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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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foreign policy dominated the agenda but they discussed congress's failure to reach a deficit reduction deal this week, putting the blame on president obama. >> we had a president of the united states who is not a leader. he pitched this over to them and said here, y'all figure this out. >> rick perry and mitt romney slammed potential budget cuts the pentagon is facing as a result. other contenders were open to trimming military spending in order to bring down the deficit. >> everything's gotta be on the table. the defense department's gotta be on the table for heaven's sake. >> the candidates have six weeks to go before the iowa caucuses, the first chance for voters to officially make their presidential pick. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. while the g.o.p. presidential candidates are debating inside constitution hall, demonstrators from d.c.'s occupy movement were demonstrating outside. they left mcpherson square and marched along 17th street northwest. d.c. police were on hand to
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make sure the protestors didn't cause any problems. surprisingly, they didn't stay long and headed back to their camp shortly after getting there. now to cairo where tensions remain high where people took to the streets to protest the country's military rule. during the protest, three american college students were arrested for allegedly throwing firebombs at security officers. 19-year-old derek sweeney, 21- year-old luke gates and 19- year-old gregory porter are spending a semester abroad at the american university in cairo. sweeney who is to the far right in the video is currently enrolled at georgetown university. last spring, he interned for missouri congressman lane who called him a great worker and a real good kid. the congressman has been in touch with the state department to help to secure sweeney's release. egypt's military leader has promised to move up a presidential leader to the first half of next year but protestors are demanding an immediate transition to civilian rule. the occupy campsite at the
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university of california davis is back and now it is more than double its original size. >> the controversy on the campus is also not going away after officers pepper sprayed peaceful demonstrators. as begood scheb an reports, they talked at a town hall meeting. >> reporter: chancellor linda ca at a i had of the university of california davis apologized to students but deflected blame over how campus police handled the peaceful demonstration. >> they explicitly directed the chief of police that violence should be avoided at all cost. >> reporter: but that's not what happened last week when police broke down an occupy camp. footage posted online shows officers pepper spraying over a dozen students protesting tuition hikes. rebuilt camps, it is just outside the packed town hall. it now includes a food station, medical tent and even a community calendar. >> the camp is now double its
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original size. despite university rules banning tents, the administration is allowing them to stay, at least for now. >> a lot of people in the administration are just as stubborn as we are so hopefully we'll be able to hold out. >> i want us to take back this university. >> reporter: on monday, over 1,000 students and faculty members rallied against the police response. now, the university student government association is calling on california's attorney general to investigate. >> i think it is a problem that we still don't know who gave the order to pepper spray students. we don't know if it was the chief. >> the campus police chief and two other officers are on administrative leave. the president of the university of california has appointed former los angeles police chief william bratton to investigate the incident. state lawmakers also announced they'll hold a hearing. begad sheban. >> prince william prosecutor
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paul enert petitioned to have aaron thomas return to the commonwealth where he faces potential life sentences. thomas is currently being held in new haven, connecticut, where he pleaded earlier this year to a rape from 2007. authorities say dna evidence shows that he's responsible for rapes and other attacks on 17 women from virginia to connecticut. jack johnson, the former prince george's county executive could spend at least a decade in prison. yesterday, the u.s. attorney's office recommended johnson be sentenced to 14 years in prison. jack johnson and his wife lesli pleaded go the to extortion charges. she's facing up to 18 months in prison for her role. a preliminary hearing for jerry sandusky, the former assistant football coach at penn state, accused of sexually abusing several young boys, has been pushed back. the hearing will now take place december 13th. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing eight boys over a span
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of 15 years. he could also face additional charges related to new allegations and more children who have come forward. at the hearing, prosecutors will try to show they have enough evidence to take the case to trial. opponents to maryland's new redistricting plan cleared a major hurdle in getting that decision reversed. yesterday, a federal judge said a lawsuit filed by a group of black voters should, indeed, be heard by the fourth circuit court of appeals. the state of maryland had asked the case to be dismissed. group backed by both fannie lou hamer and the maryland g.o.p. argues the redistricting map dilutes the minority vote in dream and prince george's counties. >> we have an update out of frederick, maryland. it is all about a chemical released when crews drilled a well at fort detrick last week. according to the attorney there, the chemical was pce, often used in dry-cleaning. both water and air samples show samples considered
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nonhazardous. they sealed the well after they smelled an odor. d.c. residents appear to be taking advantage of the public health program at the dmv. more than 5,000 people got hested for h.i.v. those who are tested positive are offered a free ride to a nearby office where they can arrange for counseling and an appointment with a doctor. our time is 4:36. at 4:40, can your bank survive another recession? the federal reserve wants to know. >> at 4:49, helpful travel advice before you head out for the thanksgiving holiday. >> we're back with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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heavy rains across calvert, st. mary's county down through the northern neck going to the eastern shore. here in d.c. though, the rains for the moment have pulled away. i say for the moment, we'll have a few more showers this morning. breaks midday and more rain and colder temps. i'll be back. we'll look at the travel forecast today along with the weekend outlook. that comes up in about five minutes. beverly farmer's tracking the roads for you. >> howard, the volume is light but the conditions aren't great at all. northbound interstate 95, had two separate accidents coming through spotsylvania county. one northbound near 606 out of the roadway. another one at the 123 mile marker still tying up the right side. here we are in dumfries, not looking too bad in springfield. a crash on 95 in maryland, northbound after 198 on the left side. back to you. >> it is 4:40. time for the first your money segment of the morning.
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>> here's jessica doyle with the headlines. >> good morning, we're focusing first on the banks. the federal reserve is ordering a new round of stress tests for the nation's biggest banks. 31 banks will have to show they would be able to withstand a recession if unemployment reached 13%. the fed says that it will publish some of the results next year. as for stocks, markets fell yet again on news the economy grew at a slower pace than expected over the summer. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 11, 493, lost 53 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq off by almost 2 and the s&p 500 lost almost five. as for today, trading volume could be very light. maybe traders have already gone away for the thanksgiving holiday. the bond market will be closed friday and the stock market will be closed three hours early. retail groups are suing the federal reserve. they're claiming that the central bank didn't follow the law when it set a cap on fees that banks can charge merchants for handling debit card purchases. the national retail federation
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and other groups in charge of the suit say that the fed buckle under pressure from bank lobbyists. they lobbied hard by had fees around 40 cents per transaction. jon corzine will have to testify about the collapse of the company he once headed, ms global. a house panel wants to ask the former governor of new jersey about the decisions leading to the bankruptcy of the company and the impact it is going to have on its customers. there is currently over a billion dollars in customer money missing from the now- defunct firm. merck will have to pay a million dollars to settle federal charges that it illegally promoted vioxx. merck stopped selling vioxx back in 2004 after evidence showed the drug doubled the risk of heart attack and stroke. the company paid nearly $5 billion four years ago to settle thousands of vioxx- related lawsuits. this is such a huge story and it is interesting. it is still in the pipeline for merck. >> that's legit. i had to take vioxx for a short
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time. i thought i was having a heart attack. i was fine but it was really scary. >> the corzine story, we knew -- >> not going away. >> wow! >> changing gears now, i was excited about her business report. spreading holiday cheer. the washington redskins organization makes sure dozens of d.c. families are able to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner. we're back with your weather first in less than two minutes.
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4:44 on this wednesday, thanksgiving eve. i'm amazed by a statement he just made. it chance his turnip. i don't know what that means but i'm i know he's upset about something. >> where did you come up with that one is this. >> a couple of metaphors that i mixed. >> what century is that? >> doesn't really make sense. >> we're stuck with the forecast from yesterday today but it is leaving us soon. >> today is a transition day. heavy rains overnight. watch out for some high water north. some of the rivers and streams in washington county, still running pretty high. heavy rains are pulling away. we're not done with the showers just yet. good weather after today. let's get you started with a look at the bus stop forecast. some aren't going to school today. some have a half day. a shower or two.
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the heavy rains should be done at the bus stop when you get moving here in a couple of hours. temps running in the low 50s north and west. low 60s, d.c. south and east. that sunrise, just before 7:00 a.m. as we look at the day planner, well, 62 degrees at 8:00. winds southwest. maybe a shower. as we get toward the middle of the day, going to be some sun out there. temps in the 60s. winds picking up at 17. it will be gusting 25, 30, 35 at times this afternoon but the northwest wind by 4:00, down to 55. more rain showers will be pushing in from the northwest across the region. most of that will be done by 8:00 as we're falling into the upper 40s with a northwest wind at 20. it is going to turn out to be a windy day. overnight, we had heavy rainfall that pushed through. still some of that south and east of town through richmond, colonial beach. pushing in toward southern maryland. even out -- did you see in the mountains of west virginia, there were more showers out there. right now, live doppler 9000 hd, pretty quiet west of i-95, south and east of i-95, this is
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where we've got the rain. it is really coming down in spots. light rains from annapolis down through la plata. look at the heavy stuff from just west of easton here, some heavy, heavy downpours which are pushing through parts of calvert and st. mary's county as well. eastern shore, chestertown over toward denton, the heavy rains there. look at the south of mcdaniel approaching oxford and easton, you guys will get pounded here for about 30 or 40 minutes with heavy rainfall extending down south of plum point. st. leonard, tracking toward you. benedict, lesser rainfall at the moment. and another hour or so, you may be quieter. down toward leonardtown and colonial beach and the northern neck, we also have some showers there. let's go back to the weather computer. look at the 60s from d.c. south and east. win chester north and west but generally, it is a mild morning. 62. southwest winds at 15 with some light showers reported on the hour at national although now,
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it looks like the rain has ended for the moment. showers possible from buffalo toes about to boston. showers possible. you go west toward chicago and memphis, it is all looking good and once we get rid of this system, we're going to be in good shape here for the next several days. so, today, 64. falling temps this afternoon. several rounds of rain. don't put the rain gear away. tomorrow, sunny, cool, nice. very pleasant on friday. 64. then saturday, sunday, into the 60s. by monday and tuesday, increasing shower chances, temps in the 50s. beverly farmer, it was raining really hard earlier. had some high water in spots. >> absolutely. flooding in a number of roadways that typically flood including michael's mill road up in frederick county. here we are looking at the 95 corridor in virginia. two separate accidents coming up through spotsylvania, one
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before the 118, 606 thornburg exit. northbound before you reach spotsylvania. here at 123, moving smoothly into woodbridge. the light volume, keep your speeds down for the conditions. east on 666, the flash in the pan crash at 123 has been cleared. the ride in from haymarket, manassas, all with lanes open into the beltway and into falls church on 66. maryland drivers, crash on northbound 95 tying up the left side. southbound lanes open past the icc. beltway, university boulevard. left side of the screen is the outer loop where we anticipate some morning volume. right now, pace is good heading over into bethesda. back to you, mike, andrea? >> thanks, beverly. a number of us will be hitting the roads between now and tomorrow to get to our thanksgiving location. so, before you leave, how about a couple of travel tips. in virginia, vdot is going to suspend all of the lane closures statewide. that starts today at noon and goes through monday at night.
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the state has launched a web site that shows the area that have historically the worst traffic around thanksgiving. the information is sorted by date and by time and we have a link to that web site at now, in maryland, something similar, the state highway administration is suspending all lane closures, that starts in about ten minutes at 5:00 a.m. and that lasts through 9:00 a.m. on tuesday. maryland is also encouraging you to call its new number, 511, service for travel tips, provides current travel information for the spire state. >> you can also call the same number, 511 in virginia to get road conditions. if you're traveling, that will mean filling up before you go and aaa says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.34. now, if you're heading north, gas is $3.28 a gallon on the new jersey turnpike. going south along i-95 in virginia, the best prices we could find at were at a wawa in fredericksburg.
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the station is charging $3.14. you can always check gas prices and the traffic at well, they lost everything in the september floods in virginia and last night, residents from the holly acres mobile home park in woodbridge were treated to a thanksgiving dinner and good news. plans to rebuild the park are now allowed to move forward. many of the units were destroyed after the floods and initially, zoning administrator ruled the homes could not be put back in the same place because they were in a federally designated floodway. the prince william county zoning appeals board has overturned the decision now. cooking the perfect holiday meal is on the minds of lots of people but it is hard when you can't afford the turkey. >> kristin fisher was at fedex field where the redskins were giving away thanksgiving meals on tuesday. >> oh, my goodness. this is wonderful. it helps tremendously. just think about -- this is probably about close to maybe $100 worth of groceries i didn't have to pay for.
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>> vina whitehead is one of the 3500 people in prince george's county getting a free thanksgiving feast from the washington redskins. >> it feels good to help somebody have a thanksgiving dinner that a lot of people take for granted. a lot of families are working hard, trying to provide this. any way we can give back and make it easier for them is a blessing. >> we started this nine years ago as a very, very important activity, giving back to the community. prince george's county has been great, to fedex field, the redskins. we're so thankful. >> dan snyder wants to make sure the fans and families who need it most are the ones that get the free food. so, every person here has been prescreened. they have to prove that they live in prince george's county and that they need the free food. >> how much does this help out you and your family for thanksgiving? >> real, real, real lot. we were struggle and everything. god bless everybody. thank you all very much. >> would you have a thanksgiving meal were it not for this turkey?
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>> probably not. probably not. >> at fedex field, kristin fisher, 9news now. d.c. councilman marion barry added extra muscle to his annual turkey give away. he was joined by two boxing pros, lamont and anthony peterson. barry says they came back home to show support for his ward eight turkey give away. 2,000 turkeys were handed out at union temple baptist church. >> it is time for the question of the morning. >> you might recognize today's question and response. take a look. >> 30% of all school children are forced to do this against their will. a, wear a coat. b, play an instrument or c, homework. i would have to go with b, play an instrument. i remember playing the recorder when i was a kid. mary had a little lamb wasn't a very exciting tune to play but my parents made me do it anyway. >> in case you didn't recognize him, out of uniform, that was matt hendrick for the
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washington capitals. we would like you to weigh in. 30% of all school children are forced to do this against their will. a, wear a coat. b, play an instrument or c, do their homework. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. we had to do the recorder as well.
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welcome back. 4:56 on this thanksgiving eve. wednesday morning. we've had some heavy rains. easton being hit very hard now along with st. leonard, parts of st. mary's county around leonardtown as well. around here, that's left the region. a few more showers possible this morning here or there. midday sunshine but another round of showers this afternoon into early this evening as temps drop off into the 50s by the time we get into the afternoon hours. beverly farmer, good morning. >> good morning! slow going in the rain. we've got volume light. we have to slow down in the wet conditions. so far, so good on the beltway, maryland with no accidents to report. heading up from andrews, landover, here in college park. heavier volume passing route one, the ikea west into silver spring toward baltimore. one crash was northbound 95 after 198 laurel along the left side of the roadway. back to you. thanks, beverly. tomorrow when many of us will be looking forward to a thanksgiving feast or watching
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football on tv, some young men from d.c. will be hitting the football field. coolidge high will play dunbar in the turkey bowl city championship game. yesterday, city leaders wished both teams well during a luncheon held at verizon center. >> there is no question in my mind that we absolutely have the two best teams who will face off on thanksgiving day at 11:00. >> by the way, coolidge is coached by natalie randolph, believed to be the would only woman in the country coaching a varsity high school team. if you're a parent then probably you've had a moment or two that your child did something that really made you furious. then you had some time away from it and now you can look back and laugh. that's why the next video we're going to show you is a huge hit on the internet. >> as lindsey mastis tells us, it begins when two little boys get their hands on a bag of flour. >> reporter: with one plus three plus four, an absolute mess. mary napoli said she was in the
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bathroom a bit longer than usual and when she came out -- >> oh, my gosh. >> she captured her 1 and 3- year-old on camera before she broke down and cried. but she's laughing now. >> i told my mother-in-law that i feel like i've inhaled so much flour i'm going to start to ride. >> when we posted the video to our facebook page, dozens of you shared your stories, candy wrote try a jar of blue glitter. they all covered my 10-year-old in it. glitter is very hard to clean up. >> my oldest made a map of the upstairs in black permanent marker so that "people who haven't been to our house before will know how to get from room to room." this picture from gaithersburg, 15-month-old jackson was eating pump din pie and it went everywhere. his dad tells us it was on the walls, the ceiling and even their pets, not to mention jackson's hair. >> my god, it is like a snowman puked all over my living room. >> while parents may be angry
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at the time, usually something to laugh about later. in washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> unbelievable . >> the stories on facebook were just as fun. >> i love the one with the child with the glitter. and the map. clever! good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. our 5:00 a.m. producer confessed she outlined the fireplace. still love her. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. i have a feeling my daughter molly will do some of the same stuff. she's very mischievous. >> she put your cell phone down the toilet. >> that's true. beverly farmer is in for traffic. monika is off the rest of the week. howard, have you ever done anything? >> my boy so far is not too bad. i have a feeling a can of paint are in my future. >> you're not telling any tales on yourself. have you done anything? >> i just remember a took


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