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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 28, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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point, click, shock. at black friday's big numbers, online retailers are ready to cash in on this cyber cybermonday. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, november 28th, 2011. and good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. syracuse university is in shock this morning. sunday the university fired bernie fine after a third man accused fine of sexually mow le molesting him as a child. a warning some of what you're about to hear is graphic. >> he said sometimes friends will help each other and touch each other. >> reporter: 23-year-old zach thomas is the third man to accuse bernie fine of molesting
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him. thomas says the assistant coach repeatedly molested him during a 2002 hotel stay in pittsburgh. >> i fell asleep to him fondling me. woke up the next morning and he was fully dressed in a suit ready to go for the game and he gave me two thumb's up and said "gameday." >> reporter: bobby davis now 39 says fine molested him for years beginning when he was 11 years old. sunday, espn's outside the lines broadcast a bombshell audio tape davis secretly recorded with speaking with fine's wife. >> what did he want you to do? >> you never had any oral sex with him? >> no.
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>> i think he would have let me. >> of course he would. i know everything that went on with him. >> reporter: in the call, lori fine acknowledges having a sexual affair with davis and says her husband never seemed to fear davis or anyone else going public. >> i said to him you know, bobby and i talked. and i know some things about you that if you keep pushing will be let out. >> reporter: reaction on the syracuse campus was a mix of shock, sadness and outrage. >> it's crazy. i honestly didn't believe it at first. >> the important thing is being good to people and bernie fine is -- and get him out. >> i feel like a lot of crazy stuff is going on with people molesting people. it's going on everywhere. >> reporter: syracuse head basketball coach who rally along his assistant now says he supports the firing.
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in a statement bay home said the following. there is another alleged victim in the penn state child abuse scandal. university police say they have been contacted by a man who says he may have been assaulted by former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. and in california, students at uc-davis called for a general strike today. they are protesting that incident over ten days ago when campus police pepper sprayed unresisting demonstrators. two policemen and campus police chief placed on administrative leave and calls for the chancellor to resign. instead plan to hold what they describe as an eviction block party. sandra hughes is in los angeles with more this morning. sandra, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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terrell. and that midnight deadline for occupy wall street protesters here in l.a. to leave has come and gone. as you can see behind me, basically, the crowd from the tent city has now moved into this intersection and the street behind me. they are basically blocking off all traffic. now, we have not seen a very large police presence here so far, but we do understand and i can see right down the block from here that they are starting to -- they are starting to line up around the perimeter and may be moving in soon. near l.a. city hall, hundreds of occupy wall street protesters refuse to leave camp. the plan is to keep it nonviolent? >> oh, yes, definitely. we don't want any violence. >> reporter: an eviction order went into effect overnight and still only a handful of people broke down thank you tents on sunday. >> the city itself passed a resolution saying we have the first amendment rights to remain here and now they are reneging
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on that agreement. >> reporter: the city's mayor issued a statement hoping for, quote, a spirit of cooperation. city officials urged protesters to clear out but promised to continue listening to their message against corporate greed. >> that's why i'm here, to let people know we can work together, we can work together civilly. >> reporter: this is one of the oldest and largest camps on the west coast. since october, it's grown from a few dozen tents to hundreds, but protesters here aren't the only ones being asked to leave. in philadelphia, an eviction order came and went sunday without any confrontations. >> folks are still here, tents are still here and people are not planning on lelvaving. >> reporter: the city says it's trying to make way for a $50 million construction project which would create jobs. >> we are the heart of philadelphia. philadelphia is hurting. philadelphia has a lot of poverty. >> reporter: even if the city breaks up the camp, the protesters, like many across the country, say it won't break their spirit.
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now all along the los angeles mayor has said he wants to give plenty of time to the protesters here to pack up, put their tents away and leave to avoid any kind of a confrontation, any violent confrontation. of course, many of the people that i've already spoken to this morning say they aren't going anywhere. terrell? >> sandra hughes in los angeles for us this morning, thank you. overseas voting is under way in parliamentary elections in egypt. the first elections since hosni mubarak was ousted out of office in february. clashes between protesters and security forces over the past ten days have left at least 43 dead and more than 2,000 wounded. those three american students arrested during the cairo uprising are home this morning.
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d derick sweeney says their first night as captors was brutal. >> we were in a near fetal position with our hands handcuffed behind our back and with our shirts still over our heads so we couldn't see anything, even in the dark. they said if you move, you would get shot, they would shoot us. >> sweeney and the others said they never did anybody to harm anybody and they were never on a roof. some of the soldiers were buried yesterday. the attack has prompted protests in pakistan which has closed its western borders to trucks delivering supplies to nato troops in afghanistan. nato war planes struck two posts on saturday. afghan officials say afghan and nato officials are fired on from bases. a pakistan army spokesman denies it. nato is investigating it.
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now that's real joy, guaranteed. sears. right now, get a samsung 51" 3d hdtv for $899.99 cell phone video this morning of good samaritans in southern california rushing to the aid of a woman trapped in an overturned pickup truck. they actually lifted the vehicle to pull her out. the truck rolled over on the highway sunday morning. police say the woman and another person survived but the driver of the pickup died. cbs "moneywatch" time on a monday. something we haven't heard much lately. asian stocks were up today. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. >> reporter: that is right asian markets finished on the upside with investors increasingly optimistic about the u.s. economy. nikkei up 1.5% and hang sang gained almost two % today wall
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street gets the latest on the home sales. the market is looking to bounce back after worst thanksgiving week since 1932. the dow lost close to 5%. the worst week for the blue chips in two months. the nasdaq dropped more than 5%. recession? what recession? black friday was a block busting success. a record 226 million americans went shopping this weekend up 7% from last year, with the average shopper spending $400. it's a major relief for retailers with holiday shopping accounting for 25% to 40% of annual revenue. and today is another sales gimmick. it's cybermonday. the now traditional start of the online holiday shopping season. retailers are offering big discounts and deals on shipping to get you to point and click. e commerce jumped more than 20% this past weekend and today a big hit with office workers. about half of today's sales will come from people at work.
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and at the movies "the tight" saga "breaking dawn part first inning i came in first. >> ashley morrison in new york this morning, thank you very much. appreciate it. a royal rescue in the storm irirish sea. a russian cargo ship sang about ten miles off the coast of northern wales. prince william was co-piloting the helicopter that answered the mayday call. grabbing a crewman and raising him to safety. another crewman was also rescued. one person died. another five crewmen are still missing. coming up on this monday morning, we will have your weather forecast. in sports, a fling and a prayer. it is tebow time.
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toward montana and the dakotas. later today, heavy rain likely from a slow moving system in the southeast. it will be mousstly sunny in th rockies. in sports another winning sunday for the broncos and their unlikely leader. in the fourth, tim tebow led another come shortstop back charge hitting eric decker for a strike. willis mcgahee in overtime. then the winning kick. broncos have won four in a row with tebow at the helm. eagles fill-in quarterback vince young threw a strike to riley cooper but tom brady took over from there. threw 361 yards and three touchdowns. new england won the rematch of super bowl xxxix, 38-20. a grudge match between the kansas city chiefs and the steelers. in the second ben roethlisberger tossed a three-yard td to wesley
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saunders who managed to keep both feet inbounds. in the fourth chiefs driving for the win but tyler palko threw an interception. remember when plaxico burress was arrested in new york after shooting himself in a nightclub and shot himself in the leg? stevie johnson did a mocking dan dance. new york over buffalo 28-24. sweetest revenge is winning. finally, it is game on in the nba now that players and owners have tentatively agreed to a deal. that deal still has to be ratified. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. congress returns with a backlog of important work to do, but the bickering continues. captain, we have to keep going!
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. a storm in the southeast will slowly draw in moisture from the gulf coast producing hef i didn't rains in the atlantic states. rain showers reach all the way into canada. here is another look at this morning's top stories. this morning, on "the early it happened as a third man came forward saying fine molested him as a child and there is a reported phone conversation that appears to implicate fine's wife. occupy wall street protesters in los angeles are defying a deadline to leave their encampment outside of city hall. police say demonstrators will be given time to leave but will face arrests if they don't. the conservative new hampshire union leader decided against newt gingrich and endorsed romney even though it
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disagrees with him on some issues. in the paper, it says, quote. romney holds a big lead in the latest new hampshire polls but the primary is just six weeks away. congress returns from thanksgiving break today with barely a month to deal with some big issues. they include extending benefits for americans long out of work and the payroll tax holiday september cash flowing to those with jobs. lawmakers are still split down the all too familiar party lines. >> reporter: packed in the backlog of legislation set to expire by the end of the year are long-term unemployment benefits and the payroll cut. >> if we don't provide the tax relief that president obama has asked for, families will see an increase in tax. >> reporter: democratic senator dick durbin to keep the tax in place but on increasing tax on wealthier americans to cover the price tag a nonstarter for
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republicans like john jon kyl who say it won't help the economy. >> the payroll texas has to the stimulated -- >> reporter: republicans argue if you want to keep payroll taxes low do it by cutting spending elsewhere. same goes with extending long-term unemployment benefits which without a deal will cut aid to nearly 2 million jobless in january alone. national journal congressional correspondent major garrett. >> legislating by crisis that will be the defining characteristic of this very ineffective congress in december. >> reporter: with an approval rating of just 9%, 112th congress may go down as the least productive in modern history. so far, it's passed only 44 public bills that were signed into law. even the so-called do nothing 80th congress under president harry truman passed 906. >> both sides know they are arguing past each other and intentionally so to make a bigger political point?
4:22 am
why? because next year is an election year. >> reporter: some say passing bills for the sake of passing bills only means more spending appear as they attempt to win back the senate in 2012 continued gridlock is expected. whit johnson, capitol hill this morning, on "the early show," a new reality show on tv. i'm terrell brown. and this is the "cbs morning news." [ male announcer ] a soup opera from bertolli. ♪ vegetables picked at their peak ♪ ♪ so fresh my knees grow weak [ male announcer ] new hearty bertolli meal soup for two, with crisp vegetables and tender chicken. [ chef ] ♪ fresh tasting restaurant style ♪ ♪ bertolli soup's in the freezer aisle ♪
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good morning and welcome to 9news now. the team is back together again. stood monday, november 28th. i'm andrea roane. >> it is sort of a sigh of relief. glad to have you back, monika. she was off for two weeks. good to be back. >> we begin with mr. howard bernstein. >> good morning. >> they're watching you in india. >> one more warm day today. yesterday had a record of 70 at dulles. >> wow. >> we'll be back in the 50s to near 70 twood a few more clouds. expect more clouds to mix in with the sunshine. mid-60s at noon. highs 65 to 70. mild start to the day with 55 degrees. our sunrise not until 7:04. look at all of that rain, the greens, the yellows out to the west of us across the ohio and
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tennessee valley. this will stay west today. creeping closer and closer. tonight, we're going to get in on some of that. tomorrow, we're going to get in on more of this as it moves over toward us. here we go with a look at temperatures at the hour. 4:00 a.m., 55 in frederick. tappahannock still 64 degrees. 55 at reagan national. our highs expected today in spite of a few more clouds still well above the averages. even on the shenandoah valley today, looking at highs in the low to mid-60s. monika samtani is in with timesaver traffic. >> good to be back. hope everybody had a great thanksgiving. things are great on the beltway. life look at university boulevard. i checked out the beltway around town, no problems. all lanes are open. both loops of the beltway north of town between 270 and i-95.
4:27 am
no problems to report on 270 as you come in from frederick. if you're planning to head on 95 and 395, noise and quiet -- nice and quiet. your lanes are open. let's go go downtown. a nice shot right through the trees over to the capitol, things are look fine this corridor as well. we'll take another look into maryland at 4:39. back to you guys. montgomery county police are searching for the person who appears to be targeting elderly shoppers in the wheaton area. >> yesterday afternoon, a 77- year-old man was abduct and robbed as he was leaving a target store at westfield shopping center. he was cut and hit in the face by the assailant then forced to drive to several atms and withdraw money. the victim was left injure and sitting by his car in maryland. this was the third abduction since wednesday. police believe it is the same
4:28 am
male in all three cases. anyone with information, please contact montgomery police. it was an unusually violent evening in dupont circle and left a maryland man dead and five others injured. you that started as an early morning fight in heritage lounge and spilled out into connecticut avenue. as andrea mccarren reports, the restaurant is closed but the investigation continues. >> the sidewalk was a wash with the blood of three stabbing victims. across the street on the west side of connecticut avenue, three men were shot, one of them died. >> i can't believe this. >> shocked neighbors say 34- year-old daunte was a security guard at the washington convention center and the father of a little girl. a young man who lost his own father this a tragic car crash just last year. >> i've known him since he was a little boy. he had went to college. he stopped going to college because his father got killed then he got a job. >> he was a good young man.
4:29 am
came home, did the right thing. something like this happens all out of the blue. >> coleman was inside heritage india, a dupont circle restaurant and afterhours nightclub when a fight broke out and spilled on to the street. police were called around 2:30 a.m. >> upon their arrival, they located three shooting victims in the street, in the 1300 block of connecticut avenue and they also located two stabbing victims, one of which was inside of the establishment. >> a third stabbing victim had driven himself to a local hospital. all six of the victims were inside the club when the violence erupted. all were men from maryland. police are still trying to determine what started the violence and who committed it. investigators are reviewing a lot of surveillance video from outside and inside the club as well as at neighboring businesses. in dupont circle, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> two other men were shot. they were treated and released from the hospital. one of the three


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