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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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curious and dad wasn't too happy. you know, might have broken the television clicker or two. that sort of thing. >> ok. >> broken a window or two. >> all right, all right, all right. >> enough with the confessions! >> let's get you going with a look at the day planner. we do have rain around. this morning's rain down southern maryland pulling away. a couple of showers still possible this morning. sunshine midday. more showers this afternoon. don't be fooled by the midday sun. you could get caught in some rain. you can see the showers, the heavy stuff pulling east. back in west virginia, thin line of showers here. this is more of the actual front and then this area has rotated down toward us later. want to take you down south and east from easton and oxford approaching cambridge. heavy showers, newland, tappahannock approaching reedville, those folks in southern st. mary's county, you'll get hit with heavy rains over the next hour. we've got temperatures at 60 in town. 49 in hagerstown.
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65 at the pax river naval air station. cooler and windy this afternoon. good morning, beverly farmer, take it away! >> good morning. your ride right now, it is complicated because of the wet pavement, the flooding in some areas, we've been dealing in a lot of secondary roadways that typically flood. we have a couple of accidents on the wet pavement. 66, had one here at 123 eastbound. that's already cleared out of your way. just the building volume as you make your way into the beltway from fair oaks. two wrecks in spotsylvania county before and after 606 thornburg should be out of your way. the left side of the screen, still more volume on the wet pavement. everything open as you make your way to the beltway. maryland drivers, i-270, no early problems. frederick county, maryland with a lot of the flooding closures including michaels mill and adamstown. also a crash on northbound 95 after 198. that was the left side. mike, andrea, back to you. are you among the millions heading out on the roads today
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before thanksgiving? why haven't you left yet? you're glad you're with us. saturday and sunday are two of the busiest travel days of the year and the roads and terminals will get much more crowded later on today. surae chinn is at national airport with a preview. good morning, surae. >> good morning to both of you. happy holidays. now would be a good time to travel. you can see behind me, pretty quiet. so, now would be a good time to head out of town because we're going to see huge numbers on the road and in the skies. it is going to get a little crowded here. aaa expecting huge numbers this travel season and the uptick they're saying because of the slight improvement of the economy. they're also saying that people have been postponing their trips now for a couple of years. so, yeah, 4% uptick is what aaa is saying and they're thinking 42 and a half million people will be traveling this holiday. >> a lot of washingtonians surely are. we're projecting over a million washingtonians heading out of town. 92% of them will be on our
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highways but the interesting thing is even though gas is far more expensive, we're talking 50 to 55 cents a gallon more than it was last year and airfares are also up significantly but in spite of that, both travel on the highways and travel in the air is going to be up. >> reporter: well, we are going to talk to lon anderson live in the next half hour coming up at 5:30. he'll talk about air travel and when the best time to make a return trip back home from the holidays. back to you. surae is live at national airport this morning. mdot, vdot will be giving holiday travelers a break. in virginia, all of the lane closures will be suspended statewide. that start at noon today through monday at noon. the state has launched a web site showing the areas that are really, really bad in traffic around thanksgiving time. the information is sorted by date and by time. we have a link on our web site, so you can get to that web site.
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in maryland, the state highway administration is suspending all lane closures and actually they started about five minutes ago. they're going to go through 9:00 a.m. next tuesday. maryland is encouraging you to call its new 511 service. it provides current weather and traffic information for the state of maryland. >> maryland state police have arrested a driver following a late night school bus crash in st. mary's county. the st. mary's county school -- public school bus was involved in a three vehicle accident and ran off route 234 in mechanicsville. this video is from the state police say 33 people on the bus rescuers took the driver, a coach and 15 students to st. mary's hospital but we're told no one has life- threatening injuries. the bus was returning to the high school from a basketball game in colonial beach, virginia. police arrested one of the car drivers on dui charges. five minutes after 5:00. if you don't know where your money is, jessica is going to
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watch it for you. >> i promise not to touch your money. >> maybe you can borrow it. >> as for wall street, we're really on a roll. just not the roll we want to be on lately. the market has been down for five days in a row. today could hinge on the latest european debt crisis news and the latest reading on the job market. stocks fell yet again yesterday on news the economy grew at a slower pace than expected over the summer. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 11, 493. it lost 54 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq was off by almost 2 and the s&p 500 was down by almost 5. as for trading, the bond market will be closed friday and the stock market will close three hours early just for some planning there for you. there's growing pressure on congress to help out the little guy. unless lawmakers act, a tax cut that reaches 160 million americans will go away in the new year. that means the average family would pay about $1,000 more in taxes next year and this is also at risk.
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if long-term unemployment benefits are allowed to expire, six million people will lose weekly unemployment checks averaging $300. the occupy movement is coming at a big cost to taxpayers. the ap says 18 cities have spent at least $13 million since the protests began. the heaviest financial burden has been falling upon law enforcement agencies. here in washington, the cost is averaging nearly a million dollars a month. it is not free. that's for sure. >> oh, boy. >> what are we doing in the next half hour? >> who wants to go shopping over the next couple of days? we're going to have some insider tips from an expert on how you should plan your black friday shopping approach. >> ok. hope they bring some money, too. thank you, jess. >> sure thing. >> this morning, antigovernment protestors are clashing with egyptian police for a fifth straight day. >> it turns out one of the people taken into custody in those demonstrations, a georgetown university student. more on him coming up. >> ahead in sports, the redskins take a break from
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practice to give back to the community. we'll be back after this.
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the heavy rains right now have moved south and east of washington. across southern maryland, we're watching this on live doppler 9000 hd. from denton just past easton down toward leonardtown, st. mary's coming through newland, watch out reedville. cambridge, you'll get this, too. the rest of us are starting to see things wind down for the moment. still could get a shower. sunny breaks midday. another round of showers likely this afternoon. winds will pick up and temperatures will be dropping from the low 60s into the low
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50s by the time we get to 5:00. i'll be back in a few minutes. we'll look at thanksgiving, the travel forecast and the weekend ahead. right now, good morning, beverly farmer. >> good morning. another busy travel day ahead of us. not as much to work but more to the grocery store and out of town for the turkey. northbound interstate 95 moving at a pretty good pace despite the wet pavement. two earlier wrecks before and after thornburg on 95 moved out of your way. your next check of traffic at 5:17. andrea, back to you. thank you, beverly. coming up on 5:10, one of three american students arrested in the egypt protest attends georgetown university. derek sweeney is on the far right in this picture. police arrested the three at the antigovernment protest. the missouri congressman sweeney interned for said he's trying to secure the student's release. >> pakistan's ambassador to the u.s. has been forced to resign. hussein has been accuse ud of trying to use american military power to help reign in his country's military.
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this morning, pakistan named former administration minister as his replacement. thousands of people gathered in joplin, missouri to remember their fallen family andent froms on the six-month anniversary of the devastating tornado. 161 people died there may 22nd. this week, some survivors who lost their homes got new ones, just in time for the holidays. as thanksgiving approaches, serious shoppers are already looking right past the turkey. an expert shares her secrets for coping with black friday coming up at 5:50. >> at 5:30, we'll check out the highlights from last night's republican presidential debate. >> at 5:14, howard's seven-day forecast has raindrops on either side of the holiday weekend but what does turkey day look like? we'll let you know right after this.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:14 this thanksgiving eve. a soggy day but it is going to give way to some really good weather. i'm looking forward to friday because i'm switching the lights on 27 acres at mr. bee's for the festival of lights there in fredericksburg, virginia. >> that's friday? >> that's friday. be there by 6:00 p.m. great time. >> it is going to be a nice day
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on friday. >> friday, 6:00 p.m. >> mr. b's. >> very nice to attend. today's problems, we've got some rain at times. we're going to have some wind, too. out west, a wind advisory in effect. we've got up to 50 miles per hour. metro, 30, 35 or so. we start with a look at the day planner because we'll have some sunny breaks midday. the heaviest rains have left the immediate metro. a few showers are still possible over the next few hours. sunshine. another round of rain. look at the temperatures. we're starting out in the 60s here in town. we'll drop into the 50s this afternoon as that front really pushes through with the rain and the brisk winds out of the west and then the northwest, 19 miles per hour. that's the sustained wind. gusts could be topping 30. 35 at times. here in washington. speaking of the gusts out west, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., northern fauquier county, west of the blue rim to the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia. wind advisory, the gusts can
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get to 50 miles per hour, especially in some of the higher peaks. watch out there for later on today and this evening. the strong cold front that's coming. ahead of the front, heavy showers and storms this morning. pushing through. thinner line of showers here in west virginia, southwest virginia and pennsylvania. that's the front itself. that's going to come through a little bit later this morning. live doppler 9000 hd, it is quiet north and west. carroll, frederick, washington counties, you see them lit up in green. light flooding going on right around the rivers. the heavy stuff, that's now in the eastern shore, southern maryland, now to the northern neck of virginia where it is really coming down from denton. now east and south of easton. oxford getting hit very hard. cambridge, this is headed your way in another 20 minutes or so. the heavy stuff will be moving in. sandy point, get ready. this is coming through. st. mary's city as well. this will get through reedville
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as well. newland, just about out of the heavy stuff. moderate rain going on there. temperatures, big range. mid-60s south through upper 40s winchester, cumberland, haegerstown at 49 degrees. in washington, we've got 60 with a light south wind. mostly cloudy skies. good visibility at 10 miles. our travel forecast across the east today calling for the threat of rain and some storms from virginia beach up toward boston. you get into maine, northern new england, it is snowing up there. buffalo, clouds and showers. 41. pittsburgh, charleston, looking at a few showers. west, ohio valley, chicago, looks good. 51 degrees. atlanta, sunny and 62. nationally, the only other problem with the storm on the east would be the storm in the northwest bringing the rains into far northern california, the pacific northwest with some mountain snows, other than that, the rest of the country for traveling looks pretty good. you'll notice showers and storms coming through florida also. they're going to be on the tail
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end of the front that's affecting us. after the storm passes though, a nice stretch of weather. today, 64 but dropping temperatures in the afternoon with another round of rain as well. tonight in the 30s. tomorrow, 57. lighter wind. pretty nice for thanksgiving but pleasant on friday. we'll get to 64. andrea's tree lighting in fredericksburg looks fantastic. saturday and sunday, mid-60s. a couple of clouds. monday and tuesday, looks like some showers return to the region. good morning, beverly farmer. it is wednesday. big travel day. >> turkey eve we like to call it. if you're making your drive right now on the outer loop of the beltway heading out of college park in toward silver spring, volume starting to build a bit on the outer loop at colesville. a little less than typical for this time of day. not as many folks going to work. they'll be headed to the grocery stores or where their holiday plans are for. crash on i-97 up toward glen burnie. earlier accident in laurel has
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been cleared from the roadway completely. no early problems i-70, 270 but a lot of secondary roadways with some flooding conditions. roadways are having problems this morning. check into virginia for folks on northbound 95 and eastbound on 66, so far, so good. eastbound 66 coming in from haymarket making your way past 123. northbound on interstate 95 and 395, no current incidents as you make your way up past the beltway and on to the 14th street bridge beltway. mike, andrea, back to you. the hoyas enjoying the warmth of sunny hawaii during the tournament. >> plus, the redskins take a time-out to help the less fortunate this thanksgiving week. more on that coming up in sports. >> question of the daytime now, 30% of all school children are forced to do this against their will. is it a, wear a coat? b, play an instrument or c, do their homework. >> here is a response you posted on the
5:19 am page. shelly dexter wrote it has to be a. i don't know how many times i fight with my niece about putting hers on. do i have to wear it? >> wear your coat. it is just a good idea. log on to page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer coming up in our 6:00 a.m. hour. be right back!
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we're looking at some rain this morning. right now, the heavy stuff south and east of town. temperatures also range from the upper 40s up toward hagerstown and western maryland to the low to mid-60s. in leesburg and haigerstown, reporting a touch of fog this morning. by 9:00, maybe a couple of showers coming through as the front approaches. 63 degrees. watch what happens to temperatures though. they'll stabilize middle of the day with some sunshine. upper 50s to low 60s. this afternoon, here comes some rain returning for the mid to late afternoon as temperatures drop into the 40s and 50s. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. the redskins rosser is a little smaller this morning. it wasn't his choice to leave. >> you may go to hawaii for vacation but georgetown is there to play basketball. kristin berset has highlights in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. this is invitational time in college basketball. the beginning of the season. the georgetown hoyas got to go to hawaii. they haven't had much time to take in the sights. one day after losing to kansas,
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they were back on the court yesterday looking for redemption. the boys playing the star of this game was big man jayson clark. no signs of fatigue. nailing six three-pointers leading the hoyas with 28 points and the sweet dunk right here. the hoyas roll over them 88-61. >> they helped hand out 3500 turkeys to prince george's county residents on tuesday at fedex field. while safety landry and his leadership for life foundation helped families in southwest d.c. although they were able to get away for the day, they know now they need to get back to work if they want to win. >> we're just going to keep fighting and we have to regroup. don't talk about it. mean it. that's what it is all about. coming together as a team. >> the 'skins made some moves yesterday.
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they were least runningback. just two days after getting -- he got some playing time against his former team, the cowboys. they promoted runningback and sixth round draft pick from the practice squad. that's going to do it for your morning sports, i'm kristin berset, have a great day. >> we'll see how thanksgiving eve rush is going at national airport coming up. >> plus, prosecutors release some surveillance video they had on jack johnson as they asked for a hefty sentence. quick check of traffic now with beverly. >> right now, wilson bridge, things are looking good each way leaving oxon hill and leaving alexandria. no problems local through lanes. we do have some flooding closures in frederick county. details in your next check of timesaver traffic at 5:29. good morning. this is 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane.
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happy wednesday thanksgiving eve! >> what are you guys doing tomorrow? i'm mike hydeck. we're close, close, close to thanksgiving. i'm excited about that. beverly farmer is in for monika. travel weather, that's why howard is here. >> heavy rains are pretty much gone. eastern shore, southern maryland, still dealing with some of that. that will leave pretty quickly. we still have rain to deal with at times today. don't put the rain gear away just yet. here's live doppler 9000 hd. you can see the heaviest of the showers south and east of washington this morning. switching through southern maryland and some of the areas off to the south and east. easton seeing it. denton seeing it. going through newland as well. as far as our day planner, we're looking at temperatures which are in the 60s this morning. here in town. we do have some 40s and 50s north and west. a touch of fog in hagerstown. another batch of rain returns. that will drop temperatures to 53. we have the windy word. northwest winds are going to
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kick up at 15 to 25 miles per hour. at times, gusting 30, 35 out to the west. storm system, you can see the thing spinning through ohio and new york. heavy snows up in maine and northern new england. the heaviest of rain has pushed east of us. another line here but this is going to come and rotate back through later this morning. we were looking at doppler to the south and east as we talked about with the heavy showers there. visibilities quickly. leesburg, 3/4 of a meal. quarter mile in hagerstown. watch out for the fog. we'll watch out for the winds a little bit later. >> watching out on the roadways for a lot of flooding conditions especially in frederick county, maryland. including route 355, urbana pike is shut down south of route 80 because of flooding. we got that word from frederick county. i-270, still light volume here in clarksburg and points south. accident northbound i-97. maryland police are on the scene. virginia drivers, no early
5:30 am
problems on 66 as you make your way east to manassas heading into fair oaks on toward the beltway and northbound on interstate 95, growing volume, a little bit more of it today as you head up into woodbridge, all lanes open into springfield. your next check of timesaver traffic at 5:39. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. this morning, a new candidate can climb front-runner status in the republican presidential race. >> the g.o.p. candidates were here in washington for their latest debate. this is the 11th so far. as tara mergener reports, this time, the focus stayed mostly on foreign policy and national security. >> reporter: newt gingrich said he's prepared to take the heat for his stance on immigration. >> i don't see how -- the party that says it is the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here a quarter century. >> at last night's debate in washington, the latest g.o.p. frontrunner risked alienating the core conservative base, proposing that illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the country if they've
5:31 am
already laid roots in the u.s. >> i don't agree that you would make 11 million workers legal because that, in effect, is amnesty. >> his rivals fired back, calling gingrich's proposal a magnet for illegal aliens. >> people respond to incentives. if you can become a permanent resident of the united states by coming here illegally, you'll do so. >> national security and foreign policy dominated the agenda but the candidates discussed congress's failure to reach a deficit reduction failure this week putting the blame on president obama. >> we had a president of the united states who is not a leader. he pitched this over to them and said here, y'all figure this out. >> rick perry and mitt romney slammed potential budget cuts the pentagon is now facing as a result. other contenders were open to trimming military spending in order to bring down the deficit. >> everything's got ta be on the table. the defense department's gotta be on the table. >> the candidates have six weeks to go before the iowa
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caucuses, the first chance for voters to officially make their presidential pick. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. opponents to maryland's redistricting plan cleared a major hurdle when it comes to getting the decision reversed. yesterday, a federal judge said a lawsuit filed by a group of black voters should be heard by the fourth circuit court of appeals. the state of maryland had asked the case to be dismissed. the group argues the redistricting map diluting the minority voting strength in montgomery and prince george's counties. >> federal prosecutors want former prince george's county executive jack johnson to get a 14-year prison sentence. the u.s. attorney's office released surveillance footage they recorded. they say one clip shows johnson accepting $1500 in cash from a developer. johnson pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of extortion, witness and evidence tampering. his sentencing is set for december 6th. johnson's wife, lesli was also caught up in the case. she pleaded guilty and resigned
5:33 am
from the county council. she faces up to 18 months behind bars. when are you leaving for the thanksgiving holiday? are you starting now? in a knew hours? >> i'm sticking around a little while longer. >> if you're heading out today, you'll have plenty of company whether you're in your car or at the airport. surae chinn is live at reagan washington national airport with more on the holiday travel rush. >> reporter: good morning. we haven't seen the mad rush yet here at reagan national but it is coming. we have lon anderson with aaa to talk to us about that. hey, we spent some time on the icc yesterday. let's talk about today and how busy it is going to be. >> busy, today? >> likely the busiest travel day of the year. we're projecting a 4% increase which means for washington, about a million plus folks heading out of town. and a lot of them! a lot of them will be doing that today. whether it is by rail, air, or on the roads. 92% will be on the roads.
5:34 am
that's over 900,000 folks on the roads, a lot of them will be leaving today and of course, we've got rain out there this morning. >> we've got rain, shoppers out there. people trying to get to work, coming back from work. >> people trying to get around washington need to remember just as you said, we've got that uncomfortable mix of commuters, people trying to get out of town and people trying to get the last-minute fixings for the holiday dinner. beware! it is going to be challenging out there today. and please be careful. this rain adds an extra dimension of problems for people no matter whether you're commuting or trying to get out of dodge. >> dicey today. people just trying to get through the hurdle on wednesday but let's talk about the return trip. that can be also dicey. you can't forget about that. >> absolutely. sunday afternoon, it is going to be very, very crowded coming back into town. and so if you want to avoid bad traffic either leave very early sunday morning to come back or wait until later. better yet, take an extra day.
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come back monday. >> i'm with you on that, lon anderson with aaa. we'll chat with him next about air travel later in the show. pack to you. >> all right, surae, thank you. police have a special assignment, operation turkey chase. that's the name for underaged drivers who have been drinking. thanksgiving eve is known as one of the busiest nights for underage drinking. they'll employ extra patrols and conduct some sobriety checkpoints. it has a name, black wednesday. authorities call him the east coast rapist. he will be heading back to virginia. prince william county prosecutor paul ebert petitioned to have him return to the -- aaron thomas return. thomas is being held in new haven, connecticut where he pleaded go the to a rape in 2007. authorities say dna evidence shows thomas committed rapes and other attacks on 17 women ranging from virginia to connecticut.
5:36 am
police are looking for a woman who is on a crime spree across northern virginia. the suspect is firefighter- year-old stephanie -- their suspect is stephanie lynn schwab. she's believed to have committed two bank robberies, one yesterday and one last friday. schwab seen in this photo carjacked a woman at the tysons galleria. she still might be driving the stolen silver acura. at a murder trial, schwab testified she ran away from her manassas home when she was 12 and joined the street gang ms13. still ahead, jessica has a special your money segment coming up with some advice from a black friday expert. >> plus, the wssc is hoping a little prevention will help them avoid setting another record for water main breaks this december. we'll be back.
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i'm out on the weather
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terrace. umbrellas put away. right now, semicomfortable. it is all going to change. a couple of showers to get through this morning. another batch of rain this afternoon and the winds are really going to start to kick. by noon, 62. west winds, 17. gusting 25 to 30. this afternoon, another round of showers comes this way as temperatures drop into the lower 50s by 6:00 p.m. gust of 35 and maybe a gust of 50 west of town. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. let's go inside. beverly farmer has a look at timesaver traffic. >> problems on the beltway in maryland on the inner loop southbound beltway right near the baltimore beltway. one lane is squeezing by to the left. here is the inner loop of the beltway. route one college park camera. right side of the screen has traffic headed for that crash. again, only one lane is getting by. details and more, timesaver traffic coming up at 5:49. andrea? >> thank you, beverly. an attorney is revealing more about an odor at fort detrick, maryland. crews noticed the chemical smell last week while drilling
5:40 am
a well. according to the attorney, the chemical was a substance known as pce and it is often used in dry-cleaning but water and air samples show levels considered nonhazardous. drilling crews stopped work and sealed the well opening. the washington suburban sanitary commission or the wssc is gearing up for yet another busy winter. crews are trying to get some preventive work done before it gets really cold. they're trying to replace some of the oldest water mains in montgomery and prince george's counties. they're hoping that will help them not get nearly as many calls this year as they did last winter. december 2010 was a record setter for the wssc with crews repairing 647 water mains or leaks. >> let's take a look at the question of the day. 37% of all school children are forced to do this against their will. is it... >> barbara eller wrote bet my keyboard and organ it is b!
5:41 am
nothing has changed since i was in school. ahh, memories of the clarinet. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. our time right now, 5:41. in less than 48 hours, the serious black friday shoppers will have already been out for quite awhile. we'll have advice for braving the crowds, coming up. >> plus, in parts of the pacific northwest, the roads are more suitable for salmon than they are for cars. oh, my! >> why did the salmon cross the road? >> to see who's celebrating a birthday today. he just retired as the marlins manager. jack mckeon is 81. charles schumer is 61. singer bruce hornsby is 57. louisiana senator mary landrieu is 56. >> robin roberts is 51. nicole also known as snooki is 24 from the who cares department. singer actress miley cyrus
5:42 am
turns 19 today. if it is your birthday, happy birthday! we'll be right back.
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good morning! welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:45. it is thanksgiving eve! we're happy about that! >> we're happy that the forecast is going to improve. >> especially after today. we still have some issues today. the heavy rains are pretty much over with. a couple of showers but still this morning. this afternoon another round of showers and some winds. winds could be a big problem west of washington. a wind advisory in effect. let's just get started with the bus stop forecast. there is a lot to talk about. at the bus stop, last day of school for the week. some are already dob. half day for some. breezy and mild. temps from the low 50s to even the mid-60s south and east. we have a touch of fog being reported in hagerstown,
5:46 am
leesburg, cumberland and in the mountains of west virginia. our day planner this morning, the isolated shower still to come through, 8:00, 9:00. 63 winds. winds will start turning westerly. gusts 25, 30, maybe 35. by 4:00, now we've got that threat for more rain returning. little impulse going to come at us this afternoon into early this evening. we should be pretty much done with that. maybe a lingering shower south and east. we're going into the 30s tonight areawide. wind advisory goes into effect at 7:00 a.m. until 10:00. west of us. west of 15 to 29 through northern fauquier. not southern fauquier, the entire i-81 corridor. in west virginia out toward washington. allegheny counties as well. those gusts could get toward 50 miles per hour. looking ahead now, storm system itself that came through. lots of rain overnight. spoke to charlie in catlin.
5:47 am
a thin line of showers west. that's what i'm talking about for about 8:00, 9:00 timeframe. this morning on live doppler 9000 hd, you see southern maryland, calvert county. light showers, st. mary's in the northern neck. eastern shore pulling away from denton in toward delaware. you have to go in a southern st. mary's county and parts of the northern neck for the heavier rains. even there, the conditions will be improving pretty rapidly over the next 30, 40 minutes. 56 at great falls this morning. 55 for laytonsville. andrews, good morning, scott. 61 degrees. some fog up toward leesburg and lovettsville. those temperatures down in the low 50s. as far as traveling today, not bad at reagan national with 57. south winds at 8. good visibility across the east, we still have some problems though philly, new york, boston all looking at some rain around. it may end earlier in philadelphia. up in maine, we've got snow. storms possible for virginia beach this morning.
5:48 am
then some lingering showers, charleston, pittsburgh, buffalo west through detroit, chicago, down to atlanta, you're looking fine. temperatures in atlanta today will be in the low 60s. the only other problem is in the pacific northwest. the rest of the country looks good. 64 today. windy. falling temperatures this afternoon. another shot of rain this afternoon as well. tonight, 30s. tomorrow, cool but not bad. 57 for your turkey bowl. got a little football going on. going to be a little soggy. friday looks great! 64 degrees. saturday looks good, too. 66. by sunday, a few more clouds. shower chances increase monday and tuesday with highs in the 50s. we've got some wet roads, a little fog, too, bev. >> absolutely. causing problems, not so much the volume. folks taking things too fast for the conditions. inner loop of the beltway in maryland, down in green belt, south of the shot at route one, right at the baltimore, washington parkway, several vehicles collided on the inner loop headed toward andrews. one lane squeezing by along the
5:49 am
left side. sky 9 is looking at a crash. i-97 northbound where a vehicle had rolled over. traffic is able to squeeze by on the ramp it looks like by squeezing by single file, you'll find dealing with that. northbound bw parkway, they're also dealing with a crash. virginia drivers, not as busy for you if you're traveling northbound on 95 coming up out of dumfries here into woodbridge past the beltway. east on 66, more volume into manassas, eastbound getting past 28 centreville. if you're taking 28 there and up on the greenway and the toll road, no early problems. your next check of timesaver traffic at 6:00 a.m. back to you. thanks, beverly. here's what's making news this morning. tensions still running high at a town hall meeting at u.c. davis. that's where you may remember police pepper sprayed occupy protestors last weekend. students are accusing the school's chancellor of giving police the green light to spray people protestors. >> two officers involved and their chief have been
5:50 am
suspended. many are still calling for the chancellor to step down. long-term use of cholesterol lowering drugs is safe and effective. a study in the journal lancet followed more than 20,000 people for over a decade. it found the benefits of statin drugs lasted for several years after treatment all while not increasing the risk for other health problems. >> so why did the salmon cross the road? you're looking at washington state. check this out! the floodwaters were so deep, the salmon said i'm making a break for it. cautious residents decided to pack things up and get out of there in case things got worse. it is 5:51 and i'm watching your money. before you focus on turkey tomorrow, this morning, we're taking a closer look at black friday. we're joined by "usa today" consumer reporter jane o'donnell to share some special advice this morning. you have a new column called confident consumer. you're here with some tips from the column.
5:51 am
thanks so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. nice to be here. >> a lot of people this time of year, they plan to stay out overnight or maybe miss thanks giving to hit the black friday deals. you say maybe some pitfalls. >> certainly, there are particularly if you're one of those who fall prey to the impulse buys. there are people camping out at some best buys in florida and texas. there are people taking this very seriously. if it is very important to you and if it is a must have that you have to get that $200 tv and there is a $200 very good tv at best buy waiting for us, go and get that and get out. if you're trying to stay on a budget. >> sales pressure is obviously a big temptation but you say there is even online sales pressure? >> certainly. i know you like to shop a little. >> sure. >> daily deal sites. it is the same kind of thing. it is like being in the store. you see the rack.
5:52 am
only one left, i better get it. online, the sales are timed. do you have to be so careful. amazon has the lightning deals. you have to do price comparisons. you have to really have a plan, a budget and a list. >> ok, jayne? what is your plan? >> i have a small family, lucky for me. i did hit the outlet mall last weekend. one of the other trends is buying for yourself this season. so, my husband got a few things at the outlet and i got myself some things. but i'm going to do -- there is one form of electronics that i'm buying for my child. i'm going to do a lot of price comparison. not get it because i think the deal today, tomorrow or friday is the best deal. i'm probably going to be shopping a lot on cyber monday. >> in terms of overarching things, where are we going to find the lowest prices? what's really cheap this year? >> certainly, the tvs at best buy, walmart will have some really inexpensive tvs, be careful. a lot of them will have model
5:53 am
numbers. you won't be able to do price comparisons on because walmart is able to get their own. some of the tablets are great prices. there is a kindle for $199. that's hard to beat. >> jayne, thank you for your shopping advice. if you want more tips, check out her column, confident consumer on andrea and mike? >> all right, thank you. >> with the long holiday weekend starting tomorrow, the latest batch of new movies arrives in theatres today and we have a sneak peek for you coming up. >> we had a santa sighting last night. we'll tell you why he showed up at one particular store in the district so early! we'll be right back! ♪
5:54 am
[ jerry ] attention shoppers. your groceries are the size of idaho but the interest rate on your checking is small potatoes. earn more at capital one bank. get new high yield free checking. your interest rate will be 5 times the national average. that's huge. and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale.
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5:56 am
the heavy rains are pulling away quickly. little fog in its wake. between 8:00, 9:00, couple of showers could come through. middle of the day, we get into some sunshine, the winds start kicking out of the west. 62 here. notice in the mountains, snow showers starting to fly. another batch of rain is going to push through later this afternoon and this evening. temperatures drop to the 40s and 50s by 6:00. we'll go into the 30s tonight. pretty good weather thanksgiving and through the weekend. andrea and mike, back to you.
5:57 am
lots of new movies debut in theatres today ahead of the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. >> there is some early oscar buzz already about george clooney's starring role in the descendants. he plays a hawaiian businessman trying to reconnect with his daughters after an accident puts his wife in a coma. then he discovers his wife had been carrying on an affair. >> martin scorsese is out with a child story in his 3d film. hugo is the adventure of a wiley and resourceful boy whose quest to unlock a secret left to him by his father will transform hugo and all of those around him. it will reveal a safe and loving place he can call home. it is based on the invention of hugo ca bray. >> the muppets are back! they uncover a plot by a texas oilman to demolish the muppets theatre and drill on the spot. now, he's on a mission to reunite the far-flung muppet and raise $10 million to save
5:58 am
their theatre. watch for lots of celebrity cameos in this one. >> should be a lot of fun. >> the film arthur christmas answers that question posed by many children, how does santa deliver the presents in one night? how? in addition to a look at santa's high tech operation hidden beneath the north pole, arthur must deliver with his dysfunctional family to complete his christmas mission. there is a little more holiday magic on display this morning at metro center in the macy's store. the beyou won't high school band helped celebrate the unveiling of the store's holiday last night. the display titled make a wish. it shows holiday wishes and dreams being tran formed into festive holiday ornaments. there are 14 designs in the celebrity ornament collection. macy's is donating 10% of the sales to the make-a-wish foundation. >> we shouldn't just leave the windows to new york city. >> exactly. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00
5:59 am
a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> thanks for being here. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika. >> howard has our forecast right now. >> still not done with the rain. >> the heavy rains yet have left the region. couple of showers can't be ruled out. nice break midday. more rain possible this afternoon. after today though, we'll be done with the rain. by 9:00 a.m., still partly to mostly cloudy. 63. winds picking up big time this afternoon. they'll be gusting 35 in town. maybe 50 out west. temperatures by 5:00 with the raindrop into the lower 50s here in washington. 40s north and west. heavy rain from last night and early this morning. still a little line of showers out to the west. that's going to come through in the next few hours and then this stuff here is going to rotate back toward us 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. live doppler 9000 hd showing the last of the heavier rains through southern maryland, st. mary's county, leonardtown south seeing the


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