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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: congress created the 12-member bipartisan committee to end the summer debt ceiling standoff. but committee members find themselves locked in a familiar battle over raising taxes and cutting entitlement programs like social security, medicare and medicaid. >> where the divide is on now is on taxes and whether or not the wealthiest americans should share in the sacrifice that all of us hato make. >> reporter: planning to come with a budget by monday. they say they have not made much progress but are optimistic they will come up with a deficit reduction plan that the house and senate will pass. steep spending cuts kick in automatically if the super committee does not meet its deadline. financial analysts are concerned if the committee fails congress will let things
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expire january 1st dealing a huge blow to the economy just as it is starting to show signs of great. >> democrats rejected a deal from republicans. democrats say it was unbalanced and it only met half of the goal here. live on capitol hill danielle nottingham. now back to you, derek. >> danielle, thank you for that. one deadline congress will not be missing. funding the government's operations past midnight tonight. the bipartisan spending bill keeps federal agencies functioning through december 16th but lawmakers still need to write nine of the 12 annual spending bills for the fiscal year that started october the 1st. and republican efforts to put the nation's financial house in order fell short of the mark today. a proposed constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget failed in the house of representatives. lesli? >> all right, derek. we are learning more about the idaho man accused of shooting at the white house last friday.
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this as investigators continue to comb through a ram videotape last night. how he believes he is jesus christ. our andrea mccarren has been following this developing story that has pretty radical issues. >> when he made that bizarre videotape it gives us a glimpse into his state of mind. he uses profanity. talks about gang life. and talks about how he believes the united states is bullying other countries for their oil. >> i feel like i am the perfect candidate to get casted onto your show. >> reporter: oscar ortega- hernandez begs oprah for a job. >> i am the modern day jesus christ that you all have been waiting for. so i ask you, oprah, better
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yet, i'm begging you, oprah, please cast me onto your show, oprah. >> reporter: the video was shot in september at idaho state university by a student he met at the gym. >> my reaction was just like, what is federal -- what is going on in this guy's head? he is off his rocker. he is not there. >> reporter: court documents reveal he wanted to kill the president. investigators wrote he will not stop until it is done. he allegedly called president obama the anti-christ and made odd comments to an idaho businessman about missing children. >> he goes, the president is going to make and announcement that they are going to put gps chips in all the children so that we can keep them safe. which is exactly the kind of thing the anti-christ is supposed to do. >> reporter: he has a distinctive tattoo on his neck that says israel. his mother told the local paper that is the name of his 2-year-
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old son. >> reporter: ortega-hernandez's family said he had been acting strangely and reported him missing the past hallowe'en. and he was obsessed with the 11-11-11. the last day of the world. of course it turned out to be the day he allegedly shot at the white house. >> this story has lots of twists and turns. more to come. andrea, thank you. a judge says defense attorneys can have access to the medical records. accused of killing love in may of 2010. both played lacrosse at the university of virginia. the lawyers say love actually died after taking prescription medication and drinking too much alcohol. in prince george's county tonight police are hoping surveillance tape will help them find the man who robbed the students at the university
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of maryland. university of maryland. a suspect on a robbery has been caught on camera. the images come from a cbs pharmacist just a block off the university of maryland campus. suspects attempting to use the credit card of a student who just had been robbed at knife point by masked men a few minutes before. >> it is scary. >> we were all kind of shocked. >> it is very unusual. >> reporter: the university police chief says the students needed to be warned because of the nature of the attack. >> our student turned to walk away and he was accosted by one of the men who put a knife to his throat. so this is the first armed robbery we have had on campus within the past year. >> reporter: scott broom, 9news now. and in fairfax county tonight, an arrest in a murder mystery nearly a year and a half old. 22-year-old many man indicted by a federal grand jury for his alleged role in the attempted robbery and murder of a centerville handyman. in may of last year jose kardona confronted the robbers and grabbed one of their guns
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but he was shot in the head by one of the two intruders. that second robber along with a get away driver have not been captured. in the district a man accused of killing his elderly wife will defend himself in his october murder trial. despite denials by the iraqi embassy albrech muth insists he is a brigadier-general in the iraqe arm claiming his wife was the victim of an iranian hit man who was going after him. she was found dead inside the couple's home this summer. got to tell you about something that could impact you especially if you take the beltway. tonight at 9:30 crews will close all the exits from the eastbound dulles toll road to the beltway. it is part of the high occupancy toll lanes project. those ramps should reopen by tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. coming up at 7 p.m. on 9news now. >> we are lucky to be alive.
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>> the family has a very close call with mother nature. why they say it was divine intervention that saved them. still to come in this half hour. a hollywood starlet found dead. why police are reopening their investigation some 30 years later. topper? well, the winds are dying down. i tell you what it is some kind of cold here. we will take out with the almanac -- we will take you out with the almanac. the last 80-degree plus record we will see until late february. come back with the weekend forecast after this. turkey, stuffing and pies but probably not the trip to get them. we will have a way to get a sense of how much traffic you'll face this thanksgiving.
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ap early look at some holiday travel. aaa mid-atlantic predicts 871,000 will travel for thanksgiving. the virginia department of transportation is doing what it can to help avoid those backups when you make your travel plans. a series of maps on its website showing the places that historically see the worst traffic around thanksgiving. the idea is that you can try to avoid it. you will find those maps at then click over to our traffic page to see problems on the road. here is something to keep in mind if you are heading out this weekend. the intercounty connector opens on tuesday. so if you're traveling through maryland it could be a good option for your drive back. if you're heading out for the entire week a heads up
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before heading to reagan national airport. the airport's metro station is one of three that will be closed along the blue and yellow lines this weekend. braddock war and crystal city will be closed. still ahead on 9news now. >> nationals catcher wilson ramos back in town for a free physical mental checkup to chat with reporters ready to put back on the uniform when spring training comes around.
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hard without tearing up. >> oak home state university president struggle to go keep his composure today talking about the plane crash that
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killed two coaches and the pilot and his wife. kurt budke and miranda serna, basketball coaches. >> the entire osu family is close, very close indeed. to lose anyone and especially these two individuals who were incredible life forces in our family. is is worse beyond words. the crash comes a decade after 10 people affiliated with the osu men's basketball team died in a plane crash in colorado. kidnapping of a national catcher in venezuela made headlines around the world and today wilson ramos came back to d.c. to thank all of you. >> reporter: it took awhile but a hug and a smack from ryan zimmerman finally brought out wilson ramos' trademark grin.
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his teammates and coaches overjoyed to see him safe. >> awesome. >> reporter: the nationals told the media no questions but ramos did want to tell washington fans he was touched by their prayers and their candle light vigil while he was held for 51 long hours by kidnappers in venezuela. >> happy to be here. thanks for support. >> reporter: the catcher has been one of the few bright spots for the nationals and the team was worried about both his physical and his mental health. he had hid under a bed in the kidnapper's mountain hideout during the gun battle that freed him. >> i get emotional when i talk about it now. he is a family member and when things are that dangerous and that it goes way beyond baseball. >> reporter: spring training now just months away. bruce leshan 9news now. the los angeles county sheriff's department reopened its investigation into the drowning of actress natalie
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wood back in 1981. why? because detectives say they are now hearing new information from witnesses. wood died after a day of heavy drinking on a yacht with her husband actor robert wagner and fellow actor christopher watkin. the ship's captain now claims he lied to investigators at the time. he says wood and her husband fought in their cabin before she vanished in the ocean off southern california. >> just didn't want my whole life to go by without having the truth come out. >> wagner says he welcomes the investigation and detectives point out wagner is not considered a suspect in any possible foul play. veteran t.v. host and show biz personality regis philbin made his final appearance today as host of live with regis and kelly. here is a bit his farewell to his viewers. >> this is the last time i have in new york and i came back a little bit late in my life to make it all work. i guess it was fate that it
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would happen this way stand did. >> at age 80 he holds the guiness world record for the longest time to be on t.v. >> we wish him well. a development in washington's shaw neighborhood today. a development will be called city market at o. and it will include hundreds of new apartments, luxury condos along with a giant flag ship supermarket. plus there will be stores, restaurants and this $300 million projection pected to generate over 400 jobs. this will generate some jobs. a sink hole in south carolina. it will take a lot of work to clean up the mess. it all happened late last night when nobody was inside. >> wow. they just had tornadoes in that
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area. around here. beautiful sunshine but it feels cold. >> good news is no wind. but bad news is cold. it will get colder tonight. the good news we are still looking at a very nice november weekend. let's start with temperatures appeared we are talking 30s in most of the burbs. count 43. but we are looking at 37 already in bethesda. 39 in rockville. 36 in gaithersburg as you travel 270. 36 out toward great falls. 39 even down in springfield. not windy. clear skies. and we have a very dry air mass. and that spells a cold night for us. it really does. here is the deal. another nice weekend on the way. clear and cold tonight. bundle up for high school football. breezy and miler tomorrow. and breezy and even milder still on sunday. now, clouds he only fly in the i know -- now, clouds only fly
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in the ointment saturday. sunday clouds coming back. mid-20s in gaithersburg. 26 in rockville. 32 in arlington. 33 downtown. mid-20s over in bowie and looking at mid-20s in reston and fairfax. sterling 25. herndon 25. 24 middleburg and also manassas. now, tomorrow morning sunny breezy and cold. you'll need a coat. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. winds south-southwest 10 to 15. at least it is a mild wind which is some consullation i suppose. by afternoon mostly sunny, breezy and milder. you'll need your sunglasses. highs near 55. a little bit below average but close. average now 57. winds increase even a little bit more south-southwest at 10 to 20 and gusting. so your zone forecast. all six zones still on our website by the way. 48 tomorrow in oakland. sunshine. 50 in cumberland. made some snow last night in oakland. 52 in hagerstown. 53 winchester. 55 for culpeper. probably low 50s for
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warrenton, manassas and leesburg. 53, 54 for fairfax as well. 54 downtown. mid-50s into southern maryland. low 50s up 270. into frederick and 54 for annapolis. right now there is not a small craft advisory issue but i think there will be tomorrow. so we will break it down for you. 48 to 53 by noon. pure sunshine and 50 to 55 by evening. clear again. next three days. sunday is great. walk for the homeless tomorrow. bundle up in the morning. clouds come in sunday staying dry for the redskins game. 60 on monday with showers. that's just light rain and showers. next seven days. heavier activity comes in on tuesday. we are still mild with temps around 60. everything gets out of here nicely. 54. a gorgeous thanksgiving sunshine in the upper 50s. friday we might be back in the low 60s. just in time to go shopping.
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>> thinking about the redskins. >> shopping actually pays 0. >> i think shopping better than the redskins. it is not good at redskins park. >> going to be tough without one of their main studs. update on landry. dc united shouting out loud and proud.
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several new studies pointing to a greater clot danger. yaz and yazmin the most well known sold in this country.
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well, think about this. of all the problems redskins fans have endured over the last few years they can take solace in knowing dallas was going through much of the same thing. how good does it feel to watch the cowboys start 1-7 last year then change coach es? this year don't even have that. dallas is coming and winners of two straighten including a cake walk over buffalo last week. romo is healthy. redskins defenders have a lot to think about. dallas appears to be peachy. >> looking real great. running game looking positive. ryan doing a phenomenal job. him and almostomo have a connection. >> by the way that guy and his achilles tendon. landry a question mark for sunday. been an issue all year. missed portions of last season two. six games. he will be a game time call as is offensive tackle jamal
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brown. pride themselves on being the most decorated soccer players. 12 championships. even though dc united didn't make the playoffs this year they have got reason to be proud and pump their chest. m.v.p. named for the entire league today. 16 goals in 2011. tied for the league lead. here is the kicker. no pun intended. did he it with three teams. toronto. new york. then finally arrived in d.c. in june. well traveled, well deserved. >> i have been in this situation three times now and i haven't won it. you never know because it is the hands of the media, the fans, the players, thankfully i was able to achieve this award this year. >> time to announce the winner of our game of the week poll. out to gaithersburg. the g unit. chris orchard taking on churchill. number 1 versus number 2. 5000 of you voted online at dc
6:28 pm so you can't be wrong. so we are going to leave that with our coverage tonight at 11 p.m. hockey. if you saw the caps last night you probably think something was wrong with your t.v. why is everything moving in slow motion? that's how the caps played? they got beat down 4-1 at the hands of winnipeg. they lost three in a row now. now they are tied for first with florida. no morning practice. bruce boudreau thinks rest is what they need. going over the wall. >> that is it for us. good night, everyone. have a great weekend. [ female announcer ] at,
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