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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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between here and let's say new orleans right now. here's live doppler 9000 hd. a light rain being reported at reagan national some sinking in toward anne arundel county. you go to charles into prince william and fauquier counties down in stafford, this is the more concentrated batch of rain we're watching at the moment. that will be affecting those areas over the next hour. 50s in just about everywhere. frederick, 54. cumberland, 52. winchester, a 4. culpepper, andrews, here at reagan national, 57. highs today going into the lower 60s. monika is off but beverly farmer is watching everything for you. she comes in now with timesaver traffic. >> howard, we're looking good around town. no more incidents to report despite the wet weather. some foggy patches out there. the outer loop of the beltway heading past new hampshire avenue west toward colesville and into bethesda. still looking at speed. no early problems, 9 a corridor between baltimore and the
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parkway. 50 from annapolis out of southern maryland, downtown we're looking good. take a look at the drive in springfield. northbound 95, building volume for you as you head up out of fredericksburg and into quantico. northbound 95 heading up past landmark on 395, the space is good to get to the 14th street bridge. back to you. ten years ago today in the wake of the 9-11 terror attacks, congress voted to create the transportation security administration. >> today, the congressman who gay the tsa its name is out with a report that's highly critical of the agency. 9news now reporter surae chinn is in reagan international airport with more on this story. >> reporter: 23 million people are expected to travel across the country this thanksgiving holiday. you could be going through screening that just doesn't work as effectively as it should. that's the sentiment of some people. especially the creator himself of the tsa. and that is florida congressman
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john mica. he gives the tsa a d minus in performance. he says it is just too large. too reactive and too bureaucratic. the congressman is calling for reform and plans to issue a new report today, showing instances of dangerous materials and weapons that security screeners failed to detect. >> there are documented instances of thousands of breaches of things getting through. i think some 25,000. >> reporter: 25,000 instances of breaches in the security system. well, not all of the news is bad. we've come a long way in the last ten years. we're going to talk about some of the things that some experts say could improve the tsa and screening and overall security here at our nation's airport. mike, andrea? >> surae, what would congressman mika like to see whap to improve the agency? >> we've been talking to him through the months. he says the tsa is just too
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big. it has become a human resource factory and those are his words. instead of 4,000 to 5 thousand dollar, it is now up to 63,000 employees. he wants changes and he's going to talk to congress about that. this morning, in prince george's county film, police are investigating two murders. callers reported a shooting in oxon hill just before 11:00 last night when officers arrived at the 7 hundred dollar block of maury avenue, they found a man lying in the street. he had been shot. that man was rushed to the hospital but he died a short while later. about an hour earlier, prince george's county police were called to another shooting. this one in district heights. officers found the man lying outside an apartment complex in the 2100 county road. the man was already dead from a gunshot wound. police have no suspects or possible motives in either case but they do say they don't believe the two murders are related. a day after jerry sandusky
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did his first interview about the child sex abuse case at penn state, one of the men also who claims to have witnessed those alleged incidents, spoke out. court documents describe the incident by then grad student mike mcqueary on the penn state campus where he saw then assistant coach sandusky sexually attacking a boy in the shower. mcqueary is now an assistant football coach and he was placed on leave before saturday's game. he briefly spoke with cbs correspondent. >> describe you're motions right now. >> all over the place. shaken. >> crazy. >> crazy. >> you said what -- >> like a snow globe. >> there is new information about what mcqueary did after witnessing the incident. he has reportedly sent e-mails to friends explaining he did stop the attack and contacted police in addition to telling
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coach joe paterno. an attorney from frederick county, maryland, says there is no evidence to sheriff's deputies discriminating against a woman. roxanna filed a lawsuit which claimed she was targeted because she looked hispanic. santos said shief eating her lunch behind the store film where she worked. she caught their attention when she walk behind a shipping container after spotting them. the case is being argued before a u.s. district court. time for the latest "your money" report. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. >> we're seeing more signs that europe's debt crisis is not going away. asian stocks fell on worries that overshadowed good news about retail sales here in the u.s. the dow stands at 12, 096, added 70 points in trading. s&p 500 was up by 6. a lot more red ink for the folks who
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deliver your mail. the u.s. postal service says it has lost $5.1 billion in the past year. that pushes it closer to imminent default on a multibillion dollar payment despite cutting more than 130,000 jobs. the postmaster general is pressing congress to take fast, wide-ranging action to stabilize the agency's finances. starting friday, folks from the clarendon section of arlington, you will have a new place to shop. trader joe's set to open its doors at 8:00 a.m. the chain has stores in alexandria, falls church, silver spring and rockville. i'm a big fan of trader joe's. >> what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> an unusual congregation coming to capitol hill today. millionaires who say tax me more, please. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. >> i want to see that one. >> just go ahead and write a check. >> thank you, jess. >> the original occupy wall street protestors are being allowed back into the park where police evicted them early
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tuesday. more on that story next. >> plus, president obama's wednesday is almost over since he is traveling in australia today. ahead in sports, one for the history books. coach k passes a record held by the man he calls his mentor. we'll be right back.
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>> just about 5: 5:09 on this wednesday morning. grab the rain gear. periods of rain and showers on and off all day. highs in the lower 60s. winds will turn north this afternoon, that makes us colder
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tonight, tomorrow and friday. more on that in five minutes. we go to beverly farmer with more on timesaver traffic. >> we're getting word of a possible crash, outer loop westbound beltway close to connecticut avenue. police and fire headed to the scene. outer loop of the beltway close to connecticut avenue on the wet pavement. not an initial indicator. this is one live shot there of 495 at connecticut avenue. details coming up in your next check of timesaver traffic. mike, back to you. we'll see you in a little bit. making news now at 5:10. police shot and wounded a man they brought a gun on to campus. a person spotted the gun and alerted authorities and police say when they approached the suspect, he refused to drop his weapon which forced them to shoot. police now say the incident does not appear to be related to the occupy protests on campus. >> the occupy wall street protestors return to new york city's zuccotti park last night but police banned them from bringing in tents and other equipment to spend the night. police arrested nearly 200
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people early yesterday when they cleared out the camping area. >> president obama arrived in australia overnight. he canceled two previous trips to the country, one after the gulf oil spill. another one to stay home and lobby his healthcare reform bill. today, leaders are expected to announce an expansion of a u.s. military presence in that country. try as we might, it is tough to escape the airline fees. it turns out some of the charges end up clogging security's checkpoints. that story is coming up at 5:32. >> the capitals trying to break their pattern against a team that just seems to have their number. >> up next, around 5:15, howard has details on when we'll get a break from showers in his seven- day forecast.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. coming you on 5:14 this wednesday morning,ed a howard mentioned, we're over halfway through this month. the year is flying by. as we fly by, have an umbrella with you. >> just like mary poppins. >> don't take any bags because you'll be charged extra. >> that's another story. don't get me started. weatherwise, we do have some rain out there especially south of town at the moment. however, we've all seen rain overnight on and off with the
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showers. we have more rain to deal with today, tonight and maybe into a little bit of thursday as well. your bus stop forecast on this wednesday morning, the 16th of the month of november. showers around, patchy fog, also. temps in the 50s. sun is not up for another hour and a half. >> it will be a dark, slow ride this morning with the cloud cover and the showers out there and the wet leaves on the streets making it even a little bit more slick than just being wet. 61 at 11:00 temperatures will be on the mild side today. winds start south- southwesterly, maybe even a rumble or two of thunder in spots. of as with you head into the afternoon, you'll notice the arrows start moving southwest. that's the beginning of a cooldown we'll get into. by 5:00, 60 degrees. the threat for a couple of thunderstorms. pretty moist atmosphere. rain here in new jersey through southern new england. more rain to the south and the west all moving in this direction. so, while we've got the lulls
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in spots now, not too busy on live doppler 9000 hd. imagine the next couple of hours. this thing will light up a lot more than it will right now. knot of town, it is quiet. south of town, we're seeing the moisture, down 95 film through lorton and mason neck. down into calvert county, seeing the showers as well. back in the fredericksburg area back toward wilderness, light rain. in d.c., we're quiet. springfield, down toward dale city. you guys have some wet streets there from the rain falling also in forestville to upper marlboro, south of davidsonville on 301, this is going to approach the route 50 as it lifts off toward the northeast. calvert county, north of st. leonard, are you seeing the wet weather along with the northern half of st. mary's into northern charles and out in virginia. we've got more showers there as well. scattered about, light stuff in and around manassas. temps running in the mid-50s.
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57, andrews. 56 reston and 57 at reagan national. right now, south-southeast at 5. dew point almost the same. humidity very high at 96%. storm system coming out of the gulf states picking up the gulf moisture. look at all of the yellows and oranges with the heavy rains and a tornado watch, two of them until 10:00 central time. that moisture is headed toward us. it will be with us today, tonight, even into the first half of thursday, clouds and even a couple of showers can't be ruled out before we clear. today, low 60s, warmer south, cooler north. we'll have some showers, maybe some thunder. 40s tonight, some early showers thursday. some afternoon clearing. maybe about 50 for the high. friday's chilly. 49 but the weekend warms up to the 60s with maybe a shower by late sunday. let's go over to beverly farmer, tracking the wet streets with timesaver traffic. >> not just wet streets, the wet leaves on the street. they kind of act like ice for traction on your car along with
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some poor visibility in some areas as well. we've had a beltway crash on the outer loop best loop beltway ahead of the shot in the very far left side of the screen. you can sort of see the flashing lights, the outer loop westbound connecticut avenue initially, the crash along the left side. already a slow spot on the outer loop heading west to college park. that won't help matters out. check out the ride for northbound 95 travelers. left side of the screen, the heavier volume. headlights toward springfield. more volume leaving fredericksburg. into woodbridge from dale city. again, getting up to the beltway in springfield. on 395, your lanes have been open. more volume toward seminary road getting up to the 14th on pike at old georgetown road. also one reported inbound suitland parkway at alabama avenue in southeast. your next check of timesaver traffic is coming up at 5:24. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:18. an early season upset for an area basketball team.
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>> a team changes its strategy after realizing they had been spied on. hmm. that's coming up in sports. >> here is another look at today's question. >> 80% of all women admit to doing one of these things... >> boy, he's in trouble. log on to and we'll reveal the answer in the 6:00 a.m. hour.
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. 5:21. we have showers out there now. by 9:00, could have showers in a lot of spots. even heavier downpours. with temperatures down south in the lower 6, up north in the mid-50s. we'll have that big disparity in temps to near 70 in tappahannock at noon. look at the heavy showers, some thunderstorms as well. could be coming through during the afternoon hours. we get into the lower 60s. cooler temps late as the rain and some of the cooler temps from the cooler winds work their way toward us. it will be a wet day. andrea and mike? >> this morning, a new leader
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among coaches and men's college basketball. >> the capitals try to avoid falling prey to nashville. dave owens has the highlights in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. bruce can't seem to catch a break when it comes to playing nashville. they blasted the caps in the preseason so yesterday morning before the game, boudreaux was trying to put in a few new wrinkles. the nashville coaching staff snuck into their facility to watch. sneaky. i didn't know they could do. he recognized their mission. we had ourselves a pretty good goalie competition going on. thomas, one of his 28 saves. third period, alex ovechkin on the doorstep, robbed. he had 39 saves. time waning. wilson sprawling, falling, scoring. teams combine for three goals. nashville winning it 3-1. maryland basketball will start a six-day road trip in puerto rico tomorrow.
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this is west virginia, penn kent state. they take it by a score of 70 to 60. tony bennett hosting winthrop. er in the low post. how about the spin cycle. the jump hook. pretty 12-0 run. cavs win 69-48. and a historic night at madison square garden last night. head coach mike krzyzewski passed bobby knight as the all- name leader in division one history. it took him 37 seasons. knight got his in 42. have a great wednesday, everybody. ten years ago today, congress created the tsa. now one lawmaker says it needs major reform. >> want to point fingers, you can blame the airline fees for one of the security problems the screeners are facing. what are we facing on the roadways? here's beverly farmer. >> a crash on the outer loop of
5:24 am
the beltway as you head west out of college park through silver spring, bethesda right near connecticut avenue. already slow on the outer loop at cole's. our next check of the timesaver traffic coming up at 5:29. back to you.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now on this wednesday morning. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks for waking up with us. beverly will have traffic momentarily. howard, over to you. >> it is not raining everywhere. it won't rain all the time. i think it will rain more than it won't rain. a lot more rain than yesterday. a lot more periods of rain than yesterday. we'll throw in maybe a couple of thunderstorms while we're at it. grab the rain gear if you haven't picked up on the clue
5:28 am
yet. grab the rain gear. it will be wet. temperatures will hold in the low 60s for highs. 68, late morning. 62 by noon. 60 at 5:00. colder air will be moving in tonight. as we head into tomorrow and friday, right now, 57 in town with light rain being reported at reagan national. this moisture streaming really from down along the gulf coast coming through the tennessee valley. coming east-northeast right on top of us. here's live doppler 9000 hd. knot of town, pretty quiet. as you go west, especially as you pass marshall and the plains, some light rain there. fredericksburg, west of there, now coming into southern fauquier county shortly out of culpepper county. moderate showers. this extends into southern charles county. another batch of rain from southern calvert into anne arundel. we'll be watching this but i think the activity will just be picking up today. your temps, they're running in the mid-50s, getting up to the low 60s. beverly farmer, we have wet
5:29 am
streets. that's never good. >> wet leaves down make it kind of like driving on ice in some locations, especially out of the neighborhood. right now on the roadways, one beltway crash to deal with. should be out of the roadway on the outer loop of the beltway, already a slow spot as you head west into silver spring. here at new hampshire, the crash is over before connecticut avenue. off the left side of the roadway. doesn't bode well for your drive. if you're traveling to virginia northbound on 95, trip out of fredericksburg into quantico, making your way through dale city and up toward springfield, all lanes reported open. especially getting past quantico, getting up into woodbridge and here in springfield, left side of your screen pretty crowded. headlights up through landmark and the 14th street bridge. crash in southeast is going to be inbound suitland parkway. right near alabama avenue. initially reported along the right side of the roadway. your next check of timesaver traffic coming up at 5:38. mike, andrea, back to you.
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>> more children could be damaged by the penn state scandal, this time, financially. >> it is an an unfortunate consequence, but they're pulling a $3 million state grant awarded to the second mile charity, that's the organization founded by suspected pedophile jerry sandusky. the money was going to be used to build a learning center complete with classrooms, a gym and dorms. construction had already started. a loudoun county teacher has resigned after being arrested on public drunkenness charges. police say someone reported that he smelled of alcohol. the breathalyzer was administered. the results showed 47-year-old physics teacher was over the legal limit for drivers. he passed a background check when he was hired two years ago, however. an anniversary today, ten years ago. congress created the transportation security administration. one of the lawmakers who pushed for the tsa is releasing a ten-
5:31 am
year review of the agency today and he wants some major reforms. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live at national airport with more on the story. good morning. >> good morning, yes. it has been a decade and the creator himself is giving the tsa a failing grade. not very comforting as millions get set to travel during the thanksgiving holiday. they're going through pat-downs and screenings through all of those machines and yet, the creator himself is giving a failing grade for the transportation safety administration. florida congressman john mica says there are 25,000 instances of failures where items have been snuck on board planes that screeners should have caught. these are those breaches and controversial pat-downs. a host of failures such as richard reed shoe bomber, the diaper bomber, cargo breaches. he says tsa has missed the mark time and time again. here's captain mark weiss,
5:32 am
retired airline now with the spectrum group that deals with airline security talking about what tsa needs to do. >> they still need to do a lot of work in cargo security. they need to do work in behavioral training. they need to use canines more effectively both in cargo screening and in passenger screening. >> reporter: well, that's captain weiss talking with us. i've talked to him before. he's a big proponent of behavioral screening. he says we've done some progress but not enough. he says we're just not at the level of some places overseas. he's given examples such as israel, yes, a much smaller country but over there, they're whole focus is behavioral screening. we have it a little flip- flopped. he would love to see that changed. >> surae chinn reporting live from national airport. >> in an effort to avoid the dreaded baggage fee, people are packing about 90 million more carry-ons than two years ago. but seven out of ten passengers
5:33 am
surveyed say it is the same carry-on bags that bug them the most about flying because it slows down screening lines. on top of that, the bags are costing taxpayers more and more and raising security concerns. >> if we're trying to get everybody through in an expedited fashion, we need to spend more time to resolve those potential risks and if they're not, then it is easier to do. >> screening all of the carry- ons costs about $260 million a year. the u.s. travel association is lobbying to bring back the days of at least one free checked bag. but airlines say they would be losing money without all of those bag fees. fairfax county police say they may have a lead in a murder case that is about a year and a half old. they released video of a man jumping into a woman's car at a shopping center parking lot in marysfield, the same parking lot where 18-year-old vanessa fam was last seen alive in june of 2010. the victim in this new case was
5:34 am
able to run away and was not hurt but fam was found dead inside her car in a ditch near route on a and gallows road. no arrests have been made. storeowners in southeast d.c. say they're sick and tired of staring down the barrel of a gun. they've been hit by a string of armed robberies. they're asking where are the police in these cases? the surveillance cameras captured this robbery sunday at a shop called city beat. three men with guns barge in and hold up the place. this is exactly the kind of crime that has the merchants pleading for more police presence. mayor vincent gray said his patrols are being increased in that area. time for another "your money" report. >> jessica is coming back with a look at our own u.s. debt situation. it seems to be in focus once again. >> we spent so much time talking about europe's debt problems, we have big problems here in the united states! congress's deficit reduction, subcommittee barreling toward a deadline a week from now for striking a big budget deal.
5:35 am
the deficit for the just- completed budget year, $1.3 trillion, the government has to borrow 36 cents for every dollar it is spending. the subcommittee doesn't come up with at least $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts over the coming decade, across the board spending cuts would be triggered. there are growing concerns that defense spending could be hacked in particular. while lawmakers are working on budget cuts, a peculiar gathering on the hill today. a group saying tax us more, please. the organization is called patriotic millionaires for fiscal strength and has sent a delegation of 21 members to washington. among them, former executives at google, at&t broad band and the founder of at a minimum, they want the top tax rate for the highest earners to return to 39.6% from the current rate of 35%. while that is going on, not too far away on the hill, a house committee is holding a hearing on whether fannie mae and
5:36 am
freddie mac executives should be receiving millions in bonussous. the ceos, the top executive has base salaries of $900,000 a year and stand to make as much as $6 million a year after receiving deferred payments. a federal report says the two companies will require a taxpayer bailout of around $124 billion through 2014. it has already been the biggest bailout in history and it continues to go on while the executives stand to make millions in bonuses. >> all i can think of is the indian dance. anybody get it? >> right. >> exactly. >> ok. >> ok. >> occupy what? >> yeah, thank you. >> the farm subsidies with the superstars who get tax breaks. >> ok. thanks, jess. >> you got it. >> you'll soon be seeing new faces following us in the morning. details coming up on that.
5:37 am
>> plus, more help is now going to be available for local spots hit hard by tropical storm lee.
5:38 am
5:39 am
some light rain going on in washington. need the umbrella on the weather terrace. temps are in the 50s. as far as today is concerned, light showers now. get out some moderate to heavy showers. even a few rumbles of thunder. low 60s in town as winds turn to the north. mike, over to you. thank you, howard. there is more help available for people with lots of flooding damage after tropical storm lee. the small business administration has issued a disaster declaration which covers much of northern virginia. that means low interest federal loans will be available to help families and businesses clean up. >> even people who rent can apply for this.
5:40 am
cbs is launching a new morning show early next year. network executives introduced the host yesterday and they are drumroll, please. charlie rose, gayle king and a familiar face, erica hill. the team is promised to bring more "60 minutes" style of reporting to the a.m. time slot. the show will be renamed. it will debut january 9th right after you watch us here on 9news now. good luck to them. >> ok, here is another look at the question of the morning this morning. >> 80% of all women admit to doing this. is it a, lying about their weight. b, hanging up on someone or c, swearing like a sailor. >> one of the responses on our facebook fan page comes from tammy bell who wrote a, the obvious answer but i admit to all three. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 a.m. hour. there is a little bit of good news for drivers who rely on the dulles toll road. we'll explain coming up.
5:41 am
>> plus, if you like to get dressed up for a good cause, there is an old hollywood glamor event tonight that will help a handful of area nonprofits. >> birthday time now. who's celebrating today. nascar driver terry labonte, nice guy. csi actress marg helgenberger and lisa bonet is 44. >> actress maggie gyllenhaal is 34. this guy is one of three british born players to win a super bowl ring, giants defensive lineman turns 30 today. look at this guy. we know him a special happy birthday to 9news now photographer jimmy. happy birthday if it is your birthday as well.
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making news now at 5:45, glad you're with us right now. making news now, weather first time now. >> it is making news now. >> little crashes out there we're having, little fender- benders. >> more rain is coming in. there may be a few breaks. >> it is not heavy right now. >> it is fairly light right now. heavy will be something we may be dealing with later today during the afternoon. maybe even later this morning. there is a lot of rain between here and the mississippi river that's moving in our direction. a wet day, probably more rain tonight into early thursday before we clear out and cool down big time. here's a look at our bus stop forecast. you'll need some rain gear. had a light shower going on on the weather terrace. the scattered showers, patchy fog. temps running in the 50s. it is not cold outside. it is a little damp. sunrise at 6:51. day planner calling for the rain and showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms at times. noontime temp, 62. winds southeast to southwest at
5:46 am
5 miles per hour. that will turn northerly. 60 degrees by 5:00 with showers and storms around. better chance of storms will be south and the warmer air. the moisture, you can see it moving in from the west- southwest to the east- northeast. into west virginia. the whole area is lifting north. areas north of washington which have been relatively quiet in the last hour, hour and a half. they'll start to see the rain. you can see it here from winchester, fairfax going to sneak into montgomery county. locally, as we zoom in here on the metro, light sprinkles occurring here in washington. the heaviest stuff we're seeing south of town. as you get down toward quantico, where visibilities are only about a half-mile due to fog. across the river into southern maryland, a few stops, tighter here right into the metro. you can see in arlington coming in toward virginia into potomac moving in toward -- right up and down the potomac river. that's one area with some light showers, shadyside and southern anne arundel county, a little
5:47 am
bit more moderate rain through white plains, la plata and newburg headed over to mechanicsville, some of the shower activity goes over to stafford and garrisonville. it is moving off to the east- northeast and this is light to moderate shower activity. really nothing heavy on the map yet. the light rains now north of 66 in toward middleburg and upperville. that's moving toward leesburg. steven city and cross junction also seeing some of the light showers and everything moving northeast. 56 in gaithersburg at this hour with 57 in fredericksburg. 52 in cumberland. temperatures are pretty uniform. up here though, we won't see much movement. i think your highs today in the upper. down south, pax river, fredericksburg, you could be near 70. we're at 57 now. dew point, a 6. humidity is high. the cold that i'm talking about, you see it in minneapolis and bismarck. temps in the teens and 20s. south of the front, 50s and 60s, rain and then a cooldown
5:48 am
starting tomorrow. next three days, today, 63. showers, maybe some thunder. tonight, we're down inned. near 50 tomorrow. morning showers still possible with some afternoon clearing. breezy, too. friday is going to be chilly. only around 49. saturday, we do better. about 60. sunday, low to mid-60s. could be a late before the showers are over. watching the roads is beverly farmer. >> howard, headed south on 270, the growing volume, the slick, wet leaves, little fog factor. southbound 270, growing volume on the left side of your screen. we're not slamming on the brakes. we're below speed there. more volume delay down toward shady grove. slow on the outer loop heading west to college park around toward georgia avenue and silver spring. business as usual there. we'll check out the ride for northbound 95 travelers. no accidents reported as you make your way north of fredericksburg. more volume dale city into
5:49 am
woodbridge and here in springfield on the left side of the screen. not only to get to the beltway exits but up on to 395, slow heading up past landmark. more volume delay up to the 14th street bridge. crash at alabama avenue has been cleared. one on north capitol at m street. florida avenue, hung up along the right side with a broken down bus. next check of timesaver traffic is coming up at 6:00. andrea? >> thank you, beverly. making news now at 5:49, the secret service said a bullet hit the outside window of the white house. it was stopped by ballistic glass. they're not confirming whether this was connected to friday night's gunfire nearby and the recovery of an ak-47 rifle. u.s. park police have an arrest warrant in that case for 21- year-old oscar art oig ga. >> er frank camny was honored. the memorial was held in the same room where the house un- american activities targeted
5:50 am
gays. kameny staged the first gay rights protest after he was fired in 1957 for being gay. some good news for motorists. tolls on the dulles toll road may not go up as much as first thought. the airports have already projected a round trip could cost more than $21 by the year 2019. after a new agreement cut the cost of the dulles metrorail project, the authority believes the tolls could be more like $8. >> so, how would you like to enjoy some old time hollywood glamor and help out quite a few local charities at the same time? we have an event for you tonight. the l2 lounge in northwest washington. it is called project inspiration. it is a photo exhibit featuring the leaders of area nonprofits and it is your opportunity to meet a bunch of these people and help out charities all at the same time. joining us this morning is the project photographer walter grillo and we're here to talk about tonight's event.
5:51 am
tell us first of all about the home, what does it do and it is one of the charities represented. >> thanks. the home is a long-term healthcare facility here in the district, not-for-profit. our mission is to serve low and modest income seniors and helping them live their lives to the fullest. >> tonight's event will benefit 15 charities. how did the idea come up? >> i've been working a lot with nonprofit organizations through my project called shoot for change and so for this year, i wanted to get all of the nonprofits together. i wanted to do a photo shoot with each of the leaders i've worked with and kind of to celebrate their work, acknowledge their work and get them together. then we thought of the old hollywood glamor. instead of a standard head shot with their profile, i thought it would be more fun to do creative things with it. it fit all of the personalities. >> which i thought was kind of interesting because oftentimes, people who run organizations can be a little bit -- and who's that right there.
5:52 am
>> that would happen to be me. i'm told i look somewhat like the guy from the thin man. i'm not sure that's true. >> they're fantastic. they capture the old hollywood feel. is it all about lighting and black and white exposure? >> the lighting is important but mainly the hair and the makeup. i was pretty fortunate to work with some of the most talented people in the area. >> mention who some of the people are. >> that's andrew briggs, president of freedom and creation. his organization works with war-torn children in uganda and he actually spends a lot of time there. the lady is elizabeth gore, vice president of global partnerships for the united foundations. and then that one is kate marie grinold. many of you know, she's the director of development for fair girls now. >> let's remind people where they can go to help the charities out tonight. the l2 lounge in northwest washington which you said is on m street. >> m street and 33rd.
5:53 am
>> i appreciate -- thanks a lot for coming out this morning. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> fantastic work. walter, pictures are absolutely gorgeous. l-2 lounge tonight. we'll link it to web web. >> i love kate's photo. it was channeling veronica lake almost. what are the best and worst federal jobs? we'll find out coming up at 6:15. plus its value is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars and in a few weeks, elizabeth taylor's jewelry could be yours for the right price! we'll be right back. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at
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scattered showers now. by 9:00, lots of showers out there. maybe rumbles of thunder. temperatures range in the mid- 50s in hagerstown to the mid- 60s down in tappahannock over toward richmond. we'll be around 59. lunchtime, lighter showers in the metro. still in the low 60s here. some of the heavy showers will be coming through later on this afternoon and this evening. some lulls but also the threat for a few storms today as well. it will be a wet one. mike and andrea? >> she was an icon of glamorous
5:57 am
hollywood style. we're talking about elizabeth taylor. she was mourned around the world when she died back in march. >> now, those with enough cash can own a piece of the actress's massive jewelry collection being auctioned off in new york next month. heather kovar has a preview as the pieces go on display around the world. >> reporter: the glitz and glamor of hollywood legend elizabeth taylor are the spotlight in paris. >> there is no one as glamorous as elizabeth taylor. andy warhol said when he died, he wanted to reincarnated as a big ring on her picture. >> these gems are part of a collection that include clothing and accessories on an international tour to drum up interest on the big auction in new york next month. taylor, who died of heart failure in march, was known for her love of pretty baubles. christie's estimates her collection of over $30 million but is banking on people spending much more. this diamond bracelet watch, a gift from michael jackson is valued between $30 and $50,000.
5:58 am
>> the major jewels, things she wore every day. she loved jewelry. >> reporter: elizabeth taylor was born here in hampstead garden, a suburb of north london and married a brit, sir richard burton, twice this french jewelry director says several pieces were gifts from burton. he gave her the necklace, once part of the spanish crown jewels along with this 33 carat stone called the elizabeth taylor diamond. some are calling these the hollywood crown jewels and this sale could break the record for a jewelry collection set in 1987 when the duchess of windsor's jewels sold for $50 million. heather kovar, cbs news. >> it includes an online auction. there are no plans for the tour to make a stop in d.c. before heading to new york. too bad. mike, i know you had a ring picked out. >> new york is not that far
5:59 am
away. road trip. >> you've got the american express card, right? >> i do. >> you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. >> i know someone who has one. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer will have traffic. she's in for monika this week. >> right now, howard bernstein has our weather first and he says you'll need the umbrella and some raincoats. >> maybe a little patience because you know what rain does to the traffic around here. check in with beverly in a moment. our day planner today, it will be a wet day. some lulls but also some thunderstorms in spots. temperatures only into the low 60s here. warmer down south. cooler up north. cold front comes through during the day. that will bring in colder weather especially for tonight, tomorrow and friday. right now, 57 with the light rain. rains extend back to the gulf coast. you can see them picking up in west virginia and kentucky. this is all moving in our direction. as we look at live doppler 9000 hd, well, we've got a little break here in town but up the potomac through loudoun county, route 7,


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