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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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down in the 20s. by noon sunny 43. highs 45 to oh, we're pushing 50 in the warm spots. clear skies here. we've got the snow showers well to the north of new york and pennsylvania. and we're looking at temperatures this morning as i said some of the 20s like manassas at 27 and 26 in cat lidge. 27 culpeper, 44 pax river and cam bridge. 38 only going into the 40s. beverly farmer, good morning. good morning. friday with us and so far without any big obstacles on the trip for the wilson bridge checking out the ride inner loop out of oxon hill. local through lane looking good. there on the right side of the screen heading away from you over into oxon hill. in good shape this side of town. no early problems out of southern maryland to report. checking the ride for virginia drivers, northbound 95 on to 395 to landmark and the inbound 14th street bridge. the pace right here very light volume. some slowdown on 95 just past the prince william parkway in the occoquan. 66 east. heaviest volume has been in
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manassas just getting into centerville. montgomery county just the building volume on the outer loop heading into silver spring. another look at timesaver traffic at 6:12. mike? at the top of the hour let's get a check of the stories happening today. wilson ramos will be at nationals park and should be talking with reporters. the nats' catcher was rescued from kidnappers a week ago. he's in town here to undergo a physical and mental evaluation with team doctors. the sheriff's office is hosting a food drive. you can drop off food this morning at the sheriff's office in la plata. indian head and waldorf. all the donations will go to the southern maryland food bank. the national cathedral's reopening festivities will resume with a concert by local students, 400 musicians and singers from the cathedral school will perform tonight. the concert starts at 8:00 and
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it is open to the public, this weekend will be a busy one for the congressional supercommittee. it is facing a deadline of next wednesday to cut at least $1.2 trillion from the deficit. now if it doesn't succeed, automatic spending cuts on military spending and social programs will take effect. and with fewer than six days left to go, there's no deal in sight. the committee has an equal number of republicans and democrats and both sides say it's frustrating and both blame the other side for not dealing. political reporter gregory court from "usa today" expects to see some progress this weekend. >> one thing we've learned about congress is they never get anything of consequence done without a deadline and that's what this budget control act deal was set to do is instill a deadline that by thanksgiving, of t the supercommittee needed to come up with a deal or the cuts go through. right now all we've seen is a posturing. >> in the latest move, republicans wanted to increase
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revenue by closing tax loopholes but also lowering the top tax rate. democrats say that's just a tax break for the wealthy. now one lawmaker is finding a different way to cut spending. by cutting subsidies to millionaires and jessica doyle is here with more on that. >> that's right. this is an uncon we think so until way to take back for millionaires. senator tom coburn is a republican from oklahoma. he agrees with his party that the nation should not raise the tax rate on the rich but also says in a report this week called subsidies of the rich and famous that we, the taxpayers, should not be helping them foot their lavish lifestyles with billions of dollars in tax writeoffs and even government welfare checks. now there are a host of subsidies laid out in the report from billions of dollars in tax breaks for gambling losses to section we're focusing on entitled conservation program payments. let me introduce you to the $10 million bunny. this is the brush rabbit. it is an endangered cotton
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tail. in 2009 usda paid two millionaires over $10.2 million in taxpayer dollars. that money was for the millionaires to agree to essentially not develop their property where the brush rabbit was living. and this species has a lot of company in the subsidy menagerie. in 2010 usda wrote over $31 million in checks to a ramp if florida. part of the easement to protect a watershed to in turn support the crested cacacara, florida panther and redwood pecker. now this is the sage grouse. it's the largest grouse in north america. usda paid about $750,000 to protect this bird. muff of that going -- much of that going to a ranch in california. some of the money going to the company that makes the char broil outdoor grill. in all from 2009 to 2010, his report right here says the government wrote checks worth
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$89 million to millionaires as conservation. >> i'm sufficiently outraged. the bunny is cute but $89 million? that's not going to make a big dent in the deficit. >> this whole report targets welfare for the welloffs amounts to $9.5 billion in million mares. it doesn't go far enough but it's bettser than letting it leak out drop by drop. >> it's a start. the man accused of shooting a gun at the white house is being held in federal custody and we're starting to get a new look at just how disturbed he may be. when you see this videotape that's surfaced you'll start to understand the disturbing comments you heard about him recently. this is new this morning. surae chinn has a look at this thing near the white house. >> reporter: what a strange case, new developments from overnight. 9news now obtained the 48 minute tape of ortega-hernandez
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on a rant. he had problems with the government, with the president, and he begged oprah for a job. and he says he believe himself to be the messiah. >> not just a coincidence that i look like jesus. i tap modern day gee -- am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. so i ask you oprah, better yet i'm begging you oprah, please cast me on to your show oprah. >> reporter: he went on to say that the president was the devil. the antichrist. well, the 21-year-old idaho man was arrested five days after he allegedly shot at the white house. secret service saying they found nine shell casings in his car. that two of which -- two rounds hit the white house on the second and third floor with assault rifle. with a large scope on it. that he shot from 17th and constitution from inside his car. about 800 yards from the white
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house. ortega-hernandez does -- wait for extradition here back in washington, d.c. yesterday. he appeared in a courtroom in pittsburgh. some criminal defense attorneys do question though how you can prove an assassination or acemented assassination on the president when you don't know the president is here. the last time the white house was shot at was in 1994 when president clinton was in office and he was actually inside the white house. that man got 40 years in prison. ortega-hernandez faces life in prison. back do you. >> thanks surae chinn live outside the white house this morning. now check out this video making the rounds on the internet. occupy protestors in san diego actually pay tribute to ortega- hernandez. >> i think we should have a moment of silence and solidarity for the person that they said was from the washington, d.c. occupy. that maybe why did he feel the
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need to shoot the white house window today? >> police have said ortega- hernandez was not participating in any occupy demonstrations. two weeks after the scandal at penn state began, allegations of sexual abuse at another big school. syracuse has put a men's basketball assistant coach on leave while police investigate allegations gunmen him. that man bernie fine has been at syracuse for 35 years, he's accused of molesting a former ball boy at the university and he is now 39 years old and he tells espn the abuse happened at the university, at fine's home and on team road trips. jim boeheim says they were selected in 2005 but very found to be untrue. espn says a second man has come forward the accuse fine. people living along the intercounty connector in maryland blame if new highway for messing up their cell phone
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service. the gazette newspaper reports people living near the toll road are complaining of poor reception now. one person living nearby has since complained to the fcc. state highway officials say they do not believe the highway is to blame for poor cell phone service. the entire icc will open tuesday, just in time for thanksgiving travel rush. in five minutes, how one penny can save you plenty of dollars on your holiday drive. it's a chilly one outside the morning, 36 degrees here in northwest. much colder in other place,, it is now 6:09. thanks for watching 9news now, we'll be right back.
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it is 6:12. a chilly morning out there. 20s and 30s to start. a little bit of a windchill factor this morning as well. winds though will turn southwest 5 to 10 this afternoon. not too bad. and 45 by 3:00 with highs between 45 and maybe 50 in the warm spots and tonight back down to the 20s and 30s. beverly farmer watching the roads for you this friday morning. hey bev. we'll see how they're moving on the roadways howard. outer loop of the beltway west from college park into silver spring. typically starts to load up but the pace not too bad rat new hampshire avenue here. just a building volume. we have word of a crash mid county highway wood field road. fire rescue going out for the report of a pedestrian struck. the next check of timesaver traffic at 6:18. mike? thanks beverly. ready, set go. the thanksgiving travel holiday season officially begins today. >> triple a is out with its predictions. 42.5million of us will travel 50 miles or more from home just to get some turkey. >> 38 million people will be driving to get there this year. that's 90% of the travelers on
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the roads and elsewhere, gas prices are moving around $3.45 a gallon. >> 3.4 million people will fly for thanksgiving. that's 8% of us and despite a 20% jump in the price of a ticket from last year. >> and about 900,000 people will take the train or the bus. that's a jump of 14% from last year. now as we said the rush starts today. this weekend, though a lot of people will get ready for the drive. making sure they have the directions. some gas and the right music. >> but there's one more thing you should check in order to keep your family safe. karin caifa reports you can do it all with a penny. >> reporter: if a thanksgiving road trip is in your immediate future, chances are you've made a predrive checklist. everything from fueling up to mapping your route to packing your bags. but there's another area you might want to check too. >> your tires are the only part of your car that checks the road. >> reporter: dan of the rubber manufacturers' association says
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one simple test only takes a minute and a penny. >> take the penny. put it upside down right into the tread groove. now if all of lincoln's head is blocked you're in good shape. you have enough tread on the tire. but if you can see all of his head. if you can see this, then it's time for a new tire. >> reporter: worn out treads like this simply can't grip the road effectively as roads get colder and slicker. >> one tire is going to potentially give you a much greater risk of loss of control. >> reporter: it can help you save some cash by improving gas aprilage. check for for your vehicle's optimum numbers. >> before you hit the road the thanksgiving, make sure you visit on our travel page you can check out live cameras of the
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roads heading in and out of the region. >> and howard's seven day is telling us how you'll pack if you're hitting the roadways in our area for thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving looks fine but tuesday, wednesday looks a little iffy out there with some rain around. that could be a problem. and you know i don't know about you with the sniffling. i'm sniffling all the time here and i don't know if it's the mold that -- may be growing on some of the leave that is down because you get a -- leaves that are down because you get a different mold with that. i call it perpetual allergies in my situation. we have a chilly start out there on this friday morning. where temperatures are down in the 20s and 30s. thankfully we got sunshine coming but not for another half hour or so. 6:54. 48 minutes out. 38 minutes or so. 29 to 39 at the bus stop this morning but windchills will be a few degrees colder than that. with the winds have been out of the northwest at about 10 in most areas, some areas winds have gone light at the moment. 41 by 11:00. northwest winds at 8 miles per hour. those winds will turn to the west and southwest this
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afternoon. highs only mid- to upper 40s for most of us. couple of spots may make a run toward 50 but it is not going to be a warm day by any stretch and by 5:00, we're back down quickly into the 40s. tonight, for the football games it will be down in thes. 35 degrees in -- 30s. 35 degrees in washington right now. 27 in culpeper. so you see we got 20s and 30s out there but when you factor in the winds the windchills are down to 27. even in southern maryland, feels like 23 in gaithersburg, 8 in the mountains and oakland and garrett county. a cold cold morning, one of the coldest we've seen this season. 35, feeling like 32 at reagan national. dew point only 50 and the rare is really died out. a little bit of a static alert. may get the shock from the doorknob or off the carpet and 44% of the humidity. maybe a little cling on the pant too. temps are running in the 30s here, yesterday morning
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bismarck was 9. the cold shot of air is quickly being replaced by moderate air. i mean the jet stream is going mainly west to east across the country. this dip in the northwest bringing rain and snow but then across the northern plains, another little dip here in the east which gave us the rain showers yesterday morning mixed with a little bit of sleet and wet flakes in a couple of spots. high pressure is nearby and as that builds in the winds will get lighter and lighter tonight into tomorrow morning. in fact clear and chilly tonight. for saturday though, sunshine around here, little bit of moisture tries to gather south into the carolinas but we've got a good looking gay and the clouds out west, they'll start to move in our direction. some on sunday but i think sunday, we'll still be pretty good. today, 47. chilly. tonight we're back down into the 20s and 30s with light winds. and the winds today will turn to the southwest at 5 to 10. tomorrow, southerly winds 5 to 10. 55 and milder and milder yet on sunday. 64. just a few more clouds around especially in the afternoon.
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now monday, chance of a shower, 60 and then a better chance for some rain tuesday into wednesday but right now your thanksgiving looks sunny and cool with highs near 50. now over the beverly farmer, timesaver traffic. howard, we made it to friday. let's see the roadways. no early problems to report. belt way through prince george's county. outer loop of the beltway here at new hampshire avenue. the delays just forming west of here to get past colesville and virginia avenue. police and fire rescue going to midway county wood field report. the initial report person struck by a vehicle. a lot of equipment shedded out here. 270 south. the pace through jermantown not bad at all. virginia drivers you've had delays on 95 north getting through woodbridge heading up past the prince william parkway. 123 across the occoquan. on 395 slower getting past the 14th street bridge. also been some building volume the landmark. so far so good the beltway in command doctor and oxon hill. the volume and look out for the
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deer this time of morning can the cold temperatures. we'll check timesaver traffic again at 6:25. mike? 6:19. next in sports, the five minutes on the ice the caps would love to have back. and speaking of time, what is it about the last-minute of a football game and tim tebow and the broncos? wait until you see these highlights. but right now it's time for another check on our question of the morning -- >> our facebook friend tonya has this to say -- >> keep the guesses coming and we'll reveal answer at 6:523. 6:-- 6:53. ♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪
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[ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
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welcome back. 6:23. howard here with your weather first and loculate this gorgeous -- look at the gorgeous shot of the u.s. capitol dome. a beautiful morning out there. although a cold morning. we've got tempts in the 20s and -- temps in the 20s and 30s and
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a chilly day around here but sunny and that's a good thing. the day planner for you where temperatures will be climbing only into the upper 30s by 9:00. highs in the mid to upper 40s, maybe with some luck 50s in some spots. back to you. well, the caps were in winnipeg last night for the first time in 16 years and chances are, they're not too keen about going back. >> i bet. washington is now dropped three games in a row. the caps and jets were tied at 1 in the second period last night. then winnipeg exploded for three goals in four minutes. caps fall again this time 4-1. they'll visit toronto tomorrow night. maryland terps and puerto rico didn't start off too well. they faced 15 ranked alabama last night. tony mitchell rolled all over the terps 62-42. maryland will play colorado tonight. well, it's the time of the year the nfl starts playing on thursday nights during the week. and say what you want about tim
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tebow, bad throwing motion, doesn't stay in the pocket. denver is now 4-1 the with tim tebow under center. a minute left trailing, seems to be when he ignites. holds on to the ball and runs it in for the touchdown and yet again denver wins topping new york 17-13. to the college gridiron, number 8 virginia tech hosting unc. logan thomas, tech wins 24-21 and they will win the acc coastal division if uva loses to florida state which is tomorrow night. coming up on 6:25. up next a pair of commuters alerts for your weekend travels, one for drivers and one more met crow drivers. can you hear the sounds of thousands of teenage girls
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screaming? that's because the new "twilight" movie is out today. ahead just how much it could be bringing in on the box office. here's beverly farmer. >> northbound 395. building volume to get through landmark and glebe road. there's a crash on the left shoulder making that slower than normal. details and a complete look at your timesaver traffic coming up at 6:30. stay us, you're watching 9news now, happy friday morning, we'll be right back. w
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welcome back. 6:29. this is the place you can always get your weather first -- and we really want to show you this gorgeous picture of the capitol dome once again. this morning, happy friday. what a beautiful way to start your day. orange and pink sky just gorgeous. 33 degrees on the hill right now. so bundle up to enjoy the view and thank you for start, your friday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, meteorologist howard bernstein braving the cold. >> brisk is a good word for the morning. the air smells clean and dry and it is. dew points have dropped way down into the teens and very dry this morning babuism day ahead albeit a -- but a beautiful day ahead albeit a cold one. here's the day planner, sunshine expected all day. 35 now at reagan national. 43 by noon. 43 at 5:00 and highs 45 to maybe, maybe 50. winds turn southwest. clear skies overhead and that's
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why we're having the beautiful predawn sky to the east. we will see sunshine all day as i said. temps are down to 25 in luray. even la plata at 33. some areas not too bad but some of the windchills are low to mid-20s north of town. feeling like 32 here in d. c. and 47 this afternoon. that's 10 below average but warmer temperatures in the weekend: that forecast is coming up in the next 12 to 13 minutes. right now beverly farmer is watching the friday morning commute. howard so far a pretty good ride. beltway out of college park. and heading towards silver spring for that matter out of college park heading south into green belt. that's on the right site of the screen. the lighter volume. headlights passing the ikea, west into silver spring. delays begin closer to new hampshire avenue than they do here. 270 south, growing volume to get down into hyattstown. pacen to jermantown below speed but all lanes are open down to the beltway.
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the trip on 50, the vw parkway routes into cheverly looking good. no accidents to report. just the volume and signal light delays, virginia drivers, 395 northbound getting up past landmark. more volume there in the main lanes and the express lanes up at glebe road an accident pulled on to the left shoulder making them slower than normal on the way to the pentagon this morning. on 66 to fair oaks a brief delay in the camera at 28 centreville if at fair oaks. pace is still good though heading to the beltway and into falls church. the next check of timesaver traffic at 6:45. andrea, back to you. 6:32. we have a pair of commuter alerts for you and they'll both affect people in northern virginia. for the second weekend in a row the northbound gw parkway will be closed between spout run and route 123. the closure begins tomorrow morning at 6:00. and it goes through 10:00 p.m. sunday. last weekend this created a big mess in arlington and on 66 so
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the best advice? steer clear of the area. the southbound lanes will not be affected. and now an alert for the metro riders starting at 10:00 tonight part of the yellow and blue lines will be closed. no service between pentagon city and king street. and that closure is going to last until monday morning. which means no metro service to national airport this weekend. there will be a shuttle bus service including an express bus between the airport and metro center. you should however add 30 minutes to your travel time. the man accused of shooting at the white house is now facing charges of trying the assassinate the president. a friend says he was obsessed with the president. >> surae chinn is live near the white house with that part of the story and this is kind of disturbing surae? >> reporter: it's just strange, it gets more bizarre by the day. well, ortega-hernandez appeared in pittsburgh courtroom today and waits for extradition back to washington, d.c.. according to charging documents, he had a lot of issues with the government and
6:33 am
the president. so much so that he allegedly quote needed to kill the president and insists that he wouldn't stop until it's done. ortega-hernandez was caught in pennsylvania five days after the white house was shot at. and the 21-year-old idaho man had some tape of him in idaho state university. it's a bizarre development that we're hearing from overnight. that a man videotaped ortega- hernandez on the state campus. talking about all the problems and that he was begging oprah for a job. to be on her show and that he thought he was jesus. >> these people like nostradamus talk about one male. in clear english. as if they were trying to send a message through time. but when i first saw that, there was no doubt in my mind that the message sent through time was solely for me. >> my reaction was just like
6:34 am
what is going on in this guy's head? like obviously he's off his rocker. he's not there. >> reporter: that's ramone bailey, the man who did videotape ortega-hernandez at the university campus. the two had met randomly at the gym. he thought he was shooting a commercial. but instead he was listening to this rant for 48 minutes. he was so disturbed that ramone bailey didn't edit the tape. now back on the case secret service did find nine shell casings in ortega-hernandez's vehicle when they found it. in d. c.. and two of the rounds did hit the white house on the second and third floor. one of the rounds hit the window of the first family's living quarters. the president and his wife was not home at the time. back to you. >> surae chinn live outside the white house this morning. well, republican presidential candidate herman cain is getting secret service protection now. at his request. he's the first in the field of
6:35 am
current republican candidates to get it. the department of homeland security and congressional leaders approved the request yesterday. families who lost everything when tropical storm lee flooded their prince william county trailer park will picket fema headquarters later this morning. this is what was left of the holly acres mobile home park in woodbridge after the storm. they want fema to reverse a decision to deny federal disaster aid. 66 families were living in the homes that were condemned. advocates say most of the victim still are living in temporary housing. for two years now virginia has bucked a national trend with finances, running a shush plus with the put -- surplus with the budget. but the state senate finance committee says there's a potential budget gap of $600 million possibly as high as $1 billion over the next two years, tax revenue isn't keeping up with demand.
6:36 am
6:36. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> she says stay home on black friday, what? >> don't you like that idea? you can eat your turkey, watch football. >> i can hear the retailers going she's a grinch. she's a grinch. >> i'm getting the hate mail but this year yeah you can stay home and make it pay for you on black friday. instead of standing in line outside the big box stores, snag the boor duster. says best buy is offering up to 95% of the black friday items online for the same price. if you go the facebook and like best buy you can get a sneak peek at upcoming sales or exclusive offers and also coupon codes on there like 15% off. those can bring the prices even below your door buster deals. cnn reports you can find the deals on sites like got a deal and of course by googling a store by name. another hot internet company is going public. yelp collects informs.
6:37 am
and it plans to raise $100 million in the initial public offering. and anime i'll man is suing -- an illinois man is suing southwest airlines over 45 coupons promising free alcoholic drinks on board. adam filed a lawsuit this week against the carrier over its change in the drink coupon policy. he said for years he booked flights in the first class with no expiration date but the lawsuit claims southwest changed its policy last year so the coupons could believe only used on the day of travel. the lawsuit seeks class action status and southwest is yet to comment on this particular case. >> very interesting. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i wonder if they're going to have to just give him a check? >> maybe sounds that way. >> lots of drinks. [ laughter ] >> that is a lot of booze. >> thanks jess. well, thousands of teenage girls and probably plenty of moms will head to the theaters today. "twilight: breaking dawn-part 1" was released at midnight at the latest in the teen vampire
6:38 am
saga. the movie is expected to earn more than $130 million this weekend. when the last "twilight" movie came out in 2009 it earned more than $142 million in its first three days but still behind the harry potter numbers. so it's going to be a box office battle over harry potter and "twilight." who made the most money. 6:38. nine minutes away into the kitchen for a different kind of a thanksgiving meal. we are trading in turkey for lobster. >> grab the hat and gloves this morning. it's chilly outside. up next howard tells us it if it warm up for the weekend and beverly has a look at the friday commute. if it's cold, tune into channel 9 --
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welcome back. weather first time now. they can't agree much on much. at capitol hill but if they look outside their window this morning, it's pretty hard to disagree with a gorgeous start to a friday. and it's a little crisp outside. i think we were talking about 33 degrees there about -- >> in capitol hill. >> but just absolutely stunning. >> maybe a little bit colder inside. >> come on supercommittee. >> let's get it going. hey we got a good day going on here. i know it's crisp out be but the sun will be out all day. the winds are going to get lighter and turn southwesterly and a pretty decent weekend to be able to get outside and enjoy that in spite of the chill. here's the bus stop forecast with temperatures in the 20s and 30s out there for the little and big ones. at least the skies will be sunny here in about 10 minutes with temperatures again 20s and 30s. and a little bit of a windchill. all right, the day planner. sunshine all day. mid 30s here at 8:00.
6:44 am
bill lunchtime 43. northwest winds at 8 so some windchills still in the 30s midday. this afternoon, 45 at 4:00. i think the high will be about 47 before that here in town, some areas south and west might get to 50. that may be pushing it but by 8:00 we're back down to 40. so the games tonight, high school football playoff games, down in the 30s with light winds. we've got 28 in gaithersburg and laidensville. it's 28 from reston. south fort belvoir in alexandria, 33 along with andrews air force base and 30 in laurel this morning. reagan national the official reporting station for washington is 35. winds are light and right now the windchill only 32. look at the dew point down to 15. the air is really, really dry. you might want to drink extra today or chopstick or something. probably feeling it already. cold air coming in across the lake. we've got the lake snow showers there. high pressure eastern kentucky. northeastern tennessee. that is going to be building in toward us as we go through the morning. this will lighten the winds.
6:45 am
lower that pressure gradient so a chilly day today with plenty of sunshine. we go through tonight. high pressure nearby so light winds, clear skies. radiational cooling, 20s to low 30s. now tomorrow as the high pulls away winds turn south and southwesterly can that will warm things up on saturday. on saturday highs tomorrow in the mid 50s. sunday a few more clouds and dry day also but top the 60- degree mark. the forecast then, today 47. winds become southwest 5 to 10. light winds tonight about 25 to 32. 55 tomorrow. sunday, 64. with a few more clouds and a slim. slim shower chance. have a slightly better chance monday with 60. tuesday and wednesday, that's our best rain chances, the travel days that's not good news. upper 50s there and then by thanksgiving, clear and chilly and about 49. beverly farmer, speaking of travel? outer loop of the beltway a caution if you're leaving alexandria. a snag in the form of a crash on the outer loop right near
6:46 am
route 1 command dollar tying up the -- alexandria tying up the left side. we're trying to get a visual on it. here at 95 at the prince william parkway. not too bad. briefly slow getting into woodbridge and newington. 395 up past landmark had been slow. 66 travelers, eastbound delays in manassas and the cameras there, 29 to 28. and here's 2720 southbound getting past father hurley boulevard just a little bit of volume south to the beltway. earlier crack on mid county has been cleared. your next check of timesaver traffic comes up at 6:58. andrea's in the kitchen. what are you cooking up? wait until you see this, when you think thanksgiving dinner you usually think dinner but the folks at legal seafood say consider lobster and i'm here with chef kevin watson. what's in there? >> we have some sauteed peppers and onions this morning for our shrimp and scallops. >> that's what you're saying is on the menu even at
6:47 am
thanksgiving and that's not so far off the traditional food. that the pilgrims had isn't it? >> a lot of seafood was eaten at the first thanksgiving. here we like to say it's even more traditional than turkey. show everybody today and make a big stuffed lobster. >> how? >> well, we like to do -- >> start with the lobster. >> right, the freshest seafood available. and we're going to saute up our peppers and onions with a little bit of shrimp and scallops. one that's complete we want to do -- simply what we do is just guideline it with some simple ingredients. crushed ritz crashers. >> salted or unsalted? >> they are just -- the actual ritz crackers. they have a little bit of salt and mix that stuffing together. as such. >> and how big a lobster is this? >> this is -- what we call a quarter to a half pound lobster. we just basically steam it off a little bit if you're going to do it at home. split it down the body so you
6:48 am
have the room for the stuffing. what we want to do is just stuff the bond of shrimp and scallops right in the cavity. >> we have about a minute left in the segment and you par boil the lobster or what? >> probably for about five or six minutes to get it going. to make sure that it stays nice and tender because we don't want to overcook it but we get that put together and then with every baked stuff lobster the big pieces finish it right in the oven. nice and golden brown. >> put more butter on it. it smells good. we'll open the -- >> put more butter. >> open the oven and put that in. >> for about 10 minutes. >> be careful. >> and of course -- with magic of tv today. >> look at this. now this is slightly bigger than this lobster, how big is this? >> this is a 5-pound lobster, we pulled out of the restaurant. it's a great attribute you know to share for thanksgiving. you can use this as a show piece for the table. probably feed, three, four, people for dinner. >> and for those who want the
6:49 am
traditional tradition, you are still serving turkey at legal seafood. >> absolutely. we have everything from stuffed turkey to stuffed lobster, why settle for cranberry sauce when you can have a cranberry martini at legal seafood? >> get it and the cranberry and the martini. we like that and we have the recipe on the website at and we're going to sample you know that and we have news before you go when we come back.
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welcome back. just about 6:53. 35 degrees, the sun is out, it's a cold morning, some 20s out there. only in the low 40s by noon with highs today 45 for the lucky ones 50 but warmer over the weekend. we'll look at the seven day one more time in just a few. mike? thank you sir. friday, november 18th is today. here's a kick on the news
6:53 am
before you go. syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine is now on leave. police are investigating accusations of sexual abuse. he's accused of molesting a former ball boy. the accuser is now 39 years old. fine has not been charged with any crime. the senate approved a big compromise spending bill that averts a weekend government shutdown. the legislation will keep the government running until december 16th. the new budget year started though in october. there were no arrests when occupy protestors marched across the key bridge during rush hour last night. officers partially blocked the streets as the protestors marched from the square but again no arrests. and it's time now to reveal the answer to our question of the morning which was -- >> and a lot of people said all three and then added few. but the answer is b. when the boss is away people just seem to chill out and relax a little
6:54 am
more. take it easy. >> you do the same work but just a little easier. one more check of traffic and weather when 9news now returns. we'll see you in a few. çñ
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6:57 am
there's one happy person standing next to me, one more thing before we go. starting this morning -- [ laughter ] >> me and brenda lee. >> this is andrea's favorite christmas song. that's why we're doing that this morning is w. a. s. h. fm is starting all christmas all the day. is it too early or just right and what do you think? >> you can tell by my dancing
6:58 am
feet i like the music. it's a change. and i mean we were talking npr, waiters wait don't tell me i love. that but every now and then you want to feel good when you're going shopping. >> i'm like christmas is starting too early for me. my favorite song is "blue christmas" by elvis. >> my favorite album is johnny mathis. >> we play that every year at hour house too. >> rocking around christmas tree. to stay warm, here's howard. >> you can always catch me also on the christmas tunes doing 108 weather this morning. 32 tonight but 20s in the suburbs, by sunday 64. weather is going to be better by then. beverly? >> the weather and christmas songs? that sounds awesome. eastbound lanes of 66, you're trying to come in you've got
6:59 am
sluggish traffic in manassas from centreville and past fair oaks here but no obama 8:00s on the way into the -- obstacle on the way into the beltway. as you leave springfield, v dot good morning. another college coach accused of sexual abuse. this time the syracuse


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