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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> protestors from mcpherson square plan to take action by marching across the key bridge. organizers say the bridge was chosen to highlight the sad state of america's infrastructure. in new york city, activists plan to march over bridges. the rally comes two days after mayor michael bloomberg broke up the camp in zuccotti park where demonstrators have been living. we're less than seven days away from a federal budget decision that could have a devastating impact on the d.c. economy. >> the congressional subcommittee has to cut a deal to reduce spending by a trillion dollars or a round of automatic budget cuts take effect. d.c. would likely be among the hardest hit spots in the nation. >> it may have slipped from memory. the next seven days will have an impact on every pocketbook in america. the subcommittee of six democrats and six republicans have to agree by law on spending cuts of $1.2 trillion
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by a week from tonight or mandatory across the board federal cuts of $1.2 trillion kick in. they'll be equally divided between defense spending and nondefense discretionary spending. in the home of the federal government -- >> washington will be the hardest hit. we're talking about a 10% reduction in the government's discretionary spend. 10% of all of the money that the government is available to make choices about how it will spend is going to go away. >> reporter: he's the founder of the imex group that does about a billion with the groups is thinking about what the automatic cuts would mean. >> civilians will be furloughed. and services contractors will be tapered off. dod is talking about severe civilian cuts as well as cutting a couple two or three weapon systems. >> reporter: it is easy to know what that means for workers who build them. gary nurenberg, 9news now.
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>> phase two of metrorail's extensions at dulles international airport has been approved. board members from the metropolitan washington airport's authority agreed yesterday to fund construction of the project second phase. once it is complete, the line will run from falls church to route 267 in loudoun county. the cost of the project's second phase has been reduced by $1 billion to $2.8 billion. the fairfax county board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on the agreement december 6th. it is expected to pass since the county executive has already given his thumbs up. a james madison university freshman with ties to our area is dead after being struck by a public bus. virginia state police say 18- year-old jane wong was crossing the street on campus when a city bus came around the corner and hit her. she died at the scene. she crossed against the signal. they're not crossing the bus driver. wong graduated from fairfax before entering jmu. that story leads us into a
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disturbing distinction for washington, d.c. the district leads the country in percentage of deadly hit and runs. based on the overall population per region. according to aaa mid-atlantic from 2000 to 2009, there were 76 fatal accidents in the district which involves a driver who left the scene. virginia had 217 people die during the same ten years. maryland had 279. nationwide, hit and run drivers killed 16, 382 people during the same time period. last night, the g.o.p. led house legislation promoting gun rights. the bill would give people with a concealed weapons permit in one state the right to carry they're concealed weapon into most other states. >> the measure would apply to virginia, maryland and 47 other states that offer concealed weapons permits but notably, it would not apply to d.c. or to illinois because those two jurisdictions don't allow people to carry a concealed weapon. this bill now goes to the senate for debate. military aircraft and up to
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2500 marines will soon be based in northern australia. the deal between the two nations called for u.s. marines to start training with australian forces next year. the security agreement is widely seen as a response to china's increasing aggressiveness. china says the u.s. military build-up may not be in the best interest of the international community but white house officials say other countries in the region have made clear the increase presence of the american military is welcome. g.o.p. presidential candidate newt gingrich is facing questions about his ties to the government-backed housing agency, freddie mac. a former freddie mac official said gingrich was paid more than $1.5 million. gingrich admits the agency hired his consulting firm but he says all of the work was legal. meanwhile, texas governor rick perry was in new hampshire wednesday. during a stop, perry promoted his plan to overhaul the tax code. he argues a washington insider can't make the necessary bold changes needed to fix the
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nation's budget problems. here is a look at some other things making news now. at least four people are dead across the southeast following a late afternoon storm. the system spawned possible tornadoes in several states including south carolina, louisiana and alabama. thousands of our southern neighbors were left without power. the international space station now has three new residents. american astronaut dan burbank and two russian cosmonauts were all smiles as they boarded the space station from their docked soyuz spacecraft. the new crew is scheduled to live there until march. dan burbank is the first nasa astronaut to enter space since july. walmart will open six new stores in the district. that's two more than had been originally planned. the locations are georgia and missouri avenues, riggs road and south dakota, new york avenue at bladensburg road, new jersey avenue northwest, east
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capital and 58th street and good hope road and alabama avenue. 9news now's bruce johnson had mixed reaction from residents. >> reporter: boarded and abandoned stores has been a constant reminder of failed economic policies and an unemployment rate that now approaches 20% in ward 7. >> the way i feel, if there ain't no jobs, family breaks up. >> d.c. government sees the site through -- seized the site through eminent domain but it wasn't until today that officials were able to announce that walmart had agreed to put a store here to anchor a lot more retail development. >> i think it is a great location. we had to make the economics work but they will work. >> the fact of the matter, here is what the district is up against. there are some 35,000 people in washington, d.c. without jobs. here's what walmart says it brings to the table. 6 hundred new construction positions, 1800 new retail
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jobs. >> whether i lived here or not, this is something i would be fighting for for the people east of the river to bring amenities here. observe acts say mayor vincent gray had made it clear he want walmart to include plans to move into the nation's capital. >> was it a deal breaker for you, then you had a problem of walmart, they might not be coming in at all. >> we were very fortunate to be able to sit down with the highest levels of leadership. i very early recognized there was a desire to do this. >> not everybody is sold on walmart's way of doing business. >> hard to find anything that's made in america in walmart. they are the walton family is a principal funder against labor. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9news now. >> walmart and d.c. leaders have not yet worked out a community benefits package. the agreement would determine how many jobs would be set aside for city residents and just what the jobs would pay.
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the time is 4:38. at 4:42, google unveils what it says is the future of the music industry. >> at 4:50, one of the most decorated athletes in the world is among the critics of the programs being cut for the athletic department at the university of maryland. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first.
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couple of sprinkles showing up again on live doppler 9000 hd. we'll have more showers around through midday, maybe even a flake or two mixing in especially west of town as temps drop into the mid-40s by
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noon. mid to upper. that's where we'll be for the afternoon. i'll be back in less than five minutes with the seven-day forecast. beverly farmer, take us away. >> howard, friday eve. just gotta get through the next two days for the weekend. one obstacle on board southbound on the george washington parkway south of 395. you can see the cars passing by without delay. the left lane is blocked a little bit south of the parkway with remnants of a two-vehicle crash waiting for tow trucks there. everywhere else, we're off to a pretty good start. jessica? >> thank you, beverly. the time is 4:41. i'm watching your money. the financial services industry is losing jobs at a rapid pace. financial firms are expected to cut more than 200,000 positions this year as companies look to cut costs in an uncertain economy. just this week, we learned citigroup may lay off another 3,000 workers and france's biggest bank, bnp will trim 1400 workers at its investment banking unit. pretty rough day on oil.
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spiking above $100 a barrel and the selling gained momentum after the ratings agency pitched that europe's debt crisis could threaten the credit rating of some u.s. banks. the dow stands at 11, 905, dropped 190 points in trading. the nasdaq fell by more than 46 and the s&p 500 was off by 20. the troubled housing market is taking a toll on the federal housing administration. the agency says its cash reserves are so low, it could run out of money in the next year. now, that could mean another federal bailout or increasing the premiums the agency charges. people, when they buy homes. >> google unveiled its new music store. the online music store download features songs from three of the world's four biggest music companies. after buying songs from google music for about $1 apiece, users will be able to share one or two free listens of their songs with their contacts on google's social networking
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system. google plus. >> interested in what you want to share from the play list. what does a typical heart attack patient look like? >> a new study presents a patient that's much younger than some of us might envision. we're back with weather first in less than two minutes.
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os. we can make it. >> howard was talking about wet flakes. west of here. way west of here. so, do not panic. it is west of here. >> generally west of here. >> where the mountains are, howard. >> andrea, we may get a couple of wet flakes here as well. with temperatures still in the low 40s when that happens, nothing is going to stick. you know that. >> you like teasing us, don't you? >> friday at 11:00, tune in for the winter outlook. topper will have that at 11:00 p.m. let's talk about our bus stop forecast. it is a raw morning to be out there. winds are picking up. we have showers as well. with temps dropping into the 40s and low 50s at the bus stop, not the pleasant -- most pleasant morning to be out
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there. 6:52. give it a few years, pleasantest will be in the dictionary. for today, the day planner, showers around through midday. maybe early afternoon. with temperatures dropping to 44 by noon and a northwest wind at 12 gusting close to 20, we could have wet flakes mixing in west of town. by 4:00 p.m., we start to break out a little sunshine. 46 and by 8:00, we should be clear. 43 and west winds at 10:00. wind chills will be down in the 30s by 8:00 p.m. 20s and low 30s tonight. rain yesterday, some spots over an inch. that pulled away. look out to the west. it is quiet. here comes more moisture. more showers are redeveloping out to the west and southwest headed this way. live doppler 9000 hd, kind of got a line of showers from north of baltimore right down 95, 29, through d.c. going down into prince william county, eastern fairfax county and even down to fredericksburg over toward lake anna. we're watching the showers
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southern montgomery as well. the west side of the beltway, you guys have some rain you'll be dealing with if you're getting ready to leave the house. you can see it into arlington and annandale and burke coming out of fairfax. west of there, maybe some wet streets. we don't have any active showers at the moment. southwest we go through cromwell and over toward culpepper, catlett, wilderness, everybody seeing the showers as they streak northeasterly. temps are dropping north and west. mid-50s southern maryland. low 40s in cumberland. 45 winchester. 32 in oakland in garrett county. the cold air continues to spill toward us. 40 degrees on that dew point with air temperature of 51. humidity, 66%. look at the winds north- northwest at 17. we have gusts in the low to mid 20-mile-per-hour range. the cold, boy is it cold in bismarck. some of the coldest air all season coming into the northern plains. that will be cold south and east behind the storm system
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which produced the severe weather in the south yesterday and you can see all of the showers here in the tennessee valley. this has to get through us before we clear. that might not happen until mid flan. again with the cold coming in, don't be surprised to see a wet flake. 48 this afternoon. late clearing. tonight, 20s and 30s. a chilly friday. less wind. saturday, milder. mid-50s. by sunday, 'skins play, temperatures should get to 64. increasing rain chances especially by tuesday and wednesday of next week. let's go to beverly farmer for an update on our timesaver traffic. >> glad we've got some dryer pavement to deal with. traveling south out of frederick on 270, no early issues reported from police. here we are in clarksburg. left side of the screen, headlights. heading southbound looking good as you make your way down to germantown. montgomery county, virginia beltway for that matter, really it was a washout as far as
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overnight construction is concerned. one accident of note, southbound, coming down from the beltway to head toward the airport. crash is going to be south of 395, just south of the 14th street bridge. southbound on the gw parkway. if you're headed northbound on 395, you've got all lanes open. no early troubles. building volume coming up out of fredericksburg. 66, good start into haymarket and fair oaks and approaching the beltway. no early problems reported from police. 210, route 4 corridors, just building volume to deal with. jessica, back to you. thank you, beverly. this is not good. drivers in northern virginia consider yourself warned! you should be prepared for more than the usual holiday shopping traffic jams in the tysons corner area over the next eight weeks! the exit ramp from eastbound route 7 on to the beltway is being narrowed from two lanes down to one. the lane closure is part of vdot's high occupancy toll lanes construction project.
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>> too bad metro isn't there yet. one of the most decorated olympians in history is jumping on the bandwagon to oppose proposed budget cuts being made within the athletic department at the university of maryland. michael phelps is using twitter to spread the word saying save maryland swimming. men and women swimmers are among the eight varsity sports on the chopping block to save money. tyson is tweeting, shocked that the track team may be cut. maryland's track coach is slated to lead the u.s. team at the olympics next summer. >> obviously we had the roll- out with the uniforms and football and unfortunately the team isn't doing great. we took heat for that. it is an embarrassment because maryland wants to be a top tier athletics department. we're saying we haven't balanced our budget correctly and we have to start slicing sports. >> a final decision on the proposed cuts is expected before the end of the year. a new study may make you question your idea of the typical heart attack victim.
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researchers in minnesota found 70% of recent heart attack victims didn't know they had coronary heart disease. 60% of those patients were women or younger men under 56 years old. the study says those groups rarely qualify as high risk so they don't usually get the preventive medicines like aspirin and statins which can reduce their risk. a new study shows there's time for obese children to turn their health around. previous research has shown heavy children run a high risk of being obese as adults putting them at a higher risk for heart disease anderrer diabetes. children reduced their levels. more than 1/3 of american children and adolescents are considered overweight or obese. one in 12 teenagers purposefully harms themselves. that's according to a study from australia. researchers found 10% of teen girls and 6% of teen boys
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reported intentionally hurting themselves. the vast majority, 90%, gave up the destructive behavior as they entered adulthood, self- cutting and burning were the most forms of self-harm for teens. supporters of an organic farmer are asking for help. they must vacate by the end of the year. it is slated to be turned into soccer fields but the farmer and his backers are trying to stop the development. >> er and what we are proposing is that this farming site be used as an educational center for montgomery county to teach about local food and agriculture and the soil in the water to sustain us. so, that's a proposal that we think would benefit all. >> supporters delivered more than 40,000 petitions signatures to county executive
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ike leggett. >> now, before we head to break, it is time to get our first look at the question of the morning. >> here's one of our viewers with today's question. >> my name is brian. today's question is the woman who invented this was originally laughed at. now, most of us own them. what is it? is it a, shoes. b, fake eyelashes. or c, windshield wipers. >> what's your answer? >> hmm. >> we couldn't hear his answer but here's the question again... >> hmm. i wonder what the answer is. log on to the fan page and post your response. we're going to reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back. 4:56. howard here with your weather first. we're looking at an area of showers that will be returning to the region by 9:00. that blue out to the west, coming out of the mountains, those will be some wet snows mixing in the back side of the precipitation. accumulated in the higher elevations of the mountains above 2,000 feet. by noon, we're still 44 with
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some showers. we'll start to clear out this afternoon. look at the temps holding in the mid-40s for the afternoon with a breeze. you'll feel every bit of it. beverly? >> a crash on 95 northbound, route three fredericksburg tying up a portion of the roadway. gw parkway southbound past 395, they're dealing with an accident along the left side. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. fans lined up days in advance for the premiere of twilight breaking dawn. >> it is the next to the last installment of the wildly popular vampire love story. sandra hughes got a sneak peek at the film and talked to its stars. >> reporter: it is a white wedding like no other. >> as long as we both shall live. >> the undead seated next to the living and the bride is heading into marriage with a vampire. rob pattinson and kristin stewart play the unlikely lovers on-screen and off. >> was it weird having a wedding scene and then the
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intense honeymoon scenes with someone you're dating? >> that's funny to say. >> it would be weird. >> it would be, wouldn't it. >> more intense with someone you care about. >> it is always weird you know. >> not so weird for pattinson. he enjoyed watching his girlfriend walk down the aisle as a bride. >> when you saw kristin, what did you think? >> she's great. she's amazing. >> on film, their honeymoon is sweet and sexy. very sexy. >> about that sex scene, huh? >> it was good. it is a morality tale. you have sex. you have a demon baby. >> all jokes aside, the birth scene is nothing to laugh at. >> it is crushing you from the inside out. >> it could have been worse. in the book, it is grotesque. >> jay could be moved away from his past to protect bella but in real life, she is still at
4:59 am
home. >> do your folks keep you grounded living at home? >> it is a huge help. >> the movie is the first half of the series. fans will have to wait until next year to see how the saga ends. sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. >> like harry potter all over again. dragging it out until the bitter end. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm jessica doyle. we're one day closer to payday. beverly farmer is in for monika. of course, payday. tomorrow. >> i have a feeling if daniel radcliffe was running shirtless, you wouldn't be as excited. >> i'm not a twilighter person. >> sure. >> we know howard -- >> let's just get to weather. i'm sorry i went down that road. >> you'll pay! >> grab a jacket although having a wool coat would be


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