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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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50 to 55 for lows. currently, 67 in annapolis. 66 in annapolis. 59 in baltimore. 5:00 a.m. numbers just coming in. mid-60s now. fredericksburg, la plata, winchester, 61. rain, we've been watching it all morning off to the north and the west. you can see a lot more of it. locally, a couple of sprinkles from martinsburg west. paw paw toward hancock and out 70 toward hagerstown or 68 toward hagerstown as well. 70 here. 68 west of hancock. you know what i'm saying. we've got a few showers around. we'll have more especially on wednesday. beverly farmer, good tuesday morning to you! >> good tuesday morning so far on the roadways, too, howard. no early incidents reported northbound 95, growing volume out of fredericksburg through stafford heading into quantico. making your way into woodbridge, here, northbound, past newington. the volume is still light. on to 395 and head on up to the
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14th street bridge. overnight roadwork on tysons. check out the ride for travelers on the maryland side. southbound lanes of 270, just growing volume. lanes open as you make your way past shady grove. beltway, outer loop looks good into silver spring. no early problems. beltway south of town, 50 or the bw parkway and downtown still looking good. making your way into northeast. andrea, mike, back to you. thank you, beverly. >> he is charged with 40 counts of child sexual abuse involving eight boys. >> but now, former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is denying the accusations. surae chinn is in the satellite center with more on sandusky's first interview about all of the charges. good morning, surae. >> jerry sandusky, accused pedophile is fighting for his innocence. he broke his silence last night in an exclusive interview with bob costas and a phone interview on nbc. take a listen. >> sexual contact with any of these underaged boys?
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>> yes, i am. >> never touched their genitals, never engaged in oral sex? >> right. >> penn state defensive coordinator for more than two decades faces 40 counts of sex crimes with young boys. according to the indictment, the sexual activity dates back to the mid to late 1990s with eight victims. in that time, there was a janitor and assistant coach in separate incidents who witnessed boys being raped in the shower at penn state and other sexual contact between young boys between 10 and 11 on the university's campus. >> i say that i'm innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent? and falsely accused in every aspect? well, i could say that you know, i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them. i have touched their leg
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without intent of sexual contact. >> reporter: well, court papers say sandusky found his victim through his charity's second mile, an organization that helps troubled boys. back to you. >> so, surae, there are now also some new developments in that charity, correct? >> that is correct. the ceo of second mile has resigned. he's dr. jack rake vich, he has been ceo and president for the last 28 years. now this puts into question the future of second mile. a lot of schools have put boys through the charity. two people shot on maryland avenue in northeast d.c. now one of them is dead. we've learned d.c. police are trying to find out how the whole thing happened. chief cathy lanier showed up on the scene, 2100 block of maryland avenue. officers found two men with gunshot wounds. one died at the scene. the other one was taken to the hospital and is in stable
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condition at this point. no suspects or a motive in the case so far. charges are pending after a deadly crash last night in brandywine, maryland. state police say an suv hit a pedestrian last night near branch avenue and brandywine road. the pedestrian 49-year-old eugene newman waldorf died at the scene. officers took the driver into custody on suspicion of dui. that driver, however, is now being held in prince george's county jail on some unrelated charges. prosecutors are now letting the public hear that infamous phone conversation between former prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife, leslie johnson, a former county council member. both johnsons have pleaded guilty in the corruption scandal. they're scheduled to be sentenced in december. the fbi raided the johnson's home on november 12, 2010 and investigators were recording when lesli called her husband jack to tell him fbi agents had arrived at their door.
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>> what do you want me to do? >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> no. i mean all of this cash, jack. i got the one from -- >> put it in your panties. >> oh, my god. ok. >> stuff it in your panties. >> leslie johnson pleaded guilty to witness and evidence tampering. jack johnson pleaded guilty to that charge as well as one count of extortion. he faces up to 20 years in prison when he's sentenced. >> five minutes after 5:00. time for the latest "your money" report this morning. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. we're wearing what we hope will be the end of the day. >> we're really hoping because yesterday, wall street really took it on the chin. not awful day but not the greatest of days. of course, fresh concerns about europe's debt crisis to blame here. concerns that haven't gone away this morning. asian and european stocks fell today on worries that italy's economy may never be strong enough to repay its massive debts. checking the numbers here at home, the dow stands this morning at 12,078, slid 74
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points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq fell by 21 and the s&p 500 was down by 12 points. financial fallout from the penn state sex scandal. cnn reports that has pulled its ad from espn's broadcast of the penn state nebraska game this past weekend as well as the upcoming game with ohio state. meantime, nike says it is standing by its ad commitments. still no comment from other big advertisers for penn state. sherwin williams, comcast and at&t. apple has switched on its itunes service two weeks later than planned. the $25 a year subscription promises to match every song on a person's computer and store the tunes in an online account on distance servers known as the cloud. the songs can then be downloaded or streamed to other apple devices without needing to physically connect them to the computer. apple is not commenting on the delay of its cloud-based service. cloud services are a huge bet for apple so there is a lot of
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attention to why this rolled out a little bit later than planned. >> maybe it will avoid the technical hiccups with apple products. >> it is a brand new service. you're right. there probably will be some bugs in the system. >> wait until the fifth version comes out. or sixth or seventh. what do we get when you come back? >> paying nearly twice as much just for the right to book an airline ticket. we'll talk about that coming up. >> they always find a way, don't they? >> what a great idea. >> the latest attempt to evict the occupy protestors. it happened overnight. >> it took place at a spot where the occupy wall street movement started nearly two months ago. that story is coming up. >> plus, ahead in sports, a season-ending injury for one of the redskins who had stepped up in recent weeks. we'll be right back.
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5:09. this very warm tuesday morning. temperatures in the 60s. we've got a few showers that we're going to watch also this morning. north and west, move toward us a little bit later this morning into the middle of the day. as temperatures climb into the upper 60s by noon. then we'll look at a slow drop- off in temps this afternoon with the showers and temperatures. winds turn toward the north and northwest. we've got more rain moving in for wednesday. i'll tell you about that when i see you in five minutes. beverly farmer is in with timesaver traffic. >> howard, right now a dry pavement, coming up out of dale city. the building volume for folks leaving the corridor and heading up toward springfield here. left side of the screen is northbound. traffic still at a decent pace to get on to 395 or head on to the beltway. next check of timesaver traffic
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comes up at 5:17. back to you. making news now at 5:10, prosecutors are hoping to keep a massachusetts man accused of fighting a terrorist attack on washington behind bars until trial. but at a detention hearing yesterday, defense attorneys for him called him mentally troubled and claimed his plan had no chance of working. the 26-year-old was arrested in september and accused of planning to fly explosives, packed remote controlled planes into the pentagon and the capital. after nearly two months of camping out in new york city, police move to evict the occupy wall street protestors overnight. officers ordered everyone out of zukotti park because it is basically unsanitary and dangerous. protestors will be allowed to return in the daytime once the park is clean. >> a line of severe storms left widespread damage in parts of indiana. the national weather service estimates wind speeds hit 60 miles per hour. trees and power lines were knocked down and the roof of a
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police department was torn off. showers headed our way. howard is going to tell us when they will get here and when they'll exit. his seven-day forecast is coming up next at 5:14. >> ahead at 5:48, an author and cancer survivor has written a guidebook for family and friends of cancer patients. >> at 5:22, more redskins talk about their unsettled situation at quarterback. we'll be right back.
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who knew we would have choices on what to wear during the new fall season? it is shorts, maybe or all weather gear. >> you're going to need both in the next few days. yesterday, we were 73. warm weather gear. today, upper 60s. some showers around. colder rain tomorrow and then just downright chilly thursday and friday. then back in the 60s. >> november is one of those months, you gotta be prepared for just about anything. we've already had it. let's talk about today though. the bus stop forecast. and you know, you probably will leave the jacket at home. i brought the raincoat because i'm expecting showers to be moving in. we have a few this morning well north and west of town. we'll look at doppler in a
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moment. mostly cloudy. temperatures running in the low to mid-60s with the sunrise not until 6:50 this morning. as far as the day planner, we've got cloudy skies at 9:00. 64 degrees. southwesterly winds will turn more northwesterly this afternoon. midday, some showers around. winds turning to the west and northwest and then a northerly wind by 5:00. 63 degrees. still some showers around and the cooler air moves in tonight and the chilly air moves in tomorrow night. storm system has been bringing showers but then we'll break it down for you. breezy and mild today with some showers today. we get wetter tomorrow. periods of rain and then much colder for thursday and friday. highs both days barely get to 50. here is a look at the showers off through pennsylvania and ohio moving into west virginia and western maryland, even into kentucky. look at roanoke and southwest on 81, we've got rain. live doppler 9000 hd, we're quiet here in the metro. at north and west now, not quite winchester but just west of winchester into the mountains of west virginia up
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81 to hagerstown. this is where we're seeing the light showers out there. this stuff is all moving off toward wains boro and up into pennsylvania and clipping into northern frederick county. that ride on 70 west toward hancock, you certainly can see a little bit wet. temperatures in the upper 50s. we're at 65 with mid-60s down south. officially, reagan national, 65. mostly cloudy. winds still south-southwest. that's a warm direction for us. the dew points now in the low 50s. nationally, we're on the warm side of the equation. look up to the north and west. all of the cold air, great falls, 16. casper, 25. that's the chill that's headed off toward the east. we won't be in the teens and 20s. highs near 50 with this area of rain from texas up toward maine. we'll be watching this because we'll be dealing with this at times. not just today but tonight and tomorrow as well. today, we're in the upper 60s with showers. 50 to 55 tonight, tomorrow. periods of rain. only near 60. chilly on thursday.
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only near 50. same story friday. the weekend warms up to low 60s saturday. mid 60s sunday. could be some late showers sunday before more rain on monday. beverly farmer is tracking our commute this morning. >> absolutely, howard. as far as metrorail is concerned, vre, marc, rail commuters, all reporting normal service to start your ride in. we'll check the ride right now for maryland drivers. outer loop of the beltway on the right side of your screen. still running at speed. any volume building is getting between colesville and georgia avenue. no early problems 95 between the baltimore, the capital beltway. beltway south of town, bw parkway, trip into town looks good into northeast. bridges in southeast without any obstacles and i-270 leaving frederick and incident free. here is a check of 395 northbound getting up past the landmark. volume is light heading for the 14th street bridge. 66 corridor. only lingering roadwork is westbound outside the beltway. eastbound lanes are open and northbound 95, just growing volume for you as you head from dale city into woodbridge.
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all lanes open. your next check of timesaver traffic at 5:24. andrea, mike, back to you. our time right now is 5:18. one of the redskins has done well in recent weeks is now out for the season. >> plus, georgetown trying to avoid an early season upset. highlights coming up in sports. >> let's take another look at the question of the day...
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watching a lot of rain across pennsylvania all the way back toward kentucky, west virginia, sneaking in toward the martinsburg area. this is all going to be inching toward us. expect in some wet weather later this morning. mid-60s as we head -- start the morning. by 9:00, the wet weather still north and west of us. middle of the day, some of the showers working toward the metro, especially north and west. as we get into the afternoon, still spotty showers here. temperatures falling into the upper 50s here.
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mid-60s in d.c. mike and andrea? >> georgetown takes on a carolina school as the hoyas try to stay unbeaten. >> redskins talk about how their fluid quarterback situation is affecting the team. dave owens with your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. this is how it went. john beck went into the week the starter. midweek, mike shanahan decided to give both beck and grossman rest with the starting offense. he chose grossman because he's more experience and better suited to deal with the team's myriad injuries. he didn't tell the team until they landed in miami on saturday. players were saying it doesn't matter who starts. that ain't true. players like to know who's leading them. the most critical position afterall. now, yesterday, monday, the quarterback question and the frustration around it was on everybody's mind at redskins park. >> very frustrating. especially when you couple it with losing. a lot of that stuff kind of
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gets brushed under the rug. >> we have to focus on ourselves. until we're pitching shutouts and playing perfect defense, we need to try to get better. >> when you go with a veteran quarterback, it is pretty easy unless there is an injury during the week, rex will be the quarterback. crazy things could happen. >> crazier things can happen. ok. leonard placed on injured reserve with a tear in the hip. the rookie from miami had a breakout game on sunday. 106 yards. he's done for the year. college hoops, georgetown hoyas looking to go 2-0 against unc greensboro at the verizon. nate, grand theft. orange. jason clark. georgetown wins easy, 86-45. that's a quick look at sports. have a great tuesday! >> one more sports note, that will disappoint nba fans, not only did the player's association reject the latest contract offer from the owners, their union has started the process of disbanding which would allow the players to file an antitrust lawsuit against
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the league. with this month's games already canceled, david stern says the rest of the season is now in jeopardy. some guys might have to get a real job or get an education. who knows. >> coming up, the local member of the debt subcommittee hasn't given up hope just yet. >> plus, the team of rappelling engineers spending another week on the sides of the washington monument. before we head to break, quick check of traffic. beverly? >> right now, if you're traveling east on 66 to get to the beltway, accident before you reach the beltway moved on to the shoulder. here inside the beltway, traveling through falls church, the pace is still in good shape. your next check of timesaver traffic coming up at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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it is tuesday morning. we're on a roll.
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>> you can wear shorts to work today if you want. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks a lot for joining us. beverly farmer is in for monika. howard, wow! >> mid-60s this morning. that's about 20 more than we should be. mid-40s. we're going to see some changes though. today, upper 60s. won't be in the low 70s like yesterday. the colder air works in tomorrow with more rain and then a lot colder by thursday and friday. let's get started though with our day planner. temperatures still 65 degrees. we'll have some showers pushing in here later this morning and some showers here and there through the afternoon as temps drop off into the low 60s by 5:00. winds will turn from the southwest to the northwest and north. all 5 to 10, gusts this morning, 15-mile-per-hour range. look at the temperatures. mid-60s d.c., points south. north and west, upper 50s to lower 60s in winchester, frederick at 57. cumberland, 59. we're seeing a bunch of rain in pennsylvania and ohio. now moving into west virginia and western maryland. getting very close or actually
5:29 am
into hagerstown now coming out of martinsburg in through parts of washington county. also in frederick county, virginia. north of winchester back to capon bridge and cross junction. we'll watch that and your temps today, big range from the low 60s around 60 in hagerstown to around 70 at pax river. 67 or so here in d.c. beverly farmer, good morning. >> howard, traveling southbound on 270 out of frederick county and heading into hyattstown, clarksburg. incident on the left shoulder before you get to 121 may slow things down more. outer loop of the beltway, you're not slowing down. building volume as you head past university boulevard. colesville around to georgia avenue, all lanes open. virginia drivers, eastbound 66 just before you get to the beltway, crash moved over on to the right shoulder with attracting attention here inside the beltway, falls church sliding under the hov rolls. everyone is doing well to head in into rosslyn. no early problems 95 northbound coming up out of fredericksburg, stafford, dale city into woodbridge, just the
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building volume to deal with right now. your next look at timesaver traffic coming up at 5:39. mike, andrea, back to you. thank you, beverly. >> police in new york city moved in on the original occupy wall street encampment overnight. >> this had to get people out of the park. they ordered protestors to leave the park where they've been staying for two months because the park has been declared unsanitary and hazardous. once it has been cleaned, the protestors can come back but they're not allowed to bring tents or sleeping bags. >> an ex-marine accused of firing shots at the pentagon has pleaded guilty to unrelated larceny counties in loudoun county, virginia but when jonathan melaku finishes his sentence, he will be transferred to federal custody and will face charges in overnight shooting at local military-related targets. the child sex abuse charges against jerry sandusky have made penn state university the focus in the news for the last ten days. now, the former defensive
5:31 am
coordinator is actually speaking out about these accusations. 9news now reporter surae chinn is in our satellite center with more on sandusky's first tv interview. surae? >> this was an exclusive phone interview with bob costas on nbc. bob costas goes through the 23- page indictment where it spells out jerry sandusky performing sex acts with different boys, including raping them. >> innocent of those charges. >> that's bob costas interviewing jerry sandusky in that interview. it is the first time the former penn state defensive coordinator has spoken since the scandal made headlines. he flatly denies any sexual contact with boys from his charity organization, the second mile. although he admits to horsing around, wrestling and touching their legs. these alleged acts happened for a span of 15 years with eight different boys. according to court papers, they happened at his home, hotel rooms and showers on the university's campus.
5:32 am
jerry sandusky's attorney, joseph says he believes in his client's innocence and is out to prove it. >> we expect we're going to have a number of kids, now how many of those so-called eight kids, we're not sure. but we anticipate we're going to have at least several of those kids come forward and say this never happened. this is me. this is the allegation. it never occurred. >> now, sandusky had access to hundreds of boys through his charity, second mile. since it opened in the 1970s. mike, andrea? >> surae chinn reporting live in the satellite center. of course, the story will continue for weeks to come. >> the engineering team who rappeled down a washington monument back in september, doing it again. this time, they're filling the cracks they found with some temporary sealant as well as the spots where the team removed some loose pieces of marble that cracked. the weatherization work is expected to take all week and should reduce the amount of water that gets into the monument when it rains. today, the prince george's county council will vote on a
5:33 am
zoning bill that would ban slot machines in the county. as of now, prince george's county is not one of the five jurisdictions allowed to have slots in maryland. but the new owners of rosecroft raceway have said they want to add slot machines to help business. voters in maryland first approved the gambling machines in a 2008 referendum. they've been meeting for months but now local congressman on a bipartisan debt subcommittee admit that there is still no consensus on the best way to reduce the federal deficit. >> at times, you think that there's real hope, that you're in striking distance, other moments, everything seems to sort of fall apart. >> maryland democrat chris van holland says he still has hope as the deadline approaches. the subcommittee has the task of cutting $1.2 trillion from the budget over the next decade. the two parties have yet to agree. if they don't, some automatic budget constraints could take effect. it is time for another
5:34 am
"your money" report. >> jessica doyle is here. another major government agency could be facing a shutdown. >> that's right. we're talking about the agency that keeps us safe in the skies. the federal aviation administration. you may remember the faa was shut down for two weeks in a dispute involving labor issues as well as some financial issues. tens of thousands of faa employees and airport construction workers were temporarily laid off so air safety was not put in jeopardy. this time around, democratic senator jay rockefeller says another shutdown is possible because lawmakers have not resolved a labor issue that's holding up long-term funding. current funding expires in january. american eagle has been hit with a fine for trapping passengers on the tarmac. the department of transportation has hit the airline with a $900,000 fine making american eagle the first to be penalized since tarmac delay rules were imposed last year. the carrier had tarmac delays of more than three hours on 15
5:35 am
flights arriving at o'hare airport in may. it says due to bad weather. an airline is nearly doubling the fee it charges to book domestic tickets online. just to book the tickets. spirit airlines has hiked its passenger usage fee. that's a fee charged to anyone who buys the tickets online. originally, it was $899 each way. now $16.99. the international fee fell $2 each way. low-based fares and adds on a slew of fee for everything from carrying on a bag and putting it in the overhead bin to having a glass of water on board. in january, it plans to start charging $5 for every boarding pass. >> they'll be charging per breath, soon. you want oxygen with the flight? >> they want to see how far we're going to go. >> in a way, it is kind of honest because they have an exceptionally low airline ticket price and then you kind of add on the things that you want like breathing. at least it is an itemized bill
5:36 am
for what you're paying. >> what i would have to pay if it were a metal cup or a styrofoam cup. >> oh, my goodness. >> they have no spirit this holiday season. >> still ahead, art or food. how about both? we're going to show you how an artist is honoring our local troops. wait until you see it. >> plus, why dozens of youngsters in northern virginia got a very special message from president obama. we'll be right back.
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very mild this morning. in the mid-60s here in washington. low 60s north and west of town with rain on the way in the form of showers. our day planner today, we'll be all right this morning. i do believe. later this morning, early this morning, we're fine. later this morning, some showers develop. couple of showers around this afternoon. 3:00, still 65. by 6:00, we're down to 61.
5:39 am
more rain and cold temperatures on the way. right now, let's go to beverly farmer to get updated on the timesaver traffic. >> howard, southbound lanes of 270, growing volume out of frederick county to get into hyattstown before you reach route 121. callers have reported an incident with flashing lights. 121 headed south on the right side of your screen still looking good. we have another complete look at your timesaver traffic coming up at 5:57. >> more than two dozen new u.s. citizens celebrated being in a new country in fairfax, virginia. the oldest of them, just 13. 25 children, some as young as 3 took part in the citizenship ceremony monday. including a taped message from president obama. the children who hail from nine countries in africa, europe, asia and central america have all been recently adopted by u.s. families. an appetizing salute to veterans is drawing a
5:40 am
attention. it is a sculpture made of cheese. sculptor sara kauffman took 50 hours molding two 640 blocks of wisconsin cheddar into a replica of the wounded warrior sculpture. it depicts one soldier carrying another across his back. a cancer survivor is has written a book about how friends and family members can best help their loved ones who are battling the disease. >> a park site sets up an overnight camp who want to see an erupting volcano light up the night sky. >> today, he's the original people's court judge, joseph wapner is 82. ed asner, mr. grant -- judge wapner is 92. ok. script says 82. ed asner is 82. law & order actor sam waterston is 71.
5:41 am
>> former new mexico governor bill richardson is 64. jay leno's former bandleader kevin eubanks is 54. nickelback front man chad kroger is 57. a special happy birthday to ron tucker! we'll be right back. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. coming up on 5:45. and we're in a changing pattern in our weather! warm today, who knows what the rest of the week. he does! >> it will be chilly by thursday and friday. and got some rain on the way as well. but this morning, most of us will be dry for the next few hours. it will be later this morning, some showers really start to return to the region. we're seeing them north and west. let's get things started with the bus stop forecast. mostly cloudy. mild. i'm comfortable outside just in my suit jacket with
5:45 am
temperatures 65 here in town. temps running low to mid-60s. sun not up for another hour and change there at 6:50 this morning. standard time. we've got the sunshine. day planner today, cloudy skies. at 8:00. 63. winds still southwesterly. middle of the day, winds start to turn west and northwesterly. a few showers around. that will be the case this afternoon. even this evening. a few showers here and there. 64 by 4:00. northerly winds making us cold. north, northeasterly into the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m. tonight, we're down in the low to mid-50s. we stay in the 50s for the most part on wednesday. we had a great day yesterday. hit 73. look at the rain across pennsylvania, southern ohio. this is moving into west virginia and even southwestern virginia, all moving toward washington, d.c. where live doppler 9000 hd, it is quiet here in the immediate metro. we're going up 70 and out toward i-81 from around the winchester area. back into west virginia, scattered showers through martinsburg and hagerstown
5:46 am
moving in toward parts of frederick county as well. thurmont seeing a couple of sprinkles. extends up 81 as you head toward greencastle, pennsylvania. that is in on the showers at the moment. your temps, they're mild. 59 in lovettsville. 63 manassas and haymarket. 64 for fort belvoir. 57 in laurel is our cool spot. 57, that's right, 67 in baden at this hour. that's our warm spot. officially, 65. documents in the 50s, the barometer holding steady. it has dropped a lot since yesterday at 29.82. still a south-southwesterly wind. south texas, we start energy coming out of mexico crossing the rio grande. showers and storms, severe thunderstorm watch for them. this moisture is flowing northeast through arkansas, through illinois, indiana, ohio, all the way up to maine. it is all flowing north and east. the whole area will be sagging toward us. our rain chances will be going up. in fact, later this morning, scattered showers around here. just around the lunch hour.
5:47 am
through the afternoon, the scattering of showers, not a constant rain but scattered showers. cloudy skies. temperatures mainly in the 60s. now, as we head toward tomorrow morning, some rain especially north of town. then another batch of rain comes later on in the afternoon it looks like so that afternoon rush hour looks like that one is going to be wet as well on wednesday. this will get out of here though so that by thursday and friday, we'll see some clearing. much colder conditions behind this. the temperatures for the second half of the week, might not get out of the 40s in spots. today, 67 with some showers. tonight, low to mid-50s. tomorrow, periods of rain. upper 50s to near 60. other than an early shower south and east thursday, a chilly thursday at 49. a chilly friday around 50. then saturday and sunday, we're back in the 60s with maybe a few late showers on sunday. we're looking all right for the next few hours. how about traffic, here's beverly farmer with those answers. >> we're looking all right on the railways as far as marc rail is concerned, vre, metro,
5:48 am
all reporting normal service this morning, hitting the roads. everybody else is northbound 95, volume building in springfield. overall delays forming in woodbridge to get across the occoquan. more volume. all lanes open as you make your way up on to 395 and head for the 14th street bridge. 66 eastbound, already saw slow traffic from manassas to centreville with an incident on the shoulder. here on 66 and falls church, plenty of room to slide under the hov. no problems heading into rosslyn. maryland drivers, outer loop of the beltway, slow traffic forming to get into silver spring. on the outer loop before you reach connecticut avenue, broken down car hit a big tire tread which damaged its windshield on the left shoulder. pace still good here at new hampshire avenue. the volume is building. 270, cleared a crash southbound before 121. volume there as you head in from hyattstown, germantown on into rockville. maryland, you check in all right.
5:49 am
bridges into downtown and southeast. routes into northeast checked in incident-free. next check of timesaver traffic coming up at 6:00. andrea? >> most of us know someone who has cancer or has been affected by the disease. interacting with your loved ones while they battle cancer can sometimes be awkward. one cancer survivor is trying to change that feeling. i'm joined by lorie hope. she's the author of help me live, 20 things people with cancer want you to know and thank you for being here with us. this is an expansion on a book that was written in 2005. worried about being awkward in talking to someone with cancer. is there a right and a wrong thing to say? >> well, yes and no. we're all different. so, what might be a stab to one could be a scrape to another. generally speaking, people with cancer do not want to hear horror stories or even necessarily stories about other people with cancer. they want it to be about them. you can almost never go wrong
5:50 am
by just saying to someone, i'm here for you. i'm here to go through this with you. and to admit i don't know what to say. i want to help you. and i'm sorry if i say something that isn't helpful. that diffuses so much tension. >> you interviewed 600 people in this expanded edition. what is the one thing they do want to hear from people or experience? >> the number one statement that people with cancer say they want other people to know is i need to laugh or just forget about cancer for awhile. >> and doing that laughter could mean not just a funny story but maybe a good movie or a book. >> taking them to a good movie or finding some clips on youtube and just sitting and watching with them. have you seen marcel, the show with shoes on and just to get -- because it is so hard to escape cancer land. >> we have a question from a viewer, april with stage four
5:51 am
colon cancer. she wants to know how does she prioritize? >> well, look at who you are. what is really important to you. and then -- and talk with your doctor and get a second, third or fourth opinion if necessary. that can be overwhelming as well. but when i recently had cancer, again, i made a list of all of the options and assigned numerical values. that helped me. >> lorie hope, the author of help me live, 20 things you want to hear -- 20 things people with cancer want you to know. >> and we're going to continue our conversation with lorie at making news now at 5:51, today, the memoir of congresswoman gabrielle giffords goes on sale. gaby, the story of courage and hope outlines the arizona democrat's struggle to recover from being shot in the head on january 8th. on interviews with her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly,
5:52 am
giffords said she plans to return to congress when she's better. a victory for environmental groups lobby against the planned route to the keystone oil pipeline. the transcanada company says it will find a new route for the pipeline which does not disturb a sensitive aquifer in nebraska. the pipeline is to run from canada to mexico. what a spectacular site in the eastern congo. a volcano in a national park there started erupting last week. several lava fountains are now spewing hundreds of feet into the air. the park has set up a camp in a safe area overnight so visitors can check it out. the eruption could last days or even months. >> that's incredible. so beautiful. >> the man at the center of the penn state scandal, accused pedophile jerry sandusky responds to the charges in a tv interview. the story is coming up. >> in today's hero central, learn more about a program that's helping prevent unplanned pregnancies when it comes to at-risk teens. jess, over to you. well, the kids may already
5:53 am
be writing that wish list for santa but what toys will they keep playing with long after the wrapping paper gets thrown away? a toy expert shares his must have toy tips coming up at 6:07.
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5:56 this tuesday morning. showers well to the north and west of town this morning. they're going to stay there for the next few hours. by 9:00, we're still in the low to mid-60s. middle of the day, we're pushing the upper 60s here. few more showers approaching the metro. 70 at noon. then this afternoon, scattered showers here and there. temperatures slowly dropping back into the upper 50s and slow 60s. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. teen pregnancy can destroy opportunities. it deprives young people of their childhood and often guarantees a life of dependency and poverty. 12 years ago, the d.c. campaign to prevent teen pregnancy was created. in this hero central report, j.c. hayward recently visited the campaign's office and learned while it is achieving some success, the need is still great. >> one of the things that d.c. campaign does is say that this is a problem that has a solution. teen pregnancy isn't a new
5:57 am
problem and there is a huge body of research that says teen pregnancy is less likely when boys and girls have a close, caring relationship with a trustworthy adult. >> brenda miller, executive director of the d.c. campaign to prevent teen pregnancy can easily describe protective factors that keep teens from becoming pregnant. her program brings together young girls once a week to talk, bond and share. the d.c. campaign to prevent teen pregnancy is committed to making sure that children are born into stable two-parent families who are ready to take on the responsibility of raising the next generation. programs like this make sure that they are successful. 17-year-old sharpetta barkley is a senior at the school without walls. she's familiar with teen behavior and talks candidly to her friends. >> i can help people my age and let girls know that there are many other choices other than
5:58 am
just becoming pregnant or getting an std or having troubles with domestic violence or anything that hearing this from me, somebody that isn't going through this stuff, then they might change their mind. >> i want to be inducted into the national honor society. >> the day i visited, participant were shooting public service announcements. the finished product will look like this. it is refreshing to hear teen girls talk about their futures. futures that are bright and positive. >> because you want to be -- >> you want to be? >> a basketball player. >> elementary schoolteacher. >> a lawyer. >> a child family and school social worker. >> an entrepreneur. >> entrepreneur. business. and? >> a social worker. >> the d.c. campaign wants to cut the teen pregnancy rate in half by 2015. the gannett foundation, our parent company, has donated $5,000 toward that goal.
5:59 am
if you would like more information about how you can help, go to my web site, >> to help reduce teen pregnancy, the d.c. campaign has started a new program targeting teens in foster care and in the juvenile justice system. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> it is tuesday, right? >> that's right. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. beverly farmer is in for monika this morning, she'll be here all week and she'll have timesaver traffic momentarily. >> howard bernstein has our weather forecast. we saw just a little while ago. on his map. rain coming our way! >> some showers today. tomorrow looks to be the wetter day of the two. it is still rather mild. you been outside. >> 65 degrees. >> which is 5 degrees or 6 degrees above our normal high for this time of year. >> we should be 65 for the day. we'll be in the upper 60s today. let's talk about what's happening outside with the day planner with temperatures which were in


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