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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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metro at fort dupont park. the bullets left holes in the windows of a bus. a man was taken to the hospital with wounds to his hand. it was pulling away from eli place. d.c. police have interviewed the victim and a fellow passenger. they're also viewing footage from on the bus. a man suspected of killing two people outside the mall. 22-year-old james coleman was killed saturday morning after approaching officers with a shotgun and an ak-47 assault rifle. one officer was shot in the exchange. he's expected to recover. police say they don't know what led to the shootings outside the mall in hanover. a woman who opened a popular bar and restaurant earlier this year in anacostia is now being accused of being a major drug trafficker. "the washington post" is reporting federal law enforcement agents tracked 65
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kill grams of cocaine from texas to the office of natasha dasher in fort washington, maryland. dasher is the operator of the uniontown bar and grill on m.l.k. avenue in southeast. investigators seized 1.5 million dollars in three large duffel bags. dasher and others are facing drug distribution charges in both maryland and in texas. police are now searching for a hit-and-run driver responsible for a fatal accident on route 3 just south of 415 in bowie, maryland. investigators have not released the victim's name. they would only say she's a woman in her 20s. they saw a light colored vehicle stopped near the crash. another witness reported seeing a light colored vehicle with a broken windshield and a damaged hood in the nearby parking lot. anyone with information should call police at 1-800-492-4877. an investigation is underway into the cause of a two alarm townhouse fire in
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gaithersburg, maryland. crews arrived at shady spring terrace to find heavy flames shooting out of an end unit townhouse. the home was nearly destroyed and two neighboring units sustained damage. no one was hurt. wilson ramos said she's happy and thankful to be alive after being rescued in his native venezuela. >> ramos embraced investigators who pulled off his rescue from kidnappers after reported fire fight. the 24-year-old was taken at gunpoint wednesday night and freed after a two-day ordeal. >> reporter: the moment they found me was very nerve- racking. i could hear many gunshots. listen, thank god those boys, the police, did their jobs very well. >> the venezuelan justice minister says four of the captors are under arrest. investigators are searching for more suspects in the case. here's a look at some of the other stories making news now. police in riot gear forced
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antiwall street protestors to leave an encampment in downtown portland, oregon. the mayor ordered the park shut down saying the conditions had become unhealthy. many demonstrators did not go quietly. more than 50 were arrested. protestors continued to march through the streets well into the evening. an economist is in charge of italy's government. monty's goal is to heal the finances. italy's $2.6 trillion debt is about 120% of the country's economic output. they bust put together a cabinet and put together a plan to save italy from financial disaster. an american and two russians are headed to the international space station. the three lifted off early this morning aboard a russian rocket. they're scheduled to dock with the international space station wednesday to replace another three-person crew coming home in a week. the new three-man crew will stay aboard the iss until march. another monday after another sunday with the redskins.
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offense is the story line from sunday's game versus the dolphins. coach mike shanahan made a change, a quarterback going back to rex grossman hoping for a different outcome. >> even with john beck on the bench, same ole, same ole. the result basically the same. redskins weren't able to score a touchdown at all. rex grossman threw for 215 yards, he was sacked three times. runningback reggie bush scored two touchdowns. that will put miami ahead of the 'skins 20-9. the win was the dolphins first home victory since november of 2010. redskins are 3-6 on the year and this was the team's fifth consecutive loss. >> just the dolphins what, second win? oh, boy! the time is coming up on 4:35. at 4:40, retirement may not be more than a dream for most members of the baby boomer generation. >> 4:40, the former home of the beatles is being sold for millions. >> we're back in two minutes.
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welcome back. 4:37. mild this morning. you might be able to leave the jacket at home. temps in the 50s. we'll be in the mid-60s for noon. a little bit breezy. slight chance of a shower today but most of us won't even see anything. by 5:00 p.m., the sun will have already set. still, look at that. 67 degrees. do have some showers in the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know exactly when that's going to happen in the next five minutes. right now, we go to beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. >> right now, it is looking good. no early problems to report. just overnight construction barrels out of your path. want to remind folks if you had to deal with it over the weekend, the gw parkway is now
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open. northbound, north of spout run. that won't be a detour for you after the work they had to do to repair the rock face in that stretch north of spout run. 14th street bridge, 395 north looking good heading into downtown. overnight roadwork in springfield on the beltway in virginia should be pulling out of your path near the tollway and on the beltway in bethesda. it is 4:38. >> here's jessica doyle is monday's headlines. >> wall street would really like another day like friday and traders might get that. they may just get that. overseas markets are trading higher on signs that europe is moving more on resolving the debt crisis. the dow added 259 points on friday! had a gain of 1.4% for the week. nasdaq was up by 54 points. s&p 500 added 24 points. defunct trading company mf global is laying off its entire work force and closing its new
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york city headquarters. the firm headed by new jersey governor jon corzine is dismissing all 1,000 plus employees with a court-ph-pbd dated liquidation. they declared bankruptcy after losing money on a number of bad bets on european debt. most baby boomers now doubt they'll be financially secure after they retire. an associated press will find 73% of boomers plan to work past retirement. that's up from 67% this spring and all 53% of those born between 1946 and 1964 say they don't feel confident they're going to be able to afford a comfortable retirement. before you plunk down the plastic, make sure the holiday purchases, experts say, make sure you're using the right credit card. many are offering extra perks like double rewards and cash back this time of year but make sure it is the right card for you all year around. read the fine print to confirm there are no annual fees and no
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prepayment penalties. be sure things like cash back or words can be spent on anything, not just the kind of merchandise. universal music will bite recording division for $1.2 billion while sony will buy the publishing division in charge of song copyrights for $2.2 billion. pretty big deal in the music industry. >> sure is. you know what though, with all of those stars, beatles alone catalog is unbelievable. >> all right, jess, thank you. washington d.c.'s landmark reopens for the first time since that east coast earthquake back in august. >> when we return, we'll take you for a quick look inside. that and more coming up in less than two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. warming up outside. definitely warm here in the studio. both guys have shed their jacket. i may have to join them. >> may have to go down to it. shirt. >> let's not go that for. >> it is clean. right out of the drawer. >> warm day. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon.
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probably the warmest, maybe the nicest day of the week. here's your bus stop forecast. if you can tolerate 50s, leave your jacket at home. mostly cloudy and mild this morning. little sunshine there at 6:50. on the day planner, clouds will give way to more sunshine by midday. temps in the mid-60s. winds south at 10 to 20 miles per hour. it is going to be a breezy day. by 4:00, 68 degrees. south winds at 14 miles per hour. by 8:00, we're looking at 65 still with mostly cloudy skies. stray shower today and also tonight, there could be a couple of showers. but it is going to be wednesday, the wettest day of the week. see the clouds that have moved in this morning. some areas are overcast. some areas have a few breaks. mountains of west virginia. up toward pittsburgh, even a few sprinkles are falling. look at the temperatures. mid-40s in cumberland. that's the cool stuff. we're about 60 now at the
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patuxent river air station. easton is at 55. even in the shenandoah valley, temperatures well in the 50s like luray at 58. right now, 56. winds south-southwesterly at 9. barometer, 29.98, we'll likely see it dropping as a front will come toward us today. probably slip through it during the day tomorrow. dew points are currently in the middle 40s. severe weather threat ahead of the front. the ohio valley, strong to severe thunderstorms there. again, parts of south central texas. tomorrow that, will move more east. a big storm that is spinning out in the southwest. you can follow the jet stream. see the clouds, the bright ones coming across texas and up right through the ohio valley. that's a pretty strong area of winds at the jet stream level. one area of low pressure, that pulls out into the plains, this is a pretty good set-up for severe weather as we head into the day on tuesday. today again, south texas and the ohio valley with that
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severe weather threat. also some cold air in the northern plains. you can see the clouds, another branch diving in toward the pacific northwest. but underneath the jet that's coming across illinois and indiana and ohio, you can already see some of the lift generating the strong to severe thunderstorms we're going to be dealing with on this monday. that should generally stay north of us. the way things are rolling now. other than the isolated shower threat, we're going to be in pretty good shape for today. here's a look at the future cast. we'll put it all in motion. the main storm threat staying well to the north of us in pennsylvania, looks like along and north of 70 here. indiana, ohio, pennsylvania. if your travels take you that way, even in and around chicago, flying through that for midday flight. as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, we're still good. southerly winds, storms from indy up toward cleveland and areas toward buffalo and jamestown. maybe sneaking in toward the
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genesee valley. we'll get through tonight. tomorrow morning, maybe a couple of showers through here. the front is getting closer to us. from altoona southwestward to memphis, tennessee, even the atlanta region, some showers on tuesday morning. with this front sliding south, a couple of showers pushed through. in the morning hours on tuesday. by afternoon, temperatures may be a little bit cooler but we're talking highs anywhere from the upper 50s north to the upper 60s south on tuesday. and then as we head into wednesday, a secondary front comes this way. look at the rain stretched out by wednesday morning from southern jersey all the way back to the mississippi valley. so, this is going to have to roll through wednesday. wednesday looks like the wettest day of the week. by then, temperatures may not get out of the 50s. looking at our high temperatures today, well, upper 60s to even lower 70s, places like manassas and leesburg.
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culpepper, 73. keep in mind that the average high is 59. then tonight, yet another mild night. ahead of the front, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. might not drop below 60 for annapolis and pax river. that's about the high. where the high should be for this time of year. so, looking ahead at the next three days, today, temperatures in the upper 60s. it will be a warm one. breezy, too. for tonight, 50. tomorrow, mid-60s in town. a big range north to south due to the front sliding through. a couple of showers possible. wednesday looks wet. areas of rain, cooler, upper 50s. then we get chilly. thursday and friday, we're in the upper 40s for highs. we recover again. looks like a decent weekend. kids are home. weather should be ok. there is a slight chance of a shower late on sunday. all right, let's go over to beverly farmer in for monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> right now, howard, we're looking pretty decent. weekend roadwork overnight roadwork, pulling the barrels out of your path right now.
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here's 95 northbound coming up past a rest area between dumfries and dale city. the volume is very light in each direction. heading up to springfield, 395 as you leave the beltway through landmark, shirlington up to the pentagon and the inbound 14th street bridge. looking good there as well. overnight roadwork on the tollway should be pulling out of your path on 66 east and on into falls church as well. the weekend roadwork on the gw parkway out of your way past spout run. that won't be a problem. over on the beltway in bethesda, they were pulling the barrels out. on the outer loop in silver spring, all lanes are open. beltway down to the wilson bridge. no problems out of southern maryland or heading downtown. andrea, mike, back to you. the east coast earthquake back in august closed the washington monument indefinitely. however, another washington landmark is open once again. >> some but not all of the damage caused by the 5.8 quake has been repaired. armando gives us a look inside.
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♪ >> reporter: after nearly three months of silent sundays, glorious, heavenly music graced the national cathedral. the first service since the august 23rd quake drew a standing room only crowd. >> i haven't been back in five years and seeing some of the damage the earthquake has done put a lot of things into perspective. >> also the first serm monday for nearly consecrated bishop, washington's first female episcopal bishop. >> in prayer, quicken my devotion. in praises, heighten high love and gratitude. in my work, give me readiness of thought and expression. >> the bishop's message was very moving and very inclusive. to all facets of this society. >> they're very colorful. >> the cathedral's beauty both inside and out, knocked some people off their feet. >> the church i'm from at home in the bronx is much smaller
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and not nearly as lavish. it was really nice to see a different design. >> the stained glass windows. >> oh really? >> why did you like them? >> all of the stuff on them. [ bells tolling ] >> reporter: it was a joyous nose on to the lord this morning at the national cathedral took its first steps on its rehabilitation after last summer's earthquake. it could be a long journey. the damage to the four spires nearly dislodged by the 5.8 magnitude quake and the cracks in the foundation and the intricate stone work could take as long as as a decade to repair at a cost of $15 million. the national cathedral, armando trull, 9news now. >> the national cathedral is planning more events to celebrate its reopening. a visit to the dentist could be good for your heart. people who get their teeth professionally scraped and cleaned have fewer heart attacks and strokes. researchers in taiwan studied more than 100,000 people and they say professional cleaning reduces the bacteria which
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causes inflammation around the gums which can lead to heart disease or stroke. women with sleep disorders may be at greater risk for fineral my alga, a chronic pain syndrome. the findings of a study in norway find the more severe the sleep problem, the higher the risk of fibromyalgia particularly among middle-aged and older women. a study suggests women should put limits on how much sugar they drink. women who drink two or more sugar sweetened drinks every day are nearly four times more likely to develop high triglycerides. these women could be at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes because of that. wusa9 and the u.s.o. of metropolitan washington are teaming up this holiday season to say thank you to our military families. we're raising money to give active duty military families holiday food baskets. so far, thanks to your generosity, we've raised
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$65,245 which adds up to 1304 baskets. if you would like to donate, go to every penny you donate will stay right here in our area. >> food banks all over the area are asking for food to help our neighbors in need. food drive 9 has teamed up with the boy scouts to help stock the shelves of the food banks and if were kind enough to put a bag of food on your front porch, the scouts picked it up this weekend. they also spent time collecting donations at safeway stores for d.c. residents. local scout leaders spoke about the need for your help. >> past years, collected in the neighborhood of 600,000 or 700,000 pounds of food on this weekend and we're hoping to do much better collection this year in light of the greater need this time over decades past. >> don't forget, you can still help. go to find the donation links on the page. the capital area food bank will link you there.
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>> had lots of boy scouts out. they had lots of food to go into the big boxes. it is 4:53. time for our first look at the question of the morning. >> here's one of our viewers to help us out. >> the average homemaker spends three days a year doing this. >> your options are a, waiting for repair person, b, cleaning the garage or c, raking the leaves. >> raking the leaves. >> we want you to weigh in. we want to be a part of the question of the morning. the average homeowner spends three full days every year doing this. the choices are a, waiting for a repair person, b, cleaning the garage or c, raking leaves. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 a.m. hour. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. howard here. your weather first. it is 4:56. very mild out there. temperatures in the 50s, even around 60 in spots south and east. we'll see cloudiness around at times this morning. 9:00 a.m., still in the upper 50s to around 60. middle of the day, partly sunny. 65 for lunch. but kind of breezy. we'll have winds potentially gusting over 20 miles per hour at times with highs today, look at this, 3:00, upper 60s to around 70 degrees. a warm day ahead. but we're supposed to get some rain before the week is out. i'll tell you about that during 9news at 5:00 a.m.
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forecast like that makes people want to make it a four- day weekend i think. right now, you're headed into work. northbound interstate 95. no early problems out of fredericksburg. north of dumfries near the rest area getting into the express lane. you can. everything is a-ok. vdot, state police are no accidents or lingering roadwork. on 395, virginia beltway, construction out of the way and maryland beltway, barrels out of your path as well. back to you, andrea, mike? >> thanks, beverly. another movie about marilyn monroe and this one is told through the eyes of a young filmmaker. vogue releases its best-dressed list. sandra hughes has those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> for the premiere of a new film about marilyn monroe, sort of. movie my week with marilyn is about the experiences of a 23-
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year-old aspiring filmmaker who was lucky enough to get a production job with sir laurence olivier. collin clark has already written a book about the six months with the sexy ms. monroe but the movie tells the story of a secret week she spent with the star. >> my week with marilyn will be released november 23rd. >> sisters are doing it for fashion in "vogue" magazine's best dressed issue. the olsen twins are on the cover. the magazine features the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton and her sister, pippa. and beyonce and sollance knowles. >> show time's most watched and longest running comedy is weed. at the end of last season, the show's 7th, it was unclear if it would be coming back. >> hey, mitch, you're back! >> new york magazine is reporting the smoking good show
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is coming back for an eighth season. >> parting of the ways. >> larry crown is being released on blu-ray and dvd. it is a story about an every man made by tom hanks. he's out of a job, his house is worth less than his mortgage and he's lost direction. then he heads to college and meets julia roberts who lost her direction, too. >> i don't do many things well but i can keep a secret. >> gentlemen do. >> what's next might surprise you. that's your eye on entertainment, sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. thank you for watching 9news now. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. welcome to the jacketless edition. it is hot in the studio. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani this week. howard bernstein has your weather first. it is a little warm in here. >> it is a little warm in here. it is going to warm up to maybe 70 today? >> a sign of the day ahead. it is november. average high is 59. we're almost to 59 now. we're headed


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