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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> heads up for the second time, a shopper at a suburban giant food store has been abducted and robbed. hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. a kidnapping and robbery identical to the one that happened earlier this week. police believe the same man is behind both crimes. as kim reports tonight, it's at the same giant food store. >> reporter: the victim didn't want to talk to reporters earlier today after going through the horrible ordeal. he was loading his groceries into his car in wheatton at a giant supermarket when another man forced him to drive into his car and drive away and withdraw money from at least one atm before letting him go free in northwest d.c. near the 7,000 block of blare road. the gas station attendant said
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the carjacker let the man go near the tacoma metro stop, and the man drove to the gas station where he called for help. the same suspect who robbed and kidnapped this man is the same person who robbed and kidnapped another man earlier this week. and both cases, the suspect picks his victim at the same grocery store and drives them around forcing them to withdraw money from atms and taking it. both times the suspect is also believed to have gotten away using the metro. his victims were not hurt. i'm ken molestina, 9 news now. the three american students arrested in cairo are back in the u.s. tonight. 19-year-old gregory porter arrived this afternoon. porter and the others, including 19-year-old derrik sweeney of georgetown had been arrested lastsunday. they were charged with throwing fire bombs at authorities. the students deny the charges. >> i just want to say that i'm
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so thankful to be back in philadelphia. i would like to thank my parents, my mom, and my dad for the support in all this time. i would like to thank the embassy in cairo for all the things they did for us. >> the students were technically freed on thursday when an egyptian court ordered their release, but they had to stay in custody an extra 24 hours. once they were allowed to walk free, they were taken to the airport by authorities where they etched boarded separate flights to different destinations here in the u.s. derrik sweeney made a connecting flight to st. louis from dulles airport tonight. 9 news now spoke with derrick's mom who told us the whole family will be meeting him at the st. louis airport, then heading home for a belated thanksgiving dinner. it was a violent saturday morning on some streets in northwest washington. three young people were shot, two of the victims have died. armando trull reports tonight
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in one case the gunman stalked their teen victim who was running and hiding for his life. >> they don't have no life and no one to care for them. they die like flies. >> a dozen shots rang out saturday morning near the intersection of benning road and 19th street northeast. the victim ran to this store and tried to get in, but the door was locked. so he ran further up the street and that's where he was ultimately gunned down. >> you didn't see anything, huh? >> reporter: the convenience store clerk behind the bulletproof glass had no comment, unlike the neighbors. >> so this kid must have been standing here. >> reporter: the victim was cowering behind this car when he died in a hail of bullets. >> for no reason. >> reporter: several of those shots struck him in the head. other shots struck the car. neighbors say their street,
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which is just blocks away from the 8th street corridor, has become the killing zone. >> another young guy got shot and killed in june right where the boy is. and another boy was shot and killed up the street. >> reporter: d.c. police say 22- year-old joseph jerome mickens died at a nearby hospital. detectives are also investigating a double shooting a few blocks away shortly after midnight. mike mico briscoe died. both investigations are active. no suspects identified. at this point, there is no understood occasion the shootings are related. northeast, armando trull, 9 news now. fatal shooting in adelphi, maryland leaves one man dead. it happened last night. officers found 38-year-old carlos fernandez ramirez suffering from gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
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detectives are still trying to determine a motive and a suspect for this crime. nine people were hurt when a metro bus and car collided earlier this engineer the d.c. armory. the accident happened around 6:00 this evening at 18th and independence avenue in southeast. investigators still trying to determine exactly what caused that crash. the injuries all on the bus, none considered serious. turning overseas tonight, 15 people reported dead after a string of explosions at a market in baghdad. it's the second major attack on iraqi civilians this week alone. the top u.s. general in iraq says despite the killings today, he does not think there will be a wholesale dissent into violence when our troops leave the country. a body found in ohio has been identified as that of a missing man who answered a phony job ad on craigslist. 47-year-old timothy kern had been missing more than a week. the medical examiner's office said he died of gunshot wounds to the head. hours after his body was found,
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authorities found another body and say that, too, may be related to the phony job ad. two people are in police custody tonight in connection with the cases. disappointing news for national harbor. disney says it will not follow through with plans to build a hotel at the prince george's county resort on the potomac river. the 500 disney resort hotel was being counted on to add some $100 million to the county's tax revenues. disney says the time just isn't right. it's the economy. a spokesman for national harbor says the company will simply move on to other opportunities. black friday sales kicked off a strong holiday shopping season. analysts say retail sales were up 7% over this time last year. that translates to 11.4 billion dollars. it's a $1 billion increase from last year. online shopping also strong, up 24% on black friday. a woman suspected of showering black friday shoppers
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with pepper spray surrendered to authorities but was released pending further investigation, we're told. police did not identify the woman but say she refused to discuss the incident. she's suspected of firing pepper spray into a crowd at a wal-mart in los angeles thanksgiving night to clear a path to xbox video game players. >> she did a wrong thing, but she was brave to turn hers self in. >> i don't understand what motivated her, what the thought process is. >> she did something wrong, but sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes. >> the woman got away in theconfusion and it was not known if she bought one of the xboxs. ten people suffered injuries from the spray and ten others suffered cuts and bruises in the ensuing chaos. frosty the snowman has been arrested during the annual christmas parade in chestertown, maryland. be kevin michael walsh donned the costume for the past
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decade, but police say he scuffled with them and kicked at a police dog. he became ago the dated when a dog hand -- agitated when a dog handling officer tried to escort him from the crowd. he was released on his own remember cognizance. coming up tonight on 9 news now. >> mars really is the bermuda triangle of the solar system. >> the biggest and best equipped robot is on its way to mars. we'll tell you about that mission. and the first family doing its part this weekend to help small businesses this holiday season. and another mild day to finish off this weekend. these are nice conditions we're seeing. here's your sunday wakeup weather a. cold start to the morning and by 9:00, 53 degrees. increasing clouds throughout the day. we'll talk about how warm it gets and a look at some rain coming in.
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nasa has launched its latest $2.5 billion rover. >> and liftoff of the atlas 5 with curiosity. >> the rover blasted off from cape canaveral this morning for the 354 million mile journey to mars. they will look at rocks to see if conditions are favorable to support life. the rover is called curiosity, as you just heard. it's weighed almost a ton. it's powered by a nuclear reactor. they haven't tried to land anything this big since the lunar lod dulls that put men on the moon. the occupy movements may be to blame for the busted windows of a bank. the atm was also damaged. the words revenge for occupy oakland were spray-painted on
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the building. today marks the second annual small business saturday. the shopping event comes on the heels of black friday. american express company created the event to give small local enterprises a sales push this holiday season. >> whether it be job creation or supporting our local communities. >> the playing field has changed. you have internet. just in washington, d.c. alone, you have 20 big box stores. what we are doing and i'm sure other big businesses are doing something similar is we are creating our own brand. we're making sure if you go online, you can't find that product, you know, across the country. >> president obama pitched in to help small enterprises. the president took his daughters along on a shopping trip to a bookstore a few blocks from the white house. the first family walked out with a selection of books, including diary of a wimpy kid, cabin fever and decent into chaos, about the u.s. in
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pakistan, afghanistan and central asia. sports was also on the presidential agenda today. the president took a short tripe to watch his brother-in- law, craig robinson, coach oregon state against the tigers. oregon state defeated the home team 66-46. still ahead on 9 news now this saturday night, model trains and d.c. landmarks are part of a new holiday exhibit. we'll show you when we come back. and the rain headed this way? we'll have an update from annie in just a few minutes.
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u.s. bow tannic gardens is open to the public for the holiday ?n. it's one of the area's largest
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indoor decorated trees and a model train exhibit. anyone out there wants some extra money for your holiday shopping, all you have to do is claim it. it's cash from forgotten bank accounts, safe-deposit boxes and even relatives. we have the most up-to-date list of those names on the rosters. let's begin in virginia. these names on the list. now, let's go over to d.c. in maryland. >> if you didn't hear your name, there are still thousands more of our claim your cash lists. see if you made the cut. log on to our website,, and look on our consumer page. still haven't called your name. >> i could use the cash, especially with the holiday shopping weekend upon us. >> yeah, spend ago lot out there. >> and it's wild though for
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those holiday shoppers. did you go outside today? >> not a lot of sun, but it was warm. >> it was warm. 68 in downtown. we'll take these 60s, especially as we're heading into the end of november and december for next week. it does definitely feel nice out there. here's a look at our current conditions with temperatures, can you believe we're only at 49 in downtown. just 50 a bit ago. a little cooler as we head to the suburbs. 43 in leesburg, 39 in frederick and around culpeper 39 degrees. annapolis, 49 degrees at this hour. if you have plans tonight, looks pretty good. right now i'm showing you the east coast temperature map. you can see we have this area of cold front coming through and you can see the difference in temperatures for that behind that cold front where in des moines it's 38. this cold front is expected to move east closer to our area over the next couple of days and so we're not going to be seeing 60s forever. here's a look at your satellite
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radar picture. we're around town, we're looking at cloudy conditions overnight. may see some breaks of sun tomorrow as well. we're watching this batch of showers. area of low pressure also that weak cold front coming through, probably as early as sunday night, monday and even off into tuesday. currently 49 downtown. mostly cloudy conditions. the winds right now are calm. we will notice also the winds increasing tomorrow. not as cold for your sunday morning. starting out the day, go out and do christmas shopping like i am, get a christmas tree tomorrow, should be pretty decent. sunglasses will be needed at times, not the entire day. dress in lighter layers as it will be mild for the afternoon tomorrow. scattered showers arriving along with some unsettled weather conditions. we'll talk more about that. first, here's a look at your futurecast. i start with the broader look at a lot of folks be traveling tomorrow. so if you're coming in from the far west, we've got showers but not in the immediate d.c. area for sunday.
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we'll probably see increasing clouds ahead of that front. and then sunday night, again, maybe to the west and south of us, we'll maybe see some showers. otherwise though, the most of the moisture will hold off until i think overnight sunday into early monday morning, maybe for that commute in. you may encounter really light rain and showers. we've only seen the green so far in the d.c. area which means light rains. nothing too intense. tuesday may be wetter. overnight partly to mostly cloudy, not as cold. a one-blanket night. lows in the upper 30s to just the upper 40s around downtown. tomorrow morning, going to church, doing some shopping, partly sunny and cold. grab a coat. temperatures, 30s and 40s. a south wind at 10 miles per hour. the afternoon, it may not look as pretty. it may look kind of gray out there win crease in clouds, but it will be breezy and mild, thanks to a southerly wind. it's a warmer wind at 10-15 miles per hour. highs are around 65 degrees. so highs where you live.
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we're going with 65 in downtown. 63 in annapolis. culpeper, you might squeeze close to 70. we'll watch that temperature. 65 in winchester, also cumberland warming up to the near mid-60s. again, unseasonably warm. here's your sunday day planner. a cold start. by noon, partly sunny skies and clouds will be increasing by 5:00. mild, 55 and 60 degrees. still breezy. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. still mild on monday. showers are possible tuesday. more showers, temperatures around 59, maybe, an afternoon thunderstorm. after that, high pressure builds back in and we'll see temperatures around closer to average, maybe a little bit below for wednesday and thursday, but then we dry up for the rest of the latter half of the week and saturday, we're looking at 55, more sunshine. so tomorrow is very mild. enjoy that. >> thanks, anny. >> producer, i'm proud, i've never seen him look this despondent following the loss.
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>> 41-14. i went out shopping. i thought game over. then i'm lining to johnny in a somber voice. i thought what's this all about about? 56-41. reaction to the probable end to the nba lockout and virginia and virginia tech playing for the coastal division title in the acc. turned out to be a familiar ending. the pictures coming up in sports. ♪
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at some point, can you give the score of the oregon ducks? >> talk about that and, sir, rah cues. we're not in the northeast and snot out west either. >> virginia respectable.
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>> there's hope for maryland fans. they had a new coach. there's hope. >> there's hope. we'll hold on to that. >> it's the best i can do. virginia tech had beaten virginia 11 of the last 12 years, including the last 7. the wahoos were thinking things would be different today, but they weren't. first possession for the hokies, logan, thomas, touchdown. hokies up 7-0. second quarter, thomas getting it done with his arm. 16 yard strike to jarrett. it's 14-0 and the route was on. fourth quarter, here's david wilson. what a beat this guy is. he rushed for a buck 53. two scores. the hokies roll 38-0 and will face clemson in the acc championship game. just when you thought the terps miserable season couldn't get worse, the season finale showed a new low was obtainable. maryland blew a 27-point second
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half lead to n.c. state resultings in the 8th straight loss for the terps. handoff who breaks free for the touchdown. the terps led 41-14 in the third quarter. you thought this game was over. far from it. still in the third, james washington plunges in. the wolfpack takes the lead at 42-41. less than a minute to play the game, terps down by 7. brown picked off by wilson. he takes it the other way. n.c. state scores 35 points in the fourth quarter tapping the second greatest come back in acc history. the final 56-41. the terps end the season at 2- 10 in randy ed sell's first season. 2-10 last nine. this season, the defense allowed -- double digit losses.
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not very good. second ranked alabama trying to punch their ticket to the national title game facing auburn. second quarter, with a t.d. pass to richardson. alabama rolls, putting them in the title game. it looks like there will be a nba season after all. the league and the players union reached a tentative agreement ending the lockout. the season will be shortened to 66 games. training camp and free agency will begin on december 9th with the regular season getting underway on christmas day. to reach the agreement, the two sides met for 15 hours friday night into saturday. the deal still has to be ratified by the owners and players. clearly, there's a sense of relief, but they're still proceeding cautiously. >> we're happy that we've been able to resolve and reach a tentative litigation settlement with regard to many issues that are pending. >> there's still a lot of work
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to be done in a lot of places, but we're optimistic that it will hold and we'll have ourselves an nba season. nhl bruce not a happy camper as the caps face the sabers. penalty shot. he fires and scores. that's the only goal for the caps. third period, the sabers cruising. the break away, caps get blown out 5-1, their fourth straight loss on the road. when the redskins face the seahawks tomorrow, it will bring back sad memories. seattle is the scene of the redskins last two playoff losses. tomorrow will be the fourth anniversary of shawn taylor's tragic death. he was an amazing player, made a huge impact from the start and he could hit, striking fear into opposing players. following his murder, the mood and images around redskins park are runs we'll never forget.
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for those who were his teammates, they remember how great he was. >> he was a talented player that even in his third, fourth year, he was really coming into his own. he had, i can't remember, five or six picks already in that season. but you know, i think for his family, it was a really tough situation. we just try to remember them and honor his memory. nfl doubleheader tomorrow here on 9 news now. it's the bills and the jets. at 4:15, patriots versus the eagles. complete coverage of the redskins game and a whole lot more coming up during sports plus. speaking of the redskins, look at that schedule. it's brutal going down thestretch. i don't know if they win another game. >> maryland, redskins, it's one of those years. what does it look like tomorrow? >> great. increase in clouds, breezy, but temperatures low to mid-60s. >> great. thanks for watching, everybody.
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we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye.
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