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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 13, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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bullets outside his home. we love you. >> a day like no other for penn state football. the newest information on the sex abuse scandal. this is 9 news now. >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. penn state's first football since the sex scandal broke and the first game without joe paterno in decades. it was a loss to nebraska. manuel begins our coverage. >> reporter: it was a powerful moment that silenced a stadium. >> you will see a training ground of what manhood looks like. >> penn state players kneeled in prayer with their opponents before the game, their first without legendary joe paterno. their son, jay, who coached from the sidelines fought back his emotions. >> dad, i wish you were here.
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we love you. >> reporter: that sentiment was shared by the players. >> we always want to play for him. i hope he's doing okay. >> reporter: in less than a week, the winning coach has gone from glory to trying to shield himself from prying cameras. still, people rallied outside his ohm after the game. as penn state investigates the child sex allegations, university officials say they made the right decision not to cancel the game all together, but the scandal was definitely on the minds of fans. as promised, the crowd wore blue, the color associated with child abuse prevention. >> it's about the kids. that's what we need to focus on. >> reporter: the capacity crowd was more low-key than normal, fans say. this is a penn state grad and so are his father and daughter. they're cautious not to rush to judgment, but he cites the school's motto. >> may no act of ours bring shame. >> reporter: in the end there was extra security, but no trouble. just a tightknit community
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coming together. today marked the first time since 1951 that joe paterno was not on the field and coaching penn state in some capacity. 9 news now photographer greg, a penn state alum, filed a report from down on the field. >> reporter: today was anything but a normal senior day at beaver stadium. in locked arms, penn state players entered beaver stadium and met their opposition at mid- field in prayer. >> there are a lot of little boys around the country today who are watching this game. and they're trying to figure out what the definition of manhood is all about. father, this is it right here. >> reporter: ultimately, this game was as much about healing as it was about the standings in the big 10. >> we're thinking about all the victims and everyone involved here. >> it's not about running and hiding from very real issues. it's really about meeting them
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head on. >> reporter: visual support for victims of child abuse everywhere. >> i've got the ribbon going also for the -- >> reporter: after spotting the nebraska cornhuskers 17 points,they came roaring back. at the end, it just was not enough. penn state lost by 3. you know, whatever you do, just keep fighting to the end. stick together. we'll work it out from here. >> reporter: solidarity shown in the stands and on the field, they indicate that the healing process has begun. at beaver stadium, greg geist, 9 news now. washington area alum contributed more money to penn state than any other alumni group in the country, according to some reports. and today we caught up with some penn state alumni watching the game in arlington, virginia. >> all the things that
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happened, you know, it brought everyone down, but our penn state football program is a great program, and we have a lot of pride in them. >> it was a very rough week. it was extremely shocking. but since the event, i've seen more people pull together now than i've seen in a really long time. >> former penn state football coach joe paterno is getting a lot of support from fans. they left signs on his front lawn and cheered his wife on today. others posed for photos with the paterno statue outside penn state's beaver stadium. breaking news right now. a late night press conference for an update on last night's shooting not far from the white house and the recovery of an ak- 47 from a vehicle. what are they saying, ken? >> reporter: a lot of new details. it was last night off of 16th and constitution, the police swarmed the area after they received reports of shots being fired between two cars. this is right in between the white house and the washington
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monument. tonight we have identified someone they would like to speak with. let's put the picture on the air four. we're talking about a man by the name of oscar ortega, he's 21 years old and is not an official suspect. park police simply saying this is a person they want to talk to. let me give you background as to what happened. last night shortly after 9:00 on constitution and 16th between the white house and the washington monuments, police received calls of shots being fired. a car was later found abandoned just up the street on 23rd and constitution on the onramp to the roosevelt bridge. inside that car police found a rifle. we believe it was some sort of a semiautomatic rifle. park police are not saying whether shots were in fact fired. just a couple of minutes ago, u.s. park police sergeant david slosser had this to say. take a listen. >> the detectives and crime scene investigators feel mr. ortega may be somebody we would like to speak with with regards
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to this incident and believe he may be linked to that vehicle. >> reporter: back live one more time. this is a look at oscar ortega. 21 years old. park police would like to talk to this person. they believe he has more information linked to this scare that happened here last night. they're asking anyone with information on his whereabouts to give them a call. we will, of course, bruce, let you know what happens with this one. back to you. >> ken, i want to milk sure i've got this. they linked him to the car, the car and the gun or neither? >> reporter: they're not saying. we asked several questions. we wanted to know if he was the owner of the car, if he was the owner of that rifle? why him, why this person? they're not saying. they're simply saying he is someone they have identified as a person of interest, bruce, and they want to talk to him. they believe he is local and he is still here in the washington area. >> one more question. this is important last night. were shots fired and are they convinced this had nothing to do with the white house? or do we know? >> reporter: well, we know it had nothing to do with the white house. that's what they told us last
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night. the other mystery to the story is they aren't confirming if shots were fired. last night there were conflicting reports between different police agencies. d.c. police said shots were fired. park police did not confirm that last night. they said they had no evidence of any shots fired. shell casings, none of that stuff was found on the ground. tonight we asked that again and they said they are not talking about that right now. again, that's still another mystery to the story. >> thanks a lot. good information. turning elsewhere, a couple was shot and killed in the parking lot of busy mall. in a hail of bullets from police, the suspect is then killed outside his home in forestville, maryland. police trying to piece together motives or possible connections, if any, from among the dead. armando trull picks up the story. >> reporter: witnesses say 22- year-old james coleman fired warning shots at about a dozen police officers who had set up a perimeter outside his home. officers were trying to get coleman to surrender.
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>> while they're talking to me, they have a shotgun and an ak- 47 and started letting off round after round on the ak, and i mean, he hit one of the cops in the head. and i mean, after he did that, they wasn't having it. so they shot his whole party down. >> our officer is conscious. he's undergoing tests at a local hospital. and we believe his injuries are nonlife-threatening. this is the third prince george's police officer shot in the line of duty this year. >> reporter: police say coleman had an extensive criminal record. the wild, wild west shoot-out that broke the quiet of saturday morning around 10:00 a.m. up the hill was touched off by a double murder last night at the mall. >> a witness came up to one of our officers and said there were what appeared to be two deceased individuals in the parking lot outside the dave and busters. it was a male and female. the officer got on the scene and they both appeared to be
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deceased by gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police linked the silver suv to the double murder but will not speculate on the double motive. police say coleman knew one or both of the victims. in district heights, i'm armando trull. >> we've got names for all of the dead. the victims are green, 30 years old from capitol heights maryland. the second victim is dunn, age 25 from green belt maryland. the suspect shot and killed by police. 22-year-old james edward coleman of district heights, maryland. now, police are withholding the name of that wounded police officer. he was hit in the face, legs and arm by shotgun pellets. police say the officer's injuries are not life- threatening. a woman who opened a popular bar and restaurant is now being accused of being a major drug trafficker. tonight the washington post is reporting that federal law enforcement agents tracked 65kilograms of cocaine from texas to the office of dasher
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in fort washington, maryland. dasher is operator of the popular uniontown bar and grill in northeast. that's in the heart of historic anacostia. according to the affidavit, investigators seized drugs and 1.5 million dollars in three large duffel bags. the 36-year-old dasher and two others now face drug distribution charges in the maryland and the state of texas. an emotional wilson ramos says he's happy and thankful to be alive a day after being rescued in his native venezuela. the catcher embraced rescuers after a reported firefight. remain months was seized at -- ramos was seized at gunpoint and rescued after a two-day ordeal. >> the moment they found me was very nerve-racking. i could hear many gunshots. listen, thank god those boys, the police, did their jobs very well. >> the 24-year-old was seized at gunpoint outside his home on
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wednesday night, taken away in an suv. the ven zell lan justice -- venezuelan justice says -- more later in sports. eight presidential hopefuls met on stage for a debate on national security and foreign policy. the candidates took turns criticizing president obama and how he's handled iran and the threat of a nuclear weapon. newt gingrich joined mitt romney in saying they would use military force against iran to keep nuclear weapons out of that country. >> maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the iranian program, including taking out their scientists, including breaking up their systems. >> i will make sure that the sanctions, diplomatic pressure, economic pressure and supportive insurgents went the country help them become dissuaded to get away from the nuclear ambition. >> gingrich refused to repeat
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some of his earlier criticism of romney. coming up tonight, this saturday, walking for education reform. how one group sees students as the key to change. next, job fair in virginia for area vets. we're back in a minute. but first, not as cold overnight, but a great way to finish off the weekend. more sunshine and some mild temperatures are in the forecast. here's a look at your wakeup weather for your sunday. you want your jackets in the morning, but lots of sunshine starting out, 34 to 44 by 7:00. a chilly start. by 11:00,
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major companies from across the region took part in a job fair for veterans today. it's all part of an american freedom festival this weekend at george mason university. veterans had a chance to talk with potential employees and then interview for jobs right on the spot. >> we're focused on hiring as
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many veterans as we can today at the patriarch center. we're not only going to do a job fair here but around the country. >> by some estimates, up to a million veterans are out of work with thousands more heading home from iraq, they'll also be looking for jobs. a walk for education reform this weekend. the first national enlightenment walk for education reform took place. among the goals, create opportunities for students to be heard. >> we're walking for student voice in educational forum. we believe once students mike the psychological investment in their education, they'll be more motivated intrinsically to succeed academically. >> the harvard grad, bryan, believes education reform works best when educators and policymakers listen to students. coming up, scouting for food. boy scout style. we'll explain. and can we get a repeat
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sunday of to
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celebration of courage tonight for america's injured heroes and their families. 9 news now's anita brikman oversees the ribbon fund gala at the marriott. the yellow ribbon fund was created in 2005 to assist injured service members and their families. 9 news now 9 and the uso ofmetropolitan washington are raising money to give back to military families holiday food baskets. thanks to your generosity we raised $65,245. that's 1,004 baskets. if you would like to donate, go to every penny you donate stays right here in the washington area. the troops aren't the only ones in need this holiday season. food banks need food and canned
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products. you can help by donating to food drive 9. we have also teamed up with the boy scouts that make donating food as easy as possible. last week, scouts dropped off empty bags at homes across the region and today they returned to pick up the bags and collected donations at area safe way stores. >> past years collected in the neighborhood of 600 or 700 pounds ever food on this weekend. and we're hoping to do a much better collection this year in light of the greater need this time over the decades past. >> you can help go to and find donation links at the capital area food bank, as well as other food charities across our area. we can't overemphasize the need. that's why we're asking everybody to help. and we can get this done. >> we can, yeah. good weather. >> man, we know weekends like this are numbered, especially
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for mid-january. lots of sunshine. we made up to 63 degrees. tomorrow, looking at the same deal here. here's a look at our current conditions, and also look at your sunday brunch forecast. tomorrow will be a great day to be outside. mid-50s by 11:00. by 6:00, 60. we'll have a breezy condition throughout the afternoon. don't forget your sunglasses for brunch. temperatures in the lower 50s right now around town. not too bad. not as cold overnight compared to last couple of nights, thanks to high pressure controlling the region and that southerly flow around the high, bringing in that milder air. right now, 51 in downtown under mostly cloudy conditions, but we'll see plenty of sun tomorrow once again. afternoon may be a little bit different. chilly start to your sunday. still mild, but it will be breezy. some afternoon clouds could be coming in like mid to high- level clouds. we'll be dry. monday mostly cloudy conditions. overnight lows 34 to 44
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degrees. tomorrow morning, if you're going to church, bring the coat. mostly sunny and chilledy. southwest winds at 10-15. afternoon partly cloudy, breezy and mild. 63 around downtown. 61 in leesburg. 64 in fredericksburg. keep in mind we should be around 59 for this time of year. here's how your day breaks down. already in the 50s by noon. it will be mild. by 5:00, still cool, but 60, 65 degrees. here's your seven-day outlook. we even warm up on monday, even when the clouds come in. mid-60s, maybe a late night shower monday. the system is pushing out to be on tuesday. we're looking cloudy, rainy conditions, maybe a couple of thunderstorms. the temperature almost 70 degrees on tuesday. >> wow. >> then we cool down, back into the 50s for next week. so enjoy tomorrow. you've got an update on a very important story. ramos speaking for the first time, a nerve-racking
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rescue. college football, notre dame nearly hangs half a
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welcome back. it bordered on 50 hours. when asked to describe the final moments of his kidnapping, wilson ramos described it as hair-raising. the nats catcher painted a picture that included heavy gunfire between police and the armed gunmen who abducted him. last night he was rescued about 40 miles west of his home in a mountainous region. this is after the rescue. you can see the sheer elation of ramos and his family. you heard from him earlier. let's hear more from him now.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> they stuck me in a room with a bed and i was lying there. it was very hard for me to think about whether i would get out of there alive, but first and foremost, i thought about how my family was doing, my mother. but look, i was always asking god, and thanks to god, he gave me this miracle of sending me these wonderful people, and thanks to them i'm alive. >> here's what nationals g.m. released earlier today. i have spoken directly with wilson and he assures me he is unharmed. i joined wilson in thanking the many law enforcement officials in venezuela and investigators with major league baseball who worked tirelessly to ensure a positive ending to what has been a frightening ordeal. are some players beginning to tune out randy edsell? his my way or the highwayman tra hasn't coordinated to many
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wins. notre dame wide receiver michael floyd, up and over trenton hughes. 17-0, irish. third quarter, wood picks off o'brien. tenth interception by obie. more bad news. injuries an elbow, done for the year. 45-21, your final notre dame beats maryland. again, 45-21. uva mike london, perry jones i believe i can fly catch. never relinquished the lead after that score. they go 7-3. 31-21. navy on the road at smu. mike goes to the left. navy remains in the hunt for a bowl game. they win 24-17 over smu. pro ball now heading back to where it began. johnny beck will start his first game as skins qb in
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miami, where beck began his pro voyage. he said this game has no sentimental meaning to him. heifers what his teammates have to say about this year's 1-7. >> if you look at the film and watch the games, the dolphins could be a 4-4 team. they've played a lot of teams close and lost down at the wire. we're not taking them as a one- win team but as a good competitive football team. >> by the way, questionable tomorrow. you know we're going all out covering this game. myself and others giving you all the inside scoop. also ravens-seahawks on 9 news now at 4:00 tomorrow. mike green returned and lasted all about 7 minutes. the defense man who had been battling back from an ankle sprain went knee to knee last night. left the ice, didn't return. bruce doesn't think it's serious and thinks he'll be back soon. that's good news. first period, john carlson, ready, aim, fire. jason actually gets credit for
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it on the deflection. 2-0 caps. to the shoot-out, new jersey's david carlton going to the upper room over michael. devils win 3-2. >> we take a point, yes, when you have a 2-0 lead. will we take a point, no. if we don't make those mistakes, because nuve was on the top of his game. there's more. hoop time. year. if you're planning on attending the maryland hoops opener tomorrow, take your sneakers. head coach may need you, injuries and ncaa violations left the terps with just six scholarship players. bruce, lace them up. the coach will be looking for all the able-bodied men he can find. maryland only beat north wood university by 5 last week on the women's team. he says they're ready to lace them up against anybody. >> we'll go into every game
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expecting to leave, whether we're playing the lakers or celtics, we'll expect to beat them, too. obviously we're not going to win every game. >> if we continue to improve and guys keep buying in and we get healthy and we have big alex in the middle, i think we can be a competitive team. hoyas dominating this afternoon. bigger, faster, stronger andtrickier. behind the back to alex thompson. georgetown rolling 83-54. so there you go. >> the redskins not looking past miami. >> not looking past miami. >> going to be great tomorrow, right? >> get outside if you can. highs in the low to mid-60s. >> thanks a lot. see you tomorrow, everybody. our news-making interview with the woman who claims justin bieber is her baby's father. her breakdowns. her walk-outs. i'm kevin frazier. the weekend


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