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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello, thank you for joining us. i'm j.c. hayward. the new york city park at the center of the occupy wall street movement was cleared of protestors and tents overnight for a thorough cleaning. however, some people refused to leave. even though the park is expected to reopen later today. randall pinkston has the latest information from lower manhattan. >> reporter: occupy wall street demonstrators marched in the streets of lower manhattan after they were evicted from their camp overnight. >> we are the 99%. >> new york city police moved
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in after midnight. they carried away protestors who refused to leave zuccotti park and arrested about 200 people. >> they're treating us like we're some kind of violent people. this is so sad. this is america! >> reporter: zuccotti park has been scrubbed clean. city officials say the occupation posed a health and safety hazard and it was time to return the park to the public. >> the first amendment gives every new yorker the right to speak out but it does not give anyone the right to sleep in a park or otherwise take it over to the exclusion of others. >> reporter: demonstrators have occupied the park for almost two months to protest corporate greed and economic inequality. but their prolonged presence hurt local businesses and the crowds and noise frustrated residents and workers in the bustling area. >> i want to have lunch in my park. and i want to be able to use -- >> the city plans to clean the park and let the demonstrators
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return without tents and sleeping bags but lawyers for the movement were in court this morning, trying to get a judge to let the camping gear back in. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. mayor bloomberg says that the raid was timed for the middle of the night to minimize resistance from the protestors and disruption to the neighborhood. a loudoun county middle school teacher has been charged with being drunk in public. authorities say the 49-year-old man teaches physics at jay michael lunsford middle school. someone from the school called police yesterday because the suspected teacher was drunk in the classroom. at this point, authorities are not saying if he will be terminated. well, this morning's commute was particularly hectic for scores of drivers in loudoun county. fortunately, now, the westbound ramp from loudoun county parkway to route 7 in ashburn is reopened. surae chinn has more on a serious crash that caused the
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commotion. >> reporter: chopper 9 above shows a crumpled car on the hound county parkway exit ramp to route 7 heading west. officers with the reconstruction team say the driver of the gray car came off the exit ramp at a high rate of speed, traveled across the lanes and you can see the skid marks where it hit a car, both traveled across the grassy median before landing on the exit ramp heading westbound on route 7. the 18-year-old male driver of the gray car and 47- year-old woman of the silver car were both trapped inside for 15 minutes. they were airlifted to the hospital in very serious condition. in ashburn, surae chinn, 9news now. dui charges could be filed against a driver of an suv that killed a man. this was the scene last night at branch avenue and brandywine road. 49-year-old eugene newman of waldorf was killed. prince george's county police arrested the driver of the suv and he is behind bars on
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unrelated charges. an ex-marine accused of firing shots at the pentagon and the marine corps museum has pleaded guilty to unrelated larceny charges in loudoun county, virginia. but when jonathan melaku finishes serving his six-month sentence, he's expected to be transferred to federal custody. then, he'll face charges of a series of related shootings. federal investigators have just released taped phone conversations during their raid on jack and leslie johnson's home. on the tapes, you can hear the former prince george's county executive instructing his wife to conceal bribe money. >> what do you want me to do with this money? they're banging. >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> no. i mean all of this cash, jack. i got the one from -- >> put it in your panties. >> oh, my god.
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ok. >> both of the johnsons have pleaded guilty in the prince george's county corruption scandal. they are scheduled to be sentenced in december. now to the latest on the penn state child sex abuse scandal. for the very first time, former football coach jerry sandusky admits that he made mistakes. however, he denies any wrongdoing. we get the latest now from amman in state college, pennsylvania. >> i say that i'm innocent of those charges. well, i could say that, you know, i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their leg, without intent of sexual contact. >> more people are going to have some stories. >> pennsylvania attorney ben who represents one of the
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alleged victims in the scandal told cbs news his client suffered years of sexual abuse by sandusky who he met through sandusky's second mile charity. >> can you characterize the kind of abuse your client allegedly sustained? >> severe. >> severe? >> over a number of years? >> over a period of time, he suffered severe sexual abuse. mr. sandusky built a relationship with my client and i believe that he used that relationship with the second mile program and with the university to his advantage so he could essentially stalk and prey on these victims, including my client. >> sandusky stands abused of abusing 7 other boys. legal experts say some of the victims all under the age of 30, face limited options. under state law, if the alleged abuse happened before 2002, the victim had until the age of 20 to file a civil suit. if it was after 2002, they have until their 30th birthday.
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he disagrees. >> i don't really see any legal roadblocks whatsoever for my client or for any of the victims in this case. >> on monday, second mile ceo dr. jack raykovitz stepped down after 28 years in the best interest of the organization. in a statement, raykovitz said he hoped his decision would lead to a restoration of faith in the charity. >> just imagine how those victims felt when they knew that someone saw what was happening to them. and didn't come forward, didn't stop it. didn't listen to them. >> the scandal cost penn state football coach joe person know his job and now his name is being removed from the big 10 football trophy. it had been named the skagg paterno trophy after paterno and another legendary coach but now, it will just be called the skagg trophy. paterno was fired nor not doing enough to alert authorities
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about abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. still to come when the news continues, a big casino company unveils plans for slot machines in a major maryland city. we'll explain when 9news now continues. plus... >> coming up, the g.o.p. candidate slipping and gaining ground, heading toward the iowa caucuses.
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let's turn our attention to campaign 2012. herman cain's poll numbers are sliding. and his struggle to answer a reporter's question on libya could spell more trouble for the candidate. but if cain drops in the polls, newt gingrich finds himself on the rise. danielle nottingham has the latest now from the white house. >> how are you? >> reporter: herman cain's poll numbers are sinking and the presidential candidate fumbled when editors at the milwaukee sentinel journal asked him about the obama administration policy on libya. >> libya. >> hours later, he tried to brush it off. >> it was a pause. that's all it was. good grief. >> cain's campaign staff later said he went to the meeting on just four hours sleep.
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as cain slips in the polls, newt gingrich is on the rise. the latest national survey puts the former house speaker in second place, striking distance from mitt romney who is leading the pack again. during a campaign stop in iowa, gingrich took a swipe at the front-runner. >> large part of this, i want you to decide, well over half of it. for one reason or another, is uncomfortable with governor romney. >> reporter: cbs political director john dickerson said gingrich could go the distance. >> he has strength in iowa and south carolina. he seems to have enough if he can sustain his campaign in all of the other ways he'll need to. >> gingrich stays in iowa today. michele bachmann, rick rick santorum and herman cain will join them. they're each fighting to shore up support with less than two months before the caucuses there. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. and another poll that was released today puts herman
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cain, mitt romney and newt gingrich all in a four-day tie for first place tie among iowa voters. lawmakers on the hill are close to a batch of spending cuts that will keep the federal government funded for now. the $180 billion measure includes cuts to nasa and community development programs. it avoids cuts to nutrition programs and food stamp aid. that bill would fund the government through december 16th. lawmakers hope to have a more long-term funding plan by then. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> j.c., we're comfortable right now. i've got the umbrella handy. we've got a couple of sprinkles to the north and west. we'll look at live doppler 9000 hd. want to take a break with a look at midday temps. cooler up north with gaithersburg and laytonsville. but baden is 68. let's talk about the rain for the afternoon and what you can expect for the rest of the week when 9news now at noon returns.
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later today, the prince george's county council will vote on a zoning bill. which would essentially ban slot machines in the county. right now, prince george's county is not one of the five jurisdictions allowed to have slots in maryland.
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but the new owners of rosecroft raceway have said they want to add slot machines to help business. voters in maryland first approved the gambling machines back in a 2008 referendum. harrah's is showing off plans for a slots parlor in downtown baltimore. it would be just south of camden yards. the $310 million complex would also include restaurants. harrah's says that the facility would have 3700 slot machines and also include 1200 jobs. two more people are behind bars in venezuela, accused of kidnapping wilson ramos. the nationals catcher was taken from his family home last week. he was rescued friday night. there are now eight suspects in custody. ramos is physically ok. he says he will make his debut with his venezuelan winter league team tomorrow. well, you know the little bits of soap that we leave
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behind in a hotel room? soon, they could be doing some good because hilton worldwide will donate leftover soap to charity. it has teamed up with more than 3700 hotels with an atlanta- based organization. the organization recycles those little bits of soap and it gives them to poor communities around the globe. the group is called clean the world. it estimates that american hotels throw out one million used bars of soap each day. >> recycling is a good thing. >> it is a very good thing. >> that's a lot of waste. a million little bars? how are you? >> well, i had a heat wave this morning when i opened out the windows and went outside. >> temps only bottomed out in the 60s. we may set a record for the warmest mid but i think we'll probably drop into the upper 50s by midnight. let's talk about this afternoon though. you going anywhere? keep the umbrella handy.
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we have a couple of sprinkles. we're likely to see a few more showers later this afternoon. the better chance for showers won't be until tonight and especially on wednesday. so, our day planner, temperatures slowly falling off this afternoon. some cooler air is trying to work its way here. winds not too bad. by 5:00, a better chance that we'll actually have showers and more spots and that will be the case this evening as well as we see temperatures by 9:00 dropping back into the upper 50s with light north to east winds. really less than 5 miles per hour. here is a look at what's been happening. we had rain this morning and still do up in pennsylvania, waves of moisture, a lot of rain from williamsport back to pittsburgh into southern ohio. northern west virginia along the border with ohio back into kentucky. around here, just a few spritzes is all we've been able to squeeze out. live doppler 9000 hd up to montgomery and howard county, from gaithersburg up toward olney into clarksville, a couple of sprinkles up toward boise. that's it. this stuff is pretty light.
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moving quickly. even up to bwi, getting a little raindrops. just a couple of drops on the windshield. 56 in martinsburg with a low, these are lows we're looking at. it didn't get below 65 in la plata. the average high is 59 degrees. right now, the front just south of town, north of us, upper 50s to around 60. fredericksburg is 07. the warm weather relatively warm weather down here. we've dipped into the 40s in oakland and cumberland. right now, national is 65. cloudy skies. calm winds. that barometer is slowly, very slowly rising at the moment. and the dew point sits in the 50s. what we're watching is this moisture flowing in from texas. an upper storm producing severe weather in east texas. the severe thunderstorm watch box in the houston area. all of this rain coming north and east through kentucky and tennessee and up in our neck of the woods, we'll continue to watch this as this whole area
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is going to sag over us. the future cast shows the rain moving in as we get into the later part of the afternoon. you'll notice for the drive home, we're likely to have a lot more showers around than we have now. southern maryland down toward fredericksburg, you might still be dry. tonight, we've got waves of showers. tomorrow morning, even if we start dry, we won't stay that way. more rain will head toward us, especially in the afternoon and evening hours. some of the rain could be heavy, maybe and see some rumbles of thunder. you notice the chilly northwest wind. it will get a lot colder for thursday and friday. before we turn the corner for the weekend. this afternoon, 67, temperatures slowly dropping off. some showers increasing late. 50 to 55 tonight. only in the upper 50s to near 60 tomorrow with a lot more in the way of showers or periods of rain. chilly on thursday. 52. friday, 50. we get better. saturday, 62. sunday, mid-60s. could be a few late showers on sunday. hey, we'll show you a couple of thanksgiving treats when 9news
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now at noon returns. ñññ
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one of my favorite side dishes for thanksgiving is sweet potato casserole. i don't know how to do it perfectly. but i have someone here who does. and that is the executive chef from wildfire. eddie. of course, wildfire is at tysons galleria, one of my favorite, favorite all-time favorite restaurants.
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so, thank you for being here. you've already started -- but first, before you do that, let's talk about what you brought. this is the finished product? >> this is the finished product i'm about to make. sweet potato casserole. it has marshmallows and fluff which gives it a unique texture. very, very good. our wildfire stuffing. wildfire pumpkin pie. our wildfire turkey dinner. we're open on thanksgiving so we'll have all of this for our customers. >> there is the world famous. >> world renowned chop salad. >> ok. so, let's start. >> i've already -- >> you've boiled the sweet potatoes. >> you can boil them or bake them and peel them. i chose to bake them and then peel them. the skin comes off easily. i put a tablespoon of cinnamon, tablespoon of nutmeg, tablespoon of honey, a little butter and you just whisk it in. just mix it up.
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>> how many potatoes? >> there is about five pounds in here. the recipe is on the web site. >> oh, really? >> ok. brown sugar. just mix it really well. then you grab a casserole dish as we did here. you put a layer of sweet potato mixture, a layer of marshmallow, a layer of another sweet potato then you top it with fluff. >> what is fluff? >> a marshmallow cream. it is pretty much melted marshmallows but in a different consistency. when you pop it in the oven, it gives it a nice golden color and melts all over. >> now, how long do you leave this in the oven for? >> about 30 minutes. >> about 30 minutes. >> then just -- then you could hit it, put on the broil so you can get that nice carmelization of the marshmallow and the fluff on top. go ahead and try it. >> i am. >> where is a plate? let's get a plate. someone has a plate in there? and then you brought dressing.
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turkey dressing. i have my fork. i don't have a plate. >> all right, i'll just take a little bit out. howard, you want to get a fork? >> i'll find one. i tasted some of the stuffing before we own the on the air. that was great. i loved what you did with the mushrooms in it, too. >> oh, my goodness. >> you get the nice crunch. >> the crunch. >> i've never had that. howard, taste this. come over. >> do whatever she says. i'll taste it. >> it is so good! that is very good. the recipe is on is that good or what. it is warm. >> nice crunch. >> that is nice. >> oh, we have -- >> the stuffing. >> you butter sauteed the mushrooms then soak the bread in chicken stock? >> let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes to absorb the flavor then put carrots, celery, onions, sage, thyme. >> it was excellent. >> come back and visit us at 5:00. we're having lunch right now.
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>> bye-bye.
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>> victor: thank you. >> michael: thank you.


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