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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 14, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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billion from medicare and medicaid, but they want to raise $1 trillion in new tax revenue. and republicans say that is excessive. >> this is the dumbest idea i've seen. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate and former house speaker newt gingrich said plans for across- the board budget courts are stupid and economic disaster. >> if someone said i'll shoot you in the head unless you let me cut off your leg. >> reporter: if the supercommittee fails to reach any kind of deal, it will be a crushing blow to the public and market confidence that congress can accomplish anything. on capitol hill, bruce leshan, 9 news now. and republican committee members have said that the
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president wants the deal not done. but there will be across the board spending cuts painful for both parties. and the future of president obama's health care bill lies in the hands of the supreme court. they will hear about the law in march and whether it is constitutional. that is the provision that forces americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine. the court could leave the entire law in place, rule certain parts unconstitutional or just throw the whole thing out. legal experts expect a vote to be close. >> it will be hard for the court to avoid a controversial decision either way. what they need to focus on is getting it right. >> 26 states have challenged the law. several lower courts have come to different conclusions. the supreme court is expected to announce its decision in june. with thousands of dollars in cash and the fbi banging down the front door, leslie johnson made a frantic call to her husband, jack johnson.
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and for the first time, we are hearing exactly what they said. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at the federal courthouse in greenbelt where the phone recordings are shown where the johnsons were trying to hide a check and cash. >> do you hear them banging. >> it's the fbi, jack. >> yeah, i know. >> do you want me to flush it? >> yeah, flush it. >> you got the cash. >> uh-huh. what do you want me to do with this money. they are banging. what do you want me to do? >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> no, but i mean all of this cash, jack? i have the one from downstairs. >> put it in your panties. >> oh, my god, okay. >> yeah, stuff it in your pantsies. >> reporter: they have both pled guilty and both are due to
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be sentenced next month. in greenbelt, scott broom, 9 news now. the search has intensified for the man suspected of firing gunshots near the white house on friday night. 21-year-old oscar ramiro ortega crashed his car before he disappeared into the night. police believe he may still be around here somewhere. he has distinctive tattoos including the word "israel" on the left side of his neck and a criminal record in utah, idaho and texas for drugs and underage alcohol possession and for assaults on police officers. his car was recovered. police found a semi-automatic rifle with shell casings. >> i'm not sure what his mental history, is but i think the important thing is this is a man who discharged a rifle in downtown d.c. i think that speaks volumes. >> hours before that shooting, arlington police questioned ortega outside of a vacant home in north arlington where a
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neighbor reported he was acting suspiciously. and the fallout includes in the child sex abuse scandal and today we found out that the foundation by jerry sand and to second mile came after officials were told sand was seen sexually assaulting a child. the judge may recuse herself from the case. the president of the second mile who had worked there for three decades, resigned today. charity is conducting an internal investigation. the right to carry a concealed weapon could be coming to d.c. tonight lawmakers in the house are scheduled to review the proposal. it would allow people with a conceal carry permit in one state to bring that privilege with them into any other state and washington, d.c. it would also allow a d.c. resident to get a permit in another jurisdiction and have the right to use it here. the plan was put together by
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lawmakers from illinois. d.c. and illinois are the only jurisdictions in the country that do not offer some sort of concealed carry permit. now a check on new developments in campaign 2012. and the focus is local. maryland's 6th congressality district in montgomery now held by roscoe bartlett. the crowded field of candidates could get more crowded. john delanie is considering a run. he has a commercial lending outfit called capital source. three other democrats and five republicans are already in the race, including bartlett. the prince george's county council will vote on a zoning bill tomorrow that would ban slot machines in the county. as of right now, prince george's is not one of the five jurisdictions allowed to have slots in maryland. but the new owners of the rosecroft raceway have said they would like to add slots to try to help out their business. voters in maryland first approved the gambling machines in a referendum back in 2008. well 70 degrees and sunny.
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you can't beat the weather. especially for november. heck, it would be nice in september. >> october too. 73 was the high today. the record was 77. we were close to that. look at the temperatures now. near 70. 68 in gaithersburg. and 63 in oakland. and 72 at this hour in cumberland. the winds are howling. 24 mile-per-hour wind gusts downtown. 26 in andrews. but it's a warm wind. notice the arrow from south to wind and that blows up warmer air. in good shape tonight. partly cloudy and breezy and mild. would you say a zero blanket night. winds out of the southwest at 10-20 and gusty. we'll come back, you'll need to locate your umbrella and jacket in the not too distant future and we'll tell you when. and the latest poll numbers are in and what do they have to say about the race for the white house. one of the top men at gallop
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breaks it down for us. but today the school board weighed in about video cameras. what they said coming up next.
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the fairfax county school board decided a few hours ago that by its last meeting in december it will make a decision on whether or not to put cameras in high schools. now the members said it was
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their decision to make not the brand new board which will have five new members. principals at 27 county high schools say they like the cameras installed in common areas and cafeterias and the principals made the requests after several big food fights last year. >> as principals of these very large schools, we're responsible for the safety and well-being of all of our students. in our case 4,000 students here at robinson. it's my professional opinion and that of my colleagues that surveillance cameras would help. >> is this the best use of the money we have and are these priorities? is this what fairfax county has said this is our priority for education? >> all of the new cameras would cost $900,000. incoming board member elizabeth schultz said she thinks the outgoing board should leave it to the new board. so what do you think? are the cameras a good idea? administrators say it will help point out a guilty party, or
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perhaps too much big brother even for students who don't have much privacy at school. weigh in at mcgunty's mail bag at gorgeous weather but can the indian summer continue? topper's forecast is straight ahead. and the ex of one of herman cain accusers will explain their side coming up next.
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a new development today in the sexual harassment claims made against herman cain. the ex-boyfriend of sharon bialek spoke out disputing cain's comment that he never met the woman. he spoke with gloria allred and said he meant herman cain with sharon bialek back in 1997 and he suggested she meet with cain about a job in d.c. where the alleged harassment took place. >> i can confirm that when she returned, she was upset. she said that something had happened, and that mr. cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner. she said she handled it and didn't want to talk about it any further. i respected her request and
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this issue was never brought up until recently. >> now zuckerman said shine bialek decided to come forward because she thinks the country needs all of the facts before election day. herman cain has denied the accusations. and now the polls show big drops for herman cain. so what do they mean for his campaign and the 2012 race for the white house. sharon page from usa today and frank newport, editor and chief at gallup are here to talk about that. and cains numbers hold up pretty well for the first week of this scandal, but what changed over the weekend? >> well it depends on which numbers you look at. there are trial heat poles about who you are going to vote for. but we measured popular intensity where we asked republicans do you have a strongly favorable opinion of this guy and we subtract out those who have an unfavorable opinion and that dropped like a stone. cain was up to 34 in our positive score a few weeks ago,
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leading everybody else. and now he's dropped down to 17, dropping in half. newt gingrich has tied up on that measure with herman cain. >> we'll talk about that. but were you surprised to see herman cain take such a drop? >> we said that republicans were inclined to take the charges seriously and if they believed them it would make them as being a candidate being disqualified so i think its taking a time for the charges to have a core he isive effect and i think that is why we are seeing the new strength for newt gingrich. >> and this is a guy who had no money and was written off by all of the pundits for running a bad campaign early on. what has fueled him? >> he's the candidate of the debates. what has newt gingrich done for the past 13 years since he left congress but give speeches, give briefings, tell people what they need.
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he looksin formed and contrary and he criticizes the moderator and everybody hates the media. >> have you had any sense of whether or not he's a flash in the pan and rick perry or any of the other candidates that seem to be right on the cusp of taking down mitt romney and then they make a mistake and that's it. >> very good question. that's certainly a reasonable hypothesis, how is that for a scientific way of answering it. we were doing a show earlier today and we talked about three reasons why romney will hold on despite what gingrich is doing and we have some evidence when you ask republicans who is going to win the nomination, they still say romney. so i think it is likely we're having the same group of people looking for somebody that is not mitt romney and we saw cain -- or perry and then cain and now seeing newt gingrich but the hypothesis is that romney will go like this and still be standing when all of this is over. >> let's talk about rick perry. they made fun of him on saturday night live this
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saturday night. sometimes that says something about your campaign. he just wanted to survive this. did he do it? >> i'm not sure he does. in the scores gallup does, he's down to 0. that is a tough place for a republican contender to be. >> when you say 0, in terms of the positivity. >> in a positive intensive score, down to 0. he problems in performing in the debates and republicans disagree with him on the issue of immigration and i think the road for him is uphill. >> great conversation. we appreciate it. topper, how is it looking out there? we have to look at pretty big showers and thunderstorms, zooming into ohio, pennsylvania and new york state, there are still tornado watches at this hour for northern ohio, into northwestern sections of pennsylvania and new york state. these will stay to the north of us tonight. we'll have some clouds move in and we'll stay mild. that strong south, southwest wind will continue. high and midlevel clouds that have moved in in the past
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couple of hours but we'll stay dry. temperatures still 70 downtown. 70 in college park. 69 in rockville. 66 in laurel. it's just crazy. 67 in springfield. 69 in great falls. sterling 67. herndon is 68. and look at leesberg checking in at 70, one of the warmer readings. so locate your umbrella. breezy and mild tonight but dry. breezy and mild tomorrow. some showers are possible tomorrow. i think the morning commute will be dry. much better chance of showers, even some organized rain into wednesday. and here is the future cast. midnight tonight, we are fine. all of the showers well to the north of us. but by tomorrow morning, this is what i mean. by 7:00 in the morning, the immediate metro area is dry. but we do find showers in hagerstown and martinsberg and points west. so if your coming in from there to downtown or reverse commuting, you may have wet roads. but by lunchtime, this is 1:00, 1:15, all kinds of showers
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around. they are light to dark green which is light activity which is good. and they move out fast. this time tomorrow just clouds and most showers gone. but don't be fooled because more moisture comes back on wednesday and wednesday morning. a little bit more organized area of showers and rain will develop so it looks like a wet commute in the morning on wednesday and probably going home wednesday night. for tonight, partly cloudy and breezy and mild. we're going to call it a zero blanket night. lows around 55. winds southwest at 10-20. a sheet will probably do you tonight. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, breezy and possible. showers possible tomorrow, in the late morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. by the afternoon, mostly cloudy and better chance for showers. bring the umel before you alunch. high temperatures 65, winds northwest out of 10. 50s to start at 7:00, 60s by noon and showers leaving by 5:00. but temperatures still in the 60s. next three days. wednesday by far the wettest
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day. 63 with rain and showers and much colder. and we pick the word colder because only 49 on thursday. now the next seven-day. the good news is it doesn't stay cold or chilly very long. still chilly on friday but sunny. temperatures notice mid -- in the mid-50s. and then the temperatures go up. mid to upper 60s on sunday when redskins in town. should be a dry football game and maybe showers on saturday night. >> thank you, sir. we'll be back in a minute. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag, the address is mail bag at wusa 9 news now will be right back. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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baskets. the goal was to feed 1200 and so we are 107 short. you can still help us by going online at and we'll give you the information. and j.a. cannot get over the missing doug that was youth andized by a local vet without the owner's permission after the dog was stolen from the owner's backyard. how can an establishment meant to preserve animals do such an unthinkable thing. the police investigation only seems like a cover-up and the medical report could have been produced to help in the cover- up. i expect an animal hospital like cross point to have better judgment and services to produce animal longevity. >> and i get it. if you have ever had to put down a beloved pet, it is hard to imagine that happening without your consent. but it is a series of unfortunate events and everybody thought they were
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doing the right thing. and then on the statement of support today for herman cain from mrs. cain. debbie from virginia is unconvinced. mrs. cain is speaking out on behalf of her husband herman saying he has total respect for women but what she neglects to see is that all of the women have come forward and not one black woman. maybe he has respect for black women. so you are saying is not only a serial harasser, but a racist serial harasser. actually, debbie, we don't know the race of two of the four women allegedly involve sod let's reserve judgment, shall we. and from john in chantilly on the redskins. i didn't watch the redskins. instead i got leaves and the grass mows and household chores done. but i was out of town but i will watch dallas next week but my expectations are so low i can't talk any noise to dallas fan which takes the fun out of it. plenty of fun in mcginty's mail
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bag at that's our report. i'll be back here at 11:00 with anita brikman. don't forget is always there. we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average.
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five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. now "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> what's the first word you think of? >> brave. brave.
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>> thank you. >> gabrielle giffords, the voice we thought we'd never here. why gabby can speak. >> learning to walk, leaning on a grocery cart, breaking down and seeing her wedding photo. >> this is one of my favorites. >> oh. >> and plus, her husband's message from space. >> tell my wife i love her very much. >> j. lo's new man. 18 years younger. what we know about her rumored backup dancer boyfriend. >> mark harman and heather locklear. justin timer lake and fergie. they dated and why they split. >> melissa mccarthy's tv fiance. brings the bloopers to tv. >> don't tell melissa. >> the cart [ bleep ]. >> am i going to get in trouble for this? >> our big surprise for twilight fans camping out in l.a. the countdown to "breaking dawn"


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