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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 16, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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remain. australian visit. president obama announces an expanded u.s. military presence countering moves by china. and victory number 903. >> mike krzyzewski has set the record in men's division i basketball. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, november 16th, 2011. good morning, everybody. appreciate your joining us. thanks for joining us. i'm terrell brown. it turns out the former graduate shint mike mcqueary wrote an e-mail to a friend last week. in that e-mail, mcqueary says when he saw jerry sandusky sxaeb
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san duskys has been charged of abusing eight boys but more victims are coming forward. armen keteyian has more. >> reporter: from the moment the sexual abuse erupted, mike mcqueary has been out of sight and hasn't spoken. he is a key witness bafs it was mcqueary who told the grand jury in 2002 he had seen the former coach jerry sandusky rape a boy in a shower. he spoke for the first time since the scandal broke. do you have any idea when you think you might be ready to talk? >> this process has to play out. i just don't have anything else to say. >> reporter: okay. then just one last thing. just describe your emotions right now. >> all over the place. just kind of shaken. >> reporter: crazy? >> crazy. >> reporter: you said what, like a? >> snow globe.
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>> reporter: last friday, mcqueary was placed on indefinite administrative leave by penn state keeping him away from saturday's game in part over concerns of his safety. >> i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their leg, without intent of sexual contact. >> reporter: pennsylvania attorney who represents one of the alleged victims said his client was exteamly disappointed by the interview and it was 100% false. armen keteyian, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. now to a mystery at the white house. the secret service investigating a shooting accident that damaged a window in the presidential mansion. the investigation was launched yesterday after two bullets were found. one in the damaged window. the other nearby. president obama was in hawaii so he was never in any danger. last friday, an ak-47 assault rifle was found near the white
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house following reports of gunfire. police are hunting for a suspect in that incident which may or may not be linked to the bullets that were found yesterday. this morning, the president is in australia. he was welcomed with a 21-gun salute. >> this rotational deployment is significant because what it allows us to do is to not only build capacity and cooperation between our two countries, but it also allows us to meet the demands of a lot of partners in the region. >> mr. obama will address the trailian parliament tomorrow. the state holds its caucuses in january. we go now to susan mcginnis in washington with more.
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>> reporter: we have had candidates survive scandal and flip-flops and flubs and now with a surprising come back from behind of newt gingrich, when it comes to iowa and the republican nomination, it is still anybody's guess who gets it. the republican candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard, especially in iowa, where the first caucus is just seven weeks away. a new poll of likely iowa voters shows a tight race with four men near the top. herman cain still holds the lead, despite accusations of sexual harassment and several missteps when answer foreign policy questions. >> i have never had high elected office. >> reporter: cain is trying to convince voters that his background as a ceo gives him an advantage over his competitors. >> politicians will propose things they believe they can pass. businessmen propose ideas to fix the problem. >> reporter: but the politicians
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running against cain have been catching with him in the polls, including former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. gingrich's campaign was all but written off in the spring when top members of his staff resigned, but he has managed a comeback, thanks to several promising debate performances. >> it's newt momentum and everybody is talking about newt at this point. >> reporter: that is helping him raise money. since october 1st, his campaign has taken in $3 million. raising money has never been a problem for millionaire mitt romney and congressman ron paul has an interest in iowa. with 60% of voters who have picked a candidate saying they could still change their mind. now gingrich has a lot riding on iowa. he is opening several offices there right now with this renewed gingrich in the spotlight. terrell, we can certainly expect to hear more about his past behavior. >> oh, boy. the race is just getting going here. susan mcginnis in washington,
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susan, thank you. a tense confrontation between riot police and occupy wall street protesters overnight in seattle. protesters tried to block intersection u.s. during rush hour yesterday. at least six people were arrested. here in new york, occupy wall street protesters are back in zuccotti park one day after force to do leave but no longer that their tents or camping gear. >> reporter: occupy wall street protesters filed back into zuccotti park tuesday evening each allowed to bring only a small bag. >> i am close to tears being back in this place. i never thought it would happen this quickly. >> reporter: a state supreme court justice cited with the city saying it doesn't entitle them to camp out in a public park indefinitely. >> it's another -- take our space, we will just move inside. >> refuse to immediately remove your property from the park, we will refuse to leave the park,
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you will be subject to arrest. >> reporter: police cleared out protesters early tuesday morning, arresting more than 200 people in the process. the park was then scrubbed clean. mayor mike bloomberg said his decision to evict was based on health and safety concerns. >> protesters have had two months to occupy the park with tents and sleeping bags. now they will have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments. >> every time they -- they pull something like this, we just gain more support. >> reporter: the park is once again, packed with protesters. many say the eviction only gives them new resolve to grow their movement between corporate greed and academic inqaelt. police officers are keeping a close eye on the park. >> everything we started here today doesn't end in this space. it moves from this space. >> reporter: a major demonstration is planned for thursday to mark the two-month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. at about the same time, more protests began at the university of california at berkeley.
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police shot a man on the campus. police say he was inside the business school and took a gun out of his backpack. no word on his condition this morning. police say the incident was not connected with the wall street protests. cbs "moneywatch" time now on a wednesday. stocks in asia took more losses today. ashley morrison with more. >> tokyo's knee kay lost nearly 1% and honk honk hang seng down more than 2%. dow rose 0.1 of a percent and the nasdaq added just more than 1%. the u.s. economy shows signs of picking up in the fourth quarter. retail sales increased half a percent last month. the fifth straight monthly gain. in europe, battling to deal with its dote woes, italy is expected to unveil its new cabinet. new italian premiere mario monti
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must get his country to agree to new reforms. is all right split over the new austerity measures. e-mail is take ago toll on the postal service. the postal service says it has lost more than $5 billion in the past year, and expects losses to accelerate in 2012. postmaster general patrick donohoe wants congress to give the service a reprieve on a big health benefit payment due friday. in canada, paying with plastic has taken on a whole new meaning. the canadian central bank has introduced a plastic 100 dollar bill. it's thin, it's shiny, recyclable and almost impossible to tear. other denominations will be introduced soon. if they come our way, i'll just have a wallet full of plastic. >> we will take it. for plastic, so much for making it rain. you can throw it and watch it come down with paper and it's
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not happening. not that i could do it anyway. ashley morrison in new york, appreciate it. thank you so much. just ahead on the "morning news," a fresh crew for the international space station and unrest continues to grow in syria and neighboring countries are criticizing the syrian leader. but first, scott pelley with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." a vaccine that may not only treat cancer but prevent the disease from ever occurring. we will show you the ground-breaking treatment that is targeting cancer and giving new hope to patients, tonight on the "cbs evening news"
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serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. russia soyuz capsule docking with the international space station. he'll take command of the station and spend the next four months in orbit. syria's army say they are
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attacking military positions near damascus today after dozens of protesters were killed in one of the bloodiest days since the upright siding began eight months ago. elizabeth palmer reports. >> reporter: the cell phone may be shaky but it reports to show syrian soldiers and government thugs shooting opposition protesters who want democratic reforms. more than 3,500 of them killed since march, according to the united nations. syria's neighbors reluctant to criticize an ally insisting this violence must stop. turkish prime minister is the most outspoken those who fire shots at their own people, he said, will go down in history as leaders who feed on blood. in washington, u.s. state department spokesman mark toner said syria's isolation is deepening. >> the drum beat of international pressure is
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increasing. >> reporter: the pressure is increasing inside syria, too. thousands march in a funeral o procession of six known to march. lone soldiers began announcing their defections from the syrian army in the summer. now whole groups are doing it and turning their guns and military know-how against assad's regime. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. coming up on this wednesday, we will have your weather forecast. in sports, a record-setting win for duke's coach k. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today
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and learn how our patented billion point database can help protect you. call 1-800-lifelock today. lifelock. relentlessly protecting your identity. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows thick clouds leaving the southern plains and heading into the mid atlanta area bringing heavy rains and windy conditions. section of the northern plains will see some snow showers. most of the west coast is clear but storm clouds are rolling into the north. later today, southeast can expect severe weather from the carolinas to the gulf coast. the northern plains will get a blast of cold air in the 20s and 30s, along with snow showers. a new storm system moving into
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the northwest will bring rain showers and mountain snow. in sports this morning, duke coach mike krzyzewski, coach k as he is known to his players, is now the all-time winningest men's coach in ncaa division i basketball. at new york's madison square garden last night, sixth ranked duke beat michigan state 74-49. the win was number 903 for krzyzewski. it put him ahead of his own college coach and mentor bob knight who was there to join the celebration. >> knight put me in this position. without him, it's a moment shared and i know he is very proud and i'm very proud to have been somebody who has worked under him and studied him and tried to be like him. >> for duke, it was the third straight win to open the season. in pro basketball, things aren't looking too good. locked out players have filed anti-trust lawsuits against the nba. the players action moves the labor dispute to the courts.
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lead administrator david stern says the entire season is now in jeopardy. the league has already canceled games through december 15th. in baseball, detroit right-hander justin ver learnla had 24 wins including a no-hitter along with a 2.4 e.r.a. and 250 strikeouts on the season when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and the lost audiotapes from the day jfk was assassinated. this year we all want something to believe in. like being able to shop for the gifts we want, however we want... and have them ready for pick up in 5 minutes, guaranteed. and if the gift we want isn't in store, it's shipped to us, free. only sears lets you get the gifts you want, when you want, at the prices you want. guarantees like that can make anyone a true believer. now that's real joy, guaranteed. use your sears card to earn up to 5% back
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here's a look at today's ews," weather. severe weather that battered the ohio valley is moving to the southeast bringing gusty winds and hail. in the northern plains, they will get snow showers and temperatures in the 20s and 30s. here is another look at this morning's top stories.
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mike mcqueary, the witness at the heart of the penn state sexual abuse case has spoke publicly since the scandal first broke but still questions on what he saw and what he did. president obama is in australia renewing ties with one of the america's closest allies. a counterway to china. some long lost tapes recorded the day president kennedy was assassinated has surfaced. what you're about to hear is the white house situation room informing members of kennedy's cabinet about the tragedy as they and white house press secretary sallinger were flying to japan. sallinger's name was wayside. >> wayside, wayside, a situation. kennedy shot in the head. blood was on his head.
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mrs. kennedy cried, "oh, no." and tried to hold up his head. where kennedy was to have made a speech. over. >> the original reel-to-reel recordings are being sold for $500,000. in michigan, a sheriff's deputy rescued a deer in headlights literally. the dash cam video from last friday shows it. he finally had to pick it up and carry it to the side of the road. eventually, she ran into the woods. in other places where hunting happens, that may not have been the case. this morning, on "the early show," a move in congress prompted by a cbs news investigation. to stop insider trading by lawmakers. i'm terrell brown. and this is the "cbs morning news." k [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people
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>> good morning and welcome to the news now. today is wednesday, know 16th. i'm andrea roane. >> we're halfway there. you'll mike hydeck. monika samtani is off this week. today, we have bevel farmer and all week, she'll be here with us with tral. >> little soggy. >> showers out there this morning. we've even got rumbles of thunder before the day is out. the storm cold front pushes through. it will be chilly along with friday. you want to wear the sweaters, you got it. it is coming. let's get you going here. let me back up one. show you the day planner. the threat for showers all day. there will be some lulls but more rain than yesterday.
4:26 am
noontime temperatures in the low 60s. we've even got some rumbles of thunder in spots. it will be an act i day with highs from the upper 50s in hagerstown to upper 60s in southern maryland. here in d.c., high temperature about 63 or so. looking at the radar overnight and this morning, you can see while we had a break in spots, look at the moisture coming up from the south and west. certain west virginia and to our southwest, we're watching showers pushing across the areas from culpepper to fredericksburg, even up to wood bridge, even western and southwestern fair tach county and into manassas and warton moving off to the east- southeast. prince george's county, charles county, even into northern st. mary's county, seeing the showers now. the temps in the 50s. mid 50s in most locations. a 4 in frederick and winchester. manassas, 55. wet streets, any other problems?
4:27 am
>> wet pavement, wet leaves. not conducive to the drive this morning. looking life at 395 and the bright lights at king street. that's completely gone as you head on up to the 14th street bridge. a lot of the work disploans did get washed out overnight. maryland beltway, we don't have any incidents to report. bethesda, down across the american legion bridge, the volume is light in each direction. visibility is a little bit better here. do have word of a crash on 66 near glebe road. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. if you're among the 23 million people expected to fly over the thanksgiving holiday, you may be subjecting yourself to a security system that just doesn't work. >> that's the finding of a new report on the transportation security administration, coming out ten years after the agency was created to help improve security in the skies. gary nurenberg has a repreview
4:28 am
of the report due out today. >> after all of the talk off your shoes and jackets. >> we're safer than we are ten years ago but we have enormous strides that still have to be overcome. >> congressman john mica named the tsa and has watched it carefully for things that they miss. >> there are documented instances of thousands of breaches of things getting through. i think some 25,000. >> reporter: wednesday, he plans to call for tsa reform, largely because repeated investigations -- >> to analyze the effectiveness of the system and it is failing. >> i think the tsa needs to grow up. >> mark weiss is with the spectrum group specializing in of aviation matters. >> the message that they send is absolutely wrong. the way people view them is with dread in many cases. >> weaknesses? >> they still need to do a lot
4:29 am
of work in cargo security and behavioral training and using airline personnel and airport personnel as partners. you need to use canines more effectively both in cargo screening and in passenger screening. >> some recommend the return to private industry doing the work under government supervision. >> i think you're much more apt to get a better quality of individual, much more customer friendly individual and still the same little of safety and security that you currently have and better. >> ghauri nurenberg, 9news now. if you're flying this holiday, you should expect a cabin filled with loads of carry on bags and frustrated passengers. >> in an effort to avoid the dreaded baggage fee which add up quickly, people are packing about 90 million carry-ons as compared to two years ago. in a recent survey, seven out of ten passengers said the same carry-on bags bug them the


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