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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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everything is moving west to east. i think some of this could be here later this morning or this afternoon. the showers that were in southern maryland, now are across the bay. you have to go from oxford to points south and east. right now seeing some of the showers. as far as heavier rain. we are not going to be bothered with that. certainly fog is an issue this morning, up north, where visibility is a quarter mile or less. still four miles visibility at reagan national. we'll be watching the fog more than anything else for the next few hours. beverly farmer is moving right now rye? >> reporter: the fog you were mentioning howard, no incidents report i-70 corridor. frederick and that matter baltimore. here's 270, 121 clarksburg. light volume, no incidents
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reported. germantown, gaithersburg, rockville. an overnight crash on connecticut avenue on the outer almost, it is gone. done deal there. southbound 2, the ramp closed. two lanes are open on 2, ongoing utility work took out a crash after a pole last night. here's 95 north heading into springfield. all lanes open there a southbound crash is gone, southbound crash over on the shoulder. 35 lanes are open to get to the 14th street brimming. no early problems, 66 in your way. mike and andrea, back to you. a manhunt is underway for a murder suspect who walked out of jail. authorities are calling this a clerical error. it led to the man being granted bond on a murder charge. surae chinn has the story. wow. >> reporter: yeah, incredible. this murder suspect is now on the streets as we speak. he has been out of jail for ten
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days. prince georges county police say they are releasing this mug shot for the second time because of a problem with the court system. there was some type of clerical error. so take a good look at this mug shot yet again. he is 24-year-old frederick scott. he was in jail for suspected murder for shooting to death on a man outside a nightclub in maryland back in march. but ten days ago, police say the courts allowed him to post a $75,000 bond and he was released. >> we are hoping with these broadcasts that we are sharing with you guys, that maybe he sees these broadcasts, has the conscience to turn himself in, realizing that this was a release that was accidental and hoping he would come back to face the charges that were
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brought against him. >> what else is also disturb asking that he was released not only november 10th, but it took four days for the court system to actually contact police and say he is out on bond, it was a mistake and it took days later for the police to contact the media. mike? andrea? >> any clues on where this person may be hiding surae? >> this guy is from where we are. to tell you some background when he was on the loose, he was on the loose for two months after the homicide in may, he was found in las vegas, he is able to get out of the area, he has been out for ten days now, so there is an all points bulletin to find him. police say he is armed or possibly armed and dangerous. if you see him to call police first. just call the police or the local police. there is also a tips hotline.
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the crime solvers hotline is 866-411-tips. live in prince george county this morning, 26 people are in temporary shelter and the damage estimates are still coming in after an apartment fire in sterling, virginia sunday. firefighters found thick smoke and flames. the fire was so fierce crews were concerned the four story building would collapse. a father and son were able to walk away from a small plane crash in calvert county at the airport. state police say the plane arriving from illinois last night overshot the runway by 200 yards. the 47-year-old pilot and the 16-year-old son were transported to the hospital. the cause is under referring. our 9news colleague has confirmed vincent gray is making changes in the office.
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pedro rivera moves in as the communications director and chief spokesman. he replaces linda boyd. boyd will become special assistant to the city's health director and in another move, sheila bun, chief of staff to norton will become gray's new deputy chief of staff. here's a look for your commute or holiday travel plans. the rest of the intercounty connector will open tomorrow morning. the rest of the stretch opened in february, and you can tryout the road for free until december 5th. after that, peak one way fares for the entire roadway will hit 40s you'll need an ez pass to drive without any added penalty. jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. good morning, it is a short way for wall street. unfortunately we've lot of potential hurdles to get through the next couple of days. the possible failure of the
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debt ceiling on congress. those could be a drag on stocks. the dow is 11796. we saw red arrows for the nasdaq. wall street will be closed on thanksgiving and it will open for a shortened session on friday. it doesn't look like the united states will tip into a recession next year. but it probably won't feel like boom times either. the economy will puddle through with growth too weak to make a den in unemployment. business economics predict the economy will grow by 4% in 2012. that is a slight improvement for all of 2011. a little relief at the pump before you gas up and head to grandma's for turkey day. the average price of a gallon of regular is down nearly 5 cents over the past two weeks. the average stands at $3.38 a
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gallon. here in our area aaa says the region is averaging $3.36 a gallon. we have been seeing oil prices popping lately. >> right. diesel is still up. so that offsets that as well. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> the high cost of the occupy protest locally and why we could end up with a really big price tag by the end of the year. police in new york city arrest a suspect they say was planning terror attacks against returning united states troops. that story, coming up. plus renewed violence breaking out in egypt between priss and protesters who say change is not coming fast enough. and the redskins gave their fans hope, only to lose an overtime heartbreaker to their biggest rival. sports is coming up.
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you'll need some rain gear around not just today for the next two days. frontal boundaries, a couple of areas of low pressure. by thanksgiving things will get nicer. today we have a chance if an occasional shower here and there. drizzle, fog, especially northerly this morning. temperatures steady, slowly dropping off by 5:00 to 54 degrees. those temperatures are fairly seasonable. i'll be back in the next five minutes. we'll talk about the 7-day forecast. right now i'll go to beverly farmer with a look at timesaver traffic is that. >> reporter: traveling to work
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eastbound on 66 volume building there was a crash on 15. left side of your screen is eastbound traffic still pretty light. the beltway falls church our next timesaver traffic coming up at 5:17. a man accused of plotting terror attacks against united states troops returning from iraq and afghanistan is now in jail in new york city. investigators say 27-year-old jose pim tell had finished making three explosive devices. he had been on the radar after he started following the radical cleric an war al walk. reports more than 1000 protesters have been injured. the protesters want the ruling military council to loosen its
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grip on power. prodemocracy leader intends to run for parliament in the next elections. in burma, its military government rescinded a law which kept her from running. the dc area could be hit hard by mandatory federal budget cuts. later today the deficit super committee may indeed announce they are at an impasse. at 59:00, when the last race was over, two drivers were still tied in nascar points for the chase. find out how the championship was decided. howard says we can endure the rain early this week. it gets better by thanksgiving. its forecast first, when we come back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news. it is coming up on 5:15 this monday morning. balmy, we say but drizzle and a little fog. >> one of those days where the humidity is going to get you i can't it is up and it is going to be like that. we have drizzle and fog. right now most of the showers have left the region. but that doesn't mean they are going to stay away all day
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either. we have a threat for a few more midday and even this afternoon. fog is the big issue, north of washington. visibility south or anywhere of ten miles at andrews air force base. look at the areas from leesburg north. a half mile to a quarter mile. hopefully not too much in the a of ware delays. busy today tomorrow and especially wednesday with thanksgiving thursday. the bus stop forecast, scattered showers, drizzle and fog. most of the showers not around at the moment. temperatures in the 50s. they are going to stay there. sunrise at 6:57. it sets at 4:51. the day planner, look for clouds and drizzle. it is not going to rain all day. occasional showers. mid-50s at noon. and even by 8:00 p.m. tonight
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lower 50s. we'll dip into the 40ston. mid to upper 40s at that. nothing terribly cold. one batch of moisture overnight, now leaving the region over the jersey coast and southern new england. nor rain in ohio and back into kentucky. that is going to be moving to the east. nothing heavy showing up, you see the showers of the eastern shore. but that's it. our temperatures 55 in town, 59 at the airport, 52 winchester. 95 also in gaithersburg, and culpepper. 96% humidity now, low clouds and fog reported at reagan national and you can see the chill up north at buffalo. this older -- colder air is going to work its way south. moving off to the east, maybe staying south of us. on and off, rain todayton tomorrow, wednesday, before we
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finally clear out. light showers drizzle fog 57 today. top we are in the 40s with more rain. more rain tomorrow and to at least at first half of wednesday. wednesday's rain is a little warmer. better for thanksgiving and really nice saturday in the 60s. beverly farmer, wet streets, wet leaves, not too much traffic yet though. >> reporter: so far not a whole lot of volume. interesting to see how many folks come to work and how many are traveling out of town. the left side of your screen some folks heading in toward the beltway. coming out of fredericksburg, three accidents over on the right shoulder. brief delay, 395 open to the 14th street bridge. traveling on 66 eastbound before you get to 15. some building volume to get into centerville and fair oaks eastbound on 66. all lanes open as you make your way into the beltway into falls church. very light volume on the right
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side of your screen. looks like you are on dry pavement at this point. south on 270. no early problems. beltway south of town let's check the visibility. inner loop, outer loop, between oxen hill and alexandria. our next check of timesaver traffic comes up at 5:25. andrea mike, back to you. thousands of marines who nearly gave their lives for their country are getting a special holiday gift. this week they packed up purple heart christmas ornaments. the ornaments are being sent to active and retired marines who have won that award nthree years the fund has sent out nearly 10,000 ornaments in addition to many other activities to assist wounded troops. this weekend was one of the most prolific games the redskins have had in a while. they scored three touchdowns on sunday. it was a missed field goal in overtime that kept them from beating the dreaded cowboys.
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time now for another look at the question of the day this morning. what is the single more annoying thing women say a spouse can say at the beginning of a phone call? hello dear, where are you? what is for dinner? or what are you doing? >> on our facebook page, all of the above. first and foremost, c is my response, which is what are you doing? take your pick. log on to wusa 9 facebook fan page. we'll reveal your answer later this morning in the 6:00 hour. we'll be right back. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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we'll get back to mike and andrea in just a minute. looking at the futurecast, most of the showers have left us. by 9:00 it could be some drizzle or light showers here. temperatures generally around 50 north to near 60 south. temperatures aren't going to move much. mid-50s with isolated showers. maybe a better chance of showers coming in the afternoon here. 3:00 temp, 55 by 6:00 p.m. down to 63. generally light showers out there. keep the rain gear handty. two drivers tied at the top of the chase for the cup, but only one could be the champion.
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the redskins played much better but still ended in a loss. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. 3-7. yesterday was a chance to somewhat ease the pain of a losing year. dallas in town in the hunt for a playoff bid, redskins trying to put a little wrench in those plans. rex grossman, plus he looked bad early until a shank punt by dallas led to this pun. skins up 14-10. tied at 17. until tony romo escaped the pocket and throws that laser to jason wit ten. 5 yards. redskins go 89 yards in 12 plays. grossman to stallworth gets the toes in and we are tied at 24. overtime. redskins get it first. they get to the cowboys 34.
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wide right. dallas they pick up a crucial third down set up a 3-yarder. dan bailey says let's go home. cowboys in a gut wrencher 27- 24. >> i thought we kept our poise. >> extremely, extremely disappointed we didn't get the victory. >> some guys played better than they played all year. that is what it looked like. there is definitely a lot to look forward to and a lot to build on. >> racing championship in nascar. rain causing a 75 minute delay in miami. tony stewart had a tough day. he punched a hole in his grill here with debris. a love tap there, and passes him late in the race and takes it. stewart wins his third nascar championship first since 2005. don't forget our weekly grading
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the game segment coming up at 5:00 this afternoon. happy turkey week. i'm dave owens. have a great monday thank you, dave. the deficit super committee is admitting failure in its one pass to trim the deficit. plus the search on for a murder suspect who was mistakenly allowed to post bond and leave jail. before we head to break a quick check of traffic. beverly. >> reporter: no early problems as you head north on 395 leaving the beltway to led up landmark cases still good to the 14th street bridge. you are watching 9news now. we'll be right back. good morning.
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welcome back it 9news now. -- to 9news now. we are back. good morning, how was your weekend? let's start with that. >> good, little busy. in-laws have arrived. one more visitor coming wednesday. they are not out. >> they want to see their son-in-law? >> no, they don't care any more. >> been there, done that, right? >> whatever. not a thrill. let's talk weather. that is not a thrill either today. we have fog, drizzle. most of the showers. they are gone. we'll have a few light showers around from time to time today. i think the dries is the going to persist awhile this morning. temperatures slowly drop off to about 54 by 5:00 p.m. you'll notice the batch of rain overnight. another batch in ohio. right now live doppler is pretty quiet toward the eastern shore. visibility north of town.
5:30 am
down tie quarter mile in leesburg and frederick. two miles in gaithersburg. everybody along and north of seven, watch out winchester as well, you guys are going to have problems with visibility for the next few hours. beverly farmer leaves, enough issues already? >> reporter: yes we do. the fog very dense. route 9 coming out of charlestown, blue ridge, it was more like patchy fog. the outer loop of the beltway, heavier volume on the left side of your screen. lanes open around georgia avenue starting to see the morning show down in the rain. you travel as you make the trip northbound out of 95. northbound after route 3 a crash moved over to the shoulder. left side of your screen you can see the headlights building volume. 35 northbound lanes are open as you make your way to the 14th street bridge so far without
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any real significant slowdowns getting across the bridge. next time of timesaver traffic at 53:00. at this hour we are getting new video in from egypt. >> it shows this morning's clashes between anti-government protesters and police. it was the center of the demonstrations that led to president mubarak's ouster. protesters wan a quicker transition from the ruling military council to democratly elected leaders. police are trying to if i a second suspect in the robbery of a university of maryland student. the man seen in this video is using the victim's credit card. meanwhile 21-year-old isaiah graham now faces charges in the maryland robbery and he was already jailed on a related
5:32 am
robbery at george washington university. 24-year-old frederick scott was mistakenly allowed to post bond and leaf. 9news now reporter surae chinn has the story. what a bungle. good morning surae. >> reporter: no kidding. he was able to walk out of jail a free man. he has been out on the streets for ten days and police say this is a huge mistake by the court system and now there is a nationwide search for the man. >> we'll have the capacity to take another life earlier this year. i would consider him armed and dangerous. >> reporter: he is 4-year-old frederick scott from the high atsville area. now in most cases, suspected criminals who are charged with first degree murder are held without bond. but in this case, to six months
5:33 am
later, for some reason a judge had him post bond for $75,000. scott posted it. right now we are actively searching if a suspect in a homicide, back in march of this year. he was apprehended in may in las vegas. it appears on november 10, the court system may have had a clerical error and had given the suspect a bond, which he posted that same day, and was able to release himself from jail. >> reporter: well the state's attorney's office didn't have much response, only saying that they are aware of the situation and they are working closely with prince georges county police. back to you andrea, mike. surae chinn reporting live. tests are underway after workers noticed an odor coming from a monitoring well at a landfill. workers are drilling in a
5:34 am
section of the installation called area bas part of a ground water contamination investigation. officials say low concentrations of the vapor are only found within 10 feet of the drill site. initial tests showed no risks to the surrounding area. most of the road work is going to be shutdown for the thanksgiving holiday. weather permitting, crews will close the two right lanes of the outer loop between the eisenhower connector and telegraph road so they can hang a saipaia. all the lanes will be closed around midnight. tomorrow morning the exit route south will be closed for paving. at the same time the right lane of the outer loop will be closed from the highs hour connector to telegraph road. we'll have it on our website,
5:35 am
check it out. jessica is back with the latest on the super committee. >> a lot has been riding on the compromise between the parties on taxes and cost cutting, didn't look like it is happening. today the congressional super committee is expected to actually throw in the towel. after months of meetings the democrats and the republicans on the committee cannot agree on a way to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal deficit and there is plenty of finger pointing to go around. democrats say the gop won't budge on tax hikes. republicans say democrats want to raise taxes instead of trimming entitlement programs is that there is an unwillingness to cut any kind of spending at all. >> the wealthiest of americans, those who earn over a million dollars a year have to share too. new if the super committee
5:36 am
doesn't reach a deal, about a trillion dollars in cuts will take effect but not until 201. long-term unemployment ben fiscal could be in jeopardy. both are set to expire next month. some in the occupy dc movement may be protesting for taxpayer rights. mayor gray says the district has spent more than $900,000 so far. that money has gone to trash removal. traffic control, but the may general motors to policing. the police department is devoting about 20 officers per shift each thai. there are 40 days left in theier. if the protests continue we are looking at almost $2 million this year alone for these protests. who pays for that? >> the taxpayer. >> no control over their own money. with the super committee, justify like even the people
5:37 am
who are on the committee may not have been the right picks. why not a mark warn officer. >> you know it is amazing. they couldn't even agree on meeting in the same room. >> are there 12 of you out there on both sides who want to compromise? come up with a side deal. >> bring it on. thanks. improvement on way for a dangerous spot for pedestrians along a busy road. we'll explain, coming up next. plus a new exhibit shows unfulfilled plans some of our nation's founding fathers they hope to see built in the district of columbia. we'll be back. ♪
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earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale. good morning, on the weather terrace it is cool. but right now damp but not raining. that is the key there. the fog is north of town as well. not terrible, but watch out for the wet streets and such. here we go the look at the day
5:40 am
planner. we'll have occasional showers today. cloudy, cool, temperatures steady or slowly dropping off by 3:00. by 6:00 p.m., 59. the visibility and the 7-day forecast when i return in the next five. right now beverly farmer topping with the morning commute. checking the ride for folks on the outer loop heading west outside of college park. the drive live passing hamshire avenue already starting to see slowdowns on the damp pavement. new crash on 270, details come up in our next check of timesaver traffic. andrea, back to you. crossing rockville pike and bethesda should get less dangerous in a few years the montgomery county council has approved funds if a pedestrian underpass. it would connect the metro stations to the walter reed national military center just across the street. construction is expected to star
5:41 am
next july. the underpass is expected to open two years later. the national building museum is inviting you to get a glimpse of what washington could have been like if some early architects had gotten their way. the exhibit is called unbuilt washington. the show features original drawings of thomas jefferson and others that show examples of really ambitious buildings, parks and bridges or other projects that never came to fruition. the exhibit runs until the end of may. we'll take another look at the question of the day. what is the single most annoying thing women say a spouse can say at the beginning of a phone call. is it where are you? is it hey what's for dinner? or what are you doing? >> here's the response you posted on the wusa 9 facebook fan page. brenda clark painter wrote what's for dinner? why does it always have to be
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the woman's decision? >> leave your response, we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. i usually ask the question because i could be happy with peanut butter and jelly. international soccer star david beckham can now add an american championship to his resume. that story, coming up. speaking of cooking we are headed to the kitchen as a less messy way to let your kids enjoy cake without getting that sticky icing everywhere
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good morning. it is 5:46 on this monday morning. i guess it is a blue monday or rainy, dreary monday here. >> it is not a blue monday. >> we have sunshine on a cloudy day. >> we could go for my entire
5:46 am
weather time doing songs. let's not. weatherwise, yeah, we have  got clouds around today, drizzle, some fog. yeah not the prettiest day, but thursday looks good. friday looks good. saturday looks good. this morning looks foggy especially north of town. montgomery through howard county, along and north of 70 the mountains of west virginia. a half or quarter mile or less. it is very thick up here. look at all the .25. bwi included. there may be a few weather related delays. each quantico on the river there at three quarters. scattered showers most of those have pulled off to the eastern shore. really the drizzle and fog. temperatures in the 50s. sunrise at 6:57. the day planner it is a cloudy one. occasional showers, drizzle and fog this morning. northeast winds will stay up at
5:47 am
10 miles per hour this afternoon. that will slowly drop temperatures to 54 by 5:00 p.m. again with the occasional showers. not going to rain all day. see the batch of moisture overnight. pulling off across long island, southeastern new england. a break in the bigger rains. still drizzle falling not being detected by the radar. doppler 9000 not seeing anything to the west. barely seeing the light showers now east of town. drizzle and fog that is the bigger problem. our temperatures they are fairly uniform. look at all the 55, 56-degree numbers. that covers just about everybody on the board. you expect that when you have high humidity, which we do. 100%. light wind, dew point on the temperatures, both 55. cold air, chunk of arctic air trying to come back to north dakota. bismarck at 10 this morning. kc 54. in between the cold and the
5:48 am
warmth, a frontal boundary. the system coming onshore, it is this guy coming out of texas and oklahoma and arkansas. this one is going to throw moisture our way. it won't really clear us until we get into thanksgiving. in the forecast today tonight and tomorrow on wednesday, 57 today. ton we are in the 40s as some rain returns. tomorrow i think it will be a more active or wetter day. wednesday showers, look at the temperatures. we shoot to the low to mid-60s. 65 sunday. and sunday in the 50s. beverly farmer,. howard heading south on 270. building volume south into germantown. a crash southbound 270 at 28 and rockville.
5:49 am
moved over to the right shoulder. so far not causing a big slow down. executive boulevard police fire ems just arriving on the scene. growing volume on the outer lap too. heading into college park. let's check the virginia drive eastbound on 66. bidding volume in centerville getting in toward 50 and fair oaks. heading into the beltway and into falls church. northbound pace into springfield not too bad as you head up to the beltway on to 395 all lanes open. your next check of timesaver traffic andrea back to you. making news now coming up on 5:50, a man suspected in a new york city bomb spot. new york city michael bloomberg
5:50 am
called the suspect a lone wolf. . the chancellor of universityical davis is facing stepping down today. last friday pepper spray was used on seemingly peaceful protesters. he became famous on the other side of the pond. now david beckham is celebrating a state side championship. his l.a. galaxy teammate landon donovan scored in the championship game to defeat the houston diane mow 1-0. thanks andrea. we are in the kitchen this morning with a really cool dessert idea. joining me is la terese gas way right? and the name of your company is called on the go cakes. that is what these little things
5:51 am
are. they look instantly like ice cream that you got as a kid. >> these are cake push pops. it is layers of cake and icing. >> you are going to build one and i'm going to show you how one already built works, right? >> all you do is just push it up and you can eat it. like so. what is the advantage of something like this? >> mess free cakes, it is good for kids, any event good for on the go, no matter where you are going in the car. walking around a grocery store. any event taking place. >> you can just layer it. these are perfectly round. did you use a cookie cutter it make them the same size? >> actually the container. >> this is strawberry shortcake and quite good, actually. you have already done this in many places, right? you started doing this at
5:52 am
weddings did you say? >> weddings, baby showers, my daughter's daycare. several different other events. and it was great for the kids at the daycare center. and it works out great. >> kind of keep the mess a little bit more contained. kids are not easy to contain anyway. >> it was great for the kids to be able to walk around and be able to hold their own cake. >> if somebody wants to get one or order a few, how do they do that? have visit my website at on go we also deliver in our custom boxes. >> cool. >> you cater to them too. somebody can order these specifically too? >> huge displays that can hold up to 100. as well as different parties and gathering. here we have chocolate and vanilla layered and its topping with orio joseph crumbs. >> the bottom layer here we
5:53 am
have chocolate-covered strawberry shore cake. the top layer is strawberry shore cake. congratulations on your new business. good luck with it. it is called on the go cakes. andrea, back to you. it looks yummy, thank you, mike. there is a little margaritaville coming up on didn't's hawaii 5-0. andrea americans are putting off retirement a long, long, long time. i'll tell you what you have to expect, coming up at 6:07. you are watching 9news now.
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5:56. you know the showers have left us for the most part. what you don't see is all the fog in the northern half of the viewing area. by 9:00 there may be drizzle more out there, probably more drizzle than showers. temperatures not moving much, low to mid-50s for the afternoon. maybe some upper 40s by 6:00. andrea, back to you. thank you, howard. breaking dawn part one is breaking the box office. the fourth movie in the twilight franchise is just the second film this year to gross more than $100 million domestically in its opening weekend. the film covers the fourth bad
5:57 am
in the wildly popular vampire series breaking down grossed nearly $140 million in the united states alone. however the other big debut, happy feet 2, it was a box office disappointment with only $22 million in its opening numbers. last week immortals dropped to third place. $140 million. i don't want a lousy review like that. taylor swift may need another trophy case. here's why. she just keeps racking up the trophies. that is why. 21-year-old country cross over star at the american music awards. swift told the audience this is crazy as she picked up the award. swift also won favorite country album and favorite country female artist. we have the entire list of
5:58 am
winners just look under the buzz. jimmy buffet will trade margaritaville for another island location tonight. on hawaii 5-0. frank bam may was a character in that book i wrote about six or seven years ago. he was one of my favorite characters in a book called where is joe merchant? he is a sea plane pilot. buffett holds a helicopter license in real life. he is a big fan of the original hawaii 5-0. and that is why he is here and they are going in to get steve. if we don't go in and get him, we won't come back. good morning, and thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. howard has enjoyed his push
5:59 am
pop. >> mike inhaled his. >> it was featured on the colbert report. >> it was. a lot of publicity. congratulations to la terese. we are glad you are here at 6:00 a.m. beverly is going to do traffic. >> reporter: howard has a not so pretty start to the week. >> yeah but i'm full. i had a nice chocolate push pop cake. weatherwise a lot of visibility issues north of washington right now. the fog is a real problem for places like fred rick. we are going to have occasional showers, drizzle and fog, especially this morning. done at 54 at reagan national. sunrise 57. rain moves out early this morning. low level clouds, visibility in frederick down to a quarter mile. three quarters in quantico. areas along the potomac also having issues with


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