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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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reagan national. mica and fellow republican representative, paul brown, say this pizza box ad is one sign that the tsa lost its way over the last decade. >> americans have spent nearly $60 billion funding tsa and they are no safer today than they were before 9/11. >> the congressional report calls it an operational failure and sites the 25,000 security breaches in the last ten years as evidence. another problem according to the report is that the tsa has become a bloated bureaucracy. >> filled with employees that make entirely too much money and are ultimately ineffective. >> in ten years, tsa staff has grown from 16,000 to over 65,000. >> many people have said that tsa stands for thousands standing around. >> and then there's the equipment failures. $39million have been wasted on explosive detection machines that didn't work. half a billion dollars will
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have been spent by 2013 on technology that may not work and nearly 3,000 pieces of screening equipment that do work are simply sitting in tsa warehouses. >> what we want is to evolve into what it should be. gathering intelligence, a security agency, not running a huge bureaucracy. >> now the tsa just released a response to this report. and they call it an enforcement disservice to the men and women, the dedicated men and women that work at tsa. in the last ten years, the tsa developed a highly trained federal work force and is safely screened over 5 billion passengers and establish add multilayer security system reaching from curb to cockpits. we have not heard the end of this debate. >> fascinating story. thank you kristen. the secret service and fbi
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are questioning a man. his name, oscar ortega hernandez. bruce leshan is live in our satellite center. this is still a breaking story. bruce. >> it is. pennsylvania state police say that the desk clerk at the hampton inn in the small town of indiana, pa, actually stalled ortega while workers alerted the authorities and they say it took troopers just minutes to arrive and sweep him up. the secret service and the fbi had been distributing this picture of ortega to hotels around indiana, pennsylvania, where ortega had stayed weeks ago with a friend. when state police picked him up in the lobby of the hampton inn, he was cold and wet and wearing exactly the same clothes as in the picture. >> he was patiently waiting in the lobby when we arrived. he did not make any comments other than he wanted know why
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he was being taken into custody. >> investigators at the white house carefully checking a window in the yellow oval room just outside the president's bedroom. the secret service says around cracked one window, but the bullet was stopped by the ballistic glass. they found another round outside. they suspect ortega fired both. he has a fixation on the white house and a history of mental illness and assault. matthew did business with him in idaho. >> he had these little scribbled notes that he had that were pages and pages and he goes well, you know, the president is going to make an announcement that they are going to put gps chips in all the children so we can keep them safe. which is the same thing antichrist is supposed to do. i say, i don't think obama is the antichrist. >> a law enforcement source tells 9news now, there have been several sightings of
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ortega since friday night when uniformed secret service agents heard shots fired at the white house. and recovered ortega's car and a rifle abandoned near the roosevelt bridge. >> now the source tells me that the weapon that ortega used was a cheap, chinese made sks rifle. now i don't know if you remember this incredible video of a man firing a dozen or more shots at the white house back in 1994 while horrified tourists watched, but that gun was also an sks rifle. derek. >> thank you bruce. chilling video. now to capitol hill where just moments ago the house passed landmark legislation that will promote gun rights. that bill will give those the right to carry their concealed weapon in almost every other state. the measure would apply to virginia, maryland, and 47 other states that offer concealed weapons perms. notably, however, it would not
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apply here in d.c. or in illinois because those two jurisdictions do not allow anybody to carry a concealed weapon. the bill goes to the senate for debate. >> tonight, there's word we may never learn exactly who knew what. that is because the university is exempt from a state law requiring open recordkeeping. former university president, graham spannier lobbied that four years ago. he said it was to preserve the competitiveness of the school. lesli. >> the most decorated athlete is among those now calling foul to proposed athletic cuts at the university of maryland. swimmer michael phelps is using twitter to spread the word saying save maryland swimming. mens and womens swimming are among the eight programs on the chopping block. shocked that the track team may be cut. that's because maryland's coach
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is slated to lead the u.s. team at the olympics next summer. alumnis questioned managementment. >> unfortunately, the family is not going great. maryland wants to be a top tier athletic department. >> a final decision is expected before the end of the year. >> the metropolitan washington airport authority is signing off on the latest plan to get metro out to dulles. however, the deal to fund the silver line may still mean higher tolls on the toll road. i'm peggy fox where the airport authority just approved a plan that will move the dulles rail project forward. >> opposed. >> board voted unanimously in favor of the memorandum of agreement for phase 2 of the project from reston to loudoun county. the cost of the rail project
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itself has been brought down a billion dollars to $2.8 billion. the other billion hasn't gone away, it is just moved. >> the project scope wasn't changed, nothing was reduced. it just got pushed off. >> will be able to use federal credit assistance to build parking facilities and the airport authority will be able to tap into as much as 250 million, which will help bring down tolls initially. >> with the current funding structure, tolls could go as high as $13 one way in 20 years. but as one former board member said, people would rather pay that than sit in traffic. >> riley explains the more funding they can secure, the more they can bring down tolls. >> we are committed to bring down the tolls. >> that was peggy fox reporting. coming up tonight at 7:00, a proposed bill in congress that would have given d.c. full control of its budget gets rejected by the district's top three lawmakers. we'll tell you why they are
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refusing to support it. >> but still ahead in this half hour, the black friday backlash against target's holiday hours is spilling over on to our wusa9 facebook page. top. >> well, good news, bad news. good news, it's still mild. bad news, rain is picking up. we'll show you doppler radar. there's more rain and showers to go. we'll talk about that and talk about changes to the forecast for your thursday. and up next, prices at the pump could be heading higher. we'll talk about why after the break.
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prices at the pump may be heading back up. now that crude oil prices hit $100 for the first time in four months. the national average for a gallon of unleaded is $3.40 in
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the greater washington area it's just a penny less. want to save hundreds of dollars on your fuel costs? the group environment maryland says simply switch from a gas engine to electric. today, the organization showcased some vehicles that will do the trick. such as the chevy volt, vehicles that are already on the market. and they held an event at a charging station in college park calling on president obama to fully implement new fuel economy standards he's been proposing. >> attention news junkies, radio is about to get serious competition. cbs says it is launching its own all news radio station and it's going it hit the air waves in january. you're going to be able to find the news station on your dial at 99.1fm. now that's currently the home of the spanish language station. to make room, they will be moving up the fm dial to 107.9. still ahead, wal-mart changes its plans about building in the district.
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tonight, the district is in
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line to get nearly 2,000 new jobs. some will be construction. others retail. when wal-mart fills six new stores in the district. this is bruce johnson and one of the six new wal-mart stores will go up here at skyland in southeast washington. >> wal-mart man. it would be a beautiful day. especially around the christmas season. >> skyland site with its boarded and abandoned stores has been a constant reminder of failed economic policies and an unemployment rate that reaches 20% in ward 7. >> the way i feel, if there aren't any jobs, family breaks up. >> dc government seized the sites more than two years ago, but it wasn't until today that officials were able to announce that wal-mart had agreed to put a store here as anchored to lots more retail and residential development. >> i think it's a great location. we had to make the economics work and the financials work. but they will work. >> fact of the matter, here's what the district is up against. right now, there's some 35,000
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people in washington, d.c. without jobs. and here's what wal-mart says it brings to the table. 600 new construction positions. 1800 new retail jobs. >> in the last hour, we learned about even more jobs that are being created. congress unanimously passed a bill aimed at helping government contractors hire unemployed military veterans. it is the first part of president obama's big job creation package to actually become law. the bill cuts out some red tape between government agencies and the private contractors they hire. if you aren't a federal worker, you probably know somebody who lives in the area that is. tonight, a new survey finds two out of three feds are pretty happy with their jobs. ed with the washington post spoke to our morning team about this today. >> things could be worse. the fact that i do have a job and i have good benefits and i can work from home, it could be a lot worse if i worked somewhere else. >> so, where are the best and
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worst agencies to work? your best bet is the fdic. on the not so best bet, the national archives. for the smaller agencies, the surface transportation board takes the top honors and the u.s. office of trade representatives is at the bottom. anita. >> we have a followup on the petition to stop target from opening on thanksgiving night. we told you last night about black friday lack lash. some employees are sup jet that their family with families will be cut short. tonight, that online petition has nearly 110,000 signatures. but, when we posted the stir on our facebook page, the debate got heated with more than 100 comments in an hour. what stevens wrote echos the sentiments of several posters. they should be glad they have a job. in this economy, anyone that does not want to do it can easily be replaced by someone who will gladly do it. kathy asked whatever happened to having a holiday and
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spending time with your family? megan piggy backed on that writing, i know it's retail and longer hours are required, but it seems to be getting earlier ask earlier every year. i don't blame them for wanting to push it back a few hours. is it all about selfishness and greed? spend time with your families and let people rest. lauren posted, so doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, should protest that they have to work thanksgiving? at least those in retail get to spend holiday with their fames. lots of opinions and you can join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. consumer alert about items you may have your shopping list. a new study by the breast cancer fund finds that some popular canned goods might come with the chemical bpa. that includes campbell's cream of mushroom green giant cut
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green beans. and fresh cut sweet corn. bpa, in case you didn't know, is used to line cans, but it can also increase the risk of breast and prostate cancers. top, you have some rather damaging video to show us. >> we do. we talked about maybe hearing a rumble of thunder. folks in the southeast think a tornado touched down. this is in southeast louisiana in kentwood. another one in huma. and reports are that two story house knocked off its foundation. i mean, this is pretty big damage here. probably was a tornado if you investigate it. but looking at that, it seems like one and then we have another one in southeastern louisiana as well. this definitely was a tornado they think as trees came into houses and the good news is, the windows were blown out.
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although the students, officials say the kids are having class tomorrow. >> nobody hurt. >> okay good. amazing. >> let's talk about our radar first. we're looking at temperatures -- the radar to the west and the north and this is a pretty good line of showers now. we talked about earlier this everyoning. see the yellow starting to show up inbetween fredericksburg and d.c. so, if you're traveling late tonight or just getting home. you can run through some good downpours. look at live doppler. now we see down to the south, some yellow showing up. indications of moderate activity. that's going to be going in through southern maryland in the next hour or so. temperatures are still mild. that's the only silver lining i can come up with. 59 downtown. 55 in gaithersburg. 59 in fredericksburg. it is getting colder out to the west. jump the divide, you go over the mountain, 41 in oakland. that's amazing. all right, outside story. we're not done with the showers
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yet. evening heavy downpours are possible. windy and colder. blustery for thursday and the change in the forecast, showers are going to linger thursday, at least into the early afternoon. late tonight, showers essentially along i-95 and east. they'll push away. we stay cloudy and look what happens. by early tomorrow morning, probably a dry commute and the showers return. maybe a little over done, but moisture coming our way and this is actually some snow from cumberland into oakland. probably 1 to 2 inches. clear out tomorrow night and temperatures fall like a stone. for tonight, cloudy, windy, and colder with rain and showers ending late. low temperatures around 45. rather gusty. the next seven days. cold on friday 49. but then milder over the weekend. that has not changed and mid 60s on sunday. that hasn't changed either. showers coming in sunday night. redskin game dry. and better chance for showers on tuesday and wednesday. >> okay. we'll be ready.
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>> for the game, i don't know. >> kristen, come on. we are going to be glass half full kind of people. >> i tried to be the last two weeks, but it keeps slowly getting lower and lower. it is dallas week. the redskins say it couldn't have come at a better time. can the burgundy and gold end their five-game slide? plus, what team leader may not be able to play this sunday. coming up next in sports. ♪ ♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪
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[ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
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is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. welcome back to 9sports. guess what? it's dallas week. for some reason they seem to have more punches in the beginning of the season when the redskins were 2-0. it's kind of gotten lost in the shuffle a little bit. mike shanahan going with rex grossman once again at qb.
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hoping he can add some spark to the offense. last week against miami, the only spark may have been a few trips into the red zone, but they weren't able to rack up any touchdowns. rex knows his job isn't secure anymore, but says he is focused on the task at hand. >> i'm not looking over my shoulder or anything like that. i'm trying to have fun and we have the cowboys. it is what it is. we'll see if we can get something gong going and head in a positive direction. >> organization has six straight losses since 1998. but there's more on the line. bragging rights and sweet revenge. >> we have been fighting for a win, but added significance tots rivalry is going to make it that more special. get things going. >> we have to win. you know, you can only take one game at a time. so this is going to make the breakout season. >> more of that injury news.
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london fletcher sat out of practice. was seen in a walking boot. fletcher has not missed a game his entire career. lan di also sat out today. >> mark won his season debut as head coach at maryland. now he faces his first road test. the terps are in puerto rico and face alabama tomorrow night. trojan has been brutally honest about his team's developments. he can't really sugar coat the fact that he has seven walk ons and proved that he won't let anything sidely benching his star by lack of effort on the court. but against alabama? the terps may be in for a rude awakening. >> we'll learn a lot about ourselves and see a lot of different things this weekend. alabama is going to run and jump in the back court, which we haven't seen. they will throw an aggressive press on us. see if we can handle it. >> and a close call for wiz sadr star. he was partying at a club in new york when a patron was fatally shot. wall was not a target and was
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not hurt. he was in new york to see his kentucky wildcats play. >> finally tonight, time to announce our games in this week's game of the week viewer poll. out of virginia, we have loudoun county. south county at stone bridge and maryland, orchard, thomas johnson. go to and vote. exciting playoff time. the culmination of everything. >> good thing they aren't playing tonight. >> i don't know, it would be cold. >> well that's it for us. have a go ahead night. >> good night, everybody.
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gleam tonight, bullets strike the white house. bob orr on the man in custody. elaine quijano with a rare look at the officers who


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