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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 24, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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fried disasters, the presidential pardons. america celebrates this national day of thanksgiving. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, november 24th, 2011. thanks for joining us. i'm terrell brown. through the night search crews on the scene of a deadly plane crash in arizona. the crash includes three children who had been picked up to celebrate the holiday. the plane crashed in mountains east of phoenix after taking off from an airport in mesa. this is video of the plane hitting the superstitious mountains. six people, including the three people i were on board. there apparently were no survivors. the body of one child has been recovered. the plane went down in a hard to reach area. >> this is not a flat area. this is jagged peaks, and almost like a cliff type of rugged
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terrain and so we are trying to make our way through that area. the fuselage is stuck down into some of the crevices in this rough terrain and we are doing our best at this point. >> reporter: besides the children, a pilot, mechanic, and another adult were on board. so far, no word on possible cause this morning. an american airlines jet made a safe emergency landing last night in los angeles shortly after the 767 took off from los angeles headed to new york, the crew smelled something burning. the plane turned to the airport, landing without incident. nine minutes later, 161 people were on board. if you have travel plans this thanksgiving for most of the country this is a good day to be on the move. a large storm system that hit most of the atlantic coast yesterday is gone. from the east coast, fair and pleasant weather speckeexpected. heavy rain and thunderstorms made a mess of one of the busiest travel days of the year. there were numerous flight delays and cancellations and the slick roadways made for some
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dangerous driving. in pennsylvania, it wasn't the weather that stopped drivers in their tracks. it was a flood of goody muck. the tar-like chemical came from a leaking valve on a tanker truck. the driver had no idea so he drove 40 miles down the pennsylvania turnpike. about 150 cars and trucks were disabled and the sticky stuff used to cover highways covered their tires and wheels. >> you didn't know it at first. as soon as it started to harden up on your tire, you could feel the thugging. you thought you had a black tire. >> reporter: even some state police and turnpike maintenance vehicles had to be towed away. by last night the spill had been cleaned up and the driver charged for failing to secure his load. american soldiers in kabul, afghanistan, were visited by new york yankees outfielder nick swisher and his wife. >> we can't thank the men and women in our service enough for what they do and especially around the holidays. we know they can't be with their families and we know they would
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like to be so we may not be their families but at least we could be maybe a couple of days. >> but they are going to celebrate. this year, the department of defense plans to hand 168,000 towns of turkey to the troops in iraq and situate and 37,000 pounds of stuffing and 43,000 pounds of sweet potatoes and 34,000 pies. report that 12 cia agents have been arrested in iran. the lawmaker says the agent plan to strike iranian interests. in egypt this morning, a truce between the police and the anti-government protesters appears to be holding. a live picture from tahrir square in cairo. meanwhile, the military continues to hold three american college students arrested during the demonstrations. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. joy sweeney says her son sounded
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healthy during their brief conversation, but truce or not, it appear he and his friends may remain in custody for the holiday. protesters fled from an armed vehic vehicleas it tried to chase them down in the city of alexandria. for a fifth straight night, demonstrators clashed with police throwing molotov cocktails. >> it is disgusting! they have to go! they have no right to have any claim on any authority to make any decisions in this country ever again! >> reporter: protesters are demanding an immediate end to military rule in egypt. so far, the country's leaders have only agreed to move up presidential elections. wednesday, one of the candidates called for the violence to stop. >> this has to come to an end. this is unacceptable! >> reporter: the u.s. and the un kr condemned the violence against violators.
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egyptian police questioned the students again wednesday. one of them, 19-year-old derrick sweeney had a 90-second conversation with his mother. egyptian authorities say the students will be detained for at least several more days, pending an investigation. and egypt's military also issued a statement this morning, apologizing for the loss of life and vowing to bring justice to those responsible for the deaths of protesters. >> happy thanksgiving to you, tara. good to see you this morning. tara mergener in washington, good to see you. thanks. raided a compound of a break-away group in iowa. sam mullet and six others were charged with hate crimes yesterday. the men allegedly attacked other amish, cutting the beards and hair of men and women and then took photos. the amish believe a man's beard is sacred. coming up on the morning
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sears black friday starts 4am! find the brands you love and over 900 doorbusters! get $10 off clothing with coupon. extra 20% off fine jewelry already 60-70% off. and an extra 20% off all stand mixers. real deals. real savings. sears. ♪ so this may not be earth shattering news to millions of fans here, but jimi hendrix has been voted the best guitarist of all time. the "rolling stone" panel claimed him the king on wednesday. the fire that continues to inspire. the rest of the top five are all british. dr. conrad muredy will be back in a los angeles courtroom next week and tuesday find out his punishment in the death of
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michael jackson. yesterday, his lawyers asked if he could be released from jail and put on probation. prosecutors are demanding murray be sentenced to at least four years behind bars. new developments in the penn state sexual abuse scandal. a lawyer for sandausky says sandusky is now being abusing one of his own grandkids. another lawyer is suing the second mile to try to keep its assets from disappearing. on this cbs "moneywatch" the diet crisis is taking its toll on the asian markets. hong kong's hang sang edged up a fraction. wall street is closed today for the holiday but the same fear rattled investors at home on wednesday. for millions of americans, thanksgiving means a lot more than just a big turkey dinner. it means big savings and some have been camping out in front of stores for days waiting to get a jump on the start to black
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friday. after the meal today, even more shops will head out to hit up the stores that are opening late tonight. alexis christoforous has more. >> reporter: it's not even thanksgiving and santa has been settled in at the mall for days. it's the final countdown to black friday. the official start of the holiday shopping season. and consumer experts think it could be a big one. >> 55 million americans, around 29% of adults, tell us they are going to be shopping on black friday. that's a big number. that's the first uptick we have seen in a few years. >> reporter: the more they shop the more catch goes into the economy which is why the stakes are so high. with many americans struggling financially, consumers will be looking for practical gifts like clothing, things people need, not just want. that works for michelle showback who is on a tight budget this year. >> i'm not buying myself anything and probably ask for more practical gifts for christmas, yeah, like sneakers.
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>> reporter: electronics will be big and gift cards. even though 1 in 4 americans still have one left over from last year. to pack in the shoppers, big retailers are extending their hours on black friday and many stores, like toys "r" us, are opening on thanksgiving. online retailers are also hunting for business with steep discounts and free shipping even before cybermonday and your cell phone could be your best shopping buddy this season. >> there's an evolution going on. 13% of people use smart phones to get their deal information. >> reporter: stores are now sending coupons through mobile applications so shoppers can swipe the discounts straight from their phones. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. occupy wall street demonstrators have their own plans for the big shopping day. black friday protests are being organized that call for boycotting big change. talking stores like target, best buy and walmart. there are even reports that some protesters may want to block shoppers from getting into the
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows skies clearing over the northeast. the midwest has no clouds with fair weather stretching into the southwest and towards the great lakes. the west coast still has some rain and snow. later today, the east coast has wonderful weather. highs in the 40s and in the northeast, in the 70s, the southeast, west coast will see more rain and snow. much of the southwest will have a mix of sun and clouds, you about a few clouds could come down later on this morning. the kings are the kings in basketball in hawaii at least. back and forth against kansas and then this. the big shot coming up right here. time running out. tyler thornton drains the long distance three to put the blue devils ahead. duke takes down the jayhawks 68-61 to win the maui
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invitational. spinning and jamming their way to victory, 79-63. glimmer of hope for the nba season. yahoo sports reports. the two sides have to reach a quick settlement to start the season by christmas. and a grand tradition in college football is about to come to an end. thousands turned out for what could be the last lone star showdown yell practice. it's held every wednesday night before arch rival texas a&m and the university of texas hit the gridiron on thanksgiving. since the aggies are moving to a new conference, this could be the last big yell. looks kind of weird, yelling and nobody is on the field. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and lots of hot air.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. the east coast will be fair and pleasant. sunny -- and it's wet along the west coast with snow over the mountain ranges. here is another look at this morning's top stories. a twin engine plane crashed into the mountains outside of phoenix, arizona. search crews were on scene overnight. six people were on board, including three young children who had been picked up for the holiday. it's believed there are no survivors. one body has been recovered. a truce between
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anti-government protesters and police in egypt appears to be holding this morning. five days of violence has claimed at least 40 lives and three american college students are still being detained. they are said to be doing well. at the white house wednesday, a thanksgiving tradition. >> i like doing that. you are hereby pardoned! >> president obama officially pardoned the national thanksgiving turkey whose name is liberty, by the way. after the ceremony, liberty was sent out to live out his days at mt. vernon, george washington's estate in virginia. the president ls pitched in at a local food bank. pat robertson is raising eyebrows this thanksgiving. on his 700 club, this was on wednesday, he showed a clip of former secretary of state condoleezza rice. he asked the secretary what she was looking forward to most today. >> what is the most thing on thanksgiving you just have to have? >> mac and cheese!
4:20 am
>> sister, that is my dish. only one thing i can rock. >> but only once a year. >> good interview, christy! what is this mac and cheese thing? is that a black thing? >> it is a black thing, pat. the world needs to get on board with macaroni and cheese. >> are you kidding? i have plenty of white friends that love mac and cheese. by the way, the dish is especially popular on minority groups, especially where i'm from down south. before the mac and cheese and turkey many will watch the thanksgiving day parade in new york city. hazel sanchez of our new york station wcbs reports. >> reporter: aryear after year, thousands flock to see the macy's thanksgiving day balloons come to life. >> it's really cool. lots of balloons to see. >> there is no place in the world and nothing like it. >> reporter: it's become a
4:21 am
tradition for this mclaughlin family and 3-year-old's gracy's first time at the balloon blowup and she quickly decided the smurf is her fast. why do you like the smurf one? >> because i'm going to be a smurf for halloween. >> it's a have special night. we have included my parents in the tradition as well and we wouldn't miss it for the world. >> reporter: this year, the 85th annual parade will showcase 15 giant character balloons and 44 novelty balloons, a new sonic the hedge hog is making his debut and the old favorites will also take to the skies. spiderman and snoopy and kermit. >> i like the energizer bunny. >> just seeing them live and in person. you can't imagine how big they really, really are. >> reporter: this is mickey's hand coming from panda's face and this is spongebob's foot! mayor bloomberg, this is a tradition that never gets old, does it? >> it never gets old. whether you're young or old or in the middle, it's always new. >> just wishing you were able to
4:22 am
be there. >> every year coming to see the floats beforehand knowing what is happening the next day, everybody is excited and this is the real start of the holiday season. >> that was wcbs hazel sanchez reporting this morning. i've got turkey on the brain, devi guys. i'm sorry. this morning, on "the early show," from meals to wheels to the best shopping deals. the latest on the thanksgiving day celebrations. i'm terrell brown. and this is the "cbs morning news." yoohoo, hi. i noticed you used the largest cash back card... why is that? they give me 5% cash back at department stores this quarter. but only on up to $300 worth of merchandise. so the most you can earn is $15 dollars. chase freedom also gives you 5% cash back at department stores this quarter but on up to $1,500 worth of purchases. that is $75. that's 5 times more! woo.
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good morning and happy thanksgiving. welcome to 9news now. it is thursday, november 24th. i'm andrea roane. >> i know there are people out there putting the turkey in right now. >> right now? >> yeah. >> 9:00 turkey? >> do you have a big 20, 25 pound bird, it takes a long time. >> how many hours are we talking here? >> what is it? 13 minutes a pound. that's a lot for a big bird. >> is beverly in for traffic? beverly, we hope you're here. she's in for monika samtani. just making sure because it is a holiday. >> howard has your weather and maybe traffic. >> weather is kind of nice today. we had the big rains yesterday morning and big winds yesterday afternoon. we're in for a nice stretch of
4:26 am
weather. let's get you started here with your day planner on this thanksgiving morning. 42 degrees right now. highs upper 50s to around 60 in a few spots with a northwest wind at 5 to 10. we'll have that morning chill if you want to go for a walk or exercise but a great afternoon ahead. sunrise at 7:00 a.m. straight up this morning. there go the rain showers. second batch come in yesterday afternoon, how it sort of developed from northwest to southeast. this morning, we're left with clear skies. winds are still up there a little bit. 10 to 15. temperatures down in the 30s. we're in the low 40s in washington. down south, 43. spoke to bill in newland, the low 40s. annapolis on the bay, 44. 36 degrees there in winchester. a little bit of a wind chill factor with some of the wind chills down in the lower 30s and our temp, 4 it with a wind chill of 40. the winds not that bad. as far as the highs today, we'll be pushing 60 at andrews.
4:27 am
mid-50s in hagerstown. about 58 here in d.c. it is a holiday. we still have road conditions to report on. beverly farmer is in with more. >> happy turkey to you. folks that are headed out, a lot of folks. i've done it before do that early morning thanksgiving thing. you get out of cooking and show up in time for cook. no problems as you make the drive, looking live at dulles which is looking fine. the toll road to and from there is good. the green way around the capital beltway, no big incidents to report. the 95 long haul, no early problems to report between richmond and springfield. there is an accident northbound 95 up in cecil county right near exit 93. the northbound center lane blocked for anybody making an early trip. no incidents to report on the bw parkway. beltway in maryland, you've been incident free including over on the beltway in silver
4:28 am
spring. i-270 corridors, i-70, i-68 had to deal with a big rockslide yesterday along the i-68 near cumberland. back to you, mike, andrea. >> people are thankful for that kind of traffic report that conditions aren't bad because thanksgiving is known as one of the most dangerous holidays of the year when it comes to drinking and driving. >> montgomery county police say do it on their streets, they're out to catch you. ken molestina has more. >> we're looking for where that onset first began. >> reporter: it starts with a quick briefing. >> stop if it is before 45 degrees we count it. >> then operation turkey chase is underway. more than 30 police officers hit the streets with one priority. looking for underabled drinkers and drunk drivers. >> we're out in force. we'll make sure there are cops all over the county.
4:29 am
>> thomas manger is talking tough. he says according to police statistically, the night before thanksgiving is one of the most popular for crimes involving alcohol this driver was caught drinking outside a liquor store then getting into his car. after a field sobriety test, he proved he wasn't drunk and was let go but not before being cited for drinking in public. >> i think it is a great idea. local resident keeping the streets safe is a wonderful idea. >> is it is this kind of aggressive approach that police say will get their mem out. >> we're not going to tolerate drunk driving. it is a -- it is dangerous. it is dangerous for you. it is dangerous for everybody else on the road. and we're going to lock them up. >> i'm ken molestina, 9news now. >> operation turkey chase will end today. but that does not mean violators are off the hook. it will be in place through the next year. it is something to think about when you plan on getting behind


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