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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> gary: moist people follow this. alabama 38-14. l.s.u., comparatively, now, 41-17. you don't think les had that in mind on that drive, you don't know college football. >> verne: l.s.u. is going to complete the regular season and the s.e.c. with an unblemished record. that's going to be a first down. >> gary: a successful season, again, for bobby petrino as les stares up at the clock. he knows he's got this one on senior day. let's give bobby his due. kept his team. he's lost to the two best teams in the country. >> verne: and, of course, a team touched by tragedy, that is arkansas, when garrett uekman, their second-team tight end was found dead in his dorm room last sunday, and this team has to go
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back now to fayetteville and then go to the funeral service on monday. danny and michelle uekman and garrett's sister, megan, have been surrounded by love by this arkansas family throughout the week. how has l.s.u. fared in the s.e.c. championship game? they beat tennessee in 2001. they beat georgia in 2003. and they lost to georgia last time they met in 2005. >> gary: just as a note for l.s.u. fans, the first time in their rich history they've gone undefeated, 8-0 in the s.e.c. >> verne: this as we pointed out at the very beginning, number one met number three in tiger stadium the first time since 19paern. there is the victory formation.
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that was the classic l.s.u. victory over ole miss. billy cannon's 89-yard punt return. this one is in the books. >> verne: jordan jefferson, les miles, michael bonnet, associate athletic director for media relations alongside. a brief handshake offered by bobby petrino. >> gary: he will play again, right? next year. sign me up for that one right now, ok? >> verne: let's go down live to tracy who is with les miles. >> tracy: coach, congratulations, you defeat the number three team in the country. and you secure a place in the s.e.c. championship and your hopes are alive still for the national championship. what can you say about this
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team's performance not only all year but especially tonight? >> this team has it. they come to these games to make big-time plays. the opportunity to do that is something they take very seriously. they're committed to this team. down 14, they never flinched. >> tracy: was there a thought at all about style points for you? >> no, not at all. we were just trying to figure out when we should take a knee. >> tracy: how about jordan jefferson and the turnaround he's made this season to lead your team and the performance he had tonight? >> he has come -- it's just been a growing season for him, certainly. we've enjoyed his leadership and he is the kind of guy that will play best in the next two games. >> tracy: congratulations. we'll see you in atlanta. >> i promise. >> gary: how about that. the next two games. >> verne: jordan jefferson, 18 of 29 for 208.
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he's one of several candidates that could have been named player of the game. 41-17. for gary danielson and tracy wolfson, verne lundquist saying so on long from baton rouge. captioning by captionmax [ gunfire, explosions ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with a new 285-horsepower pentastar v6 engine, it's game over for would-be contenders. the 2012 jeep wrangler call of duty: modern warfare 3 edition. the toughest vehicle in the world. any world. ♪
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>> my goodness. touchdown. >> tim: we welcome you to "the jeep post game show." tim brando in new york. >> tim: in the game you just saw, arkansas goes down to l.s.u. 41-17. now let's go back out to baton
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rouge where tracy wolfson is with tyrann mathieu. >> tracy: tyrann, play after play tonight, especially that punt return for a touchdown. take us through that play. >> i told my coach all year long that i was going to get human one and i told him high would get him one when he really needed to get him one, i did it for my team, we wanted them to go out on top. >> tracy: you have been quiet this past month. what changed for you tonight? >> i just had to come out and play my style of play, did my best to get after all the balls, in the return game i did my best to get up field and get vertical. >> tracy: on to atlanta. congratulations. >> tim: joined by spencer tillman and tony barnhart. this game tilted when arkansas had a chance to go wildcat and it wasn't a good move. >> tony: what impressed me after the game, they are down 14-0, they don't flinch. tyrann mathieu has to be near
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the top of your heisman his next yore. >> spencer: 17 yards rushing against alabama in that loss was indicative of what they needed to do. they failed to get the running game going. >> tim: l.s.u.-georgia next week. >> tony: i think georgia has a puncher's chance. the most efficient defense in the country. i don't know if they can play with them for 60 minutes. >> tim: that's why miles went after more points much to bobby petrino's chagrin. >> spencer: if he does play, both of those running backs gained over 100 yards this year, i think those two will be the key. >> tim: other games to look at as we go to the scoreboard. houston taking on tulsa. talk about houston time, how about case keenum. >> spencer: on the receiving end of this 32-yard touchdown strike, keenum sets the f.b.s. record with his 300th touchdown
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pass. >> tim: nebraska takes out iowa, 27 in the finale for the -- 20-7 for the huskers. the boston college-miami score 24-14. the standings coming off the louisville win against south florida, the circumstances, there you see it, louisville in a position now with rutgers and cincinnati, so many teams have an opportunity to win that but for the moment louisville sitting pretty. utah going down to colorado. if that score holds up, then that would mean ucla, believe it or not, rarldless of what happens in the u.s.c. game would be in the pac-12 championship, with u.s.c. ineligible, ucla will be going no matter what if that score holds up. we'll be back with more after this. ♪
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>> tim: the long gray liven the united states military academy. >> the midshipmen. touchdown navy. "the stars & stripes." ♪ >> tim: welcome back to "the jeep post-game show." tonight at 7:00 eastern on cbs sports network a conference usa showdown when the utep miners take on the u.c. knights. to find out how to get cbs sports network, go to cbs sports the crimson tide is out of the s.e.c. picture but they have plenty to play for. >> tony: the b.c.s. standings, sitting at number two, look for alabama tomorrow to shut down
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the run against auburn, make auburn one dimensional and they're going to beat them as badly as they can. >> spencer: michael dyer, s.e.c.'s leading rusher, averaging 108 yards a game, i think he's got a shot. >> tim: in basketball news, a quick update on the bernie fine story. police involved in the investigation of the syracuse assistant coach searched his home today. fine has been accused of sexually abusing two ball boys. that will just about do it for tonight. thanks for watching "the jeep post-game show." a look at what you will see tonight on cbs. coming up tomorrow. the iron bowl. coverage gets under way at 2:30 eastern with the cbs college football special presented by ram. >> tim: for all of us, have a
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good evening and we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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tonight video you'll see only on 9 of the fiery aftermath of a terrible car accident thanksgiving morning. the crash in upper marlboro surely would have claimed one life had it not been for the courage of a pair of bystanders. scott walks us through the video and speak with a man a lot of people are calling the thanksgiving hero. reporter: it's video of a honda sedan going up in flames after a terrible three-car thanksgiving morning wreck on watkins park road in upper marlboro. >> the car just burst into flames. reporter: this is i don't
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knowy wishard who took the -- this is johnny wishard who took the pictures who rescued the woman having been trapped in the honda just moments before. >> when i got to the car, the lady was trying to get out, but her hand was broke and her leg was broke. she was screaming and the flames were -- it kind of picked up really fast. i didn't think it was going to, like, roar sphaft it did and it -- as fast as it did. i said, ma'am, i have to get you out of the car. she said you can't move me, my hands are broke, my legs are broke. i said, look, this is going to hurt, but i gotta do what i got a do. reporter: two bystanders dragged the victim away. what do you think when you see that video? >> it could have been a lot worse. reporter: police released these photos with the cabin completely burned out. chief mark brashard credited the brave bystanders and those
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who helped. the woman was hospitalized with serious injuries and rescuers say there is little doubt she would have died had it not been for the thanksgiving heros. scott brewer, 9 news now. >> great story. police have yet to release the name of the victim. wishard says he doesn't even know her name. a judge says an american held in aruba in connection with the disappearance of a maryland woman needs to be released by tuesday. gary giordano has been held since august. we are monitoring developments from our satellite center. sounds like they don't have any clear-cut evidence to keep him. reporter: right. especially when you consider giordano has been behind bars for three months and still not charged. it is a major blow for the prosecution. today prosecutors asked the judge for a 30-day extension. the judge denied the request saying there are no grounds to keep gior dano behind bars. the defense attorney describes a stunned gary gior dano that
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learned his freedom from an aruba prison is just four days away. >> it was an emotional reaction whereby when i asked him what he really feels about his release, he started to cry. reporter: the 50-year-old gaitersburg man was arrested but never charged after he told investigators his travel companion, robyn gardener disappeared while snorkeling off the coast of areub a. the body of the 35-year-old fredrick woman still has not been found. the pair took off for their caribbean getaway july 31st and were scheduled to return august 2nd. investigators discovered giordano took out an insurance policy on gardener before their trip. prosecutors believe that was giordano's motive for murder. >> we have an obligation not only to justice but also toward the family of robyn to find out what has happened and to bring them closure. reporter: we spoke to aruba solicitor general taco stein on the phone today.
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he says giordano has been held under probable cause while investigators continue to work the case, checking giordano's, pressing him for critical answers that could help solve this mystery. >> we feel those reasons are still there. for us, he still is considered a flight risk. reporter: and still giordano's prison sentence expires tuesday at 8:00 p.m. theoretically he can get on a plane and leave that country immediately. prosecutors tell me they will file an appeal wednesday in court. if they win, they hope to extradite giordano back to aruba. if not, they can wait until they officially press charges. andrea. >> thanks so much. the doors are open and items are flying off the shelves for black friday. these folks waited outside the stores at the fair oaks shopping center and once the doors opened it was fair game. and in new york the ceo of macy's says he likes what he's seen so far today. about 10,000 people were waiting in front of the
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flagship store when it opened at midnight. well, as i said, the madness just started at midnight or even earlier for thousands of shoppers this year. but not everyone is scrambling for black friday. lindsey is live at tysons corner in mclean with a look at small business saturday. hey, lindsey. reporter: hey, andrea. you know what? it's tomorrow. but when you go into the mall like this and it is just so crazy inside, you see so many people buying so much, you have to wonder if they've saved any of their money. tomorrow is supposed to be for local businesses, those mom and pop shops and they're running some very good deals. >> never heard of it, really. no, small business saturday. reporter: small business saturday, have you heard of it? >> no. reporter: tomorrow is small business saturday. >> i saw it in our local paper at home. reporter: small businesses need shoppers now more than ever, and to get people in, they have to offer something more. peartree cottage is right down the street from the mall.
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>> we have furnishings, accessories, a mix of antique, vintage and new. reporter: owner francis brayshaw says the goal here is to be different. >> i try really hard to find unique things that you can't find in malls that, you know, you'll be the only one with it. >> we're called the virginia star. reporter: at this quilt shop, they offer something you can't find among the hustle and bustle of a packed mall and that something is homemade. >> it's a little bit of love because they're handmade and hand quilted. reporter: there's not many people coming by today, but adele a says they usually get more customers the day after black friday. >> it is a little hard. the competition is stiff. reporter: the deals at small businesses are just as good as those in the mall. >> for the king and queen-sized amish and machine-made quilts, that's 50% off. reporter: and a lot of small businesses are going to have those deals all weekend, so you don't have to worry about getting clobbered. reporting live in tysons
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corner, i'm lindsey mastas, back to you. >> thanks, lindsey. we are back in a moment with a check on your forecast. stick around. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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welcome back. everyone. what a fan task day. 57 degrees in downtown, 40 in gaitersburg, 44 in martinsburg. thanks to high pressure and that southerly flow we'll continue to see another gorgeous day for your saturday. sunday may see some clouds moving in. here's how your saturday breaks down, a cold start in the morning, but plenty of sun. by noon 57 to 62. and by 5:00 55 to 60 degrees. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. so gorgeous tomorrow, and again well above average. should be mid-50s. sunday a little cooler but still mild, low 60s, clouds increasing. monday we're looking at a chance for some showers that could arrive as early as sunday night, especially out for the west and they'll be heading from the west to the east.
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showers possible monday and tuesday. cooler on tuesday, mid-50s, and then it looks like we'll see high pressure back into the forecast. looks like wednesday, thursday will be much cooler in the mid- 40s but plenty of sun. we made it up to 63 today, andrea. >> i believe it. >> that is great. yeah. record high 79, so nothing close to records. >> what a spectacular thanksgiving. thank you, annie. thank you for joining us for this abbreviated version of 9 news now at 6:00. stay with us for "the cbs evening news" at 6:00 and see you at 7:00.
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>> tonight, the black friday gamble. retailers open their doors earlier than ever. but will it pay off? elaine quijano and michelle miller take a look. egypt at the cross roads. the biggest protest yet, just days before a pivotal election. plus, the latest on those american students jailed in cairo. elizabetha


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