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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning. it is friday. can you tell? >> 41 here in washington. 42 in southern maryland. lots of upper 30s. the wind chill, that's the bigger story today. feeling like it is in the 20s in western maryland, west virginia. oakland down to 16. garrett county. rest of us between 30 and 35. oh, it is a chilly morning. monika samtani, happy friday. >> happy friday! you know, no news is good news in this case! it is veterans day holiday and that means no hov restrictions for you to worry about in virginia or maryland with the exception of the john hanson highway of course. normally, where there's one-way traffic during the rush hour, it is two way today. a heads up if you're heading on to canal road, the key bridge. that will be two-way traffic today. metro is on a saturday schedule by the way. let's go over to 270 and take a live look. if you're coming in from frederick down to rockville, very light at 6:01 in the morning. we'll go back over to the maps. heading down to southern
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maryland, route 4, route 5, route 301, everything is fine heading through oxon hill. we'll take a live look at the wilson bridge. looking good basically between alexandria and oxon hill. no problems to report as well on 95 and 395 this morning. coming up in my next report, we'll go downtown at 6:12. mike, back to you. thank you, monika. the top of the hour, let's get to the stories happening today. this veterans day holiday. president obama and the first lady will be at arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown and after that, they'll be heading to california for a veterans day ceremony in san diego. a live look right now at the world war ii memorial on the national mall. a ceremony honoring veterans begins there at 9:00. the highlight will be a wreath laying ceremony. we'll go live to the memorial for a preview at 6:35. >> starting today, admission is free at more than 100 national parks in honor of veterans day. harpers ferry, great falls,
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manassas and shenandoah national park. >> there is a desperate search on for this man, wilson ramos. >> the nationals young catcher was kidnapped wednesday. police say he is alive but they're not sure where he is. >> surae chinn joins us live from nationals park with more on the truly bizarre story. good morning, surae. >> good morning to you, jessica. well, fans here in the district say that they want to hold a vigil here tonight at nationals park. meanwhile, in venezuela, they are following two key leads. one of which they found the get away vehicle yesterday and they also have sketches, two out of the four kidnappers, no contact has been made so far. but police saying that ramos is still alive. ramos, nationals up and comer, aspiring star there in the team was in his homeland playing in the winter league. he was just in his family's home and stepped outside when four gunmen abducted him. kidnappers for ransom is not uncommon in venezuela but it is the first for the major league
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baseball. >> ramos made $415,000 last year. major league perspective, that's not a lot but for a kidnapper, this is a guy that's got a lot of money. >> reporter: police again saying that ramos is still alive. no contact has been made. no demands have been made and police say they haven't been in contact either but they know that he is still alive. everyone hoping for the very best. again, fans are hoping and wanting to hold a vigil here tonight at nationals park at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you, surae. surae chinn live outside nationals park this morning. now to the latest on the penn state child abuse sex scandal. the man who is supposed to fill in as coach for tomorrow's football game will not be there. >> mike mcqueary has received threats. he says he saw former assistant coach jerry sandusky in the shower with a young boy in 2002. >> sandusky's arrest last weekend sparked this whole mess. the governor of pennsylvania is now asking students to please
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remain nonviolent in tomorrow's home finale against nebraska but university police say they are ready for whatever happens. long time coach joe paterno was fired which set off a student- led riot. even the white house is weighing in now. >> what i can say is that if the allegations about what happened up there prove true, what happened is outrageous and the president's thoughts and prayers and all of our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the abuse and the family members of those victims. the department of education is also getting involved. secretary arne duncan says his department will look into whatever the university did and possibly failed to follow the rules when it comes to reporting allegations of sexual abuse. a montgomery county man could face five years in prison for his role in a deadly hit and run. anthony rudolph admits he was drunk at the time. police say rudolph struck and killed elister medrano on the key bridge last february.
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medrano was pushing his moped across the bridge after had ran out of gas. randall was caught 20 minutes later. he pleaded guilty in court yesterday. he will be sentenced in january. this morning, we focus on campaign 2012 and the republican presidential hopefuls. one of the women who filed a sexual harassment claim against herman cain is putting her plan for a press conference on hold now. an attorney for karen kraushaar wants other accusers but can't get them on board. she said cain harassed her when he led the national restaurant association. now to rick perry who spent yesterday trying to make up for a memory lapse during wednesday's debate. he mocks himself on the late show with david letterman. did he a top ten of his best excuses. >> number three, i really hope to get on my favorite talk show but instead, i ended up here. >> hey, wait a minute. i heard that!
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>> thank you. >> number two. >> yeah, i wanted to help take the heat off my buddy, herman cain. [ laughter ] >> perry even made fun of his gaffe as part of a fund-raising pitch on his campaign web site. jess? >> thanks, mike. it is 6:06. i'm watching your money. black friday rolls around and we expect -- no, we demand deep discounts and low prices. this year, daily deals web sites are throwing their hat in the ring with the more traditional retail chains. for example, how does 90 to 99% off sound to you? a daily deals company usually sells travel deals but it has some specials lined up for black friday and cyber monday. you can sign up on and then you're going to get a list of deals by the hour such as 90% off an airline gift card or pay $2.50 for a $25 gas card and $1 movie ticket.
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food to the capital area food bank for people living in maryland and virginia, use the bags that the scouts left on your doorstop last week. just fill them up by tomorrow morning, leave them in the same place you found the bags. they'll pick them up in the district, bring your donation to any one of 15 safe way stores in d.c. and the scouts will meet you there to pick up the donation. to get details on what you can donate, go to it is just about 6:09. this thanksgiving, channel 9 and the u.s.o. are teaming up to bring thanksgiving dinners to our troops. in four minutes, how you can help out. >> up next, howard has your friday forecast. maybe another less than perfect day but the weekend is looking gate. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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it is 6:11 on this friday morning. veterans day. bundle up. 43 by 9:00. sunny and 49 at noon. west winds at 18 miles per hour. gusting to 25. it will feel closer to 40. at 5:00, clear skies and 47. i'll be back in five minutes. we'll talk about a warming trend for the weekend. route 7 is fine out of leesburg but on the northbound side, southbound side of route 28 before wax pool road, debris in the right lane. coming up, we'll take a closer look into virginia at 6:18. jessica? >> thank you, monika. congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she feels pretty good. she says that in her first tv
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interview since the assassination attempt. that's one of the stories making news at 6:12. in the interview with abc news, the arizona democrat speaks with a clear voice. her hair is also grown back. it was shaved off as she recovered from brain injury. she was hurt in a shooting in tucson last january. it appears a 35-year-old military veteran committed suicide at an occupy wall street encampment in vermont. protestors at the occupy encampment in burlington say the man was a victim of inadequate mental health services offered to veterans. people living in western alaska are digging out from one of the worst storms to hit the state nearly 40 years. they got slammed with heavy snow, hurricane-force winds and huge waves along the coast! mike? >> thank you, jess. later this evening, we have a phone bank. we want you to call it. channel 9 is teaming up with the u.s.o. to bring thanksgiving dinners to our troops and their
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families. this morning, crystal benson with the u.s.o. is here. she's showing us what goes into the gift baskets for thanksgiving. this is reas well stocked. >> we have a full thanksgiving meal for a family of six. turkey, pie, stuffing, gravy, all of the fixings for military families in the area. >> as we were talking, there are more than a few we need to help out this year. >> that's right. we have a record number of families registered to participate in turkeys for troops this year. there are 1400 local military families that are registered to receive a food basket. >> in addition to helping to finance this effort, i mean it is no small task to try to get this done. >> that's right. we say it is a recommended donation of $50 a basket to provide the meal for a family of six. so, with 1400 families, we can definitely use the support from the community. >> also, to help people along the way, there are gift cards available sometimes for some of the families. >> the families come to uso centers. we had to close the registration because we have such a high number of participants this year at 1400.
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so, they come and pick up either a basket or gift card to get a thanksgiving meal for their family. >> this is a lot of work trying to get these put together. you have a whole bevy of volunteers who build the baskets? >> we do. we do stuffing parties similar to our operation u.s.o. care package, long assembly line. we'll do that. we'll have some pre-produced baskets. we'll do the gift cards. there is a lot that goes into this program and we love working with wusa 9 to get the support to provide a great holiday for the families. >> the stuffing party sounds like a blast. we would like to do that. we have a telethon right here on tv on wusa at 5:00. you don't have to wait until then to donate. please, go to you can donate there. we could really use help trying to feed 1400 families and give them gift cards possibly for the holidays. say thank you to crystal benson from the u.s.o. we appreciate your efforts and we would love to continue to help. >> thank you for your help.
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>> howard, jess, over to you. such a great program. it is starting to feel a little bit like thanksgiving weather out there. >> a lot like thanksgiving weather. leaves are coming down. there are a lot of leaves that have come down. that makes it that much more slick. this morning, the rains are coming down. bundle up today. recovering from the flu. take care of yourself. >> so fun. >> take care of yourself. it is cold out there. it will be a very chilly day. our bus stop forecast, we're looking at temperatures today at 30s and 40s. that does include the wind chill. those are the temperatures. we've got some wind chills down in the 20s right now. and sunrise, that happens in about half hour or so. 6:46. looking at the day planner, you can expect sunshine and windy conditions. winds will be out of the west from 10 to 20 miles per hour. at times gusting 25 maybe even up to 30. noontime temp near 50. only getting into the low 50s for highs today. advertise about 60.
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we'll be below average. only for today. we'll be a nice warming trend heading this way. the weather headlines, windy and chilly today this veterans day. cold for high school football. wind chills tonight down in the 20s and 30s for the high school football games. definitely need to bundle up for that. a milder weekend ahead. staying mild into next week, long-range, will it rain monday or wait until tuesday? 42 down in southern maryland. also in d.c. look at all of the 30s off to the north and west. fredericksburg at 39 degrees. for the wind chills, they're more painful. low 30s there in town. mid to upper 20s in the northern shenandoah valley into western maryland and in the teens in the mountains around oakland. officially, we stab at 41. partly cloudy skies. with a west-northwest now at 14. the air getting drier by the moment. dew point started out at 30 at 4:00 a.m. we're down to 22 as the drier air moves in. humidity only 47%. big storm, that's up in canada but the front, big storm trail
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came through us yesterday with the showers. those are long gone. northwesterly winds behind it producing the snow showers north and west of it this morning up near erie, pennsylvania and in the mountains of west virginia, snow showers through midday. lesser likeliness of that happening this afternoon. we stay sunny to clear this evening. chilly. the winds will slack overnight. it will be a cold night. down to the low to mid-30s for saturday morning. by afternoon on saturday, southwesterly flow. we're warming up. temperatures tomorrow near 60 and in the 60s on sunday. today, 51. but not going to feel like it this veterans day with the winds but certainly a lot better than it was in '87 when we had all of the snow. tomorrow, 60. but sunday, better. 65 and next week, temperatures stay in the mid-60s. front is going to try to come through. i think tuesday has the better chance for some rain by then. monika? >> you're talking about the leaves coming down. did you know vre trains were
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delayed and canceled because the leaves came down on the tracks and became pulverized with the wheels of the trains, it was like leaf oil so they had trains delayed out of manassas and canceled out of manassas. interesting information there. thank you, howard. the leaves caused problems not even on the roads but even on the trains and last night, vre experienced that. right now, the good news is it is a holiday. that means traffic is very light this morning. no hov restrictions to worry about as well. let's zoom in first to 95. we'll take a live look into springfield on the northbound side with no hov restrictions. you have all of the lanes available for you. things are looking great from here up on to 395 and up to the 14th street bridge. let's go back out to the maps. we'll take a look at the west side of town. no problems to report on the dulles toll road out of leesburg, route 7 and 123 are fine. tysons, inbound across the roosevelt bridge into the downtown area. remember, roads that normally carry one-way traffic during the rush hour are two-way this
6:19 am
morning. that includes canal road, rock creek parkway and even the key bridge. be aware of that as well. we'll go over to college park. on the northside of town, outer loop, no real delays to report as you leave college park over to 95 and into silver spring. coming up in my next report, we'll go downtown at 6:25. jessica and mike? >> thanks, monika. >> interesting factoid i learned from producer dan. there are always hov restrictions on route 50 in maryland. 24 hours a day, all the time. we don't know why. >> going on right now. >> right now, 6:19, hov, only abide by the law. coming up next if sports, ready to tip off the college basketball season which i love! wait until you see also what one hokey did on the football field last night. >> right now, time for another check of our question of the morning. 80% of owl millionaires drive which one of these things? is it a, a used car. b, an suv or c, a european car. >> our facebook friend marcel really thought this through. it is a, used cars. millionaires as a whole are
6:20 am
good at money management, there's no reason for them to buy a brand new car when they can get almost the same thing a year or two older, cheaper. well said. >> marcel is going to put me out of business. keep the guesses coming. we'll have the answer at 6:54.
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6:23 this friday morning. howard bernstein with you. grab a jacket before you head out unless you like to be cold. it is brisk out there. we're down in the 30s in many areas. wind chills, some of them down in the 20s. that's the type of day we have ahead. cold day. sunshine and just a couple of clouds. partly to mostly sunny. only around 50. low 50s for highs. with winds 10 to 20 gusting 25, maybe 30. it won't feel that warm thanks to the wind chills. mike and jessica? >> thank you, howard. in sports, we're not halfway through november but the college basketball season tips off in earnest this weekend. >> you're so excited. >> national championship, uconn
6:24 am
huskies. >> a few begin play tonight. tonight at 7:00, gw hosts maryland's eastern shore. at 7:30, three games. last year's final four entrants, virginia commonwealth hosts st. francis. american visits richmond. george mason will host rhode island. at 9:00, mt. st. mary's in frederick county visits marquette. >> acc football last night, virginia tech visiting georgia tech. this game was all about hokies. logan thomas, the quarterback threw for not one, not two but three touchdown passes! oh, yeah. he also ran for two on his own! virginia tech tops georgia tech 37-26. hokies host unc on thursday. >> good game. >> it is 6:25. still to come, we'll go live to world war ii memorial. learn which special group of veterans will be honored.
6:25 am
>> national cathedral opens to the public once again this weekend. in nine minutes, we'll give you a sneak peek inside. >> right now, monika has a quick check on traffic. monika? >> thanks so much, jessica. here's what it looks like on the sousa bridge. can't beat this on a friday morning. no problems to report in the southeast corridor. coming up, we'll go into virginia. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. w
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this is the place you can always get your weather first. we're glad you're with us this morning. a live look at arlington national cemetery on this veterans day. president obama and first lady michelle will be there in a few hours and you can see the sun is just about to come up, 41 degrees there right now. >> looks really beautiful out there. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle. andrea is off today. >> i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist howard bernstein live on the weather terrace with the forecast and earmuffs on. >> looks can be deceiving. it looks beautiful but it is cold and windy. some of the plants, cushions blowing around. gusts 25 to 30 in the last few minutes. bundle up. wear thermals if you're going to be outside for any bit of time. a much colder air mass has moved in. a look at the day planner for
6:30 am
you. 11-11-11. 49 degrees by noon. with the wind, wind chills only in the lower 40s this afternoon with highs in the low 50s. that means it will be a very chilly night tonight for the high school football games. sun is setting at 4:59. temps running in the 30s to low 40s. when you factor in the wind chill, that's what i want you to focus on. wind chills in the 20s and 30s. that's why i've got the heavier gloves and the earmuffs on. it won't be that warm today. only in the upper 40s in the shenandoah valley to around 50 and low 50s here in the metro. good news is we've got a warming trend headed this way for the weekend. i'll have more on that next time i see you and in about 12 minutes, we go inside to monika samtani with your timesaver traffic. >> this is one of those mornings you're glad if you have to go to work on a holiday because you're really not dealing with much. let's take a look live at the beltway northside of town or the west side of town at the american legion bridge, northside as well. no real delays from 95 into silver spring. all the way to the legion
6:31 am
bridge, this is what you have to deal with. nothing much across the river here. back over to the maps. south over to 395, 95 and 66. all of the triangles are construction. here's what it looks like on 66 from centreville. no problems to report. all the way into fairfax to the roosevelt bridge. remember, hov restrictions are lifted today. no worries if you're traveling on 95, 395 or 66. here's what it looks like on duke street. only place with hov restrictions will be route 50 in maryland. before i go, i have a commuter alert for drivers in northern virginia. this weekend, the northbound gw parkway will be closed. you will be forced off the road at spout run parkway. cars will be allowed back on at route 123. the road will be closed from 6:00 tomorrow morning through sunday night at 10:00. this is only on the northbound side. southbound traffic won't be affected. this is also that national park service teams can stabilize the rock along the roadway so alternate routes, you can use route 50 for the beltway, head
6:32 am
up canal road and clara barton. i don't know if you guys remember back in march, we had heavy rains and canal road was closed for a portion. caused total gridlock morning and afternoon rush hour. i think this is going to help avoid a situation like that. >> absolutely. i was out on that story and i saw the mudslide that was out there. >> crazy shot. >> i was stuck in the traffic. >> there you go. >> thanks a lot, monika. >> sure. >> new this morning, a deal to pay for part two of metro's new silver line project, construction already underway on the extension from east falls church through tysons corner to wheelie avenue in reston. part two will go to herndon, dulles airport and ashburn. secretary of transportation ray lahood says a deal has been reached to fund the second part. it still needs final approval though. phase two will cost at least $2.8 billion. it won't open for at least another seven years. this morning, police in venezuela are saying nationals catcher wilson ramos is alive
6:33 am
but they do not know where he is, nearly 48 hours after being kidnapped from in front of his family's home. >> surae chinn is live outside of nationals park with more on the search for this rising young star. good morning, surae. >> good morning. we are in the off-season of baseball and that's why ramos was in his home country of venezuela. he was playing in the winter league. but that's where he was snatched away by four gunmen outside of his home in santa inez. police say he's alive. police following different leads, including the get away vehicle that was found thursday and also they have sketches of two out of the four captors. ramos is a rising star. he's a catcher for the nationals. no one has heard from him since he was kidnapped wednesday night. fans and family are keeping vigil in venezuela where fans are proud of their players and adore them. here at nationals park, fans here have heavy hearts for
6:34 am
number 3. >> i walk by nationals stadium every day. this morning when i walked through it, i was saying a prayer for him. >> this is the first time that something like this happened in our country. we have, in the past, problems but without -- this is important. >> reporter: kidnapping for ransom are not uncommon. they're sharply on the rise. 618 of them happened in 2009. but none have happened to major league baseball players. meanwhile, here in the district, fans have been tweeting out that they want to meet here and host a vigil here at nationals park at 6:00 tonight. everyone hoping for the very best. jessica? >> thank you, surae. surae chinn live at nationals park this morning. republicans will have a working majority in the virginia state senate next year. the race is over in the 17th district. incumbent democrat ed how can conceded the race -- ed houck conceded the race to bryce
6:35 am
reeves. it gives reeves a 222 vote lead. houck said thursday he will not ask for a recount. the senate will have a 20-20 split with republican lieutenant-governor bill bolling casting the tie-break vote. >> george allen will be endorsed. both are republicans. allen faces a g.o.p. primary challenge from other candidates. the national cathedral is set to reopen once again sunday. it has been closed since the earthquake back in august hitting the d.c. area. the 5.8 magnitude tremor shook the cathedral's foundation and toppled some of the limestone pinnacles on one of the towers. crews made a lot of progress but it is going to cost about $15 million and take about ten years to make all of the repairs. that's why sunday, then reopens, it will also serve as a kickoff for a nationwide fund- raiser. >> church dollars are difficult dollars to raise.
6:36 am
but this church is a different kind of church. it is a national church. >> federal government is giving the district some money to clean up from the earthquake. however, it is unclear if that money will be allowed to go to the cathedral because it is a place of worship. ♪ he's in the army now ♪ he's the boogie woogie boy of company beat ♪ >> we're honored to say good morning on this veterans day. thank you to everyone who served or is serving. of course, you're hearing the andrews sister and their world war ii song the boogie woogie bugle boy from company b. >> there will be a big ceremony to honor veterans at the world war ii memorial with a preview right now, we're joined live by wallin kiter, the director of friends of the national world war ii memorial. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us today. tell us about the ceremony later. >> we're going have a ceremony at 9:00. on the site design committee for this memorial, we said we were going to have revelry on
6:37 am
the mall. i guess we are one of the earlier events for veterans day. it will be a wonderful day down here. each time we have an event, we try to focus in on a group that helps for victory in world war ii and this year, it will be african americans and the contribution they made and general julius will be the speaker. we're also having an honor flight to be flying in here. these are world war ii veterans that come in to see the memorial. they'll be here today. some of the tuskegee airmen will be here. it will be, i think, a wonderful event down here on the mall and in this very special location between lincoln and washington which i think indicates that as far as america is concerned, world war ii was the event of the 20th century that made all of the difference. >> you mentioned the tuskegee airmen. tell us about the sacrifices they made during world war ii since they are specifically being honored this morning. >> of course, the tuskegee
6:38 am
airmen, people have to remember back in world war ii days, you had segregated america and you had segregated units in the military. as a matter of fact, general becton served in the segregated unit, was in the tuskegee airmen, they were trained and fought in europe and flew airplanes, they were killed and sacrificed for their company just like all of the veterans. one thing i will say, i think that the effect of world war ii on the country was that this was going to change and people weren't going to go off and be a part of common sacrifice and then come back and the same old thing wasn't going prevail. african americans came back and got involved in the civil rights movement two years after the war ended, harry truman abandoned basically segregation in the u.s. military. and that's when general becton came back into the military. so, a lot of things came out of world war ii including our enemies, germany and japan are
6:39 am
now a couple of our closest allies. the united nations. there are a lot of legacies from the war. it was a terrible event but the g.i. generation didn't stop when the war was over. they helped make the peace. >> good luck today. thank you so much for joining us. wonderful event. all this week, we brought you stories about finding veterans jobs as they come back home to see any of the stories, you can go to look under the military news tab. >> 6:39. howard says it will probably be a blustery day. high of only in the neighborhood of 50. we'll see how soon the 60s will be back. >> let's take a look at 95 and springfield. virginia, northbound traffic on the left. a reminder, hov rules are not in effect today in the commonwealth. monika's next timesaver traffic report, seven minutes away. keep it right here on 9news now.
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let's let your bus stop forecast. temperatures down in the 30s and low 40s. the wind chills are down in the 20s and low 30s with those winds gusting over 20 miles per hour now. sun is coming up in the next couple of minutes. we'll see it. except for the mountains, getting a couple of reports of some flurries in toward the martinsburg, west virginia area. noontime, partly to mostly sunny. 49 degrees. it will feel closer to 40 with the winds sustained near 20, gusting 25, maybe 30. top out in the low 50s at best this afternoon. we're down to 43 by 8:00.
6:45 am
friday night football games, they're going to be some kind of cold with the wind. 42 at pax river. 42 in georgetown, delaware. down to 36 in winchester and cumberland. light snow showers being reported in parts of west virginia, oakland is 27. the wind chills, 20s, teens in the mountains. feeling like 33 here in washington right now thanks to that wind out of the west- northwest at 14. the actual air temperature, 41. dew points down in the low 20s. the air has dried out. much of the country rather chilly. we see the storm system that's put the front to us yesterday. that's headed up toward james bay and hudson bay. next storm system off the west coast now throwing some rain into california here today and the next couple of days. but there's nothing in between so we're going sit in pretty good shape as far as precip is concerned. won't see much. just the cold that's around today will be what you're going to feel. veterans day, windy. 51 degrees this afternoon. wind chill probably only in the
6:46 am
low, maybe mid-40s. tonight we're in the 30s. tomorrow, breezy but warmer. 60. on sunday, milder still. few mere clouds. low 60s on sunday. next week, mid-60s. do have a system coming here by tuesday. might slip something in here by monday. tuesday, the more likely day we'll see some rain. highs in the mid-60s. monika samtani, we've got a friday light light due to the holiday. >> very light due to the holiday. unfortunately, we do have one accident on the inbound side of the suitland parkway at first sterling avenue and authorities are telling us that it is two cars involved. and the road is blocked there. luckily, the volume is light enough. it will be easy to get around it but do follow police direction. let's take you closer into downtown. no problems to report along the mall, constitution avenue. crossing the 14th street bridge on to 14th street. let's first take a look at the sousa bridge. pennsylvania avenue coming in through southeast. again, it is the accident, the only big major problem we have inbound on the suitland
6:47 am
parkway. let's take you to the 14th street bridge coming north on 95 and 395, you will be ok. here's what it looks like on the american legion bridge. no hov restrictions. in maryland, only route 50, the john shoon highway with hov restrictions on this holiday. coming up in my next report, more on the accident at 6:58. mike and jessica? >> day in and day out, american service members put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. >> 9news now wants to say thank you for their service. we're teaming up with the u.s.o. of metropolitan washington to provide holiday food baskets to military families. >> for people like the shifflets. j.c. hayward paid them a visit. >> reporter: these are the moments you treasure. especially if you're a military family. warrant officer john shifflet has serve three tours in war zones and duty could call again, any time. which means more holidays away
6:48 am
from his three children and wife, shannon. >> i was gone more than i was home. she set up the camera in the background of the christmas tree showing the kids opening up their presents. >> it is hard. the kids want daddy there. it doesn't feel the same. you're half empty. it is hard to go through it half empty. >> last year was a blessing say the shifflets. the table was full. john got to be home for the holidays. and there was more than enough food! thanks to the u.s.o. turkey for troops program. >> i got all of the fixings. it really helped because that was one less burden i had to budget for. >> i couldn't believe this was actually out there. specifically for the turkey -- >> he was excited to come home and see everything i had bought and seeing that it was what the u.s.o. had given us. his jaw dropped. >> nice to know there are organizations and there are people out there that care enough about us to help our families while we're gone or even while we're here. a big thank you.
6:49 am
>> reporter: on behalf of the u.s.o. and 9news now, the thanks is all ours! i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. >> all of the money donated to the u.s.o. turkey for troops program stays right here in the d.c. metropolitan area. each basket costs $50 and feeds six people. to make the veterans and their families holidays a little brighter, go to and click on the turkey for troops icon. our goal is to feed 1400 families this year. we want to thank you in advance for your contribution. >> tonight at 5:00, we're going to hold a live telethon where you can call in and donate money but you don't have to wait until tonight. just visit and you can contribute right now! >> please do. we have a check of the news before you go coming up next.
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6:53 here on this friday morning, veterans day.
6:53 am
41. it feels more like 32 outside with the wind chill. only got about 49 there at noon. highs today in the low 50s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature, 47. wind chills will knock you down. milder over the weekend. jess? >> thank you, howard. today is friday, november 11th. here is a check of the news before you go. penn state assistant football coach mike mcqueary will not take part in tomorrow's game because of multiple threats against him. he saw former assistant coach jerry sandusky in the school showers with a 10-year-old boy in 2002. >> anthony griffin is leaving office. he led the county since 2000 and worked in fairfax for 23 years. he will officially step down in april. louisa county is getting federal assistance to repair schools damaged by the august 23rd earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks. fema denied virginia's request for assistance for louisa county. >> time to answer our question of the morning. it was 80% of all millionaires drive which one of these
6:54 am
things? is it a, a used car? b, an suv or c, a european car? >> well, the answer may surprise you. turns out it is a, a used car! i guess that's one of the reasons why they're millionaires in the first place. >> they know how to manage their money. one more check of traffic and weather when 9news now returns.
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♪he's in the army now ♪ he's the boogie woogie boy of company beat ♪ >> if that doesn't wake you up and get you in a good mood, nothing will. it is veterans day. one more thing before we go, we want to remind you of the
6:58 am
telethon here on channel 9 to benefit the troops and their families. we want to put thanksgiving meals on their tables. we're trying to feed 1400 families. >> it starts at 5:00 tonight. you can donate to right now! and check us out there. find out some details on donating to this wonderful cause. >> turkey, all of the fixings, each package costs about $50, we can use all of the help we can get. we need your help. check out or do the telethon tonight at 5:00. howard? >> cold day today! going to need something warm inside along with a jacket and hot tea. 51 degrees but is won't feel like that with the wind. over the weekend, we warm up 60 on saturday and 65 with a few more clouds on sunday. monika? >> with the veterans day holiday, it has been light. we do have one accident. inbound on the suitland parkway at first sterling avenue. first to take a right on to first sterling. go ahead and take that to
6:59 am
howard road. we'll take you to what it looks like outside. springfield, no problems on 95, 66 with no hov restrictions. maryland at the american legion bridge, wow. just great across the bridge span leaving bethesda and tysons corner. >> we're looking higher right now. we'll see you monday morning at 4:25. learn why plenty of homeowners have money waiting for them from the government! learn how to get it. >> early show is coming up next. i'll have the latest from penn state and preview of tomorrow's presidential debate which you can see here on channel 9. >> howard and i will be back with a live update on news and weather in 25 minutes. >> download apps for your phones. we'll see you dark and early monday at 4:25.


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