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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 23, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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drivers are paying 20% more for gasoline. the average round trip air fare for the top routes $212. that is up. and rail travelers will pay 2-5% more on most one way amtrak tickets. and guess what, when you get there, hotel rates cost more too. all right. but the weather in parts of the country is making travel a little complicated this evening. topper has the latest in the weather center. top. >> i have to tell you what, on a scale of thanksgiving weekend's past, this is actually not bad. let's start locally. we'll start with live doppler 9000. if you're still trying to get out of town, we are looking at some rain and showers primarily east of 95. these are not going to be here much longer. another hour, hour and a half, and that's about it. so it's enough to wet the roads if you're heading east towards annapolis or maybe trying to sneak across the bay bridge and go to the beaches for thanksgiving. a lot of you do that. but back to the west there is nothing going on except wind. look at the temperatures. it's 60 in bismark right now.
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47 in chicago. 59 in great falls. i mean, this is as nice as it gets on travel day. it really is. 55 in atlanta. it's a little colder up in karabb. 37 in boston. >> the forecast tonight it's going to remain stormy in the pacific northwest if you're flying to seattle or sacramento, could see some delays. but nice in the southwest, the rockies, the plains. it's clear. it is windy. the winds are going to be with us. and there are some showers still lingering if you're try to get to new york or boston. other than that, it's a nice travel night. we'll come back and tell you about the rest of the weekend. let's also get a check on the thanksgiving traffic on the roads right now. what is it looking like out there? oh, boy, that sight right there looks tough.
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>> it looks like diamonds. southbound interstate 95. the heavy traveled route just for us but the whole eastern seaboard. that's what we're looking at heading south points south through stafford county. getting into richmond along the way no major incidents in your way. just everybody going south. looking west on 66, the volume increasing as you head past route 70 are just a tough merge past the beltway and off and on changes. here is the beltway near the gw parkway. it's been heavy and slow on the interloop from the toll road. on the outer loop out of bethesda as you head south delays out of falls road extend into germans town. not nearly as jammed and miserable, but the get away has been going on for days. slow for everybody. back to you. >> all right. thanks, beverly. more than 23 million people are expected to travel via the air this thanksgiving holiday.
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and many of them will try to avoid those stiff baggage fees by bringing as much as they can on board in their carry on. andrea mccarren is live to show us what she found and how annoying it can be for those that fly. andrea. >> reporter: isn't that the truth, derek . well, we thought this get away wednesday would be the perfect opportunity to take a look at that carry on bag dilemma. of course, as you know, congress may soon consider a bill that would either limit or do away with those high checked bag fees. >> wall lets, camera, my daughter bought it for me. it's a man bag. >> reporter: he shares the frustration of millions of air travelers. >> everybody carries everything on instead of checking it. so instead of paying 20, 30, $100 bag fee, they lug it all on the airplane. >> reporter: all of that carry on luggage is doubling the wait time for security screening.
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and the tsa now says it needs another 260 million of your tax dollars to process all of those extra bags. >> yes. i try not to push the limits too much. but something like this, i feel like i can squeeze down and get in there. >> reporter: we used a digital scale to find out just how much carry on travelers plan to stuff under the seats and into the overhead bins. >> i have some legal briefs and my computer. a bunch of clothes and presents for my family. it's all crammed in there. >> reporter: 36.2 pounds for amy. but she has a strategy. >> once i go through the security line, i get to the gate and they just say, oh, actually your bag, there is no overhead room. so we're going to need to gate check your bag. so it saves me the fee. >> reporter: traveling with babies means loas of baggage too. >> it's a lot. it's a lot. which is why people being nice is critical because otherwise
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getting through the airport was a nightmare. >> reporter: even the little est traveller takes a bag on board. 3.6 pounds. >> everybody gets to hold something. >> reporter: and then we weigheded this this bag. 51.4 pounds. and you are not going to believe what happened to her. it is a clear demonstration of just how out of control some of those bag fees have become. that is coming up tonight at 6:00. until then, we are live at national airport. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> you know, andrea, 51-pound bag will earn you an extra fee if you're checking it. thanks, andrea. [ laughing ] >> by the way, amtrak is using every available passenger card during what it calls its busiest day of the year. the wednesday before thanksgiving set a new record last year. and like other train stations, union station in town was packed with travelers today. >> if there was a super bowl, this would be it for amtrak. normally we move approximately
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77,000 people every wednesday. today we're probably going to move about 134,000 people, which may even break our record last year. >> and as we mentioned a few minutes ago, the tickets for most of those train trips cost about 2-5% this year than last year. passengers are being treated to holiday meals. they have turkey trimmings, the whole five yards. 5,000 people were treated it a thanksgiving lunch today by an army of volunteers. it was the annual feast of sharing at the washington convention center. and bruce johnson was there, and i understand the people who came out today got more than just a meal? >> very impressive event, lesli. they got job counseling, health care and even free clothes at this event. >> all right. are we ready to eat? >> reporter: it's easily the biggest thanksgiving dinner of the season. 5,000 people were fed a free thanksgiving dinner today with all of the trimmings. >> we have a lot to be thankful for. >> reporter: the meals were much appreciated. >> it's tough.
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>> there is nobody working. they don't have money for food. >> reporter: unemployment in some parts is near 50%. people have lost jobs. and those on fixed incomes have been forced to choose a time between food and prescriptions. >> we haven't had a social security increase for two years now. >> you can't underscore the need in the nation's capitol. some 35,000 people are out of work. the gray administration has been able to find jobs for only 500 people. >> i'm out of work. >> we have a lot of jobs vacant. that's what the one city one hire program is about. trying to match up people who need a job with a job that exists here in the city. >> reporter: those in need were served this afternoon by an army of volunteers from local churches and schools. >> it's just good to help people. it's good to see them get meals in their stomach. and it's not every day that people can get this. >> i hear a lot people who have
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to have another job or have lost their jobs. >> reporter: what are you getting out of this volunteering? >> i'm getting my work and giving back to the community. i was born here. >> thank you to all of the volunteers. >> reporter: there was no shortage of volunteers from the private sector, beginning with safe way, which is organized the feast of sharing for the past 12 years. >> we're not just feeding, we're providing some opportunities for employment, some health care, free flu shots. and we have free clothing and fruit also that we're giving them in a bag. >> reporter: and the kid working on his work ethic is going to be mayor one day. watch him. who else is at this event today? natalie randolph, the first female high school coach. >> cool. >> reporter: you know how bad the team was last year, you won't believe the turnaround. they're playing in the city title game tomorrow. we're going to talk to her and the players and we're going to look at them doing volunteer work. >> she has an incredible story. they have an incredible story. and kudos to everybody who came out tonight to do what they
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could. >> all right. >>. anita. >> this one could have been worse. a school bus driver is being called a hero after his bus was in an accident with a drunk driver. it was returning to the high school from a basketball game. kristin fischer picks up the story. >> reporter: police, paramedics and worried parents stretched across buds creek road tuesday night. a bus carrying the entire girls basketball team had been run off the road. >> we had 33 individuals on the bus. 28 students, four coaches and a bus driver. >> reporter: the team had been heading home after a scrimmage in colonial beach, virginia, when their bus was hit by a drunk driver. >> the bus driver was so heroic in his efforts. he did some maneuvers that prevented the bus from tipping over. >> reporter: state troopers say the man who caused the crash is 45-year-old john patrick kravats. he is a registered sex offender. now he has also been charged
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with driving under the influence. >> our students were put in harms way as a result of irresponsible activities. >> reporter: 17 people were taken to the hospital t15 students, the coach and the driver. >> many of them have bumps and bruises. they had some contusions. >> reporter: the person with the worst injuries was the bus driver. >> when i spoke with him in the emergency room, he was so emotional. he teared up. and his main concern was not for himself but for the students. >> reporter: but incredibly, no one, not even the drunk driver, was seriously hurt. >> it's a true thanksgiving miracle. >> reporter: there is no school here today, but the women's basketball team was supposed to be practicing right out here. that practice was cancelled for obvious reasons, but the girls will return to practice on monday. i'm kristin fisher, 9news now. >> the drunk driver will be in court later this month. we have a search for a bank
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robber. they have released new surveillance photos of a robbery she is accused of committing. it happened yesterday afternoon in springfield. schwab is 26. she lives in the manassas area and police have been looking for her for days. her own mom has issued a plea for her to surrender. police have also likd her to a carjacking in -- linked her to a carjacking. still ahead, a burglar under arrest tonight after a hunter accidentally captures the crime on video and posts it on facebook. top. >> well, the winds are still howling. the showers are east of town. we'll show you temperatures. they're beginning to fall now. a little temperature correction here. 47 in rockville. 48 in gaithersburg. 48 in bethesda and 48 in arlington. we'll come back and tell you how cold it's going to get tonight and have your full holiday forecast coming up. [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ]
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there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. we have to let you know about something going on in the district. the city is adding to its ever increasing number of speed enforcement cameras. a new one is monitoring you in northwest. another camera is taking pictures in the 2300-block of connecticut avenue. in all, there are nine new cameras. the district's speed camera program has taken in more than $30 million over the first seven months of the year. a hearing on media efforts is under way in england's highest court and it's not a
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pretty picture. it was triggered by the phone hacking scandal. the mother of a missing girl said she felt "mentally raped" when the paper published parts of her personal diary. >> i felt violated. i've written these words at a desperate time of my life. >> a front page modeling with the headline she's dead. >> celebrities like hue grant and jk rowling are testifying about their problem with the press. three american college students, one of them from georgetown, remain in custody tonight in egypt. they're accused of throwing fire bombs during a protest. those students are being held at the prosecutor's office in kiro as the diplomatic efts to get them free -- efforts to get them freed continue. the mother says she actually got a call from her son this morning. he is a bit shaken up but he
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sounds okay. meanwhile, the death toll from a new waive of violence in cairo is now up to 40 people, and there are more confrontations today. the demonstrators are demanding that egypt's military leaders relinquish their powers immediately. they did announce an accelerated timetable for transferring power to an elected government, but it remains to be seen whether that concession will diffuse the anger of these protestors. if you're sick and tired of all of the rain we've had, nothing compared to the deluge they've been experiencing in sicily. an avalanche of water and mud swept away homes in the middle of the night after all of the flooding. at least four people were killed. authorities say the victims became trapped in buildings that were submerged in mud in a town. many people still missing tonight. more than 20 have been killed in severe weather in italy over the past few weeks alone. >> that's impressive video there. >> it is. >> the car was just going like a
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toy car. we have more flooding? >> we really only have one storm out in the west. and we'll show you, this is one storm in the northwest producing some flooding. look at the salmon going across the street. they're not supposed to be in the street. but locks anyone? well, there you go. this is about 30 miles southwest of seattle on the east side of 101. and massive flooding. and they're looking at another storm that will come in late tonight and tomorrow. and that will continue throughout much of their holiday weekend. but for us, that's just cool stuff right there. >> that is exciting. >> that is extraordinarily cool. >> why does the salmon cross the river? i don't know. you'll have to fill in the blank on that one. let's talk about live doppler. we have a couple of sprinkles, a couple of showers. everything is primarily east of i95. everything is light. and even these showers now over in annapolis and into prince george's county and into southern maryland will get out of here in about the next hour, hour and a half. we'll zoom in a little bit. everything is light. but just enough to wet the road
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if you're going down into southern maryland through route five and also out 50 towards annapolis. again, maybe you're going over the bridge to go across the shore for thanksgiving. a lot of folks do that. and still some light activity in upper marlboro as well. another hour, hour and a half, that will be history. temperatures are beginning to fall now. 48 in gaithersburg. still 50 downtown. 51 over in annapolis. and we're looking at primarily 40s north and west. 45 in cumberland. you jump the divide, you're in the 30s in oakland. look at these winds. they're still howling. they're going to be with us until about midnight. 30-mile an hour wind gusts in manassas. 28-mile an hour wind gusts in gaithersburg. there is a wind advisory loudoun county westward in the mountains until 10:00 p.m. tonight. wind chills, it's starting to actually affect the temperature. once you get below 50, you can actually have a wind chill. it feels like 43 in hagerstown. 27 in oakland. so if you're trying to did a
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little predinner walk tonight, bundle up. especially if you're out in the next couple of hours. the winds are going to be with us. wind chills down in the 30. winds 15-25 until about midnight and much colder with the wind chill as well. now, seasonable thanksgiving and a milder friday and saturday. a fantastic friday, a spectacular saturday. one of the nicest weekends i can remember in the wake of thanksgiving. so for tonight, clearing windy and much colder. low 32-42. winds northwest 10-20 and gusty. that is after midnight. before midnight they'll be 15-25 and rather gusty. look at the lows. this is more like average really. we were kind of spoiled last night when the temps went up. they're going down tonight. 33 in gaithersburg. 34 in rockville. 41 downtown. mid 30s in college park and andrews. and mid 30s also in reston and fairfax. 33 in sterling, 33 in manassas. now, tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy and cold. grab a coat if you're trying to
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do a walk early. winds northwest 10-15 in the morning. and then by afternoon, mostly sunny and pleasant. upper 50s. that is dead on average. winds west, northwest at ten. going to take a walk pre or after dinner, grab your sunglasses. look at the forecast. look how nice it is in oakland. 46 in oakland with sunshine. mid 50s in winchester. almost 60 in culpeper with sunshine. 56 in warrenton, leesburg and manassas. downtown we're looking at temps in the upper 50s. upper 50s by the bay. and, yes, with the winds, there is a small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. so we'll break down the thanksgiving. 32-42 eerily in the morning. 50s by noon, 50s by evening with clear skies, breezy early and seasonable. next seven days, we have not changed much. check this out. 64 on friday. 68 on saturday. 60 on sunday. we are bringing clouds in and maybe a shower but not until sunday night. the best chance, by far and away, with showers and rain will
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be monday. and temps do go down next week. we can't keep the 60s forever. temperatures in the mid 60s on monday. showers possible on thursday with mountain know showers and 50 and cold and highs in the lower 40s. >> we are confusing the seasons here. >> we are a little bit. >> coming up. >> i'm liking it. >> we're not mad about it. >> no, we're not. >> okay. thanks, top. for those of you who have what you need for thanksgiving dinner, be thankful you didn't have to wait in this, the last minute thanksgiving rush for groceries. it's coming up. but next, how a trip to the hospital could be avoided for some of our most vulnerable loved ones.
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. a warning for soup lovers. eating too much of it out of a can can increase your exposure to a chemical used in the lining of metal food and bench can. a new studied looked at people who ate canned soup and those who ate fresh soup over the same time. they found bpa levels were 13 times higher. it's linked to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. but researchers say the spike in bpa could be temporary and needs
5:24 pm
to be confirmed with more research. getting a cup of joe in the morning could do more than jump start a day. women who drink several cups of coffee a day are a lot less likely to develop endometrial or uterine cancer. previous showers have shown lower levels of estrogen. high levels are linked to endometrial cancer. a new government report that finds people are ending up in emergency rooms because of problems with medications. >> reporter: this woman takes six medicines every day. >> some i take breakfast, some lunch, some dinner. >> reporter: she writes everything down to make sure she doesn't take the wrong dose. >> you really have to watch it. it can get a little complicated. >> reporter: a few study from the center for disease control finds each year nearly 100,000 adults over 65 ends up in the emergency room because of the
5:25 pm
wrong combination or dosage of their medications. doctors say the mix up can lead to everything from allergic reactions to unintentional overdose. >> elderly patients are usually taking multiple medications that sometimes interact with each other. and many of these patients end up in the hospital where other problems can develop. >> reporter: nearly half of the e r visits were for patients 80 or older. doctors say elderly people and their physicians need to stay informed about the medications they're taking and how they're bodies could react to them. >> patients go to different doctors. doctors change medications that maybe you prescribed and you don't know that. it can be very confusing. >> reporter: fortunately joan has never had a problem. >> you have to remember exactly what you're doing, what you took, what you need to take. >> reporter: that little organizer she was using, a great idea. a good gift for an elderly person in your life. help them keep the medication in check. the study also found most of the er visit were because of a few
5:26 pm
commonly used drugs specifically blood thinners and diabetes medication. even having the dosage slightly off with these drugs can be very dangerous indeed. all right, anita. the black widow has done it again. >> coming up, alexandria's own sonia thomas takes home another competetive eating title. it's madness on the streets and the parking lots, in the stores. people are trying to get what they need before thanksgiving. i'm lindsey mastis, that story coming up. in maryland coming up a caught on tape story that has the crowd buzzing. >> he's lucky he didn't get caught.
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we have one of the most caught op tapes for you, but this one has a bit of a twist. >> a suspected burglar is busted on maryland's eastern shore, but it's the camera he was caught with that is getting all of the attention. >> that's right. especially among the sports men during the fall hunting season. we're on kent island tonight. >> reporter: the key to this case was this right here. it is a wildlife watching surveillance camera. sports men love these things. they put them up in trees and it tells them where the deer are so they can go hunting. well, these cameras which are very popular on the eastern shore can catch a lot more than deer. here is video from one of those deer cameras catching a
5:30 pm
suspected prowler in the act in this stevensville, maryland neighborhood. yes, it was a deer scouting camera set up in the neighborhood but a resident fed up with reports of prowling and here on the shore cameras like this are everywhere. >> probably 90% of your hunters are going to have a camera, if not two. >> i think it's very unique. >> reporter: here where cam mow is fashion, this -- camo is fashion, this is catching on fast. >> that is the eastern shore for you. >> we have hundred of hits. >> reporter: the video was posted to facebook by the queen ann's county sheriffs. >> it's amazing to see how active the public was. >> i linked it and sent it to my friends and before long it was linked everywhere. >> reporter: it led to the arrest of jason grimes who investigators believe is the same man caught on the deer scouting camera. so they may be rural, but they certainly are not backwards here in queen ann's county. in fact, after a chase yesterday
5:31 pm
through corn fields and woods to capture grimes, naturally the sheriff posted photographs of all of it on facebook. on ken island, scott broom, 9news now. >> wow. the suspect jason grimes now charged in two counties. derek. >> thanks, anita. >> an entire college marching band suspended while police investigate whether the death of a drum major was the result of hazing. 26-year-old robert champion performed with the florida a&m marching 100 on saturday down in orlando. band mates say when they got back to their hotel, he complained he was having trouble breathing and he threw up. but police believe he was subjected to hazing before he died. the university admits 30 band members were dismissed this semester for alleged hazing. >> famu has a zero tolerance for hazing and any alleged acts of hazing will be dealt with as a criminal act. >> and sadly, they had a
5:32 pm
memorial service for champion last night. medical examiners say they'll have to perform more tests to figure out exactly why this young man died. well, seven men are under arrest in connection with an amish on amish hate crime over in ohio. authorities say the members of a break away sect forcefully cut the hair of women and men. cutting the hair is highly offensive. they believe the bible says men and women should grow their hair long and stop shaving once they get married. the country band sugar land is under lawsuit tonight. their stage came tumbling down in a storm hit just before the band had been scheduled to perform. attorneys claim the band and crews with safety failure and the lack of an emergency response plan. seven people died in the collapse. today is the day that everybody shops for the last minute items to make a grand
5:33 pm
thanksgiving feast, and that means there is traffic. lots of it on the roads and in the stores. from maryland to virginia and even dc, lindsey mastis shows us some of the chaos. >> reporter: it's a little bit worse than a weekday around here. the parking lots are packed. >> i have been shopping for the past three days. i hit like three of the major grocery stores. i think i pretty much wiped most of the stores out. >> reporter: that is just the traffic at the store. the traffic is really bad in front of the whole foods here. every time the light changes, only a couple cars are able to get into the parking lot. it's causing gridlock. and in fairfax county, look at the honey baked store. for seven years in a row now, chad martin has come here to wait in the line. and this time he only got two things. >> i've got a ham and some honey mustard. >> reporter: cold outside, warm like dinner rolls inside.
5:34 pm
ken michaels is here to pick up food for his friends. >> i got a free ham out of it. >> reporter: and who can have ham without a little pumpkin pie and cookies and tarts. >> it's pandemonium. >> reporter: the bakery will be open from 7:00-3:00 thanksgiving day. there is a last minute rush at the liquor store. >> without wine, there is no holiday. >> reporter: the family is getting five bottles. come thanksgiving, that will surely wash away the memory of all of the craziness. in bethesda, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> they'll be feeling good on thanksgiving. once you get all of the food home, you want to be sure to cook it the right way. and if you have any questions at all, guess who else is working? the folks at butter ball. their hot line is open on thanksgiving day, and the number to call 1-800-butter ball. this is an annual right of thanksgiving. at the white house president
5:35 pm
obama issued pardons for liberty and peace. liberty and peace were picked from among 30 turkeys. no word on how they got picked. after the pardoning ceremony, they were sent off. by the way, liberty will be featured in a special show. she's done it again. tanya harding beating the stuffing out of her competitors. she is 105 pounds from alexandria, virginia. and she nearly devoured an entire turkey in just ten minutes. so she beat all of those guys. her closest competitor was 400 pounds subway conductor from long island. he says he is in awe of her eating skills, as of we. she has 24 records from devouring everything from oysters to cheese cake. it gives me a stomachache. >> me too. i'm thinking about the pardoned turkeys. all right. you don't have to wait until black friday to do the after
5:36 pm
thanksgiving shopping. not anymore. we'll tell you which stores are open and when. but up next, a helicopter pilot has a brush with death. and like everything else these days, it's all caught on tape. don't forget. we're always on we're live. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a violent close call for a helicopter pilot. came rolling as a seven story steel christmas tree was being erected in new zealand. but the chopper clipped part of the structure. came crashing to the ground. the pilot walked away relatively unscathed. >> that's amazing. now take a look at this accident scene. that car is literally standing up next to a tree. we take you to kent washington for this bizarre crash. the car went down an embankment and landed vertically against the tree. a technical rescue team had to step in to try to save the man trapped inside. here is another case where he was not seriously hurt. >> good. okay. now we get to california where a shopping center parking lot is engulfed in pink. wow. no. it has nothing to do with any special remembrance or anything. it's actually a bank robbery. after the hold up, they found the dye pack in the bag and they
5:40 pm
didn't let it blow up on them. they threw it in the bushes. smart guy. they're also responsible for knocking over two other breaks. six losses straight and counting. the redskins say they'll confident they'll get a win this weekend in seattle. we've heard it all before. >> history is telling us the odds will be against them. we're going to take you inside the locker rook. topper. the winds are still howling. we have a wind advisory west of town until 10:00. from loudoun county westward winds could gust up there to 55 miles an hour. winds here gust tog 35. we'll come back and talk about how warm it will be for your turkey day and the whole holiday weekend forecast. but first, they are the first real competition for apple's ipad. up next consumer reports put the kindle fire and the nook tablet to the test. state farm. this is jessica.
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for millions of americas, thanksgiving means more than
5:44 pm
turkey. it's time to get out the holiday shopping lists and brave the crowds. but with so many families struggling financially, experts say most of us will look for practical gifts like clothes, electronics are also going to be big. and so are the gift cards, even though one in four of us still have one left over from last year. well, this year black friday is more like black thursday, so we wanted to give you a quick run through of who opens when. k-mart opens first at 6:00. toys "r" us is next at 9:00 p.m. and wal-mart at 10:00. then at midnight that's when things get going, best buy, gap, hhgray, kohl's, macy's and target, tyson corner center, wheaton mall. sears and jpcpenny open at 4:00 4:00 p.m. and then sports authority, fair oaks mall open at 6:00. nordstrom opens at 7:00. we have links to the floor plans
5:45 pm
for all of these retailers on our website. just go to and click on our black friday map for guides to these big box stores. you'll also find links to the stores, the malls and their black friday deals. well, tablets and e readers are expected to be pretty highly sought after this year. and a recent consumer survey shows almost one and five people plan to give an ipad. but two new tablets from amazon and barnes and nobles have shifted the landscape and are giving apple some serious competition. >> reporter: book seller barnes and noble is known for the e book readers, but the latest offering, the nook tablet, is it the first for ray into the tablet of tablets. and amazon announced its with much fanfare. >> it's called kindle fire. >> reporter: the ipad is still to beat. consumer reports tested the kindle fire and the nook tablet along with more than 20 others. >> the kindle fire and the nook
5:46 pm
tablet are much lower priced than the ipad but they're also more limited. and they're screen is about three inches smaller. >> reporter: test shows both tablets do have very good screen quality and they make it easy to get to a web browser, e-mail and other content. the differences, the $250 nook tablet offers access to the barnes and noble store. it also has 16 gigs of capacity and a memory card slot. the $200 kindle fire has only eight gigs of storage, but you can up load your content to the amazon cloud for streaming to the device. so storage is less of an issue. and the real plus, the kindle fire gives you access to all of your amazon content. >> up until now, lower price tablet computers have been pretty unimpressive in our test. these are the first models that give the ipad some serious competition. >> reporter: but the ipad is still the best option for those looking for the full tablet experience. it's pricey starting at $500,
5:47 pm
but the big screen is great for movies and games and also has a camera. and the 32 gig ipad ii with wifi and three g is consumer reports top rated tablet. >> all right. when it comes to the content for the kindle fire and nook tablet, both have their own app store and they have fewer apps than the ones you'll find on itunes. but there are still several of those apps available including a wide variety of magazines and newspapers as well as popular games such as the very addictive angry birds. got to have angry birds. >> have to have angry birds today's choice is not a tablet but you might want to stand in line after you see it. this is fisher-price see yourself camera. you'll recall last year we had a player device where it says you can toss it and it will keep on moving. i'm not going to do that this year. >> yes. that was disastrous. >> because last year it was pretty disastrous. here is what is cool about the
5:48 pm
camera. it has a rotating lens. so thanks for coming behind us. i'm going to take a quick picture of anita and i. there we go. hello. >> how cool is that. >> so you can actually see the picture that we took. or we could press the little smiley face and we can do some other little effects if we wanted to. move our faces in. we don't have time to did all of that. >> no. i don't want that clown hair. >> listen. you can also shoot video on this. this takes up to a thousand pictures. holds a thousand pictures. you can download this on to your computer. >> wow. how much does this cost? >> this is about $50. you'll find it pretty much everywhere online and in the main stores. tj, thanks for taking the pictures and the guys wish they could be over here to be in the picture. >> they like it almost as much as the barbie. >> we don't know why we got left out of that one. >> thank goodness. the winds are going to die down late tonight and really the weekend looks fantastic. it really does. let's start with doppler. we still have some showers,
5:49 pm
albeit light east of town. southern maryland, i95 across the bay and into the delmarva. and that's really about it. they're going to be with us another hour and that's -- then they're going to be gone. for us, temperatures are beginning to fall. 50 downtown, 46 in gaithersburg and 46 in leesburg and 46 up in frederick. winds are still gusting over 20 miles an hour in most areas. 31-mile per hour wind gust down to the south. so they're going to slowly diminish overnight. winds 15-25 and gusty until midnight. then after midnight 10-20 range. much colder. it's going to drive in colder air. seasonable tomorrow which means mid 50s and milder still on friday and saturday. just a fantastic friday and saturday. you're going to think you're in early october. clearing tonight, windy and much colder. two blanket night. 32-42 and winds northwest at 10-20 and gusty. temperatures tonight much colder, yes, but this is about where they should be this time of year. 33 in gaithersburg. 41 downtown. 35 in bowie. 34 in preston and fairfax and --
5:50 pm
reston and fairfax and 32 out towards leesburg. tomorrow morning, thanksgiving morning, mostly breeze' and cold. 30s and 40s. grab a coat. and then by afternoon, great. mostly sunny and pleasant. you'll need sunglasses for the walk in the afternoon. high temps in the upper 50 and winds not much of a factor. let's break it down. 32-42 to start. sunshine by noon. 50s and 50s by evening all under clear skies. now, the next seven days, it gets better and better. friday sunshine and 64. upper 60s on saturday with sunshine. we do show some clouds coming in on sunday. we'll keep it dry until sunday night. and then monday some showers possible. temps are going to go down now. mid 50s on monday. maybe some showers on tuesday. we're only around 50. and then colder next wednesday. we're only in december. temperatures in the highs will be in the low 40s. >> one of your best holiday forecasts. >> do we have a repeat for
5:51 pm
december 25th? >> no, we do not. >> never hurts to ask. >> all right. well, the redskins not a lot to smile about this holiday season. but we can always hope. right, lesli? >> that's right. is there a chance we might see a redskins victory this weekend? keep your fingers crossed. dave owens is here with a preview. >> you guys are asking a lot of me. >> i don't think so. we spent a lot of time asking redskins players what they were thankful for today and this holiday season. family friends health, all of that. all of the normal answers. but it would appear they should thank the schedule maker this sunday's game against seattle is one of those games seattle's opponent they can look as bad as the redskins. i'll tell you what, on paper this looks like a chance the redskins could win on paper. check this out. could this be the week the streak ends? on paper it looks possible. if you're looking for an offense as harmless as washington, you
5:52 pm
found it. statistically seattle stinks too. and a redskins offense that has been on life support most of the season actually showed a pulse sunday. >> we had some opportunities in the game that we took advantage of. and as long as we stick with it, it's going to help. >> i feel like my hand is ready. when it comes to taking a hit doing different things like that, you can't help it. >> the receivers played pretty good last weekend. >> now, before you get too excited, seattle is tough at home. two weeks ago they dominated baltimore. yes, that's right, i said baltimore. as in ravens. and coach shanahan who has taken many teams to seattle before says his current group can expect one thing come sunday. >> it's very loud and you remind your team how loud it is. >> honestly, i really want to know why it's so loud in there.
5:53 pm
so i went and found out that it's the way the stadium is built. if the wind comes in the stadium a certain way. i'm like, man, i talked to the guy and it is the way he made it. >> good luck. >> yes, good luck. josh wilson played for seattle back in the day. one more note about the hawks, they have a pretty feisty defense so the job won't be easy for the redskins offense. it hasn't shown a lot of consistency to begin with. coming up at 6:00, we're going to hear more about santana moss and how he tends to protect the recently healed hand. it's good to have him back. still to come, lots of people get stuck on the roads around holidays. probably not literally. we're going to tell you a story behind this mess leading up to thanksgiving. >> ouch. then a little later, you may have seen the northern lights last month, but you probably have never seen them like this. and up next, he says it really gives him a reason to get out of bed in the morning. meet a local boxer who also needs some help as he tries to keep local kids off the street.
5:54 pm
we'll be back.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
trying to save boys and girls from the streets can be stressful. so much so that many who have tried have given up their fight. but tonight bruce johnson introduces us to gene hughes who says he gets up every day so
5:57 pm
kids have a place to go after school. >> reporter: at 75 years of age, gene hughes has always been a permanent fixture in the changing 14th street corridor in northwest dc. >> the reason why kids are running buck wild is because nobody is really sitting down and communicating with them. >> let them go. let them go. right there. >> reporter: it began and end his day at the mid town academy just as he has for the last 41 years. >> how many kids do you figure you've helped? more than 1800. >> reporter: and the neighborhood boys and girls can find their way here, gene is always waiting after school with boxing lessons, tutoring or just plain talk from an old man with lots of life lessons to share. >> yes. a whole lot of kids are lost right about now. they're taking and stealing and doing everything. they don't know who they are. >> reporter: he has the memories all over the walls from local and national, political and media figures to boching
5:58 pm
champions in every division. >> and i had him and his brother roger. >> reporter: so you put the boxing gloves on. but he doesn't like to talk about how much longer he can keep the mid town academy open. his retirement checks are what keeps the place running these days. >> this is going to be his tombstone. the children always have a safe haven here. and that's why he takes his social security money, his retirement and he keeps the gym running. >> reporter: developers are putting up condos and office buildings all around. they have offered to buy him out. but where would he go? and more importantly, what would he do? gene hughes is convinced he was put here in this place for this purpose. >> i bring him in here not getting to explain, you're somebody. you're not a nobody. if have something that you can utilize so you can go on and be something and be an example that he lives. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9news now. >> let it go.
5:59 pm
let it go. hands up. hands up. >> the mid town academy won't ask for help, but we will. he can use some. any kind of help at all. all you have to do is stop by. this is 9news now. >> 42 and a half million people are going somewhere other than home this thanksgiving. 90% of you will go by the road. 2% will go by rail. 8% will use the runways and take to the skies. and whether you're traveling yourself or just sitting home waiting for somebody else to get there, we have team coverage tonight to help you get through the madness. the coverage begins with andrea mccarren who is live right now at reagan national airport where it is breezy. andrea. >> reporter: derek, it is incredibly windy out here. but ever since the airlines put those checked bag fees into place, people are bringing just about everything they can on board. in fact, since 2009 according to the tsa, the number of carry on bags has increased


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