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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it will be breezy and a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures in the mid-50s here in washington. upper 50s by 9:00. mid-60s for lunch time but a breeze out of the south- southwest, 10, 20 miles per hour. so, yeah, it might be a little difficult to be eating outside with the food blowing around. by 5:00, 67 degrees with a mix of clouds and clear skies. sunset, 4:55. it rises at about 6:49 this morning. here's some of the clouds pushing across the region from west to east. north of us, well north of us in pittsburgh, out toward columbus and indianapolis. showers and thunderstorms up there. we're nice and quiet and mild. 48 in frederick. that's one of the cool spots. it is 61 in petersburg. near 60 in southern maryland and annapolis. andrea and mike, back to you. authorities in several cities say they're fed up with these occupy wall street demonstrations. >> that's led to violent confrontations this weekend. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live at d.c.'s much more
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peaceful protest at mcpherson square. good morning, surae. >> good morning. that's right. you see the tents out here. fairly quiet. it has been fairly peaceful. you can see them right here, not a lot of problems but some folks say that is not the case here in d.c. in fact, the police chief saying some have become unruly but for the time being, protestors have been left alone but it hasn't been the case across the country. listen in. >> communicated very clearly to them that that area was closed and they needed to leave. we use minimal force to push them back. folks who wanted to be arrested, we told them to have a see. we would facilitate their arrest which we did. >> police in riot gear in portland, oregon, started cracking down on protestors. they're tearing down tents and shutting down campsites. in some cases, they put
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protestors in twist ties and carried out those who refused to leave. portland's mayor and police chief ordered the shutdown of the sites because of the unhealthy conditions. protestors have moved to another site and coming up in the next half hour, we'll look at some of the cases around the country, some of the violence and clashes there with police. that's coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> all right, surae chinn reporting live from northwest d.c. police have a lot of evidence to examine after a deadly crash involving four vehicles. the crash happened last night in laurel, maryland on laurel bowie road near the intersection with montpelier drive. one person died in the crash. three others were injured. we do not have an update on their conditions or what investigators believe caused the crash. d.c. police are looking for whoever fired three shots into a metrobus near fort dupont park in northeast. a man was on the u. 6 bus and was hit in the hand, leg and arm. the bus was pulling away from the stop at 37th street near eli place when he was hit.
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an investigation is underway into the cause of a townhouse fire in gaithersburg, maryland. firefighters quickly called out a second alarm when they arrived at shady springs terrace last night because heavy flames were shooting out of an end unit townhouse. the home was nearly destroyed. two neighboring units also sustained damage. fortunately, no one was hurt. money time now. 5:03 and change. time for your first "your money" report. >> jessica doyle is here with the headlines. >> wall street would like to have another day like friday. we saw big gains and right now, gains may be in the cards yet again this morning. overseas markets are trading higher. signs europe is moving closer to resolving its debt crisis. the dow stands this morning at 12,153 adding 259 points on friday. 1.4% gain for the week. the nasdaq was up by 53 and the s&p 500 added 24 points. should you or should you not
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use layaway this holiday shopping season? you may want to read the fine print very closely. senator charles schumer is pushing retailers to clearly show how layaway plans can actually cost the consumer more than using a credit card. the democrat says the ultimate cost of a layaway with a $5 fee can equal 40% interest over two months. stores see a need because many low income consumers may have maxed out on credit cards or maybe they couldn't get one in the first place. >> do the math. >> good deal. >> be aware of what you're doing. >> what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> free money may be due to you from the federal government. we'll show you how to claim it, coming up. >> thank you, jess. today, there is a new leader trying to get italy's debt crisis under control. that story is coming up. >> good news from one of the countries where thousands are braving the threat of government forces at pro democracy protests. ahead in sports, the redskins change quarterbacks again but still, they get a lackluster performance on offense.
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we'll be right back with the highlights and lowlights.
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it is 5:06 on this monday morning. hope you're doing well. we have mild temperatures out there. most are in the 50s this morning. so, like mike and i, you may not need your jacket when you leave the house. let's talk about what's happening. lots of clouds moving in. andrea is thinking about joining us. boy, it is warm in here. showers and storms extending in through indiana and ohio and pennsylvania. that is going to stay north of us. slim chance we'll see a shower. as we look at our day planner
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today. we've got temperatures which are starting in the 50s. sunshine and clouds mix. more clouds i think early. more sunshine as we get toward the middle of the day. by 11:00, 62. you'll notice the arrows from the south. brisk 10 to 20 miles per hour. 67 at 1:00. upper 60s in washington. we'll see a few spots before the day is out get into the lower 70s. partly to mostly cloudy this evening with a chance of a shower or two overnight. i'll be back in about five or six minutes. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast which has some rain and colder weather. right now, here's beverly farmer with a look at timesaver traffic. >> good start to the work week, howard. no early problems. virginia beltway, virginia interstates, maryland for that matter, weekend, overnight roadwork out of your way. here's 66 at falls church. still a good start for those slipping under the hov rolls. making news at 5:08, a little good news coming out of the pro democracy protest in yemen as thousands of demonstrators pass the streets in the capital.
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free french aide workers kidnapped six months ago were freed overnight. now to syria, united nations says 3500 people have been killed since the antigovernment protest started in march. syria's embattled government is calling for an emergency summit after the arab league voted to suspend syria's membership in the league. italy's government is under new leadership as it tries to work its way out of a massive debt crisis. economists, mario monty is trying to form a new government after this weekend's resignation of long-time prime minister sylvio berlusconi. italy faces severe austerity measures in order to receive a bailout from the european union. she's the woman who has to deliver bad news in pleasant, sympathetic tones. we'll meet the woman whose voice you hear at hundreds of transit stations around the country. >> more on today's events at the national cathedral as it opens for the first time since the august earthquake. >> you had a great weekend
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weatherwise, right? howard says the possibility of another one coming your way in the seven-day forecast. stay with us. [ speaking french ]
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it is 5:12 on this monday,
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november 14th. it is a little warm in here. >> it is warm. >> you know what it is? i think the heat is still on because the mornings have been so cold last week but a lot of 30s. this morning, you've got temps in the mid-50s near 60 in spots. >> that's what they put thermostat in these places for. i'm not saying but i'm just sayin'. >> how about you have your say on the forecast. >> he's got all of the answers. he's why he's in the anchor's chair. >> the average high is 59. i knew mike hydeck knew that. he knows all. 70 this afternoon. some spots, low 70s with a mix of clouds and sunshine. at the bus stop this morning, no real problems. cloud/sun mix. temperatures running in the 50s. the 50s. not the 30s, the 50s. sunrise there, about 6:49. 6:50 this morning. we've got a warm day ahead. let's talk about what's happening. southerly winds, these are the
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arrows, wind directions out of the south. look at the speeds, 12, 14 miles per hour. we'll have gusts at 20. midday temperature of 65. this afternoon, 67 until 5:00 p.m. sun sets at 4:55. it will still be a little light out. put the nighttime symbol there at 5:00. it will be nighttime. here are the clouds moving in from west to east this morning. showers, some of them rather heavy across western pennsylvania into ohio, columbus up toward toledo, cleveland is going to get in on some of that. between columbus and cleveland. out toward indianapolis and points west of there. locally, our temperatures range from a cooler, more comfortable, 50 in lovettsville to 54 in sterling and reston and great falls in fairfax. a lot of areas at 54 from beth es da up toward columbia. 57 in bade and also in millersville this morning. here in washington, a very
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comfortable 56 degrees under cloudy skies. winds south-southwesterly at 10 miles per hour. the dew points in the middle 40s. the air has gotten a little more humid but it is still pretty comfortable for this time of year. while we're looking at the warm temperatures in the eastern u.s., look at this. it is 71 in little rock. national is in the 60s. it is a different story as you head into the northern plains and the rockies. 30s and 40s. this air mass is going to work its way toward us by the time we get to thursday and friday. so, for the second half of the work week, will you need the jacket and sweaters potentially. we could have a couple of days where we do not get out of the 40s. big jet stream here, big dip in the jet stream coming down to the southwestern u.s. you can follow the clouds across mexico and then they're coming across kansas. see the bright strip of clouds coming toward us? that's the jet. it goes to our north. that's why we're enjoying the warmth. under the jet, you get extra lift. you get the showers, the storms. that's what you're seeing develop here across eastern
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illinois. this intense line right here. there they go coming into western indiana. that will stay north of us today. as the front slides through us as we head into tomorrow, that's going to bring that shower area more south. tomorrow, we could see a few showers. it looks like wednesday will be a wet day. today, looking at the future cast, we're in the warm south and southwesterly flow this afternoon. that's why upper 60s and low 70s. front this evening. well to our north and west in ohio and pennsylvania. showers and storms. this front is going to slide toward us tomorrow morning. we'll still be on the warm side of things. got some showers with that front i think for the morning or midday. by afternoon, we're south of the front. we could get a little bit cooler in the afternoon. look at the moisture moving this way as we head into wednesday. wednesday turns wet. three-day forecast, upper 60s today. tomorrow, mid 60s with a few showers but wednesday is the wet day. near 60. staying in the upper 50s. we've cooled down. clear out to thursday and friday. highs only near 50.
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beverly farmer, timesaver traffic. >> right now, your ride is a pretty easy one. just building volume as you would expect back to work monday. northbound interstate 95. leaving fredericksburg, up past quantico. more volume building. hov lanes here north of the rest area carrying a little more traffic. there has been a vehicle broken down. moved out of the way, towed away. no longer a distraction. northbound 95 heading up to woodbridge. into springfield, on to 395. we're still in great shape. 66, overnight roadwork in vienna is gone. falls church, into rosslyn getting to the teddy roosevelt bridge where the volume is light. there is more volume in falls church. eastbound on 66. maryland beltway, they pulled the overnight roadwork out of your way between new hampshire avenue and connecticut avenue. looking good on the beltway close to georgia avenue, just building volume as you head west of college park. south of town, everything has been all right with no incidents to report. we'll check into downtown in our next report coming up at
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5:23. mike, andrea, back to you. we would like to thank all of you who took part in our u.s.o. turkey for the troops telethon we did on friday night. we were able to raise over $65,000 and just over enough money to make turkey dinners for 1,000 people. however, our goal is 1400 families. >> while the telethon is over, it is not too late to make sure military families in our area get a thanksgiving meal with all of the trimmings. log on to our web site at click on the turkey for troops story. all of the money we donate will remain here in the washington, d.c. area. the redskins have now lost twice as many games as they've won this season. we have player reaction to the miami debacle yesterday coming up. >> it is ugly. >> plus, maryland's new men's basketball coach notches a win in his first regular season game. stay tuned. >> question of the daytime now, take another look at it this morning. the average homeowner spends three full days every year doing this. is it a, waiting for a repair
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person. b, cleaning the garage or c, raking leaves. >> matthew keys weighed in. i'm inclined to go with a, waiting for a repairperson. i can't remember the last time i've cleaned out the garage or raked the leaves. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the correct answer during the 6:00 a.m. hour. we'll be back.
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it is mild out there. if you can leave the jacket at home this morning, do so. it will be a warm day, especially for november. we've got temperatures in the 50s, even near 60 in spots this morning. we're not going to drop off a lot more with some clouds, a little bit of sunshine later on. 9:00, still mostly cloudy. upper 50s. if you're going up to pittsburgh, rain up that way and much of pennsylvania. mid-60s at noon with a mix of clouds and sun. partly sunny this afternoon. look at the temps at 3:00. 68 here. 71 culpepper. 70 in martinsburg. pretty warm for this time of year. >> thank you, howard. college basketball season time is here. i'm very excited. two local team were on the hardwood against each other. >> the redskins switch quarterbacks again but the results stay the same. dave owens has your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the beginning of the season, miami looked like a possible win. four weeks into the possible season, the redskins were 3-1. dolphins were winless.
5:22 am
things have changed in the last month. miami probably looked at washington and said hey, fellas, i think we can get this one. let's take a look. yesterday, story line of sunday was mike shanahan went back to rex grossman after john beck failed to move the club in his three starts. grossman did push the ball down the field better than john beck but he threw a costly pick in the red zone in the fourth quarter near the carlos -- redskins lose 20-9. they drop their fifth straight game. whether it is running the ball or throwing the ball, we need more explosive plays and our red zone efficiency needs to be better. >> try to figure it out. try to get it figured out. >> still got a lot of games left. >> we have to get winning and win it fast. >> dallas, next week, mark turgeon in his first official game as head terp, michael parker, check out that. hustling hard. terrell, nice forearm shiver. he looked like a football runningback. terps up by 5 at the break.
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then later on, in the spin cycle, the little spin-o-rama. terps win 71-62. lady terps and georgetown, rematch from the ncaa, great ball movement right here. alyssa thomas at the free-throw line. you bet! two of her game high. lady terps win big, 72-53. that will do it for morning sports. i'm dave owens. have a great monday, everybody. >> thank you, dave. there are more public events this week to mark the reopening of the national cathedral, months after the earthquake. that story is coming up. >> plus, we'll have a live report of some of the tense clashes that are starting to take place on some of the wall street, occupy wall street protestors. quick check of traffic now, beverly. >> right now, we're checking out the ride on the beltway through montgomery county with overnight roadwork out of the way, the beltway in silver spring still moving pretty well. details coming up at 5:28. you're watching 9news now. stay with us this monday
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good morning and welcome to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. welcome to jacket-free monday. warm in the studio. that's why we're all a little more free this morning. beverly is in for monika samtani. howard bernstein has weather first. >> did you enjoy the weekend? >> loved it! >> it was pretty good. 64 yesterday. we'll be warmer than that today. >> even better. >> got a pretty warm air mass in place. it looks like rain chances today, very low. they'll be picking up a little bit tomorrow. wednesday, anybody planning -- wednesday looks wet. i'll tell you right now. looks wet. colder for thursday and friday. here's a look at our day planner this monday morning. with temperatures are really mild. 56 outside at national.
5:28 am
some areas in the 60s. by noon, mid-60s. a bit breezy. one thing we've been dealing with saturday and sunday were the breezes. today will be another one where we have winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. highs upper 60s to low 70s. by 5:00, yes, the sun will have set. 67 degrees. clouds have been moving in since last night. from west to east. actually yesterday afternoon from west to east. with showers well up to the north in western pennsylvania out through parts of ohio and indiana and illinois. around here though, it is quiet. look at the temperatures though also. of course, the ohio valley, 50s, even a couple of 60s. cleveland is 61. lexington, 65 along with charleston. luray at 58. petersburg, 61 in the mountains. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s going to the upper 60s to low 70s. monika is off but beverly farmer has our timesaver traffic. >> howard, we're looking pretty good. we'll show you the topside of the beltway, the beltway into
5:29 am
silver spring. outer loop just a little more growing volume. the yellow we see there as you head past college park getting past colesville road over to georgia avenue, overnight roadwork is out of the way. heading south out of 270, on through gaithersburg and rockville. virginia side, northbound 95, the growing volume for you if you're trying to make your way into quantico and into dale city and dumfries, 395 getting up to the 14th street bridge. this is eastbound 66. falls church on the left side of the screen. headlights, the heavier volume of traffic squeezing in. here's northbound 95 getting up past the rest area between dumfries and dale city. more volume building at the occoquan at this point. our next traffic update at 5:38. mike, andrea, back to you. d.c. police are investigating an early morning murder in northeast washington. >> officers found a man suffering from gunshot wounds around 2:30 this morning in the 500 block of edgewood street. rescuers rushed him to the hospital. he died a short time later. investigators have been at the
5:30 am
scene all morning. no word yet on any suspects or a possible motive. a couple of people need a new place to stay this morning after flames gut the their townhome in gaithersburg, maryland. firefighters got to shady spring terrace last night and called for back-up instantly when they saw flames shooting out the end unit of a townhouse. the home was nearly destroyed. two neighbors units got damage as well. no word yet on what caused the fire. firefighters say the smoke alarms were not sounding. >> authorities in portland, oregon and some other cities move to evict their occupy wall street protestors over the weekend. police shut down campsites where city officials say conditions are unsanitary and a public health threat. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live with the much calmer protest site with more. good morning, surae. >> good morning. it is definitely a peaceful site here at the occupy d.c. here in mcpherson square. just off 15th and k streets northwest. we've got a couple of
5:31 am
protestors here holding up signs. peaceful message against corporate greed here. you can see that sign right there behind me. well, the police chief says though that some of the protestors have grown confrontational with bystanders. there is one incident where several were hit by a car around the police saying that the protestors jumped in front of the car. the protestors saying that it was intentional, that the driver intentionally hit them. none the case. it is nothing compared to what's happening across the country where clashes with police are happening, violence is happening there. in salt lake city, police arrested more than a dozen people who refused to leave their campsite. in denver, riot police moved in on demonstrators and similar pictures are coming out of albany, new york, where officers handcuffed dozens of people, not obeying a curfew at a state park. and portland, oregon, police clash with protestors, arriving to evict them. >> actually a fairly controlled movement. and although it was noisy and
5:32 am
confrontational, our officers performed an exceptional manner. >> there is a large group of people who are saying just take a breath. back off. let's reboot. let's do occupy portland 2.0. protestors say they are a peaceful movement against corporate greed. meanwhile, police say that these campsites have become unhealthy, unsanitary, unlivable. it is time to shut them down. back to you. surae chinn reporting live from near mcpherson square. an arrest warrant has been issued in friday night's shooting near the white house. police recovered an ak-47 rifle from an abandoned car they believe that is the weapon fired along constitution avenue. now, u.s. park police say oscar or ortega is their suspect, not just a person of interest in the case. at this point, the 21-year-old ortega faces charges of carrying a dangerous weapon. police say ortega's right hand has a tattoo of three dots. on his upper back, a tattoo of his name, ortega and on the left side of his neck is the at that time too far the word
5:33 am
israel. earlier this afternoon, organ music will once again fill the national cathedral and visitors can hear it. the latest event after a weekend of festivities marking receipt opening of the d.c. landmark, it has been closed since august 23rd when the earthquake hit the region which caused stone work to fall off the building's towers. the repairs are expected to take years and cost close to $15 million. the cathedral is also opening an exhibit documenting the damage. 5:33. time for another "your money" report. >> free money? what, jessica doyle? >> that's right. if you've ever owned a home, thousands of your dollars could be sitting in a government bank account. your refund is waiting for you. just be sure to avoid fees. >> i thought it was a scam. >> form letters promising free money due to you from the government. the letters set off alarm bells for wusa 9 employee amy adams.
5:34 am
that was until the latest letter arrived. >> this paper here, they gave me a lot more information. >> a professional tracer was reaching out to lorie, offering to help her get more than $1500 from the u.s. department of housing and urban development. but this tracer's help has a catch. fees. >> for a nominal fee of 29%. >> nominal fee of 29%. >> do you think 29% is nominal? >> no.  that's huge! >> reporter: the fha mortgage insurance refunds are real. the tracer services are not illegal. still, the u.s. department of housing and urban development is warning consumers to be careful! the government web site carries a consumer alert about tracers. hud tells 9news now it does not encourage or discourage the efforts of third party tracers as long as they do not misrepresent themselves. >> it is real money. >> the money comes from a refund of insurance on fha
5:35 am
mortgages that consumers either pay off or refinance. >> the money comes from a refund of their initial up- front insurance premium. >> the refund is then held into a government trust account. lorie decided to go after her refund all by herself. >> i went to hud's web site and i looked up refund on their web site and they had a refund site and i went to that part and sure enough, my name was on it. >> i would never have known i had money until these papers came in the mail. >> it could pay off to the tune of $1500. >> now, for more information on how to claim your refunds, you can read our article on our web site at there, you're going to find hud's refund web site, where to check for your name as well as the refund hot line and e-mail address. you'll find that under the consumer tab at >> doing that right after the show is over! >> we're all thinking about that. >> thanks, jess. >> a holiday safe driving effort is already underway in
5:36 am
one area county. that story is coming up. >> you're probably used to hearing bad news from her. that airport announcer. we'll get a chance to meet the woman behind the voice. we'll be right back.
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5:38 am
5:38. out on the weather terrace. 56 degrees. light jacket would be preferrable this morning than without it. to give you an idea, i'm tom rating this just in a shirt right now. let's talk about what you can expect today. warm day for november. temperatures shooting well up in the 60s. some clouds this morning. but a mix of clouds and sun today. breezy, too. winds out of the south at 10 to 20. already gusting in spots 20 to 25 in the mountains and over toward andrews air force base. >> howard, we've got problems for folks heading up out of stafford county in quantico,
5:39 am
northbound 95. the accident is after quantico before this shot at the rest area. initially tying up the left lane. that will cause some problems. details coming up in our report, next one at 5:47. mike, back to you. thanks, beverly. >> if you drink and drive in maryland, the chances of you getting caught are about to go up. maryland state troopers in prince george's county police kicked off operation solo. all for the holiday season, the program started this weekend. and on certain days, from now through december, more patrols will be on the roads and the officers will be targeting aggressive or impaired drivers. >> this morning in frederick, maryland, judges could make a key ruling impacting the future of a proposed multi-state power line. an earlier court order has blocked potomac edison's plans to build an electrical substation near mt. airy. the substation is needed for a 275-mile transmission line across parts of west virginia, virginia and maryland. the wife of a republican presidential candidate, herman cain is now speaking out about
5:40 am
the sexual harassment allegations against her husband. more on that story next. >> plus, a replacement crew is rocketing toward the international space station. >> birthday time. before we head to the break, the former united nations secretary general boutros boutros galley turns 89 today. prince charles is 36 and former secretary of state condoleezza rice turns 57. >> he's on the cbs comedy rules of engagement. actor patrick warburton is 47. curt schilling is 45. and a special happy birthday to producer dann and happy birthday if it is your day as well. we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. our time is 5:44 this monday
5:44 am
morning. the 14th of november. thank you for being with us, i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. it feels more like i don't know, june. >> in the studio. >> september. >> overnight lows -- >> we're in the 50s right now. >> pretty comfortable out there. as opposed to in here. that's thousand is going to be today. upper 60s to low 70s. we'll have winds gusting 20 to 25 out in garrett county. petersburg, west virginia. also to our south and east across parts of prince george's county and southern maryland, winds are gusting 20 to 25. here is a look at the bus stop forecast. if you can get away without a jacket, you might need a little sweatshirt or hoody or something like that for the little ones. temps running in the 50s. mostly cloudy and mild. sunrise this morning is at 6:49. sets at about 4:55. day planner calling for clouds early. sunshine middle of the day.
5:45 am
11:00, 62. by 1:00, 67 degrees. we'll be mild for the middle of the day. if you would like to get outside and run or take a walk. it will be mild. a little bit breezy. winds gusting over 20. that will be close to the high for the day. by 5:00, partly to mostly cloudy. few more clouds and showers overnight. maybe a shower or two on tuesday. wednesday will be the wet day this week. 60 right now in salisbury. all of the weather watchers from newland over toward cat lip reporting temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. cumberland, one of the cooler areas at 46. here in washington, we sit at 56. cloudy skies. dew point is up a degree to 45 and the south-southwesterly winds right now, 10 miles per hour. the barometer is holding steady. 29.99. it will drop as a front heads this way. impressive jet stream coming across the center part of the country. underneath that, will we get enough lift. look at the storms firing from
5:46 am
illinois coming out of st. louis here. moving toward indianapolis into ohio and pennsylvania. this area will stay north of us today. if you have anything to develop in kentucky, it might move across west virginia and toward us. it looks like we're going to stay on the dry side of things today. there is one front here and another front behind it. this front works its way more east through the day today. from indianapolis back to buffalo, some showers and storms. few of us could be sneaking across us tonight. tomorrow morning, still on the south side of the front. temps in the 50s to start your tuesday. the front slips through. temperatures from the upper 50s north to the upper 60s south. look what comes at us for wednesday. rain will be here. it will extend back toward memphis. wednesday looks like it could be a washout potentially as temperatures hold in the upper 50s. today, upper 60s. it will be breezy. winds will gust over 20 from the south today. mild tomorrow.
5:47 am
65. wednesday, cooler. wet. 59. that may be wishful thinking. chilly behind this system. thursday and friday, only in the upper 40s. we should bounce back into the low to mid-60s by the weekend. slight chance of a shower late on sunday. i think with the 'skins game, weatherwise, it is looking ok. beverly farmer, how is our traffic looking this morning? >> howard, we had an early morning calm. it has been shattered by a couple of new problems in virginia. tell you about the crash that is northbound 95 just after quantico. after the marine base northbound, left lane is blocked. that's one of the reasons why the lane is so light. north of here between dumfries and dale city. no incidents beyond, points north after quantico. folks out of fredericksburg, tough ride for you early on to get along the crash. new crashes on the outer loop of the beltway at 236. little river turnpike. left lane is blocked there. here's 95 heading up into newington where things look quiet into springfield and building volume in landmark.
5:48 am
maryland beltway, building volume typically slow heading west of college park around georgia avenue. the time you get to the exit for georgia avenue, you can see the headlights headed toward you, pace improves around into bethesda. >> updates coming up at 6:00. >> now to campaign 2012, republican presidential candidate herman cain spent most of the month flatly denying sexual harassment allegations from several women. >> another woman is break her silence on the subject. herman cain's wife, gloria. susan mcginnis has more on her fox news interview. >> herman cain's wife says she doesn't believe the sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled against her husband. gloria cain and her family talked to fox news's greta van susteren. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman and i know
5:49 am
that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> reporter: four women have accused the republican presidential candidate of sexual harassment while he was in charge of the national restaurant association. but gloria cain says her husband of 43 years would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said. despite the allegations against him, cain remains a front- runner for the republican nomination and some of his comments during the last g.o.p. debate grabbed the attention of president obama. during the cbs news national journal debate, both cain and congresswoman michele bachmann said they would reinstate waterboarding as an interrogation technique. >> i would return to that policy. i don't see it as torture. >> president obama responded while at a trade summit in hawaii. >> let me say this, they're wrong. water boarding is torture. >> a new poll out today shows cain is still leading among republicans. but in a head-to-head matchup
5:50 am
with president obama, people surveyed, favored the president. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. >> making news now at 5:50, president obama is staying in his own state of hawaii after the close of the apec summit. they appear closer to a new trade agreement after the talks. later this week, the president heads on a nine-day trip to asia. >> for the first time since the earthquake and tsunami, news crews have been allowed inside japan's fukushima nuclear plant. reporters had to wear full body protective gear and submit to radiation scans after their tour. the cleanup at and around the plant could take decades. nasa astronaut dan burbank and two cosmonauts are on their way to the space station. they launched this morning morning from kazakhstan. er this expected to swap out with the current three person crew tomorrow night. >> the average homeowner spends three full days per year doing this. is it a, waiting for a repair
5:51 am
person, b, cleaning the garage or c, raking leaves. >> it is obviously a. nobody spends 72 hours clean their garage or raking. >> this is over a year's time. add your answer to our face book page. we'll reveal it in the next hour. >> she's the woman whose voice tells you that your flight or train has been delayed. we'll meet her coming up. >> plus, the new action movie towers over the rivals at the box office this weekend. jess, over to you. we're getting people back to work, one job at a time. this morning, a great job with a great local company. how you can get hired at 6:06. you're watching 9news now.
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5:54 am
5:55 on this mild monday morning with temperatures running in the 50s to 60. just got off the phone with jan in readville. we have a couple of 40s in cumberland and luray. mostly cloudy. still in the upper 50s to around 60. midday, a little more sunshine. 65 at lunchtime. this afternoon, we're looking at temperatures running upper
5:55 am
60s to 71 in culpepper and cumberland. 68 in easton. a little bit cooler on the bay. waters are cooling down now. by 5:45, it will be dark. temperatures still in the mid and upper 60s. very warm day for november. mike, over to you. thank you, howard. the gods of ancient greece are back in charge. at least at the box office. the movie immortal day bud first at the box office this weekend. the story of the hero grossed $32 million. with its appeal to male viewers and andrea because of shirtless men, immortals might stick around for awhile. upcoming movies targeting female audiences. >> jack and jill debuted in second place. puss in boots slipped to third. after two weeks at number one. tower heist and j. edgar finished off the list. later today in los angeles, the premiere of the movie that's expected to take over the box office this weekend, twilight fans staked out their
5:56 am
places yesterday. ahead of tonight's red carpet festivities. part one of breaking dawn, the movie based on the fourth and final book in the series opens this friday. some of the supporting actors showed up yesterday including peter fast nelly who plays c carl collin. >> i can't believe it. i might drive my rv up and join them so i don't have to drive here tomorrow. >> at last count, more than 1400 twáeu-hards were camped outside the nokia theatre. >> 1400. >> she has one of the most famous voices in the country. you've almost certainly heard it. >> she's not an actress or a politician. cbs correspondent lee cowan introduces us to the woman who delivers messages to millions of travelers. >> welcome to new york kennedy international airport. >> in a way, she's a lot like your luggage. >> welcome to charles de gaulle international airport. >> everywhere you go -- >> uptown train.
5:57 am
>> there she is. that gentle but authoritative voice echoing in the center of chaos. >> it is a soothing voice. and she says it in such a nice way. >> the midwestern accent hails from a place you may not expect. a village in northern maine. >> thank you for your understanding. >> that voice has a face. caroline hopkin. >> while on the moving sidewalk, please stand to the right. >> at 63 years old, she e-mails those little greetings from her modest office. >> ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. >> most, she says, she does with a smile. >> traveling can be such a bummer nowadays that people need a friendly voice. >> she started almost by accident. she worked at innovative electronic design, the company that sells paging and public address systems. they had a product, she had the secret ingredient. >> my father had a big, deep, booming voice.
5:58 am
and i always kind of imitated him. a lot of strength for a girl. that's right all right. >> her voice has gone places she herself has never been. 200 airports all around the world. subway stops, train stations, she even does weather warnings. >> this is a tornado emergency. >> reporter: but she's not perfect. there are some things even the voice can't quite spit out. >> two words. similarly and regularly. i just die when i see them in a piece of copy. >> reporter: so, the next time you hear an announcement that isn't such good news -- >> departure has been delayed due to -- >> just remember, she's only the messenger. and a jolly one at that. lee cowan, cbs news, los angeles. >> nice gig. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> our own resident voice is just a little jealous. she would be great at it.
5:59 am
>> i'm mike hydeck. >> beverly farmer is in for monika samtani. she'll have traffic all week. >> howard bernstein has our weather first. you'll like this forecast as well. >> you can give me good news, bad news, i'll take it any time. >> our weather has some good news today. you know, the weekend, upcoming weekend, we might make it four in a row. >> redskins need rain or something. >> gotta shake them up. >> maybe a hurricane. weatherwise, let's get you going here. they need something big. 55 degrees at reagan national. cloudy skies. by 9:00, upper 50s. mid-60s by noon. sunshine midday. by 5:00, breezy. still 67 degrees. sunset, 4:55. still dark. lots of clouds across the region this morning. coming out of the ohio valley. where we're seeing lots of showers here from columbus, northward here in ohio. east into pennsylvania. west


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