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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 23, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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newt gingrich raising a stir at the latest republican debate saying the u.s. should not break apart families on its crackdowns on illegal immigrants. >> i'm prepared to take the heat in saying let's be hue maim in enforcing the law. >> we have live in washington with the latest on the race for the white house. three american students remain under arrest in egypt this morning accused of throwing fire bombs during violent pro democracy protests. we will hear from the mother of one of the students. and it is a big day for one lucky bird. president obama preparing to pardon a turkey for thanksgiving, honoring a white house tradition "early" this wednesday morning, november 23rd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning. i'm chris wragge.
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a little murky out there as we are just one day away from thanksgiving. >> yes, we are. a lot of people worried about your travel. i'm erica hill. that is where we begin this morning. >> yes. of course, we want to talk about thanksgiving get-away which is a wet and miserable one today for people leaving and, of course, those traveling on thanksgiving. it will be miserable all around the country. >> a ripple effect that doesn't help. storms in much of the country and snow in new england and pacific northwest. cynthia bowers is at chicago o'hare's international airport with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me, you see just a few of the projected 1.7 million americans who will be travel to, from, or through chicago's o'hare and midway airports over this extended thanksgiving holiday travel period. now, a look at my big board shows no delays so far anywhere, but that doesn't equate to smooth sailing because, as you eluded to, there are going to be major problems at some of the hub cities in the northeast and
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the pacific northwest and maybe even the south that could cause problems, as people who tried to get an early get-away last night already know. salmon didn't see bothered by the holiday traffic yesterday after heavy rain forced washington state's tacamoish river to overflow. however, motorists swimming upstream as snow and wind jammed highways outside of seattle. dangerous winds gusted over 80 miles an hour along highway 1 on 1 in oregon and in washington state collapsing the roof of this public works taco tacoma. travel across the country has been a problem leading up to the thanksgiving holiday. a strong storm system rolled through the southern plains monday, exiting arkansas yesterday morning, leaving some little rock suburb streets
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flooded from 9 inches of rain. >> i thought, i'll go a mile like this and then i just saw it was never ending, never ending. >> it's bad. you can see where you're going but you can't get there because everything is so backed up. >> reporter: the powerful system moved through the ohio and mississippi valley showing up in the northeast yesterday afternoon. it's expected to bring hazardous snow to new england travelers. delays were mounting last night at philadelphia's international airport. >> i think we're an hour late. >> a lot of flights are on a couple of hour delay. you're missing connections. >> 42.5 million americans will travel during the thanksgiving holiday travel period. they may have to alter their plans a bit. instead of leaving on wednesday they may have to leave on thursday or friday and instead of coming back on sunday, may have to come back on saturday. >> reporter: thursday or friday, doesn't that miss the point? although i guess it could save some calories. the good news for people in that so-called flyover country, the
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middle of the nation, if you decided to pack up your car and hit the road, it should be relatively smooth travel for you. chris? >> cbs' cynthia bowers at o'hare, thank you. even if the weather is good where you are, cynthia mentioned some areas, it could be a tough day to fly so you have to deal with that and have a plan. >> travel editor peter greenberg is here with sage wisdom for us this morning. good to see you. >> here is my plan. i'm not going. >> let's talk about some time-saving tips for people. you say you can save precious minutes in getting to the airport by doing? >> if you're going out this morning, don't go to the -- level. go to arrivals level and nobody is arriving at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning and you'll save 10 to 15 minutes on your depart tour in ground traffic. >> a lot of concern about all over youeding on the planes. if you print your boarding pass
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before you go to the airport are you guaranteed your seat on that plane? >> no, you're not. >> great! >> you asked. we talk about the airlines overbooking. on a day like today, forget about it. the real reason to do the boarding pass at home it gets you through security faster. you don't have to stop at that first line at the counter. you do need to go to the gate. so you get through security. don't go shopping. go right to the gate and check in there because you need that confirmed seat. >> you've got people coming to meet you. it's the holidays. you want that big greeting when you come down the escalator and may not be the best in saving time. >> don't go near the escalator. this them meet you at the departure area and nobody will there. downstairs is where it's a refugee center. you don't want to go there. >> when it comes to bad weather, we have talked about in the past but you have specific information on how we can figure out what is happening with our plane because it's not necessarily bad weather where we are or where we are going.
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>> it's not a question of where you're flying from or to. you need to check out where the weather is and what the weather is where the plane is coming to get you from. because people think their plane is sitting there for five hours waiting for them, it's not. find out where your plane is. you call the airline, let's say i'm on flight 505, i made up that number and going from new york to los angeles. could you please tell me the airport number, the tail number of that plane assigned to my flight? they give you that. you say where is the tail number? you then know where the plane is coming from. >> you can't get that information until about four hours from your flight? >> right. then you know you're not leaving because the plane can't come in, you now can start talking to them about alternate ways to get there. >> what advice do you have for people in the pacific northwest or here in the northeast where is there is significant weather issues ahead? >> throw the map out. need to reverse everything.
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if you're going from l.a. to new york and you can't get the flight, then maybe you go through salt lake city as opposed going through chicago or go through denver as opposed to going through dallas. you got to go where the weather isn't. the folks in salt lake, with the snow they have there, they hardly ever close that airport. >> it is a nice airport. with this talk it makes me want to stay home but i am staying home this year! >> you're one of the lucky ones. >> peter, thank you. great advice as always. wbz-tv joins us now with the holiday forecast. melissa, good morning. how bad is it going to be in parts of the country? >> most of the country, thankfully, on this wednesday a big travel day, is quiet. we have a system affecting the pacific northwest with some rainfall. desert southwest warm and sunny. through the central plains and the southern plain states. in addition, the great lakes region from the midwest to the deep south, nice and quiet. but megalopolis cities dealing
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with snow. heavy wet snow from central maine and tier of new hampshire and vermont could see more than 12 inches of heavy, wet snow. the majority over vermont and new hampshire 6 to 12 inches and head towards your thanksgiving holiday, quiet for most areas. but once again, a system affecting the pacific northwest, the cascades getting wet snow and desert southwest enforced some showers and the plain states again are warm and sunny. approaching the great lakes to the deep south, the sunshine state going to be sunny, including new england. so all along the delmarva peninsula to philly, new york, d.c. and boston looking good on your thanksgiving holiday. >> melissa mack, happy holiday and thank you very much. it's not as though there is bad weather everywhere but there are big systems over serious hubs which will lead to delays across the country. >> that is the issue. >> you have to watch out for that. let's talk politics now.
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the latest republican presidential debate the latest attention on the latest front-runner, newt gingrich. >> it was his answer on an immigration question that some say could pose a problem for him. political correspondent jan crawford is in washington this morning with more. jan, good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> reporter: newt gingrich thinks he can talk about anything but last night he might have just said too much. it was toward the end of the national security debate when gingrich took a moderate approach on the controversial issue of immigration. >> i don't see how -- the party that says it's the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families who have been here a quarter century. >> reporter: gingrich made the case for amnesty saying long time illegal immigrants should be able to live in the united states legally. >> i'm prepared to take the heat let's be humane in forcing the law without giving them citizenship but by finding a way to create legality so that they
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are not separated from their families. >> that is not what many conservatives believe and his opponents blasted him. congresswoman michele bachmann. >> i don't agree that you would make 11 million workers legal because that, in effect, is amnesty. >> reporter: gingrich even was outdone by the candidate conservatives fear is too moderate, former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> that we are going to say to the people who have come here illegally now you get to stay or some large number can stay and become permanent residence dents to the united states? that will only encourage more people to do the same thing. >> reporter: gingrich has risen in the population thanks to his solid debate performances which shows he is smart on the details of policy. >> if we were serious, we would apply strong sigma, we would save $500 billion a year by having an efficient effective federal government.
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>> reporter: but these debates can be a mine field like on issues like immigration. just ask rick perry. he was a front-runner but two months ago he lectures people who opposed his policies of giving tuition discounts to illegal immigrants. >> but if you say has we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there, by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> reporter: now, of course, after that, perry support really plummeted. while gingrich may have taken perry's place as the front-runner in the polls, the question how long is that going to last? >> we will watch that with a microscope. and newt gingrich wasn't the only one there. some of the assessments this morning show they felt a strong performance by people who were polling much lower. as for mitt romney, how is he doing? any real breakout moments for him as the front-runner? >> reporter: i thought he had another strong night last night. he's a very good debater and he
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showed real passion and what people say you don't see a lot in mitt romney when he was talking about israel and threats from iran. michele bachmann, she gets a lot of attention on social issues but her experience on the intelligent committee really showed. she had a very strong night last night. we talk about the flip side. herman cain, rick perry, i think at times they both seemed like they were a little in over their heads. bachmann at one point even called perry now eve. >> ouch. in terms of romney, we talked about the new ad he launched yesterday in new hampshire which is drawing a lot of criticism now. let's take a quick look and then i want to ask you about it. >> if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. lose, lose, lose. >> a lot of controversy over that ad, jan. why? >> reporter: well, i mean, as far as conservatives go, it's not so controversial. romney is courting that vote and he they think it's brilliant but democrats are all upset about it because of the last line if i keep talking about the economy
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then we are going to lose. that is from then senator obama who is quoting a mccain campaign ad. let's listen to the full context of that quote. >> senator mccain's campaign actually said, and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> that is the whole quote! and the ad doesn't quite get into that. romney's team says, listen, they are just making a point and obama is clueless on the economy and that shows how. i think that could go over well with some conservatives. they want romney to get tough on obama and that is what he is doing, even though it's a little out of context. >> in taking things out of context, no matter which side of the aisle you're coming from, could that ultimately backfire at some point? >> reporter: you know, i guess at some point, it could but not at this point. i think what people understand and see a lot of in political campaigns it's a blood sport and things get dirty and things
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could be taken out of context. one person said if it's not out of context, it's not an effective political ad. that is sad. i think some would like romney really going after obama, particularly on issues of the economy. >> jan crawford in washington, thanks. in context. out of context. does it really matter these days? >> context, context. >> a little absurd, i think. anybody watching that, a little bit absurd. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of the other headlines. >> i think it matters quite a bit, actually. no matter which side you're on! >> absolutely. distant matter the side. in our news here, there was dramatic helicopter crash in new zealand this morning. it was being hooked up to a cable to install a christmas tree. take a look what happened. a few feet off the ground the rotor blades hit part of the building. the helicopter, as you can see, smashed to the ground sending
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pieces into the air. pilot suffered only minor injuries. and no one else was hurt. former penn state assistant coach jerry san dusky investigated for two new cases of alleged child abuse. these the are first known of cases of people under the age of 18. in texas the judge seen on video beating his daughter has been suspended with pay while an investigation takes place. the video of judge william adams beating his teenage daughter in 2004 went viral when she posted it on youtube repeatedly. the judge is investigated but he will not face criminal charges because too much time has passed. a list of the passwords of 2011 has come out put together by splash data after examining data from hackers. here are the five worst passwords. the single worst password is --
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>> really? >> password! >> wait a minute. >> guilty. that's right. also on the list, monkey, dragon, and let me in. >> i like let me in actually. >> not a bad on still ahead this morning -- i'm sorry. >> we are laughing about the passwords and had another one on "i forgot." we will hear from the mother of one of the three american students arrested in the latest
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♪ welcome back to "the early show." a little fog there. maybe the least of your problems today. if only it was the marine layer, it would burn off in california.
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>> i'm erica hill. >> i'm chris wragge. >> the latest protests? jib, you may know three american college students remain in custody there accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces. >> correspondent elizabeth palmer is in cairo with the latest for us this morning. liz, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, as you say, they are still in custody, being held in the prosecutor's office. the american university tells us this morning that they were interviewed yesterday by the general public prosecutor and, today, there is another interview scheduled, this time with the prosecutor responsible for state security. egyptian state tv announced the students arrest and showed them looking appeal and scared. luke gates in the middle with what appears to be a as you recall mask against tear gas. gregory porter on the left. and derrik sweeney on the right. all three were studying arabic whose main campus are on the center of the action on tahrir
7:31 am
square. the building overlooks the streets where the most intense fighting is going on a spokesman for the ministry told us they had been picked off after spot on the roof throwing fire bombs down. derrik sweeney, his mother. >> he is extremely passionate about democracy and freedom and he is very convicted and he believes in standing up for what is right. >> reporter: on twitter, luke gates appeared to hint that he had joined the protests. he was feeling reckless, he tweeted, on saturday and later we were throwing rocks and one accidentally threw his phone. the americans are now being hold at the prosecutor's office in cairo, but a crowd of students and activists is once again this morning, battling police and soldiers near tahrir square.
7:32 am
overnight, hundreds of injuries, many from tear gas, and we saw one dead body being loaded into an ambulance at a make-shift field hospital. this crowd is clearly dissatisfied with the army's promise yesterday that military rule in egypt will end by june. the big question, of course, is whether the elections are going to go ahead as planned. they were supposed to go next monday and in a few days' time, but everybody is waiting to see what the rest of the week will bring and whether there is too much instability for that to happen. erica? >> elizabeth palmer in cairo this morning, thanks. joining us this morning from cairo is actor kalid. he has been part of the protests in egypt since long time president hosni mubarak was ousted in february. good to have you with us morning. give us a sense where things stand after yesterday's protests and event this morning and apparent concessions by the military which were said to be
7:33 am
by many too little, too late. >> yeah. i think the situation that we are in is many situation the we were in nine months and the situation four days ago when we qam came into the square. as you said, most no one in the square considers anything that the military suggested yesterday as a concession. we have a very clear demand which is that the military steps down. the staff steps down immediately. it is unacceptable that the military tries to be above the law, above its citizens, above the constitution, that it tortures, that it kills. we do not recognize their authority any more and asking them to leave immediately. the spirit in the square, i would say, is very strong, despite the fact that there has been continued killing over the last night. the sound of ambulances was continuous throughout the night. i just heard from a friend of mine about a girl being shot in the face.
7:34 am
it's, you know -- they have to go. i mean, you can't do that to your people and cling on not even for another day. >> realistically do you think it will happen in the near future? in your estimation it's the same situation four days ago, even nine months ago. so how much longer do you wait this out? >> we did it before. we did it before in 18 days so, in theory, they should know it takes a minimum of 18 days and maybe it will take less than time. i think that is realistic because there is a simple power of balance here right now. either they massacre us all, including me, or they decide to step down. now, if they are up to a massacre that will take them up and if they are not up to a massacre they will go down any wayne by it's a matter of time because we have the confidence of the country on our side. >> you're all planning to say there until the very end you said. there are elections on monday that are planned. would that change anything?
7:35 am
i mean, what is the feeling about those upcoming elections? >> well, i mean, i'm personal reply someone who is pro elections but i am not pro the elections coming up. i don't see what citizen of contention can vote when there is killing on the street. the military was securing in march and they were securing the polling stations. i cannot see them polling stations right now and not be successful. so i think if elections go ahead as they plan, we will more blood on our hands and even more of a sham election than we have planned already. i don't think they are going ahead. >> there is understandably a lot of interest in the u.s. this morning about these three american students who were arrested, who are going to be questioned. details a little fuzzy. how much outside support are you seeing in tahrir square and it is the kind of support that is
7:36 am
helpful and that is wanted by protesters there? >> i mean, what i can say is this. from people all over the world, we are clearly receiving the greatest solidarity. i mean, i think it's true to say that what happened here in january and february was not just for egypt, it was for the whole world and the whole world was with us and felt it and they have been following that story over the last nine months. the solidarity we have is a solidarity of heart. and that i know and i know is all over the world right now. but in terms of -- in terms of outside -- if you're talking about financial aid and things like that all of that is going to the military. the u.s. government, british government of which i'm a citizen of britt, you know, european governments, all over the world, western governments are supporting this military. the tear gas which is clinging to my lungs which was bombed in the square last night is from stocks that have been replenished the last nine months. every canister says it comes
7:37 am
from the u.s. and that causes me great sadness. >> appreciate your time this morning. >> before i go, i'd like to say what is happening out here is not just killing. there's a lot of heart here, so if i can, and if i imagine myself as an american waking up today, i just would like to wish you all a happy thanksgiving. >> coming up next, christmas cheer on a credit card. many americans say they are ready to spend even more this year. >> we are going to help you get the best deals from your plastic. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. le announcer ] how are we going to make this season better than the last? how about making it brighter. more colorful. ♪ and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make your season even brighter with 300-count icicle lights for just $7.48.
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i don't know if you're keeping score here. i know have you a counter on your phone but black friday is less than 48 hours away. your credit cards may be jikggl in your wallet waiting to get out. >> retailers and credit card have already started promotion. carmen wong ulrich is here. how many people are we talking about in the hundreds of millions out there spending? we are talk about a lot of
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people using credit cards. here is the thing. what we say we are going to do and actually do are two different things. discover does a survey. they found only a quarter of americans say they will use their credit card but a consumer reports found half of american shoppers used a credit card last year. 14 million shoppers are still paying for last holiday right now. >> that's rough. i would go out on a limb and say it's more than 50%. it's a thing you don't want to be honest about because you're paying off last year. a lot of companies make you want to use that plastic because they are giving on extra incentive on top of black friday deals to use your credit card. >> if you are disciplined and you pay it off, there are perks. american express is offering five times the points if you shop at target and apple and other retailers. these have teamed up with app called shop kick. you put this on your phone and you watch in and you get kicks had is basically rewards and you buy things and get more kicks
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and you build this. they are trying to get you to use cards more this year. >> any other perks? >> here is the thing people got to understand about credit cards especially if you're making big purchases. credit cards, by law, are required to give you zero liability for any fraudulent purchases, any damaged goods, any merchandise that doesn't show up and that is really important to understand because you don't have the same backing with any other type of plastic. credit cards have purchase protection. >> meaning your debit card? >> shopping online, use your credit card. zero liability. when someone steals from your debit card they are putting their hand in your pocket, in your wallet and taking cash. yes, debit card has some protection. make sure you check with your bank but who wants to be without the cash? go with a credit card if you're making purchases online. >> and pay it off right eye waw >> we see the promotions and want a good deal and 6% or more who are still paying it off. >> it doesn't make sense the
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rewards if you're not paying it off in full. you don't want to pay the interest. watch out for retailer cards. they are offering a lot of perks and pushing cards saying you can get 20% off, 10% off at the register. this doesn't make sense if you don't pay it off in full. the interest rates on retail cards are high. 29.9% are the norm so stay away from those if you can't manage it. >> where is it better to do cash? >> neighborhood retails and you can get a nice discount. case of wine, i'm just saying. >> i love it come carmen speaks my language. up next, talking turkey with president obama. the key word is pardon. >> we are at the white house with the latest on a time honored celebration. this is "the early show" on cbs. craftsman c3 drill, just $39.99. real deals. real savings. sears. it's me?
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7:47 am
turkey is involved. >> at that point, it is taken even more seriously. senior white house correspondent bill plante has more on the presidential custom that first started more than 20 years ago. >> reporter: at the annual presentation in 1989, the first president bush decided to grant the fortune and foul a pardon so that it wouldn't end up on anyone's dinner plate. today, president obama pardons his third turkey. in 2009 when he spread the life of a gobbler named courage. >> you are hereby pardoned. you will live. >> reporter: the president startled his daughters sash is a a sasha and malia went to pet the bird. this bird hails from minnesota as does his backup peace. >> we will pardon the turkey so the turkey can be pardoned at the white house. >> reporter: at a press conference before shipped off to washington, one flew the coop and he wasn't realizing he was going to washington, d.c. to a
7:48 am
suite. pardons for turkey are not without risk for politicians. remember sarah palin's pardon? when she was still governor of alaska. moments after she granted one bird a reprieve, another met its fate just behind her as the cameras rolled. and president obama can only hope that today's turkey is better behaved than this one which engaged in some foul behavior with a local television producer in california earlier this year. >> go away! >> reporter: so i bet you're wondering what happens to these turkeys once they have been pardoned. these two turkeys will go to mt. vernon the home of first president george washington. in the years past the turkeys went to disneyland to lead the parade. in any case, they stale off the dinner plate. >> bill plante for us at the white house, thanks. the one that flew out of the coop probably said my last chance to get out of here and make a run for it. >> now we know why the turkey
7:49 am
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>> a c-net for you for the new movie "my week with marilyn." that is michelle williams taking on the role of marilyn monroe, one of the greatest stars hollywood has ever seen. not an easy feat. she is apprehensive and nervous about doing this. her co-star is laurence olivier. both actors are generating a good amount of oscar buzz and you'll hear from both of them just ahead. welcome back to "the early show" on this wednesday morning. i'm yierica hill, along with chs wragge. we have a whole lot coming up this hour. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. >> good morning. holiday travelers facing rough weather this thanksgiving eve. heavy rain and thunderstorms in the northeast and some snow in new england. in the pacific northwest on the coast of oregon, a storm with
8:01 am
winds up to 70 miles an hour. take a look at this. sent sand flying into homes and some were nearly buried in sand. salmon were spotted crossing or swimming across the road in washington state after heavy rate there sent rivers over their banks. and now another sight and sound of the season. [ screaming ] >> there he is! not happy. just one of the many travelers not loving this day because of delays and cancellations and, this morning, already a number of cancellations at newark and laguardia and the new york area, as well as at reagan national and also a couple of cancellations as well at memphis international. russia's president has threatened to pull out of the new start arms control deal and halt other arms control talks. medvedev is opposed to building a european missile defense system and s. police crashed in france
8:02 am
with nuclear protesters this morning. demonstrators this trying to stop a announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. for decades, chain stores have been dominating the retail
8:03 am
world on forcing local stores to change or go out of business. some would rather shop locally and putting up their own money to make it happen. >> cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis took a trip to northern new york to see what town decided to do to deal with certain issues they had there. >> good morning. we know on a national level the economy has been in rough shape for some time now and that is impacting local communities which are now looking for their own solutions. we traveled to one town where mimicking a business model that has seen success out west, folks are buying into a new way to do business in town. >> reporter: nestled deep in the adirondack mountains, the people of saranac lake are finding new ways to do business. in 2002, their local department store closed when the company's headquarters went belly-up. >> when ames left and this was the running joke, people had to start to go to plattsburg which is 50 miles away and an hour's drive to get their basic goods such as underwear. >> reporter: walt mart was ready to fill the gap but locals
8:04 am
bristled at a big box retailer changing the character of their town. >> we have a year-round population here of under 5,000 and walmart wanted to build a store that was 120,000 square feet and many of us in the town felt it was an inappropriate size for our town. >> reporter: gail brill and melinda little formed a new company. the lake saranac community store and selling shares for $100 each. the store's customers became its shareholders. >> may i try one on? >> you certainly may. >> reporter: what do the shareholders get for owning the community store? >> well, pride in their coming together as a community and making the store happen. >> reporter: investors aren't expecting to gain much financially. brill says it's about helping to support local business. >> the real value in the
8:05 am
investment is seeing the store here and knowing we are meeting the retail needs of the community and knowing we are doing the right thing and knowing we are taking control of our own destiny. >> reporter: peter wilson owns the local army, navy, surplus store up the road but a shareholder in the community store. >> it's an easy decision to say, you know, this is great for the community. we're not expecting anything back from it, but it's just aside from the fact we will have a resource to shop at and hopefully busier downtown. >> what i love is over here. >> reporter: low overhead means lower prices and that is provided a steady stream of business. >> and look at the price. >> reporter: $12.99. it's a deal so you can come here and get a deal. >> yes, you can. >> do you think this is for a 3-year-old. >> reporter: on opening day, the community store sold $7,000 worth of merchandise. but organizers are still cautious about the future. this is a work in progress? >> and will always be a work in progress. that's the beauty of having a
8:06 am
locally owned store is that we can shift much more quickly than a store that's owned by a corporation. >> reporter: there is nobody sitting in an office somewhere outside of town saying this is how it needs to go? >> exactly. >> reporter: the people of saranac lake eager to keep their local economy thriving are doing just that, one sale at a time. by selling shares of stock over five years, the organizers have now banked $600,000, which has enabled them to open the store debt-free and opened less than a month but melinda and gail say they have received calls from surrounding communities in the new york and vermont areas interested in following a similar business model. >> is it something that could pick up across the country? >> it may. there are a couple of things that make this a good candidate for this. one thing, the nearest storm to them was 50 miles away so they don't have the competition in town. another thing, though, that they point out this isn't easy. it took them five years. it took them a lot of legal
8:07 am
components. they have seen it done like we said in wyoming but, still, it's something that you certainly have to think through because it's not an easy, overnight fix. >> you don't wake up one morning and decide to open up a store. good for them. >> yeah, it is. >> up next, ask it early answers your thanksgiving questions. >> we will take a look at the foods to avoid with your turkey and the snacks that will keep you energized on black friday. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. pure hershey's. hurry in for huge savings at the petsmart black friday sale. save 50% on all petholiday™ brand products. and save 50% on select beds, treats and more. this friday only! at petsmart®. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from.
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she's a black friday living legend. she even named her kid "black friday." [ woman 2 ] whoa. [ male announcer ] black friday's here. deals start thursday 10 pm. but we're open all day and night so you don't have to wait outside. the only place to go on black friday. walmart. on this morning's "healthwatch," it is an all thanksgiving ask it early. >> we are talking some turkey this morning with register the die initiation keri glassman who is here to help us keep healthy with the next few days of feasty. good luck with that and we will give it a shot. first question from kaitlin. >> when i'm eating on thanksgiving, how do i pace
8:11 am
myself? >> it's a marathon tomorrow! >> good luck with. >> the pacing begins in the morning. the biggest mistake people make year after year is not eating all day and then diving head-fist into the plate of food. we start in the morning by exercising. so exercise in the morning to burn a few calories but also to get those endofins going. when you feexercise you're not burning that many calories. it's just bonus calorie burn. then the next thing is we want to eat throughout the day. eat your breakfast and eat consistently through the day and eat before you go to the big thanksgiving day meal. the reason you do that is you want to cut your hunger so you don't go in familiarished. half of your plate should be filled with greens, vegetables and the salad and hopefully
8:12 am
clean vegetables there. >> not the green bean casserole. >> the white meat turkey and a quarter of your plate deserved for the decadent dishes. enjoy the decadent foods. taste the food and when you do that, you're more likely not to overconsume calories. >> is that the first plate or the second plate or the third plate? >> a good question. hopefully if you fill up with vegetables and fiber and water volume is there. you're consuming enough there and eating slowly and chewing your food. if you go to a second plate, add lean turkey and vegetables. >> you say to drink and you don't mean continuing to fill your wine glass. >> exactly. drink some water. if will help you fill up a little bit. when you alternate alcohol with water you will reduce the
8:13 am
calories you consume from the alcohol and be less hungover the next day. >> you could also show up loaded. just kidding, just kidding. >> come on! we want to do better this year. >> here is a question from sarah about keeping up the energy for holiday shopping. >> what kind of food or snacks should i bring while i go on my thanksgiving black friday shopping free? >> so important to bring something with you. ver seriously. >> people wake up the next day and skip breakfast because they are full from the night before and trying to cut the calories and are famish when they are shopping and they go to food court. eat your energy up and stay satisfied. you may have heard it before but we will do it this year. bring snacks with you that will keep you satisfied so they will have fiber, protein and healthy fat and a portion control bag of you nuts. you should always have that in your bag when you're shopping and when you're online, popcorn. it has whole grains so fiber
8:14 am
there and parmesan cheese in there. satisfy. you can eat that while you're waiting online. you want to make sure you bring those with you. apple slices with cinnamon. be prepared. >> do not leave home to shop without bringing cinnamon apples. >> you don't want to get home and dive into the leftovers. >> and you're saving money you don't spend at the food court and spend it on a nice gift for chris wragge. >> and getting back to being healthy the next day. playing a screen legend on the big screen. >> michelle and kenneth tell us about their new movie that is getting plenty of show here on cbs. we will be right back. ♪ express yourself
8:15 am
[ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle.
8:16 am
♪ a kiss on the hand may be quite complimental but diamonds are a girls best friend ♪ >> marilyn monroe one of the
8:17 am
great cultural icons in hollywood. a behind the scenes look at her tormented life. >> michelle williams and kenneth branagh sat down with correspondent mo rocca to talk about the real marilyn monroe. >> reporter: there was only one marilyn. ♪ >> reporter: she's been gone for almost half a century and we're still enthralled by her bombshell good looks and little girl vulnerability. >> i will say i was surprised. i was so surprised, i couldn't hardly think you meant me. >> reporter: in my week with marilyn, michelle williams goes for it. ♪ >> reporter: transforming herself into the legendary sex siren. ♪ letting me sea to wave >> when she is marilyn monroe she is not being herself. she is being something other,
8:18 am
something that requires so much transmission of all of these energies, availability, openness, sexuality, connection, all of these things that are super human qualities to try and sort of drum up and they drain you, they really cost you. >> reporter: marilyn monroe was a character. is that right? >> i would say so. it's -- to think that is who she really was because who wouldn't want to believe that is possible? but, you know, it was just -- that's the show. >> delicious! >> reporter: off camera, she was very different? >> yeah, again, from things that i've read that she was actually quiet, you know, i hate to say, but ordinary. i read something once i thought was so moving that her face could fall apart in between glances. >> reporter: and put it back together? >> and put it back together. it was something she could rearrange in a matter of seconds. >> marilyn, darling! >> reporter: the film takes place during the shooting of the prince and the show girl, the
8:19 am
1957 comedy teamed monroe with acting giant sir laurence olivier who also directed the movie. olivia is played by kenneth branagh. >> did he think he would fall in love with her? i think possibly he felt she would fall this love with him. i think he knew the world knew he and marilyn. her likeness, her apparent likeness at least in the screen roles was beguilding to him. >> i will fall in love because i always, always, do. >> always? >> reporter: the improbable pair had different reasons for joining forces. marilyn wanted to be taken more seriously as an actress. olivia, his film career waning, wanted to be a bigger star. >> he says directly in various places that he hoped that marilyn would renew him. he was a revered figure, but i think he felt he might be out of touch. i think he wanted to be edgy and more youthful seeming and i
8:20 am
think he wanted to be associated with marilyn's magic. >> cut! >> what is the matter now? >> reporter: an electrifying clash of titans branagh calls them. >> i don't know who else. i can't act if i don't know who she is. >> reporter: monroe and olivia had radically different approaches to acting. he was classically trained and she was a method actress who could only perform when inspired from within. >> the life is almost a force you can't summon at will. there's a certain or kind of -- well, magic to it. there's a certain kind of unpredictability about it, which was what was so maddening about working with her is because when she didn't feel it, when the news wasn't there, she couldn't work. >> reporter: this meant long delays sometimes? >> yeah, long delays. long delays. >> you don't want me to act? >> reporter: it was a torturous
8:21 am
experience. >> marilyn stopped directing movies for 20 years and put him off that much. >> reporter: that traumatizing? >> it was his view. >> reporter: the prince and the show girl was a box office success and critical disappointment. >> you really think that? >> reporter: yet, marilyn shineshine shines. was she a great actress? >> so much greater than she really knew. it wasn't her real love. more than anything, she wanted to be a serious actress and be given serious roles. >> do you see what i mean? not very bright. >> i don't think she really appreciated how fine she was. >> reporter: i want to read this quote from marilyn. i knew i belonged to the public and the world, not because i was talented or even beautiful, but because i had never belonged to anything or anyone else. it's kind of sad. >> yeah, i'll say. yeah. i think she said the best she felt was in korea when she was
8:22 am
entertaining the troops and the only one who understood her was the audience and not the industry she had given her most life to and not the three attempted marriages but the audience. even from photos, i think she got a confirmation of her existence. no father would claim her. her mother couldn't be consistent with her. the photos and the audience were sort of proof that she belonged. >> reporter: mo rocca, cbs news, new york. >> in listening to michelle williams and in watching the piece and anticipating the movie, you can see why the
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ by now he should have somehow realized what you got to do ♪ ♪ i don't believe that anybody feels the way i do about you now ♪ >> that singer is one of the biggest acts in the world in the '90s but he left the band after slugging it out with his brother leo. neil gallagher is out on his own and talk to him about his new band and sibling rivalry that welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. >> it's still a great song. album, amazing but always this underlying. >> what happened to them? >> this fighting. also ahead, we check out the holiday windows at department
8:31 am
stores, they are all decked out now. and really decked out in some cases this year. including some lady gaga windows at barney's. everyone talking about these. you're probably not surprised if we mention it involved lady gaga. before we get to that, president obama rode into office on a wave of hope and many three years later who support him say they are disappointed. >> katrina vanden huevel joins us. her new book "the change i believe in." she joins us this morning. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> your book begins with a column right after the president was elected in 2008. all of this sense of hope and change. and then your columns quickly became more critical as his first term wore on. >> there were great expectations but even in the first column written the night of my colleagues at the nation, we went coming out of eight years of the bush/cheney years.
8:32 am
a keen understanding the real changes in this country have come about from movements from below, people's movements, whether it was the abolitionists who founded the nation pushing president lincoln or the labor unions pushing franklin roosevelt to be a bolder president or the civil rights movement with lyndon johnson. sure, politicians break your heart, but what is important is that people stay involved, engaged, and hold politicians accountable to the higher ideals of this country. >> but on a personal level, has this president broken your heart at all? >> you know, i also wrote in this book i thought progressives needed to be as tough, clear-eyed and pragmatic about president obama as he is about us. so in a curious way, the book is a mix of both romantic but hard-edged and, you know, cold-eyed about the state of our politics and the belief that the country and our political system
8:33 am
is hard wired to resist fundamental change that is requires for example the energy of the occupy wall street movement and the 99%, opening space for the sustained serious conversation we need in the media and this economy. in new hampshire yesterday, i thought it was a masterful weaving of the idea of rebuilding the american dream for the 99% through opportunity and security and smoking out republicans or the grinchs of this season as they block the jobs bill. >> he is doing enough in his job as the leader of the country? he has been criticized from all sides at this point. most recently, for what happened with the super committee and a lot of people saying, of course, we hear it from republican candidates but we are hearing from the other side he should be more involved and if there is to be some sort of change even from what you talk about, he needs to be leading it and be a better leader. >> in terms of leadership, i take to heart your point, erica. i think the real leadership disappointment was when he came into office with this great wave of people behind him that he
8:34 am
didn't use that wind at his back, those people he had mobilized in his campaign to overcome the corporate power. the super committee, i have many in this country agree with me i think a misplaced obsession with debt, short-term debt in this country. the national emergency crisis is jobs and the best deficit reduction plan is put people back to jobs. the super committee is off the radar on that. >> we asked this question all the time. we see the statistics big companies sitting on a lot of money. consumer-based economy which also makes it tough to come back. you can't force people to hire. >> but you can create the conditions through public/private partnerships to inject this economy and create jobs. you got to create demand in this country. that's the key.
8:35 am
the other thing i would say is, you know, at this thanksgiving spirit, the gap between this country's ideal and reality. i think the collision between the sense of injust economic inequality and downward mobility is forcing many to say, hey, look at -- never seen such income and wealth concentrated at the top, yet, the taxes are so low. we need fair share politics and that is at the heart of my book and i think at the heart of a beleaguered american dream. >> does he get reelected? >> never say never. i think it's going to be very tough and i think -- you know, i think if he speaks in the way he is about fairness, economic justice as he did in new hampshire and speaks more boldly, yeah. >> katrina, thank you very much. appreciate it. you can read an excerpt from "the change i believe in" at our website. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a final check of today's other headlines for us. good morning. >> good morning to you. in our news here, many holiday travelers running into nasty weather this thanksgiving eve. heavy rain and thunderstorms are
8:36 am
pounding the atlantic coast and parts of the midwest. there's some snow in new england. snow could also be an issue in the northwest. cbs' cynthia bowers is in chicago this morning. cindy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. 1.7 million americans are expected to travel through, to, or from chicago's o'hare and midway airports over this extended thanksgiving holiday period. today, 217,000 of them. good weather here does not necessarily mean smooth sailing everywhere, though. as that bad weather you eluded to in the major northeast hubs could threaten to bog everything down. the skies could stay dark all day in the northeast. a major storm system pushed into the region tuesday and stalled, threatening to make a busy travel day messy for millions. 8% of all holiday travelers willing by air or at least try to. >> i think we are an hour late. we just checked. >> we have had a delay. >> this flight is delayed by one
8:37 am
hour. >> even though a lot of these flights are just on a couple of hour delay, that's -- you're missing connections. >> reporter: already jammed airports will get swamped today. and the ripple effect of delays and cancellations could extend all across the country. the northwest knows the feeling. a huge autumn stormed slammed into the pacific coast tuesday, packing hurricane force winds and flooding coastal communities. with so much rain, you would find fish where you least expect. >> they should have a sign up, salmon crossing. >> reporter: the deluge made any kind of travel, like swim up stream in the mountain areas where freeze temperatures turned inches of rain into feet of snow. some holiday travelers, get-away day means getting away from all of that cold and snow. >> where i come from, this is heaven! heaven! >> reporter: that expression almost heaven? north carolina? she's in raleigh today where
8:38 am
it's 68. we have good weather here but only 48 degrees. jeff? >> cindy, thanks. >> referee: overseas severe flooding in italy. three people killed when heavy rain sent water and mudslides in sicily. more than 20 people have been killed in recent weeks across italy. in egypt, the demonstrators say the military government offered to speed up presidential election is not enough. at least 38 have died since the unrest began over the weekend. newt gingrich is maybe up wanted attention for his comments during last night's republican debate how to handle illegal immigrants in this country. gingrich appeared to say he was in favor of granting illegal immigrants who are long time residents of this country amnesty. >> i don't see how -- the party that says it's the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy that destroys families here a quarter century. >> people respond to incentives and if you can become a
8:39 am
permanent resident of the united states by coming here illegally, you'll do so. >> the immigration issue is critical to many voters who generally oppose conservative voters who oppose any type of amnesty. follow-up on that million dollar mystery in australia. sydney police yesterday arrested a man who apparently left a suitcase containing about a million dollars in a restaurant. after his arrest he had some sort of medical problem. they have not been able to question him. he's in a hospital now under police guard. a woman in utah said take my husband, please, and then tried to sell him on craigslist. she was tired of her husband playing video games all day long. kyle did serve in afghanistan but just discharged with a back injury. he says gaming helps him keep in touch with his buddies. his wife said enough is enough. >> so he could stand in a huge long line to pick up this game, drive home and begin playing.
8:40 am
thanksgiving is tomorrow but christmas is only a month away. here in new york, celebrating the holidays, means a little trip to check out the department store windows. >> all of the big stores has them but barney's has stepped
8:41 am
out of the gift box . >> dominating the music charts lady gaga is with her unique style. her outfits leave fans wondering what will she do next? the answer she is bringing the world of all things gaga to life through holiday windows. ♪ >> reporter: the spirit of the holiday season in new york is deep in tradition from the tree at rockefeller center to the high kicking rockettes add radio city's christmas spectacular. then the iconic store windows. ♪ >> reporter: an attraction for locals and tourists alike. could you imagine christmas in new york without these windows? >> no. >> no. it's a big part of new york. >> reporter: where are you guys from? >> san diego, california. >> reporter: the first time seeing the holiday windows? what do you think? >> i like them because they really creative and they have a lot of detail to them.
8:42 am
>> reporter: department store lord & taylor has been dressing its famous windows since 1938. >> what is most interesting about our windows it's the hustle and bustle of new york city. it's fifth avenue, it's the h e holidays and to see people slow down and watch and get up against the glass and share experiences with each other and it's so unique to see happen in new york city. >> reporter: but if lord & taylor represent the tradition barney's 20 blocks north has introduced a new twist with windows designed by lady gaga. >> her touch, her vision is on every single thing we have done. >> reporter: like gaga's. many say you don't associate her with the holidays in new york? >> we are not a traditional store and we like to surprise and we thought that with her as an inspiration, we would be
8:43 am
challenged to do things that we never would have done on our own. >> reporter: in gaga machine she is part woman and part motorcycle. >> i think it's so cool because everywhere else is like with the lights and the christmas tree. i think it's so cool, but this is just different. >> reporter: leave it to gaga to shake things up. according to barney's it takes about six months to design and execute these elaborate displays. they pulled this off in six weeks. it's a feast. you got to check it out. it's around the corner. >> it is so different. you walk by lord & taylor or saks fifth avenue it's traditional the way they do their windows. >> this is a complete departure. they have transformed 6,000 feet of space into gaga's workshop. you find all things gaga, jewelries and accessories and her favorite toys and treats, you name it.
8:44 am
>> she is writing a letter to santa, this is what i want. is it affordable? >> you can buy them online. i saw something for 15, 40. juliewel jewelry, apparel. you just got to see
8:45 am
8:46 am
and we'll be there when he needs his country. join us and send your message of support to our wounded warriors at the uso. until every one comes home. today is going to be the day. but they will never it throw it back to you ♪ >> in the '90s, owe say sis was on its way to becoming a rock 'n' roll legend until the band was taken out of the studio and off the stage. >> lee and noel gallagher have bands of their own now.
8:47 am
ben tracy caught up with noel on his first u.s. tour as a solo act. ♪ >> reporter: they became britain's best-selling band since the beatles. ♪ >> reporter: topping the uk charts with every studio album, landing 22 singles in the top ten and filling stadiums like no other group had for decades. ♪ i don't believe that anybody feels the way i do ♪ ♪ >> reporter: oasis was formed in the 1990s by liam and noel gallagh gallagher. liam took center stage while his older brother noel wrote the songs and provided backup on guitar. ♪ >> reporter: but oasis ascend to rock 'n' roll royalty would fall victim to the pair's at times
8:48 am
very public sibling rivalry. >> he is swinging this guitar around and then he kind of, you know, he nearly chopped my face off with it. >> reporter: noel left the group for good in 2009. he's now back in america for the first time as a solo act and performing at decidedly smaller theate theate theaters. you have played wembley stadium and massive stadiums around the world. what is it like to play a more intimate venue? >> i have to say i'm enjoying it. if i had to flip the coin for the two, i like to play stadiums. i will never do it but i love the stadiums. >> you say you're never going to do it. do you think that is all behind you, the massive rock star phase of your life? >> i think so, yeah. yeah. i don't think i got -- you know? i don't think i'll ever get to play stadiums. >> reporter: gallagher says there is liberation in being the boss and in not having to deal
8:49 am
with the conflicting personalities of an ensemble. >> i could have three days off if i wanted to without know that someone else is in the studio messing it up. ♪ can i ride with you in your bmw ♪ >> reporter: fronting a band for this perennial backup singer, however, has its challenges. how does that feel? >> don't like it. >> reporter: how come? >> everyone stares at you. yeah. >> reporter: a little disconcerting? >> well, yeah. because i don't do anything, do you know what i mean? i ain't doing any moves, man. i think people understand all i got is the music. >> reporter: and it's the music of noel gallagher that has likely led to his u.s. tours selling out. is your, he has an album of new songs, but it's the old stuff, the oasis catalog most have come to hear. you're playing the oasis songs slightly different, however.
8:50 am
>> yep. i don't feel i have to be a slave to the original versions because they are my songs and if people don't like it, they are not required to show up next time, do you know what i mean? ? they are my tunes. what can i say? ♪ all the time we have to walk our way ♪ >> reporter: your brother is quoted his band will never play those songs ever again. >> i've got this to you. if we were to meet the next time next year, we would say, yeah, your brother is playing the old songs now. i guarantee that. ♪ slowly walking down the hall faster than a cannon ball ♪ >> reporter: a rift remains between the gallagher brothers. liam sued noel this year. recogninciliation -- why did th band break up? >> no need to go into it. ultimately, i did everybody a favor by leaving, because i'm
8:51 am
not doing this. liam is saying he's in the greatest spot in the world and, you know, he's bigger than the beatles this time next year. >> reporter: it's also very personal. i mean, you are brothers. >> yeah. >> reporter: is there a personal part of it that's very hard? >> we didn't break up for music reasons. it was for personal reasons. i'm big enough. i've dealt with it and i can move on. ♪ ♪ we don't look back in anger. >> reporter: you wrote a song "don't look back in anger." do you follow your advice? >> yeah. i tend not to look back. only no good can come up that. saying, no, i'm not a great forward thinker either. i live for today, tomorrow, and maybe the day after that. ♪ so long so long >> reporter: both brothers released albums later this year. liam's group beady eye reached number three on the british music charts but it was noel and his high flying birds who
8:52 am
debuted at number one. >> and it seems like somebody is watching over me and i hope it continues. >> reporter: ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> well, at least the personal acrimony that existed before no longer exists. holy cow! >> i guess it goes back to -- >> they are not getting back together. >> you hear people say your friends are the family you choose. you don't get to choose your family and it's true. just because you are blood related to somebody doesn't mean you have to like them. >> thanksgiving. come on. >> they are consistent. >> holy mackerel.
8:53 am
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and the band played what? firestorm over the song played when michele bachmann came out. >> the title of the song rhymes with witch. lost video.


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