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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 16, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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he has a fixation on the white house and a history of mental illness and assault. matthew did business with him in idaho. >> he had these little scribbled notes that he had that were pages and pages. and he goes well, you know, the president is going to make an announcement that they are going to put gps chips in all the children so we can keep them safe. and which is exactly the kind of thing that antichrist is supposed to do. i go, well i don't really think obama is the antichrist. >> a law enforcement source tells 9news now there have been several sightings of ortega since friday night when uniformed secret service agents heard shots fired at the white house. and recovered ortega's car and a rifle abandoned near the roosevelt bridge. >> maybe you remember that incredible tourist video of a gunman firing more than a dozen shots at the white house back
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in 1994. well a law enforcement source tells me this was the same type of gun. in washington, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> remember that video. that shooting today, last friday rather, may well reignite the debate how we keep the president safe in a crowded city like this one. after shutting down pennsylvania avenue and the draft, traffic, it's not clear how much they could expand that perimeter. >> slash the work force, make it more transparent. those are some of the recommendations for the tsa announced in a new report on the agency's 10th anniversary. >> i'm kristin fisher at reagan national where today, house republicans release this scathing report about the tsa. exactly ten years after the agency was created. >> this is our nation's capital. they are advertising on pizza boxes. >> representative john mica, the congressman who helped create the tsa is now one of
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its biggest critics. >> what we want tsa to evolve into what it should be. gathering intelligence. a security agency, not running a huge bureaucracy. >> in ten years, tsa staff has grown from 16,000 to over 65,000. the report also says that hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted on screening equipment that doesn't work while thousands of pieces of equipment that do work are sitting in warehouses. so far, the tsa has not responded directly to those points, but a spokeswoman called the report an unfortunate disservice to the dedicated men and women of tsa. at reagan national, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> the pennsylvania court system has assigned a new judge in the penn state sex scandal case. robert scott will now preside over jerry sandusky's preliminary hearing. san sandusky is facing charges that he sexual limo lessed
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eight boys. the court system says scott has no known ties to penn state or that charity. >> the leaders in dc took a long hard look at a federal bill that would have given them greater -- in the end, they said too many strings attached. california congress member darryl had floated the measure. it would have allowed the district to start spending its own money as soon as the council and mayor agreed on the budget without having to wait for congressional approval. but, the measure would have also made permanent the current temporary ban on dc using its own funds for paying for abortions. >> all that nice weather, we knew the piper would have to be paid and today it was a down payment. >> yeah, there are more payments ahead, my friend. we have a wet commute. well they are going to have to go through rain. let's start with the radar. some heavy activity south of town. already we're seeing lightning south of charlottesville. it's going to get heavier before it gets lighter.
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it's going to be with us all evening. live doppler 9,000. everything is green around the immediate metro area, but heavier activity showing up in yellow. down toward the northern neck. that's going to sneak into southern maryland in an hour. 57 right now downtown. still 54 in gaithersburg. 55 in manassas. silver lining? it's still mild. for tonight, cloudy, windy, turning colder. lows around 45. winds increasing northwest at 10 to 20. when we come back, we'll let you know how long we'll have to keep paying that piper. tonight, another presidential can did the on the defensive about his past. this time it's newt gingrich and his connections to freddie mac. gop candidate was paid at least $1.5 million over the past decade for consulting work. he did hire his consulting firm. he insists it was all legitimate. >> my advice was generic.
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it wasn't specific. >> back in 2008, gingrich suggested that president obama back then just a candidate could have to return campaign contributions he received from executives of freddie mac and fannie mae, but today the republican said his role is a sign of valuable experience. and a new poll out there shows shows the majorities disapprove. according to this week's cnn poll. 52% of registered voters disapprove of president obama. but, the president remains more popular with certain groups. when you break it down by race, 67% of nonwhite voters approve of how president obama is doing. that compares to just 36% of the white voters. what might these numbers say about the 2012 campaign and how big a factor race may remain in the race for the white house? i'm joined now by new york county district attorney, scott bolden and conservative
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political columnist to talk about that. i guess the easy take away is surprise, surprise. people like obama more, but it's not that simple. >> it isn't. i think the 67% really should be a problem because 95% of african americans and people of color voted for obama four years ago and now it is down by some 30%. the other thing that is troubling is that 54% of independents had a disapproval of the leadership of obama. and so those two groups are the ones that really put him over the top. i would be concerned if i was in the obama campaign. >> armstrong, over the year 2009, according to gallop, the poll numbers went from 61% approval to 36%. is this about the economy or a racial issue? >> this is an issue of accountability. it's an issue of greed. we should not allow republican
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or democrat race. it's a fact that the president has not created jobs. up in 2010, he had a democrat controlled senate that passed its bill, they have little or nothing to show for it. people are still suffering. the president gives a will the of oratory. americans would like to see them get this moving. they delivered osama bin laden. when the president delivers, they support him. the president has not delivered. he has economic advisers, he doesn't listen. they want the president to stop talking and show the results that he can get this economy moving and get back people to work. >> it's not his economy. it's the republican economy. if obama had his economy, all the initiatives would come true and we would be moving the country forward. it's not his economy. >> all right, how much of this is the ideology of the president who is in power and the people who never liked him in the first place and now turning away from him and how much of it is the economy that
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has not improved? >> i think a big part of it is the economy. the loss of white support can be attributed to really his healthcare plan. i think, and the independents. his healthcare plan, the republicans kind of out maneuvered him. the tea party and those who opposed healthcare, which essentially was trying to get to universal healthcare. i think he lost a lot of that support. >> i think that's a fair point. >> listen, on the healthcare issue, i don't know if you saw the release in the post today. americans overwelmingly want the supreme court to overturn obama care. they understand it on a hospital level. the petitions, and on their level. they don't see the improvement into this obama care that he was talking about. the president, yes, he has policies in place, but the american people don't see at this juncture how they are benefiting and the things he promises. of course the president wants to spend more money, but they have to get this deficit under control. they have to do something.
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>> the super committee. >> we have to stop it right there. our time has run allot. thanks for coming in. well the former terps join the fight to save their teams. what they had to say to the university of maryland administrators. that's still ahead. first, could you imagine living in a place called tofurky texas? animal rights want one town to change its name and why the town didn't think much of the idea. ñó
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the people of a town known as turkey texas say thanks, but no thanks. we are not going to change our town's name. the animal rights group, peta asked the mayor to change the name to promote awareness about the conditions thanksgiving turkeys have to live under. so, what name did peta want the name change to be? tofurky, texas. the town folks say, you have to be kidding. >> we don't sit around killing all the turkeys. i mean, i just don't see any point in ending it all. >> they are wanting a lot of attention and this was one way of getting it. >> yeah. maybe. the town mayor says he is not even bothering to send peta a formal reply. big changes on our way for the
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weather. top tells us in his forecast. but first, a warning from facebook after an attack by hackers. what you need to do to keep your profile safe and secure. that's up next. stay with us.
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you may have noticed disturbing pictures on your facebook. they may look like these photos were posted by your friends.
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but it's a hack attack. facebook removed most of the photos by now and web expert, lesli bradshaw says if you see a graphic photo on there, report it to facebook. >> it doesn't get the user in trouble. it allows facebook to take action on the vulnerability that was exploited and that's exactly what facebook did here. once they knew the problem, they knew exactly how to fix it. >> what to do to keep yourself safe? updating your browser and if you don't recognize a link or an image, do not click on it. attention news junkies. wtop radio is about to get some serious competition. cbs is launching its own all news radio stations and hit the airways in january and you'll be able to find it on your dial at 99.1fm. currently that is the home of the spanish language station and to make room, they will move up the dial next month to
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107.9. steve swenson is here to talk about the news. all right steve, why here? why now? tob has been the big dog in town for years. >> we feel that washington, d.c. and new york are two of the largest news markets in the country. in new york, we run very successful all news radio stations. wcbs. they are both incredibly successful. we think in washington, d.c., there's another choice. >> cbs has been affiliating with top, is that going to change? >> my understanding is that their deal with cbs is another two years. so they will still have cbs. >> a couple year, after that, it will be up to negotiation. i understand. now, the fact is, what are you going to give me that they are not giving me. i love traffic and weather on 8's. >> you will get traffic and weather together on the one's. but we are going to do a lot of the similar fixtures that you are used to. we are going to try to be a local radio station. we won't be carrying an hour
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network newscast. we will be going into our local news and our team of street reporters will be in maryland, virginia, and the district covering on local news. >> i have to think both stations will be good for the competition. it always helps. >> choice is always good. >> steve swenson, thank you. appreciate your time. look forward to seeing the new station. >> we don't know. all news 99.1 and we'll have it in another month. >> the most decorated athlete in olympic history is now among those calling foul to propose athletic cuts. michael phelps is using twitter to spread the message, save maryland swimming. among the eight varsity sports on the chopping block to save money. tyson is also tweeting shocked at the track team may be cut. that's because maryland's coach is slated to leave at the olympics next summer. dante are questioning the athletic department management.
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all right, top, let's take a welcome at that weather forecast. rainy, cold, and not all that much fun. >> pay become is heck, we have it in spades. showers and thunderstorms now. notice the yellows and reds now showing up. that indicates the convection. so it's beginning to get heavier before it gets lighter. here's live doppler 9,000. we see most of the metro area under height rain. although heavy activity is developing from about laplata southward. in fact, we'll zoom in a little bit. and this is where the heaviest activity will be. we said this yesterday. the best chance for a thunderstorm in through southern prince georges county and charles county and back into st. mary's county and calvert county. this is all generally light to occasionally moderatactivity. now we'll put this into motion over the next hour. notice all the yellows. it's going to get heavier in the next hour as everything moves off to the north and east. heavier activity headed toward
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clinton, headed toward north beach and headed toward annapolis as well. temperatures, well there's the silver lining. it's mild. 57 downtown. 54 in gaithersburg. 54 in leesburg and 52 in frederick. oh yeah, the cold air is on the way. you jump the divide, it's 41 in oakland. it will snow there tomorrow. we're not done yet with the rain. evening heavy downpours are possible. windy ask colder tonight. downright blustery tomorrow. and showers are going to linger into thursday. at least through the morning, possibly into the early afternoon. here's a look at the future cast. by midnight tonight, most of the showers light and primarily east and south of i-95. we get a break in terms of the precipitation between 2:00 in the morning and 6:00. 7:00 in the morning tomorrow. but the clouds don't go away. the clouds hang tough. moisture returns. and this is probably over done a little bit. i don't know if we'll see any mixture, but we are going to see flakes. and probably see some accumulating snow west of the divide toward oakland and down
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into mineral county, west virginia. everything clears out by this time tomorrow night and temperatures will fall. it will be one of our coldest nights so far. for tonight, cloudy, windy, colder. low temperatures around 45. now tomorrow morning, more showers and chilly, too. we have the worst of both worlds. 40s to around 50 for temperatures. winds northwest 10 to 20. temperatures really don't go anywhere tomorrow. becoming partly cloudy late. but showers are still possible in the early afternoon. 46 to 50. winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. bring the 180s, you're going to need them tomorrow. all right, next seven days. it stays cold on friday, but bright but brisk. and then good news, milder over the weekend. we're at 60 on saturday. in the 60s on sunday. some showers are possible sunday night. that will not affect the redskin game at all. and we're looking at next chance for rain as we get into tuesday and wednesday and actually, we're lucky it is rain. that's travel day already next
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week. >> so, we're lucky it is raining? >> as opposed to snow? you betcha. >> we'll be back in a moment. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, occupy dc. as cities all over the country crack down and boot the protesters out of park and
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squares, dan in rockville wonders, what are dc leaders waiting for? why is the city spending tax dollars to provide support for the occupy dc protesters? they are forcing the average citizen away from the downtown area and the money they would bring to the local businesses and restaurants goes elsewhere. it is time to follow existing laws and stop the overnight campouts. and then there was this on those security cameras proposed for cafeterias. some say the ideas to invasive and overkill. kevin not one of those people. those against the security cameras will only be against them until something happens. especially if it happens to their child. the cameras are not only needed to make sure the kids are on their best behavior, but the teachers and faculty as well. all right, why not cameras in the classrooms? let me ask you this. do you need a camera to make sure you are on your best behavior? and then there was this from our good friend, deb, in
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arlington. who says give those gop candidates a break. i have to defend herman cain, rick perry, and anyone on the campaign trail. no wonder they suffer from brain freeze. they are exhausted and hounded by a press that often spits venim. lawyers make a living scraping the bottom of the barrel. no one is perfect. no, deb, they are not. but this is politics at the highest level. i'm going to argue these guys knew the job was dangerous when they took it. besides, candidates are rarely taken down by just one. perry had several poor debates before that brain freeze crystallized public perceptions. one angry woman didn't torpedo, but four may have knocked him off the rails. well that's our report. i'll be back here at 11:00 along with anita brickman.
7:27 pm is always on. we'll see you there. bye bye. [ jennifer ] here... this is my world. ♪ this place inspires me to be tougher... to stay sharper... to think faster. they may be just streets to you. but to me...
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they're a playground. ♪ ...loving you ♪ 'cause i'm alive, i can breathe, i can feel ♪ ♪ i believe ♪ and there ain't no doubt about it ♪ now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. the justin bieber baby lawsuit dropped. you have seen the headlines. now, why justin still plans to tack a dna test. >> could be vindication for
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bieber. then, is the kardashian empire crumbling? divorce backlash and the uprising to keep kim off the air. >> enough is enough. they need to go. why "people" picked bradley cooper as their new sexiest man alive, plus george clooney on who he would have picked. >> i think he wanted it. he's been working out a lot. then, charlie sheen and his boys, the next chapter. >> they had nothing to do with what caused whatever. >> bob with straight hair. max with curls. >> we're inside their beverly hills home. anorexia, bulimia, is hollywood to blame? >> i will die. >> an "e.t." special report. young women obsessed with the scales. and starving themselves to death. >> i have days where it's binging and purging all day. i hate myself. inside a big beverly hills wedding. who's the star that just said "i do"? plus, katy perry's flute flub caught on tape.


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