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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you want to stay warm. keep you warm as the colder air is moving in. temperatures are dropping into the 40s and they're going to stay there. they've dropped into the 40s. now 49. 47ish by 9:00. mid-40s. low to mid-40s by noon. with showers around, yes, maybe some wet snowflakes west of town will mix in before this end, early to mid afternoon. late clearing with mid to upper 40s with a wind chill down in the 30s. look at the rains that have left us and now the new batch of rain which is returning at this hour. live doppler 9000 hd, light showers here from baltimore down 95 through d.c., southern fairfax and prince william and fauquier as well. west of fredericksburg, this is all moving northeast. we'll see the area out to the west fill up more as we go through the morning. your temps down in the 40s and low 50s. areas east and southeast of d.c. now. as warm as 54 in annapolis. 30 in the mountains.
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fredericksburg still holding on to 52. for not much longer. grab the jackets, grab the rain gear. beverly farmer, good morning. >> not such a good start out of fredericksburg, howard. northbound side of i-95, friday eve got hung up by a crash right at route 3 fredericksburg tying up the two left lanes according to callers. squeezing by to the right, if you're eastbound on route 3, try to get on to northbound 95, you're impacted as well. much further north, 395 looks good getting to the 14th street bridge. south on the gw parkway. just under the 14th street bridge or south of there, they're clearing up a crash along the left side. tow trucks are on the scene though. maryland drivers, not as complicated for you. growing volume on the outer loop. your ride out of college park west on the outer loop around toward georgia avenue and silver spring, with all lanes open, look at the dry pavement which is nice. no early problems out of southern maryland, downtown. trip in on 50 from annapolis into cheverly, the bw parkway south, it looks good to get
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toward the beltway. andrea, jessica, back to you. thank you, beverly. organizers of the occupy wall street movement have declared this a day of action for protestors around the country. >> here in d.c., the plans for the demonstrators have for this afternoon could impact your commute home. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live at the occupy encampment in mcpherson square with more. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning. occupy d.c. is upping the ante today as they plan to march on the key bridge this afternoon. and you know how congested it can be going in and out of georgetown so you're going to expect delays. well, it is not just here in d.c. that is upping the ante. gaining steam with the planned day of action but also across the country. >> reporter: in san francisco, california, some 95 occupy protestors and students were arrested after they stormed
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into a bank of america shouting slogans and trying to set up camp in the lobby. police officers in riot gear arrested the activists. protestors in new york plan to shut down wall street. home to the new york stock exchange around 7:00 this morning and then walk across the brooklyn bridge later in the day. tensions ran high earlier in the week with the eviction of zuccotti park. some protestors returned without their tents since they're now banned from the park. back here in d.c., they are planning the march across the key bridge around 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. during rush hour. so, you'll probably want to plan accordingly or just avoid the area altogether. andrea, jessica? >> a lot of bridges in the metro area, why did they pick the key bridge for this protest? >> reporter: well, you know, occupy movement protestors have a lot of discontent. they have everything to complain about from corporate greed to jobs but for the key
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bridge, in that respect, they say it is protesting the failing infrastructures in the country and public service. back to you. >> all right, surae chinn reporting live from mcpherson square northwest. this afternoon, the man suspected of shooting at the white house last friday night makes his first court appearance in pittsburgh. the secret service says pennsylvania authorities arrested ortega hernandez at a hotel yesterday. tuesday, secret service agents discovered two bullets had hit the white house. one of them, apparently cracked a window on the residential level. after friday's shooting, police found an assault rifle inside an abandoned vehicle which they linked to ortega hernandez. an 18-year-old college freshman from fairfax died in an accident at james madison university in harrisonburg, virginia. virginia state police say jane wong was crossing the street when a city bus came around the corner and hit her late tuesday. police say wong crossed against the signal and they're not charging the bus driver. wong graduated from wt woodson
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high school this past spring. the house passed landmark legislation promoting gun rights last night on capitol hill. the bill would give people with a concealed weapon permit in one state the right to carry their concealed weapon in most other states. the only places this would not apply are in d.c. or illinois because those two jurisdictions don't have any concealed carry permits. the bill now goes to the senate for debate. leaders in d.c. took a hard look at a federal bill that would have given them greater autonomy but in the end, they said too many strings attached. california congressman darrell issa floated the measure. it would have allowed the district to start spendingity own money as soon as the council and mayor agreed on a budget without having to wait for congressional approval. but the measure also would have made permanent the ban on d.c., using its own funds to pay for abortion. it is 5:06. i'm watching your money. wall street, tough day
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yesterday. oil spiked above $100 a barrel for the first time since july and the selling momentum gained some strength after the ratings agency said europe's debt crisis could threaten the credit rating of some u.s. banks. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 11,905 after dropping about 190 points. nasdaq off by 46 and the s&p 500 was down by 20. it seems there is very little republicans and democrats can agree on lately but there is one thing, top executives at fannie mae and freddie mac shouldn't be taking home multi- million bonuses while the two companies are asking for billions more in government bailout money! congressmen on both sides vented their feelings at a hearing on wednesday. >> you made $9.3 million the last two years. while the president made $800,000. do you think that's ok? >> you look at these salaries and one would say wait a
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minute! why don't we take the salaries and save a whole block. >> people who are highly skilled, sophisticated, seasoned people that have many, many opportunities for high- paying jobs. >> freddie mac's ceo charles defended the bonuses saying juggling $950 million in taxpayer backed mortgages had to be the best. congress unanimously passed a bill yesterday to help government contractors hire unemployed military veterans. it will likely become the first part of president obama's job creation package to become law. the bill cuts out some red tape between government agencies and the private contractors that they hire. >> you know, in the bonuses story, it is interesting. they have to be the best. they're still in bad shape. what's the deal? >> there doesn't seem to be any -- >> we haven't really seen any development on that front. >> president obama is paying tribute to veterans and active
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servicemens on his -- service members on his overseas trip. >> we'll have the latest from australia. >> consider yourself lucky. we're missing the brunt of the severe weather that's caused major problems in parts of the south. weather first when we come back.
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still watching showers on live doppler 9000 hd. not everywhere now but it looks like we'll see more showers areawide as we get through the morning. picking up south of culpepper, the line of showers through the southside of d.c. and now into prince george's county and anne arundel. looking at the day planner, get ready for more wet weather. in fact, middle of the day as temperatures drop into the low to mid-40s as the winds pick up out of the northwest. wet flakes mixing in west of town. late clearing and a cold night ahead. full seven-day forecast in the next five minutes. beverly farmer, we have more
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rain on the way. >> we have troubles on 9 a 5, too, howard. there is a crash with a tractor trailer on northbound 95, right underneath the bridge at the 130 mile marker. only one lane is getting by. single file along the left side. careful. eastbound route 3 impacted by that as well. running freely at edsall road. next check of timesaver traffic at 5:17. andrea, back to you. making news now at 5:10, at least three people died when severe storms rolled through upstate south carolina. a search and rescue operation has been going on all night in york county where some buildings have been flattened. another death was reported in georgia and there's damage in alabama, mississippi and north carolina. an investigation is just getting started into a massive gas line explosion in ohio. yesterday's explosions destroyed three homes injuring one person. authorities are still monitoring hot spots nearly 24 hours later and this stretch of
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pipeline was inspected five days ago. president obama flew to darwin, australia, overnight. he took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the war memorial and spoke to a group of americans and australian troops, thanking them for their sacrifice and willingness to serve. budget cutting plans at the university of maryland are causing a worldwide uproar. >> we'll have more on which high profile athletes are campaigning against the proposals to dump team sports. >> at 5:35, some drivers dress up their tires with fancy rims but at 5:35, what if you could soon accessorize your ride by picking the color of your tires? >> howard bernstein tells us we'll get out of the 40s by the weekend.
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howard is along with weather first. you have a four letter word in your forecast. >> cold? >> no. >> wind? >> snow. >> ding, ding, ding, ding. >> four letter or five letter? >> flake. >> six if you really want to go there. >> decorative snow? >> conversational flakes.
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that's it. >> way west. >> we may get a couple of wet flakes mixing in even here andrea. as far as anything that will be sticking, that will be in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. get up way west of here, a couple of hours west of here at least. they are ready for that. we're not. but they are. here is a look at your bus stop forecast. you might not be ready for this morning. it is cold and turning wet and breezy, too. temperatures are dropping. most of us will be in the 40s at the bus stop. winds out of the northwest 10 to 15. sunrise almost 7:00. 6:52. there are scattered showers returning to the region after they left yesterday and last night. over an inch in spots. 9:00, thunder and lightning from bill in newland. showers around at 9:47. north to northwesterly wind 10 to 15 gusting over 20 today. look at how the temperatures drop. by noon, we're colder. 44. with rain and 44, some areas,
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especially west, mixing in some wet flakes today. by 5:00, some clearing will be taking place mid to late afternoon. still only 46. wind chills likely holding in the upper 30s. last night had the rain, even had some thunderstorms south and east of town. this it morning, showers are returning and see a little bit of blue in the mountains. that's the snow color here. light snow mixing in now at elevations in west virginia. here's live doppler 9000 hd. not much going on north and west or well south and east. but a little strip east of 95 now for the most part as you get to d.c. up toward baltimore. you see it in northern anne arundel county. south side of the metro here. bowie seeing some of the rain toward college park, looks like it is just about passing you. forestville, this is headed your way. national airport as it is sliding, slowly off toward the east. we'll go back down 95 here through quantico and garrisonville back toward gold vein, moderate showers in
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extreme southern fauquier county moving off toward the northeast. temps are dropping down to 46 at national. 54 in southern maryland. low 40s north and west with wind chills in spots. down to the 30s now and it feels like 40 degrees outside here in washington. with an air temp of 46 and some light showers and a brisk wind out of the north-northwest. storm system, one piece of energy came out of last night out of the gulf. look what's going on in the tennessee valley, all of the light to moderate showers streaking east. that's going to take until mid afternoon likely or midday to get out of here. until that happens, clouds, showers, maybe even a few wet flakes mixing in. today, well, we're going to get back to maybe 48. we'll hit the high this morning. showers end this afternoon. chilly tomorrow. 20st and 30s to start. 56 on saturday. the weekend finishes milder. 'skins game should be ok weatherwise. temperatures back in the 60s. i'll throw it over to beverly farmer in with the latest timesaver traffic. >> howard, southbound 270 out
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of frederick county, no incidents to report. you've got volume building as you head toward hyattstown, southbound 270 taking a look at father hurley boulevard. moving pretty freely still on down to gaithersburg, rockville, approaching the beltway. building volume into silver spring on the outer loop. looked good down across the american legion bridge. virginia drivers, give you the heads up. it is good leaving woodbridge on up to 395 toward landmark and the 14th street bridge. they're dealing with a crash impacting traffic both on 95 northbound at the 130, route 3 exit and route 3 getting on to 95. tractor trailer crash happened at the end of the ramp. we're watching that and the delays it may cause from spotsylvania knot on 95. no early problems for you on 66. routes into northeast, bridges and southeast, no problems in northwest. out of southern maryland, 210, route 4 corridors, all with building volume heading up toward beltway.
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next check of timesaver traffic at 5:24. andrea, jessica. >> one local basketball team finally ends its search for the first win of the season. >> redskins try to get their offense rolling as they head into the tail end of the week. >> here is another look at the question of the day... here is a response posted by jane king. it is definitely c. shoes were invented ages ago and i don't even know a majority of women who own b. >> you can log on to and post your response. love to hear them. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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by 9:00, we'll be in the low 40s north. the numbers may be too warm. with rain showers and colder air, we may turn some of that over to some snow in the shenandoah valley by 9:00. 40 degrees won't be a problem. by noon, still in the low to mid-40s with showers around, wet flakes mainly west of town. we start to clear out some by
5:23 am
mid afternoon. southern maryland, you may hold on to the showers longer. jess and andrea? >> nats catcher wilson ramos speaks publicly about last week's kidnapping ordeal. >> can the redskins provide an exciting end to a lack luster week? kristin berset has our morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. if the redskins can only muster up one more victory this season, what better team to beat than dallas. mike shanahan has a winning record in his career against dallas but of course, the redskins don't. after a late rally failed to materialize, the redskins have since gone 1-5. dallas week usually brings added excitement and added motivation and as the 'skins look to snap their five- game skid, they could use all of that to get the w. no better team to go against to get everybody fired up and have the extra juice, extra motivation to get this
5:24 am
thing turned around and get a big victory. >> i want to find a way to get a win. it would be huge for our season and great for our morale. >> wilson ramos says he still wants to play winter ball in venezuela but the nationals want to bring him back to washington first for a complete physical and mental evaluation after his kidnapping. ramos was rescued last friday, almost 51 hours in captivity. last night, he thanked the fans for their support. [ speaking spanish ] american basketball, home basketball hosting florida atlantic. senior charles hinkle who leads the eagles in points with the three there. and one. he had 27 points on the night. the eagles pick up their first win of the season, 62-56.
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that's going to do it for your morning sports. i'm kristin berset, have a great day. >> today's day of action by the occupy wall street movement could impact your evening commute. that story is coming up. >> plus, local, state and federal officials broker a deal to fund the second half of metro's silver line to dulles airport. here's beverly. >> andrea, the biggest problem for us for the commute out of fredericksburg, crash northbound i-95, ties up a good portion of the roadway. 395, we're running freely to the 14th street bridge. next check of traffic at 5:30. good morning. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. it is thursday. we call it friday eve. sounds better. makes us feel good.
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welcome back again. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm yes, jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika. we'll start with howard and weather first. >> it is getting nasty out there. cold temps, showers moving in. the winds are blowing out of the northwest dropping temps even further. it won't be a pretty day. i'm going to tell you right now. maybe later on this afternoon, we'll see some sunshine. for the morning, midday hours, the cold winds, the showers and maybe even some wet flakes mixing in at times, especially west of town. don't expect any problems because it will still be above freezing by a good bit but upstairs, where the clouds are, it will be cold enough to mix in the wet flakes. 46 now. we'll be in the neighborhood here at 9:00. by noon, about 44. this afternoon, we will see some clearing as the showers shut down from west to east. temperatures still in the mid- 40s. with the winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15, now, we have to think about a wind chill. showers last night, but look, another batch of rain is
5:30 am
returning this morning to virginia and west virginia where it is mixing in with some snow at the higher elevations. north and west of town, still relatively quiet. now in northern anne arundel, northern prince george's county heading down to charles county, much of prince george's county and the south side of town, we've got showers and this extends back toward oh, charlottesville and points west of there. so, we have a colder air mass moving in. temps, most of them in the 40s. some wind chills in the 30s. beverly farmer, weather is picking up. i guess, traffic is, too. >> yes, it is. waiting for rain showers to make it a rough ride. outer loop of the beltway, so far incident-free. no obstacles reported. pace is still good. volume building further west as you head over past colesville. no problems prince george's county, beltway, south on 95 out of baltimore. the bw parkway in from annapolis and bowie. virginia drivers, 95 fredericksburg under route 3. crash happened from eastbound route 3 to go north on 95.
5:31 am
both are impacted by that. here on 395, volume building to the 14th street bridge. south of 395, that accident has been cleared. next check at 5:39. andrea, jessica. back to you. the man suspected of shooting up the white house last friday night makes his first court appearance. >> the secret service says they arrested ortega hernandez at a hotel yesterday. tuesday, secret service agents discovered two bullets had hit the white house. one of them apparently cracked a window on the residential level. after friday's shooting, police found an assault rifle inside an abandoned vehicle which they linked to ortega hernandez. >> the metropolitan washington airport's authority has approved a funding deal for the second phase of the metrorail extension to dulles airport. transportation secretary ray lahood hammered out the deal with state and local officials last week. construction has already begun on the first phase of metro's silver line from falls church to reston. but until last week, there was
5:32 am
no agreement on who would pay for phase two into loudoun county. police in columbia, south carolina, arrested occupy wall street protestors who refused to leave the state house grounds overnight. it is just one of the latest spots where authorities have tried to evict demonstrators who have been camping out. now, today, occupy movement organizers are calling for a new tactic. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live at mcpherson square with more on today's day of action. surae? >> well, be prepared for a rough commute today. at least this afternoon. where occupy protestors plan to march on the key bridge between 2:30 and 6:00 tonight. it will surely be a traffic headache. you might as well just avoid the area altogether or definitely find an alternative route. because there could be some arrests just like what happened in san francisco, california.
5:33 am
>> reporter: it wasn't a bridge but a bank. protestors stormed a bank of america in san francisco. police in riot gear arrested them one by one and hauled them off to jail. in new york city, tensions ran high when police started evicting people in zuccotti park. some returned without their tents since they're banned. the plan today is for marchers to take over wall street. the brooklyn bridge and subway stations. there is also a planned march in l.a. during rush hour. and take a look at this picture. there is nothing that you see today, take a look at your tv screen right now. this picture has gone viral. an 84-year-old woman in seattle became the face of the national occupy wall street movement after she was hit with pepper spray during a seattle march. this is dorally reigny, her face dripping with the chemical irritant covered with pepper spray. you can see a couple of protestors helping her out of the chaos. but she's doing ok. but some of the things that you might find in some of the chaos
5:34 am
and some of the protest movements. back to you. >> thank you, surae chinn reporting live. the family of a murdered upper marlboro woman may get some closure later this morning. police found the body of 53- year-old vanessa riddick in august of 2007. she had been stabbed 67 times. investigators went two years without a break in the case until they got a hit on the dna. the match was to troy nash and he was convicted of first- degree murder in september. he now faces life in prison. later this morning, lawmakers in montgomery county will begin debate on an antilawyering bill. if approved, the bill would prevent people from gathering in the areas past reasonable hours. it is seen as the alternative to a countywide teen curfew which had been proposed by county executive ike leggett. fema has approved more than $2.5 million for louisa county, virginia. the agency first denied virginia's request for disaster assistance after the august
5:35 am
earthquake until governor bob mcdonnell appealed the decision. the latest grant will help homeowners with repairs and the grants don't have to be repaid. it is 5:35. i'm watching your money. we're now less than a week away from the deadline for the deficit subcommittee. by law, the bipartisan committee is required to agree on how to trim $1.2 trillion from the federal debt by next wednesday. if they fail, automatic cuts will kick in. cuts which will be equally split between defense and nondefense spending. that's a 10% cut in the government's discretionary spending and with so many federal workers right here, we'll feel the greatest impact. civilians will be furloughed and services contractors will be tapered off. >> dod is talking about severe civilian cuts as well as cutting a couple, two or three weapons systems. the effects of cutting weapon systems will spread
5:36 am
beyond the pentagon. trekeling down to the companies and subcontractors who develop and build the systems. some lawmakers even want the subcommittee to go bigger and slash $4 trillion from the federal deficit. now to something less stressful. how would you like to accessorize your car by picking the color of the tires. a state-owned company in china is rolling out the first colored tires on its production line. you can see them there on the screen. very cheerful. automakers have wanted this option for a long time but coloring processes put a greater demand on dyes and durability of the tires than the traditional one that's naturally black. to make the tire, the runner is first bleached then dyed. i wonder how you're going to keep them clean? >> that's a good business for someone to go into. very colorful. in over a month, another local jurisdiction will have a bag tax. more on that coming up. >> plus, performers from one of the world's highest flying shows are at the verizon center through the weekend.
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we have a northwest wind. we have showers around. keep the umbrellas handy. looks like jackets and gloves are necessary. temperatures will continue to drop through midday. we'll be down to 44 at noon with some showers mixing in with a few wet flakes. late clearing today by 5:00. mostly cloudy and 46. i'll be back talking about the weekend in about five minutes. beverly farmer is talking about your morning commute. >> it is tough out of fredericksburg on 95. northbound crash on route 3. impacts eastbound 3 getting on to northbound 95. here in landmark, we'll check details on that and a 270 crash coming up in the next check of timesaver traffic at 5:48. an outreach campaign to
5:40 am
inform people about montgomery's new carry out bag law is underway. county executive ike leggett helped spread the word wednesday. at westfield montgomery in bethesda. the bag law takes effect january 1st. stores must charge 5 cents for each paper or plastic carry out bag they provide to customers. revenues collected will be directed to the water quality protection fund. there is a new cirque du soleil show making a limited run at verizon center. we caught the performers rehearsing ahead of last night's first appearance. the show features high-flying acrobats from some of the world's top performers all set to original music. there is another show tonight and then two shows a day friday through sunday. tickets are still available. that is amazing. >> i think i've seen four different shows and just like how do they get better every time? >> an old sexual harassment claim could be coming back to haunt a former presidential candidate. that story is coming up. >> plus, authorities strike a
5:41 am
blow against smugglers with the discovery of a tunnel funneling tens of millions of dollars worth of drugs. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. oscar winning director martin scorsese is 69 years old. model lauren hutton is 68. danny devito is 67. elvin hayes is 66. >> the speaker of the house, john boehner is 62 today. tv personality rupaul is 51. model and designer daisy fuentes is 45. mike's not here but i'll bet you he'll be celebrating the birthday of someone he mentored, showing her the ropes of the tv biz as they co- starred in morning glory. there he is. we're sure amy adams -- rachel adams -- rachel mcadams wouldn't be where she is today. rachel mcadams turns 33 today. >> she learned from the best.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:45. this is the man who mentored mike and made him star in the movie "morning glory." howard bernstein. >> mike kept calling me, asking me for advice. just be yourself. >> great advice. >> who else can you be? but yourself. >> or you can be howard. >> be warm and be dry today. bundle up. get something that will keep the rain off of you. the system is slow to move out. another round of moisture headed this way. it will be cold enough some of us will see some wet snowflakes later this morning into early this afternoon. here is a look at the bus stop forecast. temperatures, a lot of us will be in the 40s with wind chills in the 30s. scattered showers out there as well. not the prettiest morning. sunrise, not until 6:52. the showers with us through at
5:46 am
least midday. they'll taper off from west to east as the whole system starts to pull away slowly this afternoon. look how the temperatures are dropping, northwest winds 12 miles per hour. gust over 20 at times. wind chills drop to the 30s. things start to taper off this afternoon and late clearing. mid-40s for the drive home. should be a dry drive home as opposed to this morning. the morning commute will get a little bit wetter as we've got moisture coming in from the southwest headed this way. mixing with a little bit of snow in some of the mountains in eastern west virginia, live doppler 9000 hd, still relatively quiet up in howard, montgomery, loudoun and most of fairfax counties. east and southeast of d.c., we're seeing a lot of the showers here from annapolis through bowie back through much of prince george's county, calvert, st. mary's county. this is light stuff we're looking in charles county. down one and 95 also from alexandria to lorton out toward woodbridge and dale city. seeing the light showers moving off toward the northeast. the whole area slides slowly
5:47 am
east. farther off to the south and west, we're seeing the showers in gold vane. maybe even up to fairfax county within the next 30 to 60 minutes. temps are dropping. still 50 in college park. 48 at andrews air force base. 44 in vienna. lovettsville is 45. manassas this morning, 46. that doesn't even include the winds. here in town, our wind chills down to 40. light rain showers at the airport and a north- northwesterly wind sustained at 14 miles per hour. storm system coming out of the gulf coast. one round hit us yesterday with over an inch of rain south and east of town. this morning, other area of moisture coming through eastern kentucky and tennessee, this will be riding toward us. this morning into early this afternoon. but until it passes and with colder air moving in, now, we're starting to see some of the snow mix in with that. we'll continue to track this as it pulls away from us. here we are at noon, rain and snow showers will start to pull
5:48 am
away late this afternoon and some clearing for tonight. a cold night and a chilly friday also. today, upper 40s. blustery, rain showers mixing with a couple of wet flakes. tonight, 20s and 30s. winds start to relax. tomorrow, not nearly as windy. but chilly in spite of the sunshine. 48. saturday, better. milder. 56. sunday, even milder into the low to mid-60s. rain chances increase again by tuesday and wednesday. good morning, over to beverly farmer now with timesaver trash. >> good morning, not so good out of frederick county. southbound 270, howard, they're checking for a vehicle on fire south of i-70 but before 85 here at father hurley boulevard, looks good. heading on down through gaithersburg, rockville, no early problems. just building volume. crash in montgomery county reported on first field road at clopper road. in olney, an accident georgia avenue at olney lane. you can get around it. checking virginia where we've got good news out of fredericksburg, state police
5:49 am
tell us the crash is cleared. northbound 95 at route 3 fredericksburg impacted traffic on route 3 eastbound. still going to look for delays. more volume into woodbridge here on 395. building volume in landmark. the pace is good to the inbound 14th street bridge. your next check at 6:00 before you leave the house. jessica, andrea, back to you. it started last friday night as a shooting near the white house. today, a suspect will be in court on charges he actually shot at the white house. >> the secret service says two bullets did hit the white house. susan mcginnis has more on a court hearing scheduled for this afternoon. oscar ramiro ortega hernandez could face charges of attempted assassination when he appears in federal court this afternoon. police arrested the 21-year-old at this pennsylvania hotel wednesday, nearly a week after shots were fired at the white house. >> you want to know why he was being taken into custody. he did not have any identification with him. >> reporter: officials say
5:50 am
ortega hernandez left his driver's license and an assault rifle and spent shell casings in an abandoned car after the shooting friday night. the president and first family were out of town at the time. wednesday, the secret service combed the south lawn for more bullets after finding two that hit the white house. one of them cracked a window on the residential level where the master bedroom is located but didn't get past bulletproof glass. >> ortega hernandez was apparently upset with the president and the white house. authorities are looking into his mental health and say there are signs he believes his alleged attack was a personal mission from god. >> businessman monti mccall met ortega hernandez and said he compared the president to the antichrist. >> he's very sincere in what he believed. he did seem rather troubled. >> ortega hernandez's family reported him missing last month. he has a long history of minor run-ins with the law but so far, has not been linked to any
5:51 am
radical groups. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. >> sources say ortega hernandez was not on the secret service's radar before friday's shooting. making news now at 5:51, a group claiming to be army defactors is joining the antigovernment protestors in syria and is killing soldiers loyal to the president. meanwhile, the arab league has given syria three days to stopped. the tunnel linked two warehouses in san diego and tijuana. when officers moved in on the american side, they seized 17 tons of marijuana. a new mexico tv station reports former governor and presidential candidate bill richardson is under federal investigation. according to their sources, a state employee accused the democrat of sexual harassment and was paid a settlement.
5:52 am
it is that settlement amount came from campaign money, that's a violation of federal elections law. let's take another look at our question of the day. >> the woman who invented this was, at first laughed at. now, most of us own them. what is it? a, shoes, b, fake eyelashes or c, windshield wipers. >> here is a response left on our page by jean kirschner. i know i was born yesterday. 39 years ago on a turnip truck. i'm going to say windshield wipers. trust me, you need to see while you're driving in the rain while putting on your fake eyelashes. >> post your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. >> coming up, some of the world's top athletes are weighing in on a proposal to cut a handful of sports programs at the university of maryland. >> we'll take a closer look at google's new music service.
5:53 am
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we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while. we've got showers out there once again. not so much north and west. east of 95 as you go down south toward fredericksburg, new showers developing from charlottesville, north to almost warrenton and this is all moving in our direction. we look at the future cast. we do expect quite a few
5:56 am
showers to be around as we head toward the 9:00 hour. temps in the mid-40s, maybe some low 40s north and west. also the threat for some of the rain to mix with some wet snow out toward the shenandoah valley. 44 degrees at noon. still some showers around. some of the showers could be on the hefty side. southern maryland, the northern neck through lunchtime and then this will all start to pull away here later this afternoon. clearing west to east. by the time you drive home, still going to be chilly. northwest winds will keep wind chills in the 30s. air temperatures only about 45 by 6:00 p.m. andrea and jessica, over to you. thank you, howard. the world's most decorated olympian is among those calling foul after a proposal to cut eight varsity sports at the university of maryland including swimming and men's track and field. >> michael phelps isn't the only one criticizing the budget-cutting decision. scott broom has more on the world wide reaction. >> social media in the olympic world has been lit on fire. maryland's swimming program has
5:57 am
eight qualified for the olympic trials and the track coach, andrew valman, himself an olympic gold medalist, also happens to be the guy who will lead the u.s. olympic team in london next summer. but may not have a men's team at maryland to come home to. leaving alumni wondering what's the athletic department thinking? >> it quite frankly is an embarrassment. >> that's a former hurdler at maryland who's launched an online campaign to save the team. olympians like former world record leader tyson gay are on board tweeting save maryland track! on the swimming side, none other than michael phelps is tweeting please help spread the word, save maryland swimming. on youtube, the swimmers have posted a video including photo after photo from across the nation holding signs save the terps. >> the problem some alums allege is mismanagement. a $2 million buyout for the acc football coach of the year? wonder how much that hurt the deficit! a reference to the firing of
5:58 am
ralph fridgen earlier this year. the problem remains they are hemorrhaging money. >> the recommendation as written does seem like fund- raising would be a save. let's cut the teams then let's try to make money for the rest of the athletes that will still be around. >> the new athletic director, kevin anderson has been bitterly criticized in particular for the football coaching change. so far, with disastrous results, only two wins. but through a spokesman, anderson has refused television interviews. scott broom, 9news now. university president has promised final decisions on the sports cuts by the end of the year. this also impacts students who came there on scholarships for swimming and track so it is a very big problem. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now a at the 6:00 hour, i'm andrea roane.
5:59 am
happy friday eve. >> that's right. mike has the day off. i'm jessica doyle. beverly farmer is in for monika. we begin with howard bernstein and a look at your weather today. >> not the prettiest day. we had rain yesterday. some areas over an inch. lightning and thunder down into the southern suburbs. once again this morning, we're talking about showers persisting through midday. this system slow to clear. and we talked about it earlier. it is going to be cold enough midday that some areas west of town especially could get some wet flakes mixing in. let's get your day planner. wet flakes mixing in. andrea, you look so happy about that. >> i want you to say how far west. >> the shenandoah valley and the mountains will probably see the best chance of that but you know, if we've got a couple of wet flakes in the immediate metro, that would not be out of the question. 44 at noon. up where the clouds are, mile or so up, it could be cold enough there to get the snow/rain mix. if it doesn't melt before it reaches the ground, that's where we would see the wet flakes. we'll see this start to wind down


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