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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this is moderate rain showers in charles county from la plata going in toward calvert county as well. and even just south of annapolis now over to the eastern shore, we're seeing some showers. grab the rain gear. and as far as temperatures are concerned, not too bad. in the mid to upper 50s. look for highs in the low 60s. beverly farmer is in for monika. >> a couple of problems. we've got a crash in bethesda, potomac area outside the beltway. police, fire rescue just responding. little more volume on the right side. the outer loop heading down toward tysons. gw parkway southbound with the crash. right near theed teddy roosevelt bridge. they're closing the southbound lanes before you get to the roosevelt bridge. key bridge will be your last opportunity to exit. northbound from the airport and 395 will remain open. take a look at the drive for virginia drivers on northbound 95 heading up out of wood bridge. heavy volume into springfield.
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running freely. so is the drive in springfield, just the wet pavement and the slowdowns, the extra time it will take you. crash downtown on north capital and m street looks to be in the service roadway. it won't be a big impedance for you as you're heading down on north capitol street. that's a look at your timesaver traffic. next look at 6:12. back to you. here's a look at some of the stories happening today. a new turf field will be dedicated in manassas in the honor of miguel nicky hernandez. the 15-year-old was killed in a gang-related attack last november. hernandez stayed out of gangs and helped other teenagers to do the same. the field was built with a grant aimed at preventing childhood obesity in virginia. the biggest airlines are moving in together. starting this morning, airtran airways passengers should head to the ab terminal. southwest airlines calls that terminal home. southwest bought airtran last spring. four astronauts will be receiving the congressional gold medal this afternoon. john glenn, neil armstrong,
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michael collins and buzz aldrin will be honored in a bipartisan ceremony. all four were pioneers in space exploration. >> this morning, more than 100 people are waking up in mcpherson square in northwest washington. >> they're part of the occupy d.c. protests. they have no plans to move and the city has no plans to make them do it. >> the at the present time city in mcpherson square houses people protesting in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. park place say they're working with the protestors to ensure their safety and keep conditions clean. police have no plans to evict protestors like police did in new york. still, occupy d.c. members are keeping a close eye on things. >> we're wondering if the same thing is going to happen here. so, i went and i cleaned out my tent and packed everything up just in case. >> as for the occupy wall street protestors, they returned to zuccotti park in new york. we told you at this time yesterday, police evicted them from the privately-owned park. more than 200 arrests were made. protestors are allowed back but
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they can't bring tents or sleeping bags. the rallying cry for the occupy protestors has been the 99% against the richest 1% of americans. among that 1%, more than one in ten members of congress and that's according to our partners at "usa today." the richest lawmaker is congressman darrell issa, the california republican is worth an estimated $448 million. he owned a car alarm maker. on the senate side, massachusetts democrat john kerry is the richest. virginia democrat mark warner is worth about $192 million. warner cofounded the cell phone company, national weather service tell. "usa today" found 5el 8 members are -- pa are republicans. the median net worth of a member of congress is $89 1,000, that's nine times the typical american household.
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police in prince george's county will likely begin canvassing a district heights apartment complex this morning. >> a man was found shot and killed nearby. just before 10:00 last night along county road near atwood street, the little yellow americas are where bullet shell casings fell. police found the victim nearby. he was already dead. police have not found the shooter. today, the transportation security administration turns 10 and a congressional report coming out finds the screening still is not done right. surae chinn is live at reagan international airport with a preview of that report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here are numbers to think about. ten years ago, this was a $2 billion administration with 16,000 employees. now, ten years later, it is up to 63,000 people and a $9 billion administration. a lot of numbers, more than quadrupled and still the creator of tsa says it is not good enough. not effective enough. that's coming from florida
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congressman john mica. he gives the tsa a d minus in performance. he says it is just too large. too reactive and too bureaucratic. the congressman is calling for reform and plans to issue a new report showing instances of dangerous material and weapons that security screeners failed to detect. >> there are documented instances of thousands of breaches of things getting through. i think some 25,000. >> now, the news isn't all bad. a lot of experts say that we've made a lot of progress. we are safer a decade later. but congressman mika says that he would like to see tsa streamlined instead of the 63,000 employees, he would like to see some of it privatized to 4,000 to 5,000 employees. he's hoping someone will be
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listening on capitol hill this morning. back to you. >> surae chinn is live at reagan international airport this morning. the travel rush will be there with us. here's a look at the gas prices if you're traveling by ground. the regular grade, $3.40, which is down 2 cents from a month ago. however, it is up 52 cents a gallon from this time last year. jessica doyle is here with a special "your money" report. thanksgiving, don't panic but it is just eight days away. >> if you want to save the extra money you're spending on gas this year, she's going to help fund your food bill. >> maybe you scoped out your turkey already. maybe not. a recent survey finds americans will be spending more money for their thanksgiving dinner this year. but with some smart shopping, consumers can keep the grocery bill slim while keeping the table full. this thanksgiving, the average consumer will have to put more money where their mouth is. the cost of thanksgiving dinner is up 13%. $49.20 to cook the average feast for ten, that increase can be tough to stomach in the current economy. so, if you're playing host, smart shopping starts before you enter the store, coupons in
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hand. >> make your list and stick to it because at the holidays, you get into the store and it is so easy to go up and down the aisles and be tempted by the little extras. >> if you're cooking multiple meals during the holidays, think ahead and stock up. >> you're going to be using, doing a lot of baking that receipts a lot of that stuff up, it is a good idea to check out the warehouse clubs or to buy these things in bulk. >> buying your veggies precut is 75% more. >> the more prepared the food is, the more it has been cut and peeled and chopped up, the costlier it is going to be. if you want to save some money, do those things yourself. >> to save on the meal's biggest expense, try to find a store that offers a free turkey with a minimum grocery purchase or store loyalty rewards thanksgiving dinner averages out to be about $5 per person, not exactly a bad deal when you factor in all of the leftover
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turkey sandwiches. >> you can spend more than that at mcdonald's. >> it is pretty healthy. you've got good stuff in there. watch all of the stuffing and gravy. >> mashed potatoes. >> all of the good stuff. >> thanksgiving will never be healthy for me. i'm going to keep it that way. thank you, jess. >> which is the best federal agency to work for and which is the worst? in five minutes, a look at a brand new report on the federal work force. >> it looks like -- excuse me. i'm choked up over the forecast. soggy this wednesday. howard has your weather first when 9news now returns.
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. 6:11. scattered showers out there. we will have periods of rain today more on than off. maybe a few thunderstorms. low 60s for highs. drop back to 60 by 5:00. colder air returns. full seven-day forecast coming up in about four minutes. right now, beverly farmer has an update on timesaver traffic. >> howard, a couple of things. southbound gw parkway, leave the beltway and 123 to head downtown. closed. southbound between the key bridge and route 50. the teddy roosevelt bridge with a crash. northbound, they've got a left lane blocked. we'll keep you posted on that. your next check of timesaver traffic at 6:18. mike, back to you. we'll see you then. president obama is in australia this morning. he says the united states is going to expand its military presence there. that's one of the stories making news this morning at 6:12. while you slept, the president met are australian prime
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minister. they agreed to bring 250 troops to australia, a jump by more than 10%. the president says it will boost security in the pacific. looks like republican presidential hopeful jon huntsman is going all in on new hampshire. he held his 100th campaign event there last night. the former utah governor has struggled to get traction in the polls nationwide however. and today, the house will sign off on a bill giving tax breaks to companies which hire military veterans. it approves job training programs for veterans. the senate approved a bill last week. it is one part of president obama's massive jobs program that both parties actually agree upon. andrea? >> if you're not a federal worker in this town, chances are you know one. this year, nearly two in three federal workers are happy with their job. which agency is the best to work for? the worst? ed o'keefe joins us with a look
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at the report just out. a record 266,000 federal workers responded to this survey. what, when you looked over, jumped out at you? >> they're still giving sort of low marks, if you will to their top agency bosses. generally, they are concerned about whether or not their job actually is in line with what their agency is doing on a regular basis. and increasingly, they're concerned about their pay. in the midst of a two-year pay freeze. talk on capitol hill and on the campaign trail about further cutbacks to federal salaries. >> agencies. >> maybe making them pay more for their benefits. it is starting to show up in the survey which now happens every year and for the first time in at least three or four years, we've seen a dip in satisfaction ever so slightly and then people who take the survey say that's an indication that things are -- starting to show up. >> let's look at the best. you looked at large companies and large agencies and small agencies. let's start with the large agencies. >> according to the survey, it is the fdic, the bank insurance
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agency. they ranked number one for the first time ever. the nuclear regulatory commission placed first for the last three surveys slips to number two followed by the government accountability office which conducts all of the great studies that you and i like to report on. among smaller agencies, the surface transportation board which scored the highest ever. >> what do they do? >> they deal with the highways, primarily. >> transportation. >> they're pretty happy. followed by the defense nuclear facility board. one that i actually hadn't heard of. they took the survey for the first time and they placed number two. pretty good for them. >> look at the bottom feeders. >> you had the national archives among the live agencies. among small agencies, the office of the u.s. trade representative. >> both of those places say, you know, we're in the midst of some reorganization. with any big reorganization comes turnover. happens in the
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private sector all the time. give us a few years and the numbers will probably improve. >> in a few years, next year, as you said, there may be more workers, less workers doing more work in the federal agency with all of the cutbacks that are coming up. is teleworking making an impact. >> the fact that they actually have that option, telework is something that federal workers actually enjoy. that's why you see two out of three happy. in context, things could be worse. the fact that i do have a job, the fact that i do have good benefits, that i can in some cases work from home, it could be a lot worse if i worked somewhere else. >> interesting study. thanks for being with us, ed. >> mike? >> thank you, andrea. picture tells the story, right? lots of green here on live doppler 9000 hd. >> rain showers now. there is going to be a lot more of this as we go throughout the day. we'll pick up some yellows and oranges, too. maybe some reds. that means the heavy stuff, some thunder is also possible. quite an active weather day ahead. grab the rain gear. we start you off with a look at the bus stop forecast. we've got scattered showers,
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patchy fog. temperatures this morning, not too bad. they're running in the 50s out there. comfortable temps but it is wet. sunrise, 6:51. still over half an hour away. we will have it today. 62 by noon. winds will turn to the north this afternoon. that will drop temps. still showers and storms around mid afternoon. then this evening at 8:00, still showers around and 58 degrees. northwest winds at 11. you will feel the chill, especially tomorrow and friday. the rain, you can see it as it is coming in from southwest to northeast. this goes all the way back to new orleans where they have a tornado warning in effect. until 5:30 in new orleans. showers, some northwest and south and east of town. the heavier stuff, southern prince george's county, northern charles. over to northern calvert. light, scattered stuff here in the metro. montgomery county over to college park and back toward great falls and reston. even over toward leesburg and
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germantown, clarksburg. we've got the showers extending now into the west virginia panhandle back through winchester and up toward cross junction, even charlestown seeing a few of the light showers. one more stop for you. off to the south a little bit more. the showers extending from catlick up toward the beltway, all moving toward the east- northeast. temps, they're in a good range. 57 in town. very uniform this morning. something you would expect when you have a very humid atmosphere. we do with humidity at 94%. rains have shut down for a few moments with only cloudy skies. one thing also to show you. 37 in chicago. 57 here. that's the chill that's coming. it will be a wet day today. periods of rain as i said, more on than off. 63. tonight, we dip into the 40s with more showers. showers early, maybe even through the first half of the day on thursday with afternoon clearing. friday, chilly. only 49 but a better
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temperature trend for the weekend. 60 saturday, 64 sunday. maybe a late shower on sunday. let's go over to beverly farmer. she'll update you on timesaver traffic. >> first off, howard, anybody that travels the gw parkway south in the beltway, 123, a heads up. it is closed right before you reach route 50. southbound gw parkway with the crash near 50. on the southbound side from the airport and 395, a left lane is also blocked with some of the response for the crash. we'll keep you posted on that for your travel time. southbound side at 270 has a crash before you reach route 80. that's blocking the left lane. further south on 270 in clarksburg, volume still light but building through germantown, gaithersburg and points south. no accidents the rest of the way down as you make your way down through montgomery county. virginia drivers, 95 north with the volume delay and the rain as you make your way up toward quantico and stafford. more volume into woodbridge and
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spring bridge. approaching the 14th street bridge, lanes have been open. earlier crash on north capitol at m street moved off into the service roadway. it won't be a big deal for you. your next check of timesaver traffic at 6:25. >> thanks, beverly. >> coming up next in sports, a wild five last minutes for the caps in nashville last night. goodness, excuse me. and things are really looking bad when it comes to the nba. >> we want to get another look at our question of the morning. 80% of all of us women admit to doing which of these things? is it a, lying about our weight or b, hanging up on someone or c, swearing like a sailor. >> sharon weighs in, a, lying about our weight. i do all three faithfully. >> keep the guesses coming to our facebook page. we'll reveal the answer at 6:69.
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welcome back. 6:23. howard here with your weather first. scattered showers right now. on live doppler 9000 hd. watch out for the wet roads and some leaves that are down. heavier stuff now into parts of
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southern prince george's county, coming out of charlton to calvert county and southern anne arundel. first, temps will climb into the low 60s today. winds turn northerly. might even hear a couple of rumbles of thunder. mike and andrea? >> last night at national, it was a defensive battle between the caps and predators for 55 of the game's 60 minutes, it was that way at least for that long. >> both teams remembered how to score. it was owen with 5:00 left in the third. all of the national jerseys, d.c.'s troy brewer finds the net. caps take a 1-0 lead. with 4:30 left in the entire game, the caps would allow three unanswered. empty netter with 20 seconds left. capitals lose 3-1. they visit win beg tomorrow. -- winnipeg tomorrow. >> get ready for interleague play every day in major league baseball. our partners at "usa today" report the houston astros will be sold this week and they'll
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move from the national league central division to the american league west. that means two 15-team leagues and one interleague series each day. the astros will celebrate their 50th anniversary this spring. as many people were predicting, things are going from bad to worse in the nba then comes to the lockout. espn is reporting the league has canceled all of the games through december 15th which is one quarter of the season gone. tuesday, some of the locked out players filed a class action lawsuit against the league. that will get the lockout into federal court. college hoops, a big win for mike krzyzewski after duke stopped michigan state. which makes him the winningest coach in men's division i history and he moves past a former coach of his own, bob knight was his coach and his mentor over the years. up next, no one likes sitting in traffic. learn which spot is the most
6:25 am
sluggish in our region for the morning drive. >> in 20 minutes, some black friday backlash. target's plan to open on thanksgiving night gets an opponent from the inside. >> beverly farmer is in for monika samtani this week. she has a quick check on the traffic. >> start of the morning, gw parkway, southbound is closed just between the key bridge and route 50. southbound lanes blocked with the crash. details coming up in your next check of traffic. it is 6:30. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:29. this is the place you always get your weather first. we're glad you're with us this morning. a live look from national airport. you can expect some weather- related delays there this morning. we have rain moving in. right now, 57 degrees in arlington. >> just getting to the airport may be a challenge for some people. give yourself the extra time. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace. you can see the red and white behind him. >> light rain here in town. we expect this rain to be picking up and at times, we could have a few thunderstorms later today. our day planner calls for temperatures not to move very much into the low 60s.
6:30 am
right now, 57. we'll have an active weather day. there will be a few lulls. i'm expecting a lot more on than off. it extends back to the gulf coast. picks up in kentucky. look at all of the yellow and orange showing up in kentucky. a little bit toward us. we have heavier showers near north beach and extending to easton. light showers moving through the area, up 270 toward martinsburg and into west virginia as well. temps, they're pretty uniform, too. low in cumberland to mid to upper 50s everywhere else. i'll be back and we'll talk about the weekend. let's go inside to beverly farmer with timesaver traffic. >> er the teddy roosevelt bridge, the bad news there had been an earlier crash southbound gw parkway was closed for a time right near the roosevelt bridge. you may still see some delays. everybody can get to and interest the airport on the parkway. right side of your screen, the
6:31 am
outer loop crossing the american legion bridge toward the gw parkway in tysons. the wet pavement slows everybody, even the inner loop looks below speed on the left side of the screen. outer loop into silver screen, a slow roll. clearing up after a crash coming down past -- before route 80 out of frederick county. still look for lengthy delays. virginia drivers, i-95 northbound, a slow go getting up toward stafford and quantico. look at this line-up getting up to the beltway in springfield on the left side of the screen. more heavy traffic on 395 getting past landmark and up to the 14th street bridge. your next check of timesaver traffic comes up at 6:46. back to you, mike. >> we have a commuter alert for you. a new look at the worst spot when it comes to morning commute in our region. and it is -- >> the outer loop of the beltway from route one in college park to georgia avenue in silver spring. according to the texas transportation institute, drivers there waste 1.8 million
6:32 am
hours a year in stop and go traffic! >> which adds up to $38 million a year in lost productivity and wasted gas, just for that six- mile stretch of highway. it is the third most delayed morning spot in the nation between two highways in los angeles. >> the same report looked at the most unreliable traffic spots in the region. that means the places where traffic might be bad or it might not depending upon the day. number 11 on theition thatwide list is westbound i-70 between routes 144 and 15. number 15, southbound 9 a from the beltway to russell road in fairfax county. >> cameras finally caught up with assistant penn state football coach mike mcqueary. >> new information suggests he did intervene when he allegedly witnessed a former football coach sexually assaulting a young boy in 2002. however, mcqueary had little to say when he spoke with cbs correspondent armen ca at aen yesterday. >> i don't have anything else
6:33 am
to say. >> ok. >> then one last thing. describe you're motions right now. >> er all over the place. just kind of shaken. >> crazy. >> crazy. >> you said what? >> like a snow globe. >> like a snow globe. >> yes, sir. >> cbs news reports more people claiming to be victims of jerry sandusky have come forward and we'll have more on the story at the top of the hour on the cbs early show. one of those bullets from a shooting near the white house may have hit the building afterall. the secret service says ballistic glass stopped the slug. another bullet was also found on the grounds of the white house. both were found yesterday. authorities are not conclusively saying the findings are linked to friday's shooting. police are looking for a killer after a deadly shooting in oxon hill, maryland overnight. they found the victim shot along morrie avenue near audrey lane. medics rushed the man to the hospital. investigators have not released the victim's identity at this
6:34 am
point. >> as millions of us get ready to head to the airport for thanksgiving, a new look at how well the transportation security administration is working. not well, according to a new report out today. surae chinn is live at national airport with more on this story. surae? >> andrea, today does mark a decade since the creation of tsa and the creator of the organization says tsa is just not working as good as it should be and this comes as 23 million people travel during the thanksgiving holiday. not very comforting but florida congressman john mica says it is not all bad. he says that we are safer ten years later but there have been 25,000 instances of failures where items have been snuck on board planes that screeners should have caught. there are those breaches and controversial pat-downs he has said that liquids, banning the liquids, just doesn't matter. he also says too reactionary.
6:35 am
remember the richard reed shoe bomber then we had to take off our shoes. the diaper bomber, cargo breaches. tsa has missed the mark time and time again. we talked with captain mark weiss, retired american airlines pilot. also, he works for a security firm, talking about airline security. listen in. >> they still need to do a lot of work in cargo security. they need to do work in behavioral training. they need to use canines more effectively both in cargo screening and in passenger screening. captain weiss also talked about behavioral screening. i've talked with him before. he says he's a big proponent of that. we should be doing that, using the tsa not as a police force but using them as intelligence with behavioral screening to adopt that method. back to you. >> surae chinn reporting live at national airport this morning. thank you, surae. airport screeners are dealing with a crush of carry- on bags. the reason is everyone trying to avoid the money to check a
6:36 am
bag. there are 90 million more carry- on bags than two years ago. mark strassmann of cbs news asked the head of the tsa what that means for security. >> it takes more time in two areas. one is just the sheer volume of the bags, the carry-on bags but then two, most are fairly densely packed because people are trying to get everything in. >> does it also increase the chance that a security officer might miss something? >> there is always that possibility. >> airlines collect $3.4 billion in checked bag fees and the airline's trade group says that money is needed to turn any kind of profit. >> speaking of profit or loss, at 6:36, jessica doyle is here with another "your money" report. >> she watches them both and the world's largest retailer would like to make their profits larger by getting rancher here in the strick. >> that's right. the district has been lobbying to bring walmart to the nation's capital and a deal was struck. the deal is getting even bigger. "the washington post" reports that walmart will announce
6:37 am
today it intends to open 6 stores in the district. that is two more than originally planned. also significant here, it will broaden out in anacostia. the two new locations are at skyland town center, a neglected southeast shopping center, the other store will be in fort totten in northeast. walmart's new stores are expected to create more than 15 hundred new jobs. recycling not just good for the environment. it could also be good for the job market. a recent report by a nonprofit research group asserts that if the u.s. recycling rate increased from 35% now to 75% by 2030, the industry would create 1.5 million new jobs. workers would be needed for collecting, processing and composting trash and for making new products with recycled materials. this time of year, it is fund-raising time for the kids. that means a lot of pitches at the office for you to buy wrapping paper, the christmas cards. yep, pizza. the wall street journal reports
6:38 am
2/3 of parents of school-aged kids will sell things. this can create awkward situations at work. most employers so you know have nonsolicitation policies. many of those don't enforce the policies. the boss is just kind of looking the opposite direction. >> two words. thin mints. >> there it is. of. >> the cookies sell themselves. >> the wrapping paper and $20 a roll that can be a tough sell. >> i still have wrapping paper that i bought interest years and years. >> thanks, jess. >> nasa is looking for a few good men and women who want to be astronauts. of course, the u.s. doesn't have a manned space program anymore. you'll have to hitch a ride like american dan burbank is doing on a russian spacecraft. s nasa is posting the job openings on its web site. pay max is around $142,000 a year. one big perk, you do get to fly
6:39 am
in space. >> 6:39. grab the umbrella. soggy wednesday forecast head your way. >> beverly farmer tells us how that's affecting the commute. first, a little classical music for your morning. >> there you hear it. the national symphony orchestra alongside 13 of the next sou fellows, a program for local musicians and the teens got to practice alongside the pros yesterday at kennedy center. enjoy the music! you're watching 9news now.
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>> really loves the camaraderie on the morning show. jackie from suitland. i tried to e-mail you back. your e-mail kept kicking back. good morning and grab your umbrella. >> stay dry. we'll have heavier rains later on as andrea was talking about. we've got the scattered showers. some patchy fog. temperatures are comfortable. i say that because by friday morning, temperatures probably will be in the 20s and. we're in the 50s in morning. sunrise in about 7 minutes. it is still dark with the clouds and the showers. upper 50s by 8:00. low 60s by noon. another front is coming through. that may help kick off a few thunderstorms in spots. then this evening, still kind of damp. 58 degrees, northwest winds at 11. temperatures going to get
6:45 am
chillier. here is the rain coming in. this goes back toward the gulf coast of louisiana and mississippi and alabama. live doppler 9000 hd hd, the scattering of showers here, a little break in loudoun county and also prince william and fauquier county, up toward hagerstown, back down into the east side of montgomery county and howard county, heavier stuff is from annapolis and easton over toward the easton shore with scattered showers, southern charles in toward st. mary's. temps, also fairly uniform. few spots in the upper 50s. salisbury, 61. we'll stop at about 63. right now, 57. only cloudy at reagan national. humidity is high. 94%. here is the storm system coming out of memphis over toward nashville with a tornado watch from around birmingham south toward new orleans. that goes until 10:00 local time. for us, the showers will be rolling in here in waves. sometimes, they'll be actually on the heavy side as we go through the afternoon and
6:46 am
evening hours. little bit of thunder also possible. we'll see a little break overnight. north and west. look at this by midnight, still raining pretty well. few more showers tomorrow morning. finally, some clearing kicks in. 12:45, a sprinkle during the afternoon on thursday. here is our next three days. 63 today. we're in the 40s tonight. only around 50 tomorrow with the afternoon clearing. chilly on friday. and 30s to near 50 for the high. by saturday, we recover to 60. sunday in the 60s with a late shower possible. beverly farmer, it is getting later in the rush hour. >> it getting later for your drive into work. southbound lanes of 270, howard, the crash southbound before route 80 urbana is out of your way. let the floodgates loose for everyone here in germantown. no other obstacles to work around on 270. beltway, outer loop, you know the drill into silver spring. that's still a slow roll.
6:47 am
virginia drivers, deal with the slow stuff toward out of stafford stretches toward quantico leaving dale city into springfield. not much break between lor torn and here in springfield getting on to the beltway. heavy volume to get up past landmark and leading the pentagon. the gw parkway is now open each way between the key bridge and 395. the earlier wreck southbound, the teddy roosevelt bridge has been cleared. one note, too, for marc rail commuters, brunswick train 872, about a 20-minute delay there. your next check at 6:58. back to you. black friday, you may have heard this. it seems to be slowly morphing into black thursday. during thanksgiving! stores are encouraging people to sort of ditch thanksgiving dessert and head out and shop. >> before it will be black halloween. workers at those stores had to leave their families and go to work but one worker is fighting back. >> indeed. he works at a target store in
6:48 am
nebraska, started an online petition at more than 93,000 people have clicked and signed it. it is calling on target to take back its plan to open at 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. the man behind it, anthony hardwood. here's what he had to say. >> i think it is a little unseasonable to expect their employees to come into the store at 11:00 p.m. and still operate under the assumption they'll somehow be able to have a thanksgiving dinner. we'll see something come of it. it may not necessarily what i want but i think the employees are going to be listened to a little bit more. >> he definitely started a discussion. that's for sure. target responded by saying it is listening to its customers during a really competitive time of the year. it points out that hartwick isn't even scheduled to work at target on thanksgiving night or black friday. >> there are some people who want the extra pay and may not have those kind of family responsibilities. >> maybe a choice.
6:49 am
>> exactly. >> it is 6:49. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. >> to the honors. let's go back to a channel 9 viewer, her name is suzanne. >> 80% of all women admit to doing this. a, lying about they're weight. b, hanging up on someone. c, swearing like a sailor. my answer was a, lying about their weight but the correct answer is b, hanging up on someone. >> wow. it must be 90% of women lie about their weight. >> the other 10% swear at somebody and then hang up on them. >> a check on the news before you go is up next.
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6:52 am
. it is 6:53. 57 degrees. light sprinkles out there. we'll have rain on and off today. mostly on. lot more rain than yesterday.
6:53 am
maybe thunderstorms with highs in the lower 60s. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, howard. today is wednesday, november 16th. here is a check of the news before you go. a live look at mcpherson square in northwest washington. home to the occupy d.c. protestors. park police say they're working with the protestors to ensure safe and santary conditions for them. and businesses nearby. police have no plans to evict the protestors unlike what's happening in new york and oakland, california. for those of you caught in this traffic mess yesterday, here is to hoping things get better today. an 18-year-old in this accident was charged with drunk driving for a crash on loudoun county parkway on route seven. the young driver went into oncoming traffic and hit a car. both drivers were hurt but they're both expected to survive. >> dick cheney is postponing a visit to uva. he was supposed to speak in charlotteville as part of a book tour but reports that a protest was planned outside the event pushed back the event until next year.
6:54 am
"the early show" starts in just about six minutes. >> here is a preview of what's coming up. >> hi, i'm rebecca jarvis. today, we have a big reveal. the newest car in ford's fleet. what it means to american jobs and consumers coming up on "the early show." starting january 9th, a new way to start your day with cbs. erica hill, charlie rose and gayle king will anker a new morning program highlighting the excellent reporting you already see on shows like "60 minutes" on cbs. it starts january 9th. every morning, right after 89 news now. it will even have a new name. we're not sure what it is yet. >> rebecca and jeff will be part of the team. we'll be right back with our team! ♪
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what is he, a clydesdale.
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one more thing before we go. we want you to weigh in. we couldn't stop talking about this target thing opening after dinner on thanksgiving night. >> 9:00, 11:00 at night. >> we don't understand. do you think it is a good idea, bad idea, people should have a choice. >> personally, i think people should spend time with their families. if you could weigh in on your facebook page, we would love to talk about the results. >> mom and dad might not like to go there. but maybe the 20 somethings, ok, i've had enough of you. let me go out and make some time and a half. >> would love for you to weigh in and talk about your results tomorrow. howard? >> mike, wet day. we've got showers, a few storms in spots. 63. a lot more rain than yesterday. tonight and tomorrow, still a few showers early. clearing, late 50.
6:59 am
chilly were moderating over the weekend. beverly? >> troubles in the rain. southbound on 29 coming out of columbia, burtonville into white oak. a crash ahead of white oak right near southwood avenue tying up the right lane. that's why some of the delays at lockwood drive, southbound on 29. montgomery county crash also on norbeck road. police are on the scene. if you're traveling on 95, 395, plenty of volume delays heading up to the bridge. gw parkway is open at the roosevelt bridge. >> as for wall street, we're looking lower. you can guess why. europe. >> early show is next. see you tomorrow starting at 4:25. just one day after


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