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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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middle range 60s. many. us should see about 62, 63 degrees for highs. clear skies later on tonight with temperatures dropping back down into the 50s after sunset. in all, it is going to be pretty nice for us in and around the region. with all of that sunshine, we should see about 63 degrees for reagan national airport for today. we'll take it up to about 63 for gaithersburg as well. a little warmer down to the south. fredericksburg at 66 degrees. off into the northern regions up into the mountains, it is looking a little bit cooler. let's take a look at the morning drive with beverly farmer. >> olga, light volume out there for your travels either to go out shopping or head back from the turkey or make some big travel plans. northbound interstate 95 and 395, nice, light volume approaching the 14th street bridge. all of the hov rules are back in effect today. virginia interstates, 270 in maryland, no longer a federal holiday. vre is reporting the trains will run on a limited s schedule metrorail back on normal service this morning. we'll check the ride for folks
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in maryland. no incidents to report right now around the capital beltway, i-270 corridor, here's a stretch of georgia avenue, connecticut avenue up in aspen hill running incident free. crash on 108 east of georgia avenue. route one still closed at lockheed boulevard at hybla valley. thank you, beverly. if you're watching us right now, maybe you never even went to bed and you might be one of the black friday shoppers who are just returning back home from the spending frenzy. >> i don't understand it. my wife, however loves it. many major retailers opened at midnight. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is in the thick of it at tysons corner for the third conexecutive year. >> i'm a pro by now. it looks pretty packed. you know. this is pretty busy for 5:00 a.m. at tysons corner center. but my goodness. apparently we missed it because at midnight, you could not walk around in here.
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it was that packed at macy's. this is the first time ever that macy's has opened up at midnight. joining me now to tell us a bit more about it and what we missed five hours ago, keith with macy's. keith says you know, you should have been here doing live shots at midnight. we don't have a newscast going on then. what was it like when the doors opened? >> it was exciting. it was bedlam at best. >> the mall was packed. it was a young customer base that came in. new traditions were born today. the older traditional shopper will come in within an hour or so. we saw a young group of people come in, typically who would be out late anyway, ready to shop, enjoying themselves with our associates and the great values that we had and they're gone now. they're on their way home. >> they're in bed digesting their turkeys. keith, let me ask you this. you had some incredible door
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buster deals right when the doors opened a the midnight but for the slackers like myself, what are some of the things that they can still expect to get if they come out later today? >> our early bird specials go until 1:00 this afternoon. we have plenty of stock. most specials are still intact. we're in the midst of restocking the floors right now so that the rest of our customers can come in between now and 1:00 this afternoon and still get the early bird specials. >> all right. keith, i'll let you get back to it. you heard it from him. he said it was bedlam earlier. he think that new traditions have been born with this midnight store opening at macy's. we're going to be out here throughout the morning and mike, surae, i want to give you guys the opportunity to jump on board here. last time i was out here, last black friday, i hooked up jessica doyle with some very special disney princesses. so, if you want me to pick anything up while i'm here, let me know and i'll see if i can
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get my hands on some good black friday deals for you. you guys got any requests? >> oh, yeah. i would love a digital camera. >> i'm going to look online during the next live shot, i'll give you something to get. >> you guys have to reimburse me. >> absolutely. >> reporter: ok. >> she's calling us slackers now. seriously, the serious black fridays scoff at actually waiting until friday. that's because hundreds of people lined up outside the toys "r" us in the fair lakes shopping center last night because the store opened at 9:00 p.m. shoppers told us they were looking for deals on toys for their kids and some small electronics. store managers told us they work to set up the aisle so customers could find the deeply discounted items more easily and station employees in front of some of the biggest displays. >> if you're going to venture out shopping later this morning, head over to
5:05 am we have a complete guide including store maps and layouts as well as what time the stores and malls are all opening. what started out as a thanksgiving day shopping trip ended with a deadly accident killing one pedestrian, sending five other people to the hospital. police say a 60-year-old man went to home depot on east west highway and realized it was closed. as he started to leave the parking lot, he lost control of his car. investigators say he plowed into six men who were standing on an island in the parking lot. police believe the driver must have had some sort of medical emergency. just before the accident. >> he passed out. he had some type of medical condition. he ended up taking the -- driving, veering off to the left and struck six people that were sitting and standing by the curb. at this point, the passenger in the car tried to take control of the steering wheel and maneuvered around the individuals that were being hit by the car and ended up hitting
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a wall. all six pedestrians and the driver were taken to the hospital. one of the men hit by the car later died from his injuries. police aren't sure why the men were standing in the parking lot. >> tragedy to what you could call a thanksgiving miracle. a woman survives a fiery three car crash thanks to good samaritans. this accident happened thursday morning near the intersection of watkins park drive and keeverton drive in upper marlboro, maryland. the engine of one of the cars burst into flames. the woman driving couldn't get out because of her injuries. that's when two men came to help. police say they opened the door of the burning car and pulled the woman out to safety. the fire gutted her car. she was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. but she's expected to recover. a building collapsed and gas leak shut down part of a busy street in georgetown but the 1400 block of wisconsin avenue is indeed back open this morning. it was a building that caved in. d.c. investigators say the building was on the back side of the property.
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the collapse caused a gas leak which shut down parts of wisconsin avenue for several hours. it opened later in the evening. the fire department says the collapse may have been caused by some renovation work being done. >> a mother gets the news she separately wanted to hear on thanksgiving. u.s. diplomats have arranged for georgetown student derek sweeney and two fellow american students to be released from jail in egypt. egyptian authorities arrested the three during an antigovernment protest this week. sweeney is the one on the right there. the young men were accused of throwing a molotov cocktail during those demonstrations. he's on the right in that picture. sweeney's mother said she's been told it took a lot of negotiating to secure her son's release. >> fortunate that we are -- this is something we should truly celebrate thanksgiving. >> no word yet when derek sweeney will return to the united states. his mom does say he will not finish out the term at the american university in cairo.
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it is not quite shooting for the stars but tomorrow, local nasa scientists are among those sending a new explorer to mars. more on that story coming up. >> coming up as well, thankful to have survived a mass shooting, congresswoman gaby giffords gives back to others on thanksgiving.
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an autopsy is underway but investigators have arrested a relative. 29-year-old edarr rodriguez guzman on murder charges. the long-time first lady of
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chicago passed away last night. maggie daley had been battling breast cancer for nine years. she did make it through her daughter's wedding just last week, however. the family says she died peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones. maggie daley was 68 years old. congresswoman gabrielle giffords served thanksgiving meals to the troops yesterday. giffords and her husband volunteered at an air force base in the congresswoman's hometown of tucson. giffords continues to recover from a gunshot wound suffered during that mass shooting back in january. the redskins heading to the west coast this weekend. we'll find out what our panel of experts think about washington chances for a win this week. that's coming up at 5:55. >> how the guardian angels will be helping black local black friday shoppers. >> a look when the great weather will come to an end. boo. we'll be right back.
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folks have been spending the night overnight. it was a cold one for them. >> definitely. things are getting better right now. we're look at mainly clear skies this morning. that means lots of sunshine later on this afternoon. always a good thing. this time of the fall.
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but things are still pretty cool. you want the jacket as you step out this morning. our day planner features a lot of sunshine. we'll keep things fairly calm for the next couple of days. going out the door this morning though, we're seeing temperatures in the 40s inside the beltway. the 30s outside the beltway at this hour. all should be in the middle range 40s by later on this morning. we will see highs today pushing on up into the 60s but again, the chill is on at this hour. so, take the sunglasses with you as well. we'll feature a lot of sunshine. current temperatures down into the 30s for most of us in the region. we're look at about 37 degrees down toward springfield, virginia. 31 in reston. way out in sterling, just below that freezing mark. so, there could be a little bit of some dry air still sticking around. dew points are rather low. that is typical for this time of the year as we have some winter weather patterns starting to move in. satellite and radar have been quiet. you can see the clouds rotating around an area of high pressure
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which is dominating us for right now. as that slides in toward the east, it will open the door for a front moving in our direction. but again, not arriving until well after sunday afternoon and into monday. that means we're going to start to ramp up some cloud cover and rain chances in our extended forecast. here's how we look in our future cast forecast model. this is one computer's interpretation of how things should play out over the next 24 to 48 hours. at about 5:00 this morning, notice things are still clear and calm. not too much to note yet as we have our sunny skies into tomorrow. and even the start of your sunday forecast. now, by sunday afternoon, you're going to notice a change. we begin to pull in cloud cover from the western portions of our viewing area. not too big of a deal but the moisture definitely begins to move on in as we head into saturday evening. sunday evening and sunday overnight. the snowy precipitation should stay clear of the region area for us at least in washington, d.c. highs today are looking
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pretty nice. we'll make it to the 64 degrees at reagan national. 64 out toward the north and west. a little warmer down toward the south and another chilly night is in store as well. the forecast for the next three days is looking pretty good. the seven-day forecast looks great to start. cooldown will be here as soon as we start to get into monday with cloudy skies and showers off and on, not a big rain event. it will be, a few of the showers coming through. breezes pick up on tuesday. we'll see the cooler temperature arrive later in the week with highs in the 40s. now, let's look at the roads with beverly farmer. >> olga, volume around the interstates is pretty light. we don't have incidents or accidents to report on the maryland beltway, either montgomery, prince george's county, virginia beltways running incident-free. hov rules are going to be back in effect in maryland and i-270 on the virginia interstate. keep in mind also with regard to metro travel, vre traipse are operating on a limited s schedule and marc is not
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operating today because of the holiday. cleanup at olney. police are directing you. in virginia northbound interstate 95. southbound running incident- free. hovs are open to northbound traffic. 66 uneventful drive. getting up past duke street. on-going cleanup of a crash on route one in hybla valley at lockheed boulevard, police are still on the scene there. that's a look at timesaver traffic. next check at 5:25. surae, mike, back to you. football is a tradition on thanksgiving. the turkey bowl decides who is on top among d.c. football teams. >> you betcha. last night, the 49ers and ravens face off for thursday night football. so do the harbaugh brothers. let's see who gets to brag at the family dinner table coming up in sports. >> to the question of the day. 25% of all american married couples met each other here.
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is it on the airplane? in college or at the grocery store? >> one of our facebook friends writes c. she's talking about at the grocery store. hands touched while reaching for the same apple or whatever. >> sure. >> what do you think the answer is? post your comments on our facebook page and we'll give you the correct answer at 6:00 a.m.
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. plenty of sunshine today. should make it into the middle and lower 60s. saturday looking just as nice. we'll pull in a little bit more sunshine into the afternoon and headed into sunday, that's when the clouds move in and we get a little bit of a rain chance in the forecast. we'll keep our temperatures above average until the next front moves on through. more details on that in your extended seven-day forecast when i join you back. >> although the harbaugh brothers squared off in baltimore. >> the annual turkey bowl, the site of the d.c. football champion. dave owens has the highlights in your morning sports.
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>> good morning, everybody. we know that natalie randolph story about the turkey bowl. first female coach in d.c. city football history. what about dunbar? they began the year with a forfeit and their coach was fired. tough way to get to the title game but they made it. yesterday, there is randolph leading the colts. dunbar looking for title number ten. didn't start off well. misher caught two touchdowns. 67-0. the game -- 7-0. it was about omar. is he fire? he takes that punt 71 yards. he rushed for a buck 50 and lambel matthews hit his brother, and dunbar knocks off natalie randolph and coolidge. >> we kept the faith this year. our kids stuck together. our coaching staff did a great job. we are just happy right now. we accomplished our goal.
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>> i'm proud of them. no regrets. we did a great job and all of the support, i'm proud of everybody. >> great job! great job on both sides. nfl last night, ravens, 49ers. john and jim harbaugh only score of the game, gang. that's joe flacco to pit ta. baltimore beats san francisco 16-6. all right. that's going to do it for this morning's check of sports. have a great day, everybody! coming up in the next half hour, panel of redskins experts predict the outcome of sunday's game in seattle. >> we'll head out live to one of the area's biggest malls to check on the black friday shopping frenzy. beverly, a lot of the shoppers are still out on the roads. >> still out on the roadways, still crowding the parking lots. we'll check out 95 running freely. crash northbound route 1 before lockheed at arlington drive. northbound lanes remain
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blocked. your next check of traffic at 5:30. good morning. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back, everybody. hope you're enjoying this extended holiday weekend. i'm surae chinn in for andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer will have traffic in a moment. she's filling in for monika. we start with olga breeze who is filling in for howard. >> good morning. we're looking pretty good today. we started off quiet and calm in the weather department. always a good start to a friday when that's the case. there will be a bit of chill if you're just going to step out this morning. maybe get some of the shopping done or walk the dog, step out for the morning paper. but forecast in the afternoon, looking pretty good. here is your day planner. we're talking about temperatures inside the beltway right now in the 40s. 30s outside. but by early to midmorning,
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temperatures should move on in through the 50s. by late afternoon though, lower 60s for most of us. even 63, 64 degrees, not out of the question by the 3:00 hour in some locations. plenty of sunshine to didn't around. could see a passing cloud but in all, it will be a pretty nice forecast. the current conditions are chilly. bundle up if you're stepping out today. the next three days ahead looking pretty good for us. we'll keep the temperatures above average. we normally see about 55 degrees this time of the year. middle range 60s today. lower 60s for both saturday and sunday. 62 degrees as we head late on into the afternoon. in all, it is looking pretty good. let's take a check of the morning drive with beverly farmer. >> olga, pretty light volume. folks are still shopping or sleeping off the turkey. it will get busier traveling back through and out of town from the holiday later on. the i-70 corridor and 270 corridor incident-free so far. the hov rules are back in effect on 270 today and in
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virginia on the interstates this morning as well. if you normally travel the rails, remember metro is back on normal service today but marc rail is not operating. vre operating on a limited s schedule. beltway in maryland, montgomery, prince george's county has been incident-free. on-going crash cleanup on 108 east of georgia avenue in olney. police are directing you there. no incidents to report right now if you're traveling in on the bw parkway, you're headed downtown. do have to head into work. virginia drivers, let's check the drive on i-95, hov lanes are back in effect. lanes are open to northbound traffic on the 95/395 corridor. up on to 395, all lanes are open as you make your way past landmark past pentagon city and on into the 14th street bridge. northbound route one, normally travel that out of the lorton area up toward fort bell require is blocked off -- belvoir. on-going crash investigation there.
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that's a look at the drive. next check of timesaver traffic at with 5:39. back to you. the race for black friday deals has shoppers getting up earlier and earlier now. >> some haven't gone to bed yet because some major retailers went a step further. several opened at 10:00, actually 9:00 last night. some of the shoppers were able to go inside of the stores. while on-line, sales are expected to jump. experts are predicting a slight increase in sales. the holiday season accounts for 25% to 40% of annual retail sales. >> serious black friday shoppers got started even before they finished digesting their turkey. toys "r" us opened at 9:00 last night. hundreds of people lined up outside the fair lakes store hoping to scoop up pretty big discounts on toys and small electronics. store managers said they worked to set up the aisles so customers could find the big deals quickly. this morning, the guardian angels are offering protection for black friday shoppers.
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they're starting this hour at the columbia heights metro station by handing out safety tips to passersby. and will move to other metro stations later in the day. the guardian angels are also giving shoppers escorts to and from stores and say they will be on the lookout for snatch and grabs, pickpocketters, car break-ins and other crimes of opportunity. if you're going out shopping this weekend, head over to our web site first, we have a complete guide to black friday deals. including store maps and layouts as well as what time the stores and malls are all opening. families of three american college students held in egypt are now very excited about getting them released. an egyptian court has ordered them free thursday. all three young men including one from georgetown university are accused of taking part in a violent protest in egypt. while other mass demonstrations are planned fortoday. tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: it is still unclear exactly when gregory
5:33 am
porter, lou gates and derek sweeney will be heading home. an egyptian court ordered their release but the three american college students remain in custody. they're accused of throwing firebombs during this week's demonstration but the students allegedly shown here in a crowd insist they didn't do anything wrong. >> i went with this roller coaster ride. >> derek sweeney's mother said she was elated to hear news of their release and hopes the three will be freed by sunday. >> we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. it will be -- it is coming to a resolution that we're looking forward to. >> derek's father says the young men are sleeping on a tile floor in a room without furniture. >> we wouldn't do that to -- it is appalling they would make kids sleep on the floor. >> the state department is working closely with egyptian authorities to bring the students home. u.s. officials are also urging all americans to avoid the demonstrations. this morning, protestors in
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cairo are calling for a million man march, demanding egypt's military ruler step down. >> military leaders are refusing to immediately transfer power to civilians. instead, problessing to speed up presidential elections. for now, a truce between police and protestors appears to be holding. but some fear monday as parliamentary elections could spark more violence. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. all right. an annual holiday tradition gets underway at the national zoo today. that story is coming up. >> plus, nasa scientists are getting much time off this thanksgiving weekend. they are getting ready for a launch and a scientific mission to mars.
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we have some chilly
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conditions. as you step out this morning, you might want to grab a pretty good coat with you. you won't need it by later on in the day. will you need the sunglasses. we have mainly clear skies this morning. that has led to the falling temperatures. right now, looking at about 38 degrees in arlington. 41 in the city center. even those 30s out toward sterling, reston below the freezing mark. definitely, you want to dress for that. we're looking at a weather planner today that's not too bad. we'll start off this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we'll hit the 50s by noontime. we'll take it all the way up into the 60s by later on today. satellite and radar will keep us quiet for the short term. in fact, most of the weekend looks great with a slight chance of rain coming our way by sunday. let's take a look at the morning drive. beverly farmer? >> olga, right now, light volume around the interstates. no incidents to report. maryland beltway or for that matter, virginia beltway, incident free. going to see more volume pick up on the interstates.
5:38 am
the beltway here at university boulevard is running freely. 95, 395 corridors in good shape. getting word of a crash in frederick on 355 near the mall south of i-670. that's a look at timesaver traffic. back to you. many scientists at nasa goddard spaceflight center in greenbelt are not taking a long holiday weekend this weekend because the newest mars rover is scheduled to launch tomorrow. curiosity will look for evidence of water, carbon and other important building blocks of life in the martian soil and the atmosphere. it is all a part of nasa's effort to discover whether mars ever had the potential to support life. curiosity is scheduled to reach its target, a large crater on the martian surface, next august. tonight, the annual lights festival kicks off at the national zoo. the display will be powered by thousands of environmentally friendly lights and is free to the public. the lights display is open friday through sunday this weekend and the next two weekends after that.
5:39 am
the lights will be on every night starting december 16th through january 1st except for christmas eve, christmas day and new year's eve. the hours are from 5:00 to 89:00 p.m. some british celebrities tell their horror stories about having their personal phones and e-mail hacked. >> plus, the protests over austerity measures in a new country in europe. >> let's check on celebrity birthdays. joe gibbs turns 71 today. happy birthday, coach. singer percy sledge is 71. and bueller, bueller, bueller, anyone? economist actor comedian ben stein turns 67. actress christine into applegate is 40. >> former redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb is 35. barbara bush and jenna bush turn the big 3-0 today. we would like to wish a special happy birthday to production assistant sam's son davonte who
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turns 1 today. what a cutie. happy birthday if it is yours!
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welcome back. are you shopping or are your family members shopping? are you crazy? why do people do this? >> tradition. >> some people love the insanity. thanks for joining us. good morning. olga breeze is in for howard. beverly farmer is in for monika with traffic. olga? >> we've had a little bit of a chilly start. we expect it with our clear skies and light winds and our temperatures would really drop down. the weather planner will give us some improvement. we have to hang in there. we're starting off cool this morning but by midday and late day, it is going to turn out to be a fantastic friday. plenty of sunshine all around. high pressure controls our weather pattern and yes, you will need the sunglasses. grab them as you step out the door today. brilliant sunshine to take most of us up into the 60s by later
5:44 am
on this afternoon. we usually see about 55 degrees this time of year. it is a treat for us. later on in the forecast, we are tracking a spectacular weekend for us. both saturday and sunday. but by sunday night into monday, you'll notice a few of the changes. as the clouds start to roll in and the rain chances start to go up. here we are on satellite and radar, we're in the clear. quiet conditions with high pressure dominates. you can see just a little bit of that circulation around the center of high pressure. it is going to slide off toward the east and that's going to open the door for a front to move on through. bringing us some cooler conditions by midweek and downright chilly by weeks' end. here's how we look right now. we're looking at about 41 degrees for reagan national. only 34 in gaithersburg. hitting the freezing mark in a few locations, especially off toward our west. temperatures at or below 32 degrees. culpepper coming in at 30 that the hour on the mountains into the 20s. in although, today, the region is looking pretty great. not only around the beltway but
5:45 am
along the entire east coast, we're talking about some cool temperatures, only in the morning. our dew points have been quite nice. during the winter months, we typically have a cooler air and drier conditions. that's why the dew point temperatures are so low and definitely keeping us comfortable as we head into the afternoon. with the satellite and radar, clear. our future track forecast model as well is going to be in the clear. in fact, if we page on through the future cast, i'll show you how things will be looking over the next 48 hours. starting at 2:00 this afternoon, well, sunshine prevails. late in the day not bad. even overnight tonight, clear and calm with winds mainly out of the southwest at about 5 miles per hour. then things start to change. notice a little bit of cloud cover start to moo in by sunday, midday and late day. future cast is bringing in some shower chances late in the afternoon on sunday. i think this is a little advanced though. it should hold off until after sunset but we're talking about a little bit of lingering precipitation even into monday
5:46 am
morning. so, get set for pretty good day today. highs making it into the 60s. right around 64 degrees for reagan national. even tonight, clear and calm, back down into the 30s and 40s inside the beltway. so, seven-day forecast, spectacular finish to our three-day weekend. 62 degrees for both saturday and sunday. not too bad. when the front slides through, that will pull in cloud cover late in the afternoon on sunday. rain chances in earnest on monday. we're definitely looking at some cool conditions behind that next system. 48 degrees on wednesday, thursday into the upper 40s. yes, the overnight lows are going to get chilly as well. it will serve up a breeze as we get into tuesday. let's take a look at your morning drive. >> olga, the volume pretty light. busier, the shopping centers, a busy travel weekend. the beginning of which everybody who has been traveling the past week to and from and they're coming back
5:47 am
from town. we're in and out of town over the next several days. looking live at i-95 in springfield, the headlights toward you is northbound with the hov lanes open to northbound traffic. keep in mind hov restrictions are back in effect today. today is not a federal holiday. that goes for virginia interstates and i-270 in maryland as well. crash on northbound route one, line la valley before lock -- hybla valley before lockheed boulevard. 395 travel as you head up to the beltway and into town past the pentagon, past pentagon city mall making your way to the 14th street bridge, maryland drivers, i-270 in clarksburg, lanes are open. there is a crash on 355. northbound lanes are blocked there at 355 at holiday drive. crash reported north of point of rocks. police are responding there. no early incidents, 95 maryland has been incident-free. next check of traffic at 6:00. back to you. thank you, beverly. we do have cars on the road which means some folks are
5:48 am
probably going to the malls. that's where people are right now. >> some started shopping last night at 9:00. others have made it for the midnight openings. how many presents do you have? kristin fisher checking in with people who are already filling up some bags. kristin? >> reporter: good morning. i don't have any presents just yet but i'll tell you who does. these people do. >> caroline. >> cecilia. >> caroline and cecilia. >> caroline tells me she's already an expert black friday shopper. you've only been here since 4:30, what have you gotten already? >> you have to start with a list. we always start at macy's because they have the best deals. >> what were you able to get there? >> jewelry. great deals on jewelry. great deals on pajamas, slippers, cashmere. we always start there. >> what's your plan of attack now that you've hit up macy's, what are you going to do? your black friday shopping day is only beginning. >> i've trained my girls since they were little they have to have a list and they have a
5:49 am
budget. today is all about everybody else. you can't buy things for yourself. so, you try to set a budget for everybody and hit the main department stores first because they get really busy but then we'll go to delia's which are smaller stores that are practically giving things away. >> reporter: that is great advice. good luck. best of luck to you all as you continue out on your day. surae, mike, we'll be out here throughout the morning. i'm actually picking up some pretty good tips as the day continues. great to meet you guys. we'll be back in half an hour. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. you'll continue that shopping. i'm looking for a digital capra. remember that. the phone hacking scandal at the rupert murdoch owned "news of the world" has spread to e-mail accusations. actress sienna miller testified that she found out reporters had her pin and e-mail password. she had already changed cell phone numbers three times and told the inquiry she lashed out at friends. >> stories still continue to come out with very private
5:50 am
information that only a select group of people knew about. so, naturally, having changed my number and being pretty convinced it couldn't have been the result of hacking even though that was my suspicion, i horribly, i accused my friends and family of selling stories and they accused each other as well. >> she is not the only one in this mix. harry potter author j.k. rowling also testified telling investigators how her oldest child came home from school with a note from a journalist in her backpack and how her husband was tricked into revealing personal information by a reporter posing as a tax official. and thursday, british police made their first arrest connected to the hacking scandal on charges of computer misuse. >> wow. making news now at 5:51, we're learning more about a nighttime plane crash in the arizona superstition mountains. two friends were carrying a father and his three children. everybody on board was killed. the plane smashed into a rock
5:51 am
face after takeoff. protestors in yemen are rejecting a deal for the president to step down after 33 years in power. they say it only changes the face at the top, not the authoritarian government. at least five protestors have been killed since the deal was announced. clashes broke out between police and protestors during a 24-hour general strike in portugal. workers staged a walkout to protest some proposed austerity measures there. the portuguese government must agree to the cutbacks in order to get a $100 million bailout and avert a financial disaster there. the crush is on at the area malls this morning. a check in live on black friday shoppers is coming up next. >> plus, the redskins face another team that's had trouble scoring on sunday. our experts will predict the winner. a
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welcome back, everybody. i'm with my guy. what an interesting week. kyle gets claimed off of waivers from the kansas city chiefs. i'm surprised the redskins didn't make a play. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised. he's a fourth year guy. he's going to get his guaranteed contract. as you look at him, $2.6 million. >> that's a lot of money. now that you put it that way, it does make sense. there are a lot of people who feel like this football team needs to start over fresh and new from the quarterback position. do you believe that? >> is there somebody who doesn't think that? >> good point, dave. >> rex has done enough he can come back as a back-up. >> i get your point there. of course, big news out of redskins park yesterday. santana moss practicing for the first time. says the hand feels good. what can we expect from santana moss? >> why would he not be santana
5:56 am
moss. his hand is feeling good. has been catching passes for five days. his legs are fine. santana moss starts. >> you know santana moss extremely well. what do you expect? >> leadership. big play capability. he gets on the football field. santana moss knows how to play. you don't have to worry about the shanahans having young guys seeing if he can. he knows how to play the game. >> grossman will need as many weapons as he can. he will get that this week with santana moss. for our pregame pick, let's take a look at it. dave, first with you, offense, go. what do you think? >> they're both horrible! [ laughter ] draw. >> seattle, 16 points a game. redskin, 17 points a game. what do you think offense? >> i see them coming up after off last week, i think they'll play very well. >> seattle has a pretty good defense. dave, give me your take on the defensive side of the football. >> they have chris, he's played
5:57 am
for the redskins. they're ok. redskins are ok again, draw. the teams aren't that great. >> i'm going to draw also. basically identical to what they're doing out there on the football field. same amount of points and passing yards. >> pete carroll on one end. mike shanahan on the other end. >> brian mitchell has convinced me now what have you done for me lately school, pete carroll won a shocking one division title. won a shocking playoff. doesn't have a lot of talent. has won two straight games. beat the ravens. give me the seahawks. >> i'm going to go with the redskins. >> mike shanahan and his staff has a lot more success in the nfl. i've seen pete carroll for a long time. over the long haul, pete carroll is the average coach. >> i think we've -- >> are you ok, man? are you feeling ok? >> oh, yeah. >> prediction time, guys. i'm going to go 20-17 redskins in a shocker. dave what have you got? >> seahawks, 17-16.
5:58 am
>> i agree with dave, i'll go with the seahawks. 13-10. >> real quick, do you think again, we've been talking about it. can this football team win any more games this year? >> i thought not until dallas until the come back. they've got some heart and offensive capabilities. yes, i guess they can win one or two. who knows what philly will be playing for the last week of the season. >> what have you got? >> they can win another game. a lot of teams will be looking past the redskins. if they can muster up the same effort they did against the dallas cowboys which will be tough because it is not a rivalry, they can win the games. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> i'm going to sleep. you are watching 9news now after thanksgiving. i hope you have a great one. we're glad you joined us today. i'm surae chinn. >> in for andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. is your family out shopping? have you gotten anything yet?
5:59 am
a lot of people love it this morning. we have beverly farmer in. she will have traffic momentarily. we'll start with olga breeze in for howard with the weather first. if you're venturing out, what's the advice? >> early start this morning for many. so, it is still cool. clear skies and very, very light winds have led to some chilly temperatures in and around the beltway. most of us inside the beltway near 30 degrees but outside the beltway, it is awfully cold. we're talking about 30s especially as we head out toward the western suburbs, north and west. below the freezing mark in a few locations. jacket for the morning. sunglasses for the afternoon and definitely an above-average today as the highs will peak into the 60s. here's how it breaks down with the planner for today. 9:00 hour should see a cool conditions into the 40s. by noontime, you won't want that jacket as temperatures are pushing upper 50s to near 60 degrees. by 3:00 or 4:00, most of us should make it into the lower range 60s. we could see 65


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