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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tried to assassinate the president. now charging documents reveal why. but first tonight, breaking news. a basketball coach at syracuse university accused of child molestation. this is 9news now. well, as we said, breaking news. another major university now dealing with the scandal that sadly has become all too familiar in the college sporting world. >> police say a syracuse university basketball coach is being investigated after accusations of sexual misconduct with a former ball boy. ken molestina has been following the developments and is live with more. ken. >> reporter: yes, derek and anita, this time we're talking about syracuse's assistant basketball coach bernie fine. just a few minutes ago they announced they have put him on administrative leave in light of the allegations. espn is identifying the accuser as bobby davis. the allegations are being investigated by syracuse city police. according to davis, the sexual abuse began in 1983 when he was
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in the 7th grade. he was a ball boy for the team and lived near syracuse home. in 2005, his accusations were investigated by the university, but they were later dropped because of lack of evidence. earlier today the same accounts were reported to the syracuse police department who reopened the investigation. the accuser claims the abuse continued for more than a dozen years. he told espn it happened at fine's home, at syracuse basketball facilities and on team road trips, including the 1987 final four. >> you know that fine is his 35th year as the assistant basketball coach there at syracuse. the sergeant with the police said they're in the very early stages of this investigation. so at this point other than what we just told you, there isn't a whole lot more to report. however, things will certainly change with this one and we'll stay on top of it. >> we appreciate that. meanwhile penn state's board of trustees has ordered a large law firm to represent them in
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the school's child sex abuse scandal. the firm will be working op issues of working on the arrest of jerry sandusky as well as administrator tim curly and jerry schultz. university police say a search has turned up no record that mike mcqueary's claim in an e-mail that he had reported a sexual assault on a 10-year-old boy on a campus shower back in 2002. and a congressman is calling for a hearing and whether laws should be designed to protect schools and students. now we're hearing from the man charged with trying to assassinate president obama. oscar ortega hernandez. it turned out he recently taped an appeal to oprah winfrey asking to be interviewed about what he considered a corrupt government. now, in the message ortega
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hernandez characterizes himself as a modern day mesiah. >> there is still so much more that god needs me to express to the world. it's not just a coincidence that i look like jesus. i am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. >> meanwhile, ortega hernandez was in federal court today. we sent matt jablow down to the scene of his crime to tell us what happened in front of the judge. >> reporter: derek, it was a brief but revealing court proceeding today where federal prosecutors began laying out their case against the man accused of trying to kill the president. eight pages of charging documents presented in federal court in pittsburgh today paint a vivid and disturbing portrait of oscar ortega hernandez, the idaho man now accused of trying to assassinate president obama. >> the subject, mr. ortega hernandez, did not resist. >> reporter: the 21-year-old ortega hernandes arrested yesterday, five days after
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allegedly firing several rounds at the white house with a rifle with a large scope. according to the charging documents, ortega hernandez claims that president obama is the devil and the problem with the government that he needs to kill the president and he insisted that he would not stop until it's done. in court today, ortega hernandez was almost completely silent saying only yes, ma'am, when asked if he understood that he would soon be taken back to washington to face the charges filed against him today. despite the fact that president obama was in san diego at the time of the shooting, ortega hernandez is still being accused of trying to assassinate the president. if convicted, he would face a maximum of life in prison. derek. >> matt jablow, we thank you. this just in. video of occupy protestors in san diego holding a moment of silence for ortega hernandez. >> can we have a moment of silence for the person that they
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said was from the washington dc occupy that maybe why did he feel the need to shoot the white house window today. so i think we should hold a moment of silence. >> this event happened last night, but video is sparking a lot of controversy and some outrage. again, police have said ortega hernandez was not participating in the occupy demonstration. back here in washington dc says planning pays off. drivers made sure they did not get caught up in today's occupy dc protest rally. more than 200 demonstrators marched through georgetown and lined up on the key bridge in hopes of spotlighting the country's crumbling infra structures. today it went down pretty peacefully. over on the virginia side, it seemed only 1% of the 99% showed up for that part of the rally. the group is now camped out back
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at mcphearson square tonight. >> we are the 99%. >> a much different story, however, in new york city where things got bloody in lower manhattan. one police officer was slashed after getting into a fight with one of those protestors. officers arrested about 245 demonstrators for blocking intersections in the city's final district. but despite all of the effort, it was business as usual for wall street. out in los angeles, police arrested protestors at the bank of america plaza after they refused to leave. about 27 demonstrators linked their arms, stood in a circle with police in riot gear right nearby. so far eight people have been taken into custody. no incidents or violence there. the rest of today's marches were peaceful. police are trying to get a dump truckdriver off the road and back behind bars. he was charged with reckless driving in a deadly crash tuesday. there it is. police say he crossed the center
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line and hit an suv head on. the impact killed 40-year-old dan tulk, a stay at home dad with three little daughters. >> he was sunshine. and he was a family man, daughter's wife, daughter's children, an amazing artist. >> the family says they were told that the truckdriver fell asleep behind the wheel. police have not confirmed that. he was released on bond, but prosecutors are trying to reverse that calling him a danger on the road. on to a 9news now update. tonight we are seeing a possible defense strategy emerge for federal agents from arlington charged with second degree murder. the state department special agent christopher dede was charged with shooting a man in hawaii. he was in hawaii for an economic summit and now he's saying he was only trying to protect himself and others.
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the marketing minds over at benaton have done it again. the italian fashion label has launched a campaign so provocative it is giving people -- that is president obama's in lip lock with the president of china and pope benedict in a much more intimate grasp with a muslim cleric. well, tonight the white house says it does not approve. the vatican says we'll see you in court. and bettedon says we're trying to promote peace, love and understanding. >> today with this campaign we want to create a new energy towards tolerance, respecting the others and finding the elements in common rather than the elements that separate you from the others. >> well, tonight benneton is signaling tomorrow the ads are going to be pulled, especially
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the ones with the pope. the other leaders will still be kissing. >> i like unhating suches anyone, but with two men kissing it seemed like it has more on the agenda than selling clothes. and what does it say about women's roles in society? kimberly wrote this. seems to me that their goal might be to start some conversations. and if so, it's working. and katie has this to say, it's gross. couldn't they all get together and hold hands or something. if you want to join the conversation about the ad, go to and click on our facebook link. do airport body scanners increase your risk of cancer? this has been an ongoing debate in the u.s. but in europe it looks like they picked a side. they are now ordering the airports to stop using the scanners because of the possible cancer risk. u.s. radiation expert says the scanner can deliver up to 20 times more radiation than previously thought.
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but many doctors call the health worries over that an overreaction. >> you're at higher risk driving to the airport by a long shot than any risks you may have of cancer or even death from that particular machine. >> when i worked with radiation, personally i wouldn't want to have to go through that if i have a choice. >> the eu says it will consider lifting the ban on the body scanners if it gets convincing evidence they are, in fact, safe. topper. >> well, the winds are dying down but the temps are also going down right along with them. let me show you the wake up weather. i don't think we'll see a cloud in the sky before 9:00. 28-36 at 5:00. 26-36 at 7:00 and still in the 30s at 9:00. you'll need a coat and your sunglasses. make sure the kids have a coat, especially the high school kids that get out there so early. we'll come back and tell you how warm it's going to be and tell you about the weekend. still ahead tonight, area drivers seeing red. >> i didn't do anything wrong. >> forgetting red light tickets
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without running the lights. >> our ken molestina spotlights an intersection being called a traffic ticket trap. that is coming up.
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it's a snapshot that nobody
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wants to pose for, especially because it comes with a fine. our ken molestina explains why stopping at some intersections in our area is not enough to avoid what some call the red light trap. >> reporter: route 450 at princess garden parkway in prince george's county. busy intersection and home to one of 2100 key run red light cameras. -- county run red light cameras. it's hoping to catch you in the act. >> i saw the flash behind me and a couple weeks later i got a ticket in the mail. >> reporter: he was busted but according to him he didn't do anything wrong. >> i stopped. >> reporter: the snapshot taken by the camera shows he stopped between a crosswalk and a white line. that white line is known as a stop bar. and according to principals george's county police -- prince george's county police, that's where he should have come to a halt. >> he is clearly over the line. >> reporter: triple a officials say that isn't a justified ticket because the crosswalk should be the stopping point.
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>> what the municipality did is even to expand the crosswalk to entrap people. >> reporter: according to triple a, this area right here is the crosswalk. >> they claim the loophole that prince george's county is using incorporates all of this area up to that white line where the car is stopped as a crosswalk. according to them, that is illegal. >> who is breaking the law here? it is the municipality. >> reporter: county police defend the citation and their method saying the design of the intersection serves a specific purpose. >> the state has built this road with a mill down medium to allow emergency vehicles through this opening in the median strip. >> reporter: the white line prevents motorists from blocking the right away for emergency vehicles. >> most of these violations occur because they're either distracted or they're going too fast. >> reporter: but this upset motorist isn't buying that and he hopes to contest the ticket and have law enforcement slam
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their brakes on a fine he says isn't fair. >> i think it's wrong and i want to fight it just on general principal. >> reporter: ken molestina, 9news now. >> it turns out the camera in question has cost more than 2600 violators and at 75 bucks a pop that comes out to more than $1,600 a month in fines. in tonight's consumer alert, the next time you make a pb&j, make sure you check the peanut butter. smukers is recalling chunky brand because of possible salmonella infestation. the jars have use by dates of august 3rd and august 4th, 2012, this is a smuckers product. nobody has been reported sick so far. and here is a list of other foods you might want to avoid. it's the top five foods that can
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actually age you. according to nutritionist joy bower, there are certain foods out there that can make you look and, of course, feel older than you are. coming in at number five, movie theater pop current. i was going to go to the movie tomorrow. number four, deep dish pizza. all the crust, a ton of flour, all of the flat, artery clogging cheese. i can't even read this. [ laughing ] >> hot dogs come in at number three on this list. really, folks. they are basically 80% fat and nutritionally fizzle. >> so good. >> come on. >> guys, i can't help you with this. in second place, white starchy bagels. one bagel is the equivalent of eating four to five slices of bread. and the number one food that ages you, sugary breakfast paste res. here is the -- paste reez. they're filled with white flour, sugar and fat but spike your blood sugar and spike you up for
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a crash a few hours later. so no real nutrition. >> absolutely. >> it's worth the crash. >> so you're going to take a little aging. >> what about food that makes you older because it tastes so bad. [ laughing ] >> it takes so long to chew. >> you're more about enjoying? >> yes. >> right. >> okay. >> derek and i get it. all right. we're looking at one of the coldest nights so far of the season. >> blus everyy. ery. -- blusterry. most of the burbs in the 30s. 36 in manassas. 36 in gaithersburg and 36 in frederick. now, let's factor in there is still a little bit of wind. it's just about gone. just a couple of gusts now and then. it feels like it's 28 in frederick. 35 in leesburg and fields like it's 29 in manassas. -- feels like it's 29 in manassas. the kids are going to need some coats tomorrow, sweat shirts at
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the bus stop. you'll need a heavy coat. we'll all need sunglasses. it's going to be very cold tomorrow night, clear but very cold for high school football. the other good news it's going to be milder over the weekend. a little milder on saturday. much more so on sunday. so overnight clear skies, much colder. we'll call it a two blanket night. lows 26-34. and winds calming down northwesterly at about ten. now, tomorrow morning sunny, breezy and cold. a coat for the kids, please. 20 and 30s. i think the winds will pick up around 9:00 a.m. until about 11:00 a.m. northwest at 10-15. but the good news in the afternoon, the winds die down and they become southwesterly and that is going to pay dividend for us over the weekend because southwesterly winds are dryer and milder. you'll need sunglasses. highs tomorrow 46-50 but it will not be blustery like today.
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herndon and sterling about 47. maybe only 46 out towards leesburg. let's break it down to you, 26-46 to start at 7:00 but clear. 45-50 by noon but clear. and 46-50 by 5:00 but clear. now, the next three days, here we go, milder on saturday. we're back in the mid 50s. and low 60s on sunday. we're bringing some clouds in. it will be dry for the redskins game and dry really for the day part. next seven days, maybe a shower sunday night that might bleed into monday morning. not a big rain maker. still 60 on monday. a pretty good chance of rain and shower on tuesday. a very quiet travel day on wednesday in the east and really much of the country which is good news. and turkey day a little too warm for my taste but whatever. sunshine and 57. at least i won't freeze when i deep fry the turkey. >> we'll take it.
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i didn't know redskins night. >> the caps aren't as bad. they started the season 7-0 but since then the caps have gone 3-5-1 and in recent games the defense has been lack luster and tonight wasn't any better. caps taking on the jets in the first period. alex simmons gets the caps on the board first. the nice sac behind the goalie. they miss the shot. blake wheeler scores. the jets score three goals in just over four minutes in the second period. caps go on to lose 4-1. terps taking on number 15 alabama in puerto rico. and this was all crimson tide. nine points and 5 rebounds.
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terps lose day one, 62-42. the coach said they were like a train wreck falling off a cliff in the first half. the washington nationals have added a new coach to their staff. moore retired after a 19-year play. he had been a minor league manager in the nats organization. time to announce our winner of the game of the week poll. you all chose a regional 4a matchup between churchill and west potomac. coming up next our double coverage team is here to talk about the redskins chances this sunday against dallas. stay tuned.
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welcome back to 9news now. i'm joined with our double coverage team brian mitchell, david elfin. dallas is just kind of snuck up on us a little bit. david have you gotten the sense that the players are just as jazzed about this dallas week as they have been in the past? >> no way. if you go back to the past back when brian was starting his career, it meant a lot. these two teams of players have been there a long time. they're a few guys from texas and a few guys from here who really want to win because it's dallas.
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>> how important would a win but a win over dallas be for the team? >> it would be important for the team because they would get the losing streak to stop. also for the community and the way people will be changing on the negativity on the radios and the tv and now they can focus on playing football instead of worrying about the fans disliking them. >> all right. mike shanahan is sticking with grossman for the week. is he the guy for the rest of the week? >> i think so. beck flunked his test. he didn't really produce. rex at least makes some things happen down field. rex would have to be really off, something like five or six picks, and that's probably not going to happen. >> do you agree with david? >> i agree with david when he says john flunked the test. he went into the game and the game was too fast for him. i wouldn't stake my reputation on that guy the way he played. rex grossman at least moves the football. he's going to make mistakes. if they go back to john beck, they're trying to lose game, not
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trying to win. >> all right. time now for our redskins pre game pick. david, we'll start with you. who gets the nod. >> anybody who watches buffalo from last week, tony romo is as sharp as he's ever been, dallas. >> i pick dallas also. and the reason is murray. unbelievable. he has a running game. tony romo has a running game. he's a much better passer. >> they beat the bills who shut out the redskins a couple weeks ago pretty handedly. defense, david. >> dallas defense is playing well under rob ryan. not great. not fantastic. best in the league. maybe the best pass rusher, cowboys. >> cowboys also. the redskins can't run the football. and the cowboys when you can't run the football, they're going to pin your ears back. 13 sacs right now. i think it's going to be a long day for the quarterback. >> what about coaching? >> you know, it's real rough here. jason garrett turned them
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around. has them in the right direction. cowboys. >> cowboys also. jason garrett has made adjustments. from the moment that he was first started as the head coach he didn't do it and then the team has gotten better. we look at mike shanahan. he's not doing much. the team is still on a downward slide. >> all right. so do cowboys all the way. prediction time i'm reaching on this one, i'm holding out hope they beat a team they're not supposed to beat. i'm going redskins 16-14. >> i've seen some crazy games. 2006 troy vincent blocking a kick. i don't see any way possible right now. dallas 31-13. >> oh, man. i would love to see the redskins win but i'm going to go dallas 28-14. >> so i'm going to look like a fool or genius come sunday night. we'll see what happens. brian mitchell, david elfin, thanks so much. 9news will return right after this. ♪
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there's the bell. chilly tomorrow but not windy. it's actually a bright day. 48 and milder over the weekend. 54 on saturday. dry and mild for the redskins game. 62. >> get out there and treat yourself to a breakfast pastry. we'll see you.
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