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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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66 on the hour here at reagan national. 67 by noon with a few showers. that will be the case today. a few showers here and there. temperatures by 5:00 back down to 63. see the temps, upper 50s in the shenandoah valley to the mid- 60s here in town. also in southern maryland, satellite and radar combined, some showers, up across pennsylvania going west and southwest of town. this will be working its way toward us as we get into later in the morning. right now, winchester through martinsburg approaching maybe into western frederick county and up into washington county. we've got a few showers, light ones out there. beverly farmer is in for monika with timesaver traffic. >> we're checking the ride for folks on the beltway in maryland. no early problems from andrews, landover, you've got lanes open. beltway south of town. wilson bridge. look at the volume forming here in the outer loop past new hampshire avenue west into silver spring. broken down car before connecticut avenue on the narrow left shoulder, not helping things. i-270, an earlier crash already out of the way and gone.
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but out of hyattstown, out of frederick county, the volume building as you head south. virginia drivers, northbound 95 seeing the slow traffic from the prince william parkway up across the occoquan. more volume building to get into springfield. headlights on the left side of the screen into landmark on 395 were below speed. approaching the inbound 14th street bridge. drivers on 66 had delays through manassas through centreville toward vienna. the overnight roadwork outside the beltway, here in falls church, we look great. westbound 66 near 123, still only one lane squeezing by. against the rush hour flow. very slow out of vienna. to head out toward fair oaks and centreville. next check of timesaver traffic coming up at 6:12. >> at the top of the hour, let's get to the stories happening today. president obama will leave hawaii in a few hours and head across the pacific. he'll visit australia and because of the time difference, he won't get there until tomorrow. the president will announce plans to expand our military
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relationship with the aussies. a dedication today for a new historical marker in arlington. it is the spot where state department clerk hid the declaration of independence as the british burned washington during the war of 1812. that spot is along the potomac near pim litsch run. >> the national cathedral hosting an interfaith day of prayer, led by leaders of different faith traditions from across the d.c. area. the cathedral just reopened sunday. it was closed for more than two months because of earthquake damage. at 6:02, we have breaking news. occupy protestors in new york city being told to get out. this is a live look from manhattan. police moved in overnight to force out people camping in zucotti park. the owners want the park cleaned. they say it has become unsanitary and hazardous. they will allow protestors back but without tents and camping gear. at first, the eviction was peaceful but it flaired up in the last few hours, at least 70
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people have been arrested. more rallies are planned for later in the morning. we'll keep an eye on this developing situation and bring you updates as we get them. out west, the protestors involved in the occupy oakland movement are figuring out where they're going next. that city's mayor declared camping in frank plaza illegal. that's where protestors lived for weeks. they may cross the bay and join occupy protestors in san francisco. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky admits he showered with young boys. but he still maintains he's not a pedophile. >> he gave a wide ranging phone interview last night, about two weeks after the former penn state assistant football coach was arrested. >> surae chinn is live in our satellite center with more on what he said last night. surae? >> reporter: jerry sandusky denies any sexual conduct with the young boys. he says it didn't happen. he said so in his own words, in his first interview with bob costas last night, since the scandal broke. now, jerry sandusky, the former
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penn state defensive coordinator for the university was the coordinator for 20 years. he now faces 40 counts of inappropriate contact with young boys. according to the grand jury indictment, a mother of one of the boys confronted sandusky during a shower incident and that case was closed by the campus police director back in 1998. there was also a janitor, wrestling coach and grad assistant coach through the years who witnessed boys in separate incidents either being raped in the shower at penn state and other sexual contact between boys on the university's campus. >> are you a pedophile? >> no. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underaged boys? sexually attracted, no. i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. but no. i'm not sexually attracted to
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young boys. >> jerry sandusky went on and he also had access to hundreds of boys through his charity, the second mile. since it opened in the 1970s. we'll hear more of this interview coming up in the next half hour. back to you, mike, andrea? >> surae chinn is live in the satellite center this morning. the scandal cost penn state football coach joe paterno his job. now, his name is being removed from the big ten football trophy. it had been named stagg paterno trophy after paterno and another legendary coach. now, it will be called the stagg trophy instead. paterno was fired for not doing enough to alert authorities about the abuse allegations against jerry sandusky, his former assistant coach. >> dui charges could be filed against the driver of an suv police say struck and killed a man. this was the scene last night near branch avenue and brandywine road. 49-year-old eugene newman of waldorf was killed last night.
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prince george's county police arrested the driver of the suv who died at the scene. the driver is behind bars this morning on unrelated charges. the university of maryland should cut nearly a third of its athletic programs in order to save money. that's the finding of a report released in college park, monday night. the university report recommends cutting the following programs. men's indoor and outdoor track and field. men's cross-country, both men's and women's swimming and diving. men's tennis, women's water polo and aerobics and tumbling. that would affect 166 maryland students. any cuts would take effect next july. two more people are behind bars in venezuela, accused of kidnapping wilson ramos. the nationals catcher was taken from his family's home last week. he was rescued friday night. there are now eight suspects in custody. ramos is physically ok. he said he will make his debut with the venezuelan winter league team tomorrow. >> the clock is counting down
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just 40 shopping days left until christmas. >> this morning, a look at the toys that will make your kids happy. not just christmas morning but into the new year. >> jessica doyle takes a look in this special "your money" report. >> parents are concerned not just about spending money because they will. but they're concerned about replayability. meaning that will the child be playing with it two days after they unwrap the package. >> time to play magazine came up with a list of top toys that will keep the kids playing long after the wrapping paper is thrown away. >> these are hypercharged ball bearings with a beautiful urban vinyl outside on a steel core. the play is all about collecting and battling and no rules. kids get to make up their rules as they go along. >> the latest trading card phenomenon. stack to battle. you can see there is a little bit of animation in there. which has never been done in trading cards. it is silly hair. la la loop is a classic
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ragdoll. bendel hair is great for little kids. >> the crayola jewelry maker. you roll it around and you create different kinds of beads and depending on how creative you are, you can go completely wild and make sort of a thanksgiving necklace which is just beautiful. this is the tag. there is an ereader, an art studio and this will be very familiar to kids who play with their parents ipads, touch technology. this is the fisher-price see yourself camera. a basic digital camera. you can flip it around and kids can actually take pictures of themselves and it is kid tough! so it can really take a beating. we've actually dropped this down from a second floor stairwell. it has been completely fine. >> reporter: what must have toy line-up would be complete without justin bieber? >> this is the justin bieber real hairstyle doll. hottest celebrity doll out there. >> a final note of caution for parents this year. >> if you see things, buy it. you won't see huge sales on things. if you see it, buy it.
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>> that was jessica doyle reporting. toys "r" us hopes you'll want to do shopping after thanksgiving dessert. the shane announced -- the chain announced monday it will open at 9:00 p.m., an hour earlier than last year. bad news for the people who have to head to work next thursday night. it is 6:09. the supreme court will be taking up president obama's healthcare law coming up next. >> the white house is confident the plan will be upheld in five minutes, reaction from both sides. >> up next, howard has your tuesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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it is 6:12. very mild this morning. lots of us are in the low to mid-60s right now. we'll get into the upper 60s with a few showers here and there today. dropping into the low 60s by 5:00. i'll be back in about three minutes. we'll talk about big changes before the week is out. right now, beverly farmer with your timesaver traffic. >> right now, the trip on the outer loop of the beltway with the building volume as you head west of college park, on into silver spring, all lanes reported open as you make the drive over into silver spring past georgia avenue, i-270, the building volume heading down into hyattstown and now in skpwrerpl antown but with all lanes open. that's a look at your timesaver traffic. >> thanks, beverly. unc wilmington students are being asked to stay alert after an armed robber ran on to campus overnight. >> that's one of the stories making news at 6:13. a man with a gun robbed one
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person in a fast food parking lot then ran on to the campus grounds. the school initially warned students to stay away from windows and doors. no one has been hurt on the campus. >> opponents of wisconsin governor scott walker has started a recall drive against him. walker is a republican who drew national attention earlier this year by taking away many of the bargaining rights for state workers. >> they're cleaning up in southern indiana. a line of storms moved through the town of paoli overnight causing this damage. wind speeds reached 60 miles per hour. no reports of any serious injuries. president obama's healthcare law is going to the supreme court. >> it announced monday it will take up the federal law which requires you to buy health insurance. the case won't be heard until march. >> danielle nottingham takes a look at what's at stake and how this could impact the election. the controversy over president obama's healthcare reform law has reached the supreme court. the justices have agreed to hear arguments on whether it is
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constitutional for the government to force americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine. president obama's top aides aren't concerned about the future. >> at the court of appeals level, we've actually seen there have been a number of judges appointed by republican presidents who have agreed this is a constitutional provision. >> republican leaders who fought against the law are happy the issue is in the hands of the nation's highest court. the supreme court will hear more than five hours of oral arguments. the justices could decide to leave the entire law in place with parts unconstitutional or throw out the whole thing. 26 states have challenged the law and several lower courts have come to different conclusions. legal experts expect the supreme court vote to be close. >> it is going to be hard for the court to avoid a controversial decision either way. what they need to focus on is to get it right. >> the high court could issue its ruling in june, putting the case at the center of an election year showdown.
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president obama counts the healthcare reform act among his biggest achievements. many of the republicans running to replace him have pledged to repeal it. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supreme court. virginia was one of the first states to challenge the president's healthcare law but the supreme court will not hear the specific challenge brought by commonwealth attorney ken cuccinelli. he did not issue a comment on the supreme court's decision to hear a different case. however, governor bob mcdonnell did. he released in a statement which says in part i'm confident the court will find the act does overreach and is unconstitutional. i thank the u.s. supreme court for agreeing to hear the arguments on the federal healthcare law during its current term. it is 6:15. the temperature is 66 degrees right now in northwest d.c. that's higher than the normal high for the entire day. >> yeah. 59 is where we should be for the max. maybe in the 30s to around 40 to start. we're blowing that out of the
6:16 am
water. some cooler air is going to move in thursday and friday. let's get you started with a look at the bus stop forecast. because it is going to put the kids out there. take yourself out there. you won't need much to keep you warm today. temperatures right now running in the low to mid-60s. however, i want to caution you, there have been showers up near winchester, martinsburg to hagerstown and northern parts of frederick county and western frederick county and points west. the rest of us right now, mostly cloudy and mild. and at times, it has been breezy. our day planner calling for temperatures starting in the mid-60s. rising to the upper 60s. even near 70 in southern maryland once again. yesterday, we got to 73 here in town. winds will start southwesterly. then turn more northerly this afternoon. we'll have those scattered light showers here and there. it won't be raining all day but the threat for showers will be on and off all day and by 5:00 with the north wind, we'll be down to 62. as we drop to the low to mid- 50s with a few more showers. 66 in washington. pax river naval air station, 58
6:17 am
in hagerstown. cumberland, 59. winchester action few sprinkles here and there. you can see the sprinkles as we look north and west of d.c. this morning. with the showers in pennsylvania. back through ohio. now, coming into west virginia, breaking up a little bit. that will be the case. here's live doppler 9000 hd. kind of moved into the northern shenandoah valley. charlestown over to frederick, hagerstown, martinsburg, all drifting off to the north and east. over toward woodsboro and emmetsburg, you have the showers headed up your way as well. and south of there, should be relatively quiet for another couple of hours. 66 with the clouds at reagan national. winds are light, west-northwest at 3. barometer is moving up and the dew point holding at 53 degrees. plenty of cold air in the western part of the country. that will be sliding toward the east. thursday and friday, we're definitely going to cool down. all of the moisture coming out of mexico into texas. we have a severe thunderstorm watch streaming northeastward across the tennessee valley up toward new england even.
6:18 am
so, there is a lot of rain trying to move in toward our neck of the woods. we'll watch the showers. break up some as they push through us in the middle of the day and the afternoon. you don't see nearly as much activity at 5:00. tomorrow, periods of rain. so, today, look for highs well up into the 60s with a few showers here and there. tomorrow though, a wetter day. only near 60. then a chilly thursday. 49. maybe an early shower south and east. chilly on friday. let's go over to beverly farmer. she'll have an update for you, timesaver traffic. >> heading south out of frederick county, the growing volume, the pace starting to slow down. that's not good. that will take you through germantown and gaithersburg. not a solid delay but it is starting to become that more on the brakes. we'll take a look at the ride for folks in virginia, northbound 95. that's a long haul, too. coming up dale city across the occoquan, pace improves for a
6:19 am
little bit. northbound volume is building to get up past edsall road, landmark to seminary then getting to the 14th street bridge. in all cases, lanes have been open. the outer loop in maryland, you're in slow traffic heading west of college park around to georgia avenue. prince william county with a crash on southbound 28 just before you reach the road. police say they've got one lane blocked at the scene. your next check of timesaver traffic at 6:25. mike, back to you. thanks, beverly. next in sports, learn who the nba says is headed for a nuclear winter. >> right now, time for another check on our question of the morning. it is concession time for ladies. 33% of us have done which of these things to a coworker. is it a, throw them under the bus. b, eat their lunch or c, let the elevator doors close before they could get in? >> kay writes on our facebook page, a, throw them under the bus. i'm sick and tired of others getting away with stuff and not
6:20 am
working. >> jody writes is it a bad sign that i like this question? i think it is c, let the elevator doors close before they could get in. >> keep your guesses coming to our facebook page. we'll reveal the answer at 6:48. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 6:23. howard here, your weather first on this tuesday morning. it is mild and grab the rain gear. we all have a few showers but you won't need it to keep warm. our day planner, temperatures which are mild already. going to be into the upper 60s, some areas south could be near 70. however, we'll have a few showers around, winds turning from southwest to north later in the day. drive home, temperatures falling into the low 60s. andrea? >> in sports, things are not looking good for an nba season this year. both the league and the player's association says it is in serious jeopardy. >> because the nba players rejected the owner's latest offer to end the lockout.
6:24 am
the league imposed a drop dead deadline for a deal last week, both sides kept talking until yesterday. that's when the union though rejected the deal and then started the process to decertify. commissioner david stern says the league is about to enter "a nuclear winter." which means the whole season could go away. monday night football last night, packers hosting the vikings. once again, it was the aaron rogers show. green bays quarterback threw for four touchdown passes. packers roll 45-7 over the vikings. green bay is now perfect. 9-0! >> makes you go bart and brett who? >> on to college hoops, the hoyas head to the maui invitational after feasting on weak opponents. last night, georgetown hosted unc greensboro. thompson and clark combined to make the team's first 12 baskets. hoyas roll, now 2-0 on the season. the preseason nit got underway last night in
6:25 am
blacksburg, virginia. virginia tech took on monmouth. hudson and garland both had 18 points for the huskies. they win easily, 91-46. also in blacksburg last night, george mason took on florida international. fiu's taylor scored five of his 14 points in overtime. patriots fall 79-76. ryan pierson had 19 for mason in the loss. also, howard beat washington and american lost to maryland eastern shore. it is 6:25. in 20 minutes, the list of the best cities in america for women. and which local community makes that list. >> ahead, hear what went on behind closed doors moments before the fbi raided the home of former prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife, leslie. >> beverly farmer has a quick check of the traffic. >> northbound 95 with lanes open, still on the brakes dale city into woodbridge and
6:26 am
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it is early in the morning. >> i'm wearing the shawl because they have on jackets and i do have short sleeves but it is delightful out here. no problem whatsoever. >> walking the dog, a little run. >> think about this. by thursday morning and friday morning. i'll be out here with the jackets and gloves. >> i'll be by myself. >> you bet. >> we've got the mild air in place. today will be another mild day. not as warm as yesterday. 73. upper 60s. the day planner, showers also that will be moving here a little bit later. right now, 66. 67 by noon. a couple of showers here and there today. not an all day rain with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 62. as we look toward the temperatures, 66 also at patuxent river air station. some 60s in fed rick and hagerstown and winchester all in the mid to upper 50s. the rain, watching that up to the north and west. in hagerstown and thurmont right now, this stuff is pretty
6:31 am
light. sprinkles here and there. we're looking at highs today ranging from around 60 in hagerstown to 73 in tappahannock. let's go inside, beverly farmer has a look at timesaver traffic. >> we don't need the wet weather to make it slow around here, howard. outer loop of the beltway stacking up west out of college park into silver spring. here is the load up at new hampshire avenue. delays being closer to the 95 interchange. all lanes open. you won't pick up the pace until georgia avenue in silver spring. andrews is on the inner loop. ended up on both shoulders at least initially. fredericksburg, you've got a crash on route 3 eastbound at bragg road. police are on the scene. 66 travelers, slow enough through manassas, centreville getting from fair oaks toward vienna. inside the beltway, little more volume heading into falls church. all lanes open for those folks just sliding under the hov rolls. northbound 95 loaded up in dale city. most of the way through woodbridge and into springfield. again with no accidents reported in your path.
6:32 am
northbound 395 through landmark into shirlington then getting to the 14th street bridge. your next check of timesaver traffic is coming up at 6:46. andrea, back to you. thank you, beverly. we continue it follow breaking news out of new york city. police are clearing out the occupy protestors there. >> jessica doyle is tracking the story, live in our satellite center. what's the latest, jess? >> very dramatic changes in the state of the occupy wall street protest this morning. in a surprise move earlier this morning, a wave of more than a thousand police officers moved into the encampment were protestors have been háurpbgering down for two months and they made arrests. we want to show you pictures from earlier this morning. you can see there, police in riot gear, filling the streets earlier this morning while protestors awaited their arrival. at about 1:00 this morning, new york city police handed out notices from the city and the owner of zukotti park saying the park had to be cleared because of unsanitary and hazardous conditions. the police moved in and about
6:33 am
70 protestors were arrested. some of whom had chained themselves together this morning. an nypd spokesperson says the park was cleared by 4:30. we want to take you to a live picture right now of zucotti park. protestors were told they could return to the scene later today. as you can see there, daylight hours, they're starting to return to the park. you can see police are still on the scene, the situation there. protestors had been told not to bring back sleeping bags, tarps or tents. it is difficult to tell from these pictures but it does look like encampments have not been set up thus far. protestors began marching at two locations in lower manhattan where they plan to hold rallies. now, reports say this morning's action came as protestors were announcing they were actually going to shut down wall street as of thursday with demonstrations there. the event really to commemorate the fact that they had been occupying that particular park for two months as of thursday, a movement which has gone on to
6:34 am
inspire movements across the country, including occupy d.c. right here. andrea and mike, back to you. thanks, jess. latest on the occupy wall street from new york, again, getting cleared out of the park there. well, we're starting to hear from the man at the center of the penn state sex abuse scandal. >> jerry sandusky admits he showered with boys and there was horseplay but he says there was no sexual abuse. >> surae chinn is following the story and joins us now with more on what else he said last night. >> well, he's flatly denying the charges of sex crimes. as you mentioned, he does say he touched some of the boys. there was no sexual innuendo at all. he's breaking his silence as a pedophile, an accused pedophile and with bob costas, he had an interview with him yesterday on nbc. listen in. >> are you denying that you had any inappropriate sexual contact with any of these underage boys? >> yes, i am. >> never touched their genitals, never engaged in oral
6:35 am
sex? >> right. >> reporter: it is the first time the former penn state defensive coordinator has spoken since the scandal broke. he flatly denies the 40 counts of sex crimes with eight young boys in the last 15 years. according to the grand jury indictment, these alleged acts happened at his home, hotel rooms and showers on the university's campus. >> i say that i'm innocent of those charges. >> innocent? completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> well, i could say that you know, i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them. without intent of sexual contact. >> well, these are the court papers. they're 23 pages long. that spells out some of the conduct that he flatly denies.
6:36 am
and he says that he found his victims through the second mile charity that he founded. the future of this charity is put into question because the ceo has resigned after 28 years. and now some of the schools say that they're not referring any of the kids to the charity. >> it is amazing that his attorney even allowed him to speak because admitting that he touched in any way, these children could be used against him. >> we heard from attorney in the last hour, he said i am backing sandusky. i believe in his innocence. he said he'll prove it. >> wow, a lot more to come on this. of course, coming up on "the early show" at the top of the hour, much more on this. >> federal investigators have just released some taped phone conversations during their raid on jack and leslie johnson's home. on the tape, you can hear the former prince george's county county executive instructing his wife to conceal bribe money. >> what do you want me to do with this money? they're banging. what do you want me to do? >> put it in your panties and
6:37 am
walk out of the house. >> no. i mean all of this cash, jack. i got the one from down-- >> put it in your panties. >> oh, my god. ok. >> both the johnsons have pleaded guilty in prince george's county corruption scandal. they are scheduled to be sentenced, both husband and wife, coming up in december. lawyers for the man accused of plotting to strap explosives to radio-controlled planes in a terrorist attack on washington are trying to spring him from jail. defense attorneys say 26-year- old rezwan ferdaus is a mentally troubled man and had no chance of carrying out his attack. he's charged with plotting attacks on the pentagon and the u.s. capitol building. prosecutors argue that ferdaus should remain behind bars until his trial. in a few hours, president obama will be hopping on air force i and heading to australia. it is the start of a multination visit to pacific nations. the president has spent the last few days in hawaii. he hosted the asian pacific economic conference and met there with australian prime
6:38 am
minister julia gillard. this week, they'll discuss increasing military cooperation between our two nations. >> lawmakers on the hill close to a batch of spending cuts that will keep the federal government funded for now. the $180 billion measure includes cuts to nasa and community development programs. it avoids cuts to nutrition programs and food stamp aid. that bill would fund uncle sam through december 16th. lawmakers hope to have more long-term funding in place by then. the little bits of soap bar you leave behind in hotel room could soon do good. hilton worldwide will donate leftover soap to chair. it's teamed up with more than 3700 hotels with an atlanta- based organization. it recycles the little bits of soap to give them to poor communities around the globe. the group is called clean the world. it estimates american hotels throw out one million used bars of soap each and every day. 6:39. howard says another great day. highs in the 60s today.
6:39 am
cooldown is coming up. he'll tell you when. >> here is a live look at inbound 14th street bridge. not too bad at all. at least not at this time. our next timesaver traffic report is 7 minutes away. >> thanks for choosing channel 9. 8:00, you can catch ncis. w
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welcome back to 9news now. approaching 6:44. it is tuesday morning. and it is a nice start to the day. >> couple of sprinkles up well north and west of town. grab an umbrella. maybe a light rain shower. you won't need a rain jacket for the temperatures which are in the 60s. warmer than we are for the afternoon high.
6:44 am
a couple of showers up north, martinsburg, hagerstown, winchester. around here, mostly cloudy. temps running in the low to mid 60s and sunrise coming up in about 6 minutes from now at 6:50. day planner, well, we're going to have clouds around today and a few showers from time to time. not an all day rain but 67 at noon. some areas south of town might flirt with 70 once again before the northerly winds start to kick into the afternoon. that will drop temps by 4:00. down to around 64 and upper 50s by 8:00. lots of rain in pennsylvania and ohio moving into northern and western parts of west virginia. some of those showers are coming near hagerstown right now. also in the roanoke area, we're seeing showers move in from southwestern virginia. live doppler 9000 hd, piddly looking sprinkles here west of hagerstown down 81 to martinsburg over to cross junction, paw paw, south of hancock now, 522. we're going to watch all of this stay north of town here for the next few hours.
6:45 am
we're in the upper 50s in northern loudoun county and northern montgomery county. but low to mid-60s for much of fairfax county. fairfax, 63 to 65 at fort belvoir. mid-60s, upper marlboro. 67. crofton, 54. 58 in columbia with college park at 61. in town, we've got 66 under cloudy skies. light winds. the dew point at 53. it has become a little bit more humid out there. moisture flowing in from mexico and texas. severe thunderstorm watch box this morning. south central texas. they need the rain. little rock seeing showers and some storms up through kentucky, southern indiana and ohio and the showers going into maine this morning, this front off to the north and west of us. one front will slide through. a second front coming late tomorrow. the first front sort of pushed through this afternoon with a few showers. we'll see a break at times as well. tonight, some clouds, a few more showers and then here comes some rain in as we head into the day.
6:46 am
some showers on wednesday ulcod be moderate at times. looking ahead, the forecast. it changes. today, warmest day at 67 with a couple of showers. few showers tonight. winds tomorrow will be more northwesterly. cooler day. 59 with periods of rain. thursday, maybe an early shower south and east. becoming partly sunny, chilly. only near 50, much colder for friday as well as 50. the weekend though, some moderation. might be a shower late sunday, better chance to see showers on monday. monika is off. we've got you covered with beverly farmer, timesaver traffic. >> howard, we've got a couple of snags in what was a slow commute, southbound 270, crash reported between 28 and falls. southbound, right there on the left shoulder. so far, no response blocking any lanes. it is slow out of clarksburg, southbound, most of the way down to the lane divide. that won't help. it won't help you, too, on the beltway down toward andrews where sky 9 is flying over the crash. happened on the inner loop
6:47 am
between route 4 and allentown road. everybody out of the roadway completely as you can see. the car ended up in the trees there. all of the activity on the right shoulder, pace looks good there. not sure if the outer loop will rubberneck as they come up past the scene. through woodbridge and into springfield, northbound 95 heading up to the beltway. 395 through landmark and again, approaching the 14th street bridge. all lanes open there. your next check of traffic at 6:58. >> today, the prince george's county council could decide to ban slot machines from the county. it would be -- it wouldn't be an outright ban but the zoning bill would effectively stop plans for any slots parlors. the owners of rosecroft raceway say they need to expand gaming in order to survive. county executive rushern baker is opposed to the ban. well, harrah's is showing off plans, speaking of slots, for a slots parlor in downtown baltimore. it would be south of camden
6:48 am
yards. $310 million dollar complex would include restaurants. harrah's said the facility would have 3700 slot machines and would bring in 1200 jobs. when it comes to the best city in america for women and their health, cambridge, massachusetts, is number one. "self" magazine says the boston suburb has low rates of obesity, heart disease and cancer for women. now, one local town gets high marks as well. bethesda, maryland, is the best city for women's breast health. four out of five women over the age of 40 living in bethesda have had mammograms and women there are 12% less likely than women nationwide to die of breast cancer. now, when it comes to healthiest love lives, seattle is the place to be for women. for the safest, it is san jose, california. if you want to be happy, women, move to raleigh, north carolina. >> very interesting. >> betcha they wouldn't have these problems in those cities.
6:49 am
>> time to answer the question of the morning. for that, we turn to a morning viewer. she has the honors. >> 33% of all women have done this to a coworker. a, throw them under the bus. b, eat their lunch. or c, let the elevator door close before they can get in. my answer was b, eat their lunch. but the actual correct answer is c, let the elevator door close before they can get in. >> you say you've done that. >> that's one of the only things i could possibly do and i try to make sure it doesn't look like it is what we did. >> i think i may have done it. i haven't eaten anybody's lunch or thrown anybody under the bus. it is probably pushed the elevator button. not in meanness but i had to get where i was going. >> we have a check of the news before you go coming up next.
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6:53. we're looking mild this morning. 66. we will have some showers moving in this morning in the afternoon. on and off showers. look at the temps, upper 60s by noon. low 60s for the drive home. andrea? >> thank you, howard. today is tuesday, november 15th. here is a check on the news before you go. we go to a live look from new york city. this is a helicopter shot from zuccotti park in manhattan. police evicted the occupy wall street protestors overnight. the owners of the park wanted them out of the park so it could be cleaned. after the clearing, that's when the protests flared up. >> there were about 70 arrests and protestors are back at the scene. "the early show," of course, will be there live coming up at the top of the hour with the latest. it is 6:54. we'll have one more check on weather and traffic when 9news
6:54 am
now returns. >> so, ah, your seat good?
6:55 am
got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful.
6:56 am
>> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
6:57 am
we wanted news about getting arrested during protests. does it help the cause? early this morning, we showed a live helicopter shot from new york city. the occupy wall street protest in zuccotti park. more than 70 people got arrested there this morning. there is a live picture once again now. they were dispersed from the park so it could be cleaned. they're all welcomed back, however without tents and sleeping bags but does it matter? does it change anything by getting arrested? >> i think the look of some of the protestors has been a turnoff to people who might support their cause right or
6:58 am
wrong. they're talking about moving into central park since zuccotti park is privately owned but it does call to mind what will happen here. will the occupy protestors react negatively when they're asked to remove their sleeping tents and campsite down by freedom plaza. >> sanitary concerns. >> yes. >> they'll have to be dealt with as well. people talk about less than savory things happening in alleyways. >> i can almost smell it already. >> weatherwise, a warm day today. upper 60s. a few showers tonight in the 50s. a wet day wednesday. 59. look at the chill coming with thursday and friday. temperatures only near 50. beverly? >> howard, folks trying to occupy 270 ran into a snag. it was already slow getting out of clarksburg down to the lane divide when the crash southbound on 270 past 28 moved out of your way. the pace is a little bit better
6:59 am
here heading on down to the lane divide for the beltway. virginia drivers, you've got the line-up getting out of woodbridge into springfield. 395 line-up has been getting past landmark toward king street and again at the 14th street bridge. >> as for wall street, futures are looking flat. everybody continues to watch the action overseas with the european debt crisis. >> oh, wow. >> "the early show" begins next. of course, they'll have the latest on the renew occupy protest in new york. >> i'll be back in 25 minutes with a live update on weather. get updates on news, weather and traffic by visiting >> see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. have a great day, everybody! good morning. thousands of protester


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