible. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds turn northwest at 10 to 15 and when that happens colder
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air will roll in. the showers ending temps falling by the mid-afternoon. next seven days. there is that blustery veteran's day. mid-60s on sunday. maybe a shower on monday. not a washout. and maybe some thunderstorms next tuesday but late in the day and highs around 70. i see some golfable days nex week too. >> oh, yes. >> you're not letting go of that. >> all right, the redskins would like to play golf but they would like to work harder at something else. >> they would like to get a win. >> i getting to to miami so i'm missing a good weekend here but i'll get the good weekend down there. tough job, right? they seriously need the win. can't seem to stop their slide but have they given up hope? hear from the guys about the moral in the locker room? plus the capitals respond after one of their own questions how hard they worked. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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if there was ever a chance for the redskins to right the ship it would be this weekend. yes, they are on the road but they are facing off against a pretty bad miami dolphins team whose quarterback back matt moore isn't any better than what they got here. his only bright spot was miami's first win last sunday but as for john beck he is still searching for his first career win. beck hasn't been able to add any spark to this offense but despite the redskins four-game skid they say they haven't lost that fighting spirit. >> i don't think we can narrow it down to just one thing. there are many things we can
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get better at. >> definitely tough times. but what i'm seeing is the guys continue to do the things we do and working to improve on the things we haven't been doing well. >> and it looks like receiver santana moss is going to miss at least another three weeks. he had surgery on his left hand when he fractured it during the carolina game. he is slated to return when they host the new york jets. capitals were supposed to have today after but after their performance last night coach bruce boudreau brought them in for a brutal practice. after the strong start the caps have now lost four of their last six games losing at home last night for the first time this season. that lack luster performance caused obvious frustration in the locker room and when asked about it by reporters mike knuble went off attacking his team's commitment level saying the stars made them look look clowns. it may have upset fans but it didn't upset his teammates.
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>> he is not that type of guy. i think he is just speaking from anger. >> when a guy like mike knuble says it, i take that to heart a little bit more because you know he wants to win a cup. >> to the nba. commissioner david stern setting a 5 p.m. deadline today for players to accept the latest proposal. they rejected it yesterday but when they started meeting again today the two sides showed a little more willingness to compromise and reconsider the league's proposed 50/50 revenue split. so the deadline is done but there is a lot more talking to be had. time to vote for this week's dc game of the week. among this week's list. you can vote at dc >> all right. that's it for us. >> that's right. that's all for 9news now at 6 p.m. stay with us for the cbs evening news, next. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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