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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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verizon fios. a network ahead. >> the past several days have been terrible for the penn state university but the outrage we feel is nothing compared to the physical and psychological suffering that allegedly took place. breaking news. the president of penn state university and coach joe paterno dismissed. this is 9news now. and so ends the joe paterno era word we thought we would never hear. penn state's president and
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legendary head football coach joe paterno both out as of right now. >> allegations of child sex abuse surfaced involving one of his former assistant coaches. police say a ninth alleged victim has already come forward as well. in '02 a distraught graduate assistant told joe paterno that he caught jerry sandusky assaulting a boy in a campus shower. joe paterno told his superiors but he did not call the cops. >> i would hope that everyone would agree that what we are doing is what we believe in our best judgment is in the best long-term interests of the university which is much larger than athletic programs. >> the board wouldn't say how they told joe paterno that he was being terminated only that they could not discuss the details. when asked if the football coach was "the fall guy" for the scandal, the board appointed a special committee
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to find out who is responsible for not calling police right away. two school administrators already resigned and are facing criminal charges for not reporting those allegations and for lying to a grand jury about what happened. >> so what is the law? according to the incest network they require only people in certain professions to report crimes in some states. professions include health care, education and law enforcement. now 15 other states including maryland, they are more stringent, they require anyone regardless of profession to report child abuse to police. all right. more late breaking news. this time out of major league baseball where washington nationals catcher wilson ramos has been kidnapped. kristin berset has the details. kidnapped? >> reporter: yes, kidnapped. wilson ramos was in venezuela to play some winter ball preparing to start playing in the next week or so when around
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7:30 p.m. tonight four heavily armed gunmen approached him outside of his house and took him away. he was with his family when this happened. but he was the only one that was taken away. the kidnappers have yet to contact his family. they don't have any information from them yet but police have been staking out their house. venezuela is known to have one of the highest rates of kidnapping. in fact, major league baseball players have frequently been targeted and of course money is usually the issue. back in 2009 former player 's mother was kidnapped. ramos is 24 years old and considered one of the up and coming stars. the nationals haven't commented yet and say they will when more information is made available. this is a developing case. we are staying on it trying to get the latest information land have updates coming up a little bit later in sports. for now i'm kristin berset. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, kristin. two days before the nation
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honors its fallen we are learned that the airport said it was common practice between '03 and '08 and admitted family members typically were never informed. new at 11 p.m. you may not be surprised to know you'll be hearing the words coverup in gary neurenberg's report. gary? >> reporter: derek, from the national mall the veterans. on the wall of the lincoln memoirial, national obligations "to care for him who shall have born the battle." for some who had born the battle in iraq and afghanistan that meant having body parts cremated then insinurated then dumped in this king george county land fill according to
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new reporting by the washington post. it is following the investigation of dover air force base where remains of surface members are repatriated after death abroader and a letter to president obama concluded there was gross mismanagement, negligence and dishonesty. >> found a pattern of wrongdoing. >> reporter: body parts were lost or misplaced in two incidents. >> reporter: in another case the arm of a marine was sawed off in order to fit him into his dress uniform. >> we asked them why they wouldn't go to the families and let them know what had happened. their response was very clear. they couldn't be trusted. they might go to the press. >> reporter: and when these three mortuary workers blew the whistle. >> i was terminated. >> reporter: the common practice of dumping unidentified body parts in a land fill was stopped in '08. and burned unidentified body
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parts are now buried at sea. and from those three workers who helped disclose the coverup, now -- >> i can guarantee the families that their loved ones are being treated with honor, dignity and respect bar none and if we see they are not we all jeopardized our careers, our jobs to ensure that that happens. >> reporter: that promise from that whistle blower is probably what abraham lincoln had in mind. >> thank you. what if a huge national emergency suddenly happened? how old the government tell all of us exactly what to do? if you were watching t.v. at 2 p.m. you should have seen something you've never seen before. a test of the emergency system. >> matt jablow tells us a lot of people didn't see the alert and fema officials are now trying to figure out why. >> reporter: the 500 channel television universe is said to
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offer something for everyone. but at 2 p.m. this afternoon for the first time ever everyone got the exact same thing. at least that was the plan. today the federal emergency management agency conducted the first ever test of the nationwide emergency alert system which was designed to provide vital information to the public in the event of national emergencies. >> it is a good idea. >> reporter: 30,000 broadcast cable and satellite operators took part in the test. fema said they are still evaluating how it went but anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest much more work needs to be done. for starters some television and radio stations for some reason didn't show the test at all. while others showed it late. >> and if you are testing it and no one knows it, time for a new system perhaps. >> taking a look at today's test finds there are many glitches. >> reporter: a former
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commissioner with the department of homeland security. he fully supports testing, fixing and perhaps modifying the system to make sure it is effective. >> when you take a look at the variety of ways people communicate each and every one of those messages of communication need to be evaluated how they can actually save lives going forward. >> reporter: they now have 45 days to report their results to the federal communications commission. according to the fcc a full report on the test could take some time to complete. derek? >> thank you, matt. the republican presidential candidates went after president obama on taxes and government but they pretty much left each other alone tonight in their first debate in the last three weeks. the subject jobs and the economy. and of course they agreed on a lot of things. so any political wounds were strictly self-inflicted. lower taxes, less regulation
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and better leadership. that was laid out by the g.o.p. presidential candidates in rosh chester, michigan, where jobs have been particularly scarce. but this debate may be mostly remembered by what was forgotten by texas governor rick perry as he tried to lay out his budget cutting plans. >> i will tell you, it is three agencies of government when i get there that are gone, commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> it was painful to watch. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with. education, the -- >> commerce. >> commerce. and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> but the expected fireworks over candidate herman cain and the swirling allegations of sexual harassment against him never materialized. the only person to bring it up,
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one of the moderators. >> have you been a c.e.o.? >> yes. >> you know that shareholders are reluctant to hire a c.e.o. where there are character issues? why should the american people hire a president if they feel there are character issues. >> the american people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations. that's what that is about. [ cheers and applause >> i should note for you when rick perry made his mistake earlier the twitter universe just lit up. a number of folks saying that's it for the perry campaign. we will have to wait and see on that one. remember, less than two months to go now before the iowa caucuses and as of now herman cain and mitt romney remaining the overall front runners. >> again, herman cain has answered to allegations of sexual misconduct flat out saying he didn't do it. but his accusers tell another story. so who is telling the truth?
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we got an expert opinion on the outward signs of honesty versus lying. >> i'm not a crook. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> they are two of the biggest lies ever told on camera. minds are now asking if this is also a fib? >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone. >> reporter: that was herman cain on tuesday night responding allegations like this one from one of his accusers sharon bialek. >> reporter: we sat this man down to offer his observations on the news conferences. in both cases he says there are microexpressions or signs that raise red flags in both their statements. he says cain's hand jestures are some of the biggest indicators of what he is feeling.
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the slant of his mouth after these words. >> through a series of continuing statements. >> and we are seeing contempt and emotion. from the perspective of perceived value he is being less than honest. >> reporter: he says this smile also serve as an indicator of dishonesty. >> her emotion is not always matching where she is at. >> reporter: it is not enough to know for certain who the liar is he says because to him neither seems absolutely forthcoming. >> in a way both of them may be telling elements of the truth but both of them here could be either em bellishing the truth or selectively remembering pieces of the truth. >> we are told that being able to read body language isn't 100% accurate but it does a lot skeptical minds to determine truthfulness in people. another perfect day but everything has to come to an end at some point in time. wakeup weather. grab the umbrella. nothing heavy coming through. 40s at 5 p.m.
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40s at 7 p.m. showers and sprinkles possible at any of those time periods. we will come back and talk about the prospect of a wet drive home and how cold it will get behind this cold front. $2 million of your tax dollars to fix these. >> your money at work or at waste? that's coming up.
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talk about jumping right now. d.c. firefighter chuck ryan didn't waste anytime at work helping to rescue man from a 20-foot deep construction hole. back in april he suffered third-degree burns while trying to put out an arson fire. now that he has recovered he is happy to be back on the job. >> i don't think anything else to do. >> the accused pled guilty to setting fires including the one where chuck ryan was injured along with four other firefighters.
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more than a million dollars of stimulus money. >> that money is being used to expand the dirt surrounding trees growing in sidewalks. some folks call them tree boxes and in the residents' view it is destroying making their neighborhoods look prettier. the city believes this is not about taxes going down the drain. >> reporter: it is a pretty residence that people love. those dirt areas surrounding the trees next to the curb. >> my neighbors and myself have invested a lot of time and money in our tree boxes. >> reporter: flowers, iron fences. >> it is very disappointing to see the city come in and destroy that. >> reporter: by increasing markedly the area of dirt surrounding the trees and getting rid of them. >> reduces the amount of storm drain that goes into the street. >> reporter: storm water. >> dumps sewage into our river and also dumps sediment into
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our rivers. >> reporter: city wide tree box by tree box with some projects like expanding the green space in front of this school. >> we have taken away 100,000 square foot of paveed space. >> reporter: and created about two and a half acres of new dirt. that's about the size of dupont circle that can soak up some of the storm water. >> less space we have to shovel. >> reporter: it is 1.7 million in federal stimulus money. >> we put five people to work full time since 2010 and we have kept two crews on the books during slow times. >> reporter: but in adams morgan some question the use of these stimulus funds. >> i'm sure there are better projects where this money could be better spent. we have homeless people living in the park. people asking for money on the street. and i would like to see some help go to them. >> reporter: it is expected the project and the jobs created will be done in january and the city will monitor water rates to see how big it works.
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gary neurenberg, 9news now. you've got just a couple of days left to join food drive 9 and help local food banks. we teamed up with the boy scouts to make donating very easy. all you have to do is fill bags with nonperrishable food and paper and the scouts will be back. people in d.c. did not get bags because of that bag tax but you can make your donations at 15 area stations. we are coming off another banner day. keep this rolling until christmas. why not? >> i would be bored, really. >> no. >> but we would not. >> not at all. >> no, change is good. we do have a cold front on the map. signatures won't be so much a lot of showers but the cold air behind it. let's start with the temps. still pretty nice because clouds are coming in, winds out of the southwest. not as cold tonight. 50 downtown. even still 50 in gaithersburg.
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manassas 46. leesburg 46. frederick 45. nothing crazy cold. here is a look at the radar. we see some showers in the mountains. some of this is reaching the ground especially west of the divide. some showers back into west virginia. these showers will stay at bay until tomorrow morning. so here is the deal. some showers but nothing heavy tomorrow. and we could see a little batch in the morning another batch in the early into mid-afternoon. a little cooler on thursday. and then chilly for veterans day. blustery for veterans day. another nice weekend heading our way. temperatures moderating turning around very quickly after a blustery friday. cool. low temperatures in the 40s. winds south-southwest at 10. a little warmer wind. by morning partly sunny breezy and cool. there will be a few showers in the morning. temps in the 40s and 50s. winds southwest becoming northwest at 10 to 15. some areas south and east may have a little wet commute on
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the way to work. nothing heavy. afternoon partly sunny, breezy and cooler. showers ending. high temperatures near 55. adjusted temps down a little bit. winds north westerly at 10 to 15. zone forecast for thursday. only 46 in oakland. your shows will turn to snow showers tomorrow evening. 52 in cumberlandment low 50s in hagerstown. culpeper maybe 58 but only mid- 50s for warrenton, leesburg and manassas. temps falling by 3, 4 p.m. in the afternoon when cold air begins to move in. upper 50s in southern maryland. upper 50s by the bay. a small craft advisory will go into effect for the bay and tidal potomac at noon tomorrow and continue through thursday and probably all the way through friday. day planner. 40s to start. showers possible. 50 to 55 by noon. some showers still possible. temperatures the same range 50 to 55 by 5 p.m. temperatures falling shortly after that. and most of the showers out of
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here shortly after 5 p.m. the next three days. downright blustery. colder on friday for veterans day. high temperature 50 and that might be optimistic. saturday milder temperatures going back up into the upper 50s to near 60s. and guess what? another nice weekend. look at sunday. sunshine a few clouds come in late. over 65. showers possible on monday. but that's okay. 66. and then on tuesday another frontal system approaches and because it is so warm we may be talking about thunderstorms. highs around 70 and even in the wake of that front we are still 60. that's a pretty benign november seven-day. >> do you think you would be bored? really? i don't think we would. >> top would be bored. the star up and comer for the washington nationals was kidnapped in venezuela. >> kidnapped. baseball players are targeted quite a bit in venezuela because they usually have to do with money. when i saw the news alert come
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across i was wait a second, is this for real. i think somebody thought it was a mean joke or something? but it is true. it is disturbing news tonight regarding one of nationals everyday players. reports out of venezuela saying catcher wilson ramos has been kidnapped. we will have the latest on that. plus, mike shanahan sticking behind his quarterback decision. hear what he had to say today. that and more coming up next in sports.
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s. reports out of venezuela say that starting catcher wilson ramos has been kidnapped. he was approached by four heavily armed gunmen abducted from in front of his home. the kidnappers have yet to contact his family with any information. the nats have yet to comment on the situation. all right. before the start of the season mike shanahan staked his reputation on the talent of quarterbacks rex grossman and john beck. he traded to get beck from the ravens last season and said he has been a fan of his since beck came out of byu.
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it was a big risk sticking with both of them. rex hasn't done much since taking the bears to the super bowl a few years ago. despite a quarterback swap in and out and four straight losses mike shanahan is staying true to his words. >> we believe in people and you put your reputation on people and i understand there is going to be some growing pains as i told you from the beginning but i've got to get them the right supporting cast and when we do that i feel very good about our guys. >> today's injury report shows santana moss is out. landry is resting a sore achilles. university of maryland athletic department in serious financial trouble and the athletic director has to cut several programs to ease the burden including the men's and women's swim team, water polo team, part of ten programs expected to be eliminated. golf and baseball may be involved as well. the terps incoming basketball freshmen class has been ranked 17th in the country
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with three players signing today. seth allen from fredericksburg. jake layman from massachusetts. a day of being released by new england the once $100 million man has a new job. albert haynesworth was signed today by the tampa bay buckaneers. and, of course, we couldn't have a redskins practice without asking mike shanahan about the albert haynesworth news. here is what he had to say today. >> albert haynesworth. >> is that a set up? oh, man. >> usuallyly i get most of those. two time all pros that have been cut i usually can be remember that. >> good humor there. but they kind of caught him off guard but what can you say? >> the redskins don't face the buckaneers this year so we don't have to see albert haynesworth. we will be right back.
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>> that's 9 news. thank you for staying up with us. >> talk about a big news night. we will see you again tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: çñ
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