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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: johnson tells his wife to keep stalling and hide the money. >> what do you want me to do with this money? they are banging. >> reporter: put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> no, but i mean all this cash, jack i got the one from downstairs. >> put it in your panties. >> okay. >> reporter: soon there is the sound of breaking glass as agents come into the house, and the sound of leslie johnson being caught red handed. >> you are scaring me. >> we are here to serve a search warrant. is anyone else in the house? >> no. >> reporter: shortly after that caught on tape moment, the agents found $80,000 stuffed in leslie johnson's bra. prosecutors call what you just heard one of the most egregious and notorious instances of obstruction of justice in
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recent history. leslie pled guilty. she is due to be sentenced next month. she is looking at up to a year and a half in prison. her husband is looking at as much as 13 years behind bars. reporting live at the greenbelt federal courthouse, scott broom 9news now. >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house that. will live on for awhile. thank you, scott. we have new information about the man wanted for a shooting near the white house. 9news has learned hours before those shots were fired arlington police actually questioned the alleged shooter before letting him go. >> reporter: right now the search continues for oscar ram marrow ortega and the united states park police believe he may still be in our area. andrea mccarron joins us with more. >> reporter: leslie, this afternoon we learned about ortega's criminal history and where he may have holed up in recent days. what we don't know is his motive and where he is now.
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21-year-old oscar ortega has distinctive tattoos, including the word israel on the left side of his neck. just hours before he allegedly fired shots near the white house, arlington police questioned him for suspicious behavior. cindy shore's neighbor saw it all unfold. >> she saw the guy in handcuffs on friday on the front lawn, all ready to go. but they didn't do anything. i don't know if they arrested him, didn't arrest him. but he is still out there. >> reporter: on sunday morning, after the shooting, she saw a police officer with a gun pointed at a vacant house right across the street. >> very unusual. he said, basically, police put your hands up, and i didn't see anybody come in or out. i just rushed into my house because i heard that and saw that. >> reporter: united states park police say ortega has a criminal record in idaho, utah and
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texas. >> these assault charges also involve assault on law enforcement officers. >> reporter: ortega's citizenship is unclear, as is his mental health history. >> this is a man who discharged a rifle in downtown dc. i think that speaks volumes. >> reporter: ortega crashed his car near the ramp for the roosevelt bridge. police found a semiautomatic rifle inside along with shell casings. >> i hope he realizes now this is not the neighborhood to be in, and police are watching and hopefully, he doesn't come back. >> reporter: police have no reports of injuries or damage as a result of friday night's shooting. the president and first lady were not home at the time. we are live in southwest washington, andrea mccarron, 9news now. interesting developments, andrea, thank you. some people say mike shanahan is
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the problem. live from redskins park the head coach just held his fifth losing news conference in a row which could not have been fun for north american kristen. >> reporter: definitely not, that is the first time he has had to do five in a row. he has never had a five game skid in his career and it is the first time for the redskins in a decade. bringing in an offensive guru like mike shanahan. he has a proven track record of building successful offenses and quarterbacks and has two super bowl titles to back it up. but since his time in washington his offense has gotten worse each week. the redskins have just one touchdown the last three games and their running game is the worst in the league. you can see the frustration mounting in the locker room. coach says it is not panic time yet. >> you have to concentrate on the job at hand. you don't think about desperation, you think about preparing the win. start think about what is going to happen three or four days from now. you have no chance of doing the
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right thing. we have guys that are inexperienced come up and play well. >> you have to keep fighting. i know we have a good team. i know we have great players, and great playmakers. just got to put it together. >> reporter: it was indicated john beck played him out self out of the starting job. hence he is going with rex grossman against dallas. but derek, we have heard that before. we'll see what happens actually on game day. live from redskins park, back to you in the studio. >> i can tell you, it takes some of the steam out of dallas. dave owens joins us,. >> reporter: what is going on derek? >> i have grown. i'm taller than you are, all of a sudden. >> how about that? >> >> reporter: dave you wrote about the shanahan quarterback shuffle. great article today, you can see it on wusa let's talk about this thing.
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have we gotten to a point where people are starting to say mike shanahan may not know what he is doing? >> the excuses he gave yesterday for why he made the change were ridiculous. to trust these two guys to run his offense and make the playoff team was crazy to begin with. >> reporter: saturday he says beck, then he comes back and says grossman. >> let's talk about the reputation. he has put his reputation on these guys? >> name me one quarterback that he molded. i think when you look at it, mike shanahan is an ego maniac. he thinks he can take any quarterback and make him work into his system. >> reporter: we have been doing our weekly caption contest. blowing up on our website, facebook, twitter. take a look at this caption, folks and tell us what you think. go ahead and vote on that, and then we are going to get our winner a little bit later on in
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the house. bmitch, we are going to talk to you. i know you guys have good ones. will this team win a game the rest of the year? >> no,. >> yes. >> reporter: i like that. that is going to do it for our double coverage team. much more a little bit later. guys and ladies, back to you. the latest in the penn state sex abuse scandal. the judge granted unsecured bail to the form her assistant coach and donated money to the same charity the suspect founded. district judge leslie dutch cot volunteered for jerry sandusky's the second mile. no word on whether the prosecutor will ask her to recuse herself. also today we learned the president of the second mile has resigned, dr. jack rack vip had been ceo of the charity for 28 years. the penn state has fired the
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name joe paterno off the trophy. more arrests stemming from the kidnapping of wilson ramos in venezuela. tonight the justice ministry has five new suspects in custody for the abduction of the rookie catcher. ramos was freed unharmed during a daring rescue mission friday. 11 people are now being held for his kidnapping. according to various reports, ramos intends to resume playing with his team in venezuela as early as wednesday. we have big news tonight from the supreme court of the united states. the justices have agreed to hear arguments on president obama's healthcare reform law. the justices said today they will consider whether it is continues institutional to force americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine. arguments are scheduled in march with a decision expected in june. legal observers expect a close call. >> it is going to be hard for the court to avoid a controversial decision either way. what they need to focus on, is
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to get it right 26 states have challenged the president's healthcare law with differing degrees of success, and a supreme court ruling on the issue is expected just four months before our next election day. a debate over installing surveillance cameras in high school is his underway right now. peggy fox is in falls church where all that is coming together. could they make a decision on this? >> actually, they just adjourned moments ago. before they left the school board decided it would make a decision on this issue before the end of the year. the debate over cameras in schools has been going back and forth among school board members. >> with virginia tech, i feel like we need to remember them, in primary roles here. >> reporter: among principals at all of fairfax counties 27 high schools, it is unanimous, they want cameras installed in
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cafeterias and common areas. >> as principals, we are responsible for the safety and well-being of all of our students. in our case, 4000 students here at robinson. it is my professional opinion and that of my colleagues that cameras would help. >> reporter: now they have the support of most of the high school's ptas. many students think it is a good idea as well. >> i think it would help and ensure more safety for students. >> i think you should have them. we have food fights a lot. that could be a really main thing that could help stop them. you could see what happens. >> reporter: several huge food fights at a few schools last year prompted frustrated prince pals to make the request. but the school board put off the controversial decision until after last week's election. elizabeth schultz, the only newcomer to win an at large seat on the next board, says she has reservations about putting cameras in schools. >> first of all, kids are really bright. you know? i mean, they are going to know where the cameras are.
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and if something illicit or untoward needs to be done, they are going to go where the cameras aren't. >> reporter: schultz also questions whether cameras would be a deterrent or means for punishment. >> i don't think it is necessary. that kind of like, anybody is like an invasion of privacy. it is a public place. there is a point where that is a little too much of an intrusion. >> now the estimated cost of putting cameras in all fairfax county high schools is about $900,000. elizabeth schultz, the incoming school board member, says she is not sure it is worth the cost and the decision should have been left up to the new board. peggy fox, 9news now. herman cain is shown still leading the pack of republican presidential hopefuls. but a closer look at the politico george washington university sur have a shows his support is slipping. cain spent more than two weeks fighting back and now his wife
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is defending him publicly. gloria cain's interview airs tonight on fox news channel. >> to hear such graphic al gallegos, i know that is not the person he is. he totally respects women. also today, the ex- boyfriend of cape cain accuser sharon bialek came forward to say he and bialek spent time with cain more than a decade ago. that is in direct controversy to cain's allegation he had never met bialek. coming up, the owner of a restaurant busted for drugs. i'm meteorologist topper scott. wind gusts at 23 miles per hour downtown and 2 miles per hour wind gusts in cumberland. we'll come back and let you know when the other shoe is going to
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drop. after evicting occupy protesters the clean up could leave taxpayers on the look for thousands. that story, coming up. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh.
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divers near tyson's corner. three southbound lanes on the beltway will be closed off night.
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traffic -- overnight. the closures will happen between 10:00 and 5:00. motorists should be prepared for delays or go another way. pedestrians should notice safety improvements along one busy roadway. there are new curb markings along piney branch parkway to show where it is and is not safe for pedestrians to cross the street. all part of montgomery county's street smart campaign. the piney branch quarter has been particularly dangerous for walkers in recent years. cities all across the country now are saying enough is enough. and are cracking down on the occupy movement. >> police cleared out camps in oakland and in portland, oregon. begood said the movement is really at a turning point. >> reporter: people were occupying the park secondary to
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the original mission. >> reporter: muddy tents and piles of trash are all that remain of the makeshift camp after police cleared it out. the message got lost as the clouds grew. >> unfortunately, when you allow everyone's voice to be involved, sometimes, you allow everyone's voice to be involved. which means people who are activists for the sake of being activists, versus people who actually believe in what they are standing behind. >> reporter: in oakland, california officers in riot gear took protesters away in handcuffs after they ignored warnings to clear out the camp. >> the end campment became a place with repeated violence. >> reporter: a lack of cooperation will lead to a greater police presence. for cities already strapped for crash, cleaning up after the protest can be costly. here in portland the city estimates it is going to take
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several weeks. >> i think it is really wrong. they should be held accountable for their actions. >> people were here to be a nuisance, rather than to stay involved with what the process was and what they were trying to convey. >> reporter: protesters hope the end of occupy camps isn't the end of the movement. cbs news, portland. a 24-year-old marine who was seriously injured last month during the clash between oakland police and occupy demonstrators was released from the hospital over the weekend. scott olsen released a statement saying his speech is coming back and he has a lot of rehab ahead of him. but he vows to return to those protests. check out this spectacular site in eastern congo. the volcano first started erupting over a week ago. several fountains are spewing hundreds of feet into the air. wow. visitors to the pike were invited to a special viewing
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today. the park set up a camp for a safe area where they can actually spend the night. it could last days or even months. somehow it is very hot tonight, i don't understand it. >> on the flip side of that, today was incredible. >> i loved it. >> loved it great weather. where was it cold? >> up in north dakota. it is always cold there. >> 65 there before the snow moved nthey had fluffy flakes. not too much in the way of accumulation. they had not had a lot of snow in the rockies so far this year. >> let's go to the satellite picture radar combined. in addition to the snow, we'll kind of zoom in. not much know left. most of this is moved out. a tiny bit in portions of north central minnesota. we are going to move down to the south and east. look at these thunderstorms.
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there are tornado watches out for northern ohio into portions of pennsylvania and upstate new york. and western new york state. unusual for november, but remember, november is kind of a transitional month as well. you get big contrast air masses. we have had just a few clouds, we are dry, the winds again, it is a warm wind. despite the clouds cover, 70 degrees pretty much across the board. 71 downtown, 70 in gate they are berg. higher elevations will be warmer and across the divide, 63. breezy and mild tonight. breezy and mild on tuesday. some showers tuesday. more showers on wednesday, wednesday will be the wetter of the next two days. let's talk about the futurecast. tonight want to walk the dog, no problems. just a few clouds, showers well to the west of us. most of us will have a dry
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commute tomorrow. exceptions, hagueers town, martinsburg, and points west. light activity. by late morning around lunch time, i would bring the umbrella. everything is light. showers developing most of the metro area down to fredericksburg. they move through pretty fast. a few lingering showers, showers across the bay. clouds kind of hang tough. showers come back at us as we go through the day on wednesday. for tonight then, partly to mostly cloudy. breezy and mild. we'll call it a zero blanket night. winds southwest at 10 to 20. 65 tomorrow, still 63 other wednesday. despite the rain and showers. we do have a temperature correction. cold or thursday. temperatures will struggle to get to 50. then back to the mid-50s on friday. we are in this pattern where it gets nicer over the weekend. low 60s on saturday. upper 60s for the redskins game. showers by night and mid-50s by
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thanksgiving week. >> time to party. i like that. coming up, why engineers are climbing the outside of the washington monument. again. a new study reveals more ways stem cells can save a life.
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new hope for those who suffer from heart failure in experimental trials. doctors at cedars sign nigh heart institute used patient's own cardiac stem cells and injected them back into the area of the heart muscle damaged most by a heart attack. >> these cells are factories of growth factors. when you inject them, they will, in fact, positively impact the environment and cause the cells to grow. >> cedars sign nigh isn't alone in this research. several different groups are working on the stem coal concept. more research came out this month in the medical journal. you get migraine headaches? know somebody who does? you know how debilitating they can be.
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there is now a small electrical device offering relief to people who have tried everything else. it is part of our series this week on stopping the pain. ron started getting migraine headaches in his 20s. the pain became unbearable. >> two days a week i would be in bed. wouldn't be able to listen to anything, wouldn't be able to see anything. >> reporter: but now he is back, running the family business and pain-free because of this tiny electronic stimulator. the battery powered device, kind of like a pacemaker, is implanted under the skin. two wires run to the back of his neck, sending signals through his skull to the nerves in his brain, turning off the migraine before it starts. he is one of dozens of severe sufferers who tried the device in a clinical trial. dr. steven silverstein says the results are encouraging. >> people had no life that, couldn't work, leave the house. they have got their function back and life back. >> reporter: it is estimated some 40 million americans
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suffer from migraine headaches. and up to 4% of those adults have headaches 15 or more days a month. the cause is still a medical mystery. >> reporter: we know it runs in families. it may be due to a hyper sensitive brain. >> reporter: medications can help a lot of people. but for rigner, nothing worked until this implant that he switches on, every day. >> you can't say how much it just changed my life. >> this device, made by saint jude, is cree creating a slight buzzing is tingling sensation when it turns on, but that is nothing compared to the pain control. coming up, a closer look at lower back pain and new options out there for relief. coming up, the brit wherish government is defending security plans for the 2012 olympic games, despite reports that united states officials are worried about protection. you might say that the climbers rapelling the washington monument are doing
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something death defying. but what do the performers of cirque du soleil think? >> reporter: the unian town bar and grill is open for business tonight. but the owners know we are -- the owner's nowhere around. 65-kilos of cocaine, we are going to have that story, coming up. ñññ
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some shock and surprise in a dc neighborhood tonight, news that an operator of a popular bar in a depressed area of town is now under arest on major drug trafficking charges. the uniontown bar and grill opened last february. >> and bruce johnson is live in southeast washington with reaction to all of this. bruce? 36-year-old natasha dasher had been a hero in this parts. she hosted a lot of community events, hired a lot of local people. then natasha shocked everybody by getting busted. >> it is heart breaking. >> it was really a shock. i could not believe it. >> in a community always starve fog good news, last february the uniontown bar ask grill was that news. >> it gives hope to the community here.
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>> reporter: 36-year-old natasha dasher was the owner and operated tore of the second sit down restaurant here. >> we just picked up petitions and we were supposed to be here 7:00 tonight. >> came out over the past weekend that she was arrested and charged, along with two other men with operating a major narcotics trafficking ring. 65 kilograms of cocaine were seized by federal agents. they also confiscated $1.5 million in cash this month. >> there are a lot of questions this point. once the business started with drug money people are asking did she lose it as part of a plea deal? a lot of convicted felons aren't allowed to have liquor licenses in the city. >> it is a blow, because it makes ward 18 seem like this is the type of things that happen here. >> this is a community ta needs businesses such as this.
5:32 pm
>> okay, quick summation, uniontown is open tonight. very few people have gone in there. we have not heard from natasha dasher. she is out. we are told. here's what we understand. a truck was followed by federal agents from texas all the way here to the washington area. it stopped at dasher's office in suburban prince georges county. feds went inside that is when they found the 65 kilos of cocaine and $1.5 million stuffed in three bags. that is about all we know at this point. >> wow. what a turning point are there bruce. thank you so much. derek? today climbers are making temporary repairs to the washington monument. they are plugging some of the cracks caused by the earthquake. that is still going on. that's right. dangerous looking job looks like to all of us.
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>> reporter: imagine you are dangling from a rope more than 460 feet in the air. to anastasia, it sounds like fun. >> i'm a juggler, and i work with rigging. >> reporter: today is their day on and they are amazed by this high wire off. >> many of the cirque du soleil acts are considered death defying. the performers say what they do is relatively safe. they say what is death defying is rapelling down the washington monument. >> that is much more high danger i think. >> reporter: they are filling in the cracks caused by theeth quake. the national parks service says they are using a material similar to a swimming pool noodle that floats. it costs $240,000 to make these repairs, and after the winter, they'll pull it out and make permanent repairs. they don't know how much that will cost. the parks service estimates the climbers will be outside
5:34 pm
the monument for the next four days. a lot of that depends on the weather. how fast that they can get things done. meantime, washington's national cathedral celebrates its reopening today. organists gave demonstrations of the cathedral's pipe organs. the cathedral had been closed since august when that quake caused stone work to fall from the building's towers, repairs could take years to completely finish. the cathedral is putting the finishing touches on an exhibit, documenting the damage. several boxing greats on hand today to say goodbye to joe frasier. the private funeral was held today in philadelphia. don king, mohammed ali, paying their respects to sunocoing joe, the first boxer to ever defeat mohammed ali. frasier, who was 67, died after a short battle with liver cancer. the federal government is defending the security plans
5:35 pm
despite english newspaper reports which say organizers are only providing half the number of officers required. another report says the united states is sending in 1000 agents, half of them from the fbi, to protect american athletes and diplomats in london. >> i'm satisfied that we have the skills and the expertise to make sure they pass off, and the focus is on what they should be. a fantastic sporting spectacle. >> i think it is a knee jerk reaction to say what is security? how is it going to be set up? >> reporter: the summer olympic games are being held at 32 different venues in london. it is being called the first serious competition to apple's ipad. coming up, consumer reports puts the kindle fire to the test. up next, one of the area's oldest schools is about to get a new lease on life. don't forget, we are always on is the wusa 9news stay with us. we'll be right back.
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getting a new lease on life. one of our area's oldest high school is getting a makeover. cordoba high, a groundbreaking
5:39 pm
ceremony today for this modernization project. a new gym, and cafeteria. the renovation expected to be finished in the fall of 2013 the school was built in 1913. hopefully telewill keep that historic charm. there was a push in arlington to create new historic districts. for example, the colonial village shopping center built in the 1930s is now on the county's list of essential historic properties. the goal is ready to keep these buildings from being demolished. the list includes a post office, gas station and of course a shopping center, despite the push though, at least one arlington realtor predicts most of the owners there are going to decline the invitation to create new, historic districts. so how would you grade the redskins performance? let's take a guess. they just lost to a team that was 1-9. i think you figured it out. you can match your grades against our redskin insiders.
5:40 pm
they will be back to grade them in just ten minutes. >> reporter: we'll show you temperatures. it feels like september out here. still 71 downtown, and 68 in leesburg. we'll tell you when the cold air moves in. it can't last that much longer. but first, is a flying fish on your child's gift list? up next, we are going to show you some of this year's hottest holiday toys. what is heck is that? [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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amazon's new kindle fire went on sale today. consumer reports put a preview version through its paces. the kindle fire comes with less storage space ann ipad. but it worked well and they liked the use of the apps. the display does have a bit of a glare problem in bright lights. the screen responds well to touch, but apparently, sometimes mistakes a touch for a move. overall though, consumer
5:44 pm
reports gives the $200 kindle fire high marks, and says its smaller size makes it easier to carry around. all right. let the great toy shopping season begin. today we kickoff our daily holiday toy segment with quite a few option that his might turn up on a list near you. grab a pen and take some notes. joining me now is allison from toys r us. she is here to talk about hot toys and trends. i guess this year, everybody wants to know what is going to be the go-to toy? the must have item? >> we have boys and girls, at toys r us, we have a broad range to choose from. there isn't one particular toy. >> reporter: let's go through some of the items here, these all made the top 15 toy list. we start with the ball popper. approximately nine months and up.
5:45 pm
it comes with five different balls that you could feed through the ear. when they pop out, it will teach them to crawl. because the kids go after it. >> this is la loop. >> we have the different ones in there, jewel sparkle and crum sugar cookie. they both come with a brush, where you can curl their hair, roll it up on there, create different hairstyles. >> a twit on doll play, in a lot of ways. >> putting it back into their hands. >> you have talked about the trend in apps. downloading things and this is the leap pad. >> correct. >> recommends ages 4-9. it comes with one app already download odd there. you can feed your pet, take him places and download a different app on the line. >> you can take pictures and record video? >> yes. >> this is a brand new line from this year, vortex. the ammo is a little bit
5:46 pm
different than you have seen in the previous gun. you put your darts in there, close it up. pull it back. then you shoot. >> lego is always immensely popular all year round. >> right. we've got the lego lightning battle here. what you can do is build the lightning drag in. you can build the skeleton helicopter. a lot of creative pieces. >> there is probably nothing quite as big as the air swimmer. >> correct. >> what it is is a metallic, helium boone. it has a remote control the kids can drive it around, make it swim and have a lot of fun with it. >> do you hear the people in the newsroom saying sweet? >> i have it over by my desk. they love it. >> we hope you will think of other children in need, and in
5:47 pm
just a couple of weeks we are going to start our toy drive 9. we are going to partner with toys for tots to help santa deliver gifts all throughout the area. >> anita, i want the air swimmer. >> that seems to be the consensus. >> they are going to show us more and more. wait a minute, before you make out your list, boys. i got an. mate over the went. something was fast moving in the sky, a fireball. i have not seen or had any reports of anything else. possible you can see a meteorite, it is possible? 71 right now. 60s across the board. this is fantastic. to have some clouds and to have strong winds. to have it this warm in
5:48 pm
november. 70 in gaithersburg. breezy and mild tomorrow. i believe the morning commute will be dry. some showers tuesday. wetter the next two days by far and away, will be wednesday. partly cloudy, breezy and mild. a zero blankett night. kind of my score for the redskins. a zero. low temperatures around 55. winds southwest 10 to 20 and gusty. by morning mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. a few showers possible. 50s and 60s. then by afternoon, mostly cloudy and mild with some showers. high temperatures around 65. winds northwest but not that strong. let's break it down for you. in the morning 50s, dry at 7:00. a couple of showers at noon, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. now the next seven days, definitely wednesday is going to be the wetter of the next two. 63 with rain and showers on wednesday. at least still mild. then we get the old temperature correction. temperatures struggle to get to
5:49 pm
50 thursday. back in the mid-50s friday. milder over the weekend, maybe showers late sunday or sunday night. right now mild and dry for the redskin game. derek, back to you. thank you topper. if you are a redskin fan, like me, you might figure the team has nowhere to go but up. they keep on surprising us. how bad is it? redskins insiders are here alongside dave owens to give us the bad news, guys. >> what is going on back with my guys. i'm still standing on a box. what is up guys? >> you. >> i see that. >> reporter: mike shanahan goes from beck to grossman, grossman to beck, beck back to grossman. do you have any idea what this guy is doing? >> i have no idea. he is the only coach in the nfl playing musical chairs with his quarterback. you have to stick with a quarterback. you stick with one guy to get some continuity going. >> reporter: i got the sense this was a locker room situation. did you get the sense the locker room was turning on beck?
5:50 pm
on shanahan not trusting those guys? >> no, i didn't go there. i think they thought rex was doing a better job. i think it was just what is mike doing? >> reporter: they are not the only ones thinking this way. the offense is bad. the numbers say so. 24th in the league in scoring. as a former player, tell us what you see with our own two eyeballs. how bad is this offense? >> very bad. what i see is these guys are not just comfortable in what they are doing. they don't believe in the system that is going on. they are being forced to do a lot of things. some guys can do it mike shanahan needs to wait to make sure his personnel can fit the system and not the system being forced. >> everybody clamoring for change too dave. maybe they should clamor for change and change offensive coordinators. is that a legitimate criticism right now? >> if kyle hadn't gotten it done in houston, i would say more. who knows? can mike really get it done? i think it is almost a lost
5:51 pm
cause for this year and wait until next year to see if the offense can do anything. take out your pens. time to grade the game. cue the music. >> offense dminus. >> okay for many reasons we know why. >> i'm nice. d. how about defense? >> not bad. they gave up 2 yards passing, a couple of sacks and a pick. stopped the dolphins down in the red zone. b. mitch what do you think? >> icu gave up too many third down conversions. >> coaching? >> coaching a d. they weren't average, they were below average. >> i thought you were going f, on that. >> double d. you and me. now we have been talking about this caption contest. let's have viewers look at what we have this week. dave what is your caption when you see these two guys talking on the sidelines? >> the man who turned the redskins into the wrecked
5:52 pm
skins. >> mitch? >> son, do you know what you are doing? >> and the answer is, no. >> all right guys. of course we are going to, we are putting it out to our viewers so they can vote on it. we are going to tell you who our winner is, coming up in our 6:00 hour. that is great grading the game for this week, guys. back to you. thank you, dave. still to come on 9news now. ten days to go and no bipartisan deal in sight for the debt super committee. could the public and the markets be in for another crushing blow to our confidence? the story, coming up. this is a food bank that is in desperate need of donations for thanksgiving, just a week away i'll let you know how you can help, coming up. also up next, a local group, working hard to fight teen pregnancy meets with some success, though it has a long way to go. we are talking about some local heroes, after the break.
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teen pregnancy can destroy opportunities, and deprive young people of their childhood and often guarantees a life of dependency and poverty. 12 years ago the dc campaign to prevent teen pregnancy was created. in today's hero central j. c.
5:56 pm
hayward recently paid a visit to the tam pain's office and learned while it is realizing some -- campaign's office, and learned while it is realizing some success, the need is great. >> teen pregnancy isn't a new problem and there is a huge body of research that says teen pregnancy is less likely when boys and girls have a close, caring relationship with a trustworthy adult. brenda miller, executive director of the campaign to prevent teen pregnancy can easily provide protective factors to keep teens from getting pregnant. her program brings girls together once a week. the dc campaign to prevent teen pregnancy is committed to making sure children are born into stable, two parent families. who are ready to take on the responsibility of raising the next generation. programs like this make sure that they are successful.
5:57 pm
17-year-old sharon netta partly is familiar with teen behavior and talks candidly to her friends. >> i can help people my age. and let girls know that they are -- there are many other choices other than just becoming pregnant or getting an std or having troubles with domestic violence or anything that hearing this from me at the might change their mind. >> the the finished product will look like this. it is refreshing to hear teen girls talk about futures that are bright, and positive. >> you want to be? >> best ball player,. >> a lawyer,. >> a child family and school social work gerry entrepreneur.
5:58 pm
>> >> reporter: -- an entrepreneur. >> reporter: the dc campaign wants to cut the teen pregnancy rate in half by 2015. the gannett foundation, our parent foundation, has donated $5000 toward that goal. for more information go to my website, j. c. to further help reduce teen pregnancy the dc campaign has started a new program, targeting teenagers in foster care and in the juvenile justice system. this weekend, join j.c., for the fannie mae help the homeless walkathon. near the national gallery of arts sculpture garden. you can get more information through the website, j. c. to go and no sign of a deal, congress back in session today and become up against the thanksgiving deadline for a
5:59 pm
debt deal. both republicans and democrats say they have been working on this. but they had just come slightly off their marks, remaining very far from a bipartisan agreement. >> sometimes these things come together at absolutely the last minute. >> the 11th hour. >> but it sure doesn't look good right now. >> i do have hope. you are absolutely right, the clock is ticking. >> reporter: maryland congressman and super committee member chris van holland says months of meetings have reached no break throughs on how to cut $1.2 trillion out of the federal deficit. >> at times you hope you are within striking distance and at others, everything seems to fall apart. >> republicans offer $300 billion by eliminating tax deductions. but only if democrats agree to make the bush tax cuts permanent and democrats say that would add $4 trillion to the


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