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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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victims is now listed in serious condition. a 6-year-old boy is dead and two women are listed in critical condition after a house fire in the 2400 block of griffin street in chilham, maryland. >> prince george's county firefighters found the 6-year- old and two women on the second floor of the home. all three were taken to the hospital where the child later died. one firefighter got a minor burn. he's expected to recover. officials say there were no smoke alarms in the house. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. all three american students detained in egypt are now back in the united states. georgetown university student derrik sweeney was arrested as protestors clashed with police. sweeney arrived home in st. louis on saturday where he was greeted by family and friends. he spoke to reporters about his ordeal. >> it was very, very frightening, especially the first evening is probably the most scary thing in my life. the most frightening thing in
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my life. they said they're going to shoot us. and we spent about six hours the first night in nearly fetal position with our hands behind our back in the dark and they were behind us and it was very scary. >> no, never. i knew he would be home. >> sweeney says neither he nor fellow students gregory porter or luke gates threw firebombs at egyptian forces. >> citizens head to the polls to elect a new 498 member parliament. protestors have been demanding the ruling military council hand over power immediately. these are the first elections since hosni mubarak was ousted in february. a possible showdown on the way in los angeles. that's where occupy wall street protestors have been asked to lea their nearly two-month-old encampment. >> an eviction order came and
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went at midnight. sandra hughes has the latest. >> near l.a. city hall, hundreds of occupy wall street protestors refused to leave camp. the plan is to keep it nonviolent. >> oh, yes, definitely. we don't want any violence. >> reporter: an eviction order went into effect overnight. only a handful of people broke down their tents. >> the city council passed a resolution saying that we had the first amendment rights to remain here. now they're reneging on the agreement. >> the city's mayor issued a statement hoping for a "spirit of cooperation." city officials urge protestors to clear out but promise to continue listening to their message against corporate greed. >> that's why i'm here to let people know we can work together, we can work together civilly. >> this is one of the oldest and largest camps on the west coast. since october, it has grown from a few dozen to 200. protestors here aren't the only ones being asked to leave.
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in philadelphia, an eviction order came and went sunday without any confrontations. >> folks are still here. >> reporter: nearly 50 people locked arms, refusing to budge even though the city says it is trying to make way for a $50 million construction project which would create jobs. >> we're at the heart of philadelphia. philadelphia is hurting. philadelphia has a lot of poverty. >> even if the city breaks up the camp, the protestors, like many across the country say it won't break their spirit. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. 4:34 now. syracuse men's basketball coach said he supports the university's decision to fire his long-time assistant and close friend, bernie fine. on sunday, a third accuser has come forward in the investigation of child molestation allegations against fine. jim bayheim called the allegations disturbing. he says the matter must be
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fully investigated. fine has denied allegations of abuse from two former ball boys from the syracuse basketball team. it is a monday and there is something new in the air. after six weeks of losing, the washington redskins can finally celebrate a victory. >> on the road in seattle, it was ugly but a win is a win. rex grossman finished 26-35 passing, he threw two touchdowns including the go- ahead 50-yard strike to anthony armstrong. this gave washington the lead. great catch in the end zone. rex threw two picks. rookie running back added another score, leaping 28 yards into the end zone for the scamper for the score. redskins, 23. seattle, 17. in the sunday night game, pittsburgh steelers move back into a tie with baltimore for first place in the afc north by beating kansas city, 13-9. the steelers took advantage of three turnovers by the chiefs
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ben roethlisberger hit wesley saunders for the lone touchdown of the game. there it is right there. offense produced one touchdown in their last 45 possessions. >> going back to the 'skins, rex threw three touchdowns, it just happened the receiver stepped out of bounds and then stepped back in to catch it. >> he looked a little better. at 4:40, will cyber monday be a success for online retailers as black friday was for the brick and mortar counterparts? >> big one over the weekend. >> a major entertainment company is backing out of its deal with the harbor. >> you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back. 4:39 on this monday morning. one more nice day. not as nice as yesterday. we'll take it. a mix of sun and clouds. 65 to 70 in a few spots. south-southeast winds a to 10. i'll tell you when the rain is coming and when you'll need the jackets. monika samtani has an update on timesaver traffic. >> early this monday morning, no problems to report if you're coming in from the north. live look at route 200 trying to get on to i-95 into calverton down to the beltway. coming up on my next report, we'll go into virginia at 4:47.
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andrea and mike? >> thank you, monika. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> here's jessica doyle, i want to take one quick leap, what a weekend shoppingwise. i read a couple of stories over the weekend. >> did you guys go out? >> i did. my wife did the night before toys "r" us thing. >> did she? >> i got 12 things online for sofia so i'm mostly done. >> cyberweekend for you. >> it was fantastic. of course, today is cyber monday. traditional kickoff of the online holiday shopping season. about 123 million americans are expected to surf the web today looking for good deal. that's up from 107 million last year. cyber monday follows a record breaking thanksgiving weekend. more than 200 million shoppers visited stores and web sites spending a record $52.4 billion. online shopping expected to reach almost $38 billion this
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year. that's a 15% jump over last year. experts are warning consumers to only shop from the web sites that you know. they also caution against making purchases online from public wi-fi spots because somebody could steal your information. now, today, wall street will receive economic data and new home sales for the month of october. investors keeping a close eye on europe's debt crisis. italy's borrowing rates skyrocketed on friday. the european country had to refinance some $300 billion. checking the numbers here at home, the dow standing at 11,231. dropped 25 points in a holiday shortened trading session on friday. nasdaq down by 14. s&p down by 3. last week, the dow lost more than 500 points. europe's economic challenges will be on the agenda later today at the white house. president obama hosts a summit today for leaders of the european union. disappointing news for national harbor. disney says it will not follow through with plans to build a hotel on the potomac river.
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the 500 room disney resort hotel was being counted on to add $100 million to the county's tax revenues. disney says the times, they just ain't right. the company will move on to other opportunities. obviously big disappointment there. >> it is a beautiful complex. i was just there to see ice over the weekend. it is a lot of fun. >> it is gorgeous but i guess the economics weren't working out for disney. >> better in hong kong, i guess. new research is revealing some disturbing things about childhood concussions. >> one of d.c.'s oldest neighbors is honored for service to the community. we're back in less than two minutes with your weather first. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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most of the week, i put a coat on but never needed it. >> got a little breezy yesterday. no complaints. lots of neighbors out there doing the leaves. taking care of business before things changed. we had a good day today. if you didn't have a chance to get outside over the weekend, you'll be able to take advantage one more time today. tomorrow is going to be a little damp and cooler by wednesday. much cooler by wednesday. here is our bus stop forecast. all right, little guys, girls, back to school, back to work. partly cloudy, mild. 50 to low 60s this morning. still really comfortable. sunrise at 7:04. a mix of clouds and sunshine. more clouds than what we saw yesterday. saturday ended up being cloudier than what we were anticipating. by noon, mid-60s. winds southeast to south. by 4:00, 65 with highs between 65 and 70.
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by 8:00 p.m., 62 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. the weather headlines, one more warm day. then a wet tuesday. many showers around tomorrow. periods of rain if you will. much cooler wednesday. we'll be lucky to get to 50 on a wednesday afternoon. after that, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday look seasonable and pleasant with partly to mostly sunny skies. highs low to mid-50s. look at the rain across ohio, kentucky, west virginia and pennsylvania. that's going to stay there today. there will be some hefty rain totals. for us, some of the clouds spill over. 49 in baltimore. 43 cumberland. 60 for tappahannock. even bill in newland calling in with a 60. gaithersburg, 58. dew point up to 50. the air is a little bit on the humid side with the relative humidity at 83%. a very light south wind. we're enjoying the warmth along
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the east coast with 50s up into boston right now. look west of us. you get west and it drops into the 30s in chicago. 20s from kansas city up toward minneapolis. even down in dallas, it is colder. it is colder in houston this morning by 20 degrees than it is here in washington. as we sit in the 30s. we'll watch low pressure kind of start to come up from the south. as we head into this afternoon this evening, i'm stopping the clock at 5:00. the moisture gets closer to us toward tomorrow morning. we could be starting with some light rain showers and more moderate to heavy rain middle of the day into the afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., we're seeing clearing out to the west. the colder air moves in. mountain snow showers will go on. main the snow guns will be flying at 7 seven springs. if the season -- get the season going in a few weeks. we clear out nicely by wednesday. look at the high temperatures today, of 60s to a 70 from manassas and culpepper. the next three days, 68 today.
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62 tomorrow with a lot of showers. wednesday, upper 40s to near 50. then after that, we look good thursday through sunday. highs in the low to the mid-50s for the most parth. monika? >> if you were planning to head over to the beltway, really all around town on this monday after thanksgiving, it is still very quiet. good morning, everybody. no incidents to report whether you're heading north, south, east or west on the beltway. west side of town, let's take a live look in the tysons area, if you're planning to head here, the toll road at route 7 in the tysons area, no problems to report. everything is nice and quiet heading for the beltway even on route 123 as well. 395 at duke street looking good. actually leaving 95 in springfield up the line to the 14th street bridge. it is incident -free here. all lanes are open whether you're leaving oxon hill or alexandria across the bridge span on the south side of town. coming up, we'll take a look
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into maryland. >> thank you, monika. good to have you back. >> if you have a child who plays sports, there is always a risk of concussion. >> thousands of students are having their physical and mental abilities tested ahead of time so doctors can get a better read on an injury later. >> 14-year-old marco suffered a concussion during a soccer game. >> i was sliding to goal and the kid kicked me in the head. >> it was horrible. i knew it the moment i saw it, i knew he was hurt. >> his parents and his doctor were well prepared for a head injury. before the season started, the team took a baseline test called impact which measured his verbal and visual memory and motor skills. after his concussion, he was tested again. his results were different. >> turn your head keeping your eyes here. >> helping doctors assess his injury. >> having a baseline is helpful because everybody has different cognitive abilities. some people have difficulties with certain components of memory or certain components of
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cognition. >> baseline concussion testing is becoming more common for kids and athletes. doctors say it helps them develop a treatment plant for injuries and determines when it is safe to return to play. >> the good thing about that testing in particular is that it can pick up subtleties that we can't do in a half an hour exam with a student or an adult. >> the test helped them better understand their son's injury. >> until now, we didn't know all of the consequences that a concussion or a second concussion could have. >> mark had to take it easy at first. but now, he's back in the game. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> doctors say kids and teens are more likely to suffer a concussion and are also -- also take longer to recover than adults. giving the chickenpox vaccine to a child who is 1 or older is indirectly protecting infants from the disease. researchers believe fewer
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infants are getting the disease because more of their older siblings are being vaccinated. the number of infants who have gotten chickenpox declined nearly 90% between 1995 and 2008 according to researchers at the centers for disease ceo. researchers in new york may have found another way to help identify children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. doctors used mris to see how the brain changes during certain tests. results showed parts of the brain that process visual attention didn't function normally in children with adhd. it is one of the most common childhood disorders that can cause impulsive behavior in kids. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year at the u.s. botanic gardens because the holiday exhibit is open. it features wreaths, garlands and seasonal plant displays. there is one of the area's largest indoor decorated trees and a model train exhibit. before we head to break, it is time for the question of the
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morning. >> here is the capitals defenseman with today's question. >> three of four people have a hard time doing this before 11:00 a.m. waking up, smiling or eating. that's an extremely tough question. i would say probably b, smiling. >> here's the question again. three out of four people and possibly some of these people could be your coworkers, have a hard time doing this before 11:00 in the morning. is it... >> log on to the page to lea your response. we'll reveal the answer during our 6:00 a.m. show. before 11:00 a.m., i can't speak. >> we will. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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dloam. howard bernstein with you this monday morning. your weather first at 4:55. more clouds and sunshine. temperatures will be nice for this time of year with the average of 53. we'll be 66 by noon. for the drive home temperature still in the low 60s. what about your drive in this morning? here's monika samtani. >> not yet. let's keep our fingers crossed though. the beltway is looking good at the american legion bridge. no problems on the west side of town whether you're leaving bethesda or tysons corner. coming up, more on maryland
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roadways at 5:01 chtion. >> thank you, monika. long-standing member of the neighborhood got a big honor. engine 24 celebrated 100 years of service. company 24 was built on georgia avenue in 1911. it was a horseless fire company then. >> 500 gallon per minute pumper and it was nicknamed the big liz followed by the addition of the hose wagon making engine 24 the first horseless engine company in the district. >> in its 100-year history, engine company 24 has had one death in the line of duty. it was in 1918 when firefighter william byron died of the flu which he got on the job. interesting. yeah, very. congratulations to them. the latest twilight movie finished its second week with another strong take at the box office. breaking dawn part one took in
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$62.3 million during the five- day thanksgiving weekend. so far, the movie has grossed $221.3 million. its worldwide total, get this, sits at just under half a billion dollars with $489.3 million. but the rest of the weekend was all about kids and family. the disney film the muppets debuted in second place with $42 million during the five-day span. happy feet 2 took third with $13.4 million. arthur christmas with fourth and hugo took fifth place with $11.4 million in sales. dr. conrad murray will learn his sentencing fate in los angeles. michael jackson's doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the pop star's death. murray's lawyers are asking that he receive probation. but prosecutors are urging the judge to impose a four-year sentence. they say murray has shown no remorse for jackson's death.
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and has placed the blame on others. "rolling stone" magazine picks its top guitar player of all-time. >> regis philbin plans a new book. bigad she ban has those stories. ♪ >> jimi hendrix is the greatest guitar player of all-time. at least according to "rolling stone" magazine. the panel's other top picks all happen to be british. eric clapton, jimmy page, keith richards and jeff beck round out the list. the front man of the band smashing pumpkins is moving into a different arena. wrestling. billy corrigan is joining with wrestling promoters to create an independent company called wrestling pro. but corrigan missed his company's first event friday night in chicago because of his day job. his band is on tour in europe.
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>> regis philbin. >> former talk show host regis philbin has written his third book about the 30 people who most influenced his life and inspired his five decades in show business. they include marine officers he met in the service. former president ronald reagan, donald trump and bing crosby. philbin said he's taking a cruise with his wife in march and doesn't know yet what's next after leaving live with region is and kelly earlier this month. >> i'm figuring it out. i'm so busy now with the book tour, flying from city to city. that i haven't had time and i really don't want to think of it. it is too soon to think of it, you know. i would like a little time off to put it altogether then main go after something. >> the book titled how i got this way is available in stores now. that's your eye on entertainment. bigad scheb an, cbs news, los angeles. we don't believe it. he planned his life. are you kidding? >> thank you for watching 9news
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now at 5:00 a.m. glad you planned us on your monday start. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani is back from vacation. she'll have traffic in a moment. mr. bernstein says we have one more good day on the calendar. >> 53 is the average high. we were 70 at dulles. today, we'll be up in the 60s to near 70. er that will happen in steps over the next few days. here is a look at the day planner for you this monday. we've got the mix of clouds out there. stars are shining. mix of clouds and sun today. mid-60s by noon. highs 65 to 70. right now, we're 52 in washington. a very comfortable start to the day. you might need a jacket for a little while this morning. there is a lot of rain out to the west. the rain is likely to stay to the west for another 24, main 18 hours at least. you can see a little pressure down west of atlanta that will come up th


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