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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 20, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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he said that this investment would bring in up to 20%. >> accuses taylor of lying to clients by misrepresenting his investment success. forging letters of recommendation from trusted brokerage firms in order to woo new victims. >> in fact, he was just bringing in new investors and taking their money and giving it to older investors. >> 130 clients were allegedly bilked. some lost all the equity if their homes and their life savings. this while taylor lived high on the hog in this multimillion dollar mansion in north bethesda with a pool and plenty of security cameras. neither taylor nor his codefendants, which included family members and friends answered the doors of their homes. one of the victims of the alleged ponzi scheme was the hillcrest children and family center. founded by dolly madison to help children displaced by the war of 1812. invest half of their endowment.
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about $8 million. all of it gone. while the hillcrest children lost their money, taylor allegedly used $73,000 of client money to pay for his children's private school tuition. >> mr. taylor skimmed $5 million out of the money that they brought in and used it to pay for personal expenses. >> while this is a civil case, they could file criminal charges. in north bethesda, arkansas armando trull. >> also alexandria, virginia. one investor put in almost $780,000 that is his entire savings. area police tonight looking for a female carjacker. she struck in the middle of the day in the parking lot of the busy tyson's galleria shopping
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center. offered a ride to the suspect who pretended to run out of gas. once inside the victim's car at the intersection of 123 and old courthouse road, the suspect produced a knife and ordered the driver out of the car. police are looking for the suspect and the vehicle. it's a 2003 silver acura with virginia tags, xek8095. if you see that vehicle, fairfax police need to hear from you. we have breaking news tonight. a woman has been shot to death in oxen hill, maryland. investigators are looking for suspects right now. that happened just after 9:00 tonight in the 1100 block of marcey avenue. responding prince georges county police found the woman suffering from multiple gun shot wounds. she died a bit later at the hospital. that shooting took place in the 1,000 block of marcey avenue. police made no arrest in that case. occupy d.c. protesters marched today with local egyptian activists in front of
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the egyptian defense office. the demonstrators are protesting the decision to give money to the egyptian military. they are also protesting human rights violations by the military government that is controlling egypt. a group occupied the franklin school in northwest washington today. protesting a lack of housing for homeless people. the building serves as a homeless shelter back in 2008. demonstrators lowered a banner from the roof that said public property under community control. the building is two blocks from the occupy d.c.'s encampment. police entered the building to force them out. a dozen people were arrested. >> occupy d.c. protests have cost city taxpayers a million dollars over the past two months. the district has spent more than $900,000 on police, trash removal, traffic control, and other expenses. violent clashes in cairo this weekend killed at least one protester and left hundreds of people injured.
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egyptian television says riot police firing tear gas stormed into cairo's square to dismantel a protest. hundreds of demonstrators fought back and sent in armored police vehicle on fire. the violence took place in nine days before egypt's first election since jose was ousted. the congressional subcommittee met today and will meet through the weekend. there's no indication of a deal inside. the washington post is reporting tonight they could admit defeat as early as monday. they have been meeting for more than two months trying to agree on a multitrillion dollar package of spending cuts. the white house stayed out of it. reports tonight say talks between john boehner and harry reid have failed to produce a scaled back agreement. listen up if you are taking metro this weekend. the subway system stopped train
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service on parts of the blue and yellow lines at three stations in northern virginia. the station at crystal city, reagan national airport were closed last night. now they'll be reopened in time for the monday morning commute. >> coming up later on 9news now tonight. >> the bleachers going up and down and being the loudest place to play in the nfl, it was awesome. >> legendary redskins come back home to celebrate rfk stadium. we'll take you there. >> i don't know what to say. i have never seen that before. >> oh my gosh, my husband would love that. >> i want to know where i'm putting my golf clubs. >> we'll tell you what they are talking about. a new product that may stop baggage fees. >> a nice day on sunday. mild temperature headed this way. here's a look at your wakeup weather. increasing clouds. by 11:00, we'll be mind.
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54 to 59 degrees. i have your seven-day
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did you know that on any given day in washington, d.c. nearly 12,000 people are homeless? one in four of those homeless people is a child. a child homeless. 8% of all adult homeless people are veterans. >> you know that face and voice. that's our own, j.c. howard mcing today's help the homeless walk-a-thon. wusa9 was a proud partner in today's event which raises some $85 million over the past 24 years to help the homeless in this area. money from today's event will also benefit 14 home lesser
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vises programs organized by volunteers of america chesapeake. hundreds of people lined the sidewalks of downtown silver spring for the 14th annual thanksgiving day parade. the parade had a feel of small town america. there were floats, marching bands, cheerleaders, classic cars, lots of elected leaders, and u.s. senator. today's event also produced the area's first sighting of santa claus in downtown silver spring. the red cross national headquarters in washington today, staff and volunteers took part in a program from the heart. attendeis made holiday cards to send to u.s. service members and their families. it's all part of the holiday mail for heros program, which sent more than 3.5 million holiday greetings to service members and veterans. >> straight ahead on 9news now, there may be a new way to avoid that extra baggage fee at the airport. it comes with a catch.
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we'll explain next. we'll also find out why washington redskins from the glory days back in
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: just a few days before the thanksgiving holiday get away and some might be flying. you know what that means? worrying about excess baggage and the fees that go along with it. tonight, katherine reports there may be a way to avoid those extra baggage fees. as long as you are willing to pack on a few extra pounds. >> these days the spirits of many high are grounded by baggage fees. >> i'm shocked by them. >> too many bags or too heavy and it's your wallet that gets lighter. >> it's a constant worry. >> is there a way around this big bag drag? >> i have seen so many people getting upset because there is too much, too heavy. couldn't afford to pay it. >> the hassles and fees he
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encountered prompted this structural engineer to construct wearable luggage. >> in one form, it's a tote bag, but with a few quick rips of velcro, it transforms into a jacket. a jacket with not much style. but one with plenty of pockets. 14 of them. >> my underwear, keys, trousers. shirts. >> sure, this looks silly, but you're not going to wear this through the whole airport. only when you want to get on the plane. >> so what do travelers think of this invention? could this product take off? >> what about the garment? >> i don't know what to say. i have never seen this before. >> some like the idea so much they were considering spending some jack on a jack to go. >> oh my gosh. my husband would love that. >> the youtube video shows it for a skeptical ticket agent and boarding the plane.
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so jack to go may be a way to buck the system and save a buck. >> what i want to know is where i'm putting my golf clubs. >> the wearable luggage comes in a dress version and it costs about $100. i chickened out. i worked out indoors today. >> you did? >> i came out to all the bikers. i felt like a wimp. >> if you are working out tomorrow, go outside, bruce. we have warmer conditions headed this way and it's going to be a nice day. especially as you start out earlier in the day. we're going to sunday and for a november weekend, this is some nice weather we're talking about. temperatures above average highs and in fact, we'll see some sun earlier in the day. here's a look at your doppler radar. around d.c., it's quiet. we have clouds around the area. now, right now temperatures, they are holding steady. it's 50 here in downtown. 46 in leesburg. 50 in fredericksburg and 50
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degrees also in annapolis. the clouds will help keep in some of that warmth from earlier today. right now, if you look elsewhere, it's milder in parts of atlanta at 56 and in fact, we'll draw in warmer air because of a southerly flow coming through tomorrow. and you'll see the divide of the cold front out to the far west where behind the cold front, like in des moines, it's in the 30s. we'll see that cold front slowly approach our area in the next couple of days. these warmer conditions will not be around. satellite picture radar showing us, we saw the cloudy conditions coming in overnight. but with that southerly flow, we'll draw in some milder air. currently 50 in downtown. mostly cloudy conditions. and dew point is 38 degrees. winds are the south, southwest at 9 miles an hour. so, not as cold tomorrow morning as you are heading for church or going to the farmer's market, doing grocery shopping. even milder for sunday afternoon compared to today's high of mid 50s.
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but unsettled days are ahead. you want to locate the umbrella, especially by monday. all right, so here's a look at your future cast. tomorrow, we'll see some sunny conditions earlier in the day and increase in clouds throughout the afternoon. tomorrow night, a chance for scattered showers. most of it should be light. now monday morning may see some more moderate rain fall just south of winchester, leesburg, into manassas and d.c. will see some showers as well. and a assistant district attorney a stronger area of low pressure, where it will be more wet. overnight, mostly cloudy, but not as cold. lows in the low 40s. now sunday morning, partly cloudy and chilly. grab your jacket. temperatures of 40s at 5 to 10. afternoon, increasing clouds, but it will be milder. and late night showers are possible. highs, 62 to 67. southwest winds at 5 to 10. so your afternoon highs for your sunday, near mid 6 60s
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around downtown. upper 60s and 65 degrees in winchester. here's a look at your redskins forecast. mild, cowboys versus the redskins. here's a look at your seven-day forecast where we're going to see the unsettled weather for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. we'll also be breezy and for thanksgiving, high pressure comes back into the region. dry for turkey day. temperatures cooler. 57 and then for the weekend for some holiday shopping, we're kicking off with lots of sunshine in the 60s. >> all right, get out tomorrow night. >> definitely. >> thanks a lot. an odor was detected during drilling. it's concerning because that odor is coming from an area that is being contaminated with toxins. it's located in area b in frederick, maryland. lindsey mastis has the latest tonight. >> this is area at if the detrix. officials invited us on to the base to show us that the site was safe.
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it was contaminated with toxins buried here when the biological weapons program was ended in the 1970s. robert says employees noticed the odor last wednesday while they were installing a monitoring well. but that information wasn't released until today. >> once they smelt the odors, they stopped what they were doing and put on protective gear and put on a respirator. >> vapor didn't travel off base and it's not a threat to the community. >> we did some tests downwind and really nothing was detected about 10 feet from the drill. >> rachel is with the kristen renee foundation. an organization that is investigating a possible link between contamination and cancer. she says she is concerned about this latest incident. >> if they have an odor that is that prominent, they can't tell me for sure that it's not toxic. they were telling us for years that everything was okay in
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area b and now we know that it's not. >> officials say at this time, they do not know whether the odor is hazardous. i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> tonight, officials are still waiting for test results from water samples. they promise to release findings when they become available next week. we are trying to unit people with cash and valuables being held by state treasuries. the assets are from forgotten bank accounts, deposit boxes, even relative's estates. that money and items are put on unclaimed property lists. and we have the most up to date list of those names. let's begin in virginia. craig of vienna. millard of fairfax station. edward of ashburn. luis of bristol, and charlene green of reston. now to maryland and d.c. these names are on the list. samuel john of bethesda. amy of north potomac.
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and frank campbell of northwest washington. now, if you recognize any of those names or if you want to see if your name is on the list, go to claim your cash headquarters by logging on to looking on our consumer page. you'll also get information on how to file a claim. legendary redskins back in town tonight to help celebrate 50 years of rfk stadium. they were sharing memories of the old place and talking about the current state of the team. >> the thing i miss about the stadium is playing in that stadium. because it's one of the greatest stadiums in the league. the fans are on top of you and the stands are very movable in one corner. when the redskins win, that whole stadium looked like it was moving. and the visitors used to hate to play here. it was the fans and the noise and the old stadium and all the red and burgundy and gold you
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could see for miles and miles. it was a special place. i hope the redskins come back to d.c. that would be nice. >> you need a quarterback, you can obviously say you need a new mind set. you could say a lot of different things. i know guys playing as hard as they can. hopefully, you know, the one player will be the ones to change things around. >> the team is struggling. they are trying to reshape its winning ways, develop on new coaching staff, new players, it's a brand-new deal. sometimes the showers didn't work and they were cold and the visitors hated it because there's a lot of heat. we heard a lot of different complaints, but none of our players complained, because we had the best fan base in the country. >> they are being honored at the dinner at the washington convention center. i'm sage put yawn forms on those guys and get them some gear. we need them. >> looks like he is ready to
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go right now. >> i love those guys. >> they are ready to go. let's talk hockey up first. what's going on with the caps, giving up goals at an alarming rate. toronto puts a touchdown on the board north of the border. randy in maryland puts a sweep by wake. and who is this guy right here? can the redskins
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october 1, that was the last time maryland tasted victory. 48 days. three pay periods. and bowl eligibility have all come and gone since the terps topped towson. that's right, i said towson. this one wasn't set up well for
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them either. they needed this game to become bowl eligible. randy just needed a hug. taking his 2-8 terps into winston, salem. to cameron ford, 13 plays, 75- yard drive. 7-0. maryland responding. cj brown on the wheel route and pinkett scores. we had ourselves a ball game. 3rd quarter, missed opportunity. dave visits the love shack. oh no. illegal shift, so bring that back. same drive, nick, those boots were not made for kicking. wide right. so again, those missed opportunities just killing the terps. pulling away here. could have ate a sandwich and called mom. the nightmare from maryland continues. check these highlights out. mike london in virginia with a mathematical change to go to the acc championship. perry jones with one of his eight receptions and is this a
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tough one. gets blasted. the linebacker says let me see your grill. 14-13. last play of the game here, bruce, florida state rolls a pass. the receiver doesn't get out of bounds. so the clock runs out, but the ref says he didn't make the catch. there are three seconds on the clock. virginia was in the locker room. they had to come back out. florida state has a chance to kick the field goal and they miss it. still alive for the acc championship. navy still seeking bowl eligibility. third quarter, oh, it's tricky. to the two-yard line. then a couple of plays later, chris procter is going to keep it. 24-20 navy, but matt faulker faulkner, big day for him. no bowl for navy. all right. bruce thought he had it all figured out. that's what washington's problem was. after losing three straight,
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gabby called off yesterday's morning practice, figuring his team would come out ready to mask the maple leaves. first period, hit me with your best shot, fire away. his third of the season, 1-0. thomas under siege all night. second period, puck off the skate and he gets bozac. 2nd period was to die for. and washington died. six goals for the maple leaves. toronto wins 7-1. ties the most goals the caps have given up this season. all right, i can't tell you -- i can tell you this. i went to dallas for the first skins, cowboys game and i can't remember demarco murray playing. now dallas' rookie runningback might be their key guy since felix jones went down. all week long the redskins have been scheming to stop number 29. good luck. he's rushed for 600 yards, including the team record, 253 against st. louis. that made life easier for tony
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romo. >> the way he is running the ball, it makes romo's job easier. you see what they did to buffalo. even new england. i mean, these guys are legitimate with him running the ball. >> let's talk about women's college basketball. looking to get the lady hoyas off the bat. hoyas opened up the game on a 22-2 run and they rolled. georgetown winning it easy tonight. 66-36 was your final score of the night. a busy day in sports. boy, i tell you, redskins tomorrow. >> any chance the skins win? >> no. >> okay. going to be nice. >> at least it will be nice. increasing clouds for the afternoon. get outside if you can. >> 31. thanks. we'll see you back here
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loyp. "the weekend insider" is on. why natalie wood's death investigation is reopen. >> the information we received wants us to take another look at it. >> she was knocked on the head and fell into the water. >> the captain of the boat's if you claims disputing her husband's story. >> i just didn't want my whole life to go by without having the truth come out. >> onboard fight? with screams? all new evidence revealed to police? >> we heard something, one of us, you know, would have done something. >> is the family now demanding to exhume natalie's body? >> i'm tired of not knowing. >> probably had a lot of threesomes that led to twosomes without demi. >> ashton after the divorce news. did he and demi have an open


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