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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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most of us should be about 62, 61 degrees. overnight tonight, another cool one with clear skies and fairly light winds as well out of the southwest. we'll drop back down into the 50s. the next three-day stretch looks fantastic. 64 high for today into the 60s both saturday and sunday. a slight rain chance by saturday afternoon. beverly farmer has a look at the morning ride. >> not too much of a rush into work. folks still rushing into shopping or taking breaks from shopping if they've been doing that all night. they'll be getting back on the roads as they head out from the holiday. beltway, new hampshire avenue, normally a busy spot. pace is pretty good here. no incidents or accidents reported around the maryland virginia beltway. we do have a crash in virginia on eastbound route 7 right at the beltway in tysons close to the mall. it is busiest in and out of the routes. think about that if your travel plans take you past the shopping centers. northbound interstate 95 heading into springfield. hov restrictions are back in effect today because it is no longer a federal holiday. see that the hov lanes are open
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to northbound traffic there on 95 and 395. on-going crash investigation closes northbound route one before lockheed boulevard at arlington drive. beltway down at the wilson bridge, downtown traffic volume has been light. that's a look at your timesaver traffic. back to you. thanks, beverly. black friday shopping going to a whole new level this year. usually, the big stores open at midnight. now, some stores are opening even earlier. 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night in some cases. >> where did thanksgiving go? >> i don't know. >> more than 150 mmm people are expected to shop this weekend and retailers hope to rake in $466 billion in holiday sales this year. that's up nearly 3% from last year. joining us now is kristin fisher live at the macy's in tysons corner. i don't see a whole lot of people behind you right now. >> reporter: i can explain why. i've learned, i was talking to the manager. said we're in a lull right now. the reason why is because of the midnight opening that you
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all were talking about. think of it like all of the kids, all of the people -- not kids but younger folks, age 30 and under, instead of going out to the bars, instead of going out and seeing a late night movie, a lot came here to this opening of the macy's. so, you had this younger crowd going through here, apparently there were hundreds of people in line and they've kind of -- now, it is getting to be 6:00 a.m. they're tired, they're going home. now are we starting to see the 30s plus crowd starting to come in and they're only starting their black friday day. i'm told we're in a little bit of a lull now. that's why you're starting to see a little bit less crowds but don't be fooled here. there are lots of people inside this store. they're scooping up some pretty amazing deals and i want to show you all some of the deals that people are getting as they walk through macy's and buying christmas presents this black friday. we can just take a look at my ipad. i've pulled up the macy's web site. these are some of the deals
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that people are scooping up. probably the biggest one, i can zoom in over here, this is one that was absolutely huge! you buy $65 worth of fragrance and you'll get a free digital video camera. this was the door buster deal only as long as supplies last. i believe they still have a few here but it is going to go very, very quickly. just some other things that were really big. you buy a comforter, you get two bonus pillows. here, you have a sweater regularly $100. you can get it for $40. cashmere sweater. diamond studs, look at this. regularly $600 fnls you can get it here at macy's for only $200. again, keep in mind, all of the deals are, of course, only as long as supplies last. so, if you want to get them, you have to get out here quick. you just think about this whole movement that we're seeing this black friday. just really it is almost starting on thanksgiving. so, a lot of people love it. some people hate it but certainly still a lot of crowds
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out here today. back to you, mike and surae. >> kristin, those are some awesome deals. i can see why people are sleep deprived. all right. this morning, the guardian angels are offering protection for black friday shoppers. they're starting this hour at the columbia heights metro station by handing out safety tips to passersby. and will move to other metro stations later in the day. the gordian angels are also giving shoppers escorts to and from stores and say they'll be on the lookout for snatch and grabs, car break-ins and other crimes of opportunity. >> the black friday shoppers scoff at actually waiting until friday as kristin was saying. hundreds of people lined up outside the toys "r" us and the fair lakes shopping center last night. probably that morning because the store opened at 9:00 p.m. shoppers told us they were looking for deals on the toys for their kids and some small electronics. store managers told us they worked to set up the aisles so customers could find the deeply
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discounted items eedly and stationed employees in front of the biggest bargain deals. >> if you are going to venture out shopping later this morning, head over to our web site first at we have a complete guide to black friday deals including store map layouts as well as what time the stores and malls are opening. hey, mike? >> if you're brave to head out and do your shopping this weekend, get some of the holiday presents out of the way. chances are you will be getting some deals. however, the one thing you should do before you head out is start with a budget. joining us now, personal finance expert jennifer streaks. you can get the deals but how you shop is important. >> it is so important because you don't want black friday to turn into credit card debt monday. so, what i tell consumers is to -- anyone that you're buying a gift for, set a budget up. say i want to buy this person a digital camera and get this individual a necklace and that's my cash. that's what i'm using. when i'm done with it, it is over with. you're out of the store.
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you get to take better advantage of the deals because if you're still paying interest after the sale is over, after the product is used, you really lost the black friday discount. >> as we were talking before, you don't have to walk out of the store with the item today because there are deals down the pike. >> there are deals down the pike. there are deals that are online that you can also look out for. it is called cyber monday. so, some of the best deals may be after this evening. if you're looking for electronics, especially, wait and make sure you're getting the best discount. >> do your shopping. you can find large tvs for a lot cheaper than they used to be, right? >> the big screen tvs, the tablets, the digital cameras are deeply discounted because everyone has one now. so, there is no more novelty to it. so, just wait. don't panic because you think this store may have the best deal. down the road, if the stock is still up around a week from now, you may still get a better deal. >> you're also talking about don't think electronically.
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good old fashion circulars can weigh in for you. >> the coupons and we've all seen the target ads with the young lady so excited the target circular came in the mail. that's prime real estate in terms of shopping right now. that gives you the coupons, the discounts, even some of the in- store hourly times. there may be a two-hour window where you can get a deeper discount. definitely look out for the circulars. >> set the budget, avoid your credit car if you can and don't forget the circulars. >> jennifer streak, thanks forcoming in this morning. we appreciate it. surae, back to you. >> sometimes it is so hard to say no. >> at 6:10, three american students arrested during protests in egypt are allowed to go home. at 6:11, some advice on why you should treat every networking opportunity like an interview. we're back with your weather first in two and a half minutes.
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time now, 6:11. olga breeze in for howard bernstein. cool conditions this morning, light winds, temperatures dropping still. down to 39 at reagan national airport. in the lower 30s south and west. but day planner is looking pretty good. we'll have plenty of sunshine today. we'll get through the 40s, upper 50s, low 60s should be the high later on this
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afternoon and another clear and cool night ahead for us today as well. as we drop back down going into early on saturday morning. currently at reagan national, we're looking pretty good. the feels like temperature, a couple of degrees lower. let's take a look at the morning drive with beverly farmer. >> we have a problem for folks headed into or out of the mall in tysons because of the crash on eastbound route 7 right at the beltway. vdot says eastbound lanes of route 7 blocked there at 495. this is i-66 inside the beltway past route 7 where the volume has been light. interstate still in good shape. we anticipate them getting busier with the back street travel later on. your next check of timesaver traffic at 6:17. back to you. here is a look at things making news right now, the families of three american college students held in egypt are eagerly awaiting their homecoming. yesterday a court ordered the release of the men accused of throwing firebombs at security officers during mass protests this week. the students could be set free before the end of the weekend.
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on most days, the men and women deployed in iraq and afghanistan eat a cold, prepackaged meal but this thanksgiving, mess hall cooks served up a real feast, a hot meal yesterday, a lot of troops say getting a taste of home is the next best thing to actually being home. mike? christmas parties, you have networking events, it is hoel ho holiday time, right. there are a lot of things going on. you can use them to your advantage to advance yourself as far as the corporate world is concerned. joining us is rob, act like you mean business. he says the everyday conversation can turn into something that can help you along the way. what does that mean? we were talking a moment ago about sort of having a little script involved. >> yeah, you should really treat every interaction like a performance. part of that is being able to tell your story like an actor would or character on tv. who are you, what do you do? how do you help people and how do you stand out from the
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crowd? because you never know when you're at a party, somebody will say what do you do? it is a good idea to have that prepared because you never know what you might meet. >> that could lead to maybe a connection that could turn into a job or some sort of -- maybe current improvement to your current company, wherever you are. >> you should be networking all the time, even at holiday events. you don't want to be obnoxious and put your resume in somebody's face. figure out who will be there, who you want to know, how you're going to connect with them, what you're going to tell them and follow up later. that can help you down the road. >> in addition to having plenty of business experience, you have some acting experience as well. so, does that mean you should actually rehearse this little vignette for yourself? >> yes, rehearsal is important. actors spend hundreds of hours rehearsing plays or a 30-second commercial will take eight hours to shoot. preparation, forethought is key. >> now, how long should something like this be? if somebody says that's a great
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idea, should you have something where you go on ad nauseam for five or six minutes? what do you think as far as the length? >> we've all been stuck talking about it. >> you don't want to be that guy. >> you should be merciful. >> elevator speech about how long it takes to ride an elevator. washington, it is about 10 or 11 floors. >> maybe 30, 45 seconds, just a few sentences to capture who you are and something that will be memorable. >> it is not really memorization of your resume saying i went to here and an mba here, it is something more compelling. >> yeah, what you do, who you help. how you stand out in the market place in your particular field. yeah. you shouldn't be reciting i was this and i was that and titles and names. people tune out that stuff. >> get something compelling and sell it. >> yes. >> a real story. yes, sell it. just like an actor would. put emotion and enthusiasm and energy behind the words. >> the book is act like you mean business.
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rob beesenbach thanks for joining us this morning. >> acting like i mean weather. we have a great forecast for you. we're starting out on the cool side this morning. bundle up if you're stepping out. day planner has temperatures dropping into the 30s, upper 30s in the city center. lower 30s outside the beltway. but with the sunshine by late afternoon, we'll look pretty good. we're talking about a noontime temperature pushing the upper 50s. late in the day though, most of us should top out around the lower 60s. i'm expecting about 64 degrees today at reagan national airport. few areas down to the south and west might see temperatures higher than that. tonight, similar conditions to this morning. again, clear and quiet as we calm down the winds and drop the temperatures into the 30s and 40s once again. in all, it looks like a pretty good middle to our holiday weekend. chilly start in the morning. we'll have a fabulous friday for you with all of that sunshine. grab the sunglasses, you'll
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definitely need it. especially when the sun gets low in the sky later on in the day. we'll see also a pretty great weekend ahead. both saturday and sunday looking pretty good before the next system comes our way. i'll give you those details and the seven-day forecast. here's what's driving our weather right now. we're talking about high pressure. it is dominating the forecast. sitting right through the eastern seaboard but it is pushing its way toward the east. right now, it is keeping the clouds away from us. also keeping our temperatures slightly above average. we normally see about 55 degrees this time of year. most of us will make it into the lower 60s. we're going to open the door for more cloud cover and some rain chances in the extended forecast. right now though, it is the chilly temperature that you need to plan for as you're stepping out the door. what you need to know is reagan national is still dropping down to 39 degrees. we're looking at the lower 30s in most of the regions off toward our west and even the entire seaboard feels a couple of degrees colder because of that wind chill factor that we have working with us. so, right now, 39 as i
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mentioned at reagan national. the forecast for the next two days is looking pretty good. not much to talk about with our future cast forecast model. i'll set it forward from 5:00 hour. even by late this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. overnight tonight, clear and calm. that is the clouds will try to move on in from the west. we won't see too much in the way of cloud cover on saturday. that changes, however on sunday. by sunday, midday and late day, cloud cover takes over with earnest and i'm even tracking rain opportunities with this next front that's going move on through. future cast brings it in around 8:00 in the morning. we start to see just a few isolated sprinkles moving on through. i think most of the rain will hold off until later in the day. even the overnight hours on sunday into monday. monday is the day to watch the seven-day forecast. so, here we have our forecast for today. middle range 60s for most. the next three days look fantastic. 62 degrees both saturday and sunday. the extended seven-day forecast
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features that change, cooling down by tuesday and in the 40s toward the end of the week. beverly? >> olga, right now, we're looking at light volume on the interstates. that will change, i think through the weekend. very busy travel weekend back to and through town. right now, if you're traveling eastbound 66 inside beltway, falls church, the nice, light volume. the hov restrictions are back in effect. today is not a federal holiday. that goes for virginia as well as i-270 in maryland. route 7 just at the beltway, eastbound leaving tysons was blocked with a crash. one lane squeezing by while the tow trucks pull everybody out of your way. earlier crash on 355 has been cleared out of the roadway. if you travel northbound on interstate 95 or for that matter southbound leaving springfield and toward fredericksburg, all lanes have been open on the 95 corridor. left side of your screen is northbound traffic with the hov lanes open to northbound traffic. northbound route one still closed just north of -- south of lockheed boulevard at arlington drive. on-going crash investigation
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there. maryland drivers on the beltway, incident-free. outer loop clogs up through silver spring. it will be busier at the shopping centers, not on the beltway. beltway prince george's county south of town, early problems to report. your next check of timesaver traffic coming up at 6:25. back to you. thanks, beverly. before we head to break, time for the question of the morning. >> 25% of all marled couples met each other either on the plane, at college or inside the grocery store. >> one of our responses from our facebook fan page, normal contributor, regular contributor nick says i guess b. i met my wife at a skating rink when we were 17 and now i'm 49. i won't be telling you how old my wife is. >> good idea. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in the next half hour.
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olga breeze in for howard bernstein this morning. we have clear conditions and very light winds and that's led to some cool temperatures this morning. plenty of sunshine through midday and late day. we'll get into the upper 50s near 60 degrees by noon. most of of us should top out around 62, 63 degrees later on this afternoon. in all, a great friday. but as we go overnight tonight, another cool one. we'll be back down into the 50s the next three days. looking pretty good. be prepared for that chill. it is 39 degrees but it feels a little colder than that. mike, surae? >> thank you, olga. it was the battle of the brothers as they squared off on thanksgiving night in baltimore. >> the harbaughs we're talking about. also the annual turkey bowl. the site of d.c. football champion. >> good morning, everybody. we know that natalie randolph story about the turkey bowl. first female coach in d.c. city
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football history. what about dunbar? they began the year with a forfeit. original coach was fired. and willie bennett took as interim boss. tough way to get to the title game but they made it. let's take a look. yesterday, there is randolph leading the colts in at 8-2. dunbar looking for title number ten. didn't start off well. misher caught two touchdowns. 7-0, colts. game was about dunbar's player, is he fire. he takes that punt 71 yards. he rushed for a buck 50. lambel matthews hit his brother. they knock off natalie randolph and coolidge, 33-21. our coaching staff did a great job. we're happy right now. we accomplished our goal. >> i'm proud of him. no regrets. >> they left it all out on the field. we did a great job. all of the support, i'm proud
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of everybody. >> great job. great job on both sides. nfl last night, ravens, 49ers, john and jim harbaugh, brother against brother. only score of the game. joe flacco to pitta, baltimore beat san francisco, 16-6. that's going to do it for this morning's check of sports. have a great day, everybody! >> all right. thanks, dave. a visit to home depot turns into tragedy for several local families. >> two good samaritans are credited with saving the life of a local woman. beverly? >> we'll be right back.
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we're back at 6:29. this is the place you can always get your weather first, a peek outside live now. little chilly. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. that's the u.s. capitol building on this shopping black friday. we're glad you're with us. thanks for waking up with us this morning. i'm plic hydeck. >> i'm surae chinn. >> andrea roane is off today. meteorologist olga breeze is live on the weather terrace with our weather forecast. boy, was it cold outside for those standing in line for black friday. of. >> cold then and cold now. we have temperatures dropping a little bit. in the cap tool shot, did i
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did see daybreak in process. the day planner is going to stay on the cool side to start. temperatures right now in the 30s. we'll hit the middle 40s by 9:00 and push on up. lower 60s to midrange 60 should be the high today. by later on, it will be cool once again. highs today should be about 64. in d.c. we're talking even 65, 66 degrees down to the south and west. but definitely a morning to get in your car early, warm up the engine and turn on the heater. beverly? >> right now, olga, we have good news to report. northbound on route 1. coming up out of the lorton area toward fort belvoir, hybla valley, long-standing crash investigation has been completed. approaching lockheed boulevard. fairfax county police have cleared the investigation. northbound 95 looking at the left-hand side of your screen. hov lanes open for northbound traffic. however, hov rules are still in effect today. it is no longer a federal holiday. that means all of the interstates of virginia, i-270
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in maryland, roadways that reverse for rush hour like the clair barton canal is back in business today. tysons clearing up a crash eastbound on route 7 at the beltway. some traffic able to get by. let's look at the trip on 395 as you head up past landmark and on to the 14th street bridge. the volume hear light for folks. no incidents or accidents to report. if you're traveling on the 270 corridor, heading down out of gaithersburg, germantown, here approaching the mall, democracy boulevard, everything is looking good here. your next check of timesaver traffic, 6:45. back to you. grab your wallet. holiday shopping season is ready to go! in fact, it is already in full swing. this year it started earlier. many stores opened last night on thanksgiving. >> macy's at tysons opened up at midnight. kristin fisher is out there live right now. this is probably the second rush. folks who stayed up at midnight, they went home. we're seeing more of the 30
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somethings. >> reporter: we're starting to see the 30, 40, 45 -- i don't want to say older but certainly not the kids are no longer out here anymore like we were seeing at midnight when macy's first opened. you all just got your weather forecast, your traffic update. i'm going to give you a shopping forecast and to do that, we've got elizabeth with tysons corner. what is the shopping forecast for the folks planning on coming down to tysons on black friday? >> oh, boy, wear comfortable shoes, comfortable clothes, layer up, take it off as you go. you're going to work up a sweat here. get ready to do that. >> and be patient with parking. >> patient with everything. the lines will start to form again. you're going to have to take it as it comes. roll with the punches. >> reporter: if you're willing to be patient, you have great deals. elizabeth, thank you for chatting with me. she's been out with us all morning. if you want to find out what the deals are, i tell you, these people right here, they have done an incredible job.
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>> what's your name? >> marcia hodge. >> this entire family, they have not slept. they've gone straight from thanksgiving dinner to tysons to do their black friday shopping. how are you all holding up? >> mom is not holding up very well. my daughter had to come and find me. i was sleeping in the ladies room. i'm exhausted. we got here at 2:00 and we still have to stop at nordstrom's and bloomingdale's, whenever they decide to open. so, we've been -- we got here so early that people were camped out. there were lines. for sony. people were sitting. >> there is a long line. >> reporter: tell me, what are some of the deals you all have been able to scoop up. i know you're getting ready -- >> i got five pairs of underwear for $26. >> 40% off everything.
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>> so, i'm hoping when i go to bloomingdale's, i've been getting e-mails, so, i hope i can find some of the deals at nordstrom's and bloomingdale's. a. >> macies has been the big -- macy's has been the big story here. they opened up hours before it has in years past. have you been into macy's? >> went here so mom could take a quick power nap. we'll go back in. >> home furniture section? is that where you were napping? >> in linen. >> all right. i'll let you all go. continue your black friday shopping. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: good luck. it really has been quite a family experience out here. if you've never done the black friday thing, you really do have to go into it knowing exactly what you want. be a very smart and savvy shopper. if you're willing to wait out all of the long lines and you're willing to look for the good deals, you can make some -- you can find some great bargains. it is kind of fun out here.
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having a good time this morning. surae, mike, my offer still stands, if you want me to pick up any last-minute deals for you. let me know. >> we'll send. >> text. >> we've got a list. >> mom is a trooper. >> big-time trooper. ok, it is 6:35 right now. sadly, a thanksgiving shopping trip yesterday turned deadly in hyattsville. >> it happened just before 1:15 yesterday afternoon at the home depot on east west highway in hyattsville. police say a 60-year-old man went to the store to go shopping but it was closed. then started to leave the parking lot and that's when police say he lost control of his car, running into six men who were standing on an island in the parking lot. one of the six men was killed. the five other men are being treated at a local hospital. investigators believe the driver had some sort of medical emergency just before the accident. >> passed out. he had some type of medical condition. and he ended up taking the -- driving, veering off to the left and struck six people that
6:36 am
were sitting and standing by the curb. at this point, the passenger in the car tried to take control of the steering wheel and maneuvered around the vits that were being hit by the car and ended up hitting a wall. >> police are looking into why the men are were standing in the parking lot. >> a woman is alive today thanks to two good samaritans who saved her from a fiery three car crash. the accident yesterday morning near the intersection of wadkins park drive in upper marlboro. the engine of one of the cars after the crash burst into flames. the woman driving couldn't get out because she was injured. that's when two men came in to help. they opened the door of the burning car and pulled her out to safety. her car gutted by the fire. she was taken to the hospital with serious but not life- threatening injuries. one of hollywood's top acors called to testify in the trial of its will's prime minister. >> the story of a bright writer who lived a story of a lifetime.
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welcome back on this post- thanksgiving. it is 6:42 on your black friday. >> long weekend. >> yeah. really long. bring your coat if you're heading outside to shop. >> definitely. it is chilly out there. i've been out on the weather terrace twice. i can testify to how cold it is out there. some of us need some gloves. we have a little bit of a wind chill, feels like a couple of degrees lower. for most of us today though, it is going to be quite nice. when we get to midday and late
6:42 am
day, the sunshine kicks in. that takes our day planner out of the current 30s and in through the 40s by even 9:00, things will start to improve. later on this afternoon, say about noontime to 1:00 p.m., most of us should move out of the 50s and into the 60s. we should settle into the 60s across the board. tonight will be another one of the clear, calm nights once again. we're used to this routine this time of year. that means it will drop back down into the 50s by the 5:00 hour. be prepared for that if you're going to be out and about a little bit later today. here's how we're going to break down for you in the short term. 9:00 is about 45 degrees. most of us will struggle to get out of those 30s for at least the next hour or so. but then things will start to improve by 11:00 and in toward noontime as i mentioned, things are looking pretty good into the afternoon. we're going to continue this trend in the first half of our seven-day forecast and then i'll talk about some more rain opportunities that will move on
6:43 am
in. here are your weather headlines. again, that chilly start this morning. you want to be prepared for. we're talking about 30s and 40s for most of us. but then by midday and late day, it should wrap up to be a pretty good afternoon. dry conditions will continue today, tomorrow and even a lot of sunshine both today and tomorrow. grab your sunglasses if you're heading out. but then in the extended forecast, say about sunday afternoon, we'll notice some cloud cover move on in but the temperatures this weekend are quite a treat. normally 55 degrees this time of the year. here's satellite and radar. we're dealing with some high pressure. that's keeping us calm and in the clear. slowly though as the pressure system starts to move on off toward the east coast, we're going to bring in a little bit more cloud cover by late in the day sunday and then the temperatures for today in the cool 30s to start and feeling a little bit colder than that if you're just stepping out this morning. here is the big picture. our future cast, forecast model, quiet for at least the
6:44 am
next 24 hours or so. things will start to change for us into the afternoon. little bit of cloud cover sneaks in. time stamp for saturday afternoon. but it is on sunday if you're going to be out late in the day. sunday night into monday could prove to be a fairly rainy day. forecast today, will take us to 64 at reagan national. warmer down toward the south and west. slightly cooler north and east. in all, the next three days look fantastic. sunshine to go around. temperatures in the 60s. seven-day forecast features that change. we slide back into the 50s by monday and tuesday with rain opportunities and then the 40s to end the week. beverly? >> olga, right now, as far as the interstates are concerned, lighter volume. i know it is going to get busier back to and through town, especially the 95 corridor and i-68, i-70. beltway at the wilson bridge, headlights toward you. inner loop coming through
6:45 am
alexandria. i-66, lanes have been open. keep in mind virginia interstates and i-270 do have hov restrictions in force. today is not a federal holiday. hov lanes on 95 open for northbound traffic. those heading in toward dumfries and out of 395, travel in on the 14th street bridge with light volume. if you heard about the earlier crash in hybla valley, everything cleared there. fairfax county police have reopened the northbound lanes of route one. still clearing up a crash on route 7 east at the beltway. one lane of traffic was able to get by there. your next check of timesaver traffic. surae, back to you. george clooney may testify at the trial against italy's former prime minister. sylvio berlusconi faces charges he had sex with an underage prostitute last year. the woman says she spotted clooney at one of berlusconi's so-called bung ga bung ga sex parties. clooney denies the allegations. >> she was the most famous actress in the world at the time. he was a young irish oxford grad.
6:46 am
>> the new movie, my week with marilyn tells the true but almost unbelievable story about marilyn monroe's summer fling. sandra hughes has a preview. ♪ >> reporter: michelle williams steps into marilyn monroe's shoes to tell about a wild whirlwind romance during the filming of the prince and the show girl in 1956. my week with marilyn is about the actress' affair with director's assistant collin clark. >> surprise! >> like her character, williams has had tragedy in her young life. the father of her child, heet ledger died of a drug overdose almost four years ago and she relates to monroe's search for happiness. >> i think sha she was constantly looking for a place to belong, looking for a home because she was denied that over and over again as a child and never really recovered from it. can you imagine? >> reporter: her co-star, kenneth branagh says williams transformed herself for this role.
6:47 am
>> michelle was remarkable. she had to do marilyn, sing and dance and walk and shimmy. >> branagh plays lawrence olivier. he was livid about marilyn's antics on the set and off, always late, showing up woozy and appearing to be drugged up. playing olivier has its own challenges. >> he was the dominant figure in our entire business. many people knew exactly what he sounded like. >> my week with marilyn shows the several sides of marilyn monroe while delivering a heartbreak story of a star who could never find herself. sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. >> now, williams' performance as william monroe is generating oscar buzz for the actress. you can check it out yourself. "my week with marilyn" is now playing in theatres. >> get into the season of the spirit. at 6:00 p.m., andrea roane will switch on 27 acres of lights outside of fredericksburg,
6:48 am
virginia. >> at mr. b's park. take a driving tour through the park for $5 per car, $20 if you have a bus with you. new this year, christmas tree lane plus enjoy the festive displays with homemade cookies, hot cocoa and an apple cider for sale as well. >> it is off of i-95 exit 110 at the corner of u.s. route one and gatewood road, one mile north of the ladysmith road intersection. you got all of that? the festival of lights will be on every thursday through sunday until january 1st from 5:00 to 10:00. say hi to andrea. >> time to answer the question of the morning. >> 25% of all married couples met either on the plane, college or grocery store. >> one of the responses on our facebook fan page, evelyn castillo, i met my husband at a museum. so, apparently she didn't answer the question of the morning.
6:49 am
>> so, the answer to the question is -- >> the airplane. >> yeah. >> airplane. >> when you're stuck sitting next somebody. >> that was 25% of all of those surveyed. >> we'll have the news before you go coming up next. we'll be right back after this. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh.
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we're chilly this morning. conditions in the 30s. we'll move into the 40s by 9:00. we'll hit the 60s by 1:00 p.m. most of us top out around 64 degrees later on today in the city center. then another cool night tonight as we drop back down into the 40s again. for our overnight lows. mike? >> all right, thank you, olga. the news before you go now. millions of americans are braving the crowds at the malls this long holiday weekend. 55 million of us or about 30% of adults say they will be shopping today! 30%. that's just not the brick and mortar stores. online retailers are hunting for business, offering steep discounts and free shipping before cyber monday. >> if an lcd television is on
6:53 am
your christmas list, today may be the day to buy one. did you see the ads? $199 for some of them. prices are expected to fall to the lowest levels ever. manufacturers are slashing prices to revive struggling sales for the flat screen hdtv sets. so maybe people already have them that the market is sha rifnging. >> if you plan on doing holiday shopping from the office on monday, are you not alone. cyber monday is expected to bring in some record online sales numbers this year. a new survey finds more than half of all of the workers plan to do some of their holiday shopping while they're on the job on monday after thanksgiving. last year, cyber monday was the most popular online shopping day of the year with sales topping $1 billion. this year, online sales are projected to hit $1.2 billion. >> we're back with a final look at your weather and traffic. >> one more thing, too in three minutes. keep it here.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
one more thing before you go. we hope you had a great thanksgiving.our family had a big, huge feast. we had about 20 people at our house including people out of town. >> kids, dogs. >> chaos. but it is all good fun. it was really fun. >> we started a tradition here in d.c. that since we moved here that we like to give thanks. yesterday, part of our thanksgiving celebration was going to arlington national cemetery and saying thanks to all of those who served and have given the ultimate sacrifice. it was the first time i got to see jfk's eternal flame. it was emotional and moving but we wanted to give our respects
6:58 am
to everyone who gave for our nation and the families who continue to give so much. what a gorgeous day it was weatherwise, olga. >> i can guarantee you lots of sunshine for today. cool temperatures to start. you need that coat. you might want some gloves if you're stepping out to do some shopping. we'll stay in the 60s through the weekend. rain chances late sunday, a little bit of rain on monday as well. and then we pull in those cooler temperatures toward the middle and the end of the week. >> traffic time now, beverly farmer over to you. >> right now, we're looking pretty good out there. even the shoppers checking out their ride right now. getting to montgomery mall. westfield shopping town. light volume here at nordstrom, democracy boulevard right outside the mall. going to find it busy in and out of the parking lots. eastbound 7 at the beltway. around the beltway and interstates will get busier as the day wears on. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. "the early show" is going to start in a second. talking about black friday. >> of course they are. we'll have weather and traffic
6:59 am
updates starting in the next 25 minutes throughout the morning. we hope you head out on the roads safely today. have a great beginning of the holiday shopping season! we'll see you back here monday morning starting at 4:25. have a great day, everybody! good morning. millions of shoppers getting up early, or staying up late, to grab those black friday bargains. behave, people. with half a trillion dollars up for grabs, we will ask the ceo


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