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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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paterno was fired. his name was taken off a trophy that will be awarded on december 3rd. it will be called the stagg champion trophy in the big 10. five more people have been arrested in connection with a kidnapping of nationals catcher wilson ramos in venezuela. ramos was freed unharmed during a daring rescue mission on friday. 11 people are being held. according to various reports, ramos intends to resume playing with his team in venezuela as early as tomorrow. a marine accused of firing shots at the pentagon and the marine corps museum in quantico pleads guilty to other crimes. jonathan melaku was charged in june in federal court with a series of overnight shootings at military-related targets in northern virginia. yesterday, he was convicted on other charges in a series of car break-ins in loudoun county. he got six months in jail for that. federal authorities will take him into custody for facing charges in the shootings after his first sentence is finished. former d.c. mayoral
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candidate brown will go before a judge in february to answer charges, driving without a valid license. brown's attorney says his client is being treated unfairly because maryland driver's license was suspended on july 4th in both motor vehicle departments in maryland and the district were closed on that day. later today, the prince george's county council will vote on a zoning bill which would essentially ban slot machines in the county. right now, prince george's county is not one of the five jurisdictions allowed to have slots in maryland but the new owners of gross coff raceway have said they want to add slot machines to help business. voters in virginia first approved the gambling machines in a 2008 referendum. the fairfax county school board will vote whether or not to put cameras in high schools. the idea in cafeterias comes after several huge food fights broke out last year. current board members say it is their decision to make, not the new board which will have five new members on it.
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>> as principals of these very large schools, we're responsible for the safety and well-being of all of our students. in our case, 4,000 students here at robinson. it is my professional opinion and that of my colleagues that surveillance cameras would help. >> is this the best use of the money that we have and these are priorities. is this what fairfax county has said this is our priority for education. >> incoming board member elizabeth schultz wants the outgoing board to leave the decision to the new members. the constitutionality of president obama's controversial healthcare reform law will be argued before the supreme court. >> the justices have agreed to hear the arguments on whether or not the government has the right to force americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine. 26 states have challenged the law and several lower courts have come to different conclusions on it. they expect a supreme court vote to be close. the high court could issue a ruling in june which would put the case at the center of an
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election year showdown. congress is facing a deadline of midnight friday to pass legislation to keep the federal government running through mid december. this legislation is part of a bundle of three spending bills that lawmakers are expected to unveil later tonight. the 2012 budget year started more than a month ago but congress has not yet passed a single spending measure for 2012. herman cain is campaigning in iowa today, hoping to get his campaign back on track. >> the presidential candidate denies ever meeting sharon bialek who accused him of sexual harassment. yesterday, one of her former boyfriends said he and bialek both met cain. zuckerman said bialek later met cain alone and said cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner. occupy wall street protestors have been told to leave a manhattan park where they've been camping out for eight weeks. >> the new york protestors
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sparked nationwide demonstrations against corporate greed but as manuel gallegus reports, in the past few days, police have been cracking down. >> reporter: police officers in riot gear moved into lower manhattan to clear out protestors. the encampment at zucotti park has become the focal point. about 1:00 a.m. this morning, police ordered everyone to leave, saying the park had become unsanitary and hazardous. officers arrested anyone who resisted. for nearly eight weeks, demonstrators have used the park to protest corporate greed and economic inequality. it sparked a movement around the country. but people who live and work near the park have increasingly complained about their neighbors. >> a lot of waste and dump behind my alleyway where i dump the garbage. >> human waste? >> human waste. >> protestors have been told they can return once the park is cleaned but they will not be able to bring back tents or sleeping bags.
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new york is just the latest city to see this happen. monday, police in oakland dismantled an occupy encampment. sunday, protestors were kicked out of portland parks. manhattan protestors were planning a demonstration to mark the two-month anniversary of their encampment. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. here's a look at other stories making news this morning. another earthquake has shaken eastern turkey. this one, a 5.2 magnitude. so far, no reports of any additional damage or injuries in this. however, this shook a part of the country that is still recovering from two previous quakes earlier this year. a controversial oil pipeline proposed between canada and texas will now go around the environmentally- sensitive sand hills area of nebraska. transcanada is heeding the pleadings of environmentalists by planning to reroute the pipeline up to 40 miles to avoid the area. the pipeline has been the subject of several protests both here in the united states and in canada.
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congress bomb gabrielle giffords spoke in her first interview since being shot in the head last january in tucson, arizona. giffords appeared alert and happy on abc's "20/20 requesting "but she needed her husband's help to finish of some her sentences. she won't return to congress until after the first of the year. several employees are crying foul. >> congress changes a bill aimed at making school lunches healthier. all at the request of some big food companies. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back. 4:39 on this tuesday morning. we've got some showers up in west virginia, over toward martinsburg, approaching hagerstown right now. we'll see some of the showers moving in a little bit later. at times, showers today. mild once again though. highs in the mid to the upper 60s. turning cooler late. we've got more rain and colder temps in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that for you coming up in about four or five minutes. beverly farmer has your timesaver traffic. >> howard, they picked up all of the construction on the beltway in montgomery county. that's good news for travelers. either side of the beltway between bethesda, silver spring, outer loop still running at speed on the right side of your screen past new hampshire avenue. give us an hour and we'll see the brake lights. everywhere else, we're looking pretty good. pulling up the construction barrels in virginia as well. andrea, mike? >> it is time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> good morning, jessica doyle here with headlines. >> wearing green today. we're hoping for good things on wall street today. but europe's response to its debt crisis that, continues to be a key driver for stocks and not a good direction yesterday.
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investors really want to see what new governments in italy and greece have planned to help the countries solve their debt issues. checking the numbers, the dow standing this morning at 12,078 after sliding 74 points in trade. nasdaq was down by 21 points and the s&p 500 was off by 12. remaining in the euro zone is the country's only choice. there has been speculation that greece may have to leave the euro zone and revert back to the drop. they appear comforted by the idea that italy's government will be run by economists and not politicians. economist mario monti is the country's new premiere and many believe he will make fixing the economy his top priority. boeing has landed its ignorest order ever. emirates airlines is buying 50 boeing 777 jets for $15 billion. the historic order will keep thousands of americans employed! a change at the coffee
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shop. starbucks has stopped packing on a surcharge for bags of coffee weighing less than a pound nationwide. move the comes after massachusetts fined the company over the practice. for all of you eurl bird shoppers, toys "r" us announced it will be open at 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving, the earliest opening ever announced. targets, macy,'s best buy plan to open at midnight on thanksgiving. walmart is opening up at 10:00 p.m. shoppers can head to gap, old navy and banana republic stores. most will be open all day on thanksgiving to give shoppers an early jump on their holiday shopping. that might make some consumers happy but many employees are not. thousands of target workers are campaigning on the web site to have target reconsider opening at midnight on thanksgiving. the workers say they want to spend holiday time with their families. >> yeah. >> go to the store now. it is open now. >> get what you want. >> well, i guess the sales won't be as deep. >> it is a tough situation.
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it is the retail business. you gotta work over the holidays. >> people love the festive feeling of scurries around together. >> i might do it this year for the first time. i'm going to try it. >> my wife loves it. >> i know, jess. you'll see her there. i'll be watching football. >> i'll be asleep. >> if you've ever had a migraine, you know it hurts and you also know sometimes it just never seems to go away. >> doctors are now using a new device to treat those who suffer from the worst migraine pain. that story and more coming up in less than two minutes.
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good morning. you're going to feel very warm when you step outside. warm for november. what's going on? >> mid-50s. got a couple of fronts that are coming. we're still in southwesterly winds. that's keeping us mild. cloud cover is keeping us mild. yesterday, we got to 73 in the afternoon. not a record but about 14 above where we should be. >> how long ago was it when we had snow? >> october 29th. a couple of weeks ago, maybe in a couple of weeks, it will swing back the other direction. >> had we technically had the
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first frost? >> indian summer, yes. >> we're enjoying it. >> i figured that's where you were going with that. >> let's talk about the bus stop forecast. while it is mild, we've got showers in west virginia, western maryland moving up toward hagerstown. grab an umbrella or rain gear because we'll have showers moving in later this morning and some showers on and off throughout the day. 60 to 65 this morning. sunrise at 6:50. the day planner calling for the threat of showers, increasing midday and afternoon. temps in the mid to upper 60s. maybe even 70 down in southern maryland. by 4:00, winds start going northerly behind a front, we'll see temperatures drop into 64. by 8:00, we'll be in the upper 50s with a few showers possible. tomorrow looks like the wet day. not today. even though we'll have the showers. you can certainly see them off to the north and west in pennsylvania, western maryland. this goes way back to the west and southwest through the tennessee valley. it is all moving in our direction. here are the showers around the hagerstown area. down 81 to martinsburg.
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and up into greencastle, pennsylvania. that's the closest stuff to us now. temperatures, yeah, they're warm. upper 50s in laurel. 58. everybody else in the low to mid-60s. 65 at andrews air force base. 67 from upper marlboro. 61 in columbia. 64 for great falls and fairfax this morning. also in springfield. at reagan national, 66. mostly cloudy. winds still up out of the south- southwest at 13. dew points, the other morning, they were in the 20s. now, they're in the 50s. the air is a lot more humid than it has been. the barometer down to 29.8. storm system coming through, really a couple of pieces, one here, another batch here. with energy coming out of the southwest, a threat of severe weather this morning across parts of south central texas. this is all riding northeast from oklahoma and texas through arkansas, kentucky. this goes all the way up toward maine. that's a lot of moisture that will be coming at us over the
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next couple of days. we show the future cast, the waves of showers. by 8:00, more north and west. by midday, some of the showers coming through, falling apart. 5:00 p.m., the showers here and there. tonight, we'll have a couple of showers here and there. maybe a break toward tomorrow morning. look what happened during the day on wednesday as more rain moves in. by 5:00 p.m., looks like a wet afternoon commute with the heaviest stuff well south of town. this will get out of here wednesday night. by thursday, here comes the partly sunny but colder conditions. thursday and friday, we're going to struggle to get close to the 50 degree mark for highs once again before warming for the weekend. as far as rain totals, there will be some areas between now and let's say tomorrow, late, that could get more than an inch, depending on where the bands set up. most of us should be half-inch to an inch on the rain and a lot more in parts of kentucky. the forecast breaks down like this. today, upper 60s with the showers around. 50 to 55 tonight.
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winds pick up more of a north to northwesterly component. cool on wednesday with periods of rain, 59 and then chilly on thursday. 49. chilly also friday before moderating temperatures into the 60s for the weekend. beverly farmer is here. she's got our first look at timesaver traffic. >> good morning, howard. we're checking out the ride for virginia folks. overnight roadwork on the beltway that tried things up in tysons, out of the way. here we are in falls church, a grainy -- a grainy shot of 66. traffic flowing freely. eastbound construction out of vienna should be out of your way. likewise westbound at falls church. "american idol," they did lift the construction early. the paving operation and the bridge work they've been doing on the beltway between bethesda and silver spring. new hampshire avenue, the pace has gotten a lot better on the outer loop of the beltway. we're in good shape still as you make your way into bethesda and down across the american legion bridge. overnight roadwork has been cleared out of the way. on 29, no early problems south
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of town at the wilson bridge. north on 95, 395, just building volume to deal with right now. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thanks, beverly. if you suffer from migraines or know someone who does, you know they can be debilitating. >> now a small device is offering relief for many who have tried everything else. manuel gallegus has more. >> reporter: ron started getting migraine headaches in his 20s. the pain became unbearable as he got older. >> two days a week, i would be in bed. wouldn't be able to listen to anything, wouldn't be able to see anything. >> reporter: but he's now back running the family business and pain-free because of this tiny, electronic stimulator. the battery-powered device sort of like a pacemaker, is implanted under his skin. two wires run to the back of his neck, sending signals through his skull to the nerves in his brain. in effect, turning off the migraine before it starts. he is one of dozens of severe sufferers who tried the device
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in a clinical trial. dr. steven silverstein says the results are encouraging. >> we have people who have this, who had no life, they couldn't leave the house. they couldn't work. they have their life back. >> it is estimated about 40 million americans suffer from migraine headaches. up to 4% of those adults have headaches 15 or more days a month. migraines are still a medical mystery. >> we do know it runs in families. it may be due to a hypersensitive brain. we're searching for the answers. >> medications can help but for regner, nothing worked until the implant that switches on every morning. >> i can't say how much. it just changed my life. >> he says he's now happy to be able to go to work every day. manuel gallegus, cbs news, philadelphia. regner feels a buzzing and tingling sensation when the implant turns on. it is estimated migraines cost billions of dollars every year because of lost time, lost wages and medical costs.
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some new hope for people who suffer from heart failure. in an experimental trial, doctors at cedars-sinai heart institute used a patient's own cardiac stem cells and then injected them into the area where they had their heart attack and the heart was damaged most. >> the treatments are showing some promising results. >> these cells are factories and when you inject them, they will, in fact, positively impact the environment and cause the cells to grow. >> cedars isn't alone in its research. it was released in this month's issue of the lancet. >> efforts by the agriculture department to make school lunches healthier are being met with opposition from congress. they wanted to limit the amount of time pizzas and french fries could be served. they also wanted to boost whole- grain servings but a spending bill released late yesterday would force the department to
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drop any attempt to make the changes. that spending bill forces the department to allow tomato paste on pizzas to be counted as a vegetable. the wording was added to the spending bill at the request ofen cans that support the salt industry and potato growers. one in five americans has severe hearing loss. researchers at johns hopkins found that 48 million americans have hearing problems in at least one ear. nearly a fifth have a loss so intense, it makes communicating difficult. studies have found that hearing loss can impact your ability to function physically and can cause dementia. >> it is 4:52. it is time to get our first look at the question of the morning. >> here's one of our viewers with the question and the response. >> good morning. my name is brett warnic and the question of the day is 33% of all women have done this to a coworker. a, throw them under the bus.
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b, eat their lunch. or c, let the elevator door close before they can get in. my answer was b, eat their lunch. >> ok. >> it happened to a colleague of ours just yesterday. >> we want you to ag in. 33% of all women say they've done this to a coworker. is it... log on to the and leave your response and we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 a.m. hour.
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on this tuesday morning, it is mild out there. we've got temps in the 60s. just a few showers in the panhandle of west virginia. up toward martinsburg, approaching williamsport and hagerstown. we'll be watching that and the showers will become more widespread later this morning and midday. our day planner calling for temperatures way up in the 60s by noon. scattered showers here and there as temperatures will be dropping off to the lower 60s by 6:00 p.m. monika is off but here's beverly with our timesaver traffic. >> howard, right now, traveling southbound on 270 out of frederick county. some building volume, no incidents report into germantown. here in gaithersburg, running freely, shady grove road on down toward the lane divide and on to the montgomery county beltway. we're off to a great start. >> there is a push to create new historic districts in
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arlington. the colonial village shopping center built in the 1930s is on the county's list of essential historic properties. now, the goal is to keep the buildings from being demolished. the list includes a post office and a gas station. despite the push, at least one arlington realtor predicts most property owners will decline the invitation to create new historic districts. boxing greats line up to pay their respects to joe frasier. a final funeral was held yesterday in philadelphia. muhammad ali, larry holmes and don king are among those who attended the service. smokin' joe was the first boxer to ever defeat ali. the 67-year-old died last week after a short battle with liver cancer. they'll do whatever it takes. the british government is defending its security plans for the olympic games. >> u.s. officials continue to raise concern about protection. heather covar reports from london. london police say about 12,000 officers will help protect the olympic summer
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games next year. a british newspaper says organizers underestimated security needs and that twice as many guards may be needed. >> chaotic scenes like this from london's summer riots after a deadly police shoot had u.s. officials nervous. british police won't be ready. according to reports, the u.s. plans to send up to 1,000 of its own agents including 500 from the fbi to look after american athletes and diplomats in england. >> reaction by the americans to say what is security, how is it going to be set up. >> the games are being held at 32 venues here in london and across england. british officials are still working to finalize security plans for each site. but that they're confident. >> i'm satisfied that we've got the skills and the expertise to make sure they pass off and focus on what they should be, a fantastic sporting spectacle. a source tells u.s. news, u.s. officials aren't happy with the planning and they don't do risk management, they do risk
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elimination. the british military has reportedly agreed to give limited help. otherwise, it could mean pulling forces from afghanistan for the olympics. heather covar for cbs news, london. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> we're glad you're here. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani this week. first, we start with howard bernstein with your weather. 66 degrees, just turning 5:00 a.m. >> the colder weather will be moving in a little bit today, tomorrow a little bit more. rather chilly here to finish out the week. you'll be able to put the sweaters on, the twin sets as we talked about quite often here, you'll need them later in the week. today, a rain jacket or umbrella because we've got showers moving in. certainly warm enough. now down to 65 at reagan national here as we push into the 5:00 a.m. hour. sun is not up until 6:50 with a few showers around at times. temperatures in the upper 60s by noon. low s


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