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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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hit the road. tragedy in arizona. a spectacular crash overnight. a plane carrying six people, including three children, explodes after crashing in the mountains outside phoenix. we will hear from officials about the search for clues. more bombshells emerge in the penn state sexual abuse case. including one of the alleged victims is a member of jerry san dusky's own family. black friday shopping starts earlier than ever. tonight, we will have the results of a new survey that show who is shopping and what they are buying "early" this thanksgiving morning, november 24th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs there they are lined up ready to go central park west. you're looking at a live shot
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there of the balloons prepared for the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. 3.5 million people expected to watch it in person which is an event really in itself. millions more, of course, will watch it on tv. we have a pretty nice bird's-eye view back here this morning. >> what did we see? smurf. the energizer bunny. >> last night, you can watch them as they are blown up around the museum of natural history. there kermit. buzz lightyear is back, kung fu panda and sonic is new this year. >> flashback for me. good morning, everyone. happy thanksgiving. >> i'm erica hill along with jeff glor. chris is getting his turkey ready to cook. >> look good news yesterday. >> we talked so much about the weather on both coasts, how it could cause a lot of problems
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and didn't appear to cause many at all. we will bring you the latest on the thanksgiving travel and the big buildup to black friday or thursday as the case may be. terrell brown is here at the news desk with other headlines. >> good morning. no signs of survivors after a twin-engine plane crashed in arizona. six people were on board the plane and it went down in the mountains east of the phoenix after taking off from an airport in mesa. cbs' tara mergener has our report. >> reporter: a web cam trained on the mountain recorded the moment of impact. seconds later, there was a larger plogs. >> explosion. >> i looked up and i saw this fireball and it rose up. all of a sudden, boom. and that is when it spread whatever fuel and everything all over the place. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard a plane revving its engines in an attempt to clear the 5,000-foot mountain peak.
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rescue crews found several parts on the jagged mountain. >> the way the debris was strewn and the fire was burning it didn't look like anybody could survive anything like that. >> reporter: the plane left stafford, arizona. it took off only to crash in the mountainsside about 40 miles east of phoenix moments later. it's reported that the fuselage broke into larger pieces in an area that is particularly hard for investigators and recovery teams to reach. tara mergener for cbs news. an american airlines jet made an emergency landing last night in los angeles. minutes after the 767 took off from los angeles headed to new york, the crew smelled something burning. just nine minutes after takeoff, the plane safely returned to the airport. 164 people were on board. the latest now on the penn state sexual abuse investigation. a lawyer for former jerry sandusky is denying two new
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claims of sexual abuse. some news outlets say one of the cases involves a grandchild. cbs news anna warner has the latest from state college, pennsylvania. >> reporter: a source tells cbs news that penn state former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is facing two new claims of child sexual abuse and allegedly one of the children is a member of sandusky's own family. earlier this month, sandusky was arrested and charged with allegedly mow lessing eight kids over a 15-yered period. he allegedly met some of the boys through his charity for at risk youth, the second mile. sandusky's attorney told cbs he believes the new allegations were made by family member who has been involved in a divorce and custody procedure and that they are, quote, totally unfounded. he says sandusky adamantly denies the allegations. meanwhile, the attorney for one of the original alleged sexual abuse victims filed an emergency
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in court. the charity has said it may shut down. sandusky's attorney says if new charges are filed in relation to the newest allegations, he will fight them vigorously. anna warner, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. a glimmer of hope the nba season could be salvaged. talks began tuesday and expected to continue through the thanksgiving holiday. if a settlement is reached quickly, the season could start by christmas. five minutes past the hour. time for w
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thanksgiving travel rush rolls on this morning. millions more people will be on the move. most of the country will have clear skies, after a big east coast storm blew through on wednesday, bringing with it lots of rain, some snow in parts of new england. >> minor delays around airports around the u.s. and that is good news. cynthia bowers joins us from o'hare for more on the thanksgiving travel. >> reporter: there is more a business-like in the air here. a get her done attitude as meal times and destinations are quickly approaching. the good news the travel went smoother than expected even with 42.5 million americans hitting the air and there is most travel problems -- there are no travel problems to report today. the day before thanksgiving,
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traditionally marks a mad dash to return home to feast and family. but for many travelers, crossing the country's roads and skies this year, went off without a hitch. >> we are going to puerto vallarta, getting married at sunset on the beach on sunday. >> you donel do this once in your life, right? supposed to. >> reporter: it 16,000 passengers traveled through chicago's o'hare and midway airports yesterday alone. relieved to show the big boards showing few delays. hartsfield-jackson airport had swift lines and smiling faces. but that's not the case for drivers in portland, maine, where close to a foot of wet heavy snow fell. motorists struggled to stay on slick roads but some lost control and ended up in ditches. and drivers were stuck in a mucky mess for 40 miles on the pennsylvania turnpike near pittsburgh, after a tanker truck spilled driveway sealant onto the road. >> just unacceptable.
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they should have shut the freeway down. i mean, it don't come off easy. nothing. i don't even know how i'm going to get to where i'm supposed to go. >> reporter: with more than 42 million people expected to travel this holiday weekend, the crowds did cause a bit of crankiness in some. but for many families, like the johnson's. >> it's been a breeze this morning. yeah. it's been okay. >> reporter: traveling with kids that were grateful to get home was no trouble at all. >> do you like turkey? >> yeah. >> yeah? >> reporter: there were so many families yesterday that told us that they were choosing family over finance. and they were making the plunge and taking the trip because family was more important this year. and it's good to know that getting there was easy because when you're coughing up all of your cash on a trip and you have a tough time getting there, it can make it not worth it but yesterday went really smoothly. we wish a happy thanksgiving to everybody today. back to you guys. >> cindy, thanks very much.
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family is always more important, isn't it? >> without question. on wall street stock markets are closed on thanksgiving but the protesters continue there to some degree but without the usual crowd. >> taryn winter brill is outside the occupy wall street site in lower manhattan. happy thanksgiving, taryn. >> as well to you. the so-called occupation behind me is virtually empty as they all seem to be taking up banking hours and celebrating their vows of poverty as they get ready to celebrate their own personal peace. >> the movement is in your heart! >> reporter: on thanksgiving eve while many prepared for the thanksgiving feast. >> you can try to keep us down. >> but you will fail! >> but you will fail! >> reporter: protesting on thanksgiving, does it sort of re-evaluate your message? >> it's about respecting what america is and hoping it canning something better. >> reporter: it may be a community hungry for change, but on thanksgiving have to settle
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for turkey. organizers have arranged for holiday dinners to be paid for this afternoon and paid for, they say, by private donation. nearly half of those meals will come from texas rotisserie and grill located up the block. they have been working around the clock the last 48 hours to make enough meals to feed a movement. so is this about supporting the movement or is it just a business transaction? >> i'm from egypt. and we feel in the same thing. and i do feel for the 99%. >> reporter: owner med shata, is getting paid to fix the meals but virtually turning no profit. instead, it's the major retail chains that are hoping for big profits with black friday just hours away. but more protests are being organized. with web sites like stop black friday calling if boycotts of big chains like target, best buy, and walmart. is protesting on a day like
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black friday really everything this movement represents if you had to pick one day to do it? >> if you had to pick one day to do it, yes. >> reporter: occupant protester sean mccuin started a website that is different from the strategy against wall street. >> it's called don't occupy walma walmart. we don't want to be there to tell them. we won't turn people away at the door but inform them and tell them not to show up. >> reporter: incidentally, other protesters might not be at laid back. we hear reports some will physically try to stop shoppers. we are heard of other in line protests where they will stand in line and get to the purchase area and not buy the item they are holding to bulk up the line and stop the process. so it's shaping up to be an interesting black friday. >> physically stopping shoppers? that's great. >> it's in the christmas spirit. >> taryn, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks. the latest on the protests in egypt and the three american students who were locked up
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earlier this week, they were accused of throwing fire bombs at police throwing them off a rooftop. >> this morning, they face several more days in custody and elizabeth palmer is in cairo with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the egyptian prosecutor has just said that the students are being interrogated, still, that they have access to a defense lawyer and also a representative from the american embassy. however they added they are going to be held for at least another four days. that is all the way through thanksgiving weekend. state television said when the three americans were arrested earlier this week, they were carrying fuel, empty bottles and a camera. the students who were shown on national television after their arrest are alleged to have thrown molotov cocktails at egyptian police. on day six of the unrest here, there's a break in the violence. overnight, the army put up barbed wire at the enter the
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side street which had been the epi center of the battle and the protesters, at least for now, are cooperating, even talking to the soldiers sent to enforce the troops. >> it was terrible in front of the tvs when you see people dying and trying to get back to life, that's very bad. >> reporter: it follows a night of pitch battle. police fired choking tear gas at demonstrators who surged up and down from the front lines in chaotic waves. all week, protesters have claimed the security forces were using live ammunition against them. one man showed us a bullet. what kind of gun did it come from? >> the army over there. >> reporter: that he believes is from a police weapon. there is no proof of that. but doctors treating the wounded say, off the record, that some of the more than 30 people who have died were shot. the army denies their troops have fired on protesters and, this morning egypt's military is reinforcing efforts to quell the violence. it's sounding conciliatory and
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says it's sorry for the protesters' death and will launch a speedy investigation. the problem remains the same, though, of course, that is very few people here believe them. back to you. >> that could be a problem. liz palmer in cairo, thanks. joining us now from st. louis is derrick sweeney's mother joy. good to have you with us. wednesday morning, you actually got to speak with derrick. what did he say and tell you? >> i was elated to be able to spoke to him and hear his voice. he, of course, i asked him if he did anything and he said, no, they did not, none of -- actually, i did find out that he is roommates with one of the boys and the other one is a friend of is from school. all three boys do know each other. he said that they did not do anything and neither did his friends. >> what do you mean by that? meaning there have been allegations of them throwing things off of a rooftop.
7:15 am
he is saying we didn't throw anything? >> he said, no, we weren't even on a rooftop. >> where were they when they got picked up? how did it haall happen? >> they were standing on some stairs. they cut us off. i asked him if he did anything and i said you didn't -- well, actually, i didn't make it leading. i said you didn't do anything, did you? he said, no, of course, not, i wouldn't do that. i said i knew that! i knew you wouldn't do anything like that! i keep telling everybody he wouldn't do anything like that. he said, mom, you know me, i would nerver do that and never hurt anybody. they were waiting for the translators. each boy only had a few minutes to talk to me. he said they had spent last night in one jail and then they transferred him to a different jail, but all three boys are in the same jail cell together, so they are being -- at least they have each other. >> they have each other. did he talk at all how they are being treated and what people are saying to them?
7:16 am
>>, you know, he said they fed us a little. >> how much has he been told and was he able to relay to you about why the three of them are there, why they were picked up and why they are going to be questioned? >> i do not know anything. >> okay. >> we didn't have that conversation. they are -- like i said they are waiting and they are at the attorney general so they have been transferred to the attorney general. the egyptian attorney general's office. they are there. >> he has been there for a couple of months now. >> yes. >> how much time has he spent going down to tahrir square? how much has he talked to you about what is happening on the ground with all of the changes in egypt and what it's been like? does he fear for his safety? >> to be perfectly honest, no, i didn't ever fear for his safety because he is usually pretty responsible. he makes good choices. >> did he ever tell you that he feared for his own safety? >> no. no. i mean, i told him that when i saw the picture of them being arrested that he looked terrified and he said, "i was, mom, i was." >> do you feel you're getting the answers and the help you
7:17 am
need right now? >> oh, right now, after just talking to him! of course, i do! i got a call with all fives across my cell phone and i pick it up. it's the counselor general of the u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt, here, i have your son, i want to talk to him. of course, i do! >> do you expect him to come home? he can't be here for thanksgiving but hopefully the rest of the holiday season? >> we weren't planning on him coming home for thanksgiving. his flight, he was planning coming home on december 22nd so that is when we were planning on seeing him next. we certainly weren't planning on him being arrested. we do not know. i'm ecstatic. i've talked to my son and i heard his voice. he's alive and well and as good as can be expected. i'm thrilled! >> joyce sweeney, appreciate your time this morning. thank you.
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to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must. ♪ good morning, snoopy! he is getting ready there. >> who is ahead of him? >> i can't tell. >> i don't know who it is. >> i'm not sure. >> anyway. >> but snoopy is there. all we need to know. snoopy will be ready to fly
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above the streets of new york city. just a little while here. welcome back to "the early show" on this thanksgiving morning. happy thanksgiving. happy thanks to you, my friend. >> and do you as well. >> nice to start the day off with you. i'm thankful for fantastic colleagues. >> me too. >> we are giving thanks for turkey and football. come on! >> you're right. you're right. >> i'm all about the football. >> you love the football. >> love it. thanksgiving day is always a big day for the nfl. you're in luck. ahead we will take a look at this afternoon's dolphins and cowboys game with shannon sharpe of cbs sports who will pop by. >> who did a one-on-one interview with tim tebow who has gotten a lot of attention recently and talk more with shannon what tim told him in that interview. >> in terms of what -- critical of him on the field. looking forward to that. also ahead this morning, can't talk thanksgiving these days without mentioning a little shopping. >> not at all. if shopping is your idea of sport, this is your time.
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150 million americans are expected to go shopping on black friday which begins tonight. thousands of big box stores, despite the crowds and frenzy nearly three-quarters of shoppers would rather go to stores instead of buying online. we will have more on that survey coming up. >> the deals are out online this morning. not that i was doing any shopping at work but i know these things. first, the latest on campaign 2012. on wednesday, we told you how newt gingrich statement on illegal immigrants brought a lot of criticism from other gop presidential candidates. >> the former speaker of the house is trying to fight back. this morning, whit johnson is in washington with more. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: his moderate position on illegal immigration may have raised some conservative eyebrows in the recent debate but now newt gingrich is putting minimtt rom accusing him of flip-flopping on the same issue. >> i'm prepared to take the heat for saying let's be humane and enforcing the law.
7:32 am
>> reporter: that heat came as newt gingrich expected, after saying in tuesday's debate that longtime illegal immigrants should have a way to live in the united states legally. mitt romney led the criticism from iowa wednesday, roughly six weeks before the state's republican caucus. >> i just think we make a mistake as a republican party to try and describe which people, who have come here illegally should be given amnesty to jump ahead of the line of the people who have be waiting in line. >> reporter: gingrich hit back on twitter accusing romney of shifting positions on immigration, pointing to this 2007 interview. >> the 12 million or so that are here illegally should be able to sign up for permanent residency or citizenship. >> reporter: but romney's campaign was muscling forward and picking up a key endorsement from south dakota senator and rising republican star john thune. >> what impresses me with government rom me, he talked a little bit about his experience as governor, but he is a guy who has turned failing things around. >> reporter: hoping to turn her campaign around is congresswoman
7:33 am
michele bachmann. but her appearance this week on nbc's late night with jimmy fallon didn't garner the publicity she expected. fallon's house band introduced her with a song. >> this is clearly a form of bias on the part of the hollywood entertainment elite, but it's also, i think, a sexism -- sexism as well. this wouldn't be tolerated if this was michelle obama. >> reporter: now bachmann says she like jimmy fallon, and has nothing against him but wanted an apology from nbc. she got one yesterday and a separate apology from jimmy fallon, just in time for thanksgiving. >> whit johnson, thank you. here is terrell brown at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us. no signs of survivors following the crash of a small plane in arizona with six people on board. the twin-engine plane crashed in the mountains east of phoenix
7:34 am
last night. this is a video of the plane hitting the superstitious mountain. new violence in yemen this morning one day after president ali abdullah saleh agreed to step down, they fired on protesters killing five. the demonstrators rejected saleh's deal. hundreds of protesters have been killed during the ten-month anti-government uprising. a new way of fighting inflation in new delhi, india this morning. the new prime minister was slapped in the face by a man who was apparently angry about rising food prices. the attacker who had a knife was dragged away by police and they will presumably slap him with assault charges. he got a full hand in
7:35 am
up next here, we visit a new orleans restaurant serving up much more than gumbo and crawfish these days. it's actually helping dreams come true for a lot of kids. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. we have that story come up. [ gasp, girl screaming ] yeah, i know it's pretty cool; it starts at midnight. [ girl screaming ] is this the right way? [ girl screaming ] i take that as a "yes." [ girl screaming ] [ girl screaming ] i guess you're excited, too. [ girl screaming ] [ female announcer ] get justin bieber's someday gift set and we'll donate two dollars to the make-a-wish foundation. only at macy's.
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so much of what people know about new orleans is about great music. >> which is great. >> and great food. >> which is great. >> that's right. one local restaurant cafe reconcile gets incredible reviews for its dishes like fried catfish and crawfish sauce and sounds new orleans. >> but that is not entirely why we wen there. the cafe runs a jobs and skills program to help young kids find a brighter future and michelle miller has that story. ♪
7:39 am
>> reporter: just blocks from new orleans bustling french quarter, is an area of town rarely seen by tourists. ♪ >> reporter: and a corner restaurant that should be of required stop on every visitor's itinerary. >> table 8! >> reporter: cafe reconcile has the best. but its charm has nothing to do with gumbo or collard greens. >> i have been with cafe reconcile for a month and a half. i learn a lot. >> reporter: the draw of the cafe is its purpose to help turn around the lives of young people like sharna. >> before, i was just running the streets, you know? doing what a young child usually do. >> a special, chickek. >> reporter: the restaurant offers a stcomprehensive live
7:40 am
skills program. >> for 12 weeks, kids with nowhere else to turn, come here for intensify skill classes. >> i need the chicken broken up in smaller pieces. >> reporter: they work rotating shifts in the fully functioning cafe. and claim internships at top real world restaurants and hotels. >> 20, 25,000. >> mr. hiram teach us how to present ourselves in the correct way. >> you, ma'am? like smiling, talking to a person in a professional way. can i start you guys off with a drink? >> reporter: but the program teaches so much more than tangible skills to land a job. it offers something these kids have rarely had. safety, respect, and, most importantly, trust. >> because so many have been hurt so many times, they are distrustful. distrustful to family members and distrustful to the city that let them down. >> reporter: most of the students at cafe reconcile were just kids when katrina tore apart their city and their
7:41 am
lives. many who had little were left with nothing. >> they are tied from being out there on the streets and coming and looking for refuge and someone who can protect them and someone who can help them. >> thanks for coming? >> reporter: sister mary lou is the cafe's take no prisoners loveable mother hen. >> keep it up. we have had over 700 since we begun in early 2000. it's been an amazing feat of severing young people and looking at their needs and giving them an opportunity. >> reporter: and it's working. the current students have graduates like reynard to look up to. >> i've been away from reconcile for maybe -- the current employs 14 reconcile graduates and its general manager couldn't be more proud. >> by the time they get here, they are dusted well into it and
7:42 am
that is why they are successful here. >> reporter: for reynard, this is a stop on the way of his goal of opening his own barber shopper. and sharna, she plans to to go to college and study music. a reality all thanks in part to a restaurant with a big heart. michelle miller, cbs news, new orleans. >> what a great story. >> one staep at a tiep at a tim >> if you would like to help cafe reconcile, more information at our website, shoppers, start your engines up next here. >> get ready. we will tell you what is out, what is in, when it comes to black friday. everything you need to know. >> are you shopping today? >> no! maybe later online. >> yeah. only if it's on sale. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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according to one estimate, more than 150 million americans will go shopping on black friday and many of them -- >> isn't that half the population just about? >> just about. slightly under half. it does seem shocking, doesn't it? >> it's a lot! >> yeah. many of them will be doing that in new and different ways. >> to help you do it in the best possible way, carmen wong ulrich with new and revealing shopping service. these give us a good snapshot what they are buying and why they are doing it this way. >> a new cbs poll that came out today. in terms of who is shopping and by how much. here is the thing. 41% of americans say they will be spending less this holiday season. this is a trend that has been going on since 2008. spending more than about 9% and about half of americans and if you look at, of course, the income splits, of course, those with budgets will spend less and those who make over a hundred thousand dollars are actually to spend more which makes sense.
7:47 am
>> what about going to stores versus online? >> that's a big split. online is still growing in terms of spending. in stores, 7 out of 10 americans will still go to the store and the millions of people we keep talking about. online shopping about 16%. those who make over a hundred thousand dollars, that number is doubled, that is over 30% will be shopping online. we got convenience, access to technology and all of that. >> sure. the things that people are buying and the reasons they are buying them are also changing as we look at spending habits. >> yes. >> what is most important when people are buying things right now? >> i'm happy about this change. we are not buying more stuff and bigger stuff but buying experience. it's about quality of life and making your life better so that is number one thing. prestige buys. going one up brand level wise on your beauty products, that is what folks are spending more money on. and driving. we are not spending money on the cars, we are spending money on driving and spending more money
7:48 am
on gas than we have spent in years. here is the thing. i got to mention this. wine. according to "usa today" poll. >> please do. >> the second day in a row i mentioned wine. >> we love you. >> wine sales up 14% and people for the first time are spending more money on wine than wine glasses if you can imagine, that's a trend. >> do you want to stick around here after the show a little while? >> i have a few bottles. >> great! >> it's thanksgiving! >> cheers. >> before you take off, last-minute tips? >> here is the thing. do i have to say it? know your budget. make sure you know your budget and stick to it like glue. something more important. know yourself! how did you blow your budget last year? we talked yesterday about the 14 million people still paying off their bills. what happened? know yourself and put some stop-gaps in place and use technology to help you stop overspending. if you're using your debit card you can put an e-mail and text alerts when you drop below a certain level it will ping you. you're in the store and you've broken your budget so use
7:49 am
technology to help you do that. >> that is a great idea. i love that! >> good. >> i love you. happy thanksgiving. >> i love you too. >> love all the way around. >> we will be back with more love and football on "the early show" ahead. uk style by french connection, structure and bongo... all under one roof. sears has all the styles they love, at prices you'll love. and all the money you save... well, that can be your little secret. hundreds of doorbusters friday and saturday at our thanksgiving sale. that's real gifts, real joy. sears [ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. if you sleep in your contact lenses. lucky for you, air optix brand has a lens approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear.
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state farm.
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♪ welcome back to "the early show." top of the hour on this thanksgiving. and i think that may be sonic, the hedge hog. >> i believe it is. >> peeking over the trees of central park, lined up there on
8:00 am
central park west, ready to make his way downtown for the -- i think, this is the 85th thanksgiving day parade. >> they are large. big hair. >> those balloons are amazing how big thorough. >> very cool stuff. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. nice to have you with us. in egypt, officials tell cbs news three students detained on monday against anti-government protesters in cairo are being released. >> we want to get right to liz palmer who is in cairo. >> reporter: wonderful news for their families. we heard in the last few minutes the egyptian prosecutor declined to press charges. no reason for nap the students were released from the police station. they are now being examined medically. they will be taken back to the police station and then the last few steps to have them released officially, although we don't know where they are going to go from there, one would think they will probably be pretty anxious
8:01 am
to get home. it's a real reversal, because just an hour ago, we were telling you that they were going to be held right through thanksgiving weekend, that they had incriminating things on them when they were caught and, furthermore, two members of their dorm, two egyptian students in their dorm were going to be released too. rather puzzling perhaps, but, nevertheless, great news at the beginning of this thanksgiving weekend. back to you. >> i would say toy. liz palmer, thank you very much. in afghanistan, thanksgiving day is another day at war for thousands of american troops stationed there but it doesn't mean they won't be getting a chance to celebrate a bit. >> they will have turking and all of the trimmings today thousands of mile from home. mandy clark has that story for. >> reporter: thanksgiving is a taste of home for u.s. troops stationed overseas in war zones but this one is special. with the drawdown in afghanistan and the wind down in iraq, for many, this may be the last thanksgiving before actually going home. it's never been like sitting around the family table, but the
8:02 am
military takes thanksgiving seriously. if the soldiers can't be with their families, they can at least have the same sort of ingredients and share the experience. >> i would like to tell my family that i miss them very much and i'm thinking of them every day and i wish i could spend this holiday with them. >> reporter: this year's celebs was the new york yankees nick swisher and his actress wife joanne swisher. military brass in kandahar were taking part in a thanksgiving rolling feast. >> come on over and eat about 14 turkey dinners all over afghanistan, spending time with our marines just to wish them a happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: because of the upcoming troop reduction, there may be more to give thanks for this year. both for the troops who are leaving and those at home waiting for them. mandy
8:03 am
announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by folgers. the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup. plenty ever of traditions on thanksgiving and for many americans, football ranks up there with mom and pumpkin pie. >> the tradition continues this afternoon on cbs as the dallas cowboys host the miami dolphins. joining is pro football hall of famer and cbs news nfl analyst, shannon sharpe. never gets old. to listen to yourself being
8:04 am
noufed introduced as a hall of famer, does it? >> it doesn't but i saved the copy when they put my name up there and i was inducted into the hall of fame, just to make sure. >> excellent. shann shannon, you got good stuff coming up this afternoon. you sat down with tim teebelow who has been all of the talk recently. how did it go? >> it went really well but you have to remember this is only a 30-minute interview. i've been very critical of this young man so he is going to be very guarded but i tried to extract as much information i possibly view and let the viewer decide what they think. >> can tim tebow be a long-term solution and quarterback for the denver broncos? >> well, i think that is what john fox and john elway who run the organization want to find out. i don't think we've had a big enough body of work to be able to judge that just yet. but i think in order for him to be successful, he's going to have to throw the football a lot better than what he is throwing it right now. guys i've been on this earth for 43 years and i've never seen a
8:05 am
young man generate such debate as tim tebow name brings up. not in the political rooarena a not in the sporting arena and religious arena. they have never seen what this kid generates. >> which is more reason to tune in and watch the interview. you can't give everything away. you mentioned he was a little bit guarded. was it tough to get the conversation going? >> it's hard to sit down as much as i've been critical of this young man. i played the game of football so he knows that there are certain things that i know that probably a guy that hadn't played the game of football wouldn't be able to tell, just by sitting there and there are some questions that i ask that probably made him a little uncomfortable. but i just felt for me to go in there and just throw a softball questions, i wasn't going to be doing my job and i wasn't going to allow him to explain to the viewing audience what tim tebow was really about but i tried to
8:06 am
get as much information i possibly could from him and hopefully the viewers think i did a pretty good job and they have a better idea who have he is. >> also in the pregame show, your colleague, james brown, j.b., a class act. >> yes. >> he took a look at the relationship between tom brady and his mentor. because of what happening, his name is tom martinez. let's take a look at that. >> appreciate you coming out. >> he never really let's lets down his guard too much. a football coach as long as he has been, you don't let a lot of people see your vulnerabilities. >> what support has tom provided for you that is helping you to stay encouraged through this? >> he said, now, coach, if there is anything, and he put in capitals, is there anything i can do for you, just let me know. so i texted him back and i said, you know what? i thought about it for half an hour. and there is something you can do for me.
8:07 am
>> these guys have been so close for more than 20 years. >> yes, tom martinez mentoring tom brady and now tom is dealing with some very serious medical issues. i don't know if you've had a mentor like that, but the amount that he has meant to him -- you can't even qualify. >> i think tom brady will tell you, without tom martinez, his personal passing coach in his life and mentoring him, there is probably no super bowls, there are probably no mvps and probably no discussion whether or not tom brady is the greatest quarterback to have ever played this game and now they are both in a fight because mr. martinez needs a kidney transplant to save his life and tom brady, as he mentioned in the piece, that is going to air today on our network, is that whatever tom asked, whatever you need, you let me know an that just goes to show you the type of relationship that they have. my mentor growing up was my high school football coach william hall who has been coaching for
8:08 am
50 plus years and drives 75 miles one way to get to school and he is still doing it today. but we all need people in our lives like that and it's nice for me to be able to get into the hall of fame, to bring him with me and for tom to be a super bowl winning quarterback and an mvp and an ambassador of our league to have that great relationship with tom martinez and hopefully he is able to get that kidney transplant to save his life. the piece on tim tebow i did on him, the interview, will be on sunday. >> today, kick off the action 3:30 with you, right? >> yes, the dolphins versus the cowboys. >> that is the cbs game. who do you like? >> tony mow rromo is tough to bn november and 18-2 and doesn't turn the ball over. the dolphins are on a three-game winning streak and like tony romo to make it 19-2 in the month of november.
8:09 am
>> nfl today begins at 3:30 either followed by the dolphins and cowboys at 4:00 eastern on cbs. shannon's interview with tim tebow is coming up on sunday. ahead here on "the early show" this morning, making your plans for black friday. do you buy the electronic gifts? if you're working, are you going to miss out on the best deals? the answers to those questions and a few more coming our way with rebecca jarvis just ahead. this is "the early show" on cbs. w.
8:10 am
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some people spend months planning their black friday strategy. if you have not laid out your battle plans yet, we are here to help. >> that's right. grab a pen and paper and get ready. time for a special black friday edition of ask it early. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here with the help line. good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> to you too. happy turkey day. >> so we have questions from our viewers which is part of our ask it early series. the first comes from alexandria. >> my question is i love all of the sales but i hate the crowds.
8:13 am
so how do i avoid the crowds on the holiday? >> can you even avoid a crowd on this holiday? >> you can if you go online. other than having a slower internet connection which so could be the case you go online. most of the web sites out there are offering deals and discounts for black friday about 92% of them are offering deals this weekend. 78% of them are offering deals on cybermonday and that is, of course, next monday, the monday after thanksgiving which becomes one of the biggest shopping days for people. >> one of the least productive days at work. >> exactly. >> next question from charlotte in l.a. >> i have to work on black friday and i'm wondering if i can't get out, am i going to be missing all of the deals? >> back to going on the computer. no, you're going to be okay, because basically when you look at these black friday deals, about 90% of what gets offered in the stores also gets offered online as far as deals. and a lot of the big deals you see in stores, those door buster
8:14 am
items, each store carries about 10 to 15 of them. unless you're the first person or the first couple of people in line you end up really not getting the deal. think about it that day and think about going online because about 90% of what you're going to find in the store is right there. >> our next question comes to us from facebook online. denise asks is it the best time to buy electronics or when would be a better time? meaning the shopping season is the best time. i've often wondered about that. >> i have as well. consumer reports found as far as tvs and camcorders and other dvd players, things like they go on sale more by about 5% less than everything else in the days after black friday. so if you hold out, you're going to get probably a better deal, about 25% of the items that are out there you're going to get a better deal on them after black friday. another thing to consider here is the fact that the items that are on sale on black friday, in many cases, are not necessarily the brand that you're going to want to go with.
8:15 am
so if you hold out for that brand, you can actually find a better deal on the brand that you want if you hold out closer to christmas. >> that said, no matter what you buy electronics wise it's outdated in six months. >> which is frustrating. it also speaks to the point, sometimes it's so easy. you go out and you think you want a tv and think i have to buy the one this weekend because it's a good deal even if it's not the one i want. you can end up getting sucked into these deals really easily when it's not something you or the person you're buying for necessarily wants or needs. >> it's a really good point. there are great web sites out there and two great web sites if you're thinking about buying something, you know specifically what you want this holiday season, type it into these web sites and they will track them and follow them and let you know when the best deal will come. >> i love that! i love it when they do all of the work for you. >> the technology these days. >> great stuff. up next, a recipe takes 1,400-pound pumpkin and the top
8:16 am
chefs do the rest. >> we will tell you how this enormous vegetable inspired some great dishes, some good deeds and helped a lot of people in the process. this is "the early show" on cbs. . ♪ [ squeak! pop! ] or get a 14-gallon shop vac for only $29. was $79. shop online starting thanksgiving day with free shipping through monday. lowe's. never stop improving.
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8:18 am
♪ oh, the turkey! that was official. >> we can officially begin thanksgiving. >> that's right. is that the smurf behind there? >> it's either that or sonic. another turkey. a goose. >> so well put together. one of the nicest things -- welcome back, everyone. one of the nicest things about the holidays is how so many people take the time and effort to help others. when one new york city charity received an unusual food donation this month, they knew just who to call. >> the result looks more like a cooking competition than a charity event and appropriately for the season, the key ingredient here is pumpkin. taryn winter brill has more. >> reporter: when it comes to feeding new york's hungry, city
8:19 am
harvest has a simple solution. waste not, want not. they take leftover food from restaurants or markets and turned it into free meals. no donation is too small or, in this case, too big. >> the event today is about giant pumpkin, over 1,400 pounds. >> reporter: which means carving it will take some serious muscle and who better than new york's finest chefs. >> more of an excavation than carving. >> reporter: all they needed was a bigger nied. >> success! >> another pumpkin inside here! >> it's important to city harvest. they work with us to get the great pumpkin carved up and turned into probably not pumpkin pie, but also some other delicious things. >> it's heavy! >> pumpkin all over the kitchen today. >> reporter: our first stop is ditch plains. one of marc murphy's five new york restaurants. i understand why you were absent at the carving. >> i had a little surgery but i'm okay, i'm fine. >> reporter: what are we making?
8:20 am
>> goat cheese and scallions and parsley and vinaigrette in here. the people here in new york and aren't able to eat and don't have enough food to eat kills me. >> reporter: a nice generous amount of pumpkin. >> here you go. a tasty treat. pumpkin peluso. >> reporter: on the food network, ron is one sweet genius so no surprise he chose to make something for dessert. >> we are making pumpkin bread pudding. >> reporter: did you say hack? >> hack, that's good. >> reporter: we started by roasting the donated pumpkin. >> you're welcome to use crusty, all of the bread. >> reporter: then he put me to work. >> i'm going to pour the melted butter over the bread crumbs which you're going to toss. we are going to feel almost each -- i like to serve the bread pudding in different dishes and you don't feel as guilty.
8:21 am
it's good for the muscles. feel this. >> reporter: make a muscle. >> i am! some milk and cream and brown sugar and eggs. does not have to be even. nice and brown. i'm waiting to see your expression. is it? >> reporter: that's incredible. how many of these bread puddings do you think you'll make as a part of this program for the holiday season? >> i think easy we make a few thousands. >> reporter: that's a lot of pudding. so i went to meet the man responsible for picking it all up. wonderful to meet you. is this your busiest time of year? >> always, always, the busiest time. unfortunately, there is more layoffs, so we have more work to do, but that's our mission, to feed people and that is what we do. >> reporter: with dessert in tow, we headed out to collect the rest. good morning, how are you? hi, chef carrie, how are you? >> i'd shake your hand but i still have my cast on. >> a whole lot of soup out of that big piece of pumpkin. >> reporter: once we made our last pick up.
8:22 am
is this the best part of the day. >> >> yeah. >> reporter: it was time for the most important stop, st. james food kitchen. i hope they like pumpkin! >> they will! >> reporter: a five-star feast for those who need it most. taryn winter brill, cbs news, new york. >> city harvest is a fantastic organization. >> love it. >> you think about it and you look at it and you say, why didn't we start doing that a long time ago? so much excess that can help so many. it's a great reminder, not just today but every day of the year. >> good for them. if you want to try any of those pumpkin dishes you can look for the
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:29 am
♪ welcome back to "the early show" on this thanksgiving morning. half past the hour. the preparations pretty much
8:30 am
complete at this point. sonic, the hedge hog, getting ready to kick off the macy's thanksgiving day parade. can you see the shot there lined up there along central park west and getting ready for the big move down to macy's. >> very, very cool stuff on this thanksgiving morning. happy thanksgiving, everyone. happy thanks once again to you. >> to you and everyone one at home. nice to have you with bus. you may remember an old song that says preserve your memories they are all that is left of you. nancy o'dell of "entertainment tonight" is stopping with for creating meaningful gifts for your family and friends. all projects where the focus is not on the money you spend and the good news most of them can be done fairly inexpensively but it's about the memories and the meaning of the season so she is going to help us make some of her favorite step-by-step. >> nancy will also take a look back at some of her favorite thanksgiving moments from tv and movies. everything from "cheers" to "friends ", to "the blindside."
8:31 am
>> thanksgiving, like most holidays sure to be the scene of a number of family photos and people are turning this year to their smart phone to capture the better moment. >> joining us is hedge cabot for more on this. happy thanksgiving. >> to you too. thank you. >> this is a big deal now. . the buzz is more that the iphone 4s is out whether the smart phones are replacing your camera. >> i think for amateur photographers they are, think about it. you always have your phone on you. 43% of americans according to ne neilson have smart phones. it's the convenience and the idea you can upload on flicker which is the largest photo sharing site in the world. iphone has replaced digital cameras as the most device to upload photos so that is saying something. >> i take most of myer pictures on the iphone but when you print them they don't look that great so you have a number of add-ons
8:32 am
this morning that can improve the picture quality? >> we talk about apps. to make the point about the trend. who would have thought we could buy accessories to take better photos on our phone? >> is that magnetic? >> it's a magnetic lens from photo jo jo where they sell all kinds of accessories for smart phones. can you use this on iphone or android phone and it's a magnet and it just sticks right on there. it's $16. this is a telephoto lens. you can buy a wide angle lens, a fish eye lens and you can buy a tripod that is this big. it's really interesting that -- but i think it makes the point that people want these kind of accessories because they really are using their phones for that purpose. >> you are asking how do you take better photos and edit them. for iphone i like camera plus. i believe it's 99 cents. you can add clarity to a photo and enhance the color, so you
8:33 am
see the before and the after. >> who makes camera plus? >> i believe it's a company called tap tap tap. what is great about it, you can do that on your phone. you don't need to, you know, upload it someplace else and edit it. can you do it on your phone, post it, send it out, tweet it, print it out as well. >> that is only for the iphone. >> yes. camera zoom 360 is a simple app for android. >> you mentioned flicker. you can do more than share your photos on flicker. >> you can use flicker on android. in the past, it was only for iphone and now the last month, the company has released an app for android which made huge news because it is really this idea that what we are talking about before, this idea of not only being able to take your photo then and there, but to be able to share it with the world with your network of family and friends and then also to do some fun editing on it as well. so there are lenses we will show you where you can change the color. you can do some fun effects. you can make it black and white
8:34 am
and you can do fun stuff with it and be creative with your photos as well. all on your phone. >> the kid is a good carver. >> it's very impressive. >> at that age. you like red stamp as well, another app? >> i'm a huge fan of red stamp. it's a stamp for iphone that allows you to take the photo from your photo library and maybe a photo you've edited and turn it into an actual post card! >> you only have one here which is nice. >> well, certainly. what some people are doing, we have holiday cards here. you can create that -- you can create it once and then send it out to 200 people. the price actually goes down per card. for one it's $1.99. i use this for thank you notes. a great idea for thank you notes. take a picture of your kid opening a gift and turn it into a card and send it to grandma, you're done. >> heather, thanks. here is terrell brown at the news desk with a check of
8:35 am
today's other headlines for us. >> we go to london now. a hearing looking into the phone hacking scandal. her system from see anna miller this morning. she said the hack being of her mobile phone made her own family of leaking information to the press. >> i feel terrible that i could even consider people of betraying me like that, especially people i know would rather die than betray me, but it just seems so intensely paranoid to assume that your house is bugged or you're being listened to somehow. >> j.k. rowling the author of the "harry potter" book series will testify also today. three small children among six people on board a small plane that crashed knee phoenix. surveillance video shows the twin-engine plane as it went down east of phoenix. also on board was a pilot, a mechanic and another adult and no signs of survival. american airlines jet forced to make a landing. american flight 10 taken off
8:36 am
from los angeles when the crew smelled smoke. the 767 was headed to new york with 164 people on board. that jet immediately returned to l.a. and landed safely. new dramatic video this morning shows the helicopter crash yesterday in new zealand as it was installing a christmas tree. the chopper clipped a part of the structure and crashed. the pilot said the seat belt saved his life. >> because it happened so quick, it was like a dream really. it was like bang, the next thing, i had a couple of guys undoing my belt. you know, if i wasn't wearing that,
8:37 am
every night, nancy o'dell brings us the latest celebrity news on "entertainment tonight" but a different side you'll see in her book. secret ingredients, step by step recipes for creating meaningful gifts and nancy is with us this morning. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> we did some scrapbooking with you the past year or so but this is a new take on ways to preserve those memories and do some special things for special people in your life. >> it is. it's something that i've always believed in which is creating meaningful gifts and i think that is because of my love of scrapbooking and so i did the book in conjunction with creative memories which is kind of the company as far as saving your memories that your family will cherish forever and ever. i wanted to do something. if you think about it, you know,
8:38 am
especially today being thanksgiving this is when everybody heads to the malls and spend hours upon hours to search for the gift and trying to find the fancy expensive gift when you think about it, all of those gifts that you remember are the ones that came from the heart. as i always say, i've gotten given by my husband a photo album we did our first year together with notes from him and that has always remained my favorite gift ever. he has given me diamond earrings and diamond necklace too but i always say the photo album is the most wonderful gift that he could ever have given. >> if he wants to give both, that is fine too. >> that san excellent idea. you gave me chills over that. so sweet. we are looking at three different ideas that you have. the first one i love. this is something for your daughter that you've put together. >> it is. it's called an i hope poster and it's something that i up in her room. my daughter ashley who is 4 and i love this picture of her because she is my sweet and playful ashley and pulling the hat over your face and talking about the hopes and dreams for your child. this emphasizes to them that
8:39 am
things that are real in life, like you're not saying my hopes and dreams of you i want you to become a doctor. it's hopes and dreams you do for others and understand you can make a difference and you will know and feel you can count our mom and dad to be there for you always and you will never forget how much we love you and i hope she will take this off with her when she goes to college. >> throughout your life you'll look at different stages and get something different from it each time. this next treat. perfect for today. a tree of what we are thankful for. i love this idea. >> this is something that i'm putting out for my family today. and it's called a thankful tree. you have these little slips of paper so it's so simple. you ask everybody to write what their thankful for and put it under the tree and it brings back thanksgiving to what thanksgiving is all about. >> you can get the materials afterward and start today with the scraps of paper and put it together. what a nice thing. >> it's so easy like this took me about five minutes to put together and then you have everybody else do the work by
8:40 am
bringing it on there. >> i like the everybody else does the work part. >> i know! >> this last one that you've brought. >> this is one of my favorites. >> means so much for so many reasons. these were recipes that were mom that she actually wrote down. >> yeah. this is one of the gift ideas in the book but this is also part of the collection at creative memories and it's our recipe album and i wanted to do it because this is a tradition i do bhi famili with my family. i have everybody bring in their favorite dish to make at our house. it dawned on me one thanksgiving, i want -- these remind me of the people in my family and i want these recipes for years to come and i had them write down in their own handwriting. they type up a recipe, but handwriting reminds you so much of a person. i had my mom write her famous betty's biscuits which my daughter was making one thanksgiving. i had her do it in her handwriting years and years ago so i'm so grateful because my
8:41 am
mom was my best friend in the world and she now has passed away so i have her famous recipe for her famous biscuits and i gave one to everybody at christmas so of all the family recipes and now they will have them for generations to come. i have my grandmother's recipes and all of that good stuff. >> nancy odell, nice to have you here. the ú0ú0ú0ú0ú ú ú a(ú ú
8:42 am
8:43 am
thanksgiving is, of course, about food, fun, and family. and that combination can inspire some rather memorable moments in tv over the years. "entertainment tonight" co-host nancy odew o'dell is back with .
8:44 am
one of your favorites comes from "the blind side" right? >> it is the one that sandra bullock won an award for. >> shall we say grace? >> i love that scene. >> i love that whole movie. >> i know. i think the one scene says so much. in the beginning not a lot of words but it says so much. the other scene i love from that movie at the same time they were having the meal, sandra bullock went out to buy the meal and everybody is gathering around the tv to watch the football game and michael that gone over to eat at a thanksgiving table
8:45 am
by himself and brings the whole family over there to eat with him. you realize thanksgiving is not about feeding the belly but more about feeding the soul. >> it is about feeding the soul. another great clip that is one of my favorites. they always had great thanksgiving scenes on "friends." but this may be one of the best. take a look at this one. >> dude! >> apparently, you were a little mean to him in high school. >> a little mean? you made my life miserable! >> i'm sorry. i had no idea. i'm sorry. >> well, you should be. screw it. bring on the yams! >> but you've worked so hard. >> yams! >> okay. >> they are just priceless. i mean, most episodes of that show you go back to and they make you laugh and especially the thanksgiving ones especially. >> that one was most the h hilarious episodes of all time. brad pitt said he was overweight
8:46 am
growing up and he said two of the most evil things is complex carbohydrates and green. one of the jennifer aniston's character. the fact that they were married at the time and then he was willing to come and do a cameo on her sitcom i think is what made it extra special. >> it is sweet. it reminds us of all the things that come out at thanksgiving. >> it does. >> sometimes with a little help from the drinks at thanksgiving and sometimes not. "planes, trains, and automobiles." >> john candy and steve martin. two comic jean united statgeniu. i call it the common day laurel and hardy. so great. they are so opposite and they wind up together and a movie that makes you like have tears the entire time you're watching it not only because you're laughing so hard but the touchy ending steve martin hates john
8:47 am
candy's character throughout the entire movie almost, at the end he realizes he doesn't have family to go home so and despite the struggles he invites him over to his house for thanksgiving. >> they say to hate somebody you have to love them. "cheers" one of my all-time favorites and here is a scene from a "cheers" thanksgiving. >> this better be good news, norm. >> i'm sorry, guys. the little thing won't pop out. >> something wrong with you. >> would somebody please explain to me where the little pop thing is on the turkey? maybe it's different in the city, but in the country where i come from, turkey aren't born with little pop things! >> the little pop thing has a name! it's called a therm mom tometer. can we all say thermometer? >> thermometer! >> you've probably had at least one thanksgiving where there was a problem with the turkey.
8:48 am
it never pops up! >> everything thanksgiving for me! >> before we let you go, how are things going now that you're the co-host of "entertainment tonight." how are you enjoying it? >> i'm having the best time. speaking of thanksgiving. i'm thankful for that job every single day. it's a blessing and i'm having a great time and it's a wonderful show and wonderful people and it's such an institution and it's been around forever and i got to follow the wonderful classy mary hart who is a dear friend of mine. i said i hope i'll make a mark on this show, you know, as she did make a mark on the show. >> there you go. it's great. we love seeing you on every night and nice to have you here in the studio. happy thanksgiving. >> oh, thank you very much! happy thanksgiving to you as well. >> good stuff. much more to come on this thanksgiving morning, including the big parade! it's here in new york city. we have been following the floats all morning long as they put these together. you're back now.
8:49 am
you've been watching as well. >> it's a great tradition. i don't know about you. >> there is sonic. >> i love taking jack out to see the floats prep the night before. >> did you go last night? >> we didn't go last night. i saw your photo. i feel bad we weren't there. >> i remember waking up in the morning making pilgrim hats with my sister and my mom waiting for my grandparents to come watching that. >> awesome. >> much more to come. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we leave you now with tobey keith. ♪ ♪ in a minute the 5:00 crowd will be coming taps will be flowing with beer ♪ ♪ and great smoke soon to be rising at 5:30 clancy gets here ♪ ♪ she no longer faces she is practically raising him and that is why they are loyal and true ♪
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and shined up the bar and it's late and everyone is gone ♪ ♪ then they will cock her pistol and count her money and drive all the way back to home ♪ ♪ the welders and drivers and nine to fivers and regular jo's of the world pour me another my girl ♪ ♪ good night sweet clancy in your neighbo
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cbs day time will return to its regular schedule on monday. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> now, enjoy the thanksgiving day parade. live from new york city, it's the 2011 thanksgiving day


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